Vampire Diaries Recap: The L Word

Vampire Diaries Damon Elena

“He was my boyfriend, I loved him and he died.” That was Elena’s mantra on Thursday’s Vampire Diaries as the heartbroken doppelgänger struggled to erase the love she felt for Damon. But was her major purge a success?

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Sadly… yes. By zoning in on the exact moment Elena realized she could love Damon forever, Alaric was able to systematically pull apart her feelings for him. And while the whole experience was expectedly gut-wrenching — That dance! That kiss! — nothing compared to the main event, or as Twitter reffered to it, #WhenElenaKnew.

Elena took us all back to the third season premiere, to her birthday, when she’d all but given up hope of being reunited with then-Ripper Stefan. Damon gave her Stefan’s necklace with no regards to his own feelings, and she remembered it as the most selfless thing he’d ever done.

So how does Elena feel about Damon now? “He was Stefan’s brother. He was a monster. Then he died.” Oof.

Elsewhere in time and space…

After remembering memories, it was ultimately her birthday that she knew she loved him. He gave him the necklace. He gave her the one thing that gave him hope about her and Stefan. It hurt him, but he did it for her.

Vampire Diaries Elena DamonWHOSE HELL IS IT, ANYWAY? | While Elena attempted to erase her past, Bonnie and Damon were busy living theirs. A stroll through town revealed that the duo has apparently travelled back to 1994 — as if that wasn’t already obvious based on Damon’s flannel shirt and the Collective Soul on the radio — and is doomed to repeat the same day over and over again, Groundhog Day-style. (Personally, I don’t know why Bonnie and Damon are in such a rush to get back to the present. If I found out I was stuck in the ’90s, I’d slip into a half-buckled pair of overalls, pop on an episode of Family Matters and call it a day.)

But the real kicker came at the end of the hour when Bonnie and Damon realized someone else had completed their crossword puzzle for them. (Seriously, who else is in the house?! And why they gotta be so rude?!)

LOOK WHO’S COMING TO RUIN DINNER | Meanwhile, in present-day Georgia, Enzo and Caroline “reluctantly” teamed up to crash Stefan’s first official dinner date with Ivy, though it felt like more of a double date if you ask me. The evening took a nasty turn when Enzo decided to stab Stefan in the hand — and not even with a proper stabbing fork — which triggered a full-on vampire throw down. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any more uncomfortable, Stefan overheard Caroline reminding Alaric that Elena first fell in love with Damon while she was still dating Stefan.

vampire-diaries-enzo-stefanThen, as she often does, Caroline turned the situation around and made it completely about herself. “You couldn’t tell I was falling apart without you?” she asked Stefan about the countless voicemails she left him during his absence. And when he told her he deleted them in an attempt to move on from his former life — which is understandable, given what happened — she called him a dick and stormed out.

As Caroline cried over Stefan in the car, Enzo snapped some sense into Stefan… by snapping Ivy’s neck. I guess it was getting a little crowded in there. (Does this mean they’re even now?)

SHADY LADY | Over in Mystic Falls, new roomies Matt and Jeremy found themselves fighting over a girl — more specifically Jer’s new bed buddy Sarah, who confessed to stealing a car from her old boss. (Side note: Jeremy may be making terrible life decisions right now, but at least he looks damn good doing so.) And like all heavy drinkers in Mystic Falls, Jeremy is merely trying to mend his broken heart, which we learned by listening in on his tragic voicemails to Bonnie.

In other local news, Matt’s new mentor Tripp was revealed to be a member of the Fell family — yes, that Fell family — but unbeknownst to Matt, Mr. Fell had a truck full of vampires which he drove straight into the sun, proving he’s no friend to the fang. (Time to find a new mentor maybe?)

All right, TVD fans, let’s talk: Who finished Bonnie’s crossword puzzle? Who is Sarah’s alleged father in town? Browse photos from upcoming episodes below, then drop a comment with your theories.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jason says:

    My money is on Katherine hanging out with Damon and Bonnie.

    • Andy Swift says:

      Not a bad guess at all. I’ve missed her.

    • Steve says:

      Katherine is my favorite so I’d love for her to come back!

    • M says:

      That would be amazing… My favorite character by far

    • murley says:

      Oh man I really hope so.

      • Kevin says:

        I hope so too! good guess (Side note: this episode/this season so far was really good, loved the focus on the core group of characters, remember last season we had to care about silas, qetsiyah and amara ugh), and the music in this ep was really moving too, esp that song when elena was talking THE moment

        • Curly Gurly says:

          ITA with everything you said, including the MUSIC. Between the 90’s music for Bonnie and Damon (with Damon singing Salt N Pepa while making pancakes) and the sad songs playing in the Elena and Jeremy scenes, this episode was really moving. Whoever does their music should get an Emmy!

    • Sara says:

      My first thought was the uncle that Damon killed in season 1. If it’s Katherine I think I’m going to roll my eyes

      • tomskee says:

        Me too, even though Katherine is a much better character than Elena, I really don’t need to see Nina Dobrev involved in every frakkin scene. Hopefully it’s another witch that can help Bonnie and Damon get back.

    • Andy Swift says:

      lol is this a general “ugh” or do you have a specific complaint?

