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Ask Ausiello

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Question: How much stock should we put into Kate and Rick’s new wedding date on Castle? —Carrie
Ausiello: They weren’t fibbing, Carrie. The wedding is happening in November. In related news, Nathan Fillion (sorta) called it!

Question: I was wondering if you have any American Horror Story: Freak Show scoop. —Kevin
Ausiello: Having already seen this week’s premiere, “Monsters Among Us,” I can promise you that it doesn’t disappoint. (Heck, Jessica Lange’s glamtastic wardrobe is practically a special effect in and of itself!) And the second episode, “Massacres and Matinees,” may be even better than the first. After we meet our (ir)regulars in the opener, battle lines are drawn between four characters for whom conflict resolution doesn’t seem to be a strength. And all the while, Twisty the Clown works overtime to steal away the Scariest Clown Ever title from Tim Curry’s Pennywise, and Finn Wittrock turns Dandy into a character who is so bizarre he’d probably have thought of Briarcliff Manor as cozy.

Question: Any update on Neil Patrick Harris appearing on American Horror Story: Freak Show? —Damian
Ausiello: It’s moving closer to reality. As Ryan Murphy told Andy Swift this week: “I’m working on something and I’m hopefully going to talk to him about it next week. He’s game. He had very specific ideas for what he wanted to do, and I had very specific ideas, so we’re working on melding those. He’s awesome. He’s obviously one of our great entertainers, and I’d love to see him and Jessica Lange go at it in a really cool, fun way. Neil seems to be intrigued by that notion. We’re inching forward. Because of his schedule, we’d do it later in the run, maybe one episode, maybe two.”

pittQuestion: Can you pleeease give me any info on Season 3 of Hannibal?—Michele
Ausiello: You didn’t say “pretty please” or add sugar on top, but I’ll nevertheless indulge your request by letting you know that we probably haven’t seen the last of the grossly disfigured Mason Verger. Producers are currently casting the recurring role of Cordell, the “quiet, very intelligent and definitely creepy” personal doctor to Michael Pitt’s sociopathic meat-packing magnate. The late-thirtysomething character is described as “attentive and gentle with Mason, a professional who cares about his work, but we get a sense he might be as sadistic as his boss — and a perfect fit to become his potential henchman.” (He’ll probably need to be comfortable working with horrifying, carnivorous pigs, too.)

Question: While I know that the Bones‘ 200th episode premise is still as clear as mud, can you share any other scoop on what’s coming up on the show this season? —Amelia
Ausiello: Pay close attention to background music in the final scene of this week’s episode. Rumor has it someone connected to the show will be doing the vocals.

Question: Bones‘ 10th season only just began, but I want to know where we stand with Season 11. —Emilia
Ausiello: We’re likely a ways off from knowing anything definitive, according to showrunner Stephen Nathan. “I think it might take a little bit of time because there are [actor] renegotiations involved,” he explains, adding that the early ratings on Season 10 certainly point to more Bones. “If everybody keeps watching as much as they have been — and on the most difficult night on television — then I am sure we will be back. It’s something that we’re anticipating and hope for. It doesn’t seem as if the show is slowing down.”

Question: Got any new information on Captain Cold’s (Wentworth Miller) role on The Flash, beyond his first episode on Oct. 28? —Andy B
Ausiello: DC Comics’ CCO Geoff Johns says the producers “look at Heat a lot, with [Robert] De Niro” for inspiration on Miller’s villain (pictured, below). “He is this guy who pulls jobs very carefully, and, suddenly, [The Flash turns up] and he has to change his game,” Johns explains. “He has to figure out how to deal with this new threat in Central City to his way of life. It’s all about him evolving and surviving the new world order. Guns aren’t going to do it, so he’s got to have something a little bit stronger.” Adds executive producer Andrew Kreisberg: “He’s not the villain that we see in the comics yet. [But] we’re going to get there.” THIS JUST IN: Check out the awesome new trailer!


Question: Got any scoop on Enzo from The Vampire Diaries? — Amy
Ausiello: Enzo makes his triumphant return this Thursday, and he’s a man on a mission. “He’s his same mischievous, slightly conniving self, but he’s also one of the only ones actively trying to figure out what happened to Damon and to see if he can get him back,” Michael Malarkey says. And even though Enzo and Damon didn’t end things on the best of terms before they both died, it sounds like that’s all water under the bridge. “Their friendship spans over quite a number of years,” Malarkey adds. “He just wants his buddy back.”

