Dallas' Josh Henderson Teases Deadly Season Finale: 'We Won't All Make It'

Dallas Season Finale

Dallas’ third season has been a wild one — arson, murder and sexual seizures are now commonplace at Southfork — but star Josh Henderson assures TVLine that Monday’s killer two-part finale (TNT, 9/8c) is “the biggest episode we’ve done yet.”

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“We won’t all make it out alive,” Henderson says, confirming that TNT is making good on its nerve-wracking “One. Ewing. Will. Die.” promo mantra. “For the first time, nearly every character is in danger all at once. The stakes have never been higher.”

In fact, John Ross will be throwing himself directly in the line of fire, as the entire family rallies to save Ann and Emma from the cartel.

“He makes a big decision in the finale, a dangerous one, because he wants to do right,” Henderson says. “He wants to right his wrongs and make a big move, and that’s exactly what he does in the finale.”

But is it too little too late, or can J.R.’s son actually piece together his shattered reputation? (Not to mention his shattered marriage.) For his part, Henderson remains hopeful.

Dallas Season Finale“John Ross really does love Pamela, and he knows he screwed up,” he says. “In the finale, he’s thinking, ‘How can I save my marriage? How can I save my family? How can I be a hero?’ He’s torn, and he’s willing to risk everything to prove his loyalty.”

In addition to a game-changing death, a particularly “intense” scene in Monday’s finale also features the world premiere of “I See You,” an original track written by Henderson.

“I wrote it about John Ross’ storyline, about the ghost of J.R. and how he’s trying to escape him,” Henderson explains. “Everyone says he’s just like his father, and he knows it’s true. I can’t wait for people to see what I’ve been up to on the music side. For me, it’s a really exciting night.”

Dallas fans, which Ewing do you think will die tonight? Browse preview photos, then drop a comment with your best guesses below.

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  1. Phil says:

    People are.saying ot will be Ann, which upsets me.

    • Andy Swift says:

      To be fair, I feel like removing Ann from the equation would be the least devastating to the show. And you KNOW they’d never kill off Bobby or Sue Ellen. (Could it be Pamela? She did sort of wrap up her storyline with that visit to Cliff.)

  2. Sal says:

    I really hate to say anyone die on the show but bet is either Ann or Christopher. They need John Ross as the JR villain and he can always go head to head with Bobby. Killing off Sue Ellen or Bobby would not bode well for those who like the original charactors on the show.

  3. CIP says:

    I’m worried that it may be Sue Ellen. I would not mind if it is Ann because sadly all the character does is cry. Thay have made her too soft.

    • AngieD says:

      Of all the characters, i think it should be Ann. She would sacrifice herself for Emma. Then, it becomes a question of if/how to keep the Ryland’s on Dallas as Emma is not a Ewing legally….. and there’s no reason for the feud between the Ryland’s and Ewing’s to continue. Also, it would allow Bobby to also ‘date’.

  4. Kar says:

    Hope its Elena

    • Carrie says:

      I wish. It won’t be, though. She’s not a Ewing and you know there are future storylines for her because she’s going to end up pregnant and won’t know if the father is John Ross or Juan Pablo. *rolling my eyes*

  5. Hmm says:

    Let it be Emma. Please just let it be Emma. I know she’s technically not a “Ewing” but GOD I’m done with her. I could also see it being Sue Ellen because what is her story without her alcoholism?

  6. Jess says:

    I say it’s Anne or Bobby. It wouldn’t be Christopher or John Ross because they are the next generation of Ewings. I’m actually leaning towards Bobby, because I could see him sacrificing himself for Ann and Emma. Doubt it’s Pamela.

  7. Renzo says:

    My money’s on Ann or Pamela. I think that they’ve really done all that they can with Pamela’s character.

  8. Rj says:

    Cant wait to see the finale. I really hope TNT is renewing dallas+with more episodes next season atleast 20. Its my fav show and probably the best re-boot of them all. Kill ann or emma- dont care about either of them but would be dancing if they’d get rid of Elena- hate her character and dont see how anyone can forgive her after all she’s done!

  9. tara says:

    Please Renew Dallas for many more seasons. Love the show. Kill off anyone but the main Ewings and Pamela- love her and john ross together. Emma or Elena or Both!

  10. Mia says:

    Ann will be the causality on Dallas tonight, I don’t see anyone else leaving the show.

  11. Keri Lee says:

    I predict that Elena is pregnant and it will be a question whether it is John Ross’s or Nicolas so I don’t see them killing off John Ross at this point. Except that if he dies then Christopher could step back in and take care of Elena. I love Josh Henderson in this role and would be devastated if he’s the one who dies. Hoping for someone a little less crucial to the show like Ann or Pamela.

    • Jules says:

      I was pegging Elena getting pregnant when her and John Ross slept together. it’s way too obvious that this was a direction they were going to go.. It’s a way to tie her to the Ewings forever.

      I do think that it’s going to be Ann that dies. I just can’t imagine them killing any other main character off (other than Sue Ellen and I really can’t picture that). I won’t get to watch this until either tomorrow or this weekend but I don’t care about spoilers. should be a great episode. Hopefully it’ll get renewed but knowing TNT it’s not a given.

  12. Annie says:

    I think it will be Ann. Love Pamela and John Ross together. Can’t stand Elena or Emma, but I think it will be Ann.

  13. shar says:

    I think it will be Ann. Hoping this will bring John Ross and Pamela back together. They are my favorite couple. I wish Elena would go away, maybe she will get back with Christopher, and when she finds out she’s pregnant, everyone will think it’s his.

