The Good Wife Recap: Good Christian Pitches

“Are you there, God? It’s me, Alicia.”

OK, nobody said that on this week’s installment of The Good Wife. But maybe, just maybe, a higher power whispered in the ear of our atheist protagonist Alicia Florrick and convinced her to rethink her stance against declaring her candidacy for State’s Attorney against that rat bastard fink James Castro. Then again, maybe it was just a combination of Good Angel (Gloria Steinem) and Bad Angel (Eli Gold) reminding Saint Alicia that it is, in fact, a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.

Whatever the case, Alicia’s last-act confrontation with Castro — in which he took the name of her slain lover Will Gardner in vain — was a gasp-inducing, delectable slice of TV drama. (And what a bold, to-the-jugular moment after an hour largely fueled by characters’ memories and court-case subtext!)

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If I’d had any reservations about the “Run, Alicia, run!” drumbeat percolating beneath the surface of Season 6, well, I’m all in after Episode 3 (titled “Dear God”). Because there’s nothing like a Big Bad to make you want your favorite TV characters to put on their white hats — however irrevocably tarnished — and fight for what’s right. I mean, had The Good Wife been set in the wild, wild west, Castro might as well have kicked Alicia’s horse in the shins, tipped over her jug of moonshine and challenged her to a duel at 50 paces right in the middle of main street. I’m labeling this hour Rated I… for “It’s On!”

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Let’s recap the action, in three distinct parts:

YOU’VE GOTTA HAVE FAITH | The “case of the week” finds Alicia and incoming partner Dean Levine-Wilkins taking over for Cary as the public face of the plaintiff’s side of a suit in which a farmer who’d developed a genetically modified super seed sued his neighbor for stealing his product in his own farming operations. The case winds up, by mutual agreement of plaintiff and defendant, in “Binding Christian Arbitration” — overseen by an even-handed but Scripture-driven moderator played by House‘s Robert Sean Leonard. Yet while the farmers in question eventually take battle out to the hallway and circumvent the squabbling legal brains in the room to find a mutually agreeable settlement, Alicia finds herself marveling at Dean’s ability to quote scripture — and his revelation that he’d almost become a priest as a teenager (’til he experienced To Kill a Mockingbird, anyway). “I don’t think I’m genetically built to believe in God,” admits Alicia, who has some killer  scenes discussing case-related scrpture with daughter Grace. Dean’s reply — “I didn’t think I was, either. Until I was” — hints that perhaps Mrs. Florrick is about to experience some kind of awakening (be it political, personal, religious or otherwise) that she/we hadn’t seen coming.

THERE’S A NEW GIRL IN TOWN | Linda Lavin continues The Good Wife‘s rich tradition of flawless, Emmy-worthy guest-casting through her turn as Joy Grubick, who never lets anyone think she’s more than a grimly competent, emotionally detached pre-trial service officer. In the episode, she’s helping to determine whether or not Cary remains free on bail for the drug-dealing charges waged against him by the current state’s attorney. And yet, as ADA Finn Polmar spars with Diane (now serving as Cary’s official legal counsel) over the disappearance of Lemond Bishop’s crew member (and confidential informant) Trey, it comes down to Joy’s observations to sway the court. As a former ADA, Cary fears retaliation in jail and therefore poses a flight risk, Joy notes, but on the other hand, the guy is clearly fighting for his business — and understands the fleeting nature of his freedom well enough to not engage in any illegal acts.

Nobody would probably accuse Kalinda of such moral clarity, though. Surveillance footage finds her talking to Bishop’s lackey Wes — and Finn uses it to argue she was sending a threatening message from Cary. The judge can’t be sure it’s true — especially since Trey’s wife’s affair with a dangerous character provides an alternate explanation for his disappearance. But later, Cary confronts his sometimes lover — I’m not even going to mention the up-against-the-window bump-and-grind session we saw in recent flashback (rated D…for DAYUM!) — and Kalinda all but admits she ratted out Trey to Lemond, then warned Trey to flee Chicago for parts more anonymous to avoid violent retribution. Hey, missing or dead, Trey’s lack of testimony sure benefits Mr. Agos, no?

