Sons of Anarchy's Katey Sagal Teases Killer Gemma-Jax Climax, Insists Her Character 'Is Not a Psychopath'

The walls are closing in on Gemma Teller.

In this week’s Sons of Anarchy, the Queen of SAMCRO learned that her increasingly chatty accomplice, Juice, had been captured by Jax — a worst case scenario if ever there was one. Meanwhile, her buddy Wayne appears to be an episode or two away from connecting some troubling dots about the role his crush played in Tara’s horrific murder.

With SOA‘s series finale less than two months away, TVLine spoke to Sagal about her character’s declining mental state and possible suicidal thoughts, whether Gemma would’ve actually murdered Juice, the inevitable mother-son fireworks to come and more.

TVLINE | Things really started to unravel for Gemma this week. At this point, what’s keeping her from just turning a gun on herself?
[Laughs] I’ve said the same thing to my husband [series creator Kurt Sutter]! I’ve said the exact same thing. This is what I know about her: She’s really able to compartmentalize. She’s really convinced that, ultimately, it would be worse for her to be gone because of her grandsons. She really does believe, like she says in the first episode of this season, that [she has] to keep this secret because if something happens to Gemma, those boys will never know a strong woman. She also wasn’t aware that this secret would lead to what it’s leading to, so it’s just getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Also, you have to remember that what we’re doing in a season takes place over a week or two weeks. In terms of the world of Charming, it’s unraveling very quickly.

TVLINE | Plus, most of this season’s deaths have stemmed from Gemma’s lies. Have you been keeping track of the body count?
[Laughs] No, I haven’t kept track. I have no idea! It’s over 10, I’m sure.

TVLINE | Have you ever turned to Kurt and said, “Enough is enough. Gemma’s got enough blood on her hands”?
I would never say that, and I’ll tell you why. My husband is the storyteller, and I’m helping him tell the story. He’s the one who decides what SOA2the story is. As a character, I don’t decide what she’s going to do or her point of view. When I say things to him, it’s really more of a comment, like, “Oh my God, how does she live with herself like this?” But I’m not even suggesting anything to him. It’s not really my space or my place to say she should do this or that.

TVLINE | Speaking of Gemma’s grandsons, we saw last week that Abel has a bit of Jax in him, when he took that hammer and tried to protect Thomas. Is Gemma feeling guilty that she’s had a hand in that behavior?
Oh, absolutely. Every little thing that happens starts to unravel her more and more, because those defense mechanisms just don’t work anymore. Ultimately, even she, who has that ability to deny, can’t avoid what’s going on.

TVLINE | Do you think Gemma really would have killed Juice last week, if given the chance?
Yeah. [Laughs] I do! That moment in the car, with her whole plan in place — she saw how crazy he was when he killed that Chinese dude in the hotel room. She saw how far gone he was. You have to remember they’re outlaws — all of ‘em. It would have been very difficult for her to kill Juice. She has a certain fondness for him. But at the end of the day, they do what they need to do.

TVLINE | She’s also turning on Unser. Does she perceive him to be a threat, perhaps in the same way that Juice is?
She knows that Unser is now working with the police. She went into his trailer and she saw all the crime scene pictures, so she knows that he’s not believing her. Her plan, too, was that they’d pin it on this Chinese guy, and then it’d be done with. That’s it. They’ve got a murderer, and nobody’s going to ask any more questions, and it’ll just be done. But that didn’t happen, and Unser is a part of it. The fact that he wants Jarry to be talked to — anything that keeps her involved in it is a problem for her. So Unser is a problem.

TVLINE | One person that Gemma actually connected with this week was Gertie, the waitress played by Lea Michele. Why do you think she latched on to her?
I’ve always thought Gemma connects to anybody with a heart. She’s really motherly. So here’s this girl that Gemma’s an a–hole to, and then she immediately pulls back and sees that the girl is just warm. Gemma’s pretty alone at this moment, and anybody that shows her some kindness [she responds to], like Gertie offers her car to sleep in and offers Gemma to come out and smoke with her — she’s kindred, in a weird way. Gemma, SoA_706_SmokeEm_0256_hires2at this moment, thinks no cushion is too soft, wherever she can find it.

