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Outlander Post Mortem: Sam Heughan Bares All About the Wedding Night

Outlander Season 1 Sam Heughan

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, welcome to the promised land.

This week’s Outlander saw the marriage of Sam Heughan’s character to Caitriona Balfe’s Claire, an event quickly followed by young Mr. Fraser’s losing his virginity to his time-traveling wife.

We couldn’t let such a momentous event pass without somehow marking the occasion, so without further preamble, here are Heughan’s thoughts on the prosthetics, preparation and politics involved in the Starz drama’s latest hour.

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TVLINE | The fans have made the wedding night into this big romantic thing — and it is — but what’s easy to forget is that it’s also comical. At first, Jamie doesn’t know what he’s doing.
HEUGHAN | [Laughs] Yeah.

TVLINE | Was there pressure on you to deliver this scene that fans of the book had been envisioning for years?
We were very aware, not only of the wedding night but all the way through the books, there are pivotal, key moments that the fans definitely want to see. This was definitely one of them. I guess I was a little nervous. But it always seems to be that when we get down to rehearsing it or talking about it, the sooner you immerse yourself in the characters and where they’re at, the pressure goes because you just have to be honest in that situation. That situation is that this is new for Jamie and for Claire, as well. It was great to be working with Cait. She’s fun, and she’s very relaxed. We were there for each other, so we sort of got through it together.

TVLINE | You’re naked a lot in this episode.

TVLINE | I’m wondering how naked you actually were while shooting.
Well, I mean, you probably see a lot, don’t you? I think I’ll leave it to your imagination.

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TVLINE | The prosthetics on your back must take forever to put on.
It’s something you forget. You read a scene and you think, oh, this is cool. I’ve got to take my clothes off, that’s fine. But not only do I have to do all that, I’ve got to go into prosthetics. It’s about two hours – it started off about three hours. The makeup team is fantastic. They work so hard and so fast. But then it constantly needs touching up and makeup and obviously, rolling around on it and lying on it can really damage it, so it’s kind of all day that you’ve got this on. It can be quite difficult because you can’t really sit down in it without damaging it. So we’re lucky. We’ve got such an amazing makeup and prosthetics team. I think it looks wonderful.

TVLINE | What kind of conversations did you have about the episode before you started filming?
Diana [Gabaldon, author of the novels on which the series is based ] has been there for us from the very start. I don’t think she specifically gave us anything for that episode. She’s given us a lot of freedom to play the characters how we feel. She’s always there if we’ve got any questions and occasionally she’ll pitch in with something. I know she watches the rushes each day. Sometimes we’ll film something one day and the next morning, I’ll have a comment from her in my inbox…. Hopefully she likes what we’re doing.

Outlander 2014With regard to the directing, we were very lucky. We don’t always get to rehearse scenes, but I think all of the producers and writers were very aware that this is difficult subject matter that can be difficult to film. So we were lucky we got a bit of rehearsal for this one, a couple of days for myself, Caitriona and the director and also the writers, as well. We looked at the script. You try and work out, almost kind of technically how it works, where you position your body and where we go and how the viewer will see it. I think it’s a very sexy episode but actually, do you see a lot? I don’t think you see an awful lot, the way it’s lit and the way it’s shot, it’s very sensual. That’s definitely more sexy maybe than exposing everything. So yeah, there are a lot of choices to be made, and I’m really pleased at how it came out.

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TVLINE | I’d argue that the sexiest thing about the episode is the respect Jamie pays to Claire and the concern he has for her, which we’ve seen isn’t typical of the men he spends time with.
To the best of his ability, he’s playing a part and he’s playing the husband and continues to do that in later episodes. He doesn’t really know. He’s doing what he thinks is expected of him, and at times he maybe does things he doesn’t even believe is right. For instance, not going too far ahead, when he has to punish her, or later on, when he’s trying to be the laird of the household, he’s just doing what he’s learned and what the time and the place is. Whether he agrees with it or not is something different… I love those moments when we flash back to the Highlanders all sort of having a part and helping get all the things for the wedding like the dress and the ring. I think they’re wonderful details.

TVLINE | Dougal makes an overture toward Claire at the end of the episode that shows he’s still someone they’ll have to deal with.
Dougal is always playing politics and out to do things for himself. We saw in Episode 5, “Rent,” that he’s working toward restoring the Jacobite Prince Charlie back to the throne. There’s all sorts of politics within countries and all that, but there’s also the politics within the family here. And Jamie and Dougal have a backstory and a history.

