Scandal Season 4 Premiere Recap: Gladiators, Or Beaches?

Scandal Season 4 Premiere Recap

Scandal‘s Season 4 premiere had a lot to accomplish — revealing where Olivia vanished to, giving her a compelling reason to return home, presenting a D.C. that’s different (yet familiar enough) to the one she left, and then convincing not just us and Jake but Olivia herself why she needed to stay for not “a couple of days,” but Gladiate once again.

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For starters, we learn that Liv — sorry, “Julia Baker” — and Jake have spent the past two months living on an island “off the coast of Zanzibar,” where they read Gone Girl, round third base surfside and get supplies brought to them by boat. Until one day, their delivery includes a letter informing Liv that Harrison is no longer missing, but found dead.

The two dart back to D.C. (with a stop for a hair-straightening along the way?) for “a few days, in and out,” Liv promises, to plan Harrison’s funeral. But the other Gladiators have scattered, some almost unrecognizable. Huck is now “Randy,” a “smart counter” clerk at an electronics store (and he doesn’t speak to Quinn anymore); Abby is the White House press secretary, where she fends off grumbling from both sides of the aisle about “Fitz 2.0” (and labors to keep Crazy Mellie, as Twitter has already branded her, under wraps, what with her Uggs, Fruit Colored O’s, day-old shirts and circa-1976 unwaxed wazoo).

Visiting the shuttered OPA office, Liv learns from Quinn — who has seemingly mellowed from the wild child she evolved into over Season 3 — how she was tracked down, thanks to her penchant for “rare, complex” wines.

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Olivia makes the rounds, only to learn that Huck won’t have anything to do with her if she’s not staying for good. Abby meanwhile is full of fire, launching into a speech about how Liv might have saved Harrison’s life if she stayed longer, cared more. Liv blows up at that assertion, arguing that Abby abandoned the team as much as she did.

Jake checks in on David, who has done nothing with the B613 files bequeathed to him, seeing as his color-coding system revealed them to either be “Scary, Very Scary or Wait for Someone to Come Kill You Scary.” Olivia’s next stop, meanwhile, is to see her father, who invites her to “ask me” about any role he had in Harrison’s death, though he claims none. “I did however take care of your mother,” Rowan sorta-lies, obeying a direct order from POTUS. Else the world might learn that the president’s mistress’ mother murdered the First Son.

That night back at Olivia’s apartment, funeral planning is interrupted by a visit from a young woman named Kate, the aide to Senator Vaughn. “I think I killed Senator Sterling,” Vaughn tells Liv over the phone. Vaughn claims that Sterling attempted to rape her, during a discussion about Fitz’s Equal Pay bill, when she fought him off, sending him flying over a railing (though not to his death). Liz at first hands the case off to a lawyer pal, but upon realizing that Vaughn was covering for Kate — whom she purposely “dangled” in front of Vaughn, knowing his “type” — and after discussing the issue mid-foreplay with a frustrated (yet apparently quite sexually capable) Jake, Liv elects to represent the young woman.

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At 1600 Penn, Cyrus is fending off barbs from “Lizzie Bear,” the new RNC head (played by Portia De Rossi), who says the party is getting impatient with Fitz’s polices and “across the aisle” antics — including the possible nomination of a Democratic Attorney General.  Perhaps deciding to go with a devil he knows, Cy invites David Rosen to consider the plum position. Scandal Season 4 PremiereDavid suggests to Abby that she blabbed about him having the B613 files, that Cy is out to buy his silence. Abby is affronted by the intimation, then carps that David’s obsession with the B613 files blew up their relationship. “if you want to change the world,” be Attorney General, she states. “Get yourself some power, and use it.”

After chiding Abby for not telling him as soon as she heard, Cyrus loops in Fitz on Olivia’s return. When Fitz asks if she’s staying, Cy responds with what was as much as sigh as a sentence: “You want to pretend we all don’t know how this movie ends?”

Ultimately we get to the funeral, an extremely quiet affair attended by just the Gladiators, arriving one by one, and Jake. Rose petals are scattered, tears are shed, a gospel cover of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” plays… and then Jake, whilst hugging Liv, spies Rowan, of all people, eavesdropping on the ceremony.

In the penultimate scene, on a White House balcony, Mellie jokes about how she couldn’t leap to her death if she wanted to — “I’m not gonna try to kill myself. I’m not you,” revealing that Fitz at some point after Jerry’s death “had one bad night” where he looked to end it all. When Fitz commands his Mrs. to never bring that up again, Mellie adds it to “the list,” alongside Jerry’s death, his missing mistress and her own rape.

And as the hour closes, Jake is recapping his and Olivia’s flight plan back to the island when it becomes clear their plane seats will go unused. “Are we Gladiators or are we bitches?” is what Liv says Harrison would argue in this situation. And during a final montage, Fitz nominates David for AG, Liv gives a rousing presser on behalf of Kate (effectively clinching the Equal Pay bill in the process) and, as they pass by each other in a rotunda, Liv and Fitz reach pinkies at each other but miss, though each seemingly sensing the effort was mutually made.

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  1. Tran says:

    Scandal knows how crazy everyone of these characters can be. RIP Harrison :-(

    • Mshep says:

      Bring Harrison back ……..bring Harrison !!!!!!!!

      • RReg says:

        Bring Harrison back how? AS a vampire? That door has been slammed shut, bolted, welded shut…

        • Sapphire903 says:

          No body = open door.

          We don’t know who or what was in that casket. I’m holding out hope!

          • RReg says:

            Don’t you think they would have held a wake? Don’t you think Quinn would have identified the body? How do you think they knew the body was Harrison’s?

