Chicago Fire Boss on [Spoiler]'s Death, Fan Outrage and a Possible Return

Chicago Fire Shay Dies

Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers from Tuesday’s season premiere of Chicago Fire. If you have yet to watch, head to a different TVLine story. Everyone else, read on…

Chicago Fire fans, have you wiped away your tears yet over Tuesday’s heartbreaking demise?

If not, executive producer Matt Olmstead tries to provide some solace below, with a bit of tough love thrown in — “You mourn it and move on,” he says — as he explains why Shay (played by Lauren German) had to die.

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But don’t get too down — there’s some hope for a possible reappearance!

The EP also responds to fan reaction over the shocking twist and reveals that someone else was under consideration for a visit from the Grim Reaper.

TVLINE | I was surprised because I didn’t think the death would be someone as central of a character as Shay.
That was the intention. Going into it, we knew if we were going to do it, it had to be someone who was going to give us a big impact, as opposed to going for a lesser-known character, which would equate to a pulled punch. So, as opposed to approaching it with timidity, we thought we’d go for it.

TVLINE | Not to put a target on anybody else’s back, but you have a very big cast. Did you ever consider killing off a different character?
We did. In the writers’ room, we have [photos of] all the actors in character lined up just as a visual reference. We went down, one by one… It’s like a roster of a sports team when you’re having to make a cut. You’re having to weigh the pros and cons of each one. Some we moved off in two seconds, said that wasn’t going to happen. Others we debated, but we gave everybody a day in court. We came back to Shay because it affected the most people.

TVLINE | How far in advance did you tell Lauren the news? And how did she react?
There was some discussion that this might be happening, and she was very professional about it. She joked that she wasn’t going to miss the Chicago winters. She’s a California girl. So it was nice to know she was able to joke about it a little bit. My experience, having done this a couple times, is you’re expecting the worst and then you’re relieved [by] the professionalism and the graciousness of the actor. They almost know that you’re feeling worse than they are. It sucks, but it’s a job and a craft. This is what happens sometimes. You mourn it and move on.

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Chicago Fire - Season 3TVLINE | She still got to work on the season premiere in those flashbacks. Was that a welcome treat for Lauren? Or was it sad having to film those scenes, knowing she was leaving the show?
It’s the definition of bittersweet when you get to come back and see everybody, your extended family, but then you realize are you not going to see the people you work with, at least for a while. The character’s dead, obviously, so there’s no coming back. You’re also filming some emotional scenes… It was an emotional set in a lot of different ways.

TVLINE | Shay’s dead, but might we see her in more flashbacks?
There’s no flashbacks. When Derek [Haas] and Michael [Brandt] created the show, keep in mind, the show came on the year after Rescue Me ended. They were as cognizant as I was coming in as the showrunner that we didn’t want to draw too many comparisons to that show. One of the hallmarks of that show was the flashbacks and talking to ghosts and people who died before. So we weren’t going to go that route. At the end of the episode, Severide has a DVD of some of their memories, and for our purposes, there’s plenty of DVDs they recorded [of] their friendship and their life as roommates. Who knows down the line when he might pop one in to remember her when he needs to?

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TVLINE | Some fans are miffed because Shay was one of the few female characters on the show and she was also a lesbian. Was that something you took into consideration when making the decision?
No, there was no agenda either way. All the characters were assessed on equal footing, so there wasn’t any kind of, “Let’s not do this for this reason, not do that for that reason.” As storytellers, you have to be unsentimental sometimes. Having done it before, when characters have been killed, absolutely, initially, there’s a very strong reaction, especially from the faction that was really into that character. My policy is really not to go right away and read the comments moments after. You’ve got to let it set a little bit and trust that strong storytelling is going to be strong storytelling.

By way of example, the first gig I ever had was on NYPD Blue a long time ago. There was an arc of the death of Jimmy Smits’ [character Bobby Simone]. It was unbelievable arc in terms of a death of a character, written by David Milch. At the outset, if you would have polled all the viewers, nobody wanted to kill Bobby Simone. He was a beloved character. But what it gave them emotionally and in terms of storytelling and then thereafter was worth it. Sometimes, you have to do that to bring more storylines into a show, and that’s what we decided to do.

TVLINE | From a writer/producer standpoint, what are you going to miss about Shay?
What I’m going to miss about Shay is what I’m going to miss about Lauren German, which is an extremely talented actress who can play both heavy dramatic scenes, but had a light touch and was funny and just likable. Having gone through a lot of casting sessions, a lot of shows, for whatever reason, only a few people really have it in terms of that kind of magical combination. She definitely has it. What’s great about her is you could write anything to her, knowing she would be able to hit it out of the park, whether it was heavy or that rascal-y aspect of her character. She was really a can-do-it-all actress.

Stay tuned to TVLine for Chicago Fire scoop on what’s ahead for Dawson, Severide, Casey and the rest of the team.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    If she was that great of an actress why did they kill her off? Smh

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Lol…story telling? Do you know how it works? Read GOT (or watch it), read TWD or watch it, read Y:The Last Man…etc….they all kill off main characters and it adds realism, it adds tension (not knowing who will die next and when, and what impact it will have on the story).

      • Bwhit says:

        This! If people want a show where a character is never killed but has no substance, go watch Glee.

        • cbwhite85 says:

          Really? You do know that one of the main characters of Glee died in real life. Couldn’t have picked a Disney show? Way too soon for that comment.

          • Bwhit says:

            Yeah I do and Cory was an amazing guy. But that had zero to do with the story sadly they had to write it in. Fiction people, FICTION.

        • CBWBDK1 says:

          Does your ignorance know no bounds?

          • Bwhit says:

            I realize Glee may not have been the best example because of Cory but my point remains the same, you do not have good progression in a drama without loss because it makes the other characters show how it affects them. I am not however ignorant because I realize these are FICTIONAL people and getting mad and thinking I insulted an ACTUAL person is ignorant in my opinion, but I am sorry if it offended you an any way.