It gets more and more twisted and difficult. Obviously, by marrying Jamie to Claire, Dougal is kind of controlling Jamie, and Jamie is less of a threat to become the next chief of the MacKenzies. But he unwittingly pairs Jamie and Claire together, and they become a really strong team.

Press PLAY on the video below for a clip of Jamie and Claire’s wedding night — then hit the comments with your thoughts about the episode!

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  1. Ali says:

    Truly and beautiful eppy and again has met my expectation or more. Finally more of Jamie and Claire together and they truly do make a strong pair. We see the true colors of skuzz Dougal finally coming out.

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  3. Cassandra says:

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  4. sls says:

    Amazing episode. Her dress was amazing. The flashbacks really helped create a building of comfort and passion between Jaime and Claire. I wasn’t really sure about Sam being cast as Jaime initially but I’m sold now. He’s amazing and so perfectly Jaime. I was sold on Caitriona from the start based solely on her looks but just adore her even more now. What a fantastic casting job with everyone so far.

    • Susan says:

      I Totally agree Sis, I thought they picked the perfect Claire from the first scene, but I was a bit disappointed in Jaime. I had fallen head over heels for Jaime Fraser in the books. Gradually with each episode Sam was becoming the Jaime that is in my head. And then there was tonight’s The Wedding…and I think I’m in love with Sam Heughan as Jaime Fraser. He and Claire together are perfect and the wedding night scenes melted my tv. Please someone will they do more seasons following the rest of the books in the series?

      • Christine says:

        The series has already been renewed for another year so YES, they’ll be filming Dragonfly in Amber. I hope it just goes on and on.

    • Lavendershrub says:

      Sis – please stop spelling Jamie as Jaime. Jaime is Spanish. And someone else spells Frank as Franck

      • sls says:

        didn’t even realize I was doing it…will have to pay closer attention when typing his name. I’m sure I have misspelled it many times…probably going to do so again…but hopefully I will remember…. ah but there are greater crimes than misspelling, even misspelling the King of Men’s name I am sure…

  5. Jolie says:

    Very descriptive post, I liked that bit. Will there be a part 2?

  6. Constance says:

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  7. JB says:

    If she’s 200 years in the past, is it still cheating?

    • LemonLime says:

      Hence the age old Outlander dilemma.

    • Winter says:

      I’ve heard guys say it isn’t cheating if you’re in a different time zone so I don’t think it’s cheating if you are in a different century.

    • Marti says:

      If you’ll read the books, this question is somewhat resolved at a later point in the series. Claire worries a lot about her situation in the books. Several things happen later on that people are nattering about now, but those of us who know the series aren’t getting fashed over her 2 marriages.

      • M Grant Rayney says:

        To Marti, I agree with your comment that it all gets resolved as the years go on and because of the impact her staying in the 18th Century has on future outcomes. So Claire chooses one over the other husband. Oh and good use of “fashed” which is such a great word. Could it be borrowed by the French or vice versa? And then there is always the issue of survival. If she gets killed by Black Jack Randall, there is no coming back to Franck, now is there?

    • Janet Breton says:

      IMHO, Claire cannot cheat on Frank if Frank hasn’t been born yet!

  8. So Happy says:

    I held my breath a few times during the episode! I also watched it twice. Lol!

  9. So Happy says:

    Loved the interview with Sam by the way! More interviews with any and all the stars on Outlander! :0)

  10. Liz says:

    It was a beautiful episode. Both Cait & Sam were wonderful in it.

  11. yankeegodiva says:

    I absolutely loved this episode! They captured that intensity and passion that IS Claire and Jaime! It was funny, sweet, genuine, intense, and all in all.. pretty erotic. Exactly what you’d expect from Diana Gabaldon. I fell in love with this series years ago, and now my husband won’t miss an episode lol. I hope the Outlander television series continues to be as much like the books as I’ve seen thus far. Great work!

  12. CourtTV says:

    Completely charmed by the ep and Sam in this interview.

  13. janet canary says:

    Outlander is now my most favorite show.I adore the characters jamie and claire.its also nice to see parts of scotland since my grandfather was born and raised in scotland.this show is amasing and every womens fantasy.

  14. Ali says:

    the scene with Dougal was great! You can tell he is very strong, sexy man in his own right. I think it added and Rupert was very good too. Sweet.

  15. Ali says:

    The only thing that comes close to the sensuality and tension of this episode is the movie 9 1/2 weeks. The people who are adapting this from the book are brilliant. I want to know about the “key” The actors are really really good. They make it feel so real.