          • Cheyenne says:

            Oh honey, please. Next you’ll be telling us he’s in the hole with Mama Pope. Maybe they can have mad sex in the hole to alleviate the tedium.

            Seriously, Harrison is dead. D-E-A-D. And the coffin was closed because a bullet through the head doesn’t make for a very attractive corpse.

        • Mshep says:

          There’s always a twist to this show…..that’s why we watch it..

  2. Cena Gomez says:

    Awful premiere episode. Scandal sucks! the thrill is gone!

  3. Bronzi says:

    Horrible. I can’t take the facial expressions from KW. She’s a better actress than she does here.

  4. C. says:

    I loved it! I think it’s great restart to the series. Last season was so all over the place, so I’m interested to see more cases of the week. Harrison’s funeral was obviously sad. Loved Fitz and Olivia’s almost pinky touch.

  5. Sean says:

    A good start. And Harrison’s funeral was well done.

  6. Cheyenne says:

    I love how Harrison had the last word, albeit post mortem: “Are we gladiators or are we bitches?”

  7. Mika02 says:

    Best episode since the beginning of last season! Olivia’s got her mojo back and so does Scandal.

  8. Colleen says:

    Can we talk about how Olivia had her hair done on the plane?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yep, noted it above! Funny.

    • Renee says:

      Cyrus has a new ‘do too! I also have to note that I am officially conflicted on who Olivia belongs with. Jake is hot!

    • herman1959 says:

      She hit the 24-hour hair bar on the way from the airport – she’s Olivia Pope, she can do that. And since we’re talking about hair, Cyrus found some and he’s looking good!

      • herman1959 says:

        Best: the funeral – I thought I was prepared but when Aretha started singing…OMG.
        Worst: Portia Di Rossi – it seemed like she didn’t get into her role until her last scene.
        Funniest: Jeff Perry – Cyrus had the best lines AND understated delivery; he’s back.
        Funniest Runner UP: Huck/Randy as the majorly over qualified tech giving out TMI.
        Most Surprising: Pajama Girl (Mellie) – I like her better this way; don’t go back!
        Least Surprising: Popa Pope – We knew he was a lying devil, but now we REALLY know.

        Overall Grade: B-

        • RReg says:

          I liked Portia. I don’t think she was the worse at all. Then again I have always liked her from her days on Alley McBeal. She plays mean quite well.

          It’s a shame that there’s no more Sallie. I liked Sallie.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Looking good? Cyrus looks like he’s wearing a dead animal on top of his head.

    • Sapphire903 says:

      It bothered me too at first, but the flight back was long enough for her to do it, and she was mourning her friend, so even though it looked ridiculous from one scene to the next, it’s possible that she wanted to flat iron her hair as a moment of having something she had control over. Coming from someone who often flat irons or colors her hair in response to life changes that I can’t control.

  9. kconnell2014 says:

    the spelling on this is awful.

  10. sladewilson says:

    Goodbye Harrison. And man, can Daddy Pope lie or what? I wish Olivia had actually come closer to getting on that plane. Like right at the steps closer. Abby annoyed me – man did she sell out. Quinn impressed me – I guess when all you have is you, the crazy goes out the window and you start bucking down, taking care of business. Randy, ooops I mean Huck – poor Huck. And David – man, did you shrink or what? My stand out was Mellie – again. Bellamy assassinated it. She went all in and then some and that dialogue at the end when she verbally skewered Fitz was priceless. Good season premiere but I actually expected better….

  11. Lori says:

    I don’t remember something, obviously. Could someone remind me why “Julia Baker” was her alias?

    • Cory says:

      It was an homage back to the late sixties or early seventies (I can’t remember when it started) when Dihann Carroll started in a series playing a nurse named Julia Baker. At the time it was controversial to have a single mother in her own show, let alone a black woman. As a Girl at the time, who went by the nickname “Cory”, I remember it well as her son on the show was also named Cory.

    • Tristin says:

      Dianne Carrol played Julia baker, it’s like the writer played homage to her

  12. abz says:

    Decent premiere. The funeral scene was really sad even though I didn’t really care much for Harrison.
    I’m still confused as to what was so top-secret about Portia de Rossi’s character.
    Hope they go back to the earlier format with the regular cases here and there in addition to the main story arc.
    And please LESS B6-13!!!! It’s a tired storyline that needs to be put to rest.

  13. RReg says:

    For Pete’s sake can’t we be done with the B613 crap?

    I’m counting the episodes before Fitz and Liv are back in the sack with each other.

    This episode was passably ok – I fast forwarded through any scene with Jake in it, especially the ones when he was trying to get frisky with Liv. Those were cringe worthy.

  14. Skittles&Bits says:

    I think performance of the night should go to Bellamy Young. Wow. I so was not expecting Ms. First Lady to get herself go like *that*. And that scene of her laying over Jerry’s grave? Hit me in the gut. KW needs to tone down her facial expressions though; they haven’t been this over the top since the pilot. The bit about Fitz’s suicide is very, very interesting–at least to me. I hope the writers explore that more. And UGH, please get rid of Quinn. I’d take Harrison over her 1000x over. Good season premiere; a little slow for a Scandal episode but good nonetheless. Jake, as usual, is whiny; if Scott Foley wasn’t so charismatic I’d hate this character so much.

    • Cheyenne says:

      When Fitz mentioned she finally washed her hair, I wondered had she even bothered to take a shower in all that time? If not, she must be kind of ripe. I can picture her staff going about their jobs wearing clothespins on their noses.

