Castle Premiere Recap: When the Mystery Writer Becomes the Mystery

Casyle Season 7 Rick Amnesia

What in the world happened to Rick Castle?

ABC’s Castle and its characters raised that question — a lot — throughout its Season 7 premiere, and left us still grappling with it even after celebratory champagne flutes were clinked and Rick and Kate readied for their first night together in… a while. Up first, a recap of the twisty, turny hour, and then I’ll take inventory of the clues we have to work with, thus far.

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Picking right up where we left off, Kate quickly realizes that Rick is not in the well-charred car — though he had been at impact, before being dragged away. One wardrobe change later, Kate, with Ryan and Espo, storms a junkyard, where Castle’s cell phone is currently pinging. Upon seeing the Escalade he was supposedly driven away in get crushed by a compactor, they round up the grunt who worked the machinery, but get bupkus (even when Kate crosses a line or two during interrogation).

After being counseled by both Espo and Gates to keep her cool, so that she can best work the case, Kate compares notes with FBI agent Connors, who right up front wonders: Why wasn’t Rick grabbed, more easily, in the city? Why in Long Island, on his wedding day? This suggests that a vendetta against both the groom and bride was at play, so Kate trots out her Castle Season 7files on the likes of Bracken, 3XK and mobster Mickey Barbosa (from the finale). Later, Kate questions another mobster, Vinny Cardano (from Season 5’s “Murder, He Wrote”), who apparently ordered the Escalade to be destroyed — at the request of an unknown client. Tory calls up security cam footage of where the drop was later made, and jaws hit the floor in a collective thud when we see that it was Rick himself who paid for the disposal — and using the cash he had withdrawn days earlier for his “honeymoon.”

Kate takes a moment to collect herself, while Espo and Ryan debate the true level of Rick’s involvement in his own vanishing. When the latter suggests that 3XK has been known to trade in dopplegangers, Kate shoots down the notion, saying she recognized her husband-to-be’s body language. At a loss, Kate turns to Martha and Alexis, asking them if Rick had felt under pressure before the bog day or, worse, expressed any “misgivings.” Martha assures Katherine, “He couldn’t wait” to be her husband.

With the trail growing colder and Castle seemingly complicit in a cover-up, the FBI eases away from the case, but not before handing Kate the question: “Maybe there was a secret side to the many nobody knows?” Kate then dives in in earnest, working the phones and any possible lead — and yet two months pass, with still no answers.  Not until a Coast Guard ship off the coast of Delaware finds an adrift dinghy, with unconscious Rick inside.

Airlifted back home, Rick remains unconscious, so an ever-curious Kate asks Lanie to “take a look at him,” to see what clues she can turn up. (“You do know that living patients aren’t my thing, right?”)Castle Season 7 Lanie later reports back that A) a key stamped with “38” was sewn into the lining of Rick’s jeans, B) she found dengue fever antibodies in Rick’s system and C) he had been shot a few weeks prior. Espo and Ryan meanwhile determine the dinghy’s point of origin to be in Gloucester, Mass., for which they and Kate quickly make tracks. There, they confront Henry Jenkins, a private security firm owner to whom the dinghy belonged. He claims he assumed it floated away or was stolen — and then mentions that a guy matching Rick’s description had been camping down by the dock. The tent they find has many of Rick’s belongings inside, as well as newspaper clippings about his vanishing.

Returning to the hospital more confused than ever, Kate has little patience for joking from an awakened Rick. But when she presses him about what happened, he only remembers the car crash… and then waking up there in the hospital. Nothing else. As for evidence indicating he’d been making money drops and camping, all whilst loved ones search for him Rick contends, “I wouldn’t just leave,” and then insists on seeing the tent site for himself. Once there, he explains that he would never have chosen that spot by the water, given a tsunami phobia he developed while researching a never-completed Derrick Storm novel. Further cementing his theory that this is a frame job, when he and Kate go to re-question Henry Jenkins up the trail, they realize that the man Kate met before was a fake.

Back at the 12th, Rick notes that whomever is behind this mystery has “unlimited resources,” and thus might even be responsible for his memory lapse. But as he tells Alexis, he is committed toCastle Season 7 untangling this web. At bedtime, Rick asks Kate how it is that she never lost hope, and she reveals how she would stare at his photo on the murder board, believing that as long as she did so, he’d remain alive. Rick apologies again for all that Kate has been through — despite his sapped memory, “I do know that I missed you. There’s no way I couldn’t,” he shares —  then acknowledges that things can’t quite be the same between them in the immediate wake of this experience.

But in time, he assures, “We’ll find our way home.”

So, to summarize what we know for certain:
1) Rick was in the car, but was dragged away after the crash.
2) Rick himself paid for the Escalade involved in the crash to be destroyed.
3) Rick was found two months later, in a dinghy off the coast of Delaware.
4) On Rick’s person was a key stamped “38.”
5) Rick’s system tested positive for Dengue fever antibodies.
6) Rick had been grazed by a bullet a few weeks before he was found.
7) The man who passed himself off as Henry Jenkins (played by Scandal‘s Matt Letscher) and apparently staged Rick’s “camping site” was a phony.
8) Series creator Andrew W. Marlowe said this mystery is rooted in a new mythology that will “open up some really interesting aspects of storytelling for the Castle character.”
9) Nathan Fillion, in an interview, suggested that this new, Rick-centric mythology won’t be as dark-n-twisty as Kate’s.
10) And just because it bears repeating: Rick and Kate will wed by the end of 2014.