  16. Ally Oop says:

    I can’t wait to watch this. I absolutely detest that Showcase in Canada is 3 weeks behind.

  17. Janell Elliott says:

    I think the writers did an excellent job. Sam & Cait were both stellar. Did anyone else find themselves standing up to see if they could see just a little more? LOL

    • myrnama says:

      Didn’t think about doing that…I’m gonna go rerun it after I finish this to see if that works for me!!! ☺

    • ginger macqueen says:

      of course! i caught something while she was introducing him to something a little different, after second time together. he is sooo amazing, can’t imagine that she can be so disciplined as not to see what she can get away with here and there, just for fun, and getting bit caught up in a scene. the scene at the end when she wraps them in the kilt-i find some of it to be a little too real, and hope it is.

  18. Denise Schuler says:

    Beautifully done and finally got see what makes Jamie, Jamie.

  19. Jean English says:

    It was done perfectly. As a long time reader of the books, I adore all the surprises Ron Moore gives us in the lovely sexy FANtastic adaptation

  20. AGG says:

    Very well done last night. I liked how the first time was kind of fast, (makes sense) and then got hotter each time after and was better for Claire. Jamie and Claire are obvs The couple but I can’t help but be more fascinated by Doogal. He’s a lot more complex so far. In an alternate universe I could see Claire with him.

  21. Catherine barbour says:

    She is wonderful, emphasises the doubts and despair even better than the books. These scenes were very sensitive and perfect. These two are wonderful together.

  22. Lisa Trammell says:

    This episode was worth the wait! Finally Jamie and Claire are together. It unfolds in such a nice and unexpected with the flashbacks. I had just finished reading the Twilight series. My friend who introduced the series told me, “Edward is a boy. Jamie is a man.” So true!

  23. PatioPrincess says:

    I’m so glad the USA has finally been properly introduced to Sam Huegen (how do you pronounce his last name?) He is perfectly cast as Jamie and he’s doing an awesome job! I’ve never heard of him before this but, like others from the UK (Kevin McKidd, Charlie Hunnam) he’s making his debut in a huge way. I’m happily enjoying this show and am so glad to meet these (new-to-me actors!)

    I also do admit, somewhat childishly, that I hope Jamie beats the smack out of that smug a$$hat Black Jack. I cannot wait for that to happen. Dougall needs a good smack-down as well. Just saying….

  24. I have never watched many sex scenes although I don’t think myself pruddish…but I looked forward to this episode because I love the story that I’ve enjoyed for over twenty years. I was so pleased, as a very mature adult 68…to see how beautifully this was handled. I believed the characters and loved the progression of their physical attraction. It was so real. One wishes it could be so for every human being…i know…i have loved and been loved like that…it was nice to revisit some beautiful moments of my youth. Thank you for this

  25. M Grant Rayney says:

    I think actor Sam Heughan is very believable as Jamie Fraser.

  26. cabby415 says:

    I have read the books too many times to count so I was definitely looking forward to the wedding and honeymoon . I felt they chose the perfect Jamie from episode one. He is exactly how I envisioned him.

  27. It was beautifully and bravely done. Everyone even the minor players this episode. The lighting and direction perfect.

  28. M Grant Rayney says:

    I recorded it and have watched it again and again, over and over…to watch him mostly and I found Sam truly convincing as Jamie to the point of forgetting the actor for the highlander.

    BUT I found Caitriona one-dimensional in her acting. From the kiss to seal the wedding vows where her eyes are cast down and her mouth is set in concrete…all the way up to the scenes in the wedding room prior to the bedding.

    I get it, she is apprehensive, yes, she may be torn knowing she is already a married woman. But she has on this sourpuss face and stern set mouth that should relax after all that whiskey. Having to get drunk to do it with him. OMG, can I trade places with her? Pretty, please?

    Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed Cait playing Claire up to Episode 7. Does she act well, yes, she does. She was brilliant at Leoch Castle against Colum and Dougal and fitting in well enough most of the time with just enough of a slip-up as a time traveller to make the Mackenzie chief doubt who she says she is.

    She keeps looking down when he speaks sweet nothings to her or is looking bored at times. Lowering her eyes in a coy and demure manner while being, in fact, a modern woman time traveller kind of grates on my nerves. She pulls away from his touch, 2-3 times after he goes down to the main room to get them food. What was that about? Is she ticklish?