        • Stephanie says:

          I think the point is killing off a MAIN CHARACTER so early on is the upsetting part.. not that a character was killed off, that’s inevitable. Characters stay on shows for DECADES without being killed off. So if they need to kill off someone big to spike ratings and/or interest maybe they should be reevaluating their writing ability…

          • Sarita Taylor says:

            I have to say Shay was my favorite character. Mills and Dawson on the ambulance are not believable. I also think you should have considered how few women are on the show in making this decision. This was all a huge mistake. Could of gotten rid of the Batallion Chief and I wouldn’t have a complaint. Or the guy who ran for union rep. I don’t even remember HIS name. Shay, we miss you!!!!!

          • Phantomsue says:

            Not the Batallion Chief! He’s a main character. I think you are talking about Mouch….he’s just lovable….they should have kept everyone!!! The writers keep going on about Severide and how he can’t get past Shay being killed….yet you marry him off to a girl he met in Vegas…then split them up 3 shows later….Poor writing if you ask me….Now- how is he going to explain this to all the fire department members? And it looks like Dawson and her man are headed for a split too….come on….this used to be a real good show……now its just mediocre.

          • sheila says:

            Mills or Dawson should of went, not Shay

      • Wizard says:

        If I want realism, I’ll join a fire department. I watch t.v. to be entertained, not disappointed.

        • M. B. Wile says:

          Love this comment. Feel they are about to kill off someone else soon. So sick of this “reality” trend. They are going to lose me from three shows if they do it again. I just feel that they do not value their actors and actresses. The writing to me is very average. It’s nothing new or special until the actors/actresses elevate it to another level. Sick of being dragged through this emotional roller coaster. Time to move on to a new gimmick.

      • shea mandalay says:

        It may have been done for “storytelling,” but it was really bad and stupid storytelling. They themselves said Shay’s character generated a lot of stories–so they eliminate a character who could create a lot of stories in the long term only to create one story in the short term. Even if they milk it, how long are they going to keep making the show about Shay’s death? 10 episodes tops? And when you think about it, they could’ve achieved the same thing by putting her in a coma for a while. They still would’ve gotten their story about the emotional effects on Dawson and Severide. And the grief storyline isn’t even new. We’ve already seen them deal with the deaths of Rebecca, Hallie and Andy (who doesn’t count as a killed-off male regular/recurring character, because he wasn’t a regular/recurring character. He was on the show for like one minute.) Killing off Shay was like sacrificing your queen just to take a pawn. I’m not mad they killed off a character, I’m mad they killed off Shay. They could have killed off any of a number of other characters, like a man for a change. Shay was the third regular/recurring female character out of a cast of mostly men, when zero male regular/recurring characters have been killed off. Shay was not only one of the best and most beloved characters, her relationship with Severide was the heart and soul of the show. And the deep friendship between a straight man and a gay woman was actually something new and fresh on TV. And on top of all that, the new paramedic is a very pale imitation of Shay. What was the point of that? And finally, they pissed off and lost a lot of fans (including me) and for what? And btw, I did try GOT and TWD. I stopped watching them too because I don’t like being kicked in the teeth by a TV show. Real life is hard enough, I watch TV to escape that. Not to be made to feel worse.

        • p says:

          Holy crap couldn’t have said it better myself!!!!!!!

          Very bad bad move on the writers part! I probably won’t be watching either!!

        • Shawn Lindstrom says:

          WOW That was perfectly Put…

        • Ruth says:

          Yep, agree. I was upset too, she was a huge part of that show and as you said unique and interesting. Some of those guys could have been killed off ( no offense to the actors) and some had very little to offer as unique or different to the show. Now I consider the show boring and not that interested any longer. I hate when a show does that and so agree …Real life is hard enough and TV is my escape too. I take these deaths very hard especially when so invested in a show. Too sad and bad but I do wish the show success. I am sure they win some and loose some fans all the time. Seriously, if you need to watch a feel good show watch Beauty and the Beast with Kristen Kreuk and Jay Ryan.. Hot, hot show:) and it got renewed for a third season. It will make you so happy, so sad, so pissed off but you will come back to so happy by end of season 2:)).

        • Marni says:

          WELL said! I questioned the same things. Why KILL off a huge character like Shay to “spike” ratings. We aren’t knew to the dramatic killings of characters. I feel like you’d get bigger ratings if you just put her in a coma for a couple episodes. I agree w/the Shay and Severide bond too. It brought so much feeling to the show. And YES, what was the point of getting a look-alike replacement? Why not just keep Lauren German? I’m not upset that she was a gaya character that was killed off either, I’m upset because she was such a crucial part of the chemistry in the show. I feel like only watching the 2nd episode in hopes for more references to Shay then I have no desire to watch. I am upset because this is the first tv show I have really enjoyed and got excited about watching since LOST.

        • EM says:

          Absolutely the truth! Poor Severide. What will he do without her?!

          Yes, it’s fiction, but you get to “know” these characters and what they’re feeling, only to kill them off.

        • Wish I could have said all that! It’s just how I feel about losing Shay!

        • tiger says:

          Wells said!! The show is about a fire department the story lines of the events/calls they need to report to can generate emotion; not sure why they thought it had to be a main character. If they felt a recurring character needed to die in the show then there were other male actors that could have been selected. I too believe it was a poor choice and does not enhance the story line or the entertainment value.

        • Andy says:

          andy miss you and i fell sad for shay when she died andy was talld to gabby we are sad

      • tiger says:

        The show displays realism when they write dramatic calls- I wish they would get back to that- this is how it began. Also if you remember the bombing episode the two little girls was dramatic and the shocker of who died not to mention them not being able to locate Dawson for a while. It’s not like the show hasn’t killed people off already.