  14. bonrex says:

    I say John Ross gets shot, but if a Ewing is going to die I say, it’s Ann sorry to say by the look on Bobbys face I say its her

  15. Linda says:

    IT BETTER NOT BE Pamela Rebecca or John Ross They are the Show for me anybody else I am Fine with. Also For Me Dallas wasted a lot of airtime on Elena and Emma this season so I want to see One or both of them gone.

  16. Jan says:

    Hopefully, it won’t be the core four: Bobby, SueEllen, John Ross or Christopher. I’m done if it’s Bobby or SueEllen. I have read many others won’t be watching too. John Ross and Christopher are the next generation. Like J.R. and Bobby, they are opposites and play off each other.

  17. anon tvxpert says:

    After reading all of the previous comments, I disagree. I do love Brenda Strong and yes, Ann has become soft and boring but losing that character doesn’t “dig” deep enough into the family. Have you considered Sue Ellen? Why? Sue Ellen is mad at JR for not telling her about his health, she’s in love with him, she went back to the bottle again, she’s really not the greatest mother, and, let’s be honest, what has she done lately? I think if John Ross lost BOTH parents, that would be a huge storyline for next season. Pamela might even drop her revenge and be a wife for a grieving John Ross. Plus, if you remember correctly, Linda Grey was originally attached as a Special Guest Star until Cynthia (Cidre) convinced her to appear as a Series Regular. Now, typically (on network tv) if a show gets picked up to series, the cast will usually sign a 4-year deal. If a “star” (like Grey) is on board, then they may have different contract terms. Plus TNT is aiming towards a younger demo. Getting rid of some of the “older” parts of the show would thrust the younger cast forward and center more so then they are now. But with all of that said, and being a big DALLAS fan (of both series), I think the bigger hit to the Ewings (and moving forward into next season’s stories) would be if Sue Ellen bit the dust. BUT this is DALLAS after all…. whomever dies tonight…. are they really dead???

  18. Anonymous says:

    I think it will be Ann. They still need Bobby’s connections to try and get Ewing Global back. Maybe Sue Ellen, but Ann is already a hostage. I don’t see them killing off John Ross, he is the next generation.

    I’d like to see Elena find out that Nicholas killed her brother and have her kill off Nicholas.

    I can’t believe its the season finale already, it seems like it just came back.

  19. Shari says:

    How about Cally Harper Ewing?
    She had a son with JR toward the end of the original Dallas.
    She appeared in the episode with JR’s funeral.
    Maybe she will be the Ewing to die and her son will be a new character on the show.

  20. Jenn Kaine says:

    As long as we don’t have somebody seeing Bobby in a shower in the season 4 opening, all will be good.

  21. Miffy says:

    I think it will be Lucy. She’ll drive up to the ranch in the last 15 seconds of the episode, say hello, and then her car will explode. Barring that, then my money is on Bobby’s horse.

  22. Normally I talk about how Christopher isn’t even a real Ewing and doesn’t deserve to own Ewing Oil, which is true. … But, that doesn’t mean Bobby’s son deserves to die!!!! … I’ve heard rumors that the actor playing Christopher needed to go work on a different project and couldn’t return to play Christopher, so it wasn’t a surprise that Christopher died. … But I bet they could bring the character of Christopher back to be played by a different actor. I bet they could have an excuse of making him look different, because of surgery from being in the explosion in the car.

  23. Hadeel Mahmoud says:

    I just watched the season finale. Wow. All I did was cry. I can’t believe what had just happened. I am still very surprised and shocked and sad. My favorite favorite favorite character just died. I did not see it coming at all. I wish the show will get renewed! I love Dallas so much, but it will be hard to watch after tonight. I hope they will brin Christopher back. 😰

  24. Hadeel Mahmoud says:

    Why did Christopher have to die????😖 I love him so much!

  25. Jenn says:

    I know they said someone would die, but we didn’t see the car the whole time- maybe he got out? I’m hoping so because he’s the new bobby- the pro to John Ross con- just like bobby was to jr. If not they’ve just messed up the winning formula that has always been Dallas.

  26. Chad says:

    I loved this cliffhanger, it reminds me of the classic way that Dallas did cliffhangers in the past. Quite a shocking last few minutes and I never seen it coming. TNT renew Dallas for a 4th season!

  27. mary says:

    plz renew dallas

  28. Sheila says:

    I never was a fan of Dallas, I watched the spin off of Knotts Landing. Now that the new generation is here, I love the show, won’t miss. I DO HOPE THEY BRING BACK CHRISTOHPER, he and John Ross are my favorite characters. The show will not be the same without him.

  29. Krista oliver says:

    I really hope it’s not Bobby, John ross, or Bobby ‘ son or any of main people but I do love the show . And can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen

  30. Loved last night’s season finale. And Christopher was not holding up his end of the family, just an add on. Sorry to see anyone have to go…however…hope he’s got a brand new series lined up.

  31. Bob says:

    It has to be Christopher. His character has not developed on the show.

  32. Rosie says:

    I really enjoyed the show thought it was great. Until the end I was not happy with the ending at all very disappointed in Christopher dying they should rethink it over & bring him back. Horrible ending whoever came up with that idea should be fired.

  33. Rosie says:

    They need to renew DALLAS its a great show!!! But they need to bring Christopher back he will
    be greatly missed. The show was great but the ending you needed a box of tissues. BRING CHRISTOPHER BACK!!!!!