Idol Judges on Season 14: J.Lo Wants Less Cruelty, Adam Lambert Seeks Artistry, Harry Flinches at 'Geek' Label

A change (or two) is gonna come when Season 14 of American Idol returns next January — starting with the lineup of judges at the New York City auditions and possibly percolating down to the kind of contestants being sought and the amount of torture they’ll receive from the show’s producers.

Indeed, due to the sudden death of his father-in-law, panelist Keith Urban had to sit out Tuesday and Wednesday’s callbacks at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge. But Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert stepped in alongside Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr., to hand out Golden Tickets to Hollywood (and the requisite pink slips to folks more suited to their local karaoke bar — or ABC’s Rising Star).

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TVLine sought Season 14 intel from J.Lo, Harry and Adam as they reported for duty on Wednesday. Read on for J.Lo’s thoughts on the show’s obsession with her reaction shots during contestant performances, Adam’s advice for potential finalists and Harry’s feelings on the “most unethical thing” he could do on the job.

idol-rush-week-crueltyTWISTS AND DOUBT | “I didn’t love it,” said J.Lo, when asked about Season 13 “innovations” — like only letting 20 of the Top 30 vocalists take the stage during the live semifinals, and forcing the Top 5 to vote on the fly whether or not to eliminate the lowest vote-getter — that were deemed cruel by many long-time Idol watchers. The “Rush Week” semifinal twist, Lopez argued, put too much pressure on the contestants too quickly. “I was like, ‘First of all they need extra time on [a smaller] stage before they get to this point!’ Last year, the contestants were thrown into the fire, and I felt like it wasn’t even at Top 12, but maybe three or four weeks after that, before they settled,” she continued. “I want to have the middle rounds, I want them to have their time to adjust to this craziness. It’s like putting the first 10 years of my career in four weeks. I wouldn’t want that.”

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THIS IS NOT THE VOICE | “The name of the game is artistry,” said Lambert, when asked if it’s possible in Season 14 for the show to launch another massive pop star. “I know the show kept using that word a couple of seasons ago — although I don’t know if they actually found that many of ’em — but it’s more than just having a nice-sounding voice. It’s about the complete package: It’s the look, it’s the vibe, it’s the personality. Hello, hello, personality!”

Lambert admitted that in today’s pop music scene, “a lot of the magic is created in the studio. The thing that sells stars to a mass audience is, ‘Do you like them or not? Do you wanna be their friend? Do you wanna look at pictures of them all the time? Do they make you laugh, do they provoke you?'” Lambert reasoned. “The standards have changed a little bit, but it’s not up to the show to make that happen, it’s the contestants that’ll make that happen.”

Lopez added that she never worries about finding talent with breakout potential when she shows up for auditions. “It’s funny, I always feel like it’s just a given when it comes to Idol. It’s the one show that’s been able to produce any kind of stars at all — many over the years,” she added, while agreeing with Lambert’s assessment. “Our job is not to pick the winner, our job is to pick a pool of people who we feel could actually have that career. That process is a tough process ’cause we’re looking at the whole package — everything it takes to be a recording star. You think about Phillip Phillips or Scotty [McCreery], and they’re real artists, not just singers. That’s what we’re looking for.”

SEPARATING THE DIAMONDS FROM THE ROUGH | Connick noted the judges are being less forgiving of singers who don’t  appear quite ready for prime time. “We’re not putting people through based on, ‘Maybe in a few weeks they’ll really get into it.’ There’s no time for that. That’s not what this show is,” he said. “But I don’t know if it’s about coming in more polished, as opposed to coming in with a greater wealth of talent. We’ve seen people who are really raw, but you can tell when the bright lights go on them, they’re going to be able to bring it.”

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The show’s jazziest judge did concede that Season 13’s finalists may not have shown as much growth because they frequently chose songs that had been in their pre-Idol repertoire and rarely were pushed outside their comfort zones. “I was telling Adam yesterday that the reason I like Hollywood Week so much is that it forces you so far out of your comfort zone, and as you know, being in show business, you’re required to do so many things that feel uncomfortable in so many ways,” Connick said. “It’s not like we’re looking to see how well they sing in Hollywood Week, but how well they deal with being out of their comfort zones. Maybe having a few things be completely out of left field [in Season 14] would be cool.”

