Outlander Midseason Finale Recap: April, Come She Will

Outlander Season 1 recap

We have seen the future and it is black, jack.

Because if it’s not bad enough that the Outlander midseason finale leaves its heroine bent over a table with her skirts around her ears and a blade pressed to some very sensitive bits, we now have to wait seven months to see how everything resolves!

Good thing the Starz drama gives us plenty to think about in the interim. Chiefly: Who among us — particularly among those with well-worn copies of Diana Gabaldon’s novel — would’ve thought it possible to feel so much sympathy for Frank, Claire’s abandoned-in-the-future husband? Thanks to some added scenes and Tobias Menzies’ skill, Frank is far more present . I mean, I’m still an ardent admirer of Big Red, but now I feel just the tiniest bit bad about it.

So sing me a song of a lass that will be gone until April, and let’s review “Both Sides Now.”

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THE LEFTOVER | We start the episode in 1940s at the Inverness Police Station, AKA Frank’s second home in the seven weeks since Claire went missing. He’s convinced the Highlander he saw outside their bed-and-breakfast is somehow involved. The cops are, too, except they think it’s far more likely that Frank’s beret-wearing suspect is Claire’s lover rather than her kidnapper. “My wife is not with another man,” Frank says testily…

SECOND CHANCE | … just as we cut to Claire with another man: Jamie. “Is it usual, what it is between us?” he asks her, eyes full of love and lust. “Is it always so between a woman and a man?” She acknowledges that what they feel is different than the norm, clasping his hand and looking just about as gone as he is.

The sweet moment is broken by an arrow hitting the ground near them, but no worries! It’s only Hugh Munro, a mute and crippled pal of Jamie’s who happened upon Dougal’s men and came looking for his friend. Upon hearing of the wedding, Hugh gifts Claire with a dragonfly preserved in a lump of amber. He’s got goodies for Jamie, too: news of an English deserter named Horrocks who says he witnessed Jamie’s escape from Fort William and will swear that young Fraser didn’t kill the sergeant he’s accused of offing. Horrocks wants to meet with Jamie, which makes the new groom giddy; if the price is off his head, he can take Claire home to his family’s estate, Lallybroch. (Side note: Jamie-Claire sex is hot, but Jamie-Claire hugs are damn near as satisfying. He just looks so happy.)

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THE SASSENACH LEARNS TO FIGHT | Later, after Dougal’s gang sustains an ambush by some bandits, Jamie decides that Claire needs to learn how to defend herself. Ned hands her his sgian dhu — a tiny knife usually kept in one’s sock — and she wields it as Angus shows her where and how to strike to kill. The men, including Jamie, watch approvingly, and Claire looks so proud of herself as she marks what would be a fatal blow to Willie, who’s standing in as her tackling dummy.

Meanwhile, back in the 1940s, Frank meets up with a woman who says she knows where to find the Highlander. She’s lying, which Frank realizes two seconds before beating the MacSnot out of the two thugs who try to roll him for the reward money. The Rev. Wakefield’s housekeeper, Mrs. Graham, makes Frank aware of the superstition about the stones’ transporting powers, but Wakefield sadly joins the rest of the town in saying that Claire probably took off with the Highlander Frank saw in the rain. (I mean, she kinda did.)

So Frank eventually decides to give up the search for Claire and return to Oxford. Let’s take a moment to really consider how bereft he must feel, with the love of his life disappeared forever and — oh wait, nevermind; Claire and Jamie are about to have sex.

TERROR IN THE GRASS | As the Frasers sneak away for a quickie, he asks, “Does it ever stop, the wanting you?” (As someone who knows what the next few years of your life look like, James, I’ma say nope.) He rolls on top of her and illustrates the perks of having a husband who wears skirts (two-way easy access); on a related note, I love that the series is choosing to shoot the sex in a very real-life* manner, with the two of them talking to each other during the act, instead of using music and montage to make it look and sound like every other drama’s bedroom scenes.