        As I was watching and have watched the next episode i just don’t see the importance of killing Shay and this article doesn’t provide any more real answers. I also agree with other writers that the aftermath of Shay’s death was poorly handled as well- i do not need to see a funeral but really no hint of her family being available or supportive; the house easily moving on with the exception of Dawson, Boden,and Severite… As the house should be worried about them they also should be leaning on each other. I do not care for how the house is not watching or supporting Severite either.

        I will see how the show will progress but I do not need a main character dying each year- just write great calls- these too can be very dramatic/emotional and realistic. In the end it doesn’t matter shows do what they are going to do- either they do it well and I keep watching or i lose interest and stop watching. We will see…..

    • Champ Dawson says:

      Because she was lesbian. No boh meets girl romance

  2. Steven says:

    I really think killing Shay was a mistake.

  3. tabularasalocke says:

    Killing off a character just for shock value is always lazy writing. And that’s what they did here. They didn’t even know who was going to die, they just wanted to kill someone to bring shock into it.

    • Nikki says:

      I absolutely agree. Too many shows do this and this is certainly the case for CF, which is incredibly sad considering how dangerous the field of work is that the show centers around.

    • RG says:

      So true, good point

      • Ann says:

        In response to all of these great comments- my Dad’s doctor has always said, ‘there are far worse things than dying.’ He’s right. And for drama, it’s so true. The struggle and the rebound, fighting back. Shay could have been seriously injured, perhaps incapable of carrying a child to term, perhaps leading to that baby discussion again. Except this time done more respectfully toward the LGBTQ community. Those issues could’ve sparked some real discussion.

        And like it or not, they do have to answer for her being the only gay character, because they created her. They certainly did so for a reason at the time, so yes they have to answer for removing her now. It’s especially important after she became a representative for a portion of their fan base.

        So what was it really? Bringing in that fan base was great, but that same fan base wasn’t important enough to them to keep their creation around.

        Gee thanks.

    • Mark D. Moss says:

      I’m a big fan of Chicago Fire, and loved the Shay character. Your comment, however, is almost nonsensical. This is a nighttime soap about one of the most dangerous professions on the planet. “Lazy writing” would be to constantly find loopholes to keep all of the cast whole and alive. Given the number of explosions, traps, accidents, etc., that this group has experienced, it’s far more unrealistic that the rest of them are alive. If we’re deducting points for being lazy, I’d point to the miraculous recoveries of several of the other key cast members from injuries/illnesses that should have sidelined or killed those characters before … and other Shay arcs would/should have done that already.

    • Agree. And he says it wasn’t anything personal yet they brought in a blond female first thing. I think it was done terribly too. If they were really going for good story telling they could have actually given her some time. This felt like it was decided in a very sloppy manner.

    • Wizard says:

      Absolutely totally agree!

    • Yep! It was really a shame! Killing one of the few main female characters on the show, and for my point of view, for a simple shock value. Shay was one of the best characters, and annoyed me before how the writers always gave bad storylines to her..and now this death. Ridiculous.

  4. Nikki says:

    I don’t understand this decision and this interview did not help. He said that they evaluated every character on equal footing and Shay would make the biggest impact. Actually, wouldn’t Chief make the biggest impact? Or Casey? I just don’t understand why they would kill off one of the only women on the show, let alone one’s whose presence is more fulfilling than their absence.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Its more like “Biggest impact that wont adversely hurt the show”, while shows like GOT and TWD will kill off characters that people love, the stories are so compelling with so many other characters that it doesnt hurt the ratings of the shows. Where as a show like Chicago Fire is loved cause of the characters (not really the stories), so if they killed off Casey, that is a huge void now created, but more than just one (like Shay) that effects other characters, its a void in terms of they need a character like Casey on the show, and who on the cast could step up and be that respected, adult, in charge firefighter?

      The “why did it have to be a woman” is total BS…it was Shay because her impact would effect the main characters the most. Think about it…if they kill of Mouche or any of the Firefighter guys (besides Severide and Casey) it would be sad for an episode or two but their void wouldnt really be felt from then on. But by killing Shay, they drastically effected their main cast, changing their storylines….if Mouche had died would it effected Dawson and Severide and Casey how Shay’s did?

      Shay’s death deeply effected Dawson, leading to her wanting to say yes to being proposed, her (most likely) leaving the fire-house she ends up going to because they are A-holes and she wants to be with her family (the firehouse shes at now, 51 i believe it is). Severide’s best friend is dead, he is deeply impacted and we will see that play out for probably at least this entire season (now way could Mouche’s death do that). And Casey’s life has changed through Gabby’s life change, she’s saying yes next episode when she has said no/not yet in the past, she is deeply hurt by the loss and feely super guilty which im sure will effect Casey’s relationship with her….

      So…by having so many webs to other characters, best friends to two main characters and loved by the entire firehouse…her death was the most impactful, yet wasnt going to really harm the show (ratings) because at least IMO…she was kinda a meh character…sure shes a female and a lesbian…but she had bad relationships that were just melodrama (lame) and slept around (lame) and had the occasional good scene with Severide/Dawson…but she wasnt anything special to me. Its a firehouse…to have 50% of the cast be women doesnt make sense because it would be visually unrealistic to real world firefighter gender statistics.

      IMO if they are smart, they have Dawson go to the other firehouse, hate it, come back and be allowed (for some reason) to be a firefighter at station 51, and two new paramedics are hired (two really well written females), and i would really enjoy if one was really into Otis and that was a relationship that blossomed.

      • Tristan says:

        So you’re saying that killing off Shay didn’t create a void? Are you even watching the same series as I am? Severide and Dawson’s reactions and behavior in this episode is enough proof as to how much of a void it caused. I’m not saying Shay isn’t a good choice for a “shocker” death, since we can see at this point that she clearly is.

