Fox's Gotham: Will You Tune In Again, Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel?

Gotham Premiere Recap

Fox premiered its super-buzzy new Gotham drama this Monday night — it is the hero series that TV deserves, or the one it needs right now?

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The pilot opens with a young Selina Kyle laying witness to the alleyway murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, right in front of their bereft son Bruce. (See how their sprawled bodies formed bat wings?) Gotham PremiereWe then cut to the Gotham City PD, where grizzled detective Harvey Bullock’s new partner, war hero Jim Gordon, subdues a gun-waving perp. Harvey and Jim get called to the double-murder scene, where the former quickly tries to “lose” the case, given its high-profile vics and scrutiny that will thus follow. Alas, Jim is already talking to witness Bruce, assuring the lad, “How dark as the world may be right now, there will be light.”

Jim even promises Bruce and family servant Alfred Pennyworth, “I will find the man who did this” — to which world-wise Alfred must smirk, “New boy, are ya?”

Over coffee at a diner, Harvey loops Jim in on the importance of this case, and how they should pass it off to Major Crimes. But when MC detectives Montoya and Allen come soliciting the “press action” (and suggesting Harvey do the right thing “for once”), Bullock rebuffs their bid: “You had to go and be disrespectful.”

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After he fails to get Captain Essen to change his partner (or get “soldier boy” to request a transfer) — and following a brief intro to riddling CSI Edward Nygma (“What’s nowhere but everywhere, except where something is?”), Harvey and Jim pay a visit to crime queen Fish Mooney.  There, we see henchman Oswald “Don’t call me Penguin!” Cobblepot get a taste for brutality, beating on a colleague.

Things briefly screech to a halt, as we get a domestic scene between Jim and his fiancée Barbara, in her swanky digs. Next morning, Harvey rings Jim with a lead: Mario Pepper (aka She Who Will Be Poison Ivy’s father), a low-level thug rumored to be pawning Martha Wayne’s necklace. Mario makes a run for it, a chase ensues, with Harvey ultimately putting a bullet in the baddie. Although Jim and Harvey are lauded as heroes, Oswald snitches to Major Crimes that Fish framed Mario — suggesting that Carmine Falcone’s organization had the Waynes killed. Montoya relays that info to Barbara, who apparently is/was a very close gal pal. “Does [James] know you… like I know you?” the lady detective asks.

Jim relays the frame-job allegation to Harvey, noting that Pepper didn’t own shiny shoes such as the killer wore. Harvey waves off the trouble, leading Jim to visit Fish by himself. “You have a little danger in your eye,” Fish notes as Jim threatens to get to the bottom of things. She then has her thugs grab him, eventually hanging him up for slaughter inside a meat locker. Harvey makes a bid to save his partner, only to wind up joining him upside-down. But before Fish’s goons can do their dirty work, Gotham SpoilersFalcone shows up to call off the “impetuous” cop-killing.

Speaking privately with Jim — reflecting some on Jim’s father’s legacy as a D.A. — Falcone claims that Pepper was framed not to conceal the true killer but to swiftly give the city the peace of mind it needed. Later, Harvey enlists Jim to prove himself and thus get him out of Falcone’s crosshairs — by offing Oswald, the snitch. Jim takes Oswald to the end of a pier, growls in his ear to never return to Gotham, and then fakes the kill shot, as Oswald plunges into the river.

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At episode’s end, Jim shows up at Wayne Manor offering to turn in his badge, knowing that the real killer is still out there, or be allowed time to find the culprit. Alfred is skeptical, but Bruce interrupts him, handing Jim his badge back. Then, we see Oswald resurface in the river, clamber ashore and maul an innocent fisherman, as he eyes/covets the Gotham skyline….

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  1. Someone’s been doing their homework. There were so many Easter Eggs in the pilot I don’t know where to start. I love the Grundy reference too. Can’t wait to see where they go next.

  2. mac says:

    I know people will disagree but…this was overly melodramatic and kind of pretentious.
    Batman was always dark and broody but it was always aware of being an obscure tale wich it delivers through its art style and tone.
    This just felt like another Nolanized, highly pretentious and pseudo-intellectual ‘I am smarter than you’ fest.

    Not terrible but far from good and way below my expectations

    • prestwick says:

      Right on!

    • J.B. says:

      Television and comic books are two very different mediums. It is very hard to bring the “flat” visual style and tone of comic book artwork to the screen.