Did I leave any proven facts off? Oh, and what did you think of the long-awaited season opener?

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  1. Leigh says:

    That was awesome!

  2. Kourt says:

    That was one hell of an episode. Stana Katic’s acting all throughout the episode was just superb. She gave plenty of emotions from shock, anger, sadness, joy, etc. It kinda pissed me off when Beckett questioned Castle about what he did and didn’t remember. Kinda hypocritical because Beckett knows all too well what it’s like to deny remembering things. Season 4 anyone? Overall great premiere. 10 out of 10

    • It was the premiere’s treatment that I disliked the most, she wasn’t the strong female character she has been but a character that couldn’t make up her own mind.

    • Great Point, I was pissed when Espo call Castle a fake and was behind everything. The man has been with you for 7 years you should know him by now and know he wouldn’t do that, that was the only problem with the show I had, blaming Castle for everything….

      • John NYC says:

        But that’s been the Espo character for a number of seasons now: snarky and somewhat off. Brining Kate that coffee was creepy.

      • Lyn Smith says:

        Given the video of Castle dropping of the money at the dumpster, the witness saying he saw Castle walking the edge of the water and Castle’s being the only prints found on everything (belonging to him) at the camping site, I can understand Espo thinking Castle had done this. Espo was angry to think Castle professed to love Beckett so much, yet would have the audacity to plan his own disappearance. This squad is family and to Espo, all evidence pointed to Castle.

    • Grey says:

      And now she knows all to well the hell Rick went through when she completely shut him out of her life for three months after her shooting. The wheel does turn. But like he said, they’ll find there way back home. :)

  3. Mel says:

    One of the worst season premieres i saw recently.
    And I AM a big Castle fan.

    • eridapo says:

      Amnesia… How original.. Not..

      • S. says:

        Shakespeare’s plots were all rehashes. Even the Bard didn’t do original. It’s execution of which you’ve seen very little and Rob Bowman can direct the crap out of an episode so it was excellently crafted. Save your jadedness for a few episodes in so you see how this affects the things we normally see, the case solving, their relationship day to day, etc.

      • Morganic says:

        Are we really calling it amnesia though? It seems to me they are indicated that Rick has been drugged during the two month time jump. I hesitate to call it unoriginal right now.

        • Fran says:

          Yes, your right. Everyone is screaming amnesia but that really doesn’t seem to be the case. Having a fuzzy memory or missing memories from a drugging is completely different than amnesia. That seems to be what the show is going for.

          • KCC says:

            Amnesia: loss of a large block of interrelated memories; complete or partial loss of memory caused by brain injury, shock, etc.
            The first part of the definition fits Castle’s current state, but it’s all semantics.

          • Fran says:

            Thanks KCC. I guess I should say that it doesn’t appear (to me) to be just a convenient amnesia plotline, but a result of a drugging that will hopefully play out more in future episodes. We shall see.

          • bj says:

            It sounds more like dissociative amnesia since he’s lost time but knows everything else about his life.

          • lkh says:

            fugue state?

        • Jamey says:

          My thoughts were the Bourne Identity… would make for a fun new mythology

        • sharona says:

          The only mystery that had me baffled was how Becket ‘s hair extensions ended up on her boss. Whoever does the hair on the show has never met a real female cop.

        • Gail Brown says:

          I don’t think it was amnesia but was caused by his being drugged. I kept saying,
          “Castle just wouldn’t DO that!!” After two months and seeing all the newspapers in the tent, I, too, began to think he was faking his death.


        • Lyn Smith says:

          That’s what I was thinking, drug induced amnesia.
          I have to admit, not too many network shows grab me the way Castle has. Though, Castle’s kidnapping on his wedding day is a little odd, it isn’t so hard to grasp when thinking about the cases they’ve just concluded. Richard Castle isn’t just another mystery writing author anymore, he is considered a member of the New York Police Department by many. His name and face are all over the place already and now connected to many crimes.
          It will make the upcoming episodes quite interesting to see how all this unfolds.

      • Miss Rozie says:

        I’m wondering if, what Rick has, is not amnesia but what he is exhibiting is someone who has been hypnotized in some way & still is, or he has some lingering affects from having dengue fever antibodies in his system or he was drugged to alter that memory part of his brain. All I know is that ALL of the characters put on one helluva fabulous premiere last night, especially, Stana Katic. I don’t recall the intensity or drama in any episode as much as last nights. I noticed in the early scenes that Kate had her long hair & not wearing her engagement ring but once Rick was found, her hair was shorter & she was wearing her ring. Showed me the passing of time & while trying to take care of herself & do her best to find the love of her life. Her ability to portray the range of emotions she was going through was just so great, especially when they were about to go to bed sitting at the foot of it, you could just tell how exhausted she was but was so relieved & happy she was, where she was & with whom … and the love story continues. :-)

    • knd says:

      I’m with you on all points. Epic failure

    • MCO says:

      -Convenient amnesia
      -I still can’t believe that any of the character would think that Castle was willingly involved in all of this. After all this time ? When you have friends like this, you don’t need enemies
      – Castle apologizing to Beckett…when he was the one that got kidnapped and all that stuff. But you know “sorry I though even of one second that you might be lying to me”, mysteriously lacking
      -Why but oh Why they immediatly reached the conclusion that Castle willingly drop the money but never mentionned the obvious “yes someone threaten him into doing it” ?
      – Why didn’t they called one of the person they worked with within other agencies such as CIA, Homeland Security or really anyone else to help find Castle ? They could have help and they owe them.
      – Also, why they didn’t ask someone from his publisher if maybe there’s a fan that seems a little weird. I don’t know about you, but a writer that got kidnapped, I think misery.