FEMINIST MANIFESTO | Alicia keeps insisting she’s not running for State’s Attorney — even after Morning Edition runs a piece saying she’s already staffing up her campaign office. But when incumbent Castro shows up at her office to discuss Cary’s case — Alicia sagely notes he ought to be sitting down with the defenant, or with his attorney Diane — it’s clear he’s offering up a warning that she shouldn’t run against him. “Cary’s prosecution has nothing to do with politics,” Castro reassures slimily, “but it wouldn’t look good for your campaign” if everyone knew she was in legal bed with a drug dealer.

Alicia’s feet remain firmly planted against running — ’til she runs into feminist icon Gloria Steinem at a campaign event for hubby Peter. “We need more good women to run,” Steinem urges. The flattery clearly stays with Alicia, and in true, hilarious Good Wife fashion, we see Alicia twisting Steinem’s words in her mind — “Alicia, I’m tired, I need you to take over for me” — in a daydream that makes it clear which way her professional trajectory is headed.

The tide truly turns, however, after Alicia runs into Castro outside Cary’s hearing, and we get a delicious exchange in which Castro’s clear belief that Alicia is already running — and his utter contempt for her as a person — causes her to rethink her position, possibly out of spite, or possibly out of an altruistic idea that someone this gross shouldn’t have this much power. Let’s play it out, verbatim, even if half the deliciousness is in the pauses and subtle shifts in expression of Julianna Margulies and sparring partner Michael Cerveris.

Alicia: “You have something to say to me?”
Castro: “No.”
Alicia: “[Laughs] I doubt that. Men always have something to say.”
Castro: “No, after I put your partner away for 15 years, then I’ll have something to say.”
Alicia: “If you’re still in office.”
Castro: “[Laughs] So, that’s why you’re running – to get your partner off the hook. Or so you can keep your client, Lemond Bishop, out of jail…”
[Alicia walks away.]
Castro: “Or because your lover was gunned down in one of my courts. That’s the rumor anyway. Will Gardner was your lover. you blame me for his death. That’s why you’re running. Retribution.”
Alicia: “Anything else?”
[Alicia gets right in Castro’s face.]
Castro: “What do you want?”
Alicia: “No, get it all off your chest.”
Castro: “I have a lot on my chest. I’ll save it for the campaign.”
Alicia: [Casually] “Talk to you.”

There’s one major line left in the episode, and it drops as Alicia enters Eli’s office: “If I ran, what’s the plan?”

You know Eli has a six-month agenda already laid out in a Word Doc on his laptop. Let the games begin!

On that note, I turn it over to you…

What did you think of this week’s Good Wife episode? Are you more or less excited about Alicia running for office in the wake of her confrontation with Castro? And is Cary as doomed as he fears — or will he come through this whole prosecution a vindicated man? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. analog says:

    Noooooo Alicia don’t run for SA!

  2. Para says:


  3. Somes rt says:

    What a great episode , best so far . So many great things.
    -hottest sex scene ever
    -the flashbacks while talking to the parol officer.
    – a great use for Grace !
    – Wilson !
    And this made me lol :
    Nora: Mr. Gold, Mrs Florrick is here to see you.
    Eli: Thank you Nora! Your precognitive powers amaze me!

    And to the people that don’t want Alicia running : HAVE SOME FAITH:)

  4. Shiloh says:

    Okay, so–I loved this ep. Every piece of it. The case and the different court, how they handled it with the the atheistic Alicia and theistic Grace again. (TGW writers: always classy, intelligent and a cut above the rest). They don’t fight or take cheap shots-they have different points of view and they’re still mature, smart and accepting of each other-and I liked that Grace was able to help in this unique situation. Robert Sean Leonard did a great job as moderator, as did Richard Thomas in his role. Surprised that Taye Diggs’ character was going to be a preacher before taking up lawyering. And then Diane was awesome this week (as usual) and I feel so bad for Cary-just–yikes. And I actually did gasp when he said that thing about Will to Alicia. Will was awesome. And I was pretty much ready for her to wipe the smugness off of his face after that. Glad she’s thinking of running. Hope she does. I’d like to see that for her character’s journey.

