Vampire Diaries' Michael Malarkey on Enzo-Caroline Romance: 'I'm All for It'

Enzo Caroline

Enzo makes his triumphant return to The Vampire Diaries this Thursday (The CW, 8/7c) with one goal in mind: track down his old pal Damon. But does that mean he won’t also have time for a certain golden-haired vamp with an affinity for British accents?

Yeah, right. Have you seen this show before?

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“All romantic connotations aside, he considers [Caroline] one of his road dogs,” Michael Malarkey tells TVLine of Enzo’s relationship with Ms. Forbes. “She ends up getting swept up alongside some of the missions he goes on and, for better or worse, they pair up. I also think he appreciates her sense of tenacity and loyalty. Also, she just has this elegance which is also attractive to him.”

And should that relationship turn romantic, you can count Malarkey in.

“I’m all for it,” he says. “Candice [Accola] is just a joy to work with. She’s got a real effervescent energy, and I’d love to have more scenes with her, romantic or otherwise.”

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Second to Caroline, Malarkey says Enzo will be bro-ing out with Matt and Stefan, adding that “there’s a real edge” to Enzo’s interactions with the remaining Salvatore.

And you might want to keep your ear open, because if Malarkey has his way, you might be hearing one of his tunes — yes, he sings — on the show in the near future.

“I’ve been talking to Chris Mollere, our music guy, about sending him my stuff,” Malarkey says. “He seems to dig it, so maybe that could happen. That’d be awesome. I was a musician before I became an actor. Music has always been my main hobby and a huge part of my identity.”

(Who knows, maybe Enzo and Caroline will be making sweet music together before you know it.)

TVD fans, your thoughts on a possible — and seemingly inevitable — Caroline-Enzo pairing? Drop ’em in the comments section below.

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  1. Sera says:

    Ugh, no Enzo/Caroline romance. Enzo is a poor rip off of Klaus. Just no. Plus the idea of Caroline being with someone who worships Damon is disgusting.

    • Joe says:

      Oh come on, of course she’ll get with him. Caroline is a SLUUUUUUUUUUUUT!

      I usually don’t talk like that but come on, she banged the guy who killed her boyfriend’s mom. Like, killed his mom. If someone killed your friend’s mom would you go anywhere near him? Much less, you know? Yeah… Anyone who would do that is a slut, no question about that.

      • Sina says:

        Don’t you think, you’re a little hard with Caroline? I mean almost everybody in Mystic Falls still has killed someone… If it comes up to this, no one should be dating anyone! And let’s not forget about Damon killing Jeremy ( even if he was lucky because of the ring)… But Elena loved him anyway!

  2. sarah j says:

    Personally I prefer Enzo and Caroline over Stefan and Caroline.

  3. Lara says:

    yeah, because thats exactly what the character of Caroline needs; more love interests.

    • Sera says:

      Seriously. Julie Plec and her writers are incapable of writing female characters whose sole purpose isn’t to be a constant love interest. It’s cringe worthy. Give Caroline an actual storyline that only revolves her!

      • Geo says:

        Next season: Julie Plec finally runs out of heterosexual male characters she hasn’t tried to hook up with Caroline, so Luke suddenly announces he’s actually straight. Get ready for Cluke or Laroline!

      • cannoir says:

        Her storyline will be “CRENZO” or is it Carenzo lol! how many guys has the barbie vampire shagged ? I bet 5 of them minimum.

    • Joe says:

      Caroline is the town bicycle. Nothing more. Her character exists to give the guys someone to bang. That’s all she’s good for. I’ll give them props for Bonnie. She’s actually, you know, a person. But it’s pretty sad when you’re actually giving someone credit for writing a female character who’s not a complete harlot. It’s offensive, frankly. Anyone who winks at her ends up in her, um, bed. Yes… Bed.

      “Hey… You’re the guy who killed my boyfriend’s mother, right? Drowned her in a fountain, huh? …Oh, you like my shoes? Okay, let’s go bone! Meh, he’ll get over it. His mom was old. Probably would have gotten breast cancer or something. I mean, you only murdered his mother. It’s not like you kicked his dog or stole his ATM card. You ready to go again?”

  4. R says:

    Can we not please

  5. Brigid says:

    NO! Lets not have Caroline go after another lunatic. Tyler, disgusting Klaus and Enzo? No thanks, she deserves better.

