The Flash Recap: Nothing Is Impossible

The Flash Recap Multiple Man

What became quite evident in this second episode of The CW’s The Flash is that while Oliver Queen is a grown man who calls the shots, Barry Allen is, comparatively, a kid — and one with wise elders surrounding him. And it is what those adults say, how they counsel him, that will help steer the “red streak’s” journey.

The clash of ideologies between Joe West, the CCPD detective who raised Barry to such an extent that he freely calls him his “kid,” and Dr. Harrison Wells, a brilliant scientist eager to explore The Flash’s potential, was at the fore this week. Joe worries that while Barry might be able to run a three-second mile, he’s no warrior fit for battle. Wells and the S.T.A.R. Labs team, meanwhile, are game to let Barry chase down other metahumans, but want to draw the line at rescuing kittens from trees.

But for all their collective genius, West warns the S.T.A.R. Labs trio: “You don’t know what you don’t know.” And that could get well-meaning Barry killed.

This episode was also about what Barry doesn’t know, about the small details in fighting crime at superspeed. For one, he’s still shooting past destinations. He sometimes rushes off so abruptly he forgets to grab a change of clothes. And he needs extra amounts of fuel to power his new metabolism, so try not to envy him when he sits down to scarf 850 tacos a day.

The other difference between The Flash and Arrow (and The Flash and Arrow) is that Barry, as we’ve known since the premiere, is having gobs of fun. Watch as he turns his hand into a makeshift centrifuge, or as he “stops time” to tell Iris all the things he wish he could, yet can’t. (Now adding to that anxiety is Iris’ fixation with the “red streak” being spied doing great things all over the city. Sorry, Eddie — someones got a crimson crush.)

The villains thus far, alas, don’t seem to be exhibiting as much glee. Last week, we had the “weather wizard” with the perma-sneer. This time, it was “Multiplex,” who sported a smug mug on every duplicate of himself. But it’s probably wise to start the series off with disposable, unmemorable mischief-makers, allowing Barry opportunity to refine his game in time for the onset of cooler criminals, like Captain Cold.

Oh, how I loved Captain Cold as a kid.

The hour wound down on wildly different notes — first, with Joe acknowledging that Barry’s partnership with Wells & Co. is the only way Central City can survive these metahumans, and then avowing privately to Barry, “We’re going to figure [your mother’s murder] out together.” We then cut to Wells visiting Simon Stagg, whose head is full of plans to capture this “man in the red mask” and redefine “what it means to be human.” And on that note, Wells drives a dagger into his peer, explaining that The Flash — as this speedster one day will be known, he says — “must be kept safe.”

What did you think of The Flash‘s second episode?


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  1. mdbchud says:

    Awesome, LOVE the way the series is going. The entire ensemble is great, but Gustin is such a revelation. Definitely best show of the season.

    • Lizzie says:

      Yes Grant Gustin is knocking it out of the park. Such a perfect balance between confused and quirky. The BuzzFeed article on Arrow talked about the writers having a hard time writing the very serious tone of Arrow. They were use to witty, fast banter hence they brought in Felicity. It obvious that this show is there go to feel. But not just Grant Gustin but having his elders be Tom Cavanegh & Jesse L. Martin is just awesome. Man Jesse L. Martin is great too. I can’t be the only one watching this show with a huge idiot smile the whole way through.

      • Sarah says:

        Right there with you. I can’t claim to know a whole lot about the comic book world, so I didn’t have any preconceived notions about the character of Barry Allen/ Flash – but I think Grant Gustin is perfectly cast, whether or not he matches the look that the Flash usually has. Also I think the first 18 seconds or so of his voiceover intro to the pilot (that’s me! that too! there-I-am-again!) pretty much sums up my love for this show and its tone. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

        • Joe E Dangerously says:

          I agree he’s perfect! Let me just tell you a little about The Flash in the comics though so maybe you’ll get a sense of what they’re going for. First of all there are a few heroes who have taken up the mantle. For our purposes I’ll just tell you about the main three. First was Jay Garrick, who became Barry’s mentor in the comics for a while. He’s not really important except for the fact that he inspired Barry to become a superhero. That’s why the hero worship is in the character. Then you have Barry, who was more straight-laced and kind of an archetypical square-jawed hero for a while, kind of boring to be perfectly honest, but still fun to read because he was in some great stories, and then was Wally West, who was the nephew of Iris West. Wally had the same origin as Barry with the lightning and chemicals (I know, what are the odds?) and he’s sort of similar to Spider-Man in terms of personality. He’s kind of a fun-loving young guy who tends to crack wise and not take himself too seriously, also pretty cocky a lot of the time, and he’s kind of half of the character we see in this show. There is a lot of Barry with the love of science, the dedication to helping others, altruism, love of being a hero, and optimism but there’s also a lot of Wally too. You’ll notice Barry doesn’t really take himself too seriously, he has fun in the suit, he really relishes being The Flash, and he cracks a joke or two once in a while. That’s Wally more than Barry but the two blend very well and honestly the character is true to the spirit of both of them. Barry will evolve into a more competent hero, a more effective hero, and a more well-known hero. He’s almost a public figure and he makes no bones about the fact that he is Central City’s protector.