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The giddy lovemaking is going so strong, Mr. and Mrs. Fraser don’t realize they’re about to have a bad case of Redcoatitus Interruptus. One British deserter holds Jamie at gunpoint while another tries to rape Claire, an act that looks like it’s going to happen until she sticks her little knife exactly where Angus told her to. When the other deserter is distracted by his friend’s cries, Jamie knocks the gun away and slits his throat, then whisks a shell-shocked Claire to safety. Dougal warns Jamie that this Horrocks could be equally dangerous and announces that the group will back him up at the rendezvous.Outlander Season 1 Recap

The threat of danger also makes Jamie leave a very pissy Claire behind with Willie. Her voiceover informs us that she’s mad at herself for losing sight of her plan; when Willie walks away to attend to some “personal business,” Claire wanders for a while and nearly trips over Craigh na Dun. As she runs toward the stones in 1743, Frank happens to be sobbing at the stones in 1945. Frank cries out for his wife and it seems like she hears him and shouts back… then some British soldiers grab her and life gets a lot worse very quickly.

GUESS WHO’S BACK? | She’s dragged to Fort William, which is governed by Black Jack Randall. He’s pleased to have her in his clutches once more, and though Claire bluffs a good game when she tries to make him believe that she, too, is under the protection of the Duke of Sandringham, the lie falls apart in spectacular fashion.

So then all there’s left for Randall to do is be the monster we know he is. He binds Claire’s wrists, cuts open her bodice and slams her down on his desk, where he’s gearing up to perform a nipplectomy (good Lord, Caitriona Balfe is a good sport) when the shutters on the window burst open.

“I’ll thank ye to take your hands off my wife,” Jamie growls. And… that’s it! See ye in April!

*”Real-life,” that is, for people who look like statues sculpted by the angels themselves.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you want to nibble on cute little Roger as much as I did? Are you already counting the days until April 4? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. sls says:

    ooo now on to waiting almost 7 months ugh
    and a cliffhanger ending!!!
    well at least there are books to re-read

  2. sls says:

    Also I agree…they are really making Jaime and Claire’s sex life very realistic and enjoyable. They have such a great rapport in the books and it’s fantastic that it’s being portrayed in the show.

    That’s something Diana does so well in the books, makes Claire strong and her relationship with Jaime friendly and healthy. I’m glad that isn’t being turned into a more typical Hollywood-style romance.

  3. RNpeeved says:

    This should have been a Netflix show so I could binge watch. Pretty sick of the midseason finale ploy, especially for a channel you have to pay for. Obviously the wait is already getting to me.

  4. Wtactualf says:

    They went a little overboard with the rape plot devices.

    • RNpeeved says:


    • Alichat says:

      Both were in the book…..there was a little bit more time between the Redcoat attack and the scene with Randall, but both were taken straight from the novel.

    • JenE says:

      Yeah well there are more in future books so get used to it. I hate it too. Very uncomfortable with these scenes.

    • Jessabean says:

      Yep! Claire was more angry than terrified in the last scene. It makes a huge difference in the plot – i.e., Black Jack can’t perform without the person being afraid – and in the constant violence.

    • I can definitely see where you’re coming from since the first scene was just there to show the skills she just learned, so it just felt like they were being impatient.

    • Alice says:

      Yes, sadly this is a plot device that the author Dianna Gabaldon overuses, and they are sticking pretty close to the books so expect to see it a lot more. To be fair, DG started writing these stories decades ago, when rapey romance novels were ubiquitous, and was probably influenced by that era.
      It is one of the problematic things about loving Outlander. I genuinely like the time travel story and the Jamie Claire relationship, but DG does use sexual assault as her fallback way to demonstrate villainy, and after a few books it just smacks of laziness. I read as far as book 4 and I’m having trouble thinking of a major character, man or woman, that hasn’t been raped at least once at some point. And they’ve all been nearly-raped multiple times. At least they don’t just use it as background dressing like in Game of Thrones, in each instance they focus on the repercussions for the victim after the act.
      Still, using it so many times makes it appear like its is just casually used for shock value and that isn’t good.

    • Abyssinia says:

      I prefer historical fiction with less sex and romance, especially when there’s so much brutality and sexual assault involved. I barely made it through the first book and I’m not sure I’ll bother with the second season.

