Chicago Fire Boss on Death Fallout, Ruined Romance and a Proposal

Chicago Fire Season 3 Spoilers

The death of a beloved friend may not be the only loss on Chicago Fire this season.

The emotional fallout from Shay’s death continues in Tuesday’s episode (NBC, 10/9c), in which Severide heads down a denial spiral that ultimately will cost him a very important relationship.

But it’s not all doom-and-gloom. Below, executive producer Matt Olmstead previews Dawson and Casey planning their future as a couple and gives us a peek at the pair’s living arrangements with new roomie, Severide.

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TVLINE | Will Dawson acknowledging in the premiere that she and Shay traded places be the most overt sign of her guilt? Or will she continue to struggle with the idea that it should have been her?
She struggles with it… You have to lean on the family. You have to distract yourself with the job. When the bell rings and you go out, sometimes it’s welcome. It’s something to keep you moving. She has a strong relationship with Casey, and she has a new job to deal with, which is becoming a firefighter. In a way, she’s grateful for the distraction. It keeps her from completely falling into this void. But it’s a guilt that I don’t know that she’ll ever shake.

TVLINE | How soon is she going to start her new assignment at the other firehouse?
It’s going to happen in a couple episodes. End of [Episode] 3 she goes there, top of [Episode] 4, I believe.

TVLINE | Judging from the preview for next week’s episode, Casey finally finds the right time to propose. Can you give us a little taste of that moment?
As he articulates to her in the first episode, he hasn’t proposed yet because he doesn’t want that memory tied to any other memories. You’ve got to separate your moments a little. So he’s waited for the dust to settle down a little bit emotionally, and so it’s the right time. They’ve healed up to the extent that they can heal up and function, day to day. They’ll always carry this loss of Shay. And before she goes to her new gig, now’s the time. He does it right.

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TVLINE | Is a wedding in the cards for them this season?
We’re not sure yet.

TVLINE | Casey is going to be living with two people who are in deep stages of grief. What kind of problems does that create?
As it turns out with those kind of situations, as long as there’s one person who can steer the ship, it’s better than nobody as opposed to three people spiraling out. So Casey is there as a rock for Dawson and also Severide. They were friends. They haven’t been friends on the show because of that incident in the pilot. Because of what happened to Shay… really for the first time on the show, we see these guys as the friends they used to be. He’s there for both of them.

TVLINE | I know this is a very heavy situation, but is there any opportunity for comedy in this living arrangement?
Yeah, there’s comedy. There’s absolutely comedy. In the forthcoming episodes, of course. Not right away. It’s one of the hallmarks of the show. We embrace it when we can. It was a big source of debate in the [season premiere], when Platt comes on screen or when Boden shows his [Led ZepAgain shirt]. You’re wondering, “Is this going to be inappropriate in light of the fact it’s the episode where we reveal that Shay died?” But you have to move on. At that point, I think the viewers want the humor, which is a part of the meal we prepare on the show.

Chicago Fire Season 3 SpoilersTVLINE | Going forward, what’s the toll on Severide and his relationship with Lindsay?
The manifestation of this grief is a guy who is like, “I don’t really care anymore. Who knows if you’re going to be here tomorrow? There’s no use worrying about things. There’s no use worrying about consequences.” So he does his job, and when he punches out, he goes and has a good time. For him, it makes perfect sense. Casey supports it as long as he comes home at night and he’s not wrapped around a tree somewhere, [basically saying] “As long as it takes for him to get this out of his system is fine with me.” Other people are becoming worried about it. Is this a sustained behavior that’s bad for him? And also, is he just avoiding the loss of Shay?… It’s this boisterous behavior that’s somewhat familiar to Severide as the tomcat on the town at night, but it’s slightly hollow because he’s just trying to outpace this grief that even he acknowledges that he hasn’t dealt with yet.

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TVLINE | Is he going to ruin his relationship with Lindsay by doing that?
For the time being, he’s going to do a very good job of ruining that relationship. They’re cut from the same cloth, which is why they came together, but there’s also another side of that, which is he’s not going to be able to run a game on a person like that. She knows, and is sympathetic to, what he’s going through. But she’s not going to be sitting at a table and he shows up late, drunk. She’s not that kind of girl. She’s there as a friend.

TVLINE | Mills’ life appears to be in jeopardy next week. How dangerous is that situation? There’s not going to be another death so soon, is there?
In the room, we were talking about how in the season finale collapse, there were one-and-a-half tragedies or deaths, Shay being the one, [and the half] being Mills because he suffers an injury that makes him reevaluate whether or not he can continue doing the job. He’s faced with a very real injury from that collapse that’s going to impede, if not prevent, him from doing squad.