TVLINE | This was a very different role for Lea, too. What was it like to film those scenes with her?
She was fantastic. You never know what to expect, and she was so happy to be there. She told me that she hadn’t done anything other than Glee, in terms of other work on television. That was exciting for her, and she was awesome.

TVLINE | Gertie overhears Gemma chatting with The Ghost of Tara. Those chats are tinged with a surprising warmth and affection. How do you approach those scenes?
Well, Gemma did not not love Tara, and I really do believe that the act of violence was like a blind rage. It’s consoling for Gemma to talk to Tara. She talks to her as if she’s really just sitting right there. And as an actor who loved working with Maggie Siff, it’s really easy for me to just put Tara there and talk to her.

TVLINE | We also saw a rare moment of vulnerability at the end of this week’s episode when Gemma clutched Nero and broke down. Does she think Nero can help her out of this mess? Because it seems like he’s starting to get suspicious of her, too.
I don’t think she thinks that. She thinks that Nero is a pure soul. He’s one of the good guys. She’s breaking down in that moment because of the realization that her son is talking to Juice. That’s the first time we see her with the real conscious thought that her son might find out what happened.

TVLINE | I was a little shocked when Gemma said, “If Juice tells Jax what he knows…” because it seemed to almost hint too much at Gemma’s big sin. Were you surprised by that?
I don’t think that’s what it meant to Nero. Nero, at the beginning of that scene, has just found out that Gemma was helping Juice. There’s two things going on. Jax is already pissed off at Juice, and what Nero interprets is, “Gemma means that she was helping Juice.” I don’t think, in anybody’s consciousness, that anybody thinks that Gemma had anything to do with Tara’s murder. That’s not even in the ether.

SOATVLINE | In the season premiere, Gemma insisted to Juice that she wasn’t a psychopath. Do you agree with her?
Yes. She is not a psychopath. Do I think that, given different circumstances, she would have killed her daughter-in-law? No. What happened was a perfect storm. She really did believe that her son and the club and her entire way of life was being brought down by this woman, and she really did believe that Nero was leaving her, and she really did believe that this was the end of life as we know it. And she was also getting super loaded that night. She didn’t premeditatively kill Tara. She didn’t even know Tara was going to come to the house. It was literally a blind rage. If you asked her after the fact, she would have been in a blackout. Like, “What happened?” She’s not a psychopath, because it’s not like she doesn’t have remorse. She does, and she feels very sorry and sad that that happened. But at the same time, she has rationalized to herself why it’s good to throw somebody else under the bus and not tell the truth.

TVLINE | How quickly will things deteriorate for Gemma in these final episodes?
What do we have, another seven episodes? That’s how quickly they unravel. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Has Kurt divulged anything to you about how the ending will play out? We’re eagerly anticipating the big Jax-Gemma showdown, if and when Jax learns the truth.
I know a lot of answers to that, and I’m not going to tell you. [Laughs] Except that it will not disappoint. Keep watching.

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  1. thisismenow says:

    Most psychopaths don’t realize they are psychopaths.

    • Meadow says:

      Exactly. I find it hard to believe that no one suspects Gemma at this point. If they don’t they’re all as dumb as a rock garden and Unser never had any business being a cop.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Well, the fact that it’s only been a few days, not weeks, and they’ve been quite busy killing everybody in sight I can see how they wouldn’t suspect anything yet. Jax believes he killed Tara’s murderer.

        • uthousewife says:

          This is true. As it is with most season. Everything is within days. Even though we have been watching for 7 seasons it has not been 7 years. The last few seasons have in fact, been several months..