Question: Any Good Wife Scoop? —Stephanie
Ausiello: If Sunday’s episode left any doubt that Alicia will be running for State’s Attorney, this should serve as your official confirmation: The show is currently looking for a fortysomething actor to play a top campaign media specialist. The potentially recurring character, who will turn up in Episode 9, is described as “one part Hollywood, two parts political” — and is known as the king of negative campaigning. BONUS SCOOP: The official logline for the Oct. 26 episode includes this intriguing tease: “Diane sets her sights on moving Florrick Agos Lockhart into the Lockhart Gardner Canning office space, leading to a battle with her former partners David Lee and Louis Canning.”

PaigeQuestion: Loving Scorpion. Any news you can share? —Dylan
Ausiello: Major Spoiler Alert: Paige can sing! It was only a matter of time before CBS’ rookie drama made use of Katharine McPhee’s Smashing pipes, and I’m told that Paige will show off her skills to the team in November. “You don’t hire Katharine McPhee and not have her sing,” a Scorpion insider notes, adding that the musical interlude in Episode 8 is “not long, but it’s very sweet.” It’s hardly a coincidence that the episode in question centers on the death of a prolific music blogger.

Question: I’m really sad to hear that the ratings for Sleepy Hollow have thus far been less than stellar this season. I will be even sadder if it gets cancelled. Should we be worried? —Ross
Ausiello: No one is a bigger worrier than yours truly, Ross, and I’m not the least bit concerned about the axe falling on Ichabod and Abbie. While it’s true Sleepy has been losing a decent chunk of its Gotham lead-in, the fact is Fox loves and is completely committed to the show. Also, let’s face it, the network has bigger Utopia residents fish to fry. BONUS SCOOP: A series regular tells TVLine there will be a “power vacuum” in the second half of the season, and said vacuum “will be fought for.” Log your thoughts about what that might mean — and who’ll do the fighting — in the comments.

Question: I think I might die without some Reign scoop, so please gimme some. —Omotola
Ausiello: Interesting choice of words, Omotola, because death is on everyone’s mind at Court this season — especially newcomer Narcisse, who’s got Mary in his target. “His son has been murdered, and as much as [Narcisse] is seen as a villain, it was his baby boy that Mary threw into that room of plague,” actor Craig Parker says. “There’s an absolute father’s fury there, but it’s tempered by a very savvy political mind. Throughout the episodes we’ve shot so far, there are a number of personal sides to this man, but he’s always playing a political game.”

Question: The wait for Arrow‘s return feels almost cruel. Can you give us an Olicity morsel to help dull the pain until Wednesday’s premiere?! —Sophia
Ausiello: Due to the events of the season premiere — some of which are expected, and some of which are not — Oliver and Felicity’s “relationship is going to take ups and downs and twists and turns,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim teases. “I think part of the fun — or agony — of watching these two people is they’re together, they’re apart, they’re together, they’re apart. We’ll see what the future holds for them.”

HahahahaQuestion: Any news or spoilers on Gotham? I’m hooked after only three episodes and I’m curious what’s ahead. —Eric F.
Ausiello: A better question is who’s ahead, and the answer is… Dr. Leslie Thompkins. DC Comics’ aficionados know her as Bruce Wayne’s Godmother, but I hear Gotham is tweaking Batman lore a smidge by also making her a love interest for James Gordon. (Note to Barbara Kean: Don’t shoot the messenger.) Got casting tips? Hit the comments!

Question: I need a Homeland scoop — ideally something about Carrie and Quinn. —Jane
Ausiello: There’s major movement on that front in this Sunday’s episode, as Quinn is forced to confront his true feelings for Carrie (and the collateral damage those feelings have incurred). By the end of the hour, all eyes (and ears) will be on Carrie when she makes an impromptu confession that she may quickly regret. (FWIW, I like where this storyline is going and I’m not ashamed to admit it.)