  5. Alichat says:

    Ok…..this line made me laugh so hard….. “Let’s take a moment to really consider how bereft he must feel, with the love of his life disappeared forever and — oh wait, nevermind; Claire and Jamie are about to have sex.”

    And once again, Rupert had the wise cracks that had me giggling during the episode.

  6. Kath says:

    I know someone else caught Rupert’s “That’s what she said” joke when Claire said the first knife was too long and heavy for her? I laughed out loud as I said to myself, “That’s what she said!”
    Don’t feel like waiting til April :( Maybe I’ll give the book a second chance- I couldn’t get into it the first time I tried (before the show).

  7. JAO says:

    Where do we grade it? That’s what the teaser to your article says. I say OUSTANDING!

  8. Rose says:

    Did I feel sorry for Frank? Nope, not one bit. We saw enough of his sadistic ancestor’s genes come to the fore. My heart is and has always been with Jamie! April is such a long way off! I agree, I have to read the book again.

  9. justme says:

    Redcoatitus Interruptus…..officially makes this Recap Of The Week!

  10. LemonLime says:

    Ok, seriously, performer of next week should be Tobias Menzies…again. Let’s be honest here, for a split second, I was Team Frank. My heart broke for Frank as he just seems so devastated, disoriented, lost without a single clue to where the love of his life went. And for a nanosecond, he chose to believe the stories of the stones (which had he, would’ve been a completely different story written by Ms. Gabaldon); Rev. Wakefield did say something interesting: The simplest explanation is usually the right one. If only it were a simple explanation.

    • Noelle says:

      Me too! Jamie is great, but I desperately wanted her to reach the stones in that breathtaking moment. They could hear each other crying out through time! That’s pretty damn heartbreaking.

  11. LemonLime says:

    AND on the same side of that argument to make Tobias Menzies POTW, Captain Black Jack Randall. ‘Nuff said.

  12. NMC says:

    Can we talk about how cute wee Roger is?

    • sls says:

      haha yes he was so adorable…and he’s a little tiny Roger….that’s fun

      • wisecracknmama says:

        Of course now all the Newlanders are seeing the comments exclaiming over wee Roger and are probably like, “Yeah, cute kid, so?” And the Booklanders are all *nonchalant whistle…*

        • sls says:

          Indeed. If I hadn’t already read the books I wouldn’t be able to take it. I would have to read them. I’m re-reading them for fun but trying to stay just behind the episodes because it’s been so very long since I have read the books.

          It’s been fun because I don’t remember all the details so I can take the show for what it is and then after the episode go back and read the book and see where there are differences. It gives me a new enjoyment of the story because now I can picture some of the characters as they are in the show, like Dougal, and Laoguhaire (I can’t spell that to be sure lol). I also know how to say some of the words now :) And names…Leery. Who know.

          I try not to say too much in the way of spoilers. But it’s kinda hard not to point out the enjoyment from things like little Roger though.

          • J says:

            Thank you for your advice sis. I think I better start the books because I am going to continue to watch. And I guess my saying I was traumatized may have been a bit hyperbole. I understand what I’m watching – it was just I started to care for the characters (and actors!) and it was a difficult episode to watch. I also know (from fandoms etc.) that there are a lot more instances when fans will have a hard time watching.

          • sls says:

            That’s a good idea. The books are amazing and at least you will be somewhat prepared for what’s to come. The show is doing a really good job at staying close to the books.

  13. TinLV says:

    April ?? Really ? Why so long… ? This show is clearly a success, already renewed for a second season.. but how can they sustain that level of interest when its off the air for over 6 months ?

    • Christine says:

      I think this show takes a very long time to film. It looks to me like 90% of the scenes are done on site and not on a soundstage. Plus, (a wee spoiler) the end of this book takes place in a very different venue so production will have to move. I will hate the wait, but I’ll be watching these 8 eps over and over.

      • Miranda says:

        They’re currently wrapping season one now, so it’s not the filming. Someone said somewhere that it’s likely to do with Starz and their original programming airing.

