Sons of Anarchy Recap: The Renegades Who Had It Made

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 3

The Sons of Anarchy aren’t letting anyone cross them in their final season, a point driven home quite clearly by Tuesday’s episode.

This week, SAMCRO eliminated one enemy but created another, Gemma overstepped her boundaries (what else is new?), while Juice… oh, poor Juice.

Read on for a rundown of “Playing With Monsters”:

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BROTHERLY LOVE? | To prove that his recent work with the sheriff’s department won’t prevent him from helping Juice, Unser agrees to assist Juice with a major favor: scoring him some face time with a member of SAMCRO. In return, Juice will cough up any intel he has on Tara’s murder — “intel” here meaning “a series of lies to cover his own butt.” Unser manages to get Juice face-to-face with Chibs, under the guise of Chibs meeting with his parole officer. Although Juice practically begs for a way to get back into SAMCRO’s good graces, Chibs remains as steely as ever in front of his estranged brother. His proposed solution for Juice? “If I were you, I’d get that gun, put it in my mouth and pull the trigger.” Of all the things in store for Juice this season, it seems SAMCRO’s forgiveness will not be one of them.

In return for Unser’s goodwill, Juice tells Unser to pursue the Chinese as prime suspects in Tara’s murder — something that SAMCRO isn’t pleased to hear about via Sheriff Jarry. But when Jarry and Chibs take an immediate liking to each other, Chibs catches up with the sheriff later that night and pays her a hefty sum to quit pursuing Juice and the Chinese trail. Jarry promises she’ll do her best to keep things quiet, and if I’m not mistaken, a flurry of sparks flies between the pair as they bond over battle scars. Juice, meanwhile, is taken to a motel by Wendy and Unser, who try to convince him his new digs are merely temporary.

REBELS WITH A CAUSE | SAMCRO’s biggest obstacle throughout the hour is August Marks, whose partnership with SAMCRO begins to crumble when he and Jax don’t see eye-to-eye. Instead, Jax & Co. meet with One-Niners leader Tyler, in order to ensure that the purple gang will remain loyal to SAMCRO moving forward. In exchange for his gang’s loyalty, Tyler has Jax and his men kill a handful of rebellious One-Niners who are planning to split from their own group. SAMCRO leads the renegades to their guns that were recently stolen by the Mayans, then shoots each one of ‘em dead. (And with that, I’ve officially lost count of this season’s casualties thus far.)

Later, Nero and the Mayans are aggravated to find that the guns they stole have been discovered. They’re informed of a meeting taking place downtown later that day, where some of the One-Niners’ rebels plan to discuss their split from the gang. But before that meeting can even begin, Nero and the Mayans show up and, once again, fire away until none of the purple gang members are left standing.

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FAMILY MATTERS | Following SAMCRO’s recent murder of the Indian Hills associates who helped hit Lin’s gun delivery, one of Lin’s men informs Jax that only one body was found at the scene of the crime. (The other? Presumably carried away by Jury, who’s still mourning the death of his loved one.) Bobby calls Jury later that day and asks who, exactly, those two men were, feeding Jury a lie that his associates are now bragging around town about their involvement in the gun delivery. Jury reveals that he knew one of the men — Gib O’Leary, Jury calls him — but judging by the hardened look in his eyes, Jury can see right through Bobby’s tale, and he’s gunning for SAMCRO next.

Also in the hour:

* At Diosa Internacional, Sandy’s father shows up, looking to take money from her. He’s violent, foul-mouthed and an altogether terrible guy, and when Gemma sees the man rummaging through his daughter’s purse, she hits him (and gets hit right back, which sends Nero into a tailspin). That night, after Jax’s club business is taken care of, he accompanies Gemma to Sandy’s dad’s place. She offers him a flirty apology (and pineapple upside-down cake, for good measure), then proposes the two have a drink. Unbeknownst to Sandy’s old man, Jax is waiting outside, and right on cue, he enters the man’s house to beat him senseless.

* Wendy comes home early to find Brooke and Ratboy on the verge of sleeping together, which is about 14 bad decisions rolled into one. But Wendy remains tight-lipped in front of Gemma about the pair’s bedroom activities, reluctantly confessing that she knows what it’s like to love someone you shouldn’t (and can’t) be with.

