Fall TV Preview

Welcome to Gotham: Your Guide to the Good, the Bad and the... Batty

Gotham Preview

As Fox’s Gotham swoops onto TV screens this Monday at 8/7c, you will in short order be introduced to a bevy of denizens of the titular city.

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Chronicling the rise of Gotham PD detective/one day commissioner James Gordon (played by Southland‘s Ben McKenzie), the DC Comics-based drama also stars Donal Logue (Sons of Anarchy) as Jim’s begrudging partner Harvey Bullock, while Daviz Mazouz (Touch) fills the iconic role of young Bruce Wayne, who has a dynamic destiny awaiting him.

Among the rogues gallery (current and fated), you’ll meet the ambitious Oswald “Don’t call me Penguin!” Cobblepot, the purrrfectly stealthy Selina Kyle and riddle-happy Gotham PD CSI Edward Nygma.

VIDEO Fox’s Gotham Isn’t Joking Around With the DC Comics Easter Eggs

All told, there are 13 major and supporting players as this origin story gets underway. At the series’ New York City premiere, where the New York Public Library was “dressed up” as the Gotham PD, TVLine invited cast members to sum up their character in three words, then give a tease for what’s to come. Skim the photo gallery below to see what they each shared.

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