Outlander Recap: Virgin Territory

Outlander Season 1 Recap Jamie Claire Sex

So, Outlander fans… was it good for you?

I’m talking, of course, about Claire and Jamie’s wedding night, an event long-awaited both by ardent readers of the novel and those who’ve been wanting the TV series to get to the sex already! revel in its premium-cable-ness since the beginning.

Aside from the glorious (and extended) wearing of birthday suits, the hour is quite strong in that it allows us to watch Claire succumb to her feelings for Jamie at the same time that it highlights her conflict over betraying Frank – a not-insignificant point as we move into next week’s midseason finale.

If you’re not too busy rewatching certain, er, key moments (you little plaid pervs), let’s review the major points of “The Wedding.”

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DEJA VOW | We start off dealing with another wedding altogether: Claire and Frank’s, held moments after Frank proposes to Nurse Beauchamp outside Westminster’s equivalent of Town Hall. (Side note: Claire seems so much older in her formal uniform and cap, no?) As the future Mr. and Mrs. Randall skip into the building to get hitched, we hear, “Ye may kiss yer bride” – and the action cuts to Jamie and Claire becoming man and wife in a candlelight ceremony in 1743. The groom looks hopeful. The bride looks gobsmacked.

Throughout the hour, we’ll see the ceremony in bits and pieces, but right now, Ron Moore & Co. cut to exactly where most of us want to be: in the bridal chamber with Claire and Jamie. (Fair warning: Though I’ll try to keep it respectable, there’s no way a recap of this episode isn’t going to venture into some naughty territory. If impassioned appreciation of the human form and words like “thrusting” offend you, you might want to bail out now.) She comments that the reception is still going strong downstairs, and he remarks that no guests will leave “until they know we’ve made things official.” Lovely.

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After a nervous yet earnest toast by Jamie, Claire downs several glasses of whiskey – a tactic we’ll learn she’s been employing ever since Dougal first informed her about the marriage. “Ye needn’t be afraid of me, Claire,” Jamie assures her, promising he won’t force himself on her. Sadly, this is one of the most reassuring things Claire has heard in days. He admits he married her mostly to keep her out of Black Jack Randall’s clutches, then vows to protect her with all that he is. It’s very sweet, and they start to go in for a kiss, but Claire pulls away at the last moment and asks about his family. (Heh.)

A while later, they’re both much more relaxed – despite Angus and Rupert’s bursting into the room to see if the marriage has been consummated – and Claire suggests they go to bed. “To bed,” Jamie asks slowly, “or to sleep?” Annnd we’re off!

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APT PUPIL | Claire’s new hubby volunteers to help “with the laces and such,” undressing her with a level of dexterity surprising for someone of his limited experience. (Side note: You think unhooking a bra in the heat of the moment is tough? Jamie has Claire out of her skirts, hip roll, choker and stays faster than you can say “Victoria’s Secret.”) But Claire wants in on the fun, too. “It’s my turn,” she purrs, breathily, but only manages to undo his belt before they’re sucking face in earnest. “Where’d you learn to kiss like that?” she asks. “I said I was a virgin, not a monk,” he replies. “If I need guidance, I’ll ask.”

That’s hot, and all, but Jamie? You’re not quite as slick as you think, as evidenced by the way you fall on top of Claire in your granny gown, nearly crush her with your strapping bulk and then roll off her maybe 30 seconds later (and I’m being generous with the stopwatch there). God, I love Claire’s face as Jamie is seeing stars and trying to catch his breath. It basically says, “Poor pudding, you really have no clue, do you?”

Jamie worries that his new wife didn’t enjoy their blink-and-you-miss-it trip to Heaven. After all, Murtagh, Rupert and Ned told him that women “generally do not care for” making the Loch Ness Monster with two backs. But Claire’s surprised to note that she did have a good time. “There it was,” she remarks via voiceover, touching on a topic many of you commented on last week. “Not only was I a bigamist and an adultress, but I’d enjoyed it.”