      • mymotorrad says:

        Gemma is a nut. If Nero and Unser were honest with themselves, they’d see here for what she is and what she’s done.

    • Jim says:

      Gemma isn’t a psychopath. I psychopath has trouble maintaining relationships & finds it difficulty to love, which is not Gemma. Gemma made a huge mistake when she killed Tara, but she thought Tara was going to rat on Jax & she wouldn’t let that happen. She lied about the Chinese to save her skin & tried to kill Juice because he was becoming a liability to her.

      • Fran says:

        Not necessarily. That’s only one of the characteristics of psycopathy and most don’t exhibit every trait. Psychopaths know the difference between right and wrong but think those rules don’t apply to them. They’re untruthful and insincere and show lack of shame. They’re also cunning and manipulative, react impulsively without considering the consequences of their actions, and show narcissistic and egocentric behavior, all of which fit Gemma. I’m not a psychiatrist so I dont know if shes technically a psychopath. But I think she falls much closer to that description than just being a woman who’s trying to do what’s right.

        • Ray says:

          I don’t see Gemma as a psychopath. She is more like a result of her environment. She has serious emotional issues, but she doesn’t have a mental disorder. People on SoA that appear to have a mental disorder are Tig and Happy, for example. I’d say Clay seemed to have, too.
          But you have to remember that psychopaths aren’t the only ones capable to be cruel. I hate Gemma, she is manipulative because she is emotionally immature and she is needy, and basically a pathetic control freak.

          • Fran says:

            Good points! Yeah, I really can’t decide what Gemma truly is (the product of the environment point you make tends to make me think she’s more of a sociopath) but I think we can all agree she is a manipulative you-know-what. In the end I guess it doesn’t really matter right? She’s just a terrible person who needs to be punished for her actions.

        • Jim says:

          But she’s showing shame & guilt, that’s why she’s talking to Tara a lot. She’s not a woman trying to do what’s right, she’s trying to cover her @ss from the mistake she made killing Tara.

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    I have nothing but contempt for Gemma and everything she’s done. You can’t justify any of it.

  3. Stormie says:

    I have all the respect in the world for Katey but I so disagree about Gemma. She is a psychopath there is no way around that for me. To do what she did and yet look Jax,Abel and Thomas in the eyes accepting their blind love is sick. Gemma isn’t a strong woman to me that’s just such a joke. Being some biker wife being down with the violence and raising your son to be a killer nothing about that is strong.

    I sadly agree that Abel and Thomas won’t know a strong woman because their mother is dead. She put those boys ahead of herself and her love for their father. Gemma may not have to actually die but I think cutting off any access to those boys would be worse than death for her. I want the boys raised by someone who truly is a good person like Tara. Wendy is just a weak Gemma puppet and I believe she’ll relapse at some point if she raises the boys. Could she deal with the pain and emptiness they’ll feel without their mom. I just don’t think she’s strong enough to be a good mother.

    • guest says:

      Whole hearty agree on this and my feelings exactly. Now that’s it’s confirmed that it’s just weeks from Tara’s death I will be highly upset about this whole Wendy loving Jax still and him sleeping with the junkie b/c I feel that’s the route they are going.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        According to the interview the entire season takes place over a week or two weeks so it’s been more like a few days since Tara’s death.

        • Heather says:

          You’re forgetting about Jax being in jail… Season 7 picked up a little over a week after Tara’s death. So it’s been at least two weeks since Tara’s death.