    On a positive note, actor Sam Heughan is brilliant in his delivery. I chuckled when he was saying “I said I was a virgin, not a monk”. It reminded me of all the foreplay we did in the backseat of cars when we were teenagers. Still the man, he says, “…if I need guidance, I’ll ask…”

    So is she Claire for me? Not so much, because I didn’t feel her burning desire for him until the second time they do it. The jury is still out for me whether she is the right Claire but Cait is a likeable woman based on the interviews.

    Let’s see if the passion ignites in future episodes!

    • sls says:

      This may have more to do with the writing/directing than the acting. There was something missing in the episode in the sense that we do not get to see/experience how into Jaime Claire is the way we did in the books.

      That’s been missing from the show so far. We got a little bit of it in this episode but there is still something missing there. It’s hard to buy Claire’s interest in Jaime right now. I’m hoping this improves soon. Still loved the episode and am hoping they really do a bit more exploring of her feelings for him so it’s not all about her struggle and Frank. Too many women love Jaime to want him to be with someone who isn’t really into him. lol (Of course book Claire is really into him so hopefully tv Claire can pick up the pace and fall in love with him just a bit more)

      • Wo says:

        Have you truly read the books? This is the way Claire is in most of Book 1, Outlander. Struggling with her feelings for Frank and her growing feelings (love) for Jamie. Give her time to become “really into him.” You won’t be disappointed. Not to ruin anything, but she is eventually so IN love with Jamie, that Frank is long forgotten.

        • sls says:

          I’m not sure if your comment was meant for me but, yes, I have read the first six books and am rereading the first just behind the show. While reading the book you have all of Claire’s thoughts and feelings. You can better appreciate her conflict and you can better understand her attraction and feelings for Jaime. I thought her feelings and attraction for Jaime was less clear in the show.

          Yes she wants to go back to her own time but in the books she didn’t seem as into Frank as in the show. that’s how I felt anyway. That Frank was her husband and she wanted to get back to her normal life but I never felt like Frank was all that great or that Claire was dying to get back to him. More that he was her husband and that was her life that she knew. I never felt that the first book had a genuine love triangle happening and that Claire was dying to be with Frank again. She was clearly attracted to Jaime and developed feelings for him. My point was it was easier to understand the depths of her interest in jaime while reading. Watching it play out it isn’t as clear. Just the difference between reading and watching. Two different things.

          • ginger macqueen says:

            sis, my comment was meant for you.

          • ginger macqueen says:

            the comment below these, i mean. : )

          • sls says:

            Yep. I think that they are intentionally trying to give Frank a bigger role than he seemed to play in the books. I’ve seen reviews and comments from non book readers who are clearly team Frank. (Team Clank???) lol
            At the same time it’s a different medium so some things will come across differently. Plus, we get to see Jaime win her over which will eventually win over those that are team Clank.
            Soon enough Claire will be team Jaime all the way so…I guess we will just have to be patient for her to come around a bit more. Go team Claime :) lol so silly

          • ginger macqueen says:

            yeah, sis, i watched ron d moore?say that he understood that frank wasn’t as strong of a character, but that he thought it would be interesting to see what it might have been like for frank, and as much as i am literally in love with jamie(sam), i found the part where you could here his voice echoing from the stones out to claire, and he hearing her voice, was chilling. i have watched it several times, and even though i know it is coming, and i am not a frank fan, i respond the same way every time. black jack randal is going to be a major character for a bit, so i think that the production team feels that the fact that he so resembles frank, is a fascinating thing to work with. imagine the way jamie was with claire before the red coats…remember how he was so beautiful, and adorable, and gaaahh…anyway, talking about how the church refers to being with your wife as a sacrament, and how he felt like God himself when he was with her, and does the wanting her ever end, and on and on amazingness? well, imagine after that, going back to frank. no matter how urbane, or elegant his nearly hairless fingers are, or how skilled he is as a lover, he still was boring as hell on their second honeymoon. they saw eachother 10 times in 5 years, and he spent more time with reverend wakefield, and going to depressing historical sites, than being romantic with claire. if she didn’t make advances towards him, he would have been digging a hole in the wall looking for ancient artifacts, before he made love to her. she literally had to bounce on the bed to get his attention. once he warmed up he was ok, but it was pretty perfunctory, autonomic system seemed to kick in pretty normally, but, meh. despite this opinion, i find tobias menzies to be a great actor, and his portrayals of these characters is wonderful. i just love jamie.

          • sls says:

            The actors are really great. And, unless they are going to change the story completely, Frank is a character with a limited role after a certain point so….might as well enjoy Tobias for a bit.