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Andy Swift, Vlada Gelman, Kim Roots and Michael Slezak)

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  1. Stamanah says:


  2. Sammy says:

    If the spark and chemistry was still there w Castle & Beckett maybe I could muster up some form of excitement about their nuptials.

  3. Joey says:

    Not really sounding happy about Leslie Thompkins as a love interest for Gordon. Always really enjoyed the relationship she had with Bruce. Of course, if she still keeps that friendship with Bruce, I’ll be fine.

    • cdhaskell says:

      I pray and hope that James Gordon and Leslie Thompkins don’t become loving couple. I hope that the writer tell more about their background.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Why is that a problem? I have always wanted Gordon and Leslie together in the comics, so I am glad to see it playing out on Gotham. But this means we probably won’t be getting the Gordon/Essen affair from the comic books.

  4. mano says:


  5. Rebecca says:

    I would like to see how Enzo and Alaric deal with each other being Damon’s buddy.

  6. Moment says:

    That’s a great Captain Cold pic :)

  7. hello says:

    Ugh, Olicity, i want to puke

  8. Jett says:

    Thank you for the HOMELAND spoilers! I’m so here for the Quinn and Carrie story this season. I hope episode 3 makes me happy.

  9. Lori says:

    Dr. Leslie Thompkins – Autumn Reeser

  10. Babybop says:

    Well, I feel slightly better about Sleepy Hollow. I just got re-obsessed this summer and it can’t be cancelled in the second season!

  11. Bwhit says:

    That Wentworth Miller picture just made me all sorts of happy!

  12. CKG says:

    Yessssss, more Michael Pitt on HANNIBAL! I hope that means more Katharine Isabelle, too. Margot Verger is perfection.

  13. cdhaskell says:

    The first Flash episode was indeed awesome. I can’t wait to see the Flash/Arrow crossover episode. I hope that Gorilla Grodd will indeed appear in future episode.

  14. Andrea says:

    So excited for Castle and Beckett to get married!

    • cdhaskell says:

      I can’t wait to see what new villain/villainess that will appear in both Arrow/Flash future episode. Will Gotham show more about Gordon’s past in future episode.

  15. Sparky says:

    Cannot wait for Arrow tomorrow night!!!!!

  16. Teri says:

    If the Caskett wedding is a go, I hope ABC and you, Matt, promote the heck out of it. This would be the perfect time for a Stana/Nathan interview to culminate this monumental event!

    • Sammy says:

      Press? Together? Stana and Nathan? What is this you speak of? lol.
      Seriously though? Do not hold your breath for that b/c I’m 1,000% sure it won’t happen. Wish they were more like David and Emily: who, after 10 seasons, still do press together, still look like their having fun, enjoy their characters, and enjoy working together.

      • DL says:

        Enough with these comments. You don’t know them, stop making assumptions.

        • Fran says:

          Its an unwritten rule. A mention of Castle in any article must contain these three things:

          1- A note that Caskett has no chemistry anymore

          2- Speculation on how the actors must dislike each other because they do no press together

          3- A Bones comparison

          Rinse and repeat.

          • BetiSA says:

            clap clap

          • S. says:

            @Fran, They really do need to copy/paste your post. Maybe TVLine should just pin it to the top of the page and save folks a lot of time. If only I could resist responding to the haters, esp. in so long winded a fashion. They just get my dander up with their ridiculousness. I don’t like letting them be so prolific that they appear to be the main voice of the fandom.

      • Huskygrl says:

        Though you are spot on when saying David and Emily do great interviews, i really don’t think any of us know enough about Stana and Nathan to make any sort of factual comments beyond how great it would be to see them in an interview together (much like how great it is to see them on screen together). If on the other hand you are actually either Stana or Nathan then my apologies;)

  17. Moment says:

    A power vacuum in Sleepy Hollow? But the Horsemen are near enough invincible. Unless one or either is defeated or brought around to the side of good, this battle in my opinion would likely be a war of words perhaps? :)

    • flo says:

      “power vacuum”??? Umm. I don’t know what that means entirely, but I’m going to take it literally and say that Abbie buys a power vacuum and Ichabod fights with her over it. Hair might be pulled out during this fight. It could get ugly.