      • Steve says:

        I’m just over any of the love stories dealing with Elena, with either Damon or Stefan. I just can’t care about it anymore.

        I like all the other stories, but anything dealing with Elena/Damon or Elena/Stefan I zone out during.

  2. new writers for tvd please says:

    Another boring ep this show who I’ve loved these past 4 season not mentioning season 5 because that was horrible is on its last change one more ep and if it continues this way im out good luck julie with only delena stans in your corner

    • shboogies says:

      ive been watching vamp diaries from season 1 at its original start and am a huge delena lover. this is not another case of dair(dan&blair on gossip girl) that made no absolute sense given the rest of the series prior. From day one they’ve been writing Elena’s obvious interest in the bad boy brother and this plot line was decided probably before the first episode even aired. Sorry you’re not getting the couple you want, I know how bad that sucks – but new writing isnt at fault. Its always been there,

      • Dmac says:

        Awe, aren’t you sweet and no, I disagree that from season one Elena was written for Damon. I find it amusing that yiu immediately assume people who hate this episode and season are Stelena’s. I for one want Stefan as far away from that succubus as possible. What I dislike is Dries rewriting cannon to fit her harlequin romance version of Damon. Good for you for being a Delena, but there has to be more than Delena’s to keep this show on and I don’t see anyone else very happy with the writing and storylines.

        • Are you stupid? says:

          If you’d actually read the books you’d know that YES Elena was written for Damon.

          • Jessica says:

            You are stupid. Elena was NOT written for Damon. L.J. Smith wrote Stelena as SOULMATES in the novel series. You are an idiot.

          • Dmac says:

            If you had read the orginal LJ Smith books and not the ones written by a ghost writer yiu would know that isn’t the case. Which by the way I did read them, the ones writen over 10 years ago. Nice try though.

        • Lizzie says:

          Yes Elena was written for Damon and Delena was awesome. But for someone who gave them up last season when they got together the problem isn’t them. Sorry gave up the show last season. The problem is the crazy, twisted storyline. I know that it has always been sort of out there but the dopplganger & travelers and what else they add just made for you not to get invested on one single thing

        • Lies says:

          Omg i love you. It is caroline Dries who has destroyed this show. She atmidded that she is team delena, and poof since kevin left everything is about delena? They are destroying everything that stelena fans had left. It makes me sick. Kevin Williamson wanted this show to be about a love triangle, but since season 4 it is all about delena. Kevin williamson said that stefan and elena had to be soulmates, and look at it now? They are freaking nothing! I can’t believe that julie plec allowed her to do this, just can’t.They changed the whole purpose of the show, and for what? so sad.

          • Kelly says:

            Any of you guys happen to remember Kevin Williamson’s other famous love triangle? Dawson\Joey\Pacey? Dawson was Joey’s soul mate, but it didn’t mean he got the girl. The relationship evolved over time. They were still soul mates, but not romantic soul mates. She fell in love with Pacey. I see that being mimicked here with Stefan\Elena\Damon. Soul mate doesn’t have to equate to romantic love.

  3. Dmac says:

    So basically Elena always loved Damon and those first three seasons were a figment of our imagination. Dries is basically writing Stefan out of the show. He really isn’t even needed at this point.

    • phuong says:

      I am so annoyed with TVD now The show now is all about Delena Paul should leave the show it truly sucks now

    • shboogies says:

      i think everyone is completely disregaurding the fact that they specifically wrote in this episode a line where Elena and Rick both acknowledge multiple times that she deeply loved BOTH brothers.

      • Cas says:

        Well why does anyone have to remember that? Then they can’t cry as much. My question is does nobody remember reading about the show before it aired? I do and it explicitly said it was about a girl torn between two brothers. It made it rather clear to me that she would be in love with both and that the show was about being in love with both. So I’ve known from the beginning that this would be how it goes.

        • Fran says:

          You’re still missing the point. I’m starting to wonder if you are deliberately doing so. Its not the love triangle. We all knew what the show was about and knew Elena would be with Damon at some point. But when you have to completely change her personality, make her a vampire, AND create a sire bond in order for her to be with him, you’re doing something wrong. The writers said they had to do that for the viewers to buy a relationship with Damon. Now all of a sudden they’re changing that story and making it seem like Elena fell in love with him when she was still human, and acting as though her serious relationship with Stefan was just a mere roadblock to get to Damon. They keep adding these stories that don’t fit in with what was shown in the first 3 seasons. It seems like they are doing it to force the Damon and Elena relationship. If it progressed naturally, that would be one thing. What the show is doing now is not. Not to mention that they’ve made Delena quite a little toxic relationship and all the other characters get pushed to the background in favor of their drama. Its great if you like their relationship, it really is. But for those of us who can’t pretend the first 3 seasons didnt exist and dont enjoy seeing the other characters get screwed, its hard to watch.

    • Letti says:

      Dmac, you’re absulutely right as always. Caroline Dries even confirmed that she wanted to kill Stefan by the end of season 4, but they didn’t let her. How could Julie Plec let this bitch write this once-amazing show?

  4. pamela says:

    i hope what is happening with damon and elena has nothing to do with the fact that the actors broke up in real life, i still think the behind the scenes drama put the nail in coffin for brooke and lucus on one tree hill back in the day.