WHO WANTS TO BE AN IDOL MENTOR? | With  decidedly dubious Season 13 adviser Randy Jackson not yet confirmed to return, we had to ask Lambert (who helped host a post-Hollywood Week “boot camp” last year) if he’d be interested in the gig. “I don’t know, maybe,” he replied. “I have a lot going on. I’m working on an album. We might go back out on the road with Queen — so, I don’t know yet. There’s a lot happening — time is the issue. But I feel like [mentoring and guest judging] is a way to give back. I know it sounds corny, but I want to help the contestants with the light bulb that could go off.”

Connick, who last season memorably said that if he were a mentor, he’d be with the contestants at their hotel working into the wee hours of the morning, sounded less interested in taking a week or two during Season 14 to work in a mentoring capacity. “I couldn’t mentor them. If I did, it would be kind of a special thing,” Connick said. “Because there’s a huge difference between being a judge and a mentor. As a mentor [in Seasons 9 and 12], I hung with ’em, I befriended ’em, asked ’em about their personal lives, worked with ’em on their music. But as a judge, I never introduced myself to any of them before the contest was over — I don’t fraternize because it’s hard to be impartial when you’ve got a personal thing.”

In fact, added Connick, he wouldn’t even go so far as to vote for a favorite singer from the privacy of his own smartphone. “Oh my God, no. I’m a judge,” he said, shaking his head. “If you would assume I’m voting and being a judge, that’s one of the most unethical things I could do in the competition.”

HONESTY — BUT NOT THE BRUTAL KIND | The always outspoken Lambert laughed that he’s “been known to have opinions” throughout his career, but that while his judging style is decidedly frank, he’s also “sensitive at the same time. It’s hard: They’ve gone through two auditions already before they see us, and most of them have been waiting in a room to see us for hours and hours, and the nerves get crazy. It’s hard to be your best self in that situation,” Lambert noted. “I try to look for who they usually probably are — or who they might be after they get a little more comfortable. I try to get them grounded, breathing and making a good song choice.”

idol-jlo-closeupsIS J.LO READY FOR HER CLOSEUP | J.Lo seemed somewhat surprised when asked how she felt about the show’s producers’  obsessively cutting away to her reaction shots during contestant performances. “Did they?” she asked, laughing. “I think my job is to just be real and be myself. Whatever they decide to cut to, I can’t control that. I can control looking like a fool — and I try not to — but at the end of the day I try to be as honest as I can, and if I feel something I go for it.”

PLEASE DON’T USE THE ‘G’ WORD | Connick flinched a little when faced with the question of whether he’d continue to use geeky-specific musical terms in his critiques (a habit that was frequently/lovingly mocked by his fellow panelists): “You call it geekiness, but that’s like going to the doctor and having him say, ‘You have a problem with your abdomen.’ You’re calling him a geek because he didn’t call it a stomach!” Connick said. “This is the vocabulary we use! We are musicians, we’re supposed to know this. It’s not about me being a geek, it’s about me talking in the vernacular that would ultimately help the contestants the most.”

“I remember people saying to me, ‘You use big words like intonation.’ Intonation, really?” said Connick, smiling but exasperated. “It’s funny: A dancer can go to school and learn terms like tour jete and plié, and that’s OK, but a musician’s not allowed to say enharmonic? It’s just funny. It’s like a junkyard. Have a little respect: You’re a musician, you should learn the language.”

Excited for Season 14 of Idol? Do the judges’ comments have you more or less inclined to tune in? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Drew says:

    I stopped watching Idol many years ago. So… I get why Harry is there. He is a talented singer. I get why Jennifer is there. She is… Successful. But why is Adam “nails on a chalkboard” Lambert a judge on the show now? Surely there were more qualified former contestants to choose from!

    • sweetfourGlambert says:

      OMG do some research on Adam Lambert before you say there should be more qualified contestants to choose from. There is not one previous contestant from AL that has more knowledge, experience, drive, etc etc than he does.

    • trimaran says:

      Huh? You don’t have to like Lambert but he is one of the contestants who turned his stint on the show into a viable career. He used the show to establish his brand and has done well so he is well qualified in that area alone. Plus, he is knowledgeable and articulate. You can be the best musician in the world but if you can’t speak extemporaneously and intelligently, you will not be a great TV judge.