      • Also, I keep wonder why Esposito is even considered a friend, or even a good cop, when he pretty much just sees the worst in every case.

        • abz says:

          That was what bothered me the most about the episode, even moreso that the lame amnesia storyline. I really dislike Esposito sometimes. From the moment they saw the video of Castle dropping off the cash, he was against him and questioning Castle without giving him the benefit of the doubt. They’ve been working together for 6 years and been through so much and yet Esposito is always the quickest to jump ship and suspect his supposed “friends”.
          I kind of wish they’d add a new supporting character to the team at the precinct to freshen things up (or preferably for me replace both the Ryan and Esposito characters on the show because they are tired characters and are pretty expendable IMO).

          • Fran says:

            I like Ryan and don’t want him to go, but Esposito I could do without. His snotty dismissal of Castle seemed to come out of nowhere and I just don’t get it. I wonder if we’ll ever get an explanation of this.

          • Stormy says:

            Espo is the cynical one and Ryan is the optimistic one. Always have been. I disagree about replacing either of them. They are in a sense part of an extended family and have been through a lot together. That’s like saying “I want a new family, I’m bored with these people.”

          • I want Ryan to stay because even though he is every part as incompetent as Espo, Ryan is more like Shaggy from Scooby Doo which means they need to replace Espo with a Great Dane

        • Matthew Weber says:

          What if Espo is behind it all? He has been unfriendly to Castle for a couple years now, and he didn’t blink once that video was shown; jumping right on the Castle did it all by himself bandwagon.

          Crazy theory, I know. But maybe he’s secretly in love with Beckett, and wants her for himself.

          • Boiler says:

            You have to be kidding!!

          • bj says:

            I think they were feeling Beckett’s pain so deeply that they needed someone immediate to blame and the evidence was pretty damning. Don’t forget it had been two months too. (They didn’t do a good job of making that time break so evident, to me at least.)

            I also missed a sense of relief from everyone except his mother and daughter.

            I was also surprised that the bullet wound wasn’t brought up when they were asking him questions. Although I’m picturing Castle’s face if she mentioned it, and he checked, and maybe comic relief just wasn’t called for at that point.

            I’m definitely looking for some healing next week. The poor guy thinks he was gone for a few hours after a car accident and they’re treating him like a pariah. He must be so hurt.

          • E. L. Dawson says:

            Espo, looks at Beckett as a big sister. that’s all

        • KCC says:

          Esposito is a cop, suspecting people is what he does and it appears to be in his nature. I think that’s what make Esposito and Ryan such great partners. Esposito sees the worst in people and Ryan sees the best and is willing to give them the benefit of the doubt (not a good trait for a cop.) Together they balance each other out.

          • Matthew Weber says:

            I do agree with you. I know it was a crazy theory. And if it did go that direction fans would be so mad.

          • W.J. says:

            Agreed! I don’t always like Espo’s knee-jerk responses, but it works to keep these partners balanced and moving forward, case after case.

          • I think it’s worse to see the worst in people when you’re a cop because it’s “innocent until proven guilty” not the other way around.

        • John NYC says:

          And his bringing Kate that coffee? That’s her and Castle’s thing (and her expression as she caught sight of the container reflected that) so that was totally creepy. He’s been written unnecessarily snarky for a while but creepy is new. And not a welcome new either.

      • S. says:

        Uh dear, it wasn’t “convenient” amnesia. It was something done to him for reasons we don’t yet know. This isn’t a soap opera. He didn’t hit his head. He was used for some reason that’s part of a new mythology. They didn’t give him amnesia as some silly plot thing only to mine it for cheese. What’s convenient about being gone for 2 months, testing everyone you left behind, and efforts to cover up the real reason for his disappearance? Big picture.

      • Matt H says:

        Yeah, the most predictable, contrived, no regard for established character of the characters and their behavior, etc. I could have possibly feared. Worthless.

        They’ve lost a six season family of fans here. So lame.

      • april-ann says:

        @ MCO. I agree. This is a trust issue. How can she suspect him of anything like that after all they have been through together – and HE’s apologizing to HER? It also bothered me at the end when he said that he knew things couldn’t be the same between them right now, and she agreed. Why not? He’s not dead, he’s finally BACK. Can’t she just be happy about that? She has serious trust issues. I’m not sure now I want them to get married anytime soon, if she doesn’t trust him.

    • Yeah, one of the worst episodes I’ve seen so far in the new season, second only to Once Upon a Time’s premiere.

    • S. says:

      One of the worst? Hardly. You were probably royally mad at the finale and stayed that way.

      • Mel says:

        i actually think is one of the worst i ever seen.
        The story is incredible lame and full of holes. (And not the kind of holes that are there on purpose to be explained later, i meant the crappy story ones)
        This show is been all about good writing, well this is all but that. Let’s be real, there’s only 2 ways to go here, either Castle is lying witch goes totally against the character you’ve seen till now or you have a master conspiracy that involves some fantasy stuff like erasing specific amount of time without any kind of brain scar or any kind of drugs in the system. Like a known author goes Bourne for 2 months and no one has seen him? It’s just bad writing in my opinion.
        Even the pace of the episode was bad.