      • Angela says:

        ROTFL, I love this idea :D.
        My first attempt at a comment got eaten, so I’ll try again: Judging from what the definition of a power vacuum is that I looked up online, I’m thinking things might go a little haywire for Moloch and Henry in terms of their plans? New people taking over for them, trying to carry on their mission? That could get really creepy if that’s the case.
        Whatever that phrase is referring to, I’m looking forward to seeing all of that go down.

        • flo says:

          I’m hoping that Abbie and Ichabod develop some kind of supernatural Witness powers somewhere down the line. But maybe this has something to do with Irving and all the spoiler photos we’ve been seeing with him fighting with a weapon. Maybe the SH police force goes down? Its a really vague spoiler.

          • Angela says:

            That’d be interesting! I would love to see what they could do with some special powers.
            Irving was another one that came to mind, too-I’ve missed the photos with him holding a weapon, but I have heard about him being involved in some fighting down the line, so yeah, that would make sense as an option, too. The police force could be impacted badly with the new sheriff at the reins and so Irving has to come back and fight to save it, or something.

      • clearhaven says:

        lol this made me smile! And yeah, I feel a little better because I was soo worried about the ratings. I don’t know what’s going on! And this season is wayyy better than last season! I hope they get to turn it around, probably a shorter hiatus? Put on Netflix?

      • Moment says:

        Lol, that would be funny. That said I would love for the show to cover Heaven at some point, we have Hell, we have Purgatory, it’s about time Ichabod and Abbie got some weapons to allow them to fight as equals against the big bad.

      • BeaAnn says:

        Best comment. LOL!!!

        • Huskygrl says:

          Let’s just hope it’s not any of Ichibods hair, because that is too hot to be messed with! Wouldn’t mind seeing some of those powdered wigs go away though…..

  18. Joyce d Collins says:

    I am flabbergasted that “Dallas” was cancelled!!! I just cannot believe this happening!! I am hoping that another network can pick it up. I love ALL if the former stars and ALL of the current stars!!!

    • BeaAnn says:

      Ugh, me too!! I was really enjoying Dallas. I was sad when Larry Hagman died and was worried about what losing JR would do to the show, but I thought this season was very good. I wanted to see Pamela torcher John Ross more and see them find their way back to each other.

  19. Texcastle says:

    Hope Caskett happens. Milmar has lied to us before.

  20. D says:

    Ugh. Enzo is annoying. It looks like he is in love with Damon or whatever. Always trying to bring people back and trying to make things happen. He was cute at first but now he’s just irritating. Stupid TVD!

  21. I want Castle and Beckett to have a sweeps -worthy wedding!

    • cdhaskell says:

      I got a feeling that hell will have to freezes over before Beckett and Castle will ever get married.

      • Cap says:

        Well pics and interviews on set with Nathan have shown him wearing a ring. If he didn’t get hitched in real life, it’s a sure bet 7.06 and T. Miller have something to do with it. I’m surprised that it hasn’t come up anywhere yet.

    • maria says:

      For t hat abc has to promote the show, I watch abc in the morning and t Hey always talking about the other shows but never about castle, I don’t know why and does not want to promote it…..

  22. Tran says:

    Carrie & Quinn must get their act together on Homeland despite having a Brody-less season. How many more seasons will it take for Homeland to end and what are the chances?

  23. Jen says:

    Minka Kelly as Dr. Leslie Thompkins

  24. David4 says:

    “We aren’t slowing down, we have plenty of side characters left to kill and maybe we will prove that the Moon landing never happened!” – Bones creators ;)

  25. Anna says:

    I’m not thrilled about Alicia running for office. Not fair to Cary and the firm.

  26. MP says:

    As much as I love Arrow and enjoy Oliver and Felicity together (they have nice chemistry), one of the things I really liked about Season 1 was the lack of romantic entanglements. While there may have been some, it wasn’t like it is now with all this intense “shipping.” I want to see more male and female characters have friendships without becoming romantically involved. I liked Oliver’s and Felicity’s relationship early on and I’m not saying that it can’t grow, but I’m sick of the tiresome will they or won’t they, together for 3 episodes until something breaks them up. That said, I’m still excited for Season 3 of Arrow.

    • alistaircrane says:

      I am very tired of people who hate romance and love. I bet you are single and this attitude is the reason why.

