Sleepy Hollow Premiere Recap: Better Together

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Premiere Recap

Where the devil is Yolanda when you need her?

That’s one of the questions likely swirling in Ichabod Crane’s head during Sleepy Hollow‘s Season 2 premiere, which has its way with us for a while before finally coughing up the sweet, sweet resolution we’ve been longing for since January.

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so saddle up your red-eyed steed and prepare to review “This Is War.”

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HOW OLD ARE YOU NOW? | The action begins with a horizontal shot of Ichabod, in the dark, forlornly calling out for his leftenant. We’re led to believe he’s still in the coffin, but as the camera changes to a vertical shot and the lights come on, we realize he’s in the cabin… and it’s his birthday… and it’s a year later?!

Ichabod makes a face as Abbie brandishes a cupcake and congratulates him on turning 251. “I shall consider myself punk’d,” he says, so proud of himself I’m not even going to make fun of the fact that his pop-culture reference is basically old enough to attend a middle-school dance.

The talk soon turns to the losses they’ve sustained in the past year — or, it would if Ichabod didn’t shut the conversation down like a clam shack at the end of the summer. ” We both lost someone we loved. Let us leave it at that,” he says quietly, to which she replies that she wouldn’t have made it through the prior 12 months without him. “Nor I you, Leftenant,” he says. (Side note: We’re not even five minutes in, and I am wrecked, guys. I’ve missed these two!)

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KEY INFORMATION | The mutual Witness admiration is interrupted when Abbie gets a call: a local Benjamin Franklin scholar has asked for their assistance, something Ichabod notes is generally not a good omen. He’s right; when they arrive, Headless has been there, killed the prof and a cop, and rooted around in the historian’s papers.

Ichabod wants to follow The Torso Formerly Known as Abraham into the night – “He killed my wife!” he cries – but Abbie reminds him that she also lost Jenny to the fiend and that they’ve got to stay on mission if they want to win the war on evil.

The pair finally find what Headless wanted: information about a key that can unlock Purgatory, circumventing the whole soul-for-a-soul rule that kept Abbie there when Ichabod freed Katrina. We also learn that Franklin was Ichabod’s mentor in the Revolutionary War Against Evil, that Franklin (Timothy Busfield, looking like he’s having a great time) liked to take “airbaths” in the buff, and that Crane thought Franklin a corpulent boor who considered himself smarter than everyone else. “I could see how that would be hard for you,” Abbie says, politely choosing not to give an epic eyeroll (but you know she wants to).

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REVELATIONS | Even before the pair talk to an imprisoned Henry — or “the frickin’ Horseman of War,” as Abbie calls him — about where the key might be, you just know something hinky is going on. There have been clues throughout (Ichabod’s weird breathlessness, that strange plant growing on the prof’s desk), but by the time that Henry makes mention of being “tricked into believing a lie,” it’s pretty clear: Everything we’ve been watching so far has been an illusion.

Abbie and Ichabod come to the same conclusion. Unfortunately, it’s moments after they’ve helped Henry realize that Jenny knows how to find the artifact in question. As the Witness are ripped away from each other – Ichabod thrown back into his coffin, Abbie back to the gray wasteland that is Purgatory – she shouts, “Find Jenny and find the key!” and he vows, “I will return for you!” Nice fakeout, Sleepy Hollow!

JENNY LIVES! | The good news: Jenny survived the car crash. The bad news: Hessians drag her to an empty warehouse, where Henry reads her sins and sees a sketchbook with a drawing of the key, surrounded by a coded message.

At the same time, Ichabox tries to record a farewell missive on Abbie’s phone – which, as many of you called, is still in his pocket but has no service – but is thwarted by the device’s lack of memory. (Tom Mison’s line reading when the message doesn’t record is excellent.) But he soon realizes that the soil surrounding him is highly sulfurous, and before you know it, he’s devised a rudimentary bomb that blows him to freedom.

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MIRROR, MIRROR | Ichabod texts, then rescues, Miss Jenny while she’s in a shootout with some Hessians. (It’s more complicated than that, but we’ve got a lot more to cover A swing by the archives then locates the sketchbook Henry saw in Jenny’s head, and Ichabod is pleased to be able to recognize and decipher Franklin’s code: The actual key is hidden in Sleepy Hollow.

Over in Purgatory, Abbie runs into Andy (hi, John Cho!), who leads her to Moloch’s mirror — the same one through which Katrina used to communicate with Ichabod. So Abs steps up to the glass and does her best Miss Molly impression as she recites an incantation and Ichabod’s name… then he appears in the chamber with her! They leap into each other’s arms, and it is everything I hoped their reunion would be. She warns him that the key may be another trap, and Ichabod owns me forever as he says, “The only risk, Leftenant, is in leaving you behind… Hold fast, Abigail Mills. I’m on my way!”