        In the end it’s all about opinions, mine has nothing with the finale, (witch i kinda like, specially the last part) i simply hated the episode itself.

    • Alli says:

      it wasn’t too bad; it could have been better.they better fill in the blanks otherwise it will be the worst beginning to a show.

      • Bill says:

        I just hope they don’t go down the road of Castle actually being a “secret operative” for some organization, like his Dad is. After all these seasons of him being backoff-ish in dangerous situations, it just wouldn’t play right that he is actually pretty knowledgeable in defending himself and a secret agent type.

    • abby mcneil says:

      I agree. I was so disappointed with the behaviors of pretty much everyone except Kate. How could anyone who knows Castle think he would do a deliberately cruel and despicable act as to fake a kidnapping on his wedding day? Espo’s reaction just didn’t compute for me. Castle adores his daughter and Kate (as well as his mother). He would never set out to hurt them like that. And after he has already been framed for murder once, by the 3XK killer, why wouldn’t they think it was happening again? I love the idea of a new back story/plot line but was totally put off my the behaviors of many of the main characters. Even Castle didn’t seem shaken, scared and furious when he realized what had happend

    • Shari says:

      Agree — very disappointed in this episode.

    • Of 7 season premieres, I would rate DRIVEN no better than # 6 for this series. As someone who senses a major shift in the creative direction of CASTLE, I guess I may have to settle for just the 40 CASTLE FAVORITES that I saved to date as nothing that I’ve seen in S7 comes close to qualifying for that list. Oh well.

  4. Anthony says:

    I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it. Beckett rocked throughout the hour, but the story and fallout wasn’t as engaging. I have waaay to many questions. I hope the follow through is amazing because I’m still pissed about last year’s finale. But I will say Welcome Back, Castle.

    • c-mo says:

      But the questions are what made it so good! I would have felt so completely cheated if this new mythology was wrapped within an hour. I’m looking forward to getting even more questions in the weeks/months to come.

      • Morganic says:

        I totally agree with you on this. As much as I want to know what exactly is going on, the buildup is absolutely necessary. It could probably be argued that the buildup was during the finale and the nature progression would be to resolve it during the premiere. But I think there’s something to be said for making is wait. It keeps, me at least, invested. For example-Spoilet Alert
        When we discovered who the killer was on Bones. It was touched on in about two episodes but with only one episode fully devoted to it-until a seemingly unrelating case, in the middle of a bunch of totally unrelated episodes, solves the case. I felt. Disappointed. Seemed a little to easy. You have a random character from a previous episode with virtually no screen time be your big baddie. It felt a bit like the rug was being pulled out from under me. And not in a good “oh I did not see that coming!” way. NOW-I don’t want a ton of time to pass before we ins out what the deal is. But I appreciate the commitment to the follow through. They can’t have Rick disappear right before his wedding and then have a perfect answer with a nice neat bow on it fifteen mins into the premiere. That’s just lazy.

      • Beazer says:

        I agree!

    • John NYC says:

      Apparently they’re using it as a setup episode so there’s going to be a lot of “unfinished business” feel to it of necessity.

  5. Carmen Rodriguez says:

    Loved the episode. So many twists to the story. Stana covered a full range of emotions. Can’t wait for the next episodes. Well done writing team!

  6. Lauren says:

    I think I felt betrayed on Castle’s behalf that all of his closest friends and even Kate for a bit could think he contrived all of that. It was disappointing that they would jump on the “Castle is guilty” bandwagon so easy. I figured they’d recall when 3XK framed him and made everything seem so legit then as well, but no.

    • S. says:

      You missed it then, they DID recall that. Then they ruled it out. Kate recognized him as more than just his face in the video. There’s something new at work. They didn’t jump on a bandwagon easily. The evidence indicated something they couldn’t explain otherwise until new facts presented themselves later.

    • abz says:

      I felt the same way. It’s like all that time they’ve been friends and worked together meant nothing. I really felt bad for Castle.
      This episode was quite disappointing. The fact that they delayed the wedding for this mythology and amnesia storyline was stupid. I always knew how similar this show was to Bones, but each season I just see the similarities increase. This entire storyline-type was done on Bones last season where main duo of the show’s wedding was delayed due to some outside criminal force. So annoying and showing that they’re probably running out of story.

    • Katherine215 says:

      That’s not really fair. They’re investigators, trained to follow evidence. The evidence was screaming that Castle was involved. I think it’s natural to question the situation and Castle. In the end, they believed in him because they knew him and kept searching for him. And anyone who says the first question out of their mouth to their significant other in that situation isn’t “where the heck have you been?!” is deceiving themselves.

  7. ANON R says:

    Loved Stana Katic in the episode but the episode itself was eh. Some of the reactions to Castle’s disappearance and eventual reappearance felt a little out of character to me or didn’t make sense. Too many questions and not enough explaining.

  8. Tee Oh says:

    Amnesia? Really? Come on, that is so overused in television. How often in the real world do you ever hear of someone actually having amnesia? This now the third time Castle has used it, one real, one fake and now what?