    • vesa says:

      the part that katey said about tara’s murder is exactly the truth though and how it was always shown to us: what lead to it, etc.
      and for the kids: away from gemma and jax, wendy would be plenty strong to be a good mother. also unlike tara wendy is actually a good person (like nero) and wendy has not killed or otherwise harmed people. just because she is a recovering addict (like nero) doesn’t mean she is a bad person. she has done by far less than anyone else on the show. and abel and thomas wouldn’t feel pain and emptiness at tara being dead in terms of thomas wouldn’t remember her at all and abel not much at all. he’s still practically a toddler. if he is raised by someone else from now on in a stable environment, he would be fine.
      also don’t forget tara was a traitor that jax had to literally force to not fully rat. she didn’t die a hero. it was very sad what the writers did to tara especially in the last season, just full on destruction of character and i feel some of it was out of character. but anyway, all the things tara did would have come back around to the kids too one day when they found out about her. the same for gemma and jax.

    • Brooke is the best female role model they have. She’s been taking care of them most of the time anyway. Maybe her and Ratboy will end up with Abel and Thomas in the end.

    • Tom says:

      “Wendy is just a weak Gemma puppet and I believe she’ll relapse at some point if she raises the boys”

      You truly disgust me. So someone that had a drug addiction is forever “trash” in your eyes, and can never improve or be better. Even if they never touch another drug, they are scum to the high and mighty “Stormie”. Your type is what is wrong with the world, you make unsubstantiated assumptions about people you barely know and treat it as fact. The exact same place that racist belief comes from, but in this case, it is former addicts.

      I pray that you have a terrible problem in your life someday and that everyone around you will dismiss you and say “You’re hopeless, you’ll fall back into it guaranteed. Loser!” That is what people like you need to experience to realize what a piece of dirt you really are.

      • joe says:

        Damn guy, the mans comment was based on a tv character not a real person. Of course . Its someone he doesn’t know…..its someone none of us know. And sorry but based on the character she is playing he might be right. Remembrr its a show and the opinions stated are on characters. Talkin about whats wrong with the world because someone feels a certain way about a character is a lil bit psychotic dude.

  4. Katey is so awesome! I’m not particularly happy with the course her character has taken but I’ve always been a fan of Gemma and she and Clay were always my favorites.

  5. Lisa says:

    I don’t agree. I think Gemma is a psychopath and she doesn’t think she is because what psychopath admits they are one? I love Katey but trying to justify what Gemma did to her son’s wife is ridiculous. She was always jealous of her and how Jax loved her, saw a way to get her out of his life and did it.

  6. Fran says:

    I love Katey and thinks she does an amazing job at playing Gemma. We all wouldn’t despise the character so much if she wasn’t doing something very, very right. But I have to disagree with her assessment that Gemma isn’t a psychopath. Only a truly disturbed individual even tries to rationalize what she did. Thinking its okay to tell lie after lie to keep your truth…. Actually thinking she is a strong woman when she’s really quite a weak and pathetic one…. And to even face her son every day and be around the boys whose mother you brutally killed… What normal person can do that? I also don’t really see any remorse. Gemma has always wanted to be the one in charge and to have control over her son. She has always had issues with Tara “taking” away whats hers. I see Gemma freaking out now because her lies are starting to crumble. Honestly, I appreciate the thought Katey puts into her character, but she doesn’t need to try and explain her in any way. There really is no justifying the character that Gemma is. She’s truly the downfall of the club.

  7. BlueBelle says:

    I wonder between scenes did Lea and Katey talk about music. Katey has a beautiful voice (she is a former Harlette) and her niece sang at Clooney’s wedding. Congrats Katey, you made us forget about Peg Bundy but made us hate your character Gemma with a passion.

  8. vdofan says:

    This entire storyline is dumb! Nobody has questioned, why if Gemma saw the chinese guy leaving the house, did she not go inside to see what if anything had happened or was going on?! She did NOTHING and that’s just a-Okay with Jax and Everyone?! Another thing, how many days went by without her saying NOTHING about what she’d seen?!

    Jax, who is suddenly fully British this season (Charlie Hunnam makes little or no effort on concealing his British accent for a character that is clearly supposed to be born and raised in America!) might be dumb to his mother’s BS story, because she is his mother, but what about the others? Why has nobody else questioned Gemma’s lack of reaction to what she supposedly saw?!