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IN DEEP SMIT | It’s clear Jamie is completely taken with his Sassenach, especially when he comes back from a trip down to the main room for some food. Dougal warns him not to hurry back to Claire, lest she believe she holds sway over her husband. “I said I was completely under your power and happy to be there,” Jamie says, smiling, offering Claire a piece of cheese and basically being the best thing ever.

Since this whole episode can’t just be scenes of the newlyweds banging (though I’m sure the adult-film industry will soon see to that with Outland Her or Kilting Me Softly or something along those lines), Claire and Jamie have a little more whiskey and engage in a few more flashbacks.

They talk about Jamie’s wedding finery, which is Fraser plaid, and how dangerous it was for him to wear it and risk being identified by the Redcoats. Jamie tells her about his conditions for their wedding, which included her having a fine gown and a proper ring, and them getting married in a church. And they both recall their vows earlier that day, when Claire finally learned Jamie’s real name – James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser – and he thought she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

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ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING Claire is apparently moved (and more than a little turned-on) by what she hears, because she gets up and speaks for a lot of people when she says, “Take off your shirt. I want to look at you.” When Jamie’s there in nothing but his scars, he whispers, “Take off yours, as well.” (I know we’re nowhere near Craigh na Dun, but young Mr. Fraser’s stone has got to be standing.)

I’m not exactly sure about what happens immediately after, because all of the estrogen in my body floods my brain and I’m pretty sure I pass out. Anyway, they’re both naked now, and — oh, that’s where all of the pretty in the world went.

The Frasers make love again, with Claire a much more interested – and satisfied — participant this time. “I didna know women could…” Jamie says afterward, flummoxed. “Does it happen every time?” (That sound you just heard was every female in the world bursting out in rueful laughter.) Claire soothingly tells him that he’s a good lover, then goes on to introduce him to the pain-as-pleasure principle, which in turn introduces us to several frames of Jamie writhing in ecstasy. If GIFs haven’t been made by the time this recap is posted, Internet, I’m disappointed in you.Outlander Season 1 Recap

THE MORNING AFTER | But wait, there’s more! After a brief hop downstairs, during which Dougal puts the moves on his new niece (eew), Claire returns to the room. Jamie’s got a gift for her: his mother’s pearls, which he puts over her head. “They’re verra precious to me, as are you, Claire,” he says seriously, and she’s so moved, she keeps them on as she rides him like a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The next morning, the newlyweds are cute as they get dressed. Jamie runs downstairs, leaving Claire to finish up. She’s all smiles and hearts-in-her-eyes… until she shakes out her wedding gown and finds her original wedding band, which she’d taken off and stashed in the bodice the day before. Though she says nothing, Claire looks like she’s drowning in guilt as she puts the gold band on one ring finger while the new ring takes up residence on the other. Looks like the honeymoon’s over, folks!

Now it’s your turn. Book readers, did you love hearing Jamie call Claire “mo nighean donne“? Newlanders, are you all in on the Frasers’ relationship? Is anyone still rooting for Frank? Are ye ready for next week’s midseason finale? Click through the gallery of photos from the episode, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. sls says:

    Wow! Just loved this so much….better than I expected. Glad I didn’t have to wait 40 minutes to get to the good parts. I’m sure that some people won’t like the flashbacks in the midst of the sex but I was just happy I didn’t have to sit through all those scenes first. :)

  2. Ian says:

    Ms Caitriona and Mr Sam are both, ahem, very gorgeous specimens, aren’t they? She’s so elegantly beautiful, and the ways the shadows defined his musculature in the lighting of the ‘take off your shirt’ moment – he’s an Adonis. And I find nothing sexier than when shows get the camerawork just right when showing right around a man’s groin.
    Wonderfully done lovemaking scenes. I had tunnel vision and couldn’t breathe and I had broken out in a bit of a sweat the whole 50 minutes, lol. I have a feeling Jamie will be a sex god very shortly under Claire’s tutelage.