  15. DreamRose311 says:

    Does anyone have the name of the actress playing Kate? She looks so familiar but can’t find out anywhere who played her

  16. Dani says:

    I found this season premiere overall pretty boring. I enjoyed Mellie and Abby. Feel bad for Fitz and found the Jake & Olivia scenes to be ridiculously forced.

    And poor Harrison. I’m going to miss him.

    • RReg says:

      What were you expecting in terms of a first episode? A big shoot em up? We can’t go off the rails right from the start, can we?
      I felt bad for Fitz as well. Poor man. Shonda needs to stop with the Jake and Olivia angle. No matter how she tries, it’s not working. Harrison did have Liv’s back and believed in her no matter what. I look forward to Liv discovering that it was her father who killed him.

  17. TDXI says:

    Mellie the Dana Brody of Scandal.

  18. Cheyenne says:

    Did Cyrus get a weave? He looks like he’s got more up top.

  19. A says:

    Not enough Mellie

  20. Babygate says:

    I watched all three Shondaland shows live and even though Greys is still my favorite, the winner
    Tonight for me was Scandal. I loved the dialogue, the re-branding (Randy, Red and Superfreak, yes!) And the fact that Olivia finally handled a case not related to Fitz. Love Portia’s role and adore this new version of Mellie. I want to hang out with her. My only criticism is how Shonda revels on lashing Republicans. She’s so ridiculously obvious that it’s actually funny. Still, awesome writing. Awesome show. #TGIT

  21. ejdax37 says:

    I loved this! Fitz and Liv are like magnets they are pulled together no matter what they do. That was the sexiest almost finger touch ever! Even with all that is happened, even with their whole brain telling them that being together doesn’t work, their hearts can’t help themselves. Other wise I do like the time jump, and I hope that Quinn has settled down some (I have always liked her), I do think she is doing well considering where she started out in the show. I can’t wait to find out what happened with Huck, and Abby in the White House was awesome! Did any one else get a chill when you saw Tom (the secret service guy), I mean the fact that he is still guarding the pres. is just mind blowing! And a round of applause for Crazy Millie, if anyone deserves to not care about meaningless things like hair and cloths it is her.

  22. Kendall says:

    They finally decided to ditch the crazy, nonsensical writing, hallelujah! The episode was pretty solid, although Scott Foley and Kerry Washington still have zero chemistry, and the man is still as wooden as ever. Those Jake and Olivia “sexy” scenes were the worst. I hope that Shonda buries that relationship by the end of season 4A. Knowing Shonda’s penchant for misery, the break-up is imminent. She’s tried with them though, but it’s time to stop trying to make Olake a thing. Give Liv a new love interest if they must, but Olake just does not work on screen.

    I loved that they slowed the tempo down, last season saw the writers literally take the show over a cliff with the ridiculous antics, as they tried to outdo themselves every week.

    Also, we are back to politics, and that can’t be a bad thing.

    Mellie lying next to the grave and Harrison’s funeral were the stand out moments. Both heartbreaking.

    My prediction is that Papa Pope gets killed in episode 4. I can’t wait. Once you murder a child on TV, there’s no redemption arc big enough.

  23. Sara says:

    It was enjoyable enough to make me want to keep watching, when last season it came dangerously close to being taken off my list of must-watch shows. But, to be perfectly honest, if I were Olivia, I would have gotten right back on that plane with Jake and gone back to the island paradise. But then we would have no show.

    • Lele says:

      I agree! Would have totally gone back to the island with Jake. I actually like them together. Fitz is a spoiled brat and he needs to focus on Mellie. That poor woman was destroyed by her father and the fight to get Fitz in the white house. At this point, I would lose all respect for both Liv and Fitz if they got back together. The premiere was meh, bit I’m still excited for this season. I was a big fan of the insane plot build up. Its fun and excited. This is TV.

      • Cheyenne says:

        You know it’s coming, though. She and Jake have nothing in common outside of the bedroom. She loves Fitz vertically and Jake horizontally. Fitz feels nothing for his wife but pity and possibly contempt. That marriage is deader than yesterday’s headlines.

        • Nathalie says:

          She loves Fitz vertically and horizontally. Are you forgotten their sex scenes?
          Jack is boring.

        • RReg says:

          I don’t even think they have the bedroom in common. I see no spark. Do you remember the scene in season 3 when Fitz told Liv he was doing what he does best and then when down on her and she threw her head back just before her knees obviously buckled? Compare that to Jake kissing her in bed and all she can talk about is some case. His tantrum about her moaning and touching places that Fitz don’t touch fell flat and was cringe worthy

          • Cheyenne says:

            Nope. She is totally getting some good sex from Jake, but that’s all they have in common. Outside the bedroom they have zero.

          • Lovely says:

            I agree… there is something special about the chemistry between TG and KW. Its amazing and electric to watch. Their chemistry makes you love that couple and its just not there with Olivia and Jake. They are trying their best to sell it but its just not believable to me… at all.

        • Lola says:

          When you are munching at her kitty ans she is talking work, you are not her favorite ride, just a placeholder. What I saw of the Olake scenes was Olivia using sex and lots of it with Jake to numb her heartache. if that bedroom scene is what goes for great sex these days, then I feel sorry for both Liv and Jake.

      • Cas says:

        Everyone call feel sorry for Mellie and I did up until her last few moments on the screen when she let her claws out. When it comes down to it she may be in pain and she may have been through some stuff but she also made choices too. She clearly has checked out of that marriage and wants nothing to do with him but finds it necessary to torment him still. My point is she isn’t innocent in all of this either.