        And speaking of “lame” character scenes and development, you can’t blame the character. Instead, direct your blame at the writers who had minimal interest in writing some deeper character developments for the character. They only care about Severide, Casey, and Mills. Dawson is pretty important at this point, but honestly, Shay was a really beloved character too. She had chemistry with all the other actors, and she was very good at capturing emotions.

        Nevertheless, I still think they made the wrong choice. They’ve even lost a majority of a demographic they could’ve kept.

        I’m out.

    • dangelique says:

      They couldn’t kill off a straight guy. The lesbian character, who by the way, was acted greatly.

      They got a call, some homophob of the ecexs got scared and this is what happened

      • Hmm says:

        Oh for God’s sake. Stop with this BS already! She wasn’t killed off because she was gay and it’s such an insult to suggest so.

        • Ruth says:

          Well we don’t really know for sure why she was killed off. I would not be surprised if that was the reason she was killed off. I do believe there was something, maybe not the fact she was a gay character but I really think it’s all pointing to that. The reason he is giving is too lame and make little sense as her character was the least boring and very unique. Why pick her? Think about it, doesn’t make sense. She was a great actress on the show, she was unique and different and they didn’t have her injured, they killed her!

    • aileen says:

      Sadly I think Shay wasn’t important enough for the producers. I don’t agree but I have read that they consider Casey, Severide and Dawson as the main characters while everyone else is more or less just a fill in. In this perspective it makes a big impact to kill of Shay. You can call it a smart move but for me it indicates that the show might come to an end because I don’t think it’s good when a shocking death is the only thing the writes can come up with to ensure ongoing storylines for 2 other characters.
      As for the “lame” character scenes and development … yes, I agree that overall Shays character development has been lame in the both seasons (oh and I totally hated it) but IMO this clearly shows that the writers didn’t care about her and that in fact she has never been on equal footing. I just think about all the scenes which could support my opinion, even in one of the flashbacks, but that’s the way producers and writers wanted to go. It just makes me sad that through this choice many people think that she only had bad relationships and slept around. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say that these points aren’t true but there was so much more to Shays character and it amazes me that nearly no one’s saying it’s lame when Dawson slept around or Severide.
      Never mind, I wouldn’t be surprise if in the end this decision is going to backfire on the producers.

      • Ruth says:

        Well said! But I disagree with the part that Shays character wasn’t developed well. I thought they did a great job. Having gay friends I see women can be more manipulative than men. What happened Shay with both her girlfriend characters was very real, as a result she had good and bad days and her friendship with Dawson and Serveride was very true to reality also. I was very invested in her character and for me she was one of the 4 top characters. Her character was new to the screen and she was something different that is real and seldom seen on TV. So I am with you when you say wouldn’t be surprised if this decision backfires. Well at least for me I don’t want to watch any more but hope it continues for the other actors sake.

  5. Rita says:

    Writing the Bobby Simone character out of NYPD Blue was a different situation. Jimmy Smits wanted out of the series, this is something else entirely!

    • Chloe says:

      I was thinking the same thing. That comparison made no sense.

      • Ann says:

        That and the ‘Lauren won’t miss the winters’ garbage really annoy me. She was being very respectful, tactful and professional about a bad situation. Pity she didn’t receive the same treatment.

    • Hmm says:

      Perhaps you neglected to read between the lines in said comparison. It was rumored that Lauren was not happy in Chicago and wanted out, so when the time came to kill off a character, it made sense to be Shay. He’s not going to outright say that in the interview; they rarely express when an actor wants out.

  6. Chloe says:

    I think killing off Shay was a mistake. One of the best things about the show was her relationship with Severide. They were great together & doing away with those scenes will hurt the show. In addition, she is a terrific actress & I’ll miss her.

  7. Fran says:

    I dont like that it did seem to be done just for shock value. I get that Shay dying will have a huge impact and will probably give us some great scenes, but I still think it was a mistake. I’m not going to stop watching though because I’ve never watched CF just for one character…. But I hope they know what they’re doing.

  8. Jenn says:

    Completely and totally sexist and clueless. I heard about her death on twitter and immediately deleted the show from my DVR. I really hope more people feel the same.

    • R says:

      I hate people like you.

    • Bwhit says:

      So you are judging what was a stellar episode because of what was on Twitter that you never watched? Seems reasonable (sarcasm). If you had watched, you would of seen how loved the character of Shay really was.

      • Jenn says:

        I’m not judging the episode, I’m explaining that the decision to kill the lesbian in order to induce #manpain in the white male lead is not a story that I’m at all interested in watching. I don’t care about Severide finding his way back from losing his bestie. Do you know how many women (and not just LGBTQ women, but women in general), are killed in stories for this very purpose? It’s old and it’s tired and it’s boring.

        The fact that the show runners picked Shay to kill off explains how limited they are in their thinking. The best choice would have been Casey. His character would have left a leadership vacuum that others would have needed to try to fill while creating story for Dawson and Severide and the Chief.

        Killing Shay has the side effect of making Casey’s fear about Dawson becoming a firefighter seem even more tired than it already was. After all, clearly being a paramedic is just as dangerous.

        Meanwhile, Lauren is being replaced by an actress who looks so much like her that BTS photos made some people think she was still filming. You know the only difference in the new female paramedic from Shay? This one is straight so that makes her romantically available to all of the men on the show. Yeah, real original storytelling here.

        • RAGGEDT says:

          I kinda see your point. In comic books, this is known as “fridging” — when a female character (girlfriend/wife/best pal) is killed, primarily to provoke an emotional reaction from the male lead. This does seem like a perfect example of that. There wasn’t even the usual writer excuse of Shay’s-story-had-come-to-a-good-end BS. Because, it hadn’t. They didn’t really give her the rich, complex storylines they managed for Casey, Severide and (to some extent) Dawson. Instead, they decided — ho-hum, plot device! Time to get rid of someone.
          A shame.

        • FtheFreys says:

          Fully agree with your statement. Shay’s replacement will just function as a boytoy for the male characters to fall in love with since she is straight.