            I’m excited to see the evolution of Jaime as he changes “over the years”. :). As a young lad he is quite adorable but as a man…..oh my! And I think he will win over all those who are team Frank.

    • Leesa ianke says:

      I think so too!! Don’t know how many nights I went to sleep and dreamed that actual version of Jamie! Wish I were Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp!!!!!!I totally disagree, she is truly torn with the separation

    • ginger macqueen says:

      you are pretty much on the same page as me. however, i struggle with the knowledge that she really should be that way toward him, but being the jamie(sam) centric lovesick embarrassment that is now me, i want to elbow her, and remind her that we may want to know that she is good enough for jamie, by not being a callous nympho that is unconcerned about her previous vows, but we also know that in the book, there are many references to her being attracted to him, and at this point in the book she wants to give him something for his marriage sacrifice to protect her. although it isn’t really a sacrifice, he has wanted her, and has felt very strongly for her all along, and this was not how he pictured it, but he did the best he could do make it as real as possible, as much for himself, as for her, to make it nicer. in the book, when he talks about the protection of his body, she has a nice little thought about that, and in the show, right after he gives his little speech about the protections she has now from their marriage, including the protection of his body, she does walk over to him, and sits on the bed, etc. so, yes, i too grow weary of the feeling that she is putting up with him, and i want to speed past the parts when she does this when rewatching, but it must be a difficult task to convey this dynamic. i guess she is basically really deluding herself into believing that she isn’t as infatuated with jamie as she really is, and this exaggerated behavior is more for her own conscience than enything else.

  29. Kim says:

    Outstanding performance by Sam and Caitroina This had to be awkward for the actors to get through. The finally results were superb in the scenes so well done. I just don’t know how one would feel with his arse shown all over the internet but your mother should be proud. Please bring us many Seasons this is a captivating story the actors are making it come alive.

  30. Valerie says:

    Love the whole series so far. This episode was great. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!! Sweet,sexy,amazing, that is all.

  31. Susan Wright says:

    It was a truly amazing episode. I loved everything about it including her dress, Jamie’s outfit, and the way the whole wedding was portrayed. Rupert and Angus cracked me up getting the ring. Thanks for such a wonderful show.

  32. Sabrina says:

    Great interview. The casting on this show has been amazaing.

  33. evconvent says:

    Having just finished reading the first novel, I was picturing Sam as Jaime almost the entire time and I think he’s perfect! Cait was the one I was a little skeptical about from the promotional posters, etc. But as soon as I saw the first episode, I knew they picked a perfect Jaime and Claire. Can’t wait to finish the season! The Wedding episode was exactly what I was hoping for.

  34. carol says:

    one of the most beautiful sexual scenes i have ever seen…sam heughan is amazing…..

  35. lynda gearheart says:

    The wedding episode is destined to become a classic love scene against which others are measured. It delivered even more than the viewer could have hoped for. The entire series is well cast, beautifully shot, the dialog finely crafted, the scenery is superb and the cinematography fantastic and the music completes the picture – wonderful.

  36. Janet Breton says:

    I had waited 20 years for this, so I thought the Wedding episode was brilliant! All the actors played their parts beautifully, and the costumes were a veritable feast.

  37. Jeanne Dahl says:

    The wedding kiss was amazing with Claire getting tiptoed to kiss him back and the look on Jamie’s face. The whole show was done so well. Great producing and Directing! Hope this series never ends. I am on book six and hate to think of it ending.

  38. Shara says:

    I was not familiar with this series, I haven’t read the books. I love, love this show! I am sooooooooooo in love with Jamie and possibly Sam as well ;) each week I can’t wait to see the new episode and am so happy it will have another season. I hope it will have many more seasons!

  39. Leesa ianke says:

    Thank you Diana Gabaldon and Starz for bringing this series of books to television. I truly hope it will last thru at least the 8th book and beyond!! LOVE THE JAMIE/CLAIRE LOVE STORY!! It helped me through a very painful time in my life

  40. Leesa ianke says:

    Love the series!!!!!!!! DON’T QUIT!! Characters are just as I had in mind while reading the books!!!!

  41. Truly, truly a very sweet episode. Thank you for making it that way. The chemistry between Sam and Cait is beautiful. Nice choice for the characters of Jamie and Claire. Actually I believe all the actors/actresses they have chosen for this series so far are spot on.