          So I hope that gives you an idea about how the characters compare. As for the stories of The Flash, that’s pretty much all there. The characters are mostly different but the fun, exciting, lighthearted, and heroic tone is all there. It’s one of the most fun comics there is and the TV show is just as cool. So hopefully that tells you what you need to know. I hope you continue to like the show. I definitely think I will myself.

      • Tai says:

        No, you’re definitely not alone. I really have the same smile on my face teh whole episode. I am definitely loving this ensemble. And the scenes between Grant Gustin and Jesse L Martin are just wonderful. Tonight’s episode made my heart flutter and a smile that wouldn’t quit form. I’m really loving this show so far.

    • Even if the second episode wasn’t disappointing, I would still say it was too early to declare it the best new show.

  2. tamara says:

    I really love Caitlin and Barry’s relationship. Its fun to watch.

  3. Sue B says:

    Grant is amazing, and I love all the characters. So much fun!

    • Joe E Dangerously says:

      Isn’t it? This is the most fun superhero series I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a LOT of superhero shows. I’m kind of obsessed with superhero shows. Movies too but I feel like TV is overall a better format. More stories can be told and different kinds of stories too.

  4. Tai says:

    I’m really enjoying this show, not that I’m surprised. It really is one of the better shows this season. And while I definitely love the entire cast, I have to say that Grant Gustin is killing it so far.

  5. Skittles&Bits says:

    Harrison (G?) Wells is setting off all of my alarms. I think speculation that this Harrison is a future version (where’s the present-version of him then?) come back to save the Flash from something that’s going to happen in 2024? But 10 years seems really far off and of course with time travel, things are bound to get wibbly wobbly timey wimey so maybe future-Harrison’s presence will result in Flash’s 2024 disappearance happening earlier? Or…Harrison could just be a sociopath pretending to be in a wheelchair to enact his dastardly evil plan… Man I love this show. Two episodes in and I’m already going off on crazy theories. Is it next Tuesday yet??

    • Greg Heckman says:

      See… I knew I wasn’t the only one that made the HG Wells connection. I think he’s going to wind up being Eobard Thawne… a descendant of Eddie. In the comics, he’s from the far future, not the near.

      Love where the show is going so far!

      • Skittles&Bits says:

        I can see that happening, especially with the photo of Reverse-Flash “leaking”. I kind of hope that isn’t the case though only b/c it seems too obvious? But so far so great. Loving this show as well!

  6. James D says:

    really good second episode. Didn’t think Grant would pull off Barry Allen but he totally has, he is the perfect Barry. Can’t wait for the next episode

  7. Rex says:

    I feel Iris will become the new Laurel…

    • Lena says:

      How exactly is Iris anything like Laurel. Automatically her relationship with Barry is completely different from Oliver and Laurel’s toxic relationship with their bad history. She is intelligent, fun, loyal…But I think some people want to state she is like Laurel, because they have to have a reason to hate her.

      • Intelligent? Not so intelligent. Somehow, she hasn’t picked up on the fact that her “right next door to my bedroom” foster brother has been carrying a torch for her for YEARS. And she thinks journalism involves “making something up” when she can’t get a quote. She’s striking me as more obtuse, self-absorbed, Valley Girl. Not a great start.

        • Briggs says:

          Oh, please say this argument is going to die a horrible death. I don’t want to have to slog through stuff like this for however long Flash is on the air. Iris is not Laurel! She has the right chemistry with Barry, for one. And for another, she is nowhere near where her char is supposed to end up, whereas Laurel was supposed to be closer than she really is. And she’s supposed to be clueless as to Barry’s feelings. He told Felicity he ‘has experience liking someone who doesn’t feel the same way’. Guess where he got that experience? Let, It. Go.

    • Zak says:

      Seems more like Lois Lane during the later seasons of Smallville. Hopefully it takes less seasons for the truth to come out.

    • Tai says:

      I was pretty much strongly disliking Laurel from episode one. So far I don’t hate Iris. I don’t really feel anything towards her so far. But she came across as a little better in this episode. I think they need to give her a plot before she does become like Laurel. And something more than just standing on the sideline nagging Barry about disappearing and being distant.