        • dangelique says:

          I agree Jenn. I was shocked. Not watching any more. Even my 6 year old great nephew, said “omg auntie daen, not shay!”

        • Danni says:

          No. Casey needed to stay, as well as Dawson, Severide, and the Chief. Shay was my #5 character after that. She was awesome and I don’t think killing her off makes any sense, but killing off any of the others I’ve listed makes even LESS sense. Sorry, but I can’t agree with you on that.

    • James says:

      You haven’t watched The Walking Dead then. Death knows no sex, age and sexual orientation.

      • Sonya says:

        But the only man was killed. The only woman wasn’t killed. The only Asian wasn’t killed. The only African American wasn’t killed. The only child wasn’t killed. Get the hint. CF killed the only lesbian and the only female connected to many viewers because of serial orientation, drug rehabilitation, overcoming or coping with PTSD, and fighting personal demons to be strong for everyone around her. If viewers watch to relate, why was killing her such a good choice. A large population lost here. No one else was so dynamic. So will a character be brought in for each of the personalities that Shay brought to the table. CF will never be the same or touch as many viewers. Really, want to be a female fire fighter, afraid of commitment, hot slot of kids, sister got raped, father a rollin stone, fire house about be closed. What did anyone else really have to bring accept they risked their lives in fires like everyone else, a sorry business colaberation?

        • James says:

          The best that CF and viewers can do is to accept that cast turnovers will eventually become the norm in the coming seasons. If the writers feel this is the best route for them, then viewers have to trust that they know what they’re doing.

          Unless you want to turn Chicago Fire into Days of our Lives and have it turned out that a comatosed-Shay was in some hospital kept hidden by a mysterious figure in her past, only to wake up with no recollection of her time in the firehouse. *Duhn**Duhn**Duhn!!*

    • Sonya says:

      I did as well. And the comment was correct from someone earlier, the writers reeled in the LGBT VIEWERS and then really expected the explanation given to come across like anything less than bull crap. World views are changing and it was nice to see that this prime time “soap” understood and complimented it. BUT DID IT?

  9. Great, shock deaths. Now I know what show to stop watching. I don’t give a damn how realistic surprising deaths are, they’re always cheap and generally a waste unless you can tell more stories with the character dead than alive.

    If you want to kill someone off, making it count.

    • Tiss C says:

      Great comment…totally childish strategy to pick a character to fire based on eni-meani- mini-mo technique! Real mature and poor judgment as you’ll see as you lose viewers behind this move. Shay was one of reasons we all tuned in as well as lot of the other characters. Dismissing Munch or Herman wouldn’t have had same effect. They’re okay, but we’d still been alright with decision. Better find a way to right your wrong or we’ll be tuning in on something other then Chicago’s Fire! ALL FIRED UP IN DC

  10. The fact that you are all emotionally confused and angry is the exact reason why she was chosen. They wanted the most impact, not only from a creative perspective, but from a viewer perspective.

    • Problem is we know who to blame and hate for it. And since they control the show…

    • yanika says:

      I agree with you. The viewers were 1 of the main impacts,

    • Shay being my favorite character aside to kill someone for shock value is a poor writing technique. GOT and Walking dead are nothing compared to this show. They have a large rotating cast and are living in a zombie apocalypse and a war torn state. You go into the show expecting it, death has always been there… Not a drama like Chicago fire, It was a poor death that will have consequences for a short time, possibly half a season or less. Then they have to bring in a woman that looks like Shay to replace her… Why could they have not brought in a man or someone completely different. Why do the paramedics at firehouse 51 have to be female.

      There was so much wrong with this show to begin with and before you get all upset at this, I really only watch the show because of Shay, who was a character I could identify with.

      Shay was a female and a lesbian who brought a large fan base to the show for that reason. Dawson (Who I never liked) brought strong females to watch the show… the rest of the guys, well there were plenty cut from the same cloth to chose from… I really think Casey would have had the most impact if he died. Take a swatch from GOT like you all like to compare this to. Kill him, they had lead up to all sorts of things with the brain damage, this would have been great… everyone blaming themselves for not realizing or taking him off the truck, would have made for much better drama, really.

      Anyway I am afraid Chicago Fire has lost a fan base, it’s a small one so they are lucky, but the writers will probably have a hard time ever getting the fan base to watch any of their shows again,

      • Joyce says:

        Great comment, I hope the producer can see this.

      • Danni says:

        “Shay was a female and a lesbian who brought a large fan base to the show for that reason. Dawson (Who I never liked) brought strong females to watch the show”

        Well, Dawson is a female and a woman of color, and she brings in a large fanbase for that reason. I find it weird that you say that Dawson brings in “strong females” to watch the show, as if that’s all she brings in. Why the distinction? I liked their friendship and liked them both. So, are you saying that Shay only brought in “weak females,” since from your statement the strong women are identifying with Dawson? Honestly, I think your anger might be causing you to shoot your argument in the foot.

        I’ll just say that I like Dawson, and she’s my favorite. But unlike you, I also liked everyone else on the show including Shay. I’m sorry that she was taken off of the show, and I wish she were still there. But I think that there are enough characters on the show that many of us can identify with to keep it going, and I hope it keeps on.

        • Danni says:

          And just to add what I like about Dawson, it’s her ability to be relatable and likeable and sweet, but strong and tough like a fighter when she needs to be. She can shift from being a normal girl to superwoman saving lives. What’s not to like about that?

          • Naw Shay was strong, but her character did bring the other fan base to show more so then the strong female type. I just could never get into Dawson for a lot of reasons Dawson fans would just argue with so it’s not really worth going into. I didn’t like Dawson and I really dislikes Casey even more and the two of them together… well I fast forwarded through most of their scenes. I’m not watching it anymore but I really hope they do something about Casey thinking he’s her knight in shining armour and she is a damsel in distress. He should have never gone on her behalf to the other Fire House…

          • I also think there were several male characters that they could have picked to die instead but I think the biggest slap in the face was the carbon copy straight Shay version to give the male characters something to play with.