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DOUBLE THE PLEASURE | With the key in hand, Ichabod opens Purgatory with the spell Henry taught him… and finds Abbie floundering about in the great, wide open. “I’m here, just as I promised!” he cries, breaking away from their hug to offer her a sip from his flask. Just as it seems like Mills is going to allow Ichabod to slake her thirst (and yes, I intentionally made that sound dirtier than it really is), another Ichabod appears and begs her not to drink. It soon becomes clear that the first Ichabod who approached her is not the real deal, though after Abbie is knocked on the head while fighting him, she has a hard time telling her true pal from the Trickabod.

Thank goodness, then, that she’s listening as the Ichabod with the key tells her to run so they can escape. Seemingly without reason, Abbie grabs a sword out of the ground and beheads the Crane that’s within arm’s reach… just as the real Ichabod appears, wondering how she knew it wasn’t him. Simple: The faker said “lieutenant” instead of “leftenant” – and the pair fist bump to celebrate.

With Moloch in hot pursuit, the Witnesses hightail it out of Purgatory and use the key to get past the whole one-in-one-out thing. The Mills sisters reunite (I love them, too!) and Ichabod notes that “the war has begun in earnest” – though he doesn’t know the half of it. Somewhere else in town, Moloch appears to Henry and shows him the Horseman of War’s armor… which Henry will control via his soul, like an RC car from hell. As War’s fiery sword reflects off the old man’s glasses, Henry is transfixed, uttering, “Magnificent.”

HOW’S THE MISSUS? | Where’s Mrs. Crane through all of this, you wonder? She’s been secreted away in what looks like an old house by Headless, whom she sees as a whole man once he fastens the emerald pendant around her neck. Questions to ponder while we wait for next week’s episode: Headless has loungewear? And is it just me, or has he been working out?

Now it’s your turn. Grade the premiere via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. Angela says:

    I’m not even going to make fun of the fact that his pop-culture reference is basically old enough to attend a middle-school dance.
    He sounded so adorable when he said that. I too am more than willing to forgive the outdated-ness (and hey, being “out of step” with the times in terms of slang fits his overall persona anyway, no :D?).
    Oh, my god, I lost count of how many times I said “Awwww!” throughout this episode, with all the lovely Abbie/Crane moments. That hug when they finally found each other! I about melted. He did NOT want to let her go. And her “You’re coming back no matter what I say, aren’t you?” comment (or words to that effect)-ah, that whole scene was far too sweet for words. His “last words” on the phone were priceless, too…and agreed with his line reading immediately afterward. I missed these two as well, it’s wonderful to have them back.
    Jenny was kick@ss in this episode as well, fighting off that guy who was to keep an eye on her-and I’m glad she and Crane got a few good moments in as well (cracked up at the use of the ambulance. Brilliant). I like seeing her and Abbie reunited as well.
    And as for the events themselves, the illusion concept was great, and Henry is as creepy as ever. That ending. Eep. This was a great start to the season-I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • I have to admit, I wasn’t saying aww in this episode as much as I usually do but it was more intriguing because they just fit with each other perfectly and I now can’t imagine anyone else being partnered with the time displaced hero.

      • Angela says:

        Ah, I understand that-everyone reacts differently to certain moments. It really doesn’t take much for me to say that or get all emotional in general over stuff on TV. I’m kinda sappy that way :p.
        But we are definitely in agreement on them fitting with each other perfectly and having difficulty imagining them partnered with anyone else :). They just click so well, it’s crazy.

  2. JenE says:

    14 episodes in and Katrina is still useless huh? Cmon writers if you love her so much do something about it. Wish the beginning was real!!

    • Angela says:

      I loved her stabbing him with the knife…but when he was chasing her around I kept thinking, “Kick him! Kick him!” Sure, he’s powerful and all, but it might’ve brought her a little time to get away, at least.

      • WenRaz says:

        Seriously. I yelled at her (at my TV), “Kick him! Kick him in the b@lls! He might not have a head, but nobody said anything about him missing his b@lls!”

    • Than there would be no Jenny and this show would not be the same without her awesomeness.

    • herman1959 says:

      Agreed. Hopefully, Katrina will be freed to start life in the 21st century and be given more to do – but, please no emotional triangle stuff.