    • shboogies says:

      yeah but chad and sophia’s breakup was way nastier. until ian started dating nikki it seemed their breakup was pretty civil and they worked together just fine. actually a big part of me thinks Nina was the one who really ended things, so Ian moving on will obvi piss her off but i don’t think its enough to ruin their desire to continue the show properly.

  5. The mystery houseguest is definitely Katherine.

  6. Natalie Robertson says:

    Maybe 1994 Damon is filling in the crossword puzzle for current and trapped Bonnie and Damon. Something tells me time travel will be the new magic of this season.

    • xXDream19Xx says:

      I think you’re right… Sounds like something the 1994 Damon would do. I hope you’re wrong though. I wouldn’t want to be stuck 1994 with evil Damon…. But I really hope it’s not Katherine. I was relieved when they killed her off.

  7. Fran says:

    I had to laugh at your note that Caroline turned things around and made it about herself, as she often does…. I think you meant to write that part about Elena. Thats her area of expertise and she beats Caroline at that by a mile ;) Seriously though, I don’t blame Caroline for being upset with Stefan. He may have wanted to move on from his life but Caroline didnt do anything to him, except always be on his side. I would be upset too if a friend dumped me. I understand Stefan too, but it still feels kinda wrong. As far as the Elena nonsense…. that’s pretty much all it was. I just don’t care about her supposed love for Damon anymore. They have to rewrite the first three seasons in order for us to buy that she just can’t live without Damon. I still don’t know when she supposedly fell madly in love with him. I sure never saw it on screen.

    • Letti says:

      She fell in love with him this madly immadietly when Dries got her hands on the show. You know, she never loved Stefan for real. (sigh)

  8. shboogies says:

    Why are Stelena fans so upset when this storyline clearly rids Elena of her love for Damon leaving only her love for Stefan???

    • Roses says:

      Really??Stelena fans are upset because the episode was retconned.I mean we expected it .Not only that SE fans loved their relationship from S1 to S3 and that was shat upon by this episode .S3 E1 was a favorite for us as well and JP even stated that it was one of the most “human” and emotional scenes that her and Kevin wrote now to come and say that she loved Damon there .BS!We don’t want Elena this way and we all know that they will steal book SE and make Elena fall in love with Damon when he returns.Still not watching tho,just seeing mad tweets on twitter…lol

    • Fran says:

      I think you’re misunderstanding people’s frustrations. It has nothing to do with Stelena vs Delena, especially since the majority of people seem to be completely over both relationships (and many over Elena herself). Its the fact that the show is constantly having to rewrite things in order to justify Elena being in love with Damon. Kristen’s comment below gives just one of the many inconsistencies the show tries to throw at us. It seems the shows main goal now is to try and make everything fit into the Delena aspect…. But it just doesn’t when you go over the things that happened in the first three seasons.

  9. Kirsten says:

    Really with the rewriting of episodes?! So tired of that! At the end of that episode Stefan called Elena and she told him she loved him, to hold on to that while he was with Klaus, whom he went with in order to save his brother, so I don’t buy that being when she fell in love with Damon!

  10. Baileigh says:

    Knowing this show, Sarah will end up being Bonnie’s half paternal sister and she has come to town to find out what happened to her father. This will set up angst for Jeremy who has now (if the theory is correct) slept with both Bonnie and her sister. Sarah will also blame Stefan for her father’s death not realizing that it was Silas not Stefan who murdered her father.
    Why do I get the feeling that if Enzo reacted so strongly to Stefan literally giving up on his brother that he will not be as forgiving of Elena’s choice to erase Damon from her memory as the others have been?
    I also find it surprising how Caroline who has been very vocal about her dislike for Damon is quite literally the only member of the originally gang who is going out of her way to find some way to bring him and Bonnie back from the dead. Where as Elena and Stefan (the two people who are supposed to love them) are just giving up on them entirely. I just don’t see how Damon and Bonnie’s relationship with thoes two characters can ever be the same after this.
    Correct me if I am wrong, but in the pilot episode Damon and Stefan had a converstaion where it was mentioned that the last time they saw each other was in the 1990’s I wonder if there is some connection to that event and what is currently happening to Bonnie and Damon?

    • Dakota says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing when Sarah said she was in town to see her father. Maybe it will turn out Sarah is a witch and that she will be the key to get Bonnie and Stefan back. Also it connects to the books because Bonnie did have a sister in the books. Also Thomas fell was the founder of mystic falls but the town wasn’t called mystic falls.

  11. Dani says:

    This episode just didn’t cut it for me. I understand “the moment” was when Elena realized she could love Damon, not when she realized she DID. But somehow the whole memory erasing feels like a cheat, and kind of robs Elena of her strength. I think it would have been much more interesting for her to deal in a non-supernatural way.

    Other than that, I’m staying out of the shipping war in these comments. I have a definite preference but at the moment I care more about what this is doing to Elena as an individual.

  12. Katherine says:

    I thought that was a good episode. It definitely brought us back to season 3. I get the part where she said she was scared to admit her feelings for Damon back then. Anyway- I hope Katherine is the mystery person. She is so fun to watch. She is a survivor after all. Very entertaining episode. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  13. S says:

    It can’t be Katherine…she was sucked into that vortex thing in the church when she went to find Bonnie….if she came back after being sucks into the darkness then that would mean that all of the supernatural who we’re sucked into the darkness would be there too..and something tells me that Katherine isn’t the guest. I feel like it will be someone who will be of great use to them and that someone will be totally unexpected. I just want Damon and Bonnie to come back to life and I want Delena again.