    • Larry says:

      so what if its not like real life, its TV

    • S. says:

      How often do you know people who get kidnapped, held for 2 months in some capacity, and manipulated so that they forget what happened for a reason they of course would’ve forgotten. They needed him to forget for some reason. We’ll find out why and who “they” are. This isn’t so simple as Rick just needs to go to places he used to be until he snaps out of it. Other people are involved in deliberate amnesia. How many people on tv have deliberately caused amnesia? Most of the time it’s accidental or something.

      • lkh says:

        actually, I know lots and lots of people like that–really

      • KCC says:

        So far almost all the evidence appears to be that Castle faked his own abduction. There’s only the guy at the trailer with the fake ID and he could be in on Castle’s plan. Paid by Castle to hang out and when the cops show up, feed them the story. Thus, allowing Castle to return after whatever he was up to during his absence and faking his “memory loss” once the cops discover the guy was a fake.
        The writers appear to want us to accept Castle’s version of what happened but IMO didn’t give me enough clues to doubt the current “evidence.”

    • Fran says:

      I have to disagrew. Okay, so amnesia is overused. So is the storyline of two main characters getting together but no one has a problem with that here. If we’re taking real life, how realistic is it that every murder case magically gets solved quickly? Or to go back to the premise of the show, how was a mystery writer able to follow the cops around everywhere they go with no formal training? To be involved in high profile cases and national security with no consequences? This is a television show, not the real world, so of course things are going to be a little unrealistic. At least they didn’t make Castle have complete amnesia and not remember Kate or his family at all. THAT would be a lame plot device but this one actually seems to have a purpose.

      • Vickie says:

        I agree totally with your comments, Fran! I can’t wait to see how this plays out. I read last night that the wedding will happen in Ep. 6.

      • DL says:

        Not only that, but with the exception of one episode, Castle, Kate, and co. never seem to have to testify in court during the trials of the murderers they put away. I rewatched most of the series recently, and there was one episode they even mentioned having to do that. Expecting the show to be realistic is silly. I love the outrageous plots, the great characters, and outstanding performances. And yeah, I was afraid they’d give him complete amnesia, which I wouldn’t have been cool with. The short term amnesia I’m fine with since it seems like it’s part of the developing mystery, and that it’s not just from “trauma.” It was brought on somehow, by those who kidnapped him. Only thing I didn’t get was why when they were still searching for him and saw the video of him with the cash, no one brought up that he could’ve been coerced into leaving it, by someone threatening Kate, his mom, or Alexis (or all three).

        • Fran says:

          You’re right, another good point! I just find it strange that all of a sudden people are talking about how the show isnt realistic, because when was it ever? I do agree that it was puzzling why no one brought up the coercion angle. Maybe that will be discussed further in future episodes. I also thought emotion was missing from Martha and Alexis, I would have thought they would both be freaking out.

          • Huskygrl says:

            Don’t you remember all the angst over the bit of the finale where all the “realists” got all bent because there was NO WAY Kate could have been married before and the cops, FBI and whoever would have found it in her background check? I kept saying that all fiction required suspended disbelief but oh no! It was all about the lousy writing, directing, blah, blah… I think there are some people who claim to be fans of popular programs just to try to show off in their complaints. Thought the episode was lots of fun, just like I thought the finale was. I’m excited to be learning more about Castle and can’t wait to see what they find. Although I will admit that I wanted many times during the premier to jump in and defend Castle when they were doubting him – I guess they didn’t get the memo about him being the hero of this show!😉

          • Fran says:

            Lol about the memo :). And yes, I DO remember that now! Guess I should have seen it coming then.

        • Pandamonimom says:

          It wasn’t Castle. Hair color was wrong and the man was smaller. It was Jenkins imposter disguised as Castle. He made a point of looking at the camera.

      • W.J. says:

        Kudos, Fran! You said it, sister!

    • TRivera says:

      Dengue fever and amnesia are two different medical problems.

      • lkh says:

        Actually, if ya gits bit by one of them there infected skeeters and ya git that dengue fever and yar hipoocampus becomes involved ya git amnesia–da da!

  9. JAB says:

    This was the worst Castle season premiere of the entire series, which has apparently run it’s course and should be put to bed.


    They rob the fans of the wedding for an amnesia storyline. How not epic.

    Not their best effort by far.

    • Fran says:

      It hasn’t run its course- you just no longer personally enjoy it. That’s fine though, you’re allowed to feel that way. But there are plenty of stories that can still be told from this. They just might not be ones that you want to watch.

    • Pandamonimom says:

      Plus the acting was stilted. It was as if the actors didn’t like the plot either.

  10. c-mo says:

    Matt, will you keep a scorecard for us so we can refer back as we get more clues? Thanks! :)

  11. Lindsey says:

    Can there be a rating for “meh”?

    It wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad, it was just dumb. I mean, I just don’t get what the point is; why introduce new “mythology” at this point in the game? There’s plenty of other loose threads to clear up without mucking up Castle’s character (3XK, Daddy!Castle, etc.). I guess I’ll just have to see where this leads, but so far, I’m not that excited about what this means for this season’s arc.

    I also got the feeling that the writers haven’t even decided what will happen next; they’ll wait it out and see what the fans think, and then make some decisions then about what this means for the show.

    I think my biggest problem is that this never once felt like an episode of Castle, it had the same characters, but it didn’t feel like the same show. Hopefully things will get back to normal in an episode or two (as I imagine this plot line will be dropped until November/February sweeps).