    But is it wrong that I find Dougal extremely sexy as well and want to see him engaged in something as graphic? Graham’s probably got a good silver fox physique under that costume…

    Anyway, this episode was obviously the payoff as to not leave fans with too much to groan about while waiting for the 2nd half of the season. The thing is too, is that I love Claire’s and Frank’s relationship as well, so Claire’s conflict is mine as well :(

  3. Jenna says:

    Love your recap, and I thought the episode was amazing! I enjoyed the flashbacks. Each time it came back to ‘real time’, they’re connection deepened. And, it kind of gave me a chance to cool down in between. :)

  4. CourtTV says:

    I actually thought Claire looked younger wedding Frank because I remarked how impressed I was that CB capture the innocence and joy of the moment.

  5. Trina D. says:

    Excellent recap! I enjoyed the episode immensely. I thought the cast did an amazing job. It was great to see the conflict in Claire when she realizes she’s now married to two men.

  6. Amanda says:

    Ugh, not rooting for Frank. Sorry Frank! Jaimie ALL THE WAY.

  7. Shawna says:

    I have been a fan of the books since 1998 and the episode was great. Jaime is so into Claire and she has no idea. People on team Frank have no idea….

  8. ninergrl6 says:

    I haven’t read the books but I absolutely LOVED tonight’s episode. So many great moments — from sweet to sexy to gut-wrenching. The shots at the end of Claire with her 20th century ring were like a punch in the gut. My only complaint is that I kept getting distracted thinking, “That corset looks awfully uncomfortable,” but then Jamie took care of that. Heh. GREAT episode! In fact, I think I’m gonna rewatch it again right now!

  9. Generally, a beautifully done episode with much to . . . appreciate. As an Oldlander; however, I missed the conversation in which Jamie sagely implores for honesty in their marriage. This seemed a rather large point to leave out to me.

    • switbo says:

      I definitely agree! That agreement was such an important part. I can’t believe they left it out!

      • sls says:

        I think because they didn’t show (or narrate) as much of Claire’s attraction/feelings for Jaime in the show, if they would have included that line here it wouldn’t have had the same effect as in the book.

        She is really struggling with her “decision” or situation. As much as I loved the episode, I mean loved it, I think we didn’t see as much of Claire’s desire for or interest in Jaime as we got from reading it. So if he would have said this in the episode it would have seemed a bit too much pressure by those that haven’t read the book.

        I bet we see it later though, after we see more of Claire’s genuine interest in Jaime, when it will really have a bigger impact than it would have tonight, while she was still really struggling with everything that was happening.

    • Alichat says:

      Totally agree with you. There were three things from the wedding night in the book that I wanted to appear in the episode….one, Jamie’s face-to-face confusion because it was so sweet and innocent….two, Claire educating Jamie on the pleasure/pain principle, again, because it was such a funny and intimate moment…..and three, the honesty pledge. The last one, to me, was the most important thing to include in the episode, above anything. It demonstrated how well Jamie can read Claire and know what she’s thinking, how intuitive and compassionate he is (especially when he realizes that she must be thinking of Frank, and understands why), and it set the foundation for their entire relationship…..that he will not press her to reveal anything she doesn’t want to or can’t, she offers him the same, and that what they do reveal/share between them is completely honest. It’s mentioned multiple times throughout their relationship. Seems a big moment to leave out of the episode, and I’m confused as to why they’d leave it out.

      On another note, the ring and pearls were disappointing. I was hoping to see the intricate ring described in the book, but at least it appears they are giving the ring a bit of importance and significance with the key. But that long strand of pearls was nothing like the book and looked cheap and unimportant. They couldn’t at least get something shorter with some bit of design to it?

      And what in the world is up with Dougal coming onto Claire all the time? We get he’s attracted to her, but frankly it’s making him a bit too lecherous.

      • Alichat says:

        Oh….and another side note……why did Claire say she didn’t know Jamie’s name when she saw his full name on the marriage documents in last week’s episode? Sorry….I just have an issue with continuity.