      • Skittles&Bits says:

        But how would she become like Laurel? Her “just standing on the sideline nagging Barry about disappearing and being distant” seem more like the concerns of a childhood friend/pseudo-sister. If the kid I grew up in the same house with was suddenly acting strange I’d nag him ’til I turned blue in the face. She’s concerned about him and has a right to speak up considering their relationship. I think it’s quite hard to write engaging stories for superhero love interests b/c the very definition of being the love interest means he or she cannot exist independent of the hero. (Very few people want to watch a show titled: “Lois Lane” but throw “Clark Kent/Superman” in there and the fans will tune in). The LI is often relegated to playing the “damsel in distress.” It’s a rare LI that can hold a plot down without hero being present so I’m willing to cut the writers some slack with Iris. I’m hopefully they’ll be able to give her something interesting to do. She’s working on her dissertation; it’d be fascinating if her research helped her solve the mystery of the “Red Streak” instead of being told.

        • Tai says:

          My comment is the hopes that they don’t let her suffer from poor character development like Laurel. I said that I hope they give her more of a storyline than standing around nagging Barry. That’s not to say that she’s not justified right now for her concern, I merely want more for her than just being concerned about Barry. I want more insight into who Iris is. As I said in my comment, I didn’t like Laurel from the very beginning. So far I’m ambivalent towards Iris. She has the potential to be really fun and I hope that continues. And I hope the producers and writers have learned from their Laurel mistake.

          • Skittles&Bits says:

            I agree. I also hope the writers don’t neglect Iris’ character development. I actually liked Laurel from the very beginning and I still like her. Though my favorite female on Arrow was definitely Shado.

          • Lizzie says:

            I don’t feel like they are neglecting her because Laurel for that first season had absolutely nothing to do with the Arrow. Iris does she is investigating him, she is a Lois-esk character. I’m just starting to like Laurel and Iris I like so no she isn’t the next Laurel to me. People really need to start giving Laurel and chance trust me it makes the show so much better.

    • Allie says:

      Are you kidding me with this stupid comment? She is nothing like Laurel. I feel like some people went into this show determined to not like Iris and to make comparisons of her to Laurel as justifications for not shipping her with Barry and being all Caitlin/Barry because it’s ‘different’ and ‘complicated’. If she’s ‘Laurel’ then let me guess Caitlin is then like the ‘felicity in the show’, not in terms of personality but just the fact that she isn’t the main love interest. She’s around Barry a lot and the show is basically telling you they aren’t going to be romantically linked, so you just want them to be linked. Chemistry is important but nothing makes some viewers happier than liking what they are not supposed to like and convincing TPTB that they are right. I don’t even think I’m being far fetched with such an accusation. I’m actually an olicity fan believe it or not and also one that doesn’t despise Laurel like most of the fandom does. I’m indifferent in that regard. I do feel insulted that Iris is being compared to Laurel though for no reason at all or for simply no logical reasons like the ‘nagging’ comment below. Let me see how you react to your best friend disappearing on you constantly and acting strange. She’s actually been moderately cool about it all things considered. Acting concerned more than anything. You can dislike her, we’re all entitled to our opinions but at least come up with a good realistic reason. (Didn’t even plan to go on this long shippy-related rant)

      • Tai says:

        Um if you’re talking about my comment then you clearly didn’t read it. I said I wanted her to have more of a storyline than standing on the sidelines nagging Barry. I never said that she was nagging or even that she was the next Laurel. I said that in order to avoid that they need to give her something to do in the first season. Laurel was wasted first season and that created the bitterness towards her character. So far Iris has a few more things going for her than laurel did and I hope they continue to give her a storyline.

    • Briggs says:

      Hmm. Is this a genuine concern, or are you just trying to troll people? I’m not saying you’re a troll, but usually, when someone is genuine, they come back to defend their stance….

    • mj says:

      I think so too. and Caitlin will become the Felicity of this show. She and Barry look good together.

      • Briggs says:

        If you follow the unrequited love angle, it’s Barry who’s the Felicity of the show, with Eddie being Laurel and Iris being Oliver. If it’s the quirky assistant angle, it’s definitey Cisco. Everyone smiles when he opens his mouth, and he’s just absolutely adorable.

      • Radha says:

        I literally loathe when people say “They look good together.” Is that the ONLY reason people should get together? I like Caitlin, but I find she looks too old and mature for him. And he also “looks good” with Iris and they actually have history and backstory together! I think I’d prefer that relationship developing romantically rather than any where “he looks good” with Caitlin.

        I hate that comment b/c I always wonder what the person who says it means by it. What exactly “looks good” with them together?

    • peter6969 says:

      I think so too. and Caitlin will become the Felicity of this show.