        • Overthinking says:

          Agreed. Mellie was, is and will always be about Mellie. She is one cold egocentric………(fill in the word)

        • RReg says:

          So what is the point in living in such a dysfunctional relationship? I don’t understand what the writers are trying to accomplish with the Mellie/Fitz/Liv/Jake/Andrew dynamic.
          Mellie stated Fitz attempted suicide , with the inference being Liv was not around. I can’t understand why Mellie is still sticking around then. She has to be sick in the head. Her lack of love of self is disturbing, humiliating and abusive. The writers have to do better than this.
          When Fitz felt Liv had betrayed him the first time, he became a mean drunk; now he attempted suicide and yet we don’t have the two of them together. This idiocy is becoming hard to stomach. We get it, the two of them belong together. So put them together and let’s get on with the rest of the show.

          Liv and Fitz works
          Liv and Jake does not work
          Mellie and Fitz does not work
          Mellie and Andrew works

          Sort it out already…

          • Overthinking says:

            I think Mellie stays for one reason only [political power]. She thinks being with Fitz will give her the political traction/endorsement so she can advance her political aspirations once Fitz presidency ends. I think she wants to run for presidency at some point. Think Mellie from season one. That Mellie is still very much alive even with all the mourning. Case in point her claws came out when she heard Olivia was back in town. I think that will be her motivation to get out of the funk and back to being vicious.

          • bobbi6484 says:

            She’s the First Lady. She’s not going to give up the prestige and power that position brings with it. I’m sure Mellie feels as if that is what she has left now. Why walk away from it? It will be gone fast enough.

          • Kat Aston says:

            Excellent show, although I didn’t watch it live. Olivia was great, she’s back. I loved the natural look. I’m glad she read Abby. On to Fitz and Mellie – I wish we could get a real explanation on why they torture us with Fitz and Mellie. I know her character is tied to Fitz, but when is that going to change? Mellie’s character will never be like Christine Baranski of the Good Wife, who can survive with or without Alicia Forrick, but not Mellie, at least the way she’s currently written. So every year it’s the same thing, the threats, the put downs, getting drunk, all related to Fitz and Olivia. I haven’t believed her threats since S2, which going public still didn’t keep Liv and Fitz apart. Why bring on Andrew, which he was MIA last night, unless I blinked and didn’t see him, if you’re not going to utilize him more with Mellie. He helped her grieve in the past, he could help her now. Fitz and Mellie are totally unbelievable, so I hope the writers don’t try and make them a lovey dovey couple, stick to the J.R. Ewing and Sue Ellen type of relationship that’s more believable. Oh, and I’m still Olitz, the last scene was perfect. How can two people have so much chemistry, without touching, or saying one word?

          • Nathalie says:

            YES. And give Jack another love interest. He is pathetic

      • RReg says:

        Well you better get ready to lose some respect. S4 will most likely travel the same path as S1-S3. I hope not, but the following has been Shonda’s play book:

        Episodes 1 -6: Fitz and Liv are on the out
        Episodes 7-9: Liv and Fitz start to dance around each other again
        Episodes 10-12: They are back together
        Episode 13: They have broken up again.

        You can adjust episodes based upon the number of episodes per season.


        • Lovely says:

          That’s right LOL… its just redundant at this point… and unfortunately it looks like this season is headed in that same direction. The frustration will continue.

      • RReg says:

        That poor woman should have gone to the police and filed a rape complaint.
        That poor woman should have left that family the next day
        That poor woman should have told her husband that she was raped.
        That poor woman should have made different choices.

  24. Lynnacworth says:

    To pay total props to one of TV’s most elegant actresses it is Diahann Carroll.

  25. GeoDiva says:

    Like Mellie would have already owned a pair of Uggs in the first place. :-)

  26. Liam says:

    Better than most season 3 episodes. Not to over-dramatic

  27. Overthinking says:

    Four things (1) Jake and Olivia ‘thing’ need to end. It so forced/mechanical and Jake is looking desperate every minute he sticks with this relationship knowing he will be always come 2nd to Fitz. Well unless Jake is still a B613 and he still has the assignment to keep Olivia away from Fitz there is no other reason that the producers should push Jake/Olivia further. (2) I think Fitz tried to commit suicide more because Olivia left than the death of his son. (3) That last scene where Olivia/Fitz run into each other was unrealistic. Why would there be people walking around in the same vicinity as the president? You would expect people to stand aside and let the president walk by. That is if the secret service have the balls to let people in that close proximity to the president. (4) Loved, loved, loved the Gladiators scene at the cemetery. The song (?Aretha) made the scene heavenly………RIP Harrison.

    • RReg says:

      There are lots of unrealistic things about Scandal and you are right about the scene with Fitz and Liv passing each other in the lobby of Congress. But you have to put it down to poetic license; if it wasn’t done that way, we would not get the pinkies reaching out shot. Nor would we get the smile on Fitz’ face as he passed her.

      I also agree with you concerning the attempted suicide of Fitz. It had to do more with Liv not being around. Child dying and love of life not being around to provide comfort must have been awful to him. Love of life running off with another man must have been pretty devastating to him.

      Perhaps we should ask the NY Times reporter to write another article where she points out to Ms. Rhimes that Jake and Olivia does not work. It seems those are the only article that she reads.

    • Cheyenne says:

      I think Fitz’s suicide attempt was from being hit by a double-whammy: his son is killed and on top of that, Olivia runs off with Jake.

  28. RReg says:


    I can understand Mellie having political aspirations; what I do not understand is the continuation of remaining in an abusive situation. She can live with Fitz and yet not live with Fitz. I do not see the need to continue the vicious cycle of put downs. Get it on with Andrew, develop a healthier relationship with him and let Fitz go his own way.