    This show has gone down hill in these later seasons. It used to be a really good show and then turned into a soap opera.

    • moo says:

      Don’t watch it then.

      • DesertChildAz says:


      • Julia LeGath says:

        I hate when people say don’t watch it then, or it’s only a show. People are entitled to express an opinion even if other people don’t agree with it. Not everyone sits mindlessly in front of their television and blankly stares at the screen. If Kurt Sutter hadn’t set the bar so high for quality of SOA then people wouldn’t be so disappointed when they feel SOA doesn’t meet that level, especially for the last season. I think this season is weak too. Tara has been dead for around three weeks and not one character has pointed out the obvious fact that Tara was killed in an extremely emotional manner (as Katy Sagal says herself above. She’s also an awesome actor.) which doesn’t fit with any gang’s style – including Lin. Logic and common sense have gone out the window and, I certainly, feel Sutter has created a really weak final season. Doesn’t mean I won’t be there until the bitter end but I’m entitled to feel disappointed and say so

        Don’t read the comments then.

        • Lynda says:

          I have watched since day one and have completely believed these people are real! That’s how fantastic the acting was AND STILL IS. . I was balling like a baby thinking Bobby was dead. Just be patient. .Kurt’ s gonna BLOW OUR F”ing minds. Remember. . It’s all Shakespeare! No way it will not resonate with us. . Probably for the rest of our lives. I agree things seem a tad lame right now. .. but. . Buckle up your seat belts baby. . It’s gonna be a hell uva ride!
          This has been the single greatest show EVER.. despite the violence…except maybe Rescue Me. Which cooled our jets with Dennis Leary’ s insane humor. But i doubt we’d love it as much as we do if Sutter used humor.
          Cannot wait to see what’s in that sick SOB ‘ S brain for the ending of this series. Gonna so miss it tho. .

          • Sandra says:

            I still hope FX, Sutter and all the cast (especially Charlie) wake up, get some sense and continue SOA for several more years.

    • Susan says:

      I so agree. Very frustrated by the plot this season. Nero and Jax are supposed to be smart men but they are acting like idiots. Nero did say to Jax how do you know it’s the Chinese and he said Gemma told me. Come on! That makes like no sense. Also, why would the Chinese want Tara dead to begin with? Why her and not Jax or another son? And then why would they hit her with an iron then stab her with a bbq fork? And then turn around and SHOOT the cop? Why not just shoot both of them? And not one person thought of that? With all the animosity between Tara and Gemma wouldn’t she be one of the top suspects? Every time there is some problem more people get killed, innocent people. Are we not supposed to mind that there was massacre with the girls because they were prostitutes? They didn’t hurt anyone. And yet Jax just keeps on killing with no logic to it. Sure, the new sheriff is on the take but with all the crap going on and this massacre I’m surprised the cops aren’t doing more investigating to get to the bottom of it.

  9. Angie says:

    This show has been so entertaining to me. I am going to be disappointed when it’s over. Kurt is a wonderful writer. I loved how after each episode I actually felt nervous for someone’s life!!! This last episode I texted my daughter and said “I’m sitting here scared for G

  10. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Katey is a BADASS but enough IS enough Gemma has to go down starting to countdown for the Jax & Gemma face off!!!!!!

  11. rice says:

    it’s sociopaths that don’t feel remorse, not psychopaths.

    • Fran says:

      No, they can both have those traits. Psychopaths most definately lack remorse. From everything I’ve read, sociopaths can also lack remorse, but tend to feel it for those close to them. I know the two terms tend to be interchangeable and its hard to distinguish between the two, but the lack of remorse that both have is definitely agreed upon.

  12. Ron says:

    No she’s not a psychopath. She’s a sociopath.