        • Tanja says:

          At first I was confused too, but I think it’s because of 2 reasons: 1- she was still shocked by the whole situation while reading the marriage certificate and 2- she got stinking drunk. All in all I think it’s plausible that she forgot the name.

          • Alichat says:

            That’s a good point. I forgot about her getting blind, stinking drunk. I suppose I would forget that royally long name as well.

        • tacoma_gal says:

          While she would have seen it, it is a line taken directly from the books….I think that’s why they included it.

          • Alichat says:

            Yeah, I remember it from the book. But if they included it, then they should have not used the shot of her reading the contract which has his name emblazoned across the top. Continuity issues bug me greatly. They shot that moment without her reading the contract…..they should have used that shot.

      • LaBete says:

        I think (hope?) that they are saving the honesty discussion for next week. It seems from the previews that Claire is going to feel guilty and restart her plotting to get back to the stones. I think Jamie will see what’s going on with her and set her straight about honesty.

      • Brenda Barrett says:

        I LOvE the series, but it was underwhelmed by last night’s show. Changes like no honesty pledge, the ring, Claire laughing when she promised not to, Claire/Frank NOT being married in the same kirk and most of all the flashback conceit to show the wedding all bugged me. That said, Heughan IS Jamie. To me, his casting was the most important thing in the whole series, and they got that right!

      • Isobel says:

        hm I suppose the ring and the pearls are realistic for the time and Jamie’s social standing, he wouldn’t really have elaborate jewellery to give to her

        • Alichat says:

          Actually he would have some nice jewelry. They were his mother’s pearls, and she was a MacKenzie. Plus, even though Jamie is an outlaw, he is also the Laird of Broch Tuarach. The pearls are described in the book as “a short string of …..small baroque pearls, those irregularly shaped productions of freshwater mussels, interspersed with tiny pierced-work gold roundels. Smaller pearls dangled from the gold beads.” What was used in the show was very meh, plain, and too long. And the ring he gives her in the book is described as “a wide silver band, decorated in the Highland interlace style, a small and delicate Jacobean thistle bloom carved in the center of each link” which he buys for her once they are back at Castle Leoch. I am not as bothered with the ring as I am with the pearls. It looks like they’ve given the ring sentimental significance having it made from the key.

  10. LemonLime says:

    Seriously awesome recaps. I did like the way it went into flashbacks, although my heart did stop for a brief second when right as the beginning of the episode was starting they were being declared man and wife, I was devastated. In the book Diana Gabaldon described Jamie in full Highland regalia, and Claire’s reaction to seeing him for the first time. I’ve been DYING to see it play out.

    And my nightly prayer tonight as it goes:

    Dear God,
    Thank you for Sam Heughan. Well done.


    • Christine says:

      I thought the whole episode was beautifully done. I cheered when Claire finally said “Take off your shirt you big hunk of a man” Well, that’s what I thought anyway.

      The only thing I was disappointed in was that Jamie’s tartan was still so drab. In the book the Fraser plaid is “brilliant scarlet and black” which would make sense that he would look breathtaking in full regalia and why it would be so apparently Fraser that Dougal asked him if he was mad for wearing it. But that’s just me nitpicking. I am obsessed with this series, in fact I got Starz just to see it.

  11. Fan says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Jaimie. But I love Frank as well so I feel bad.

  12. cindy-in-tx says:

    Was anyone ever rooting for Frank? He was a bore.

    • MEEBEE says:

      I am!! I’m totally attracted to Jamie as well… WHAT? I’m not blind -_- but I though frank and Clare were cute… And frank is such a good sweet guy that just loves her so much! The first episodes just got me feeling for Clare and frank… And as much as I love Jamie, I want her to be able to see frank again.

