Nina Dobrev, Joseph Morgan on Tatia's Originals Crossover: 'It's Shocking'

Originals Crossover Spoilers

Now that the new seasons of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are finally underway, it’s time to look ahead to the series’ next major milestone: November’s highly anticipated crossover.

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“It’s shocking, I think,” Joseph Morgan tells TVLine of the episode, which will find Nina Dobrev slipping into the role of original doppelgänger Tatia — whom Klaus and Elijah both fell in love with — for the first time. “It’s pretty grim. I don’t want to spoil too much, but it’s definitely revealing of the brothers and what happened back then.”

Per executive producer Michael Narducci, the episode flashes back to “the time of the Vikings,” a period which Morgan believes is “vital” to revisit if you want to fully understand where Klaus and Elijah came from: “It was when they’d just become vampires and Klaus’ curse was placed upon him by his mother.”

In addition to revealing more about the Mikaelson brothers, the Nov. 4 episode will also fill in the blanks about Tatia, a character only mentioned once thus far on The Vampire Diaries.

“We tell a story that will make you understand [Tatia’s] fate and what happened to her,” adds Narducci.

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doppelgangersDobrev says her initial response to the crossover was something to the effect of “Whoa, whoa, whoa! We’re adding another character?” but it didn’t take long for her to warm up to the idea.

“[Executive producer] Julie Plec pitched the story, which was actually cool and made a lot of sense, so that got me excited,” Dobrev admits. “As much as I joke and say that playing a lot of characters is crazy — which it is — it’s also fun to create new people. It helps keep things fresh after six years, you know?”

Although Morgan is quick to laugh off a “steamy” encounter between Klaus and Tatia, Dobrev hints that there might be some romantic action in store for fans. And after six years, she’s become something of an expert in that department.

“I’ve even kissed Steven [R. McQueen], unfortunately,” she says of her characters’ many encounters. “Well, it wasn’t a kiss, but I had to do mouth-to-mouth with Jeremy as Katherine. I remember reading that episode and being like, ‘Really?'”

What are you hoping to see when Dobrev visits The Originals next month? Browse new photos from Season 2, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

With reporting by Vlada Gelman

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  1. hello says:

    When did Katherine kiss Jeremy, must have blocked that from my mind

    • Letti says:

      Katherine in Elena’s body had to revitalize Jeremy in a season 5 episode, so they won’t find out she’s not Elena…One of the last episodes I actually watched xD But I love TO and can’t wait the Tatia flashback :D

  2. Maya says:

    I cant wait, Nina is very talented..her portrayal of Katherine and Elena are so spot on, you’d think its two diff actresses

    • Really? I found them completely interchangeable.

      • Kevin says:

        “completely” interchangeable? ugh exaggerated people disgust me.

        • Well, since the only difference was a curling iron employed by the hair and makeup people, so I don’t feel I’m being hyperbolic in the least.

          • Makk says:

            Nina is very talented. Hope we see Katherine on TO after the Tatia story.

          • Letti says:

            I think Nina is awesome. And I despise Elena, she’s the most awful character in tv history. But Katherine quickly became my favourite. And I could always tell if I see Elena or Katherine, even before they relealed it. If I only saw her portaying Elena, I might think she wasn’t really good, but seeing her as Katherine and Amara…. She is great. It’s just Elena who is terrible.

    • Fran says:

      I’m not Nina Dobrev’s biggest fan by any means (I find her acting to be hit or miss) but I thought you could definitely tell between the two. It wasn’t the physical appearance but the mannerisms. They were completely different and there was never any doubt about whether you were seeing Katherine or Elena on the screen. I give her credit for that. It was fun to watch. I miss Katherine.

    • Jake says:

      Please Nina is the Kristen Stewart of TV. One emotion and facial expression. IMO she is highly over rated and is just another pretty face.

  3. Robert says:

    I always wonder exactly why Esther used Elena’s ancestor for the blood In the spell that created the Original vampires? I wonder since Elena has Traveler blood was Tatia a traveler? They disappointed me last season by the fact that Katherine’s daughter act like she had no relationship to Elena but she obviously had a child whom Elena is Descended from.

    • She was able to create a spell that equated to immortality, my guess is she knew of the previous spell and wanted something that could be undone (as the true immortals could only become mortal through the Cure). I’d say she also knew of the doppelgangers.

      It’s possible that Elena does have Traveller blood since Katherine and her daughter were Traveller witches before they became vampires, but we’ve never seen it in Elena – she could be compelled, and witches can’t. I suppose having her a doppelganger AND a witch was a bit much, especially with other witches on the show. As for Tatia being a Traveller it’s possible, the Petrova line had Travellers through Katherine’s paternal side; then again it seems to be a matriline.

      That disappointed me too, Nadia acting like Elena was no relation to her.

  4. Make Nina Dobrev go away. And what could possible justify the horror of bringing dopplegangers to TO? It better be more about Ester’s spells and her plans now than dopplegangers and love triangles.

    • Nate says:

      I pretty much clearly states it’s about esthers spells

      • It pretty clearly states it’s about the brothers and what happened to Tatia. In fact, the quotes state that several times. It does not mention it that that story connects to Davina’s plot to extricate the rest of vampires from the sire line or if it connects to present tense Ester’s plan to kill her kids. So i’m not sure where you see it clearly stating it’s about the magic and not the fate of the first brother’s love triangle.

    • Lisa says:

      You are very petty and pathetic if you hate Nina because she plays Elena. She’s a great actress

      • I dislike her because she’s a bad actress. And I don’t like bad actresses playing historically annoying roles on shows I enjoy.

        • Erin2 says:

          That’s your opinion!!! I hate when people try to masquerade their own personal opinions as fact!