  42. Carole says:

    I’m so happy that the Jamie &Claire I’ve always pictured in my head (for the 20+years I’ve been reading the books) are coming to life before my eyes. So thrilled that Sam and Caitriona are giving my characters the life I always dreamed of. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  43. this whole episode is amaizing,, I love THIS scene because it really reinforces his innocence..he has such an expressive face…and I love the scene where he gives her the pearls!!!

  44. George Sand says:

    I have a problem with the “punishment” scene. With domestic violence a thing very real and not limited to the present century, his beating her like this is uncalled for. I’m so pissed that Diana Gabaldon put that in her book–it made me lose respect for her. Women were beaten and abused for centuries and had no legal recourse. What Jamie does when he beats Claire is no less than domestic violence–and inexcusable. Not sexy, not entertaining, but a picture of abuse

    • Catherine says:

      You said it yourself…it was part of the times, as much as flogging was or maiming a child for stealing bread. Did you object to Ms. Gabaldon including those equally realistic, historically accurate “punishment” scenes? And Claire’s punishment was exactly that, realistic…and punishment for real wrongdoing. As Jamie explains, Claire risked more than her own life by disobeying him, and if she can’t comprehend what the consequences of her actions are by listening to his words, then she’ll heed his actions. She obviously doesn’t like being treated like a child, but I doubt she’d spare a child a spanking when the lesson to be learned literally was life and death as this one is. I wouldn’t.

      • Miranda says:

        I remember the spanking punishment from the book, but I must have missed it during the TV series so far. When and which episode did it air? By the way, George Sand’s comment was interesting and appropriate for today but so misguided for the social condition in past centuries. Diana Gabaldon has done extraordinary research for her books and is to be commended for it. Historical accuracy is frequently harsh, ugly, and not “politically correct”. Bravo to you for your response.

        • sls says:

          You didn’t miss it. It’s coming up. Probably in the next episode. :)

          • Miranda says:

            Thank you! I appreciate your prompt reply. I was so afraid I had missed a crucial event in the solidification of Claire’s and Jamie’s relationship. After reading the first book 20 years ago, the memory starts to go, but heart and emotion remain.

          • sls says:

            You’re welcome. I’m rereading the book and staying just behind the show. That is the only reason I knew we haven’t had that scene yet. There is a lot of chatter going about it so I’m guessing it will be in one of the first couple episodes after the break.

        • ginger macqueen says:

          having read the book recently, i know that it comes right after he rescues claire from bjr. if it isn’t in the first one or two episodes after the break, it will be a great disappointment, not so much because i want to see claire beaten, but it leads to what i hope the show won’t leave out, which is what i perceive to be the best of all of the love scenes.

    • Head Uncovered says:

      I want to see the punishment, and the aftermath…….Claire warning Jamie to never to do it again or else…….. If you don’t want to see it. Don’t watch the episode.

      • Nancy says:

        No punishment yet. It’s the end of the season and the next does not begin until April 4th or thereabouts. So it will be lots of reruns I think!

  45. myrnama says:

    I loved this episode very much!! I loved the shot they did between Claire’s arm of Jamie, he looked so sweet & young. Another shot of him that I thought he looked even younger was when Claire got up off the bed after she told Jamie she DID like “it.” Thay shot of his face when he looked up at her as she walked over by the dressing table made him look even younger. So the book fact of him being several years younger than her shows up, especially in those scenes, I think!!

    After they’ve had their second “session” a slight smile comes across Jamie’s face, that fact was written about in the book, when Jenny tells Claire that Jamie does that in his sleep when he’s having good dreams. I am really, really loving this series, I think I will be a little bereft when they take the break until April 4, 2015. 😱

  46. Calista says:

    I’m reading the books now, but I don’t have Starz. I wonder if they will release this on Netflix? I want to watch it so bad!!

  47. veniece dunn says:

    What a great series, all the actors are doing a fine job. Finally Jamie and Claire are married, the best show so far. Who knew that these men could plan such a lovely wedding. Poor Claire, she gets rid of Black Jack but now has Dougal to contend with. The plot thickens, I can’t wait to see more of Outlander.

  48. natasha says:

    Great job sam and cait, it was innocently magical and I would watch it over and over again, great directing.

  49. Annette says:

    Loved the wedding episode. Just beautiful. Loved the flashbacks. Great actors / made the wedding scene so romantic – Made it look so easy. Need to see more of Jamie and Claire’s connection – Great job. Wished we did not have to wait until April 2015 for the next season / Annette

  50. An gela Harting says:

    Beautifully done scene – sexy, passionate, innocent, gentle, kind……these two actors are fantastic