  14. Maya says:

    This episode cemented the fact why I hate Enzo. Why is everyone swooning or loving the fact that he willingly killed Stefan’s new girlfriend to make Caroline happy? I hated how they wrote Caroline in this episode – it was utterly cringe worthy. They are ruining her character so much. I get she misses her BFF but she has always ripped away the first chance he’s had in forever to be happy and at peace.

    • Caroline FTW says:

      Maybe if he has of picked up the phone when she called and explained the situation to her- his best friend, it would have been avoided. He cut her- and just her out abruptly, he picked up the phone for the others, so why on earth is she being cast as the bad guy for being proactive and asking him what the story is? Caroline didn’t kill Ivy- Enzo did, as far as I see Caroline has no blame in her death, I mean how dare she cry when she is upset right???

      • Maya says:

        I am not blaming Caroline for Enzo. Also how is Stefan the bad guy either? I get she is hurt but as Stefan’s BFF she can’t see why he left or wants a new life? She can be angry it to call Stefan a d*ck is horrible and guilt him for putting his happiness first. To cheer on Enzo for “protecting” Caroline is disgusting. That’s not friendship.

    • aunni says:

      of course its stefans fault that he does not hv feelings for caroline. its easy to blame him cz cry-oline is suddenly a delena shipper

      • Julia says:

        Funny thing about the last two episodes. Stefan said that he had to forget everything, to leave everyone behind in order to start over. But eventually he did answered Elena’s and Alaric’s phone calls. But when Caroline called he got so pissed that he broke the phone with his hands… Why is that? I think it’s because she’s the one he cares about the most. I think he is in denial about his feelings for her… he is deeply in love with her but doesn’t know… or doesn’t want to know. And Caroline is closer and closer to realising that her feelings for stefan are more than just friendly love. …

  15. TVFan says:

    You know what I can’t blame Stefan for wanting to leave them all behind. How often does he have to relive practically everything. Caroline stop crying because you thought Stefan cares more about you then his wellbeing. I am over Elena and the only thing interesting at this point is who is with Bonnie and Damon in the 90’s.

  16. Jenn says:

    Caroline is too good for Stefan, even though I love him. Can we please set this whole Stefan/Caroline nonsense on fire now? I cannot stand the idea of him being such a dirtbag to her and then turning around and falling in love with her and she just takes it like nothing happened. Also, Caroline has tons more romantic chemistry with the Enzo dude than she ever had with Stefan.

    • Maya says:

      Because there is nothing more romantic that being in a relationship with a guy who kills her BFF’s girlfriend. Carenzo is just a different toxic version of Delena.

      • Jenn says:

        All of these relationships are terrible. All of them. They are monsters. Caroline and Enzo is at least mildly interesting, which is more than I can say for this horribly constructed romance between Stefan and Caroline.

        • Michelle says:

          Uhm, horribly constructed romance?!? What show have you been watching? Stefan and Caroline have been nothing but supportive of each other. Literally Stefan is the only one worthy of Caroline at this point. A romance between them would be the first healthy relationship on this show! And l o l Caroline is too good for Stefan, how much more with Enzo?

          • Jenn says:

            Why can’t we just have a storyline for Caroline? Why does she always have to have a love interest? Viewers have been conditioned to expect Caroline to have some sort of romantic entanglement all the time because that’s all the show has given her since S2. It’s gross and I’m tired of it. Caroline is her own character and no one “deserves” to have her just for the sake of keeping her involved with someone at all times.

      • Brittany says:

        Not as toxic as steroline. It’s so healthy to date a ripper right?

  17. Jess says:

    I bet she is related to Bonnie. As for the whole crossword thing I bet it’s Katherine. Can’t wait for next week’s episode. So I guess Mr Fell is going to be the new big bad.

  18. Tia says:

    “as she often does, Caroline turned the situation around and made it completely about herself.” Does this guy actually watch the show? Stefan has every right to give up and move on but one would imagine that a friend would pass on that little bit of trivia so no one would have any expectation of him returning and so they could pick up where he left off in the investigation. If nothing else, he should have advised his best friend to move on and informed her that he was done so she wouldn’t feel compelled to keep him updated. He answered Alaric’s calls and Elena’s call but couldn’t muster the energy to even listen to listen to Caroline’s messages??

    And barely one scene later we see Caroline sobbing in the car but she quickly adopts a cheery voice just so Elena won’t worry about her. But Caroline makes everything about herself. If anything, Caroline should make more things about herself.

    • Kinsey says:

      Agreed! I’m going to stop reading this guys reviews every week because he seems to hate Caroline when everyone I’ve talked to has agreed she’s one of the most selfless people on the show. She’s one of the ONLY people still looking for Damon & Bonnie even though she’s not a Damon fan. How is that selfish? She’s one of the only people who will stop crying so her friend doesn’t know how upset she is because she doesn’t want to ruin Elena’s good mood. Caroline is the only reason I’m still watching this show and that comment from Andy really upset me. I used to be a fan of him but not after that comment.