    • Doris says:

      You are talking about Outlanderlings! We are already to November and I’m still excited! Can’t wait for the series to start in April. I do understand where people who have never read the books (newlanders) might lose interest but we booklanders are definitely going to be there in April watching!

  14. NerdFeminist says:

    Considering the timing of the books, I was worried that they were going to end on the cliffhanger of her running off, or possibly being grabbed by the redcoats. I am glad that they took us to Jamie showing up. I mean, still a little bit of a cliffhanger, but at least we are leaving off with Jamie and Claire together (even if there’s still a bit of danger between them) instead of Claire running away.

  15. Rick Katze says:

    Unlike most of the voters, I only rated it above average.

    It dragged a little bit in the middle. Would have been better with better editing.

    And the cliffhanger ending for a pay-cable network and a 6 month’s delay also lost it a point.

  16. James D says:

    wow we have to wait until april for the next part. why don’t they just call it what it is a season finale, that is ridiculous if you ask me. Oh well I guess it gives me time to read the books, I’m ashamed to say I never read them or heard about them until this show, how sad is that? :) great episode and great show i expect nothing less from Ron Moore.

  17. Elaine says:

    Thank you for your definition of “real life” Perfect!

  18. MelindaB says:

    I quit on the books in #5, but may start over. Skipping one certain scene, that is.

    I feel a teeny bit for Frank, but he is a far, pale second to Jamie. The Scottish burr alone puts him in the lead.

  19. J says:

    I have not read the books and probably won’t but I am completely and utterly hooked mostly because of Caitronia and Sam. I know this is all movie like magic but I really love those two together. Now onto the show. I kind of wish my high from episode 7 wasn’t dashed so brutally. I was so uncomfortable and upset but from reading the comments the two rapes happen in the books. I think the episode was so well done and the acting is superb (have to admit Tobias Menzies is great) but oh man I was yelling at my screen at the end of the episode. There’s a lot of world out there to pass the time until April but it’s going to be tough.

    • Christine says:

      If you enjoy reading, I encourage you to read ALL the books. Diana Gabaldon is one of the top 3 authors I have ever read and she has made these characters REAL for all of us. There is so much more wonderful story to come after book 5 and I have read the whole series three times over.

      • Winter says:

        I’m torn because I want to read the books but I don’t want it to taint my perception of the show. My plan was to read the first book after the season was over, but after that cliffhanger I’m not sure I can hold out until April.

    • Anne says:

      The two “attempted” rapes.

      • J says:

        You are right Anne. They were both attempted. I was still traumatized when I wrote my comment.

        • sls says:

          If you were traumatized by something you saw on the show then you should probably stop watching it. There’s more to come and, as rape was surely something realistic to the time period, odds are any historic portrayals on a cable network will include them.

          Seriously….if you haven’t read the books and this was too much for you to handle, I advise not continuing with this show. You will only continue to be traumatized.

  20. Liz says:

    It was a very good episode, yes. Though I was still on such high from the wedding, that to go back to “normal” & problems etc… so quickly was not that enjoyable.
    Anyway, yes, I feel sorry for Franck, Tobias is amazing blablabla… but when I see Franck now, I see Black Jack. AND to see Claire & Jamie together is just so great, I forget Franck, sorry.
    To see those two having fun, discovering each other, and knowing that what they have IS special… That was great.
    Now that final scene… You bet Cait is a good sport, my God! They don’t shy away from things on this show! I’m even more afraid of what’s going to happen next with Black Jack! *gulp*
    And APRIL? Pfft. They really should call those 8 episodes “season 1”, because to wait so long between two episodes of the same season is just ridiculous!

    • Liz says:

      Oh! I forgot just one thing: in the book, when Claire decides to go to those rocks, we see her struggle with leaving Jamie behind. We see how she loves him, how she hesitates and finally wishes the best for him.
      In the show, we just see her desperate to go back to Franck, with no thoughts for Jamie at all! I thought that was a shame… After all, we can also hear her thoughts in the show with Claire’s voice over, they could have had her think about Jamie for a minute!