    While I’m it… Who is the actual star of this show? Liv or Mellie?
    Mellie is the spouse whose husband cannot stand her and has told her so on numerous occasions.
    Mellie is the one who has been raped
    Mellie is the one who has had a child killed
    What next are we going to see breast cancer and chopping off of the breasts?
    How about Mellie developing the cure for cancer?

    • Overthinking says:

      I totally agree with you and I had mentioned in season 2 comment posting that Mellie needed a life coach because like you I had it with the Mellie being put down and the whole roller coaster that is Mellie/Fitz. But then the writer decided to give us the cray cray Mellie in that scene with Cyrus where she went ballistic and ranted on how she had sacrificed and made Fitz who he was and there is no way in hell he was going to let him go to ‘that ho (Olivia)…blah blah ………I will be dancing on his (Fitz) grave. That is the point that I decided that writers were all in with Mellie going to any length to get what she wanted. No wonder they called her a political animal!!!

      • RReg says:

        Ahhh thanks for the reminder. I did forget about that. Well then I guess the dysfunctional dynamic will continue. Thank God for DVR – I’ll just have to fast forward through those scenes, just as I now do the ones with Jake.

  29. RReg says:


    She can be the first lady without indulging in these childish humiliating spats with her husband. I’m getting tired of the two of them. I get she wants to remain the first lady. I get she wants to run for president later; I get she feels betrayed about what has happened to her; but she has to accept some responsibility for her life. Based upon what I’m seeing, I would not want her nominated for any position of power.

    • Lovely says:


      I think the relationship between Mellie and Fitz is yet another central flaw of the show. Is their marriage over or isn’t it? Do they love each other or don’t they? They don’t even know and neither do the writers. During one episode Mellie is condoning Fitz’ affair with Olivia and even encouraging it, the next she’s jealous. One episode Fitz says his marriage has been dead for years and shows nothing but contempt for Mellie, next episode he’s punching out Andrew for sleeping with her. Its like huh? Bad writing?

      • RReg says:

        I have done a few huhs myself. I do think it’s bad writing and a lack of direction. Shonda has done this back and forth for 3 seasons now and we the viewers have accepted it, no matter how illogical and bad it is. It’s as if she believes she can write any ole crap and then trot out Tony and Kerry at premiere season time or have ABC inundate us with promos and we will believe in the nonsense. Shonda, I see through you and such tactics will not work with me.
        This season better be the defining one for the Fitz/Mellie and Fitz Livvie relationship. If it isn’t. I will not be back for another season – no matter how entertaining the case of week is.

        • Cheyenne says:

          There are only three ways Shonda can deal with the Fitz/Olivia relationship:
          1) End it immediately, which will effectively end the show.
          2) He divorces Mellie now, marries Olivia, and they live happily ever after. Which is not going to happen as long as Fitz is in the White House. His racist republican constituency would impeach and remove him so fast he wouldn’t know which end is up.
          So since #1 and #2 aren’t happening, that leaves Shonda with:
          3) The relationship goes through ups and downs as long as Fitz is in the WH, which means 3.5 more years of roller-coaster antics. If you can’t deal with that, too bad. Nobody is forced to watch this show if they don’t like how Shonda is writing it.

          • RReg says:

            Here’s a 4th alternative. They commit to each other. No more on and off. They sneak away for moments when they can a la Vermont. They speak to each other on the phone when they can just discussing each other’s day when they can – a la Fitz hiding away in the bathroom. They simply be a couple living apart, but knowing that they are it for each other and they are working towards a goal.

            If the characters keep going down the on again off again path, every season, do you really think people will continue to invest any time into the characters and the dynamic of the relationship? Do you not understand that to tread this path is to devalue the dynamic that attracted quite a few followers in the first place? Do you honestly think the majority of people watch Scandal because of the case of the week or what Mellie is doing? Just suppose the majority of people stop who were attracted by Olitz stop watching because of the inconsistency and inanity, what do you think would happen to the show?

            Discerning viewers want quality writing and acting. Discerning viewers want characters and plots they can get behind. One of the biggest story in human relations is love and love being triumphant. Discerning viewers get behind a story of crossed lovers that are moving forward. Can you honestly say that Fitz and Liv have moved forward from S1? We are in the 4th year now, and you and most people are holding out hope that Fitz and Olivia is the end game – the reason I suspect that most of us continue to watch. Just suppose at the end of the show it turns out they are not. How would you feel after watching several years of the on again off again crap?

            I agree no body is forced to watched any show- as Shonda found out with Private Practice… as many producers have found out with shows that are no longer on television. Is that the the legacy that a creator of a show seeks?

  30. RReg says:

    Is it just me or do some posts do not have a “reply” button?

  31. donovan says:

    Loved it, anyway, what’s not to love? Real fans of the show know it’s a terrific show and don’t knit pick at minor details. I believe Melanie had the best line of the night (involving the 70’s era)and that’s how you keep it real Shondra! One more thing, Melanie looks better unkept, well her hair does.

  32. LaLa says:

    I loved this episode! RIP Harrison (I’m still so mad at Columbus Short). Fitz tried to kill himself. He is so weak to me (my opinion). He always has been spoiled and selfish, and while I know that eventually they will end up together again, I sooooooooooooooooo want Olivia to stay with Jake. Jake handles ish. And his little rant in the bedroom – ::swoon:: I’m so happy that Olivia called Abby on her BS, but I’m also proud of the way Abby moved on. Sad to see Huck in such a bad place, and Quinn is still too cocky for my tastes. Props to Bellamy Young – Grieving Mellie was great.
    ::Sigh:: I was so looking forward to the writers fleshing out Harrison’s backstory over this season, like they did with Quinn and Huck, and were starting to do with Abby. Instead, we’re left with him growing up in a group home. Such a waste. Here’s hoping he’s replaced with a great and interesting character.