      The pilot wasn’t perfect but as somebody who did not like Nolan’s take on the Batman mythology I completely disagree that Gotham is in the same vein as his. Nolan did not like any of the traditional comic book elements of Batman. Gotham seems to be slowly embracing them. Hell, Nolan hated the Catwoman character but was pressured to include her into the last film.

      Besides, this isn’t Batman’s story. This is a new take on the Batman mythos through the eyes of Jim Gordon. He’s really not the dark and broody kind of guy.

      • Drew says:

        I agree. People forget that Gotham City is a character of its own. This pilot seemed to capture the spirit of that character pretty well. It is such an important element to this series.
        I don’t get the “pseudo-intellectual” comment. Can someone explain that? I’m not being sarcastic here.

      • jenna says:

        completely agree! I wasn’t a fan of Nolan’s take and was pleasantly surprised by the style of the pilot. Pilots tend to be one of my least favourite episodes in a series but i’ll definitely be giving gotham a couple more episodes

    • dani says:

      yes. yes to everything.

    • prish says:

      I would call it portentous, not pretentious. The camera work and lighting were brilliant. Batman was always melodramatic, being he came from a murdered parents background. What else could it be? Those of us who grew up with Batman comics never saw an obscure tale, but over-the-top villains. I felt this pilot gave a more human tone, than caricature. Of course, having actors I dearly loved playing roles sure helped.

    • Dr. M says:

      Completely agree. I don’t think this could have looked less like a DC property even if that was their goal.

    • Ty says:

      The irony is that this entire critique you just gave is guilty of the same thing you charge Nolan of. The episode was fantastic.

    • How exactly is Nolanized? Nolan didn’t invent the idea of making Batman “realistic and gritty”.

    • DL says:

      Surprised to hear this, considering how graphic and heightened I thought Gotham’s atmosphere was, very comic book-like, as opposed to Nolan’s work, which was super-gritty and realistic. I found Gotham’s style to be completely its own, very much paying homage to the comic book roots.

    • Yeah I do not see what the critics saw in this at all, aside from maybe the set design.

    • Delirious says:

      I’m not sure how I’d rank it. Yeah, as a geek, I appreciate the show, the (hi)story behind it, the references, etc. But I’m kinda in the fence about the tone. They’re mixing darkness and grit with mildly cartoonish moments (the guy at the GCPD who grabs the female officer before Gordon deals with him, for example… And Fish Mooney and everything that surrounds her reminded me of a toned down version Schumacher’s Batman, almost). Plus, like you said, the melodramatic and pretentious issue is quite evident. Regardless, it’s still ok, and it’s still DCU related, even with the differences.

      Which takes me to what I said in the preview – I still can’t wrap my head around the anachronistic issues as opposed to the comics. Montoya and Allen being older than Gordon. Montoya and Bullock being enemies (in Gotham Central, she still defends him, as her former partner, after he’s dismissed, possibly for being a dirty cop). Sarah Essen as the Chief, instead of being Gordon’s partner, and being Chief in Mackenzie Bock’s place. And the list goes on (and will probably go up as the series continues).

      Anyway, will continue watching, and will let it either grab me or lose me later on.

  3. Tran says:

    I give Gotham an A. Lots of buzz surrounding the Batman prequel like series and great performances by Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue and Jada Pinkett Smith. The pilot episode was amazing and it will keep viewers on the edge of their seats but in a tough 8 p.m. Monday night time slot, what are the chances?

  4. Tai says:

    It didn’t wow me but it wasn’t the worst thing either. I’ll be back next week. I hope it picks up but it didn’t grab me like I hoped it would. We shall see what future episodes bring.

  5. Cobra says:

    It was a great premier. Looking forward to tuning in again.

  6. nara says:

    It was great for a pilot. Can’t wait for next wek

  7. Leo says:

    The writers must have never heard of being subtle. They don’t have to feed us every villain name drop every five minutes.

    • Sheila says:

      Had the same thought. Isn’t that what ruined the Batman movies? Having 14 villains in each one? Roll them out slowly!