      • Angela says:

        …I saw no hatred of romance or love in that post? In fact, they acknowledged there was some nice chemistry between those characters?
        Try not to jump the gun, mmkay?

    • Briggs says:

      I fully expect them to keep this going for a while. I want to say end of season 5, only because that’s going to be the end of Oliver’s time away, where he might have banished enough demons that a healthy relationship is possible. Besides which, Felicity looks like she’s going to be having a lot of male attention without Oliver, so it’s not like she’s going to be pining…

    • Amber2 says:

      I think romance adds ‘heart’ to action shows. I’m loving Olicity and am very much looking forward to the new season of Arrow in all it’s complexity. I do hope the writers settle into Olicity as ‘the’ long term relationship lane (slow burn and angst included) as I’m a bit hesitant to really ‘invest’ atm. Let us know what your endgame is, people, so we can relax and enjoy the ride :).

  27. I have the ultimate Ask Ausiello question. “Why is it that the questions and answers posted here tend to be similar to the questions and answers posted on TV Guide’s Mega Buzz?”

    They’re not necessarily 100% the same, but most times they are very similar.

    • alistaircrane says:

      That’s a question better asked of the poseurs at TV Guide.

    • Moment says:

      Ausiello has proven himself to be the most reliable source around though. I guess that’s something.

    • dman6015 says:

      Shhh. M.A. secretly writes for TVG under a pseudonym. But don’t tell anyone, it could ruin his career.

    • Lambsilencer says:

      Simple: Scoop is normally gathered during press events, premieres or other venues that showrunners and stars attend where they do press. And all the TV outlets are there to get the latest stories for their sites, and all are pretty much getting the same info. And believe me, with the output TVLine or TV Guide gets, pretty much every question to every show was asked at least once. And even if Mike or any other reporter have to fake a question to get great scoop out there, so be it. We get the info they want to share, that’s all that counts.

  28. Briggs says:

    The romantic drama is just as promising as the crime-fighting on both Arrow and Flash. I’m happy that Flash is just as exciting, on so many fronts, as it’s sister show. I know they’re done by the same people, but I was worried because spin-offs tend to be hit and miss. Gotham disappointed me, though I might give it another chance. Flash has a definitive place on my list. :) As an almost life-long Batman fan, I hadn’t been into Flash, but not against him, either. Now it’s added to my ‘to read’ list…

  29. Alex says:

    “You don’t hire Katharine McPhee and not have her sing.”

    Wish they wouldn’t have her sing. I could be wrong, but I bet it gets shoehorned in. Subtle, Scorpion is not.

  30. Beckstle says:

    Good luck, Castle. After the what they did in May, it’s hard to get excited. They promoted the heck out of the last one. Granted, it would be smart to do an amazing, heartfelt, bigger and better wedding to try fixing the current mess, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Once bitten, twice shy.

    • Huskygrl says:

      Seriously, still pouting about last season’s finale?? Get over it or move on, I hear there are other shows out there. If you can not appreciate the awesomeness that was this weeks episode then you don’t deserve the title of fan. I couldn’t believe how many “ripped from the TVLine comment section” conversations there were in just this one episode. This new mystery is awesome and has me riveted! And when they have their Nov. wedding, it will be touching and personal and all the things the other one was not going to be. This will be the wedding the characters deserve!

      • Allie says:

        Right on Huskygrl! There is no doubt now, they are getting married. Will there be an actual wedding? I doubt it, but it will be something for them and their family and perfect for them.

      • Jake says:

        You don’t know anything ABOUT the “new mystery” after just two episodes, so how could you be so riveted?! What I’m really tired of are the fanbois who always have to say how great the show is, no matter what crap Marlowe tosses on the screen. He needs to be reminded that the fans aren’t happy with his pathetic effort to delay the wedding.

        • Allie says:

          Because, clearly, if someone enjoys something you don’t they are a mindless “fanboi”.

        • Huskygrl says:

          Well let’s just agree to disagree- you can dislike my comments as too positive “FanGIRL” (like HuskyGRL) and I’ll remain weary of the whining of those who call themselves fans yet can only complain and find fault. You do know you can push that little button marked “OFF” on either your TV or remote and it will spare you the ordeal of watching something not written to your special demands, don’t you?