  5. DW says:

    Excellent recap. Thank you. I find that Castro the most hate-inducing tv character in memory. He is total slime and I think Alicia will run now. This episode was excellent! Beautiful acting jobs all the way around. It is very impressive how this show intertwines all of the characters in the narrative. Cary is innocent and will be exonerated in the end I believe. These first three shows have shown what a great legal mind he has. He understood his client’s beliefs about how to conduct the trial and in the previous episodes he had a total grasp on his cases even being behind bars. Very good. I cheered for Linda Lavin’s performance and Joy’s testimony at the end to keep Cary free. Every actor on this show is magnificent. We viewers are very lucky to have this show. Literate, thought provoking, visually perfect, quality produced and directed, and acted to absolute perfection. Vindicate Cary and Go Alicia Go.

  6. pecola says:

    I’m a little nervous about the prospect of another election storyline…if only because “The Good Wife” has struggled with those in the past. Why doesn’t Alicia just go track down Wendy Scott-Carr?

    Kudos to Matt Czuchry who, I thought, really delivered a great, but subtle, performance in this episode. He really showcased how a jail stint can change a person–how you become hyper-observant (as he was with the clients) and how a schedule can become a foreign concept.

    • Kate says:

      Because Alicia dislike Wendy Scott-Carr the woman that accused her of only getting promoted for sleeping with her boss, and getting her job for that… (314) and also for making rumors of her son (212)… why in the world would she track her down… she cant stand her, for the past…

      • pecola says:

        Why would Alicia track her down, even if she can’t stand her? Because she hates Castro more than she hates Wendy Scott-Carr, that’s why.

        She’s the lesser evil…by a long stretch.

  7. I thought she was going to slap Castro for uttering Will’s name. Or maybe more than slap.
    She has only ever looked that hellaciously pissed off … at Jackie.

  8. Lucy says:

    Dear God, thanks for that Cary and Kalinda scene. No spying. No sheets. But Kalinda kissing his hand and putting herself in danger for him.

  9. I think this was one of the better episodes in the last two seasons. funny dramatic and amazeballs risque…
    I liked that they kept Grace on the path she was on… I hope we see her a pastor or something deeply religious…
    I hate Castro and I hope that she does run and win but I still think Alicia belongs on the other side of things… This is gonna be one hot mess!!!!

    I also have to side with Cary… Cary left LG because he wanted to do something that was the complete opposite to LG and now with Lockhart of LG, its annoying… Cary and Alicia were finally in a good place, I don’t know how this will effect them in the long run…

    • Lucy says:

      Diane and Co. are trying to colonize F/A and take controll of it and it seems the only one worried about it is Cary. I think it’s pretty unfair that he left L/G to build his own bussiness and now he has to udergo to that power play makeover. Especially in that difficult moment.

      • Edward says:

        I understand where Cary is coming from. He can feel the power shifting with his arrest affecting his client list and now Alicia possibly becoming SA.

    • Dean Hewitt says:

      I kind of see Cary as the young Will. These two women will take care of him because they love him(In a motherly way), in his development. I just love when those two work with Cary. It’s almost a mother knows best kind of interaction.

  10. Anna says:

    The best thing about Alicia running is that this almost certainly means more Eli scenes, which I’m more than okay with!

  11. Blake says:

    Its really a marvel to see Eli Gold weave his web. One slight criticism of the TGW this season, is Finn the only lawyer employed at the DA’s office ? What happened to all the lawyers working there during Glenn Childs’ and Peter’s administration ?

    • I think he’s the lead ADA for it? I think (logically) they’d want to stick with the same attorney throughout the hearings. And Finn is one of the best in that SA Office (I’m just presuming this!) – Castro will definitely want to use him for a case he is gunning so hard for!

  12. sharona says:

    Cary should run for SA.

  13. Ron says:

    I’ve never wanted to punch someone as much as I wanted to punch Castro for that Will remark. That man is the lowest form of being. Even if Alicia doesn’t run, or even if she does and loses, I hope that man gets a HUGE dose of his own medicine…and then some. (But kudos to the actor for making me absolutely HATE his character with every fiber of my being.)

  14. Jimmy says:

    I’m already bored with the State’s Attorney plot. Hopefully, this get’s dropped soon.

  15. Jen says:

    If Alicia had been a man, she would have decked Castro for what he said.

  16. Ella J. Wade says:

    Loved the episode, but too much time spent on the seeds. And nothing from the old firm?