  13. Lon Blatteau says:

    All I would like to add is; As a writer, who has written many different things for Radio, and Television, this show is quite unique in the content, and how it is laid out. A very deep appreciation to the cast and writers. Thank you so much for the entertainment. You all should take a bow.

    Respectfully yours,

    Lon Blatteau……. Tacoma Wa.

  14. michael says:

    I think the whole juice gone bad thing is just an act to help the mc get what they want. I think Jax had juice act like that to fool everyone and he already knows. Just a thought.

    • Realistically, these clubs and gangs don’t attack the family if they have a beef…they go after the members. That alone should have alerted Jax to the fact that Tara had to be murdered by someone unhappy with HER. The brother of Otto’s dead nurse was already dead so there was not anyone else but Gemma who had trouble with Tara…even Wendy wa working alongside Tara. Maybe Jax does know…but that doesn’t explain his annihilation of the Chinese. If he knows, he wouldn’t have begun this war with the Chinese.

      • Susan says:

        It’s an excuse. Like Nero said, at first it was about revenge now he’s doing it because it just feels good. Previously I felt some empathy for Jax and Nero but not anymore. There are all responsible for their own actions. “Oh we killed the wrong people? Oh well.” The Chinese retaliated against us by killing our prostitutes – hmmm – let’s go kill some more of them.” Who cares if they’ll just kill back. And so on. These people are so immune to violence and death it’s just so sick. Yeah, it’s just a TV show but it’s a story and stories should make sense. There needs to be someone to root for and I just don’t see that. Except for the kids. And who the hell is going to save them? It’s all very depressing.

  15. Rhonda says:

    I think it needs to be brought full circle, Able needs to take out last one standing.

    • Susan says:

      God NO! That would be horrible. There has to be some redemption in the story (at least I hope.) And the only ones worth redeeming are the kids.

  16. jaz says:

    Yaaayyyyy great interview!

  17. lynda custer says:

    Im not sure what season but there was a frame or whatever with jax gemma clay tara and someone else sorry can’t remember ANYWAY point all the people in it had died cuz of gemma or for gemma except of course jax….it was clear gemma has NEVER been just some “old lady”the three pres of samcro have direct contact with gemma….shes always run the mc soooo gemma has killed/part of mc people dieing for years..gemma is the prez of samcro always has been….think about it

  18. May leena says:

    I just love SOA! I just wish it would not end at season 7 😔

  19. Jim says:

    I think it would make for a better and more intense scene if the “dead” Tara were sitting with Gemma when Gemma is taking to her and have her with her injuries and blood still fresh.

  20. mymotorrad says:

    Sorry Katey, but Gemma’s actions are that of someone mentally ill. It’s completely modal either. She’s got the whole can of crazy and she always has been.

  21. Robert Appenzeller says:

    who was the fat guy cleaning the windows of the ’83 Toyota in the background while Gemma was talking to Gertie? Extra or not? Brilliant either way nice to have background motion instead of posing Sons.

  22. David says:

    Gemma is a sociopath. But it’s been fun to watch. She won’t be able to talk her way out of anything regarding the big reveal.

    I think Juice will rat Gemma out to Jax. Juice will have to earn his way back into the club, and he sets into motion the steps that eventually lead us into finding out the truth about Gemma. Because he was protecting the club, trying to earn his way back after that business with Nero.

    It’s definitely going to be a journey worth investing yourself in. I’m just happy I get to watch it to see how it all ends.

  23. Daphne says:

    I don’t want this to be the final season. I love this show.

  24. Mary Martin says:

    Heartfelt words that reinforces everything I have been thinking.
    I have been watching thru the eyes of a mother..

  25. James D says:

    good interview. I love Katey she is a talented lady I hope she finds another juicy role after SOA although she’s probably burnt out for this one. I don’t think Gemma is a psychopath but i do think in some form she is a sociopath. She doesn’t truly feel remorse for Tara she simply tells her self to act remorseful which is a clear indication of sociopathy. I personally can’t wait to watch what Jax does to her hopefully he doesn’t get cold feet and spares her, after what she did to his dad, the crap she did with Clay, and Tara she sort of deserves a gruesome death at the hands of her son.