      • Melanie says:

        Those are kids amd it’s the pilot. They won’t be doing that much, we’ll just get to see how they become the great vilains/what element but not necessarily the trigger part. I mean Poison Ivy is what, 10 in the pilot? Other than the Penguin I don’t necessarily expect then to be there that ofter

    • Friend of Fish says:

      I wish I liked it more

    • Christy says:


    • DT says:

      I was so disappointed with this pilot. Having been a comic book buff all my life, I was really looking forward to this show and it did nothing but bore me. I don’t see how this show will have any staying power when they introduce every villain all at once like this. To me, ONE of the things that made Smallville so successful was how they introduced us to characters and references slowly, subtley, and creatively over time. This was way too much too soon. I’ll give it another episode or two, but I’m not optimistic. I graded it a C, I’m shocked that so many people liked this.

      • jenna says:

        personally I liked that so many villains were introduced in the pilot, do I think they’ll all become regulars? no, but as a fan of the comics I was excited whenever a new one came onscreen. I think the pacing is a nice contrast to smallville, a small kansas town, compared to the manhatten-like gotham where crime and villains are crawling out of the wood work

        • Miranda says:

          Except half of the series Smallville was set in Metropolis.

        • Delirious says:

          For me, they introduced too many of them. I would’ve preferred if they spaced introductions over many episodes. Especially if they’re passing references, like Ivy or Nygma.

          And that comedian at the start… If they were introducing the Joker, based on The Killing Joke… Not sure if that was a good idea, because it just overpopulates the episode, and Joker is so big, it has the risk of eclipsing all other baddies, if you ask me.

  8. Kevin says:

    All good but the Moony (Jada) character… weakest link

    • ninamags says:

      I agree Kevin. She is horrible. Talk about chewing up the scenery.

      Less is sometimes more. That was the only character I did not like.

    • Ty says:

      Completely disagree, I thought she did fine. Certainly more there than that cat/burglar that did nothing the whole episode but look furtively at things.

  9. I wonder — though usually Joe Chill is the man who pulled the trigger and he killed the Wayne merely to rob them, this line here “suggesting that Carmine Falcone’s organization had the Waynes killed” makes me wonder if this version will also incorporate the part of the origin that says that a mobster killed the Wayne as part of a cover up. That version was that this mobster (I want to say his name was Grissom, but I may be confusing him with Palance’s character from the movie, which i’m not sure existed in the comics), kidnapped Thomas and Martha from a costume party so that Thomas would perform surgery on either himself or one of this thugs. If I remember correctly, he later ordered Chill to kill them so they wouldn’t talk to the police, or something like that. It was in this version of the origin that Thomas wore a Bat-Man costume to that party. The Wayne’s murder can have as many twists and turns as the writers of this show want it to have. That would be an interesting one to bring back.

  10. Jenna says:

    I thought it was brilliant! The casting and production were first rate, and the ending intense. I loved the introductions of the villains. I was nervous because of all the hype, but it exceeded my expectations.

  11. J.B. says:

    “aka She Who Will Be Poison Ivy’s father”

    Now that would be an interesting new twist on an old tale.

    The pilot was good for a pilot. It did what it needed to do with all the normal exposition and whatnot. Some of the new stuff I liked (the Penguin’s origin, Gordon’s relationship with young Bruce) and some I didn’t (Ivy, really? They couldn’t have stuck with Pamela? Not sold on Selena). The easter eggs were fun for the comic book fans. I will definitely tune in next week. Shows like these need a few episodes to find its creative footing. Fingers crossed it doesn’t disappoint.

  12. StephonJS says:

    This Show GET AN A+++. I’M INVESTED! FOX better not disappoint me

  13. i thought it was alright not groundbreaking but not horrible

    wonder if we’ll see um….”the comedian” again? *wink*

  14. Joey says:

    Really really enjoyed the pilot. Loved the easter eggs. Casting was on point, though not sold on Ivy, particularly. She definitely could’ve been introduced much later on in the series. Especially looking forward to the episode with Carol Kane as Cobblepot’s mother. That woman can do crazy better than most.

  15. JustCause says:

    Ben McKenzie is a good younger Jim G.
    Donal Logue has that gruff, tormented, cop thing down
    Robin Taylor gives a Cobblepot that is nicely grounded but brutal and way less cartoon.
    Jada Pinkett is chewing the scenery more than the entire cast of ‪#‎AHS‬ combined.

    However, no one, not even baby jesus, needs that many Easter Eggs.
    If you are new to the verse – you will likely go for the ride.

    If you know the characters and their backstories from the books your eyes are likely to role because nods to the actual book ‘verse and how they are going to screw with them only made me reflect on the actual backstories I know more. I can’t be watching the storytelling unfold while trying to toss out the storytelling I already know.