  6. Lies says:

    Am i the only who just wants caroline with matt/tyler or (sortoff) with klaus?
    I think she really belongs with one of them because those 3 really stole pieces of her heart.
    I don’t think klaus will work anymore because they don’t seem to have time for it. So i just want her with tyler or matt, first of all they are both human and she has history with both of them. I think it could be great to see how caroline will handle all of that. And i just don’t want her to be in another boy drama. This character deserves so much more, The thing that i would love most for her is that she stays single and crosses over to the originals once or twice a season but that won’t happen. So to get her with a new boy again.. i don’t think that it is a good idea. But if i have to chose between stefan and enzo i will pick enzo for her. Because stefan will never get over elena 100%, he will always have feelings for her. And caroline deserves a guy who loves her and only her. .

    • AnnieM says:

      I really liked Caroline and Matt as a couple way back when.

    • Joe says:

      Yes, she should get with Klaus. I mean, he only murdered his best friend’s mom. What’s a little matricide among friends?

      I know it seems like I’m beating a dead horse here, but he murdered his mother. His… Mother. I mean, would you get with someone who killed your friend’s mom? If you would then wow.

    • Shannon says:

      I dont like tyler or matt with her. They want to stay human. What kind of future is there in that relationship? Tyler kept leaving her and matt wants to stay human. Stefan and caroline would be boring together. I personally do not see any spark btw caroline and stefan. Just good friendship.

  7. Jess says:

    I’m all for Caroline and Stefan if the show doesn’t jerk them around and makes their relationship work; putting them together and then eventually sticking Stefan back with Elena makes me not want Stefan/Caroline paired at all; in other words Plec and co., do it right or don’t do it at all.

  8. Teyla says:

    The next TVD love triangle will be between Stefan, Caroline and Enzo…

  9. Emily says:

    You know, at this point Enzo is so so so preferable to Stefan that I wouldn’t even mind Carenzo. This unrequited love thing between Steroline is gag worthy, and it’s ruining the only solid platonic relationship on the show.

    On the other hand…


    She has been nothing but a love interest for nearly 3 seasons, and it’s so beyond frustrating. Let her do something other than solve everyone else’s problems and comfort whichever character is trying to get in her pants this week. It’s lovely that Candice has such great chemistry with everyone she comes into contact with. But for the love of god that doesn’t mean she has to have a romantic story with all of them. Keep Steroline as friends, make Enzo her racy British road trip buddy, and let Caroline just be a single girl enjoying her life without a man. Those kinds of women do exist, contrary to what the CW likes to show us.

  10. marie says:

    If Julie us really considering this than this woman is a lost cause as a writer like how can she hate Caroline so much? truely disguesting

  11. Meghan says:

    Good god, I hope not. I was digging the direction they were going with Stefan and Caroline.

  12. Christina says:

    I love them :D They make a good team and are far more interesting than Steroline who are like bro and sis.
    I would prefer a non-romantic SL for Caroline tho. I’m getting annoyed with the love interests and seeing her fix everything. I want her to have a SL about herself for once..

  13. Tia says:

    I am tuning in to watch Enzo and Caroline. This show needs some levity and they are it. I will always root for Klaroline but I love Caroline hanging out with someone who is a Caroline stan and I love the fact that it would be played by an actor who is a Caroline stan!

    I hope that Caroline and Enzo have great adventures together while she helps him reign in some of his more murderous tendencies and he teaches her how to embrace more aspects of her vampirism. And I really hope that the two help each other come to terms with walking away from people who do not deserve their ardent loyalty.

  14. Dany says:

    would we ever get a Caroline spoiler that’s NOT about a guy or involves a guy? I remember they said they had a great storyline for Caroline this season (finally), can we talk about that?

  15. Jenn says:

    I absolutely despise the idea of Stefan and Caroline because I find it predictable, boring, and completely unnecessary. I’m actually really, really exhausted by Caroline’s love life and I would honestly like a break from the dude drama. But if they absolutely must stick her with someone (gag me, show), then I’d prefer Enzo to anyone else. But the ideal situation is that they just leave her love life alone for once and have her contribute something major to the story. I think it’s high time that Caroline acted on her darker impulse and dropped the cheerleader routine for a bit. That’s what I’d like to see.

  16. Izzy says:

    Another love interest for Caroline? Really are the writers not able to come up with any more story lines for Caroline that does not involve a guy or Elena somehow? This is legitimately becoming a soap opera with fangs wth? Give Caroline her OWN story line that doesn’t involve her chasing a guy or a guy chasing her and hey, how about keeping Enzo and Stefan as FRIENDS for her since she doesn’t seem to have very many of those. Bonnie is dead, Elena would have to acknowledge that somebody other than Damon exists and matters and let’s be real that’s not going to happen, so hey, how about giving her some friends that can support her and help her grow? Why does everyone have to be a love interest in this show? Caroline is more than a pretty face for your male characters to fawn over is all I’m saying.