    • Joyce says:

      Ya they got the greatest impact for the viewers, and they got the viewers out, what a clever strategy. Their mindset makes me no more confident in the future plot.

    • Sonya says:

      But obviously you are confused. Because this will cost the show in the end.

  11. ggny says:

    Really swing and miss. This is gonna come back to haunt them. Terrible choice

    • James says:

      There’s always fanfiction. Be your own writer and put out scripts detailing how it should Chicago Fire should be written as fan-service.

  12. Babygate says:

    This interview actually makes it worst. I guarantee you, you do not feel worse than Lauren. Good riddance to you and your show.

  13. steve says:

    this show has no flashbacks?

    what were the multiple flashbacks we saw of Shay’s first day on the job, what happened just before the explosion, and the stuff leading up to the film they made? did i dream those scenes?

  14. Cintia says:

    The EP said that they wanted to be different from other shows but in my opinion killing Shay made this show look exactly like the other shows out there.
    What is the added value on killing a character? I still don’t see it.

  15. Bwhit says:

    He did not say he did it for shock value. He said it was done with the intention of having the death really affect people. Which to me means that the writers recognize what they are actually writing about when it comes to a show about first responders. If you don’t want to watch because Shay was the only character you cared about than good riddance! I loved the character but last night was an amazing episode, it showed how a firehouse is a family and everyone cares about each other, hence Casey being there for Severide and Mouch trying to cheer up the Chief. I have watched Chicago Fire since the beginning and will continue to do so.

    • HeatherC says:

      You’re not alone, I’m still watching too. I thought Tuesday’s episode was amazing. =)

    • Sonya says:

      It is obvious bwhit that you will watch anything just to watch. Your comment says slot about you and it is mesmerizing how someone like you even wasted time to comment since you don’t connect to what you watch. Every one is good but there only a few that are great. But I see you don’t understand. No good riddance to you, you were gone from the jump start.

  16. Just wondering says:

    Normally I understand fully, when a show feels the need to kill off a main character in order for said program to have an air of authenticity and to keep viewers on edge. I also get why they would kill off one of the more beloved characters to really drive it home. With that said however, when taking into account the overwhelming ratio of men on the show to women, I fail to understand why the creators felt the need to write off 1 of the only 2 main female characters on the show? This on top of having killed off a rather popular newcomer last season who also was female.

    • Ann says:

      A poster on previously tv gave a great analysis of female to male expandability in media, especially women of color, on the Chicago Fire board. Spot on, as what you said.

    • Stephanie says:

      The show depicts a profession that is male-dominated in real life, so obviously there will be more male cast members than females.

      • Heather says:

        That’s all well and good to start off with, I guess, but then you should try not to kill off the few female characters you DO have. Especially right on the heels of introducing a female firefighter just to portray her constantly as being incompetent and desperate for her father’s approval before having her kill herself. Not to mention that there’s enough about this show that’s unrealistic that falling back on “real life” in this case is bull, IMO.

  17. sue says:

    Killing Shay was BS………I won’t be watching Chicago Fire anymore

  18. Nicole says:

    This doesnt really say who was the “someone else” considered. Is that part left out? The whole cast doesnt really equate to “someone else”…

  19. Regina says:

    mistake to kill off shay…show just dropped a notch..disappointing

  20. Mary Alvarado says:

    Why couldn’t we at least have a funeral service for her some way to see everyone say goodbye

    • Sass says:

      Seriously. I nearly unplugged my TV when mourning, word-chopping Severide comes back to their apartment and everything is pristine–as if Shay had no family outside of the firehouse and without Severide all things Shay come to a standstill.
      It’s established that Shay and her family are on great terms. They would would have definitely come through during the funeral and packed up her stuff. Because that’s what family does. They don’t just bury their child and walk away. Family gathers everything and cleans everything up–even if they don’t want to keep it. There’s Goodwill. Have any of these writers actually buried a loved one?
      And don’t get me started on Dawson. She didn’t do anything either, besides wallow in survivor’s guilt? *Yawn*
      And what about the firehouse? One of their own dies, and what? You don’t help do anything functional with the possessions? And you let the deceased’s best friend disappear for 5 weeks AND NEVER CHECK ON HIM while asking Dawson to delay her career for 6 weeks because… “normalcy”? Because women make a firehouse a home and the dudes that are talking business as usual the whole episode as if nothing happened just couldn’t have coped without her Dawsony influence? *gag*
      The laundry list of fails with this first episode are just really insurmountable. I’m going to watch the ratings slide and smile… no offense to the rest of the case. But it will honestly make me happy.

      • aileen says:

        Couldn’t agree more … I was actually surprised about the lack of emotion within the “family of 51”. Yes, at least Severide, Dawson, and Boden showed that they were affected by Shays death but with all the others I was under the impression that they didn’t care at all. And this shows me that they just go on in the same way like in Season 2 where I had way to often the feeling that this family doesn’t really care anymore when one of it’s own is/was in distress. Seriously, if this is what the producers understand under “this family burns deep” then I really don’t know anything about family at all.

      • Danni says:

        Well what did you expect Dawson to do? She was GREIVING. I bet if she hadn’t been doing that you’d still have a problem. *Yawn* I was with you until you chose to attack the surviving lead female character. Just for that, I hope the ratings rise. And I say that as someone who misses Shay.

  21. gail says:

    I am so disappointed. Shay and Severides chemistry is what made the show. I am done with it. Bad move…

  22. Damion says:

    Bad idea killing Shay. I like she was lesbian and beautiful. We see a lot of stereotypes of gay women in film and television. Laurens portrayal was excellent.

  23. Damion says:

    Bad idea killing Shay. I like she was lesbian and beautiful. We see a lot of stereotypes of gay women in film and television. Laurens portrayal was excellent. She was still growing the character.

