Sleepy Hollow Recap: The Lyin', the Witch and the Blood Oath

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Recap

What. A. Witch.

In this week’s episode, Sleepy Hollow does something very smart by having Katrina choose to stay with Abraham rather than flee with Ichabod.

This is a welcome move for a couple of reasons. For starters, it’s fun to watch the series zig where we expect it to zag; Ich’s been trying to free his wife from enslavement for a season now, and when he finally gets to her, she says, “Thanks, I’m good”?! But on a deeper level, Katrina’s decision raises some important questions the Fox drama can have a great time answering in subsequent installments.

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Is Katrina truly jealous of Abbie? Is she really against Abraham? Or is the redhead’s history of deceit — regardless of the motive behind it — a prequel to the kind of deception that could completely undermine the Witnesses’ work?

Maybe Katrina is exactly what she says she is: a loving wife who’s sacrificing her own freedom and happiness in the name of stopping evil from gobbling up the world. It would be a perfectly respectable, albeit slightly snooze-worthy, way to flesh out Katia Winter’s character.

Forgive me, but I’m hoping Katrina’s more complex than that; if you buy into the idea that Ichabod is the kind of man who admires and values Abbie’s intelligence and heart, you want to think that the wife for whom he pines would have those same qualities in spades. So here’s to her having her own agenda, whatever it is, and showing us what she’s truly made of.

Also in this week’s episode: Team WTF meets the new sheriff, Irving reappears and there’s a giant monster on the loose… yet no one seems bothered about it. Read on as we discuss “The Kindred.”

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TERRIBLE DREAMS ARE MADE OF THESE | We come into the episode as the Horseman of Death is tying Katrina to some posts and preparing to make her exactly like him. Losing her noggin will bond them for eternity, a nearby Henry tells her, and just as Headless strikes the fatal blow, Ichabod startles awake in the archives: He was having a nightmare. But the ritual about which he dreamed is a very real threat for his wife, he tells Abbie, citing a lost gospel of the Bible and getting very antsy that they haven’t yet located his other half.

Abbie’s all, “Slow your roll. We kinda know where he is, and you knew him before, so make like Street Easy and show me some places Abraham would’ve liked to live. I’m going to go pretend like I still do the job for which I am paid.”

She leaves to meet the new sheriff, Leena Reyes, a former Border Patrol officer who worked a previous stint in Sleepy Hollow and responded to some domestic calls at the Mills house when Abbie was a girl and her mom was nuts. “We are gonna bring some sanity back to this town,” Reyes vows. She seems nice but not too nice, capable, strong and professional. She must be some sort of demon! (Side note: These first 10 minutes or so are very heavy on the exposition. I’ll allow it for now, Sleepy Hollow, but that’s what the “Previously, on Sleepy Hollow” is for.)

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HOUSE HUNTERS | Ichabod has deduced that Abraham likely is camped out at his family’s old estate, a mansion in what is now Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. On the way, Mills reminds her partner that their primary goal is to stop Moloch… not to recover Katrina from Headless’ clutches. Ichabod counters that his wife is a powerful witch who could greatly help their cause — plus, he has a duty to her that rivals his duty as a Witness, and “I intend to honor them both.”

Still, when they find the red-eyed horse outside the house and ascertain that Katrina and the Horseman are in residence, Abbie has to bodily remove Ichabod from rushing in to save his wife. They meet up with Jenny at the cabin for a strategy session, where they agree (Abbie’s a holdout, but not for long) to raise The Kindred, a Frankenstein-like creation originally stitched together by Ben Franklin — save the head, which is necessary to slay the Pale Rider. Good thing they have Abraham’s old skull hanging around! (Side note: Of the many great Abbie-Ichabod exchanges in this episode, I really liked her “This is insane!” followed by his “So much of my life can be characterized under those auspices.”)

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SOWING THE SEEDS | So Abbie visits a very beat-up Irving in jail and then, off his info, takes her partner to pick up the head from a safe-deposit box at a local bank. Ichabod is overwhelmed at the institution, and rails against (in no particular order): pens on chains, how ridiculously easy it is to get a credit card in modern America and the insinuation that he and Abbie are a couple. (Heh.)

Funny that should come up, because Abraham at that very moment reminds Katrina that her dear husband let her languish in Purgatreeeeee for a really long time but hauled his skinny colonial butt to get his fellow Witness out of there in a matter of hours. “You’ve seen it,” he taunts her, causing Red to look troubled as she flashes back to that moment in the season finale that I didn’t re-watch a thousand times this summer or anything.

IT’S ALIVE! (KINDA) | While trying to recover some ammo for their assault on the house, Jenny gets caught by Reyes and — in order to deflect the sheriff’s growing curiosity about exactly what’s going on in the archives — takes one for the team by saying the weapons are hers and then going to jail for a while.