    • herman1959 says:

      I bet that Harrison will be “replaced” with Jake – he has nothing to do now. Don’t hate me’ I’m just the messenger.

      • RReg says:

        They can’t replace Harrison with Jake. This is a firm of lawyers with one tech guru. Huck is the guru, all the others are lawyers. Jake doesn’t fit in anywhere. Ship him back to that island alone please. He’s better off there.

    • Nathalie says:

      Mellie also tries to kill herself. Team Fitz

  33. Lovely says:

    Overall this episode was just OK. I was not really moved by the Harrison funeral even though that was supposed to be so dramatic… it was just like “ehhh”. The problem is I am at a point where I can no longer ship Olitz… and Olake is just whack, no chemistry whatsoever. I am not excited about yet another season of Olitz going back and forth, making up and breaking up. That storyline is truly redundant and played out completely. The only thing I look forward to is seeing the fierce outfits KW is rocking now that she is no longer pregnant and we don’t have to look at her from just the neck up anymore… she has my dream closet. That jacket she wore and those boots yasss! Other than that though there isn’t much to cheer for with this show.

    • RReg says:

      I’m in the same boat with you somewhat. Like you, the on again off again dynamic between Liz and Fitz is played and should not happen again. Well – at least not for me. If they get back together this season (and I suspect they will around episode 9/10) I will bail at the first hint that Shonda is starting her foolishness to brake them up again. I’m going to give this show one more season to see if Shonda gets it right.

      Jake and Olivia together is just plain stupid.

      I say once again, that we should get the NY Times to write an article about this. Shonda may then hear our displeasure.

      • Cas says:

        You know how many people have watched a show and found the leads fell in love and then just stayed together from then on to live happily ever after? I get that everyone is over the on and off again idea but seriously every show I have watched has almost been just the same. And Grey’s is the same way too. Meredith and Derek did it forever. So people complaining and saying they will stop watching is just nonsense.

        • Cheyenne says:

          The same people who whined and whined last season about every single episode, and swore they would never watch the show again, are back on here making the same dumbass complaints. They couldn’t stop watching if they wanted to. They’re totally hooked.

        • RReg says:

          Name one show where the leads fell in love, declared their love, then called off the relation and did this on again off again crap for at least 3 years. And no – none of the day time soaps can be used.

          • Cas says:

            Some of these I haven’t actually seen but have heard they have so here’s a few: Grey’s, Scrubs, Sex and the City (Carrie and Big qualify IMO), Friends, How I Met Your Mother (I’m thinking Barney and Robin but I suppose Ted works too), One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, Castle (although not sure if they ever declared their love for each other). Either way I feel these are all similar in one form or another.

          • Lovely says:

            @Cas, Well speaking of Sex and the City and How I Met Your Mother… because those are the shows I have personally watched… the difference is that Carrie dated MANY other people before she finally ended up with Mr. Big. And there was never this predictable story where every season Carrie and Big would get back together, make plans to have a life together, then break up by the end of the season then do the exact same thing the following season. Carrie actually had a life and other loves and yes Mr. Big was always somewhere in the background but they managed to keep the story interesting and fresh. The entire focus of the show was not Carrie and Big, it was Carrie living her life and searching for love and you never quite knew if it would end up being Big or some other guy whom she would end up with in the end. How I Met Your Mother… same thing. Olivia’s whole entire life is Fitz and every season they do the exact same thing. Its old.

  34. katrina says:

    I love this show! But why do they talk so much?? Last season when papa pope would talk he would pretty much give a speech. It was a little annoying but I knew it was just his character. Now it seems like every character is giving a long speech every time the talk. And someone mentioned Quinn leaving! That would be amazing. Never liked that character!!

    • Cheyenne says:

      I like her. The three I hope I never see again are Papa Pope, Mama Pope and Charlie.

      • RReg says:

        I like Charlie. He’s hilarious. Who I don’t want to see again are Mama Pope, Papa Pope and Fitz and Mellie’s kids.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Charlie’s pretty much run his string. If Shonda gets rid of the whole B613 story line — and I hope to God she does — what is Charlie going to do? Go back to being Cyrus’s hit man? Maybe Shonda can use him to take out Mama and Papa Pope, and then Huck can kill Charlie, and that will wrap everything up in a neat little package.

          • RReg says:

            I don’t think Charlie has run his string. As long as Papa Pope is around, he will be around it seems. Plus, if Papa Pope isn’t there, Cyrus will be. Charlie, Sallie and Abby are around for comedic effects. I like these three and the way they deliver their quips. A shame they have written out Sallie already. I loved her smirks, I loved her mis quoting of the bible.

          • Cheyenne says:

            @Rreg: how much longer is Papa Pope going to be around? I read that Joe Morton is committed to another show this season so he won’t be seen as much. I also read that sometime this season Fitz is going to find out that Rowan had his son killed. If that is the case he will move heaven and earth to kill Rowan. And how are Fitz and Olivia going to react when they find out Rowan lied about Maya being dead?

  35. RReg says:


    Which characters on Grey’s? I have watched Grey’s since it came on and I do not recall this happening with any of the characters.
    Which characters in the Good Wife? See my comment pertaining to Grey’s
    Castle is a definite – absolutely not so. The reason why I stopped watching it is because they made the two leads a couple and I did not care for this (no chemistry between the two); and from what I see they are supposed to be getting married this season.
    I have never watched Sex and the City, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, One Tree Hill, or Gossip Girl so I can’t speak to any of them. I can only speak of what I have watched.