  17. Sibi Stella says:

    Carenzo is better than Steroline, I’m all in! Carenzo :D

  18. Roxy says:

    Nope, not here for it. Somebody slap the manpain out of Klaus and send my queen Caroline over to NOLA to take on some peasants alongside the big bad hybrid whom isn’t so evil at the moment. Maybe the crossover can include Caroline slapping they mopey and brooding away?

  19. Linds says:

    No thank you, still patiently waiting for Klaroline. I’m all for a Carenzo brotp though :)

  20. Jules says:

    Enzo and Caroline as friends? Most definitely! But I NEED Caroline with Stefan! I have loved them for sooo long and they need to get together already.

  21. Alexis says:

    Enzo and Caroline are ine if the perfect pairs

  22. Brooklyn vasek says:

    After seeing Enzo teaching Stefan a lesson, I have grown a bit attached to him especially after seeing Caroline’s bitterness about Stefan’s unwillingness to return home and continue to search for answers, he is the only decent character who hasn’t given up on Damon. If someone asks if I ship Carenzo more than I use to, I say HELL YES.
    For some reason, I can’t bring myself to ship Caroline and Stefan together, it’s as if they can’t keep a legitimate friendship between a woman and man without any feelings brewing! I CAN’T stand it, I really liked their friendship and I’m sure others can agree with me on this.
    Carenzo, what a healthy relationship. They work great together even though they have some disagreements, they have such great chemistry and I like the fact that Enzo is not only attracted to her looks, but also her quick-in-action motives and snappy attitude. I mean- he has the damn accent, which no one can withstand. Carenzo is an amazing relationship. I wouldn’t mind seeing it happening or getting a few moments.

  23. AnnieM says:

    Enzo is okay, but he’s just too Spike. ::shrug::

    • Joe says:

      I thought I was the only one who noticed how blatant a ripoff he was. Good to know someone else is on the ball with that. Good call.

  24. Kanika says:

    I loved them…no caroline and stefan their’s is pure friendship a kind of a bond so rare to see so I dnt want it to turn into romantic sleeping together whereas enzo and caroline have this superb chemistry its like watching klaus and caroline or delena

  25. Darleen says:

    I’m all for Caroline and Enzo. I love the friendship between Stefan and Caroline but don’t want it to become romantic. Now Enzo and Caroline HOT HOT HOT

  26. Mina says:

    Alright, for those of you who are saying Caroline is a slut, back up. The complaints seen are that she’s a slut because she slept with Klaus, the guy who killed Tyler’s mom, correct?

    Well, if that is the case then no one on this show will have a sex life.

    Maybe not even Matt at this point.

    Look, everyone has killed-as some people have noted-and this is a twisted and dark world where the mortal logics and morals get skewed. Damon has killed Alaric, Jeremy and used Caroline as a toy to later dispose of, yet Elena and Damon are a popular pairing. Stefan has killed people and that doesn’t seem to stop the love from him. And they both slept with Elena, Rebekah and Katherine-both whom have harmed or tried to kill Elena. It’s all full circle.

    So really, anyone who is crying slut or whore, back up. Besides, I’ve always believed that calling people sluts and the like is a sign that one is jealous that someone is getting some when you’re not.

    Just saying.

    Secondly, Caroline had awesome character development from human to vampire. People barely take notice, but she did grow into a stronger individual. And yes, she cares and wants to help people. That was different from her human self who was selfish and vapid, whom everyone hated.

    And yes, I do agree she needs something more for her. Because she toes the line between humanity and her darker urges. I think she needs a bit more of that struggle and I think Enzo is the perfect vampire to help.

    I’m with the actor, Malarkey. Romance is all fine and good, but the drama and story is the part to focus on.

    And it’s only been a few episodes in the season, so we’re not into deep storylines yet but it feels like Caroline has her dues coming on that front. This is where I go back to Enzo being the perfect vampire.

    Enzo reveals in his darker side, he’s more along the lines of Damon, but a fresh face. Caroline would never listen to Damon due to their past and because of her friends she is the cheerleader who wants to cling to her humanity. And she clings to it because Matt and her mom are humans. Plus, we have so many vampires that are all about their darker side that it’s not really a put out that Caroline isn’t all good with just goin around and killing people.

    But yes, she does need to come a little bit more in terms of being a vampire and what she might do one day when none of the gang is around to be judgy eyes on her moves or have some remark about her actions.

    Which yeah, that is fun about the show because we have friends and family who are the same, but this is -as stated before- a twisted, darker story than regular human life.