  12. taran63 says:

    Can I vote an “I” for Incomplete? I can’t decide if I liked this episode or not. We didn’t really learn anything; no viewers really thought that Castle was dead. The episode moved at a decent pace, but at the end of it, not only did we not learn anything, but it seems like nothing actually happened. Like I said, I’m not sure how I feel about it, but it seems like less of a complete episode then even the 1st half of any of the previous 2-part episodes.

  13. Schpug says:

    I have to say I am totally disappointed with Kate’s reaction to all of it. She was way to ready to believe that castle would do all of those things. Every thing these two characters have been through, and she doesn’t believe him at all… I still love Castle, but this episode was a total let down.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Even though she loves him, there will always be a small part of her who thinks she is just a cop and he is someone famous and that he will eventually move on like he did with his other wives. I do think they will weather this storm and be stronger as a couple, but that doubt will probably always creep up for Beckett even though he (twice) was willing to get blown up by a bomb with her than leave her to die alone.

  14. loki1020 says:

    This was one of the most unsatisfying episodes to date. I’d rank it up there with the season finale (aside from Stana’s acting, that is). I understand they want to set up a new storyline for Castle, but this episode just left me feeling “meh” (again, Stana’s acting aside).

  15. Tran says:

    The new show-runner on Castle will do just fine but I hope Castle fans should recover by now. I give the Season 7 premiere of Castle a B.

  16. Jkl says:

    Stana Katic was amazing! There were nice moments with Beckett, Espo, Seamus and Lanie.
    The others are ok.

  17. James D says:

    Holly crap That was amazing! what else can be said. I said outloud What the heck is happening at least three times during the course of the episode. Fantastic set-up for new mythology because it stays true to the character of Castle, he’s a goofy life loving guy but their always seems to be something under the surface. I’m not sure I buy Nathan when he says this won’t be as dark and twisty as Beckett, I mean it obviously doesn’t have anything to do with the murder of one of his loved ones, so it won’t be dark in that way, but my guess is some serious you know what is going to go down. Have such a great feeling about this season. I hope and pray that this isn’t the end of the show. Beckett got seven season to solve her mystery Castle deserves at least half that. Awesome. eagerly await next weeks episode.

  18. TacoB says:

    That was amazing. Stana Katic totally slayed the episode.

  19. Tolo says:

    That was one oddly paced episode that really didn’t go anywhere. Amnesia…really?!? Besides from Badass!Beckett, I’m giving it a “meh.”

  20. JJ says:

    I found this much more entertaining than last season’s finale, and am now looking forward to the rest of the season which I wasn’t really before the premiere.

  21. Liz says:

    I will just say this
    Season premiere = Stana EFFED Katic

  22. Jenni says:

    So everyone is so loyal to Castle that they all jump on the “he’s guilty” bus? Even if they thought he might in some weird alternate universe put Kate through that, how can they even consider he’d put Alexis through it? That was disgraceful characterization.
    I’m not even going to mention the cliche of amnesia.
    Just terrible and I’m really upset with the characters reaction to Castle. Topping it all off with Rick apologizing for something he had no recollection of? I can’t even.
    I honestly think that’s me walking away from the show for good.

    • MCO says:

      I won’t walk away from the show, but when I heard Rick apologizing, after the trust they didn’t show in him, I have to admit my first though was “I’m done”.
      I’ll give the show another shot untill mid-season but, that’s because I loved it until today, and I want to trust that they will do better.

    • Brigitte says:

      I agree that I kept thinking that Castle would never leave Alexis to think he was dead. If he didn’t want to get married he would have just called it off. And why would he have pulled that much cash out for a honeymoon? And who travels with cash anyway? Just odd writing. I am not out (love Nathan too much) but am disappointed.

      • Annie says:

        It was hard to believe that no one, not even Ryan, knew that Castle wouldn’t leave Martha and Alexis that way. At heart Castle is a strong man who wouldn’t have a problem telling Kate he didn’t want to get married. And, I agree, Castle apologizing for something he had no control over while Kate never once even admits that she doubted him really struck me. I enjoyed the episode (anything would be an improvement after the finale) but I like Beckett, Ryan, and Espo a little less after this episode.

  23. GPJ says:

    All the lead up from Amann and Marlowe was about Castle and his new mythology. But I have to say, what I found most compelling was Kate’s reactions, drive to get answers, and Stana Katic’s performance was heartbreaking at times. I love Nathan Fillion and he was good in this. But she knocked it out of the park….again. She gets better each year. Nice job all involved. Hour flew by !!

    • Harvey says:

      Nathan hardly had any scene of his own, so obviously, the episode was never made for Nathan.

    • Allie says:

      Exactly my thoughts. I base my rating of an episode by how fast the time goes during it and this one flew by. From the moment she sees the car burning to them sitting on their bed, I was totally immersed in the story.

  24. Jooshua says:

    I have a feeling that it’s actually 3.8 that is stamped on the key.

  25. Joe Macro says:

    Here we go, no wedding and not one anytime soon. They can not pick up where they,10 to one, if there is a wedding! It will be the season finale in April. What a crock.

  26. jrex says:

    Maybe he’s secretly Jason Bourne with an alternate personality? Also still suspect his father is somehow involved.