TVLINE | Are there any lasting or surprising effects from Shay’s death for the other characters?
This whole Molly’s 2 thing takes on a life of its own. That’s a storyline that we sustain through Episode 10, with fits and starts and limited success, involving Cruz and Mouch, who were kind of late to the party on Molly’s 1. But… in keeping with Herrmann’s business acumen, which is not always the best, that blows up in their face a little bit.

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  1. Kubrick says:

    Jeez like they couldn’t kick us anymore while were down.

  2. Roger Canada says:

    Last week this guys tell us to move on, so I’m ready to move on… to CBS.

  3. HeatherC says:

    As much as I’m going to miss Shay, and especially her awesome friendships with Dawson and Severide, I love this entire show and the family that the characters have become on it and I’m excited to see all their journeys this season. It sounds like they’re not glossing over this tragedy like it was blip on the radar (looking at you OUAT….you seem to kill people off and two days later everything is hunky dory…) but really taking their time letting the grief happen and showing how these people keep going in their lives while still missing and mourning their friend. It comes with the territory for first responders so it’s real, raw, painful, and sad, but eventually they find ways to function and live life again. Thanks so much for posting another CF article and please keep up the great CF coverage! =)

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    I want Dawson and Severide to have spontaneous guilt sex. Ohhhh the drama which will ultimately end the relationship between her and Casey. He deserves better. Just my two cents.

    • Cas says:

      Stupid idea!

    • bj says:

      I’m not a big fan of the Dawson/Casey relationship either. I found she had much more chemistry with Mills but she threw him over to go after a Lieutenant. IMHO

      I’m hoping having Mills hurt leads her back to him.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Mills deserves better too. Dawson is so selfish, the more I see of her the more I dislike her. Which is really sad because in s1 I loved all the characters on the show. But as s2 progressed I began to dislike Dawson more and more with each episode. Actually that’s not even true. I feel nothing for her, hahahaha!!!!!

    • sarah j says:

      I too do not like Dawson and Casey, however it sure sounds like they are going to get married!

      • Lani says:

        I just feel like since they hinted how Dawson had such a crush on Casey since the pilot that it has always seem to be the end game. I mean I never would have thought about putting Dawson and Mills together, but I LOVED it. I felt that they grew into a friendship and bonded. It just feels more natural with them. IMO I just feel that Casey and Dawson are just forced together and just feels unnatural. Overall, even if Dawson/Mills never comes to again, I’m fine with that. I rather her be with someone else not named Casey.

  5. Stacy says:

    Nice interview, Vlada. The producers use to be so tight lipped on this show. I’m glad they are starting to open up a little.

  6. Lindsay says:

    So stupid killing Shay

  7. Dakota says:

    Shay was one of my favorite characters. But I’m gonna keep watching cuz I really love this show it’s awesome and I don’t like it when someone dies on a show and people say they are done with the show. People should watch the show because they like everyone or almost everyone or it has good storylines and what not you don’t stop watching becuz one person dies. What that does for the show is it surprises people who didn’t expect that coming and it makes the show more interesting. Because your thinking how is gonna impact the other characters and the story lines it makes you think about all different scenarios that is what gonna happen it gets you pumped for the next episode. That’s what an unexpected death of a favorite character to give not leaving the show becuz one person dies. I’ve had shows where the best characters on the shows died and I still watched it was hard an different but I stayed til the end.

  8. Tran says:

    Fans of Chicago Fire may or may not recover from the aftermath of Shay’s death but I hate to see Season Three go down in flames.

  9. Jess says:

    For those of who are hating on them killing Shay, look at it this way. This is what real firefighters go through. They lose people who are their friends and coworkers. This is nothing new. Being a firefighter and a paramedic is a dangerous job and sometimes the people you work with die. This is part of real life. Just realize that this is just a show.

    • Dys says:

      Based on the many comments over the last week, most people are completely aware of what you posted, but are angered by which character was chosen to make that point. Frequent comments like , “They killed off one of only two main females on the cast”, “they killed off the lesbian”, “this is the third female they’ve killed off,” “It should have been someone else”, etc strongly reflects that.