* After witnessing the skirmish between Gemma, Nero and Sandy’s dad, Abel asks if his daddy does bad things, too. (I’m not sure there’s any character more in need of a hug than Abel, who has asked Gemma some truly devastating questions in the last two weeks.) Gemma tells her grandson that Jax is a good man, but Abel seems a bit unconvinced.

What did you think of Sons‘ latest episode? Drop a line in the comments section below with your thoughts.

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  1. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Jury is def. going after SAMCRO he knows that Bobby is lying, Chibs and Juice’s ”so call” reunion was pretty tense….of course there’s no coming back to the MC Juicy had a second chance and blew it last season. Is it just me or is that new Sheriff bitch wanna get into Chibs’s pants? What would his wife Fiona say?! Also Ratboy and that girl whatever her name is REALLY?!!! if Tara was still alive she’ll bash that little girl’s head and Abel your daddy is NOT a good man so far this season HELL NO!

  2. sweet says:

    Key points:
    Gemma is losing her mind. Maybe she’ll do an Ophelia and end her passive aggressive destruction spree
    Jax just wants to see it all burn
    August tied us back to episode 1 . His “partner”is MIA. Betcha that’s the church leader Jax killed by accident.
    Jury. Oh, Jury. He’s gonna do payback. He could be Jax’s biggest threat bec it’s the one he can’t see coming

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Well I won’t be surprised if August gets killed by Jax, Although he(August) did tell him to not ever cross him cause he has no remorse and he’ll go after him and his boys. Besides Billy Brown who plays him he’s going to be on the show How to get away with Murder so let’s how far he’ll last here. As for Gemma she’s once again talking to Tara’s spirit can she just die already sheesh!

    • A passerby says:

      You mean a Lady Macbeth :P

  3. Kait says:

    Did anyone else take that last thing that Chibs said to Unser after Juice left to mean that even though he sounded cold he needed to be that way to protect him from the club in a way, to run and be safe? Or am I just reading to much into it?
    Also, isn’t Ratboy’s girlfriend still in high school?

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      It sounded like Chibs felt some what sorry for him that’s how I saw it but deep down he’s super pissed at Juice once you rat your ass is gone.

      • Kait says:

        Idk Chibs seems a little out of character this season… I think he’s hoping Juice runs away to save himself but at the same time feeling another of Juice’s betrayals (not including the unknown of Tara/sidenote Sheriff) to the club kind of personally

    • Kait says:

      Also, hi Jenna Jameson, hope she’s doing better than she was in the last interview I saw her in during a daytime show. And the actor that played Theo from the Cosby show got a little airtime.

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  5. Felishia says:

    I’m crazy about jaxs and all of the episodes are keepers.

  6. Felishia says:

    I haven’t seen episode 3 yet just waiting for it show up on vudu and I can’t wait

  7. Italia says:

    A show without TAra is simply a show about bad guys killing other bad guys, who cares. Wendy needs to get those boys out of there asap, TAra must be rolling in her grave. I want Abel to kill the grandmother, one that is creepy and awesome at the same time.

  8. Rhonda says:

    The opening scene was very poor writing, c level at best and was just corny. And the fact they were all upset that Abel saw that guy get beat up, HE WAS IN A WHORE HOUSE. So dumb. This show, in my opinion just keeps going down hill

    • Tvtime says:

      From season 1 ep 1 the show was always about John teller’ decisions, death, and diaries shaping who jax is. Tara’s entire existence n death resolved around getting their kids away from samcro b4 they get poisoned by samcro. The young son can’t be ignored after his mother has just been murdered n he’s starting to realize what’s around him

    • DiDi says:

      I totally agree. This season is awful. Such poor writing.

  9. Eric says:

    Could there be a worse child actor than the kid who plays Abel?

  10. Fran says:

    I haven’t really enjoyed any episode this year…. I’m not entirely sure why but I just don’t feel any connection with any of the characters anymore. I used to not be able to wait until the next weeks episode. Hope that changes.

  11. Kristen says:

    Does anyone know when season 6 will be available to watch via Netflix? I can’t watch 7 till then & it’s killing me! :-)

  12. Mae De Melo says:

    Jax ruthless character now takes away from his bad boy sexy image in previous seasons. In previous seasons he would have been smart enough to tap in that G emma always hated Tara.
    Because its Katy S egals husband show he will let her homely big nose character stay on the show.
    Clay crossed the line and he had to be done in.Keep the show real and have Jax get his do justice by taking G emma out the same way they did Clay.