Meanwhile, Abbie and Ichabod use Franklin’s sketchbook to find The Kindred in a heretofore unexplored section of the catacombs. Apparently, Crane is really jonesing for another heartbreaking tunnels talk, because he gets Abbie to chat about how close she was to letting Purgatory get the best of her — and that she almost drank from the Fakechabod’s flask because she was so relieved to see her friend. “That’s what scares me: My faith in you is my greatest weakness,” she tells him, hinting that his feelings for Katrina are what will do him in. (Side note: I’d argue that Ich’s feelings for Abbie could also be a soft underbelly through which Moloch could rake his evil talons. Thoughts?)

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Their heart-to-heart is interrupted when they find The Kindred, a giant patchwork of a monster they eventually complete with Abraham’s head. (Side note: Abbie, don’t you maybe want to wear some gloves as you handle the cranium of destruction?) Ichabod dramatically recites an incantation that’s supposed to bring The Kindred to live… but doesn’t. (Ha!) The second try works, and soon the creature is battling Headless and a Henry-directed Horseman of War as Ichabod sneaks in and frees Katrina.

Except the witch won’t go. The Cranes share a fervent kiss, but Katrina informs her husband that if she leaves with him, Abraham will destroy the world in his attempt to take her back. But if she stays, she can act as a mole and funnel information to Mills and Crane (and try to save Henry). Ichabod is really, really not OK with this plan but, when Abbie tells him they’re out of time, he’s forced to leave with a whispered, “You are forever in my heart!”

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I OBJECT! | At the cabin, Abbie and Ichabod share some tea and “take the victory,” despite the fact that they have no idea where The Kindred is in the wake of its battle with the Horsemen. They might not be so quick to accept victory, though, if they knew what was going down at Tarrytown Psychiatric: Henry, who’s a lawyer (?!), arrives at Irving’s room and announces that Cynthia has retained him as the sheriff’s new counsel. Because Abbie chose not to burden her former boss with the news that Henry = Jeremy = War, Irving has no idea that his life — which he’s signing away via blood, thanks to Henry Parrish’s Pen o’ Pain — is about to get a whole lot worse.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Was there any way that Irving’s choice to tell the truth about Ancitif would have worked as a defense, even before Henry showed up? What’s your take on Katrina’s motives? Is Jenny rapidly becoming the most get-stuff-done member of Team WTF? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Way to go keeping Irving in the loop, guys! Lol. But I actually like how the show handles exposition especially the conversation between Abbie and Frank because they laid out stuff that went over my head.

  2. Angela says:

    Trying this again-comments getting eaten a time or two on here lately. Ergh.
    That ending. CRAP. Lost count of how many times I screamed, “NO!” at the TV. Sh*t is about to go down (’cause, you know, it hasn’t already :p). With him and Jenny working on getting themselves out of their respective places, I’m very curious to see how that turns out (especially considering the promo for next week with Jenny and Abbie. WTF?)
    I completely agree on seeing more of Katrina’s intelligence on display, showing that the same traits Ichabod values in Abbie are ones he values in his wife. I’m all for her using her powers and a devious way of thinking for good, manipulating Abraham and messing with his mind. That would be so fun to watch. And I’d love to see how she fights back against his taunts about the extent of Ichabod’s devotion to her, for her to go as far as she needs to and do whatever she can in order to prove her love for her husband.
    I like the new sheriff, too. I totally get why Abbie and Jenny are wary of her, but I suspect she could turn out to prove very helpful for them down the line. And that fight scene with the Kindred was freaking awesome and intense and creepy.
    Cannot WAIT to see what happens next. I’m excited and nervous and anxious all at the same time.

  3. Mick says:

    For anyone who thinks they are laying it on a bit thick with Benjamin Franklin’s narcissim read his autobiography. The man was obsessed with himself so bravo Sleepy Hollow!

    • Angela says:

      Ah, really? Did not know that. Way to be on top of things, indeed.
      I’m loving the running jokes with Crane’s attitude towards Franklin. Crane in snarky mode is fun (on that note, his rant about banks and credit cards tonight was highly entertaining).

  4. Chris says:

    I really don’t want Katrina to play or dupe Ichabod, no matter how prominent the Ichabod/Abbie feels are, it would hurt so hard. Regardless, what Katrina was in the original story (a mischievous girl who played both Ichabod & Brom Bones against one another) looms in my mind.

  5. robinepowell says:

    I loved Icabod’s rant about credit cards at the bank, lol! Even though he obviously never owned one, he nailed it, on how bad and tempting they can be.
    Laughed at him asking the bank manager if he was part of the “wedding industry”. We all know who Martha Stewart is and assume everyone else does too.
    Abby tells Icabod, “Go with the flow and stay put”, his reply is “a contradiction”. He’s right too when you think about it.

    Can’t wait for more Sleepy Hollow!! :D

  6. Babybop says:

    I don’t know how Katrina wouldn’t be jealous of Abbie. If I saw my husband hug a woman like that right in front of me and then run off with her all the time to do God knows what, I would not be happy… Methinks Katrina has her own plan in mind. I don’t think it’s necessarily going to hurt Ichabod but I have a slight feeling it will involve him having to choose between her and Abbie. Can’t wait for next week, it looks crazy!