    • Larc says:

      When it comes to being a knowledgeable and effective judge, I’m certainly not familiar with any. I’d put Adam’s abilities in that department up against any of them. Even against some of the full-time judges Idol has had.

    • Terry says:

      Well I disagree, he is the perfect ex-contestant choice for so many reasons but they weren’t choosing someone from among ex-contestants. Adam was on their show a long time ago and is now an established artist in his own right, just like the other judges. They chose him because he is a successful singer/songwriter/actor etc not because he was once on the show as a contestant. LOL

    • I love that Harry uses all those “big words.” It challenges the other judges to step up and really address the contestants’ musicianship. And Adam Lambert as a judge? Probably the most intelligent production decision Idol has made in years. He’s intelligent, articulate, gorgeous to look at, his understanding of music, performance dynamics and vocal technique & ability is probably unequaled in the pop music industry. I can’t wait to watch the episodes with him behind the judges’ desk.

      • Lucille Draine says:


    • Cathym says:

      Gee I guess Brian May & Roger Taylor have lost their hearing , along with the tens of thousands that clamored to their Sold out Arena Tour this summer! Yea so YOU! Yes YOU! Must be correct !!! PPFFFTT!

    • LM says:

      The reason I stopped watching Idol was because of fans like you who took the competition too seriously, and let that competitiveness carry over into real life.

    • queenrosered1 says:

      Allow me to translate that for you, Drew. “My favorite contestant ever (insert name here Cook, Durbin, Phillips, etc.) is the best and certainly better than Lambert” etc…LOL! No. No, there has NEVER been an artist more charming, articulate, current and READY than Adam Lambert. He knew who he was and what he wanted to do from song choices to arrangements to staging to fashion etc. with EVERY performance on his Season 8 and even Ricky Minor said Adam was the most together and knowledgeable contestant he’d ever worked with. He may not be YOUR personal cup of tea but he is certainly MORE than qualified to judge and critique the contestants. He’s the only contestant to be asked to return EVERY season since his own. Now, after completing a sold-out tour (34 dates) of North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand to critical acclaim as FRONT-MAN for Queen, he is more than qualified. I’m happy to see him do this and glad he was able to fit it into his recording schedule, as he’s currently at work on his 3rd album. He may not be at the level of Jlo success, but he sure as heck is no slouch and has been having a great career including 5 episodes of Glee, hosing VH1 DIVAS, etc. I have one question…If you “stopped watching”, why are you here commenting?

      • Bob says:

        You are not wrong but I do wonder if you have had all of your shots.

      • Drew says:

        Why am I commenting? Because there is a reason why so many people have stopped watching. Bad decision making is a large part of that.
        I don’t care much about any particular contestants of the past. I do love how you accuse me of being a crazy rabid fan and then go on to sound like you have an Adam Lambert shrine in your bedroom.
        My post doesn’t need translating. It was written in English. His voice is a violation of the Geneva Conventions.

      • Jean says:

        Adam is talented, knowledgeable about music, and experienced in how AI works so he’s a good fill in for Keith.

        But just a small correction, he’s not the only contestant to return every season since his own, since I expect this particular Idol alum that I’m thinking of to appear during this season as well; this will extend this idol’s string of appearances to “every season since his own”. ;)

    • Karen says:

      Nope, sorry, nobody else even comes close.

    • Sasha says:

      What makes you think he’s not qualified? He has performed in music thither since age 9. He has had 10 years of vocal training. He has tons of experience and most recently fronted one of the most iconic rock bands, Queen.

    • You should check out his accomplishments starting at a very young age. He’s a professional singer with years of classical voice training and experience. I think he’s the most qualified person to be a judge at this time.

      • Debbie says:

        Shadylady1031, I quite agree that he is a perfect choice. His talent, voice range, personality and knowledge would definitely bring a lot to that show.

    • Pam Smith says:

      Besides, Adam is just a guest judge for a couple of weeks, because Keith Urban’s father-in-law died & he had to attend to personal family matters. Adam was kind enough to step in.
      Apparently you don’t know much about Adam Lambert, or you wouldn’t have even asked this question, or questioned his qualifications.