      • Beckstle says:

        Being skeptical about the show’s intentions has nothing to do with pouting. It’s called broken trust Also, FYI: being a fan is not the same as being a cheerleader. Fans can and do comment if they think their team has screwed up – while hoping they don’t do it again. It doesn’t mean they don’t love their team. Cheerleaders however, wave their pom-poms no matter what. So yes, I am a fan. Cheer on, Huskygrl.

        • Briggs says:

          By that logic, the show can use all the cheerleaders it can get, because their own fans are booing them.
          Besides which, we’re only two episodes in, and somehow they are failing us epically because they haven’t given us all the answers we seek. I’m sorry, but isn’t a season-long arc supposed to last *all season*? If they give us all the info now, what do we have to look forward to?
          Great fiction is based in conflict, and just because we don’t understand everything now doesn’t mean they aren’t going to show us, little by little, what’s up. I have faith in the showrunners that they will give us the info that we seek. And I’m willing to wait for it before I cry foul.

          • Beckstle says:

            Hi Briggs. Huskygirl attacked me because I expressed doubt about the wedding based on what happened last season – tons of promotion and no wedding. I basically said a wedding would be great and make things better but “once bitten twice shy.” That’s not a complaint about “failing us epically because they haven’t given us all the answers we seek” It’s expressing doubt about a wedding based on what the show’s done before. It’s a specific point, not a general, “I hate the show” comment, but any comment or concern about the show is seen as being a hater?

          • Huskygrl says:

            Um, no. My “attack” was based on the fact that you drug back out the poor pummeled dead horse of last season’s finale and called the current show “a mess”. If it was an attack on you to point out the off button option, when you are caused such great angst for so many months by the multiple failures you see, then my apologies. I shall not seek further remedies to your distress.

            But I stand by my statement that is sad when fans can only complain and malign the show, it’s writers, directors and cast. I think Castle has great talent in all those areas and I think that episode 2 did an excellent job proving that. If that makes me the focus of your negativity then fine, I’d rather that then have the people involved in Castle think all fans are hateful. I consider Castle of the best shows currently on tv and I will continue to stand up for it.

          • Briggs says:

            *snort* Even Castle isn’t stupid enough to dupe us again. Besides which, anyone that expected the first wedding to go off without a hitch forgot that nothing has gone as expected for Caskett. Including me, for a little while after the finale. Once I realized what they were doing, I waited to see what would happen next. Patiently. They did not disappoint me.
            They know they’ll have a riot on their hands if they don’t have a wedding. Some of us are willing to wait and see and *not complain* about something that *hasn’t not happened yet*. You can do what you want.

      • Here’s the major difference between the comments from Negative Castle Fans and Positive Castle Fans:
        NCFs keep their comments related to the show, voicing their opinions solely on what they find wrong with the series.
        PCFs demonstrate that they’re incapable of doing the same while posting here time and time again. Their argument method is to attack the people they disagree with, call names and disparage, rather than keeping their comments about how much they love their eternally flawless show.
        It’s a weak argument tactic, it’s immature, small-minded and ALLEGEDLY against TVLine’s comment guidelines. Yet it continues to happen on all Castle-related posts.
        Here’s a news flash, Positive Castle Fans: There’s no internet or TV rule that says you have to stop watching or commenting about a show in which you find fault. And – now try not to faint on me here – there’s also no rubric that dictates what a “true fan” is.
        With that in mind, I hope those who are so fiercely loyal and defensive of the show can think back to middle school English classes before posting, so maybe the childish whinging about other people’s opinions can one day cease.

        • Briggs says:

          I think you have those descriptions flip-flopped, honey. Not only do I remember proper grammar, but I think my arguments have been pretty sound thus far.
          A good number of ‘NCF’ comments have talked about *three* episodes, and I refuse to be brought down by people who are so impatient that they don’t realize a *season long* arc is going to take that long to unfurl itself. Why it’s so *shocking* that they aren’t giving us all the information now mystifies me. I’m willing to give it until the mid-season finale to call it, but I admit, that’s a personal decision.
          ‘PCF’ people seem to understand that this is the way the show is going to go for now and are willing to see where it’s going. If such people are disappointed later, that’s okay, but at least they aren’t nagging the show about things that aren’t going to come up in the *first two episodes* of the season after a *finale* they didn’t think was that bad.
          I’m willing to give it until the mid-season finale to call it, but I admit, that’s a personal decision.