    And I know it’s about being provocative and creating tension but the award for ”the most obvious, unspoken backstory of a character’s romantic past ever written’ goes to this episode. Some needs to have Oracle have a chat with her daddy about his first wife’s past with her pal Kate Kane’s ex girlfriend.

    • Rojac says:

      On the other hand, I know pretty much the whole backstory in comics for these characters too, but I have no problem with looking at a different version of them. Superheroes, to me, are like classic fictional characters of yesteryear, like King Arthur or Robin Hood. Their basic story tends to stay the same, but the details change.

  16. Fran says:

    I enjoyed it. I don’t know much about the comics outside of the basics, so I liked that I could follow along with it. I can see how it could be frustrating for others though. I think I remember reading that it seems like villain overload at first, but they do intend on slowing it down in further episodes. I’ll be back next week for sure.

  17. TV God says:

    Wasn’t impressed. Not gonna lie.

    • Jjb says:

      In the exact same boat. Ben McKenzie is horrible as Jim Gordon. He doesn’t embody what makes Gordon the cop and man he is, integrity. Not to mention his acting was as wooden as a Live Oak. The only thing I loved from this pilot was the opening, with Selina Kyle doing what she does best. That’s the show I want to watch. If I want to watch a poorly made police procedural I’ll turn on CBS.

      • enuff said says:

        totally agree! it felt like he was doing an impersonation of Russell Crowe from L.A. Confidential.

        • Shazza says:

          Glad it’s not just me. I really wanted to like it but, apart from Robin Lord Taylor, my overall feeling throughout was that it had been horribly miscast (Alfred made me cringe), and the character hints were so unsubtle they may as well have been wearing signs saying ‘I’m The Riddler’ etc. Disappointing.

  18. M says:

    I thought the pilot was very good, and the casting was fantastic. Only one I wasn’t too thrilled with was Jada as Fish. Everyone else was superb.

  19. Bwhit says:

    I think this show is pretty good. Sometimes when you see a pilot that is good, there is always the thought that it can only go for so long before it gets old. This show however, has so much to build on with the introduction of all the villains and their orgins that I’m going to stick around and I don’t think the plot will get annoying. Ben Mackenzie is killing it as Gordon and as an OC fan I thought it was funny to see him in the Ryan tank top again :).

  20. T.W.123 says:

    Interesting to see that few in the comment section thus far seem to enjoy Jada’s performance as Fish Mooney. She was by far my favorite of the night! I guess I like ’em a little campy…

    • Ty says:

      I thought everyone did great during this pilot, including her character. If I had to pick out one characterization that felt a bit jarring it was Alfred. He seemed… short and dismissive, not the sort of even keel wizened counselor we’ve seen in other mediums.

  21. Drew says:

    I liked it a lot. It’s hard to judge the series based on the pilot alone, but I did like the look and feel of the show. It set a good tone for a series based on Gotham PD. There were a lot of easter eggs and flat out references, but I imagine that those will be toned down as the series goes forward.
    The series seemed to be taking a lot of its cues from the Batman animated series. The look is not date-specific, just like the animated series. The tone is dark, but there are a lot of vibrant colors thrown in, like the animated series. I see people complaining about the dark and moody tone, but this is Gotham City. If you want bright and optimistic, go to Metropolis (umm… after they rebuild it).
    The characters were well written and well acted. Gordon was very relatable, and soft when necessary, but made a seamless switch to strong and almost scary at moments when he had to. I can see this man leading the Gotham PD into a brighter era.
    I hope the series can keep up the quality of the pilot. I love the feel of the show. Not filming in LA really helps a show like this, which has exaggerated characters and atmosphere. It would be way too phony to have it filmed on a backlot where nothing is real.
    So far, so good.

  22. James D says:

    It was good. love the casting, boy bruce was very good, and Ben MacKensie is always good same goes for Jada and Donal. Not completely sold on the writing yet it seemed to me that they where trying to hard to be gritty but ended up being melodramatic and kind of shallow. just my opinion, but one pilot episode is nowhere near enough to judge so I will gladly keep watching, loved all the Easter Eggs. was I the only one that recited the whole Solomon Grundy poem when Grundy was mentioned? :)

  23. BiancaHorkan says:

    It was pretty good for a pilot episode. It had a lot to set up — and for those who aren’t as knowledgeable about the DCU, I think it did pretty good.