    • You are so correct. Been thinking the same thing … these guys do not know how to cast a leading lady.

  8. Joey Padron says:

    Really good episode. Good to see Joe & Barry’s father and son moment in episode. Good to see Barry’s dad again. Crazy what Wells will do to keep The Flash safe & to himself.

  9. Tran says:

    Barry Allen will be that man. Better than he was before. Better…stronger…FASTER.

  10. Briggs says:

    My jaw is still aching from hitting the floor over Harrison’s actions. He not only stood up *in front of someone else*, but stabbed the guy to protect Barry. Yet more proof that he’s *not* Professor Zoom. If he were, why is he protecting Barry? Or helping him in any way? Sure, it could be so that he’s around for Zoom to fight, but I don’t think that’s it. Whoever Harrison Wells really is, it’ll be a kicker. That much I know for sure.

  11. ninamags says:

    I had forgotten how much I love Jesse L. Martin.

    He is fantastic in this role. A superhero doesn’t become one unless he has people who love and support him on his journey.

    I am liking this show a whole lot.

  12. robinepowell says:

    I liked it and can’t wait to see more.
    Just two small things.

    I hope that Barry can be more organized as the show goes on.

    The other thing is, these Meta Humans that keep popping up every week. Reminds me of Smallville and the “Meoter Freaks” that kept popping up in almost every episode early on in the show.

  13. Drew says:

    I’m starting a new shipper community, for Barry and the pizza. I want this community to become completely obsessed and irrationally hate any other food that shares screen time with Barry. We all know that the protein bars will never work out. Barry obviously loved the pizza at the end of the episode. That pizza was made for Barry. Literally.
    Bazza? Pirry?

    • Briggs says:

      Hey, I think that Barry needs more protein in his diet. Yes, his fave pizza has pepperoni, but it’s not enough! Don’t limit him just because the pizza happens to come to him…

      • Drew says:

        I think that there is obviously an arc for the pizza’s character. Yeah, pepperoni now. But there could be sausage someday. Bacon. Canadian bacon. Anchovies. There is a lot of meat to this pizza story. It just needs time to develop.

        • Briggs says:

          Maybe, but protein is more portable. It will always be there when Barry needs it. Pizza needs to be ordered or cooked, and might be too much for him to afford indefinitely. He’ll always need protein,

          • Jon says:

            *grinning* Bravo you two. You should take that routine on the road.

          • herman1959 says:


          • Drew says:

            The best relationships require work. The protein will always be there, but they will end up just getting by, with no joy or excitement in life. Pizza is more work, but there is spice and variety. Barry will never get tired of pizza.
            If Barry sticks to the protein bars, we all know that he will still be ordering pizza on the side anyway.

          • Briggs says:

            Protein can take many forms. He need not stick to the bars to get the protein he needs. There are many varieties of pizza, true, but there are many more things with protein. The bars are there when he needs them, whereas pizza leaves him with an empty box and, soon, an empty stomach.

          • Drew says:

            So, he’s just going to make pizza flavored protein bars? Is that really fair to the protein bars?

          • Briggs says:

            You misunderstand. Protein is in many things, not just the bars. Besides which, if he can have pizza-flavored protein bars, what does he need pizza for?

    • KatsMom says:

      This is the best series of comments I’ve seen in quite some time. Well done. :)

  14. Quinn Mallory says:

    I was shocked that they got rid of Stagg that quickly, but for a show with a Time Travel element, I guess what you see is not what you get.

  15. Lauren says:

    Unlike the Arrow lead, Gustin’s acting is not cringworthy.

    • Lauren says:

      *cringeworthy* damn on-screen keyboard.

      • Joe E Dangerously says:

        This comment really surprises me. I really like Stephen Amell and I think he might be the strongest element in Arrow. He’s pretty far from how I always pictured Oliver Queen as a kid and more recently but for the story they’re telling I think he’s great.

    • brenna says:

      I absolutely think that Stephen Amell has done a wonderful job of portraying a man who has gone through 5 years of torture and is slowly coming back to life and growing to trust a few close friends. His family scenes with Moira and with Thea have been just perfect. His action scenes are fantastic and he seems to really appreciate his fans. You have a right to your opinion, but many disagree and believe he’s done a really great job as Arrow.

  16. Mr. Sunshine says:

    At first, I wasn’t too happy they picked Grant Gustin for The Flash; however, I’m pleasantly surprised at how he just fits the part of The Flash like a glove. Kudos to the producers for their pick! Hands down, it’s my favorite new show of the season!

  17. What the hell is with Wells?! That guy is scary evil. How long before Barry & Co. figure it out? I’m guessing … about 3 episodes too late.

  18. The problem with this episode was simply that the meta of the week was not compelling enough.