    Enzo is the fresh face, he’s that mix between Damon and Klaus, but with just a touch of Stefan. I like the chemistry between him and Caroline -and no, I don’t mean romantically- but as friends or pals who have different and similar views on things and respect each other.

    Honestly, this is like the bro-mance -with one side being a girl- that I really wanted. Yes, I love the Steroline friendship, but the writers have been making it seem more like it might go romantic and I dread the day. Because they were just awesome as best friends, having each others backs and being shoulders when everyone else seemed to just implode around them.

    And looks like that is going to have a rocky issue this latest season. Because one of the shoulders of support pulled away and it’s hard to find balance when that is suddenly ripped away from you and you realize it isn’t coming back, not like before.

    And Caroline is interesting to Enzo because she is that good vampire. The one who has control and doesn’t let her darker instincts dictate her. He sees her strength and it’s interesting to him. We know some of Enzo’s past, but it seems like there is more to his story. But he’s not the evil guy that Klaus was.

    And he does seem like a Spike from BtVS -Yes, read a couple of those comments too- but that doesn’t hit it quite on the head. He’s complex and, really, we’re just getting past the tip of his character.

    Between Enzo and Caroline, I can see playful flirting, snappy comebacks, witty remarks and some references or jokes that only the two of them will get. And I look forward to that the most. Not some romance or whether sex happens, because that is merely details to the side unless it actually has worth in a storyline.

    But we’ll see, we’re still at the beginning of this season after all.

    And yes, I still hope for Klaroline too, but honestly guys…they’re vampires who have years ahead of them. Eventually, they’ll get there. We might see it, we might not. But I have yet to see Klaus break his word and he did promise Caroline he’d be her last love.

    Hopefully that didn’t mean she’d die after realizing it. Haha.

  27. Erika says:

    Caroline is not a bad character but I am growing weary of the trend of her being paired up with nearly every guy -Damon, Matt, Tyler, Klaus-and now possibly Enzo and Stefan on the show. What’s next? Jeremy Gilbert? Breaking up with Tyler gave her the opportunity to emotionally grow and not define herself solely as someone’s love interest. Enter, her initial interest in Stefan from Season 1 and now suddenly through her tight friendship with the younger Salvatore she’s discovering her feelings for Stefan are deeper. It was more interesting when Stefan and Caroline developed a real friendship mirroring his previous bond with the late Lexie. I recall seeing an interview with (it could have been Julie Plec) gushing about how ‘great’ Candice is with every person. Sure an actor/actress could be incredible or have dynamic chemistry with someone but that is not grounds alone to pair them with nearly every available actor. Why not give some more time to Bonnie and not simply as a love interest. She was great going up against Klaus end of season 2 and I am glad she got her powers back. Right now, I’m missing the good old Katherine days….

  28. zodo121 says:

    I was all for klaus and Caroline since that’s not Gonna happen soon, I rather have Enzo and Caroline together, they have got a really good chemistry unlike Stefan and Caroline which is ewwww
    I think they should stick to being friends; I think Stefan should date someone who is human, so he could start being more happy and calm instead of being angry all the time. Stefan and Caroline friendship is amazing and that’s what it should be. Please make sure that Stefan does not end up with Caroline.
    also Caroline and Enzo should start to form a relationship between them!!!!!!

  29. leah says:

    They would be adorable I hope they get together…not that I’m like hating on Stephen and Caroline….enzo and Caroline just seems like it would be much better they adore each other and care about each other and let’s face….Enzo is amazingly perfect.

  30. leah says:

    I love it! I’m rooting for them….much more than caroline and Klaus or stephen and caroline ….let’s face it Enzo is perfect and adorable and he cares about Caroline

  31. Natasha dewhurst says:

    Yesss i want them together, until she ends up with klaus of course ;)

  32. Jessica says:

    I’d go out with you too Enzo in fact I have a huge crush on you and your so sexy hot if I was your girlfriend I’d never ever ever let you go sweet dreams cupcake

  33. Jessica says:

    Enzo and Caroline make a happy good couple let’s not fight about it let them be who they want to let them at least have a relation ship for a month you never know unless you try it 😍😄

  34. safi says:

    I wish that Caroline could be with Klaus but that’s just not happening so Enzo is like 100 times better then Steen .Steen is so boring

  35. Kristy anne says:

    Caroline has been with damon, matt, Tyler, klaus, stephan, and enzo. She is a true whore. First off all Matt is her best friends ex boyfriend and so is stefan. She is just a thirsty smut. Ugh I’m so sick of her. They should have offer her instead of Elena.