      • roz12 says:

        No, please! That would be such an utter disappointment. For a show that knows how to do things well and it’s rarely predictable!
        Great premiere, one of those you already feel like watching again, it was so full of details.
        And where is Irving? Orlando Jones was in the credits. I know he left Sleepy Hollow but still…I miss him!

  3. KCC says:

    Best friendship on tv!!

  4. Another Mary says:

    Was awesome!

  5. JP says:

    Sleepy Hollow.. How I love you… Great episode to start the new season… The chemistry between Tom and Nicole is almost unmatched on TV.. And John Noble plays evil SO well… Just wish they’d figure out what to do with Katrina… They can’t make her the damsel in distress forever, can they?? Cannot wait for this season to unfold. So happy it’s back!!!!

    • She just got out of purgatory lol, can we please give Katrina a chance and see what she does with her now being a regular.

      • Angela says:

        Agreed. If the spoiler stuff I’d read over the summer is any indication, they have plans for her down the line, so I’m looking forward to seeing her get a chance to have more involvement. I like Katrina and I want her to be in on the action, too.

  6. Alichat says:

    I have missed this show so much! The phone video, Ichabod attempting to drive, the dislike of Franklin, all the Abbie and Ichabod moments… it!

  7. webly3 says:

    That premiere was amazing. But, I was very upset when I found out that Katrina was still alive. :( Why does Ichabod even love her???

  8. herman1959 says:

    Tom Mison wasn’t kidding – Crane WAS MacGyver – that was the ultimate spoiler. Somebody call Michael Ausiello! That said, the fans were right, he did use his phone as a light source. Loved it; can’t wait for episode 2.

  9. sladewilson says:

    I’ve missed this show!!!! Brilliant beginning to season 2. The fun is back and the fist bump…. :-)

  10. Matthew b Lawler says:

    Is it just me or did headless when he was changing clothes look much bigger than he did after putting the necklace on Katrina and we saw him with his face again
    Also what is the point of Katrina being a witch if she has no powers

  11. Babybop says:

    I am so excited to have both this show and your hilarious recaps back! What a good episode and can’t want for the rest of the season.

  12. BrightLight says:

    Naked Benjamin Franklin. That is all.

  13. amy says:

    I think she killed the wrong ichabod 😭

  14. Trickabod! Love it. My favorite premiere of the night! Can’t wait to see what unfolds this season for Team WTF.

  15. Mo says:

    We don’t need to see Abraham’s head trying to sweet talk Katrina. Leave him headless & shirtless, I say! ;)

  16. prish says:

    Here’s hoping they can keep up the quality. It was great!

  17. Loved everything about this episode, which was like a template of what every episode of Sleepy Hollow is. I especially loved the extra attention Jenny got.

  18. Chilly20 says:

    How I missed you Sleepy Hollow. That hug between Abbie and Ichibod was the best. It was so heartfelt. Henry is so good at playing evil. It is so understated.

  19. Amy H says:

    I just loved the Ben Franklin/Crane repartee last night. The humor and the Ichabod/Abbie relationship are what I love most about this show. And John Noble is terrific. Hard at first not to think of him as Walter in Fringe, but not anymore.

  20. Sam says:

    I want to like sleepy hollow so much but I just can’t get into it. I watched the first season and increasingly got more confused and bored? I didn’t finish the finale but I tuned in last night thinking I could sort it out but no. I had to turn it off.

  21. Coal says:

    A big sigh of relief for me when we realised the first part was an illusion, I was gutted when I thought Jenny was dead. Unlike the shipping communities I prefer the platonic relationships on shows, hence the exchanges between Jenny and Ichabod brought a smile to my face. My favourite premier of Monday.

  22. Brigid says:

    What an amazing episode! I knew that they were still stuck and that the beginning was a trick. Seeing Ichabod and Abby hug was so genuine and heartfelt. Those 2 have some sick chemistry together. I love their relationship and hope it becomes more some time in the future. Everything in that episode was running on all cylinders. The writing, acting, settings and the casts chemistry is incredible. God I Love and missed this show!!!!

  23. Excellent and funny recap!! I feel Abraham’s love for Katrina — when he has his head. Otherwise, Katrina’s useless. I’m glad John Cho is back. He loves Abby. There’s a lot of love, and evil, in this show. It’s great!!

  24. Jake says:

    Please, not again. “Leftenant” is not a word. It is the British pronunciation of the word correctly spelled “lieutenant.”

  25. Mich5095 says:

    I like Sleepy Hollow, but Abbie needs a love life. Crane is longing for Katrina, so why can’t Abbie have someone longing for her? We know she really can’t be with them(because she’s saving the world and all..), but the character must have a past dealing with lost love or something. Just a thought…