  24. Ketrell says:

    I think last night episode was very lame. Killing off Shay was totally unexpected. I wish the writers would have thought about not killing off anyone and writing a more powerful premiere. Killing off Shay and bringing in another character seemed cheesy. I will not stop watching the show yet, I want. to see what the other episodes are going to be like, But I know many of my friends have decided not to watch the show anymore.

  25. Killing off Shay was NOT cool. At all. My fave shows are usually female-led but I have a few sausage fest shows that I watch which have strong female characters, Chicago Fire being one of them. I always have to scratch my head when it’s one of the females they kill off or replace. I mean, really?! You have an ensemble cast with a male to female ratio of 9:2 and you subtract from the 2?! Ridiculous!

  26. rika says:

    Is shay coming back

  27. Hannah says:

    Where’s all the people who said Lauren probably wanted to be written off, lol.
    And this show is a soapy procedural, defending killing her on ~artistic~ grounds is ridiculous.

  28. Dude says:

    I just feel like as a writer, if you’re already at the point two seasons in where you have to kill people off in order to open up stories then you’ve written yourself into one hell of a corner. It’s a lazy plot device.

  29. cbwhite85 says:

    Killing Shay was a big mistake. You can ask me that today, tomorrow, years from now. I know that I will never watch Season 3 Episode 1 ever again. Yes, we connected with her because she is that good. And now you stole that away. No, House 51 will never be the same. I don’t mean that in the way you want. I agree with the comments that you got lazy and wanted to kill someone off. You’re in season 3! Not 5, not 7, not 10. People are still catching on and you go and kill a main character. You could have taken any of the guys. And you “replace” Shay with another blonde who looks eerily similar to Shay. I think this decision will haunt you. I feel like I’m grieving the loss of a friend. I’m currently in the blaming stage and now after this lame excuse for an interview, I’ll contently stay in this stage. You killed Shay. Maybe Chicago PD can take you out. Or at least put you in front of Bad Judge. Lame and lazy!

  30. Bill says:

    Killing off a a main character just because the writers ran out of storyline ideas is lazy and short-sighted. Chicago Fire will always be less of a show without the Shay character.

  31. cyric says:

    Between Shay 47episodes, Hailey 10 episodes, and Jones 7 episodes this show likes it when women die. Because when women get killed it makes an impact.

    Only male character that i remember dieing
    Darden 6 episodes

  32. Rick Lasquete says:

    Great! You kill off the one gay character in the show. So stereotypical! I’m really disappointed that this decision was made.. It had to be the one gay character….really? Loved the show….don’t love this move!

  33. matt says:

    Done watching the show. You don’t need to kill off people for a plot twist. Good writing can handle that. So tired of shows doing this crap. Just lost a viewer.

  34. RG says:

    Producers are silly some of the time and certainly in this case they were.To kill off a central character may be fun for them but not or the fans or Lauren! What they don’t get is the “fans” tune in to their shows because of the connection to the characters. without that there is no reason to watch the show. Killing off a main character for shock value is ridiculous and a senseless waste and I am asking myself if I want to continue on with the show.

  35. H.C. says:

    “You mourn it and move on” well I’m sure the writers did immediately, I will never. The anger and bitterness I’m feeling is not something that’s strong right now because it just happened, I’ll never forgive them for this. They think they’re trying to be original but killing Shay was the most predictable thing they could do, they think they’re doing something groundbreaking by killing the lesbian? Oh no wait but they said that her being a lesbian has nothing to do with it right? except it does, it’s always that way, and no matter how many pointless excuses they make, that’s the real reason.
    “Some we moved off in two seconds, said that wasn’t going to happen.” I believe those were Casey and Severide, of course they’d never kill the beloved straight white males even though that would have been the unexpected thing to do, that would have been something interesting, but then what on earth would we do without them? how could we survive without seeing them shirtless and sweaty every week?

    • Ann says:

      This exactly! No harm no foul on Jesse and Taylor, but really the creator stepped in it big time. ‘Some people’ the show just can’t live without. Really? This kind of crap should be done when your actors want to leave! This will come back to hurt them when that day comes. It always does, and that’s why shows start to fail. Because they lose those qualities that made us relate to them, and made us want to watch.

  36. Susie says:

    If they wanted to create drama and a massive impact, they should’ve chosen Dawson. I’m sorry if you guys don’t agree, i mean i love her but she would’ve made the biggest impact. I would’ve preferred that no one died and everything was normal

    First of all, Casey would be destroyed and basically where Severide is right now. In fact, they would switch their roles and Severide would be cheering Casey up, while also trying to cheer Shay up.

    The firehouse has known her longer than they’ve known Shay and would’ve ultimately felt much deeper about her loss (i mean i swear that no-one showed much sadness about her death apart from Severide, Dawson, Casey and Chief cause the rest of them just went about their day basically, occasionally mentioning her and lowering their voices but nothing like Severide).

    The thing i love about chicago fire and chicago pd is that they aren’t like a lot of spinoffs where a main character (or a few) from the base show get their own show and basically live their life far away from the base show because these two shows are so close and when something happens in one show, you hear about it the next episode on the other show. Shay’s death wouldn’t of affected chicago pd at all but Dawson’s certainly would. I would love to see her brother in a vulnerable place like episode two of chicago pd and Halstead might even be affected because of their fling back in season 2 of cf. This might even cause lindsay to become jealous or worried which could cause some sort of Linstead hookup.

    I’m just wondering if they’ve had a funeral for Shay yet, i would love to see that (although i would love even more if Shay never died)

    • Ann says:

      Yeah, didn’t they basically make the whole show last season about how Gabby was the center of everyone’s world? Really, even Mouch when standing in front of a gorgeous, half dressed Lauren German, said his ideal woman was Gabby. And great catch about the high impact for PD.
      I really this was to lead to a Dawson, Casey, Severide triangle. And that’s one thing they could never do with the character of Shay.