    • Lovely says:

      As I said with my previous post, those shows mentioned (with at least 3 that I have personally watched)… the characters dated many other people throughout the seasons. Some married other people, etc. so they at least kept it interesting and fresh. It was not mentioned constantly that “you know you’re thinking of so and so, you know so and so is the real love of your life”, yawn… They did not do the exact, same, tired old crap every season were the couple would declare their love for each other, make plans to be together, then break up in the final episode. Scandal has done this exact same thing for 3 seasons now. Its very predictable and stale and people are tired of it. It would do Shonda well to take a page from Sex and the City and let Liv date other guys, live her life, maybe give someone else a real chance, create some compelling story lines away from Fitz, etc. I would be all up for that… then at the end of say 6 or 7 seasons they finally get their sh*t together and get together for real. What I do not want to see is the same, old tired scenario between Liv and Fitz again this season. I think viewers are truly bored.

      • RReg says:

        @ Lovely,
        I fully cosign with you on this. No more!
        I know what we have with Fitz and Liv has never occurred on Grey’s nor The Good wife, because I’m still watching those two. And the writing on The Good Wife is pretty crisp. I can see why Alicia won the Emmy.
        What Shonda has done with the Liv and Fitz relationship is abominable and it denigrates the idea that attracted many viewers. Her continuing to do this only will only serve the purpose of making viewers care less and less about the characters and the plots and the show. They will do so to such an extent that when they do end up together no one will care, because the panache, the mystique, the passion would have disappeared. It would have been tarnished. Plus in the back of minds, will be the idea – so what – that they will break up again anyhow…
        Product value is lost!
        Do I want to see Shonda write something different for these two this season? Yes. Could I live with Fitz and Liv not being lovers this entire season? Yes. Could I live with Fitz and Liv going from strength to strength in their relationship? Yes, but I have no confidence that we will see anything different than what we have seen in S1 -S3.
        I wonder, aren’t the actors tired of portraying this?
        Sighhh, where is Reddington and The Blacklist…

  36. Diane says:

    Matt!! “A gospel cover”??! That was ARETHA FRANKLIN. Show some respect (ha ha) for the Queen!

  37. Sam says:

    Being from Zanzibar I’m wondering:
    A. Where this island is.
    B. Given that Zanzibar is an island (actually a few of them) why would anyone say 100 miles of the cost of Zanzibar? Which is itself an island of the coast of Tanzania.

    Shonda Rhines it appears isn’t just bad at putting depth in her shows. Her knowldge of geography is pretty lackluster too.

  38. mchess says:

    Did anyone else find the line by Jake about the rib sandwich with sauce underneath called the “underground railroad” slightly racist? Why so descriptive? As if he was trying to make sure people caught that it was a sandwich geared toward “black” people. Does the burger place have a kosher beef burger named the “holocaust”?

  39. RReg says:


    Oh, I didn’t hear that about Joe Morton. Glad to hear this though. Perhaps this will then put the end to the B613 plot. I look forward to it. The show should have a central focus, a spy plot only detracts

    I wonder how Fitz is going to discover it… Usually Liv is the one who does the discovering. Here’s what I think will happen. Fitz and Liv get back together, just as they are enjoying their time together, Fitz finds out about the death of his son. He tells Liv that he can’t be with her because of what her father has done and they are broken up again until S5

    Here’s what I don’t understand: Tom being part of B613. This makes no sense. He was the one who told Fitz about the camera in the Oval Office, removing information that B613 would have been glad to have. How is it that Jake who ran B613 doesn’t know who all the agents were? Will Fitz also find out that Tom was the one that administered the poison? It seems to me that Shonda threw everything including the kitchen sink in S3. This lack of consistency of characters is worrying.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Shonda wrote some plot holes you could drive an 18-wheeler through. The penalty for disobeying orders is the hole, so why wasn’t Charlie thrown into the hole after he disobeyed Command’s order to kill Huck? If B613 isn’t allowed to have families, why was Rowan able to get married and have a child? And the biggest plot hole of all — if B613 didn’t answer to anyone, how was Fitz able to kick Rowan out so easily and put Jake in his place? And then Jake is all up in Fitz’s face telling Fitz he doesn’t answer to him, but in the next-to-the-last episode he walks away as soon as Fitz tells him to get lost.
      Anyway, I don’t think Fitz will dump Olivia if he finds out Rowan had his son killed because he already thinks it was Mama Pope who killed him and he told Olivia he didn’t blame her for what her mother did. I think Fitz will find out Tom killed his son on Rowan’s orders and will get Jake and/or Huck to kill both of them. Or better yet, kill Tom, throw Rowan in the hole with Mama Pope, and let the two of them rot slowly together. Then a few months later when the stench dies down they open the hole and find the two moldering corpses locked together in a death tango. Meanwhile, Mellie is off screwing Andrew in the West Wing or wherever he works, while Fitz pretends not to notice because he’s too busy screwing Olivia.
      I really want to know what’s happening with crazy Sally and sleazy Leo. He reminds me of an old-time movie villain from the 1940s. I can’t believe they are just going to crawl into a hole, lick their wounds and disappear. Maybe they will work with Lizzie Bear to bring down Fitz’s second term.

      • RReg says:

        LOL. You should go write for Shondaland. The two corpses locked together in a death tango is hilarious.
        I agree that Scandal has shown lots of holes. I guess we are supposed to be so enraptured that we are not supposed to notice them.

        You said that Fitz finding it is her father would not break them up. But this goes to the lack of consistency in the writing that I am referring to. It shouldn’t but I still think it will be used for the break up- what’s left?