  13. mRNA says:

    Excellent recap. Loved this episode. So beautifully done. Very sweet and emotional love scenes. Mixed with the right amount of humor. The flashbacks and Claire’s voice overs are perfectly placed to show Claire’s turmoil about being married to 2 men. This episode a sweet gentleness and mutual respect they have for each other. And it showed a blooming love between them. I think that when or if she gets back to Frank we will see a different Claire and Frank. Great writing showing how the characters grow and evolve.

  14. LemonLime says:

    I also have to say, bravo to Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe. It was certainly not an easy scene to film, to portray after initial awkwardness, the fiery passion between Jamie and Claire. They get through it fairly awesome, and I gotta give them their due props. The comfort level between the two is great.

  15. pam says:

    Just finished watching here in California. Very good ep. I wish jamie had been dressed in his red and black plaid as he was in the book. The ring was a disapointment. Book version much better. All in all still a very good episode.

  16. lainiejay says:

    Good lord! You made me guffaw at least 4 times. Great recap. One small note. That wasn’t a dress uniform Claire wore when she married Frank. It was a dressy, civilian suit.

  17. Laurie says:

    Got to say I love your recaps. You cracked me up with some of your comments. I really enjoyed the episode and you aren’t kidding when you said, “oh, that’s where all of the pretty in the world went.” I also loved how they looked in their wedding clothes. I must say Jaimie had a good hair dresser. Oh Dougal making a move.

  18. C G says:

    Beautifully done episode, one I plan to watch again one or twenty times over!
    Though the honesty agreement was very much missed, perhaps they’ll put it in next week.
    Anyone else notice how *ahem* well- groomed Sam is? ;)

  19. rachelle says:

    I have so many feelings! Idk how to put them into words. What a fantastic episode. It was beautifully filmed/edited. And I loved the score as always! Omg, Jamie is sooooo gone over Claire. The looks on his face, his words, his actions– I died repeatedly. Sam does such a great job showing Jamie’s innocent/consuming love for Claire. I loved the progression from awkward fumbling sex to passionate lovemaking. I’m so Team Jamie that I don’t even remember Frank anymore. XD

    And maybe I’m gross, but Dougal looks like he’s an animal in bed. I was creeped out when he propositioned Claire, but I maybe wouldn’t mind seeing him do his own thing with someone else…

  20. Jenny says:

    She actually put Frank’s ring back on her left hand and is wearing Jamie’s ring on her right. I noticed because I wondered if it was a Scottish tradition to wear the wedding band on the right (as it is in some Eastern European countries) or if it was a time period thing or a mix of both?

    • Liz says:

      Yes, I noticed that too. She puts her first ring back on her left hand, while she’s got Jamie’s ring on her right.

    • Brenda Barrett says:

      Yes, in Scottish tradition, the ring is on the right hand.

    • Alichat says:

      It is that way in the book. Frank’s ring on the left, Jamie’s on the right. Jamie placed the ring on her right hand….in the book and in the show. And actually, in the book, she never takes Frank’s ring off.

  21. Liz says:

    It was… oh yeah, it really was…
    And btw, Franck who?
    (love your recaps as always!)

  22. Gio86 says:

    What an amazing episode. Those sex scenes were so authentic! I have never seen anything like this on TV. Amazing episode!

  23. Through the years many books have been adapted to television or movies. There have only been a couple shows or movies that were better than the written version, The Green Mile and The Notebook. Until now. Outlander on Starz with Ron Moore and Terry Dresbach have surpassed anything we as fans wanted to see. They have made the book, Outlander, come alive. Their attention to detail, the completely wonderful casting, the costumes, the dialogue, the scenery, etc. have been nothing short of a tribute to the story. The Wedding episode last night is no different. It was spectacular and spectacularly executed. The flashbacks are necessary to remind us that her original plan to get back to the stones is still there. Loved every single second of it.

  24. Slight error. New ring is on the right hand. Frank’s ring is on the left.

  25. LaBete says:

    Wow! Love your charming recap and love that gallery of photos of Jamie and Claire in their wedding finery! That was such a complex, almost bittersweet, episode! It was like an exploration of two people and their budding marriage, beginning awkwardly, Jamie obviously already in love, Claire not so much, and ending with the perfect understanding of two who have now become one. Really lovely–just like Jamie and Claire!