  17. schu says:

    I don’t want her to run! IT would disrupt everything the show has progressed to in the past couple seasons. I want someone else to throw their hat in the ring and give Castro the boot. Any old guest star lawyer that made an impact. I hated that Eli ended up getting his way because I didn’t like seeing Alicia manipulated in such a manner!

  18. Erin says:

    I just wonder if that conversation with Dean where she admits she doesn’t believe in God will come back to haunt her during the campaign. Since Americans are still not big on atheist politicians.

  19. James says:

    Good Wife is the greatest again this season. Keep up the good work

  20. Yo says:

    I love this show, but I am not so fond of the guest appearances this season. I don’t really like the confluence of reality with the fantasy: it disrupts the story line. Valerie Jarrett was a better actress than Gloria Steinem, but we also pay Ms. Jarrett to work for us in a position that does not include television cameo: it demeans her very real job for the public. Gloria Steinem is a different case, but she did send me to the computer checking her current age.

    Over and above this, both women seem to be advocating for Alicia’s political position. Alicia is not the same person she was in season one. This could get dicey and sounds like an endorsement of sometimes iffy values. I am kind of curious as to how this will play out, but I hope they use actual actors for the remainder of the season.

  21. christiasne says:

    I wish she wouldnt run

  22. Anne says:

    I love everything about The Good Wife, and because I am a political junkie, I especially like the politics. I hope she decides to run. I really enjoyed the Peter’s SA and governor campaigns and would love to see Alicia’s.

  23. Caro says:

    NO I DON’T like Alicia running for SA! I want her to stay at Florrick, Agos & Lockhart! :-(

  24. Gerri says:

    Damn that Gloria Steinham. Alicia was really sticking to her guns and I admired that. And Eli is all kinda of smarmy. I don’t like that she is playing into his hands.
    Stay with Florrick Agos Lockhart. Too much possible conflict of interest already with Peter, why throw that in the mix as well.

  25. SLS says:

    I loved the episode for its amazing humor. RSL as a Christian moderator was hysterical. I hated the Gloria Steinem cameo because while I am a feminist through and through, GS is not a great feminist icon at this point. I REALLY don’t want Alicia to run for SA and really hope it won’t happen!

  26. Ok says:

    I’m probably the only person that is over Kalinda. Cary deserves so much better.

  27. I don’t want her to run, but if she does, I want her to beat that asshole

  28. Mike says:

    Could it be possible that this is whole season could be a farewell to Cary?? Think of it. He and Alicia have been bickering over how the firm will be run. Alicia now had Diana on her side so it’s 2 women to one guy. Cary’s trial goes bad and he loses but Alicia wins the election. Cary asks her to help him out but both Eli and Peter tell her that she can’t cause it will look like she is using her new position for personal use and bring up all the corruption issues so Cary goes to jail. He blames Alicia and thinks it is because she wants him out of the firm.

    We all know this show has no problems getting rid of lead actors …

  29. Amy says:

    Obligatory comment: Not enough Diane. Although her scene was Linda Lavin was great.

    I am interested in what an Alicia campaign would be like. I just don’t want her to win necessarily. Just as long as Castro doesn’t get in.

    That was a pretty hot sex scene for network television.

    I am hoping next week we see some reaction for LGC about Diane jumping ship and taking half the firm with her. I hope a big divorce case or something comes up, so there is a reason to have David Lee still be in the show.

  30. Ella says:

    That Cary and Kalinda love scene blew out my screen. DAYUM.

  31. Patty Fraser says:

    Guess I am in the minority here I have hated every episode this season. They have just been so dull (except for Alicia scene Sunday with Castro) and frenetic at the same time. Only good thing that happened this season is Taye Diggs. If Alicia went to the State side then what happens we have the Lockhart Agos office against her. And someone please send Finn Polmer home I read the Kings think there is chemistry between Finn and Alicia, Matthew Goode is like a wet noodle what chemistry. Now the scene with Taye drinking wine was crackling with chemistry for me. I am so disappointed that my favorite show is going down a bad path.
    Maybe she doesn’t run and the 4 of them Diane, Alicia, Cary and Dean fight that villain Castro but I just wish the show would get back in the courtroom where Alicia and Diane especially shine.
    Just really disappointed.

  32. C. Prince says:

    This is usually a good show. However, I think it is mimicking Christianity and I do not think this course will reign too popular for long. Let’s not be too biased in one area!