      • Meri says:

        Umm SPOILER ALERT:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::3::::::::::::::
        Jamie takes her back to Craigh Na Dun later in the book where she makes that choice. In the book she does not make it back there yet

        • Liz says:

          No, I think that even when she tries to escape that first time, she did think about Jamie in the books, but we didn’t see it in the show.

          • Alichat says:

            I thought about that last night, and I think that was one of the reasons it appears there hasn’t been alot of time between their wedding night and her capture by the Redcoats. When they met Hugh, Jamie said they’d been married two days, which matches with the book. But no other mention of time was made after that. So, to a non-book reader watching the show, it appeared that they’d only been married a few days. In the book, it had been a few weeks I believe. And even then in the book, she paces for a minute or two thinking about how this will effect Jamie, but then takes off. I figured since they didn’t really reference a time, we are left to understand that they haven’t been married but a few days and her attachment to Jamie isn’t as strong yet as her attachment to Frank and her safe life in the 20th century.

      • sls says:

        That’s been a little challenging for me during the show. It’s the only thing that has been a bit of…I don’t want to say disappointment…but a slight let down.

        In the books you get a better sense of Claire’s feelings for Jaime and in the show she seems less interested in him. I’m sure that will evolve and maybe it’s more realistic in the show. I don’t know.

      • marie says:

        I think that might be in the next season in april.if you read the book she tells Jamie about her experience coming thru the stones and he takes her back to let her go she tries but comes back to Jamie because she really loves him even though she cares for frank she wants Jamie

  21. Meri says:

    Am loving the changes from the book to the TV adaptation. So amazing to see the layers of the different characters .

  22. SiL says:

    Loved the episode. The 7 month wait is going to be torture. Thank goodness I have the books to read again.

  23. Grace says:

    GREAT recap! As a person who had never heard of Diana Gabaldon or her saga until ten days ago, I’m really hooked on this show: the brilliant acting, the landscape, the verra exotic Scottish accent (I guess next summer Scotland will experience a new invasion – a female one!), the 18th century paintings color palette and – of course – the true love romance mesmerized me.
    You made me laugh so hard with “…the perks of having a husband who wears skirts” as well as you did in the previous episode recap with the adult-film titles. Actually I think “Kilting Me Softly” it’s going to be my motto for the next months! Kudos from Italy!!

  24. MLPR says:

    Enough with the rapes. I guess they’re in the book or whatever, but can we stray from the books just a bit, please? I am so over Claire getting almost raped. I think last night makes it 4 or 5 times in only eight episodes.

    • dphollan says:

      I agree! I feel it’s such a cop out when writers (and I mean books, TV and movies as well) use this plot device as their go to. They take all this time to create a strong independent self assured female character and then it’s like, hummmm, what to do now? Let’s rape her. It’s lazy! *sigh* That being said, I’m still hooked…even though I’m not happy about it! *smh*

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Rape, throughout history, has been a way of demeaning and asserting power over women, as well as breaking the spirit of the culture. What would you have them do? Yes it is uncomfortable; at times, nauseatingly so. But it was a fact of life then and it is a fact of life now. Look to the mid-east.

        • Fran says:

          Yes, I agree. Of course its uncomfortable to watch and no one wants to see it. But it is a sad fact of life and was especially so back in that time period.

          • morningsong2011 says:

            Yes, rape is a reality of life. But this is not real life, it’s fiction. And raping the strong female lead, in my opinion, is an overused plot device in television and literature. It’s not gonna make me stop watching, but I agree with MLPR’s original comment. We get it! Enough already! Lol!

          • MLPR says:

            Plus, it diminishes the credibility of the storytelling. She gets “almost raped” 0.5 times an episode. It’s like the boy who cried wolf.