  26. Alice Tarrant says:

    Well…. I loved it ! Of course the book is different and those of us who read it , have read that Part in the book over and over again a billion times because it was such an epic part showing Clair that she had feelings for him also and to be honest the reading the act of the sex is kinda hot;)
    But I think they did a good job.. I was happy to see my beloved book come to life and as long as they follow as close as they can I’m cool with it. Like you all my estrogen expoled as well and so did all my friends .. Texting , facebooking , we were all a bunch , turned on grown women .. We all loved it .. And I’m sure some of us lived it upstairs when we went to bed ;) I know I did.. Lol

  27. Janell Elliott says:

    Awesome article! Well done indeed. Ok, I must admit I watched it for 12hrs, my vision is poor so I concentrated on different things each time. I lied, certain things I focused on every time. Speaking of the elephant in the room, was it just my imagination or was there some serious manscaping going on in the makeup dept. There I said it, you know you were thinking the same thing, fess up. I can honestly say that was the best hour of TV I’ve ever seen. Thank you Outlander.
    PS: We want more arse, & nakedness, with some tenderness thrown in. 💜

  28. PatioPrincess says:

    I just love this show. I actually called Comcast in California and they gave me three free months, but, I suppose I’ll have to buy STARZ, at least for a little while to enjoy this show (which is fine with me) however, the rest of the STARZ offerings are pretty crappy.

    This book series is one of my all time favorites and the show, so far, just rocks. Whomever did the casting for this show just nailed it. Not since HBO’s ROME have I seen such a well cast show.

    I’m not familiar with any of the actors except for Tobias Menzies (From ROME) and he is doing such a great job as Black Jack/Frank. But, Sam whatever his name is (how do you say his last name?) is just perfect as Jamie! I felt a bit sad for Frank but really, after the wedding, don’t give a crap about him anymore. And, Black Jack is just annoying (although acted superbly by Menzies.)

    Can’t wait for more of this awesome show. I do, being from California, feel cold when I watch it though as it’s so dreary and cold and grey. :(

  29. Jean English says:

    Perfect recap. I adore this adaptation with all it’s nuances !!

  30. LAwoman says:

    I love the recap and really love this show. I did not (and probably will not) read the book so it’s all good to me!

  31. sireesanwar says:

    She put the ring on her left hand. Everyone is getting this wrong. The ring Jamie gave her is on the left because in the 17th century in Europe it was the right hand they put rings on after marriage. This changed at some point and Frank’s ring is on her left.

    Just saying.

    • Isobel says:

      In some Orthodox Christian, Roman Catholic and Protestant countries such as Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, Greece, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Venezuela, and India, the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. ;)

    • P. says:

      You are right sireesanwar. I read other reviews that also got this wrong. Annoying.

    • Inga Tipp says:

      Frank’s gold ring was worn on, and stays on, her left hand. Jamie put his ring on her right hand, and that’s where she continues to wear it.

  32. Isobel says:

    hm the initial sex scene was better than the Erik/Ginger scene in true blood, that was like 5 seconds

  33. Sabrina says:

    I loved the episode, it was great to see all the wedding preparations and the entire wedding day & night.

    I do hope that the action picks up from the next episode as there is stll so much to cover.

  34. K75 says:

    The Wedding was perfect, just perfect and you are funny!
    I do like Tobias very much, but I am not rooting for Frank! This is no team Jamie vs team Frank! Ugh I hate that.
    Jamie and Claire all the way!

  35. Kimmie says:

    Anyone who wants to know who could possibly be Team Frank – the reviewer on another site (who obviously never read the book and does not seem to like the miniseries) is TF all the way (and also did not like this episode!).