    • ec says:

      Totally agree! Couldn’t understand the Caroline hate here.

      I’ll reserve judgment on the story of this season for a few episodes so I can see where they’re going with the plot (and when it turns out to be as laughably predictable as the last few seasons, I’ll keep watching, but with more wine and yelling at the TV – honestly, it’s fun for me whether the story is good or bad), but as for the characterization, I feel like they’re doing a pretty good job reestablishing these characters after some of their personalities seemed to have gotten lost in the absolute CRAZINESS (!) of last season. So far, everyone seems to be pretty spot-on.

      Caroline doing her sunshine-y best to keep everything together while everyone else kinda just focuses on their own stuff and spreading herself way too thin trying to fix everyone else’s problems, then having a very human reaction (vampire reaction maybe?) when discovering that she’s been all alone in this.

      Stefan giving it the old college try but ultimately pulling a cut-and-run when things get too hard. Then, because he’s Stefan, feeling ashamed of himself and avoiding the one person who would call him out, hence taking everyone’s calls except Caroline’s.

      Damon and Bonnie putting on their level heads and trying to figure out whatever weirdness they’ve gotten themselves into, while Damon still naturally finds time to drink and bicker with Bonnie.

      Matt and Jeremy doing something B-plotty (hey, at this point, doing something B-plotty just feels like their personality).

      Elena, whining about something and crying unconvincingly while I go in the next room to pour more wine.

  19. The Elena forgetting she ever had a relationship with Damon was just stupid. Lets never learn and grow shall we. It may have been more fun if she had just turned her humanity off for a while.

  20. Emily says:

    And yet again, Caroline is villainized as “selfish, immature, and whiny” as opposed to a girl who has never once in her life been put first by her friends, family, or the ‘global universe’ as she likes to call it. Poor girl can’t even catch a break in the recaps.

    I do have to say, Enzo seems to be the only one with a level head on his shoulders, and isn’t he supposed to be the murdery psychopath?

  21. Oh the mysoginy.... says:

    Oh Andy, I get it I do. You are so used to Caroline rolling over for whatever friend currently needs to use her and putting her own emotional well being last. Obviously you prefer your female characters to come in the flavour of eternal martyr like Elena. But unfortunately woman are not just walking uteruses born to soothe manpain. This was not Caroline ‘making it all about her’, this was her showing agency (its rare and thus hard to recognise in JP’s shows), and calling Stefan out.

  22. Kelly says:


  23. M3rc Nate says:

    I was enjoying this episode up until Enzo killed Stefan’s girlfriend…why does that suck so much? Well first off i liked him and her, and him living a new life (to be honest its the only thing that makes sense), but second and most importantly (and it figures strongly into my issue with the teaser for next week)….theres no real tension, they tease Stefan hunting him down and wanting to kill him, but really? Does anyone believe he is going to get killed? No? Okay good we are all on the same page. So more completely useless lame cyclical empty tension.

    I would respect this show (and enjoy it a lot more) if it had the balls to make a decision, if they picked a way for Elena to go (with Stefan, with Daemon, with someone else or with no one) and stick with it till the end of the show. If it also had the balls to do something and actually have it stick (we all know Elena will get her memories back at some point). If this show had the balls they would let characters actually die, no way Stefan lets Enzo live for any reason, and dont tell me “Enzo is older so Stefan cant beat him”….we all know when the writers want to, any vampire can be beaten or killed no matter the power difference…Stefan can get the help of a witch, or trick Enzo, or surprise him, or setup a trap, or one of a thousand other things that would result in him killing Enzo.

    Why does this show have the balls then? Because they know the viewers are mainly going to stick around no matter what, and if they make a decision most of you would say “THEY KILLED _____ IM OUT!” or “STEFAN AND ELENA FOR GOOD?! IM OUT! WONT WATCH!”, and i imagine enough people would actually follow through (because they are that immature or love/hate with characters that they would bail after watching for 6 years) that it would hurt their ratings (even if 500,000 stopped that hurts ratings). So why change anything? They are the CW Vampire version of NCIS… “Why change anything about our show? Its a printing press for money and we can keep doing the same thing over and over again until we hit season 10 and the show fizzles out and we make another spinoff to make more money”. I mean the showrunner (Plec) has said point blank (at Paleyfest) that they will keep playing Elena with Stefan/Daemon until the shows over because “why choose?”…aka they dont have the balls to make a decision cause it could hurt the show.

    I really enjoyed Elena losing the love for Daemon because she finally saw him for what he was without her love colored shades on. Shes like most of us and saw that hes a monster. Now true Stefan has been a monster, he has never done anything like kill Jeremy. Im not really pro Stefan and Elena, but i dont think what she has with Daemon is “true love”…its wild passion with a bad boy who secretly has a good-ish heart. I mean at this shows core its tween porn….so what else can you expect.