        At the end of S2 Liv broke up with Fitz because as she told him – she has to take care of her team ( apparently she can’t multi-task). Then what happened in S3? Did she not run out on the very same team she was supposed to be taking care of? Does this make sense to you? Because it is nonsense to me. Examples like these are why I say that the quality of the writing is not up to par. It’s as if the writers have no memory of what they have written from episode to episode, season to season. So there is no consistency with the characters.

        I hope Mellie and Andrew work out their relationship

        I hope I get to see more of Sallie and that crazy rich guy from Texas. Sallie, Charlie, Crazy Rich Guy plus Liv and Fitz are the only characters I truly like on Scandal.

        • Cheyenne says:

          What would be inconsistent is if Fitz dumped Olivia if he found out her father killed his son. He didn’t dump her when he thought her mother killed him so why should he dump her when he finds out it was her father instead of her mother?
          Hollis is gone unless a duplicate Defiance chip turns up. If that happens and crazy Sally finds out, fasten your seat belt.
          Olivia and Fitz will not break up permanently unless Shonda plans to end the series with that episode. Until then, it’s the up-and-down roller coaster ride. OTOH she can’t let Fitz leave Mellie and marry Olivia either until the end of the series. Who want to watch Olivia sitting around making jam all day?

          • Mshep says:

            Needs more to the story line besides Fitz and Olivia…been there done that. Think bigger…Taliban or something. Current events…..pull the characters away from the same same same….also…Olivia and jake are good together it seems…for the moment!

  40. julie says:

    We haven’t seen Harrison’s body therefore we can assume he isn’t dead and there wasn’t an open casket funeral so therefore there can be a possibility he can be hiden and alive. Please say yes! . As for Millie the first lady. I’m simply tired of seeing her heartbroken and sad . I was hoping she would find a new love and play the pretend game like the president. We all know she has the brain to do it and not leave a trace. We also know Olivia and Mr president will probably be unity soon in there love affair. So why can women play the same game but better. I don’t believe in cheating especially when you are married but in this case the marriage is definitely broken and I’m tired of seeing the wife as the sad victim.

  41. RReg says:

    If it is inconsistent for Fitz to dump Liv because of her father killing his son, this would just be one more inconsistency in a whole host of them. Based on what I have seen thus far, the only thing consistent about Scandal has been the holes and inconsistencies and the on again off again of Fitz and Liv. If this will not be the reason for their break up this season, what will it be? What other possible reasons could exist in the universe? Could it be that Fitz is Liv’s long lost brother or father or cousin?
    Are you sure he didn’t start to dump her when Rowan told him Mama Pope had killed his son? Wasn’t there a scene in the hospital between the two of them when he told her this? I seem to recall there was something to that effect.

    Hollis’ presence was not only centered on Defiance. As a money/power hungry individual who funded the Grant campaign, he expects certain favors to be sent his way. He and his Texasisms still have a wonderful part to play. More Hollis, Sallie and Charlie if you please.

    Let Fitz and Liv remain broken up: this is better character development and better writing. I would stop watching Scandal, but at least it would be more consistent.
    Let Fitz and Liv get their act together and move forward in a mature relationship. This would be more consistent and I would continue to watch Scandal.

    Liv and Fitz on again off again is ridiculous and it has to stop. As well, Liv supposedly being in love with Fitz and sleeping with other men, debases her as a woman. If Fitz doesn’t even sleep with Mellie when Liv is in his life, there’s no reason to make Liv more degrading that she already is. I am truly surprised that a woman who produces this show can take such a path for the major character. Shonda is beginning to remind me of Tyler Perry’s typical portrayal of showing only abused, degraded women. I find it disturbing, this bouncing between two men.

    • Cheyenne says:

      What kind of relationship do you think Olivia and Fitz can have as long as he is in the WH? Do they just touch pinkies occasionally and trade furtive smiles for the next three years?
      Fitz reassured Olivia in the hospital that he did not blame her when Rowan told him Mama Pope killed his son. He told her, “You are not your mother.” He’ll never let go of Olivia. Who was the first person he asked for when he realized he had won the election after all?
      Puh-leeeeeze don’t start with the long-lost brother, cousin, uncle stuff. I’m already reading on some fan threads that Harrison was Olivia’s long-lost brother and Maya’s boyfriend who Rowan killed in Olivia’s office was actually Olivia’s father. Enough with the crazy.

      • RReg says:

        They can have the very same relationship that they have without the constant breaking up. If they can only have a relationship that involves getting together and then breaking up, then this is stupid as this is not a relationship. Let them remain apart the entire rest of the series until the last episode when they ride off into the sunset to make jam.

        The long lost, brother, cousin, uncle, grandpa, mother brother friend – is just as stupid as Liv’s mother being alive for 20 years and just as stupid as B613. Yet we have had the latter two.

        Fitz never letting go of Liv no longer has the impact it once did; not since they broke up after “he earned her”. We now know it means nothing. It is only something Shonda trots out once a season to keep providing hope to Olitz fans so that we do not do a mass hightail outta here. That ploy too will soon stop working. There are other boards besides this one as you are aware, and people have become tired of this on again off again lunacy.

        • Mshep says:

          @rreg..Agreed. Need more to the story line besides Fitz and Olivia…been there done that. Think bigger…Taliban or something. Current events…..pull the characters away from the same same same…degradations…also…Olivia and Jake are good together it seems…for the moment!

  42. monieet says:

    Millie stole the show. Love her character. Her line “sticking your hand down my pants” reveals just how all consuming her grief is. Team Millie.

  43. Lo says:

    whose on the magazine that mellie is holding? looks like the first lady, Michelle Obama