    My husband figured out Oswald himself (before anyone said the word penguin) and Catwoman was so damn obvious he called that one out in less than 15 seconds in. BUT — like I said, it was pretty good. I’ll give it a “B” and we’ll be back next week. I have a feeling things will slow down a bit — as far as character/villian intros go — and we’ll get more into Det. Jim Gordon and how he sees Gotham.

  24. tabularasalocke says:

    I thought this was awful and I laughed through most of this. The acting, save Donal Louge, is pretty damn bad. Some of them act as if they’re in a Nolan-esque Batman movie and some act as if they’re in the 1960’s show. They threw in characters like Poison Ivy for no other reason than to just put them in there. And I honestly didn’t even care about Gordon. Ben feels like he’s playing his character from Southland more than he’s playing Gordon. This was a big fail and I really don’t see much for the show after this.

    • Zoe says:

      I agree. I waited until now and just watched it on Hulu and was very disappointed. Worst acting / dialogue I have seen in a long time. I don’t know if it is Hulu’s fault or not but the editing was really bad. Musical score was also uninteresting. For big time corps to produce this level of crap and critics to look beyond it amazes me. They reused the same frames over and over again. If this was a anime I would think they outsourced the work overseas. They only bright spot was Selina and Alfred all 30 secs of them.
      I will give it one more chance. This really does make Arrow look good.

  25. webly3 says:

    I really enjoyed this. I think it premiered with a great start. It was a little too fast at times, but it was fun and I will definitely keep watching.

  26. Joey Padron says:

    Pilot episode was really good. Like it a lot. Cast are good in episode. Ben is good as James Gordon. Donal is good as Harvey. Robin is good as Osward/The Penguin. Really looking forward to more new episodes.

  27. Carola says:

    Great show! I am on board now! They should give it a 10 or 9pm start thought.
    Hope the ratings are good!

  28. Sebastian says:

    Bat-time bat-channel? What the hell? As for the show, there were some problems, like with most/all of the established characters, but overall I liked it. Renee being bad is a horrible change, if it’s real, because she was one of the best in the comics, unless she honestly believes that Jim is dirty. Coblepot and Nygma were damn annoying, “catgirl” seemed to serve no purpose, and if “Ivy Pepper” is supposed to be poison ivy, what the hell was wrong with Pamela Isley? Also, Fish was stupid. I usually hate Smith, and this definitely wasn’t an exception.

  29. Hannah says:

    I agree with a lot of the criticisms, but I enjoyed watching it. I really liked the look of the series, really nice. I have a sneaking suspicion many of the Batman fans who said they hated it will tune in every week to tear it apart and complain, so that’s good for Fox.

  30. Steve F. says:

    Awesome ride so far! And, I was very surprised to see that Renee Montoya (and the subtle reference to her orientation) & Crispus Allen are in the series!

  31. sladewilson says:

    Tons of Easter Eggs in this episode. Loved it. Already they’re going in a whole new direction given Bullock, Montoya, Allen and even Essen are all after Gordon becomes Commish in the comics. It’s more of a hybrid “Gotham Central” than “Batman” but that’s cool. Loved how Falcone introduced himself and his little “heart to heart” with Gordon. I’m looking forward to episode 2….

  32. The Kaibosh says:

    I find it curious how many people seem to be calling out Nolan’s influence and speaking about it in negative terms. Nolan’s take on Batman’s origins as seen in “Batman Begins” was pretty spot on, and I gotta say this was too. And to clarify for those who don’t know: Nolan was heavily influenced by Frank Miller’s “Batman: Year One” (1987) which is regarded as THE definitive origin story of Batman and James Gordon. So again I don’t understand what people are concerned about. If they’re tuning in to presumably watch a Batman origin TV show, then why would there be complaints about a show that models itself after a PROPER telling the Batman story?

    • Joey says:

      Because some people feel the need to complain about things even when they’re being spoon-fed exactly what they’re asking for.

  33. Liz. B. says:

    It was okay. Maybe because it has been so hyped up I expected better. It started off a bit mediocre but was better in the second half. I actually liked Mooney (for a bad girl). It surprised me that Logue’s character ended up risking himself for Gordon, but I liked it because of that. I really like Gordon. The actors are all good choices so far. I think the show will get better. This was only the pilot and it was fine but it had a lot to do in an hour’s time.