  24. Kinsey says:

    DONE WITH YOU! You’ve just lost yourself a loyal follower that’s been a fan for years! As we speak my best friend and I just unfollowed you on Twitter. You are completely wrong about Caroline Forbes. She’s one of the least selfish people on television. You’re obviously not a real fan of the show because if you were you’d see that Caroline has been doing all of this for her friends! While everyone is drinking in their own pity, Caroline is the only one trying to bring everyone together and cheer them up. Like a true friend! I love Steroline, but Stefan told Caroline he would always be there for her. He wasn’t. He was willing to answer a call from Alaric and Elena but not Caroline? When she was the only one there for him after the “love of his life” fell in love with his brother while she was with him? And Caroline’s the bad guy? Done with you, and your inaccurate column. I may reconsider if you write an apology on Twitter or Facebook. Until then, hope you lose all your followers.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Eh, you’re both right and you’re both wrong IMO. When i watched it i viewed it as a fan of Caroline and Stefan, so i saw her heartbroken that he moved on, has a GF, and was done with his past (aka her), her comments about thinking they had a special friendship and how hard she was crying in the car were CLEAR signs she is being written to have strong feelings for him. So its understandable even from a super thoughtful understanding person to be upset like she was.

      On the other hand…can you blame the 300 year old vampire for finally wanting to move on from Mystic Falls and the hel.l it has brought upon him? He FINALLY leaves, and starts a new life (like we have ALL been wishing he would cause he keeps saying he wants to and Daemon for the longest time was the WORST)….he finally does and is happy and she comes up and makes it ALL about her? A pretty self centered point of view on her part…why couldnt she be happy for him? He has a life and has lived it for very long and has gone through hell, mainly because of his brother…. i mean so what, his brother is dead, should he not move on? Only because we know the show will bring them back and because we are seeing their story line in some other dimension do we feel like they shouldnt give up trying. If this show for once let characters truly die and not come back, then Stefan would be right…no leads, its time to move on.

      • Andy Swift says:

        Thank you for being smart and rational and seeing two possible sides to a situation. More fans should think like you.

        • Tia says:

          I think the majority of viewers believe that Stefan has every right to move on but, as Caroline’s close friend, why wouldn’t he tell her that he needed to distance himself and that he was abandoning the search to bring Bonnie and Damon back? Why did he pick up the phone to speak with Alaric and Elena but ignore Caroline? If he has been speaking with Alaric a few times a week, I’m sure he knows that Caroline has not only dropped out of school to dedicate herself to bringing bring magic back to MF & resurrect Bonnie and Damon but that she has also distanced herself from the group. If he truly thinks these are futile efforts on her part, why would he just let it happen instead of at least asking Alaric to advise her to move on?

          And it isn’t like Caroline planned to track Stefan down – she happened upon him and wasn’t emotionally prepared to find out that he friend dumped her and to have it confirmed that she would never get Bonnie back. She lost two friends over a dinner – who wouldn’t be upset??

          Again, Stefan has a right to cut all ties but he should have been up front about it. When he left MF at the end of S4, Caroline was left in MF with no Bonnie, no Tyler and Damon and Elena were trapped in their bedroom and she didn’t seem to resent Stefan leaving her one bit. Stefan told her he needed space and she understood and even advised Elena against contacting him although she was still team Stelena. That situation pretty well established that Caroline would have given him all the space he needed even though it would leave her lonely. But Stefan was dishonest and he knowlingly mislead Alaric and Caroline, which is obviously wrong. AND HE KNEW HE WAS WRONG! Stefan lying to Caroline and Enzo about how long he had been living in Savannah was lame and just shows that he knew what he did was wrong. Starting over in Savannah is not wrong, lying about it is.

          Basically, in an attempt to not disappoint Caroline, he ended up undermining the foundation of their friendship.

          I see a lot of people attacking Caroline for being upset that Stefan lied for months and ignored her but how would the same people react had Caroline decided that she was too busy with college to help him when he lost his memory? Or when he had PTSD? Or when the Travelers fried his brain? People would say she was a horrible friend. However, it could just as easily be argued that Caroline enjoying college is her right and that she isn’t responsible for being pulled back into the Salvatore drama. But I doubt that the review of that kind of episode would read like that.

          As usual, it’s the female’s responsibility to be selfless and have no expectations of a relationship.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Lol and it ends with a sexist stereotype…nice. I dont disagree except you’re wanting a 300 year old VAMPIRE who is also a split personality serial killer who rips off his victims heads, and from the get go was totally mind frakked by Katherine as a teenager…to be normal and nice and sweet and thoughtful? After all the stuff hes gone through he has to be the most mature thoughtful normal guy and call her and tell her hes moving on etc etc etc? THEY ARE DEAD lol…they are vampires, murderers, their emotions and w/e are heightened because they are vampires….yes, in a perfect world he tells her he wants to cut all ties and move on, his brother and Bonnie are dead….fine, i get that…but they are DEAD VAMPIRES….i mean his ex cheated on him (emotionally) with his DEAD VAMPIRE brother, and then dumped him to start banging and being with his brother…even after Elena said it was disgusting that Katherine did that, and that she hates Katherine for doing that to them…but no, the thing to get all riled up about is Stefan not calling Caroline to tell her hes moved on….

            There are no expectations because they are just friends…and just friends for real for like a few months…hes 300 years old im sure the friendship is a speck on his windshield relative to friendships hes had in the past…obviously they werent dating or anything romantic, and he moved on, if anything HE IS A DEAD VAMPIRE WHO JUST LOST HIS ONLY FAMILY MEMBER LEFT (Daemon)….he cant grieve? He cant want to just move on? Shes all super crying because he moved on and didnt tell her….well he just lost his brother who hes been family with for 300 years and is his last family member alive..sooooo…whos the one really that has the right to be upset/sad?