    • shea mandalay says:

      Dys has it exactly right. I’m not mad they killed off a character, I’m mad they killed off Shay. They couldn’t kill off a male regular/recurring character for a change? Because so far: female 3, male 0. From a cast where men outnumber women four to one. But for other reasons as well: the deep friendship between Shay and Severide was the heart and soul of the show. (Like a lot of people, I couldn’t care less about Dawson/Casey.) Not only was it the most moving and compelling, but as a relationship between a straight man and gay woman, it was actually something fresh and original on TV. Also, the writers’ reason for killing off Shay (“to generate a new storyline”) is just stupid. They themselves said Shay’s character generated a lot of stories–so they eliminate a character who could create a lot of stories in the long term only to create one story in the short term. Even if they milk it, how long are they going to keep making the show about Shay’s death? 10 episodes? And when you think about it, they could’ve achieved the same thing by putting her in a coma for a while. They still would’ve gotten their story about the emotional effects on Dawson and Severide. And the grief storyline isn’t even new. We’ve already seen them deal with the deaths of Rebecca, Hallie and Andy (who doesn’t count as a killed off male regular/recurring character, because he wasn’t a regular/recurring character. He was on the show for like one minute.) Killing off Shay was like sacrificing your queen just to take a pawn.

      • Rose says:

        Repetitive storyline. Every season a male gets injured and fights through the pain not telling anyone about how bad it is and a female dies. Season 1: Severide gets injured and spends all season battling the pain with pills and not telling anyone about it; Casey’s wife/fiance gets killed. Season 2: Casey is injured and spends all season masking the pain and not telling anyone about the side effects; Female firefighter kills herself. Season 3: Mills will have an injury and will probably spend all season fighting the pain/not wanting to talk about it; Shay dies. Wash/rinse/repeat storyline. It’s getting tiring and I’ve stopped watching. I loved Shay and also like her storylines, including her depression arc and her girlfriend woes.

    • jazzluv says:

      yeah but why wasn’t it Casey – he’s a total dick

    • Wizard says:

      REAL fire fighters would have worn helmets. If I want realism, I’ll join a vol fire depart.

  10. I just wish the tragedy wouldn’t spilt up Lindsay and Severide. I want to see them come together in this tragedy.

    • JA says:

      I agree. I hope this means that Severide might ruin what they have in the meantime, but they might find their way back to each other. I thought the relationship was intriguing because A) it was a crossover, and I love to see characters on both shows, and B) they seem like they have an interesting dynamic. I know there’s a huge LIndsay/Halstead following, but I think she and Severide need each other in a way that she and Halstead don’t. Lindsay and Halstead have chemistry, yes, but I don’t see it as something long-term. Eh…really, I’m just happy to have some intriguing story lines, and even though I want Lindsay and Severide together, I’ll just be happy with interesting TV.

      • summer says:

        What you say is what I’ve been saying. Yes, Halstead and Lindsay have great chemistry but Severide and Lindsay have the best potential for a storyline. I’m rooting for them.

  11. Rose says:

    Every season a female dies, and a male gets injured. Season 1: Severide gets injured and spends all season battling the pain and not telling anyone about it; Casey’s wife/fiance gets killed. Season 2: Casey is injured and spends all season masking the pain and not telling anyone about the side effects; Female firefighter kills herself. Season 3: Mills will have an injury and will probably spend all season fighting the pain/not wanting to talk about it; Shay dies. Wash/rinse/repeat storyline. It’s getting tiring and I’ve stopped watching. I loved Shay and also like her storylines, including her depression arc and her girlfriend woes.

  12. ingreenmts says:

    Now watching Person of Interest instead.

  13. Wizard says:

    The writer claimed “Shay” was taken off the table to give the writers more room to work with remaining characters. So, I looked for something creative from this desperately lazy bunch of writers.
    So, what did we get?
    Boden is uncertain about the new baby….Wow.
    Severide is back on the booze and spiraling downward…. Oh, my. Haven’t we see that before?
    Mills is looking for love/family in all the wrong places and is confused…Gee…Seen that before.
    Casey and Dawson are trying to work things out with her new job…Wow…didn’t see that coming.
    Molly’s II…”Wow me!” LMAO!!! What a joke. Is that the new “creative” storyline?
    Is this the new “excitement” we get for killing off Shay?
    I am officially done with is mess.

    • Sass says:

      ^^^ This and the comment above about sacrificing the Queen to get a pawn. Yep. They HAD something unique on TV, and now they just have a bunch of self-obsessed pretty people in peril each week. I officially pass on that.

  14. James says:

    Great job Chicago Fire. Keep up the good work. Also Chicago PD is also a thumbs up

  15. Leeanne says:

    I love Casey and Dawsons relationship and I really hope that they dont separate after what happened with her and Mills………

  16. indya says:

    I really love casey and dawsons relationship. I hope that they gonna fixe this situation.