  34. A.B. says:

    I’m going to call it now. Donal logue’ character will be or is going to be dead by the season 1 finale. His characters always seem to last one season and that’s it. Examples: in “Copper” and “Vikings” he only lasted one season and on SOA he didn’t even last a whole season just a few episodes. Sucks because he does a good job too.

  35. The loved all of the Easter eggs including the bad comedian (Why was he so serious?), Barbara Keane living in a Clocktower (She is quite the Bird isn’t she), and 4th and Grundy (Solomon). I will be back next week, Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel. I liked how they deepened the connection between Bruce and Selena by having her there when his parents died. When, not if, The Penguin kills Fish, it will be the highlight of the show. She needs to die and die now. Her scenes dragged down the entire show.

  36. murley says:

    The episode was a little clunky in terms of pacing or something but it has everything it needs to be great. Cast and characters (I especially liked Gordon, Nygma and cobblepot and even liked fish mooney more than I anticipated); a proven mythology; and a good tone/feel. I think that wanting to introduce everyone and everything didn’t do it any favors but once it has the chance to slow down a little and focus on the characters it will get really good.

  37. I don’t think I can say anything that hasn’t been said somewhere else, but I think that we shouldn’t learn who killed the Wayne’s, considering thats Bruce’s adventure to have on his own.

  38. Chilly20 says:

    Loved it. Ben and Jada did a good job. I love the setting. So does moony’s traitor become the joker? He looks like a psycho.

    • Bill P says:

      No. The traitor is Penguin. Joker was teased last night be never named. Most of the A-List of Batman’s Rogue’s gallery was named.

  39. I came into this expecting to be less than impressed. Was never a big fan of prequel TV series and after 10 years of Smallville I wasn’t exactly proven wrong in how directionless and meandering they could become. Still I was keen to see the take on the characters and such. Sadly like everything else tonight all I managed was a collective, “Meh.”

    This is the show critics were raving about? I felt about as invested as I did watching Madam Secretary, and I am a sucker for Batman-related stuff! Not crazy about Fish either. As a recurring villain who bites it? Sure. Villain in a movie? Sure. But someone who is a main cast member thus will probably last at least once season? She’s going to get old quick, especially if this is how she operates. Falcone at least had some level of intrigue to him. Mooney’s well performed but I can’t see her lasting without getting grating.

    The hell did they do to Montoya and Allen? They’re both dicks.

  40. Gilded Lady says:

    The pilot did have some problems – the dialogue a bit off, Jim telling Bruce the truth seemed bone-headed – but it was still rather enjoyable.

    Bullock gives me a good reminder of the character from TAS (if he could have been shown as an alcoholic), the city feels fantastic and the prominence of the Falcone family gives me a great Long Halloween vibe.

    It’s a good start. Hope they can ditch the five million penguin jokes (especially since he doesn’t even really look like one) and build something strong.

  41. Luis says:

    Is Jim Gordon supposed to be a precog, or is it weird that he would turn his badge in to a 12 year old? Did Bruce give him back the badge because he was afraid Gordon was going to give him his gun next?

  42. Briggs says:

    I did feel like I was watching something I’d seen before. As a big Arrow fan, I was hoping for something on par with that, forgetting that this isn’t a superhero show, but a pre-superhero show. I expect this to get a lot darker
    One thing that stood out to me is that they appear to be giving Kathy Kane’s storyline with Montoya to Barbara. I think they killed it as two exes who are still very much in each other’s orbits. I want to know wny they aren’t together anymore and why Jim doesn’t seem to know about it.
    Jim seems very much what he should be at this point. Still learning, but willing to do so. Not taking no for an answer. Wanting justice at any cost. A good example for Bruce to follow. Pitch perfect.
    Harvey became redeemable by the end of the ep, which is totally in-character. He doesn’t really hate Jim, he just doesn’t feel like ‘babysitting’ the new kid. He feels obligated to help him, now. What form that takes as the season progresses will be intriguing, to say the least.
    I thought Selina was a good introduction. I have a feeling she’s going to be visiting Wayne Manor more often. Once she starts getting actual lines, it’ll be easier to see, but she promises to be very complex. Who is she, where are her parents, and what connection does she feel to Bruce?
    Speaking of Bruce, his relationship with Alfred is very different, being on the outside looking in. And we are very much on the outside looking in. I can see Jim wanting to befriend the young boy, because he seems alone. Anyone who saw the way Alfred had to try and restrain himself upon making it to the scene could tell he wasn’t. The hug seems awkward until you realize they’re in public and need to maintain appearances. Which was why Bruce was very ‘master of the manor’ with Alfred when Gordon came to him with his badge. The alternate POV will give everything a different feel.
    I can hardly call the ‘introductions’ villain reveals, seeing as they aren’t villains yet. Right now, they’re all just people. Though I want to know how Cobblepot is going to live in Gotham. They can go the sewer route, obviously, which might introduce another char. Killer Croc, anyone? But, as others have suggested, I can readily see him killing Fish Moony.
    And let me tell you, she’s one of those that you wouldn’t mind meeting her end. She’s vicious, intelligent, but too egotistical to see where her actions will get her. Killing cops will bring them attention, and that’s usually something mobsters try and avoid. If she’s not shot at the harbor herself by the end of the season, I’ll be very surprised.
    Finally, the Wayne death scene. They had, at minimum, 30 seconds to set up that relationship before the parents got shot, and they did just that. The boy they got to play Bruce was amazing, IMO. You felt for him as he finally realized his parents were both dead. He sold every scene he was in. Big fat A for him and the writers.
    All in all, a good start to a series set in Pre-Bat Gotham. I’m looking forward to what happens next.