    • aunni says:

      i dont like andys obsession of tvd/to, if he do an arrow article i will be pissed off too.
      bt u r way out of line, he loves caroline/tvd, thats why he is criticizing it. matt on tvfanatic view caroline only as a love interest for stefan bt andy always vocal abt a storyline for her.
      dude, i dont used u bt if sometimes matt mitchov can go out of line so can u

  25. Jessica says:

    Delena is the most disgusting and despicable relationship in the history of television. I’m done watching this show and them rewriting history.

  26. Kylie says:

    I think the mysterious person is Grams. I remember because she did not pass through Bonnie nor got sucked into the hole.

    • TG says:

      Yes! Grams or a witch relative of Bonnie’s. The solar eclipse isn’t a coincidence – it will be their eay out with some with help.

    • csbd says:

      Pretty sure Grams wouldn’t come up with Yellow Ledbetter. Doesn’t strike me as a PJ fan.

      This is why I think it is either 1994 Damon or Stefan.

  27. Pris Grace says:

    I’m guessing the unexpected guest is Lexi! She sacrificed herself so Stefan could get his brother back. And her last line was “you’re not going to get me” and she disappeared into the same white light that took Damon and Bonnie. Also, grams did tell Bonnie she wanted her to find peace. .. I’m thinking helping Damon get back to his bro is part of Lexi’s peace-finding mission. Damon and Bonnie are probably on a similar journey, too.

  28. Ron says:

    you people are all being ridiculous, there was no rewriting necessary for the Delano storyline to make since. It was obvious from the first season that Elena had more than friendly thoughts toward Damon, but because of his viciousness she would never allow herself to go there, not to mention her love for Stefan, but over time he changed, and he challenged her which is something Stefan rarely did. If any of you have lived long enough you would know that no matter what you may be feeling today, doesn’t necessarily mean you will always feel that way. For a long time Stefan was what she wanted and needed, but at some point she needed more than what he was giving. It happens in real life, people.

  29. Adrian Jones says:

    The person who is with Bonnie and Damon is Lexi. I read somewhere that Damon has to face her in the past. As for Damon and Elena she can be compelled to remember she loves him so calm down Delena fans. Stefan and Caroline need to remain friends and Caroline should hook up with Enzo because he reminds me of Klaus, just her type. Sarah it s Bonnie ‘ s sister therefore a witch and can bring them back. I don’t care for her character though. If Bonnie were a ghost she’d kick Jeremy ‘ s button for grieving her that way. I agree with a lot of people TVD needs to step up their game.

    • dimeo78 says:

      But what if something happens to alaric , he is the only one to give her memories back . I like the storyline for the show . Just not mind erasing , i was a smallville fan years ago and they did a chloe mind wipe i went crazy .i just dont like mind wipes , i felt that way when stefen asked rebecca to wipe elena away , that love , that person becomes a part of who u are , erasing it and expecting everyone to not mention they were together , i still say this was written to lessen delena love scenes . I could be wrong , but julie wants to mess with our heads , i want elena’ s memories back even if she does not get back with damon i can live with that . Letting her think he is just a monster is like pissing on the show .

  30. Michael says:

    I think Sarah is a Bennett. What other black family do we know in Mystic Falls?

  31. KO says:

    Does anyone not realize or even acknowledge that Enzo killed a very innocent girl??? As usually Caroline will not seem to care. Ughhh Enzo needs to go, like right now.

    • Maya says:

      Amen. I find it so worried one that people are cheering him because he Caroline was in a car crying. Yes she has a right to be hurt and upset but there is nothing admirable about his actions. He could have just compelled Ivy to leave..

  32. tp says:

    No cuss words. No crazy talk and my comment was lost AGAIN. I need to give this site up. Not like it used to be. Now watch this comment post with no problem.

  33. Cristy says:

    I think that Katherine or Kol Michaelson are there with Damon and Bonnie .

  34. Etom says:

    I’m not too sure about writers in general this season, for many shows out there as everyone seems to be heading off into true fantasy land with their storylines. Yes, I know it’s fiction, but I’ve always believed that we’ve become endeared to shows because of how we’re able to relate to its characters as well as how realistic their actions are (regardless of how fantastic the actual situation.). All that being said, I hope there’s more to giving Elena these easy ways out than just that; an easy way out if her feelings. Drugs or dealing with our problems is what everyone does to deal, just using the ability to be compelled just seems like a real cop out vs showing how shed have to address her sorrow/depression/denial. Lazy writers or creative geniuses setting up future episodes? Oly time will tell…

    More self-righteousness from tv land in the form of Enzo eh? Why Stefan doesn’t just stake his ass is beyond me. Sure misery lives company, but most are happy that friends are on the mend and moving on. Only this bunch can revel in dragging folks into their grief and loss especially given that it’ll last an eternity. granted at least this mirrors real life n that the young (ie new vampires Caroline et al) know better than those who’ve been around with the experience.

    I used to really like some of these characters, hopefully the writers really do have more up their sleeve than what’s being shown, cause at this rate the death throes have begun on this once addictive series.