          • Of course it’s my opinion. Whatever else would it be?

            I’m not calling people names or anything else. I’m simply starting my dislike for the news of Nina Dobrev and the doppleganger mess coming to the Originals.

        • Fran says:

          I’m kind of curious though- did you think she was a bad actress from the very beginning? If so, how on earth did you make it through this show considering she’s the female lead and it revolves around her? Or did your opinion change?

          • Yes, she’s always been barely serviceable. She’s certainly not improved in proportion to the number of characters they have her play. But the story and plot could survive not-so-good acting until they had her on every character and plot–I gave up TVD halfway through last season. That’s why I watch TO and not TVD. But even if I accepted it for years that doesn’t mean I want more screen time for it. Even a seasoned WB/CW watcher has limits.

          • Fran says:

            Thanks for replying. I wasn’t knocking your opinion, I was just curious. I didn’t mind her acting in the beginning of the show, but I think its because her character wasn’t an insufferable, selfish person. Now that she is, I find it hard to watch. I don’t know if its the acting or the character that turns me off so much.. its probably both. I did enjoy her portrayal of Katherine a lot though so I guess I have to give her some credit. I’m still watching TVD but only because of Paul Wesley. If they would move him over to TO I could quit the bad plotlines and fanservice completely. That’s just my thoughts :)

        • Makk says:

          I hate people who dislike actresses because they play characters you don’t like. Grow up! So if you’ve always thought Nina was a bad actress why did it take you 5 and a half seasons of TVD to stop watching it. Seeing as everything in TVD is centered around Elena how have you coped for this long.
          Only shallow people fail to distinguish between character and actress. Aim to be a better person

          • You are incredibly rude. I dislike Nina Dobrev AS AN ACTRESS. I have no knowledge whatsoever of her person. Since you have no problem “hating” people who dislike bad actresses and can’t seem to understand that there are lots of bad actresses on TVD and television in general that one puts up with all the time, I think this conversation is at an end. Please grow up. It is perfectly reasonable to not enjoy the performance an actor gives in a role and equally appropriate to say you don’t wish that actor to appear on a show you do like and enjoy. PS. Shallow is concerned with physical appearance and superficial qualities. Acting performance is not. Had I said, “Hey Nina Dobrev’s gained quite a bit of weight over the last two seasons, too bad she can’t find a gym.” that would be shallow. Saying she can’t act is the meat of the discussion.

          • Makk says:

            And yet you still cannot explain why you put up with TVD for 5 seasons when TVD is 90% Nina. I think Kristen Stewart is the worst actress ever …therefore I have never bothered myself with the Twilight Saga or that snow white movie she did.

          • I don’t have to justify watching a show–not everyone watches TV with YOUR priorities in mind. Please try to understand: It’s the CW. I’m not expecting Emmy-winning performances. Most of them can only kinda sorta act. But in the beginning TVD wasn’t 90% Nina Dobrev, and she did an okay job playing Elena–frankly they didn’t ask that much out of her, which was fine. Plus, there were fun villains and snarky Damon and spunky Caroline and sweet Jeremy, and goofy Matt, etc. The villains left for TO and I followed them. And TVD was filled with Nina Dobrev trying to play way too many parts, way too dramatically–I don’t like her Catherine, I don’t like her Amara, I’m taking a wild leap in saying I’m not going to care for her as Tatia. I don’t like any role she’s played and they all come out pretty much the same, so I’m pretty confident in my opinion that I don’t like her as an actress. I don’t like Kristen Stewart, she is an obnoxiously bad actress, but I do like Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth, so I can watch Snow White and the Huntsman. But if they gave Hemsworth a spinoff and I thought I was free of Stewart and then all of a sudden I read an article about her guest staring, I’d have the same response to that as I do to this: Please no. Take your bad acting and worse plot lines and stay away from something I enjoy.

            Maybe you should also consider this: All the Dobrev apologists are bending over backwards trying to get viewers to separate the character from the actress. Frankly, she’s not done a very good job portraying the character if she has failed so miserably to make her a sympathetic lead. Most of the characters on TVD are hypocritical villains now, but no one has to spend all their internet time defending Candice Accola. Nina Dobrev’s not Tatiana Maslany, she isn’t even Alexandra Chando. She’s a soap-level actress, doing a soap-level job. And I don’t want to see her or one of her “evil twins” on TO.

  5. D says:

    Katherine was so much better than Elena. But Nina is just eye candy!

  6. Did anyone else see the photo’s in the gallery?? Does anyone else realize that there is a new character.

  7. Sammy says:

    I love Nina…cant wait to see the storyline and her and klaus :)

  8. zed says:

    Can’t wait!!! So important for the whole understanding of why Elijah was/is so fascinated with both Katerina, and then afterwards Elena… and why he has been looking for this sweet innocent peasant girl for thousand years !!! It must be all about Tatia really!!
    Dobrev and Gillies scenes are always so amazing!!!

  9. Mia says:

    First, no one says “I kissed Steven Mcqueen” and “unfortunately” in the same sentence. But I admit I knew she’d say that after I watched that scene after knowing she complains about kissing every actor on this show😂
    Anyway I’m so so pumped for Tatia’s episode been 3 years for this!

  10. barbara says:

    Heaven help the TO, the last thing they need, is boring doppelgangers on this Show.

  11. Glory says:

    I’m so excited to see Tatia and Klaus scenes! But also really upset because Julie Plec is trying to call this crossover..really?! Tatia never appeared on TVD. Katherine should be crossing over because she has unfinished business with Elijah. These writers need to stop ignoring Kalijah.

  12. isra says:

    Is there only 6 episodes of the originals season 2 please tell me i need to know