          • Fran says:

            Hmm, well I can see your points but I still respectfully disagree. Yes the characters and the story are fictional, but its set in a real time period, one where rape and/or abuse of women was almost the norm. To me that’s being true to the story. Why should it be glossed over (or taken out all together) just because it happens to be a fiction story? I don’t want my books or TV shows to take out the bad things, I prefer the realism along with the fiction. I certainly agree that many, many times rape storylines are merely an overused plot device, used mainly for shock value and/or laziness. But here, set in this story and in this time period, it makes sense to me. I certainly understand why you wouldn’t feel the same way and of course you have every right to your opinion. It just works for me here, no matter how unpleasant it is to watch.

          • Fran says:

            Oh and as a side note- I haven’t read the books so I’m just basing my opinion on what we’ve seen so far. And so far its doesn’t seem overused to me. Its my understanding though that rape is used a LOT in the books so its very possible that my thoughts will change in the future and I’ll feel the same way you do now.

        • sls says:

          I agree with this. It was a fact of life and still is in other countries. It’s terrible and not fun to see but it is probably very true to the time period.

  25. That is how you do a mid season finale…. But why of Why do we have to wait 7 months!!!!!

  26. all this talk back about sex is really boring. i like the show but sex is not everything.

  27. Rick Katze says:

    Diatribe to STARZ:

    Having read the Hollywood Reporter article indicating that they were just wrapping up the final episode, I now find that I can only wish that the “suits” at STARZ should metaphorically each meet a mugger in a dark alley for delaying the showing for almost 7 months. I had assumed that they needed the time to finish the shooting at the same high level that the episodes shown have already exhibited but now it is obvious that it is simply an issue of money and “DAMN” the fans.

    • PatioPrincess says:

      My plan to thwart Starz was to get 3 months free (to watch the first, I-refuse-to-call-it-a-season season,) then, in April, my Mom will call to get her three months for free and we’ll have the complete first full season for free. Two viewers, outsmarting Starz. After that, I may shelve it for a year and wait for the DVD’s to come out. Or, have my sister get her 3 months free and watch another “season” for free. It does make you hate STARZ for their greed, but, if I were them, I’d do the same as this is their only worthy show and they’ll have to milk it for what it’s worth. The only other time I”ve paid for TV, was with HBO’s Rome and Sopranos. But it was worth it as they had such better programming. Starz is a one-hit-wonder.

  28. I absolutely detest the networks and their mid-season finale. JUST GIVE US THE SERIES – WE WILL LOVE YOU ALL THE MORE FOR IT. Not that I am planning to quit this, but I have quit other shows in the LONG mid-season hiatus. Please Starz, just bring it back early.

    I never liked Frank in the books, but I do have a bit of sympathy for him in the series.

  29. pam says:

    Just finished watching on my dvr. WOW! Another great episode. I’ve always felt bad for frank in the book series but the show took it to a whole other level! Loved that they put his perspective in the story. Was actually rooting for claire to make in time to the stones for a brief moment there. Crazy I know. Can’t wait til next april!

  30. PatioPrincess says:

    I was able to get three months of Starz for free and will have my Mom do the same in April so we’ll get the whole thing free. I HATE paying for TV and wish this show had been picked up by USA, TNT or FX, but then, I guess we wouldn’t get the sexy-times like Starz gives us. I’m tossing around the idea of just shelving this show until I can buy two-three seasons on DVD. I think I’ve waited this long for it to become a TV show, so that just may be the route that I take.

    I am not a fan of the short “seasons,” but, I love this show. The casting and acting is just superb and it’s nice to have a show that reflects my heritage and is intellectual and historically accurate while also being sexy. I’m tired of overly PC casting and shows that don’t refelct most of America’s heritage. Somehow we’ve lost this fact and I’m glad this show is a treat for all the people with European ancestory.

  31. natasha says:

    The waiting is too long, i am proud of the writing and acting. I have not read the book. But will now.

  32. I thought this was a terrible way to end on the midway point, especially with last week’s episode being such a great place to put a pin in the story.

  33. marie says:

    its so long to wait, I’ve started to reread the books just finished outlander and halfway thru dragonfly in .just love the series and Sam aka Jamie is just too perfect but then the cast is

  34. It was a very good episode. And so far, this is the best series adaptation of a book; for me at least. One thing i can criticize about: i think “honeymoon” in series gone too fast. I mean in the book it took 1-2 weeks (if i am not mistaken) but in this episode everything happens in two days.