    • Lori says:

      >>I thought Selina was a good introduction. I have a feeling she’s going to be visiting Wayne Manor more often. Once she starts getting actual lines, it’ll be easier to see, but she promises to be very complex. Who is she, where are her parents, and what connection does she feel to Bruce?<<

      I wonder if she's a street kid and her parents met an end in the way Bruce's did. Selina and Bruce have always had that weird connection even back in the live action series with Julie Newmar and Adam West.

      • Briggs says:

        They *do* share a connection, but she looked pretty stunned when his parents were shot. Maybe she just didn’t expect it to go down like that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one of her parents had worked for Falcone.

  43. msnyder1985 says:

    It was pretty good, there was only a few things that I thought brought the episode down, the worst for me being the music. It was so overdone that it made everything seem more overly dramatic than it would have otherwise. Gordon was well played, although the constantly beating up of “bad guys” was a little silly. I didn’t mind all of the eggs, being the pilot I think they wanted to set up whatever character a person who is familiar with the cannon could want to see to keep people watching. They can’t keep that pace up every episode. Smith was over the top, but on the other hand a “little” bit of campiness/comic relief is fine too. Selena Kyle’s scenes were a bit ridiculous. If she can act as well as she can stare into the distance she should knock it out of the park.

  44. kirads09 says:

    Once again I find myself most totally impressed by the young David Mazouz (our young Bruce Wayne) as I was with him in Touch. I enjoyed this more than I should have given Fox’s track record with new series I like.

  45. Lori says:

    I will be returning next week. I loved seeing Ben back on TV and Donal in a dramatic role for once. Usually he’s the comic relief. Jada was awesome as a semi-bipolar crook.

  46. L says:

    I still think its odd that Selina is older than Bruce in this story, considering she’s always been younger than him in previous versions… Bullock actually forcing Gordon to kill the Penguin seemed out of character for him too.. he’s corrupt yea but for him to actually be endorsing murder seems a bit much.

  47. Nick Kraft says:

    I was not impressed with this pilot. I was let down. I do not know what I was expecting but it did not grab my attention. 1/2 way through I was like Eh I do not care what happens to Jim or if that guy was framed. I will give it 2 or 3 more episodes to see if it grows on me. Usually if I am not hooked in the 1st few episodes I give up!

  48. ggny says:

    It was okay. Worst part of it imo was Jada Pickett Smith. I thought the show would have been better off without her character at all. The character didnt work imo and im hoping only reason she is around is so Penguin can take her out and become the big bad

    • The Kaibosh says:

      Really? I thought she was fantastic. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned that they see Jada portraying Fish Mooney like Eartha Kitt! I think its as clear as day for everyone to see which strikes me as very clever.

  49. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Gave this show an A I watched it cuz I was waiting for Sleepy Hollow to come on and the first ep came out swinging! Really awesome I like how the city looked all gritty and sh*t. Don’t mess with Fish Mooney she’ll beat your ASS! LOL.

  50. Biondi R. says:

    Smart money said this was a loser when they released that first picture of Selina Kyle in goggles. Smart money was right. It’s terribly written, confused about what it wants to be, boring. Put it out of its misery. \