  36. J says:

    I was already in love with Outlander and now I can’t even chart how much I love this show and everybody involved. I have not read all the comments so this may have already been pointed out BUT (heh) when Dougal confronts Claire and makes his move – but Claire is aghast and rebuffs him – did anyone notice that the cat jumps off the table as if to symbolise “the p***y is off the table.” ? OMG i know so bad of me but I giggled like the plaid perv I am. I can’t wait for this series to continue forever.

  37. Bubbles32 says:

    When he said her body was his…that was it for me…..the most romantic scenes I have ever seen on TV or in the movies…..with a capital R…..cast crew lighting costumes…eveything

  38. Teena F says:

    Loved you recap; love the series! I seriously hope they film all 8 books!! #outlander

  39. Andrea says:

    Actually, Claire’s wedding band from Frank is on her left hand and the one from Jamie is on the right. Just like in the books. When Jamie put on the ring during the wedding, he put it on her right hand, even though she’d taken off Frank’s ring. Though the design of Jamie’s ring is completely different in the show than the one described in the books.

  40. SueS says:

    In the book, Jamie gave Claire his father’s ruby ring at the ceremony and then replaced it with the thistle patterned silver band when they returned to Castle Leoch. Ron Moore doesn’t want to show ANY red other than the coats of the British to maximize visceral impact, hence the substitution with the “key” ring (and the change from the Fraser tartan). Hopefully, they will still allow for the thistle ring because that ring is quite a touch point throughout the book series. The ruby ring also plays an important role in later books, but by then maybe the whole redcoat thing will be less of an issue.

    • cegluna says:

      I listened to Ron Moore’s podcast to episode 7 last night (love the insights he and his wife give!).
      They said the ring change was because they wanted each of the clansmen to play a role in the wedding prep and that’s what they came up with for Angus and Rupert.
      I believe they also mentioned they will deal with the other ring issue at a later time. Hope so, cause the thistle ring is important.

  41. SueS says:

    The pearls bother me. As noted by other commentors, those given by Jamie to Claire in the book were distinctive. Scotch pearls with interspersed gold beads and drop pearls. They were so unique in fact that in a later book they were able to get Claire much needed help since she must be a Jamie’s wife if she had Ellen’s pearls. Nobody would be able to pick the pearls in this episode out of a lineup.

    • cegluna says:

      The pearl necklace was really beautiful, but definitely not as described in the book.
      In the podcast, Terry Dresbach (aka costume designer/Mrs Moore) said she wanted a choker style, but Ron wanted the longer ones so they would fall between Claire’s breasts and be more visually appealing in the scene (guy thing lol).

      • That was my thought when watching it–sad to hear it confirmed. It is funny how many people didn’t like the pearls and it was probably the most quintessential “male gaze” part of the episode. I’m not sure that’s a coincidence.

  42. Avada Kedavra says:

    The most unbelievable part of the book, hell the series, was Frank taking her back and pregnant at the end. I know its supposed to show Frank is a good man but I don’t think that’s ever in doubt. Seriously though how big a sucker would you have to be to take back a woman who vanished from three years and comes back pregnant?

    • cegluna says:

      That’s why I thought Frank’s speech in episode one was so very important and very well done. When he vehemently insists that it wouldn’t have mattered had Claire had an affair during wartime as he would love her no matter what.
      It made me feel the Frank love that I never really felt reading the book.

  43. Pete Woodard says:

    The last time I wrote you a message it was all garbage, I take medication and was unaware that I wrote it and embarrassed by it. I have truly enjoyed the series. Keep up the great work.
    A true fan!!!

  44. Louise Cohen says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!! I have never seen anything as beautiful as “The Wedding” episode!!!!!

  45. tacoma_gal says:

    Really late to the game here, but did anyone else notice the symbolism of them being wrapped in Jamie’s plaid during the last scene?

  46. Ross says:

    Love the review. Whisky from Scotland is spelt without the “e”

  47. Ross says:

    Does anyone know whether placing the wedding ring on Clair’s right hand and not her left is correct?

  48. CJ says:

    Amazing artistry. Totally believable characters brought to life by very talented pros.