    • Joyce says:

      Yes killing dawson must have caused a greater impact than killing shay, they are just blind to this option and saying like they have no other choice. What a shame.
      I rather let the #chicagofire world stay in the last season and everyone is still fighting to save lives in my mind.
      I have never been this desperated from watching a TV show. *Sigh*

  37. Susie says:

    I must say that the ending scene with Severide was my favourite scene in the whole series cause not only was i crying so much, i felt like my heart was wrenched out of my chest and smashed to pieces, thats how good of an actor Taylor Kinney is. It showed so much emotion and depth and it was so simple yet beautiful that i nearly had a heartattack.

    • kate'shomesick says:

      Interesting. I thought the acting was pretty poor. Usually a person tries not to cry when it comes to it and then just can’t hold it back and to me it clearly looked like he was TRYING to cry…(so it was stage crying)…didn’t move me at all. Might have been because I had a lot of acting training but yes…

  38. I think this was well done. Not too melodramatic, just the right amount of sentimentalism to get viewers involved in her death, but also to look forward to the future development of the other characters. Of course, it helps that I didn’t like her character, too immature for my taste, so I won’t be losing any sleep over this one.

  39. bdavis says:

    I think they have just made a big mistake

  40. cyndi purcell says:

    It was such a great show, with shay in it. Once characters start leaving, the show starts declining. That is really going to suck because I really liked Chicago Fire, that is the old Chicago Fire with shay in it. Big Mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Roger Canada says:

    For it was Shaycago Fire…
    Now it’ nothing.

    I will move on… on Person of Interest.

    • Dillon77 says:

      Funny you should bring that up. I take turns watching POI and CF live and then come back to the other the next day. I watched CF on Comcast on Wednesday and my jaw dropped. One big difference between the shows and it’s treatment of key and recurring female characters. PoI had one lead female request to leave and PoI responded by bringing in not one, but two strong female leads. Chicago Fire seems to be making a habit of killing off it’s one female lead and recurring characters.

  42. ana says:

    I think everyone should just stop watching the show and protect it until they bring Shay back

  43. ana says:

    I think this was a huge mistake on the show part I personally have no desire to watch the show anymore lieutenant Casey severide the chief dawson and shay are the main 5 characters that should have never been touched I believe the show’s ratings depend on that I think the fans would rather see other drama with those 5 characters rather than seeing one of those 5 characters parish

  44. ana says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but this episode was disappointing and heartbreaking to watch the fact that they killed her off was bad enough but the fact that they glazed over it and did not even give her a funeral was pretty disgusting I think that they could have done betterbuy her out of respect for this actress and furthermore for the writer of the show to say that killing her off was going to create the biggest impact and storyline I don’t see a story line here who cares to see dawson struggle to get over shays death and then sever ride struggle with it also the next several episodes are going to be a constant reminder that she is no longer with the show that’s not a good plot that’s outright depressing I am very disappointed this was one of my favorite shows but I will not be watching it anymore they took one of my favorite characters off the show and it’s bad enough that they took her from the show but the way they did it soabruptly makes it worse several ride and Shay are my two favoritesso long Chicago Fire this show is going to lose so many ratings now what a huge mistake I personally think they need to change the script and write this as a dream possibly one of the other characters getting hurt in the fire and in a coma and this last episode could have just been their dream and they need to bring her backI think they are going to lose a lot of viewers

  45. ana says:

    everyone who is a Lauren German supporter better known as shay should boycott the show don’t watch it until they bring her back

  46. ana says:

    and what kind of BF is you mourn it and you move on I think they owed her much more then a quick killing and then 6 weeks later let’s focus on the other characters that is ridiculous sounds like to me maybe there was a problem off screen with contracts or something else that made them get rid of her so quickly big big big mistake

  47. ana says:

    and what kind of Bs is you mourn it and you move on I think they owed her much more then a quick killing and then 6 weeks later let’s focus on the other characters that is ridiculous sounds like to me maybe there was a problem off screen with contracts or something else that made them get rid of her so quickly big big big mistake

  48. ana says:

    there is so much freshness about this show because it is still a rather new show meaning there is still so many things that could be written about the characters there is so many different story lines and different routes that this show could take it was not necessary to kill one of the main characters are they that desperate for ratings because now they just killed their ratings when they killed her one of the best parts of this show wasthe chemistry between shay and severide I honestly have no more interest in this show they made a huge mistake they think by writing her out was going to stir up more interest how is backwards is that she was one of the reasons why many people watched the show she was beautiful she was smart she was funny and sassy and she could hang with the boys she was a very well rounded and well likeable character you are not going to find anyone to feel her shoesthe show is done I would be so curious to see what the ratings are for next weeks show I guarantee the ratings will have dropped tremendouslyyou want to see your show take an incredible twist and gain ratings you need to bring her back

    • Joyce says:

      Sure they can have many other storylines WITH SHAY STILL IN it. As simple as new relationship of Shay can be a new line. Obviously Shay is the character who has been developed the least in the past season and still have lot of room to write. They just too lazy to write about it and one jerk come up with the idea of killing someone, then pick the one with most ease killed. I am so disappointed with such a cruel arrangement.

    • I will miss shay she was one of my faves other then Dawson but I also think that this show won’t be the same with out shay cause even Kasey is leaving the show so this show will be crap soon. I wish shay would come back. Watch there will be somone else who will take shay and Kaseys place I just think this show made a big mistake. But it’s not just there fault shay it’s shay fault to. They did the same thing on two halfe man

      • Fouts says:

        The writer just killed this show, the new story lines are not holding my interest.

      • Janet Kay says:

        OMGoodness, you are so right!! I don’t like the replacement at all!!! One dimensional!!! And Severide needs to pull it together, people are depending on him and Shay would be sad to see him this way!