  35. Jennifer Sturdivant says:

    OOH these months between now and April are going to be soo long. I have loved this series of books for so many years and to be honest was always verra fearful of how any ‘hollywood’ treatment would mangle them but can I say that Ron Moore and everyone with this production has done an OUTSTANDING job!! I have loved every episode. I love getting a glimpse into what Frank is dealing with in the aftermath of the disappearance. Something that isn’t really dealt with in the books. I am now a huge Sam Hueghan fan as he is a terrific Jamie! Can’t wait til April!!

  36. Christine Tussey says:

    good Lord, Caitriona Balfe is a good sport. True dat!

  37. D. Russom says:

    I agree with RN peeved! This mid-season break is just plain stupid. Especially since we have to pay extra for Starz! I’m a die-hard fan read all the books 3 times- except the latest one.

  38. Erin C says:

    Kimberly – I am just as sad I have to wait 7 months to read a new Outlander recap. They are by far the best recaps on tvline and always make me laugh out loud!!

  39. cegluna says:

    I’m having trouble posting this so I’ll trying breaking it into multiple posts. I’m so overwhelmed with thoughts on this episode that I don’t know if I can un-jumble them all! This was a fantastic episode and I look forward to the next eight!
    Re: the rape trope in literature/film – I hate it BUT unequivocally accept it in Gabaldon’s story because she is meticulous about historical accuracy so I don’t feel it is at all gratuitous. It was a stark fact of daily life for women at that time and still is unfortunately for many women in certain parts of the world.
    Re: feeling for Frank – up until this episode I was totally empathetic but with his turn to “the dark side”, he exhibited so many Black Jack tics and expressions, my feelings turned to revulsion. Now I only see Black Jack when I look at Frank and it makes my skin crawl. Menzies deserves every award out there for these portrayals.

    • cegluna says:

      I squeed over the Booklander breadcrumbs like “Lady of Lallybroch”, Roger, and the amber!
      With Claire’s “whatevs” response to Jamie when he demands she promise to stay put – well, she obviously didn’t pay heed to Geillis a few weeks back regarding the importance of keeping promises. Booklanders know where that’s headed!
      That final view of Jamie in the window, prepared to defend his wife, gave me chills!
      Loved all the sweet intimate handholding/staring deeply moments between Jamie and Claire and the sex banter perfectly reflected their growing love.
      And brava re: “Redcoatitus Interruptus” lol

  40. Fan says:

    Poor Frank :( I’ve never wanted a reunion so much.

  41. jaybour says:

    the series is tedious, boring, lacking in production values, often unintelligible, and a downright struggle to get through. And the big-band music – now there’s a directorial conceit gone awry. Nor did I think it possible for Claire to be more irritably meddlesome than in the book – but she is. I wish someone would give her one helluva smack!

  42. jaybour says:

    As for Ms. Gabaldon’s cameo in episode 4, she would do well to learn from Alfred Hitchcock’s cameos in his films – be seen and not heard!

  43. Doris says:

    So much in awe of the actor’s who play the characters in outlander, loving the story. Would like to know why in the world do we have to wait for about seven months to see season 2. It seems like undo torture to have to wait that long.

  44. carol kollay says:

    Outlander really hope they touch on the real reasons Jamie married Claire. One by one the reasons came out in the book. Excellent series and I will definitely be watching till the end!

  45. Doris says:

    I love this series! They have kept it as close to the book as any show I’ve ever seen! As far as Frank goes, I have always felt bad for loving Claire’s relationship with Jamie even when I was reading the books. I’m still a firm believer that Jamie is her soul-mate!

  46. JB7 says:

    Kim, although I’ve seen all the shows in the series thus far, I am late to reading your posts. I just want to say thanks so much for making me laugh tears reading them all! Please keep it up for the next round!

  47. mo says:

    The Outlander series is fantastic!!! I hope all the books will be featured. The actors playing Jamie and Claire are brilliant in addition to the supporting actors. Kudos to all involved!