  26. BrianDeeds says:

    Nero has a question mark on his face when he heard that “what he knows…” It wasn’t, “That I helped him”, or “That I protected him”. Nero doesn’t know why Gemma chose to shelter Juice. That’s a new question in his mind. But I am sure that everyone finds out next week.
    And BTW, all the bodies that dropped because of Gemma’s false accusation of Henry Lin are on her head. Without her, the only beef would’ve been the breakaway faction of the Niner’s. Would Jax have tried to tighten up with them if he didn’t plan revenge on Lin? Probably not. Did August Marks setup the killing of the preacher because he had the opportunity? Marks probably fostered the run-down of the three Niner’s because he wanted to pull them apart and take the younger, more reckless members.

  27. Victoria says:

    The character of Gemma has a black heart. I don’t think she has any concept of love, she only has possessions she will keep at all costs. She has destroyed her son and if she is allowed to continue will do the same to the grand boys. It think calling her a psychopath is letting her off easy, considering all the misery she has caused. Everyone needs to get away from her.

  28. Junie says:

    I understand u want to end the show. But I sure wish u would change your mind. My husband and I enjoy watching SOA!! There is nothing else on to compare this show to !! But at least we had a while.

    • TVworks2014 says:

      time to go. i said the same thing about The Shield (where kurt sutter was part of the magic). Saying the same thing about Justified which is about to embark on it’s final season as well.

  29. TVworks2014 says:

    all the dead bodies this season and the 1 son’s character who has been dying since season 1 episode 1 is still alive. lol! ….Unser

  30. Giovanna says:

    I hope Max find out who really kill her

  31. Cosby Kid Alert says:

    Theo Huxtable!!

  32. patti says:

    Gemma is just a family girl, everything she does is in love of family. I love Gemma!

  33. Ken W. says:

    Wendy, is going to be the real shocker in this I think. She is the black sheep and I think she is helping take down Samcro to get her boy back and is willing to do whatever it takes to do it. This hasn’t been discussed and i’m surprised.

  34. from what l’ve seen, the only factor connecting Gemma with psychopathic behavior is the violence, and that doesn’t make her a psychopath. First of all, psychopaths don’t grieve for their victims, and you can say what you want about Gemma, but she is obviously full of regret. Also Tara was killed as an act of emotion which again, is very un-psychopathic.

  35. She stabs everyone who trusts her in the back.. Yeah she’s a psycho.. A very self centered one.. Tara was dead the moment she mentioned taking those kids away

  36. Rhonda says:

    I’m going to be Gemma for Halloween and husband is Clay…I love this show so much and love Katey Sagal

  37. Cas says:

    She may not be a psychopath but she clearly is a sociopath.

  38. monika griffin says:

    Gemma reminds m of LADY MACBETH

  39. Sandra says:

    I cannot believe this is the last season. I did not watch the show until two weeks ago and I am on season 3 episode 6 for the second time. I love the show and wish it would go on for years to come. The actor who plays Jax is great! I have always liked Katey Sagal also and think she does a great job as Jax’s mother. The entire cast is good also.

  40. Cynthia says:

    It’s going to be a wild ride, season 7 will keep us all guessing.

  41. steveo says:

    Gemma has to die, like alot!!!!

  42. Jodi says:

    Perhaps Gemma will step up. Seeing the destruction she has caused, maybe she will get religion (alluded to in previous episodes).
    To help clean up her mess and turn things around, she confesses to Unger and turns herself in.


  44. Lisa says:

    Everyone talks about the Gemma-Jax showdown. I think we are all going to be surprised, Abel knows the secret, he knows who killed his mom, and being Jaxs son, there is every chance that he will be the one to finally end Gemmas reign of insanity.