    • Drew says:

      People, I don’t care how long he has sucked at singing. I don’t care who trained him to suck this much. I don’t care which band he sucked at singing songs with. I don’t care if he has a trillion Twitter followers who love the way he sucks.
      None of that changes the fact that he sucks at what he does. You are free to believe differently, but I am not wrong just because you disagree. We just have different opinions. Move on. Go make another “leave Brittany alone” video or something.

    • Paul says:

      I agree. He just SCREAMS when he sings.
      And the photo atop this article scared the bejeezus out of me! Thought for a second Adam Lambert had permanently taken Keith Urban’s place on the judge’s panel.

    • JR1234 says:

      uhh…if you bothered to read the first 2 paragraphs of the article, you’d have seen that he was filling in because Keith Urban had a family emergency. Try to do a little more than look at the picture before you comment.

      • Paul says:

        I did read it. Obviously, JR1234, you didn’t read MY post before you commented or else you’d have seen that I was already aware Adam was temporary.

        • JR1234 says:

          Paul, sorry, I was actually replying to Drew and his original post, but my reply got so separated from the original post that it was not clear who I was replying to.

    • Paul says:

      Melinda Doolittle was the most talented of all the non-winners, in my opinion.

      • Gleaux says:

        Melinda was and is an exceptional singer. She does a weekly online show with Michael Slezak of TV Line after every AI broadcast in which she displays her impressive knowledge of music and performance along with her great personality. I usually don’t watch AI but I always check out their show. For the sake of the argument going on here, both Melinda and Michael are big Adam Lambert fans.

      • Jill Moy says:

        Melinda is the best of ANY singer ever on Idol! She was robbed!

    • Q3 says:

      Media hungry Lambert couldn’t even win Idol despite all the hype. Never even had a Platinum CD in the U.S. Barely a Top 10 song to his name. The Queen tour was with a bunch of 60 year olds where Lambert never performed any of his own music. The guy has the biggest ego. So over rated.

    • wjm41358 says:

      Finally someone I can agree with , we stopped watching Idol altogether after that debacle of a season shoving Adam Lambert down our throat. It was sad and pathetic how they were declaring him the Idol weeks before the show even came to a finale. The screeching rip-off of David Bowie and Freddie Mercury (who he now makes a living impersonating) didn’t even win, thank god America knew real talent in the end. It seals it for me, Idol is over forever and has now jumped the shark. Lambert judging anyone is a joke.

    • Idolwatcher says:

      I just wish the show would go back to its core– what got the American public interested in the show in the first place— THE CONTESTANTS. Idol became a huge hit because it focused on the potential talent. The goofy contestants– the serious contestants– the heartwarming contestants. NOT THE JUDGES. Sure, Simon, Paula, and Randy became household names– but the focus was still on the talent. OVERPAID, OVERHYPED Judges have ruined this show.

    • Jase says:

      The only problem with this article is that Adam didn’t fill in for Keith permanently.

    • Imogen says:

      Your ignorance is shocking. Please, do the world a favour and educate yourself on the heavenly talent that is Adam Lambert. Have you even listened to his version of Mad world? Outlaws of Love? Aftermath? Take a look at his acoustic versions and you will see that Adam does soft and gentle just as extraordinarily well as the high notes. More qualified? How many people have been able to take on the lead vocals of one of the most iconic bands of all time? Hmmm? Adam is beyond impeccable and receives outstanding praise from his peers in the industry. He has left Brian and Roger in awe and admiration. “Nails on a chalkboard”? Tell that to his hundreds of sell out shows.

      “He’s extraordinary,” May says in this iHeart clip. “It speaks for itself, his voice. That’s one voice in a billion. Adam can do things which really I have never heard anyone else ever do in my life.”

  2. LeahKittyS says:

    I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with J-Lo. Those cold, cruel twists last year were uncalled for and unacceptable. We better not see those, or anything like them, again.

    • Ben says:

      This is because – despite the way JLo is portrayed for her judging here at TVLine – I think JLo is actually a very caring person who genuinely wants everyone to succeed.

    • Idolwatcher says:

      The twist was cruel– but also stupid. I imagine it was done for Shock value. But the real shock is that talented singers like Brandy Neelly and Jill Jensen were eliminated while gimmick acts were put through. The Miley Cyrus wanna be– the poster child for Idol’s first openly gay contestant (Which is such a farce considering just two years ago there was an openly gay gender bending contestant on the male side) And of course, Adam Lambert didn’t deny his sexuality. Sorry he didn’t come out and say,” America, I’m gay.” That whole run with MK was plain stupid. And while she had a beautiful voice IMO, she could not carry the stage and was in no way an Idol. The top 13 was just overall dreadful. Sure, there were a few contenders and a couple artists. But overall, they proved to be dreadful. And so was the band. American Idol’s “SOUND” is awful. Especially compared to the production of The Voice.