  7. John Jacob says:

    So far I am impressed with the pacing of the first two episodes for this season. I hope they can keep this up throughout the whole season. It’s some good background information, enough action, and some suspense for the next episode. This show just doesn’t disappoint.

  8. Trenton says:

    This isn’t gonna end well. Pretty sure that was signing over your soul territory. Katrina is gonna at least kiss headless at some point with Ichabod witnessing (see what I did there) it. Though to b fair, kissing empty space would look odd but this show does quirky well. Liked that team Ichabbie finally have a heavy hitter. Such a fun show and great lines.

  9. Isobel says:

    insolvent flock of debtors indeed…

  10. Gloria says:

    Sleepy Hollow this season is on track for revealing a very interesting twist in the plot. Let’s look at some of the evidence revealed so far.

    1. I believe Icabod still has the key to purgatory, that was obvious. But why did he keep it, he doubts something about Jenny and Abbey.

    2. Last year I said that Abbey would turn to the darkside, I think this will be the twist in the plot. My evidence so far to support this theory is that Henry knows information about the plans of the witnesses that he should not know. Someone is giving it to him. I believe that because Abbey did not have Katrina’s charm in purgatory to protect her against Mollock and she was not in the doll house is a big clue supporting the Abbey is the traitor.

    3. There is a possibility that Jenny could be possessed by a demon, and she is the one who is giving up the information. Henry said, “Your sister left your carcass to me”. Carcass means dead body of an animal. Jenny is also marked according to the demon that possessed her, so evil can use her.

    4. Something strange I noticed but I believe is just poor writing was the fact that Katrina acted like Icabod knew about the strange bonding ritual.

    5. I think Katrina wanting to be a mole is stupid. If you were locked up for 200 years, being twisted and turned by Purgatory I believe leaving the clutches of evil to refocus your mind would be a priority. But, this way Katrina is out of pocket and tension between Icabod and Abbey remains high, so the focus will not be on Katrina so that interesting things for Shippers can develop, which I think is stupid. Katrina is smart and is always two steps ahead, she knows more about what is going on, and yet she is not on hand for the witnesses.

    6. I don’t think the ritual is for Katrina and the horseman, I think it is for the horseman of war and someone else. Henry was holding a silver hairbrush. He plan on tricking a woman next. Maybe Abbey or Jenny.

    My best guess for this season plot twist based on this evidence is that Abbey or Jenny are not themselves. Determining which one it is will be a challenge. I think the writers will always let important witness intelligence be known by both sisters so that we will not be able to determine which sister is the mole for Mollock. I think the production photos of Icabod and Abbey in that doll house, reveals that they both will be trapped in Purgatory again. So how they get there will be interesting. I also think that the writers are on purpose making us all not trust Katrina (THIS IS A RED HERRING)

    I finally think that the writers are smart by pushing away ultimately from the Icabod/Abbey relationship to push the ultimate plot points of this show. (But leaving enough imaginary tension to keep the shippers happy) So, I hope they can move these plots ahead, and that they will be interesting, or season 2 of sleepy hollow will falter.

    As a side note, I think that doing only 13 episodes for season one caused to much lag time in the mind of sleepy hollow fans. Evidence to support this is that Gotham is crushing sleepy hollow in ratings.

    • dman6015 says:

      No way does Abbie turn to the dark side. Too important a character on the side of good. I would lean towards Jenny or Katrina going rogue. After all, Ichabod and Abbie can never be Ichabie as long as Katrina is still his beloved wife.

    • herman1959 says:

      Sorry, but think the key disintegrated in Crane’s hand after he used it.

  11. herman1959 says:

    OK, I appreciate the zig/zag thing, but I certainly hope Katrina is rescued next week (and the major storyline advances) because I’m getting tired of hearing about her “predicament”.

  12. LaLa says:

    I decided last season not to try to figure out anything. I’m just along for the ride. But, man, what a ride. I appreciate everything about these two opening episodes for Season 2. I know something is not right with Abby, but I also know that the writers aren’t going to reveal it to us until they are not ready. And Irving signing away with his blood – I groaned aloud. I don’t trust the new police chief, and we don’t even have time to convince her of all that’s actually happening, even if I didn’t believe that she’s working for Molloch. I just loved it.

  13. will says:

    So glad Katrina is staying put.

  14. Janet ortiz says:

    I agree that Katrina has more up her sleeve than everyone thinks. Poor Ichabod, love is blind. & Reyes, well she just looks like a witch. Not from the Sacred hearts coven.

  15. vanessa says:

    Great episode but it would be nice to see more of katrina.I want to see her manipulating Abraham and using her powers

  16. quiltbabe says:

    I have a feeling Katrina knows quite a bit more about everything than she is letting on – from the moment Ichabod “died” and she knew to preserve him the way she did. What I love most about this show is that it is *smart* – Ichabod is intelligent, catching on quickly to *modern* life, so quickly he can accurately snark about some of the odder things. I didn’t watch this during last season, but marathoned it on line in August – well worth the time investment.

  17. jane says:

    I think the chemistry between katrina and abraham is far better than the seemingly non existent chemistry she has with her husband
    I know hes evil and all but he seems so nice when hes got his head on!