  13. Annie says:

    I have never minded the violence, especially when it’s integral to the storyline, but this season has just been over the top for no reason. The killing has become monotonous. Seriously, it’s bizarre. The characters have all become so one-dimensional that they aren’t even likable. And I still can’t understand a word Chibs says.

    • Annie says:

      Killing Tara was a mistake…such a loss to the show. I think having her “get away” would have been a better way to go.

      • LaBete says:

        I agree. I don’t know why Tara had to die. I think that Jax could’ve helped her “disappear” with the boys. Knowing that he could never see her or the boys could have been used as the reason for a “Jax Untethered” for the last season. Jax could’ve been about finally, brutally clearing out all of the obstacles for the Sons to “go legit,” while Gemma could snoop around, trying to track down Tara and the boys. I think keeping Jax in character, but more dangerous than ever, would’ve been a better final season than watching the killing machine he has now become.

        • Let me preface my response by saying I’M NOT COMING FOR YOUR THROAT lol. i need to make that clear seeing as its hard to know someone’s tone through the internet.

          with that out of the way i think what you and the person above you, hell, everyone that has their take on how tara could have survived and got away, etc….it’s all WISH FULLFILLMENT, it would be the equivalent of fanfiction if Sutter went any of those routes. this is HAMLET people, a shakespearean tragedy. i’ll admit I don’t get excited for new episodes like i used to (season four will always be my favorite season) but i always knew that Jax is either going to die or wish he was dead in the end one way or the other if Sutter sticks with the mythology. Tara is Ophelia. she had to go as much as i hated Gemma being the instrument

      • Italia says:

        They so ruined her character last season so we would cheer her death but it was a big mistake. She was a big part of the show. I wished she had ratted them out. Loving Jax put her six feet under and will ruin her kids.

    • Isaac Hunt says:

      Chibs speaks in a strong Glasgow accent, but I assure you it is English. I have never understood why Americans have such a hard time with Scottish and Irish accents, especially when you consider the mangling of our language most rednecks speak, which I can still manage to understand (just about).

      I don’t mean to cause offence, it’s something that genuinely interests me. I find it kind of funny that as English speakers you’d be as lost in Glasgow as you would be in Paris, even though the Scots have been speaking English for centuries longer than Americans. Y’all take care now, yeehaw! ;)

      • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

        Hahaha don’t confuse Tommy Flannigan aka Chibs as Irish he”ll be pissed. They get cranky LOL! But yeah both accents do sound alike just like British and Australian accents.

    • The Beach says:

      I agree with every word of this post. It expresses just what I’ve been thinking. I’ll add that there are so many “bad guys” that they are all muddled together. Previous seasons have had the Sons basically against one particular group. This year it’s Pope, The Purples, The Chinese, The Irish, The Mayans, etc….it’s too damn confusing!

  14. It’s enormous that you are getting thoughts from this paragraph as well as from our dialogue made here.

  15. Susan says:

    I don’t like this season – those I cared abut (even though they were bad boys), are now just cold blooded killers, pure and simple – no humanity evident. For God’s sake Gemma you duplicious bitch, how many people have to die before you take responsibility???

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  18. Olivia says:

    This season has been so disappointing! I’ve been watching since day 1. I used to watch through the commercials and even watched the great episodes a 2nd time right after. But it took me 5 days to watch this one. What is the point anymore? There has always been so much violence, but now it seems to have doubled and is totally senseless since the Chinese had nothing to do with Tara’s death. I agree with the comment above that the characters have become so one-dimensional. Jax used to be torn, about doing what is right for his sons, and now he had become a killing machine. Nero, who has been a good mor compass, got into the action this week. The show has just gone so far away from where it began.

  19. I think it’s going to come down to Nero and jax at the end of the body count just wondering what side he will be on

  20. Tom says:

    The new sheriff is Juice’s sister.

  21. David Wren says:

    I’m so sick of all the killing on this series and practically NOTHING about bikes! I only watch this last season to make sure it IS going to end!

  22. says:

    where can i buy pills

  23. Rayannie says:

    Finally catching up on SOA 7. Its so dark. I don’t like the direction it went. I used to walk away with an entertained lusty smirk after past seasons.