  27. BetiSA says:

    Great premiere, one of the best I’ve seen this year. (and I watched almost all of them) We are confused, and this was the goal of the writer, questions without answers makes this season 7 more exciting. And after watching the promo of the episode 2 I can say: that’s what I have waited for so long, continuity in the storyline!!

  28. BetiSA says:

    as Nathan said, haters gonna hate. :P

  29. namegoeshere says:

    Loved this premiere! Can’t wait to see what happens next! Intrigue. And as long as Castle and Beckett are together, I’m along for the ride.

  30. So criticizing amnesia …. Although not a new idea, I found valid

    • BetiSA says:

      I agree!! It is fit very well with the storyline. Most of the “new ideas” on tv that people love have been written before, all of them. Some people are always ready to criticise Castle, is the new trend. :p

  31. namegoeshere says:

    P.S. Stana Katic is amazing, and when you think you know what she’ll do, she kicks it up another notch. She nailed every scene. Aw, Beckett. Kudos to the whole Castle team/production/writers. So many good moments with the rest of the cast, too.

  32. This episode went a really long way and answered nothing in a way that didn’t have the charm the show is known for.

  33. Lisa says:

    Was prepared to be dissapointed but I liked it. Never thought about everyone, except Martha and Aexis, thinking Castle disappeared on his own until I read comments here, but yes that did kind of stink.

    Anyway, excited to see what happened to Castle over the course of the season.

  34. S. Yeager says:

    Great acting by the core four, sorry Yanks, and Susan Sullivan.

    Tough to comment on story until all is revealed. The single episode had too many elements and too few answers. I’m sure that will be resolved in future episodes.

  35. Bruce says:

    Methinks the writers managed to jump the shark. Love the show, but this “mythology” crap is both unnecessary and tedious.

  36. Christina says:

    Enjoyable episode, but I’ve gotta say, I too was disappointed by how quickly Espo jumped to blaming Castle. I love that Ryan held out for two months, and I’ll concede that maybe the tent would’ve pushed a normal person into losing faith. I really can’t believe Beckett would be that cold to Castle in the hospital though.
    Overall, Martha and Alexis are the only two reactions I totally feel were in character.
    How was no mention made about even contacting his Dad? I know they can’t get James Brolin often, but you’d think they’d mention him at least reaching out about his missing son..

    • TRivera says:

      Not if Brolin’s wife, Barbara Striesand(sic) has anything to say about it.Am I the only one who feels that at least one character, Javi, doesn’t have to kiss Castle’s shoes like Ryan does? Otherwise, a Rick love fest would be boring. Kate confusion and being laid back about Castle after everything she had uncovered before their first meeting was understandable. Then Castle started giving his explanation which wasn’t available to her until then. But as I saw in 7×2 promo, she tells Lanie that she will trust Castle no matter what the evidence points to. Now, that’s love. BTW, Stana did a wonderful job of acting with an array of feelings being shown. Her body slam of that Bubba dude was rather cool, Bada$$ Becket!

      • Fran says:

        I wouldn’t have a problem with Esposito not kissing up to Castle, but it seemed to come on out of nowhere. One episode he was fine with him and the next he was being really snarky and rude. It just seemed strange to me and without warning. I agree that Kate’s confusion was normal and understandable, and the promo was nice.

      • lkh says:

        that guy was wearing lots and lots of padding. Ha

    • KCC says:

      Castle’s dad is currently considered a murderer and a fugitive from the US Government as part of his cover. I don’t think he’s listed in the phonebook or has given his number to anyone. From what we’ve been told only Beckett, Martha and Alexis know about Castle’s dad being in the CIA. I’d be surprised if he is or becomes involved in the new mythology.

  37. Castle’s reaction to the whole thing was the most unnatural part of the whole episode. I was missing for two months? Huh? Lol sorry conspiricy….He either knows exactly where he was and what he was doing or that was very poorly written. He should be traumatised as all hell. He should be screaming to the heavens asking what happened to him. He should be frantic. He should be begging people to believe him and help him.

    • DarkDefender says:

      He took it as well as Sydney did on ALIAS and she lost 2 whole years!

    • KCC says:

      I totally agree. He should be more like he was when 3XK framed him for murder. He should also be more concerned about be abducted again. For all anyone knows he escaped and still in danger. You would think he would hire a body guard. All the evidence shows he willingly left so they won’t get any official help.

  38. Jer says:

    The unfinished Derrick Storm novel fits into all of this some how.

  39. Natalie V. says:

    Shades of Alias, “You’ve been missing for almost two years.” Should be interesting to see it unfold.

  40. grace says:

    it would be cool if nathan fillion started showing up for work in body AND mind. castle was like a dead fish in the majority of that episode.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Cut him some slack. Car crash, shot at, probably hunted down on some tropical island for sport and he escapes it all .. To forget what happened (they dropped a hint it could be a drug induce amnesia) and think he was just in the hospital recovering from a car crash the day before. Just drifting at sea in the sun.. He was lucky to be walking around so soon.

  41. Sally Ramsey says:

    I really liked it but I could have done without the amnesia device. It would have been less tropish if Rick knew what but not why. There still would have been a mystery.

  42. skrable2 says:

    Amnesia? What next … evil twins?

    • RBA says:

      Marlowe is holding that one for this season’s finale… The Castle they found today is the evil twin, and the real Castle will turn up in last episode when Kate announces her pregnancy..