        • Allie says:

          I guess you are just choosing to ignore Jake’s and Beckstle’s comments? What they find wrong with the “show” is Marlowe is a manipulator who can be respected by only mindless sheep.

  31. Kaen says:

    any idea if they will keep Daisy on Bones, now that Sweets is gone hope so

  32. lame says:

    The opportunity to make the Caskett wedding a “happening” has passed. Now it’s something to check off the to do list. What a strange turn of events.

    • Cap says:

      Yep. Just get it over with already.

      • Jake says:

        Same thing happened on Bones. It’s funny how many parallels there are between the shows.

      • Uh oh, lame and Cap. Don’t let the “True Castle Fan Brigade” above see you, or they might verbally attack you and take away your fan card…

        • lame says:

          Stop and think how everything had converged to 6.23. The anticipation was high, there was excitement in Castle fandom. There was the opportunity to make it the high point of a six year run, now it is something that must be done, mostly to appease a disappointed portion of the fan base. That one precious moment went spinning off into the universe, not to be regained again. I’m not ripping the writers, only questioning their judgement. What should have been great will now chore finished. It feels strange, out of place.

          • Betty says:

            The bones creators and writers put off the b&b wedding as long as they could/there was actual talk of maybe their last season. There are some lessons to be learned about alienating your fan base with dvr recording it is easy for fans to become invested in other characters on other programs it does not take much to turn our attentions elsewhere. The competition is stiff out there. Be very careful how you treat your faithful and loyal fans!!!!!

  33. Kalee says:

    Why continue to play with Olicity?

    If things were to go further, it ain’t gonna last. And it would be a slap to the face to the Green Arrow/Black Canary’s 50+ years of pairing history. Please let everyone move on.

    • Briggs says:

      Why do people keep bringing up the comics? It has nothing to do with how they’re running the show. In fact, they rebooted the comics to match the show. Even Stephen Amell says he thinks that storyline is dead.

  34. ANNA says:

    Yes on new girl for Jim Gordon. I’ve wanted him and Barbara to break up since the first episode.

  35. Matt C. says:

    Glad to hear Sleepy Hollow is safe (for now). They still have several years of trials and tribulations to go before the apocalypse!

  36. Ryan says:

    Would luv to see Erica Durance as Leslie Thompkins but i believe she is busy filming her show in TO so what about Laura Vandervoort or Morena Baccarin?

  37. brenna says:

    So excited for Arrow!! Love it all and especially the fun of Oliver and Felicity!

  38. heather says:

    Castle wedding in November. Hmm wonder what significant event could be in November? Oh that’s right, sweeps!!! Nothing against my fellow edmontonIan Nathan fillion, but that’s a no brainer for a show in its 7th season.

  39. Holly Mccord says:

    I think Bones and Castle are very good shows I want them to last for-ever~!!!!

  40. Rid says:

    More scoop on person of interest, sons of anarchy, walking dead, last ship, Star Wars rebels, mad men, game of thrones please. And can we go one week without hearing about once upon a time that show is a mess. Thanks.

  41. Do you know if Legend is getting a second season?

  42. I need 2 know if Legend is coming back 4 a second season?

  43. If the spark and chemistry was still there w Castle & Beckett maybe I could muster up some form of excitement about their nuptials.

  44. patty says:

    has anyone picked up Longmire?

  45. delfiteblu says:

    I HATE the idea of Alicia going into politics, but what I hate more is the idea of Diane trying to move the firm into the Lockhart Gardner office space. MORE David LEE and MORE MJ Fox? Sorta means the whole last year was all for nothing. I have adored this show since the moment it came on, but if it’s going to turn into another show about politics – national and office – I may be lost to them.

  46. Catherine B says:

    Castle got off to a very slow start and ratings are down so what are your thoughts about a Season 8?

  47. The Castle wedding in November 2014. I will will believe when I turn on my TV set.

  48. The Castle Wedding in November is something that I will believe when I turn on my TV set and see them saving I Do to do each other. I wanted to know since Sara Lance is dead,will Laurel Lance become the New Black Canary or will Sara Lance return from the dead.