  35. zed says:

    Elena wanting to be compelled to forget the love for Damon just says volumes about her love for him and the whole ‘I’m dangerous because the grief makes me do terrible things’ is lame. I wanted her to see deal and go over it in stages and realized that yeah, same as Katherine, she loved them both, and finally realize that it was all a bad thing and move on. Time for her to grow up and mature. And I have a feeling that somewhere down the line someone somehow will kill Alaric ( maybe Esther from New Orleans does something-lol) again and the compulsion breaks and Elena gets all her memories back yadda yadda yadda…

    Re the whole moment when she fell in love with Damon, hm… that was really unecessary cos – … if Alaric is now Original, he could just compel her and that’s that!
    Human Elena started to have feelings for Damon pretty quick when he got to Mystic Falls, but she also was very much aware of the monster side of Damon, the part of the lashing out in his personality, who he was not ever gonna give up, although he had his soulfull moments a lot. In season 3 it was so clear that Elena wanted him, but she was clear that Damon was not a good thing. But then she died, and became a vampire, with all her heightened emotions, and she also became partly a monster, so she could now follow through with the feelings she had for Damon and start this toxic relationship they had.
    She is nothing like Katherine, and yet there is so much Katherine in her.

    Re Bamon…it would be great if it was Katherine, but it being Lexi makes sense.

  36. Ha! I think I know what’s going on with Bonnie & Damon. They’re dead, right? That means they are ghosts.

    I have a question: where are the living people? They are there somewhere, right? Bonni & Damon just aren’t seeing them. I have a feeling once Bonnie & Damon accept they are dead, they will realize that it’s Uncle Zach, the caretaker of the Salvatore Boarding House in 1994, who finished HIS crossword puzzle.

    Think the movie The Others w/Nichole Kidman.

  37. Dominique says:

    It was sooooo good to see Enzo again, i loved him slapping some sense into stefan, about literally EVERYTHING.

  38. Tori says:

    Of course Elena will take the easy way out

  39. Tori says:

    Of course, Elena will take the easy way out. Like she is the only one who suffers loss.

  40. hello says:

    Finally she remembers what is important, the fact that Damon tried to kill Jeremy

  41. Cas says:

    So I’ve decided that people the only people who comment on these articles are just a small portion of the VD population and it’s mostly the portion that is still not over Stelena.

    • Fran says:

      I’ve decided the only people who comment positively on these articles are just a small portion of the VD population and its mostly the portion that blindly love Delena because the show tells them they are supposed to. See, I can make a silly judgment too instead of actually seeing what people are saying. If you look at ew, you’ll see it’s not just a small portion of people.


    Can we talk about how this episode was one of the best episodes The Vampire Diaries has had in a long long while?! WOWZA!

  43. ninergrl6 says:

    This was my favorite episode in years, which is probably in large part because I graduated from high school in 1994 & the music in particular made me really nostalgic. But I also loved the Enzo/Caroline stuff & the flashbacks to previous seasons.

  44. Stephanie says:

    Anyone else think Sarah is related (half-sister?) to Bonnie?

  45. Abby says:

    1994…Elena’s not-dead parents?

    • Andy Swift says:

      Interesting thought, but it seems like there aren’t any living people in Bonnie and Damon’s weird 1994 universe, so I imagine it’d have to be someone who also crossed over.

  46. Letti says:

    Why can’t I stop reading this recaps?
    Thank you Caroline Dries for giving Stelena fans yet another punch in the face. Like we didn’t get enough since season 4. You should write fanfictions on a site where no one reads it. That’s your quality in writing. Also, it’s a great move to make the lovely Caroline a bitch like Elena, who can’t understand that some things are not all about her. But hey she found her own toxic in Enzo, they can be the new Delena and then Caroline can fully support Delena as well. And how the hell did Damon and Bonnie get in the past from death? It seems senseless… well the whole show is.
    BTW Kevin Williamson was also Delena, yet he respected Stelena and it’s fans. And he didn’t write more ships than it was needed. I wish season 2 never ended.

  47. murley says:

    Sometimes I feel confused about whether I am supposed to root for Damon and Elena. It seems like that relationship has made Elena such a weak character! I get this idea that when she became a vampire her feelings intensified but didn’t she used to be someone who cared more for others than herself? Now she is so consumed with her grief she is hurting people? I should root for an obsessive love that turns someone into a different person who can see anything outside their codependent relationship? I feel like Elena’s only plot for the last year is that she reeeeeeaaally loves Damon. I am bored. Luckily he is still snarky and funny and I really enjoying his dynoc with Bonnie. But this kind of depiction of true love is the same reason I can’t watch Scandal. I just can’t believe it is being presented as a good thing. I keep wondering (hoping?) the twist will be she realizes how unhealthy the relationships was and moves on for real! Just not back to Stefan. He deserves better.

  48. Lily says:

    1. Hate Enzo
    2. Hate All This Delena-new history nonsense
    3. Please, leave Caroline alone. I don’t wanna see a Enzo-Caroline rationship. Better sent her to New Orleans. Klaus & Co. Need allies

  49. Mj says:

    I feel like I’m the only fan left for d and e… I’ve been about them since the first season (my weakness for bad boys) and I loved that she had loved him for that long (I also loved when it showed she met d first) makes me have hope they really are endgame.