  43. Lois says:

    I wish I were Castle and had amnesia just to forget that this episode even existed. Worst. Episode. Ever.

  44. Jamie says:

    Such a tired trope. The friendships these characters have built over many years is cheapened when they so easily lose their faith in their friend. Meh.

  45. Fran says:

    I liked it! The amnesia made sense in this storyline and didn’t feel clichéd to me. Of course I knew people would hear the word “amnesia” and immediately go off about it. Honestly I didn’t expect some people to like this episode no matter what they did. This show has the toughest fandom I know and sometimes you can’t please everyone. I however am intrigued by the mystery. Kaye having little doubts about Castle doesn’t feel wrong to me- it feels realistic. Yes, she knows in her heart that he would never do that her or his family, but she’s human! Unpleasant thoughts creep into our minds even when we don’t want them to. I also have no problem with Rick apologizing to Kate. Again, its realistic to me. Its only natural to feel bad when someone you love has been put through that, whether you had anything to do with it or not, and whether you even remembered it or not. If you really care about someone it’s a natural response. I know not everyone feels the same way- but I would find it boring if they got married at the season finale, then spent this entire season only solving mysteries together, with boring little subplots thrown in. This isnt real life. Its a tv show and we need some mystery to make it interesting. This is just my opinion though. I really enjoyed the premiere.

    • Matthew Weber says:

      Totally agree with you there. The fandom for this show is completely bipolar. Either you like everything the show does or you hate it.

      I for one am on board for anything they do. I love the show, Stana Katic is an amazing actress, and the stories are entertaining.

      Can’t wait for next week.

      • Fran says:

        Its an especially tough fandom and some will literally never be satisfied. That isn’t to say that I always love all the storylines or that I’m always 100% percent satisfied either, because I’m not. But the stories are always entertaining for me too and I don’t take everything so seriously. Its always been a fun mystery show to me and continues to be so. I can’t wait for next week either :)

      • PacIsleRocks says:

        Matt, I totally agree about the fandom. Your use of bipolar was spot on. As an example, Fandom on Facebook are the worst generally speaking. Stana is the reason I watch the show as she has grown as an actress. She showed a full range of emotions in 7×1. Not to mention body slamming that Bubba dude..Badass Beckett!! I am looking forward to several more seasons of the show.

      • lkh says:

        I’m not sure I agree with you when you use the term bipolar. I assume you don’t mean bipolar disorder-’cause then, of course, you get back and forth. If you mean extreme, I really think most people express liking or disliking some episodes or some parts of episodes and usually give a reason for it. There are a few who always just say things like “I love it” or “I hate it and am leaving” etc, but I don’t think that is everyone by a long shot. I think we are getting much more thought and analysis than that ‘simplicity’ expressed here. But I also think those who say the above, why not?

      • Boiler says:

        Ditto with others

    • Katherine215 says:

      Completely agree! It feels like some fans forget this is a tv show sometimes…

  46. VB says:

    I thought it was a great episode. I loved the intensity, the uncertainty, the directing (Bowman – woot!),and Stana did a very good job tonight. I’m very interested to see where this goes. I only had one, small niggling complaint-near the end I thought they moved on too quickly back to the dramedy feel-for a brief moment. It threw me off a bit because it was so different in tone from the rest of the episode. They came back from it though with the conversation in the room between Kate and Rick. And, I’m glad that they’re going for realism and making them have to work (a bit) to get back to where they were after such a traumatic event. Overall, I loved it. Great action, liked the writing and BAMFy Kate is always a win. Great write-up, as always, Matt. :)

  47. Ashton says:

    I think it set up a new story arch which the show needed. I just wasn’t crazy about the time jump. I’ll get over though, excited for the season

    • TRivera says:

      I was ok with the time jump. Two months is just enough time to set up the big mystery of his kidnapping, being found adrift and his behavior upon being found. What does dengue fever have to do with his disappearance? Looking forward to all of Season 7.

      • lkh says:

        Dengue fever. Castle has antibodies. I think they’re using it to imply a location where he might have been during his 2 month stint. Dengue fever is prevalent in Central America, South America and the Caribbean (Puerto Rico-ouch). One can see it in South Asia, SE Asia and Australia, blah, blah. We have had in the US particularly along the Texas border–usually in the South, but also there was an outbreak in Hawaii. However, just having antibodies doesn’t necessarily indicate a recent infection (one can tell more if you determine the type of antibody–yikes, I’m not trying to turn this into Sherlock or Forever). But antibodies can be present for a lifetime. Anyway, it is transmitted to humans via the bite of a mosquito–the same one that can transmit yellow fever. I agree, I think it is being overlooked as a clue, but I think it’s simply being used to indicate that it might have been in one of these locations during this 2 month time period. So sorry–some strange behavior just took over my body–I’m back now.

        • lkh says:

          ps. a very severe case, if it involves the brain, can result in amnesia–extremely rare.

          • Huskygrl says:

            Ok so do we know of any previous perp with a connection to those tropical climates? Has Rick ever talked about doing research in the tropics, or going there with an ex? I also agree with who ever previously said I think the Derrick Storm novel or at least the research for it is going to prove important.

  48. Flick says:

    So so amazing. I didn’t even notice the whole amnesia thing till I read these comments. I thought it was very organic to the story – I mean, I’m speechless as to what’s going to happen. But I’m super excited!!

    I have plenty of faith that this season is gonna kick ass. Bring it!

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