  3. Valerie says:

    It’s time for Idol to wise up and make Adam Lambert a permanent judge. He’s extremely talented, he knows what they (the contestants) are going through, and he is well liked by all ages. It would REALLY help their slumping ratings.

  4. ... says:

    The talk about personality and creating stars and whatnot felt like a lot of unnecessary Candice shade.

    • SoozinCA says:

      I am sure that comment was not aimed in any way at Candice, Adam liked her and praised her during that season. If he was even referring to anything specific it probably goes back a few more season before that, when he first mentored and gave a few contestants the advice to actually show some personality during their performances, which not all were able to do.

    • Hannah says:

      Honestly I thought it was the Voice shade. Basically saying it’s unrealistic to trying and make pop stars solely on vocal talent.

  5. Terry says:

    What great comments from all of them, such a great panel. I like Keith Urban too tho. What a shame they cant have 4 judges. Adam Lambert is a fantastic unbelievably talented guy with a very warm personality and sensible ideas. Would love to see more of him on the show. (PS Saw Adam live with Queen recently – OMG!!! He is amazing!)

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Up-vote! I saw them in Boston. One of the best, if not the best, concerts I’ve ever been to.

    • Dedra says:

      Saw Queen + Adam Lambert in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Best concert ever. I would watch EVERY week if Adam were a judge! He is the best entertainer out there today. Not to mention total eye candy, wonderful personality, and extremely intelligent.

  6. pete says:

    Awesome article, thank you.

  7. Sue says:

    I enjoyed this article. Thought it was honest and made some very good points. In my p.o.v., Adam is a PERFECT choice for judge. He’s been through the mill and emerged with a viable career. And he’s honest and sweet. Interesting combination.

  8. I must say I’m feeling more positive about this coming season. Harry sounds like he has integrity and that’s important for a judge. Adam is always astute, kind and often accurate though he won’t be a regular. JLo well, she’s not my taste for a judge at all.

  9. GeoDiva says:

    Harry is right, if you are going to be a musician, then learn your craft. It’s just like learning about the law, medicine, engineering, etc….

    • Jill Moy says:

      Yeah, that’s why Harry stank every time he sang on the show. He mumbled and was way off key, the same traits he complains about in others! He’s a has been. Listen to hiis performances
      on idol….HORRIBLE!!!!!

  10. mikey says:

    I thought (and was hoping) the G-word was “Goosies”. Just stop using it, Jennifer!

  11. Mal says:

    Adam has musical theatre experience and all this summer performed as frontman for Queen so I think he is very qualified. Can’t find a more personable, kind, authentic person than him–seen the comments over and over from those who have worked with him. Why in the world would someone think he was referring to Candace Glover? He is talking about contestants having stage presence which is something the judges will be looking for–you know, the whole package.

  12. Jaqui says:

    I agree with Harry, he should not have to change his language to fit the contestant. Most people can figure it out and along the way learn something. Adam does have opinions, but it’s the way he expresses them that makes me respect him. He always backs up why he feels a certain way and talks in a respectful, confident manner. Adam is a great judge, but for the contestants he’s a better mentor. He knows what the whole package is & he knows how to get people to bring their game. He’s one of the reasons season 8 was so hot, he upped the ante for everyone & helped the other contestants to be their best.

  13. Cathym says:

    Adam Lambert definitely brings so much knowledge to the panel,no one can dispute his stint on Season 8 was a game changer for Idol. AI can only hope they discover another Lambert this upcoming season,they need it now or the show may not survive….

  14. Tootsie says:

    Oh here it comes. The charge of the Glam Brigade. Always about Adam. Everything is about Adam. One cannot even voice their opinion if they don’t praise the great Adam Lambert to the Gods. Good Lord. If someone wants to say there are more talented people than Adam Lambert, for goodness sake Glamloonies…LET THEM. You will live. I promise.

    I don’t watch the show anymore. It has ceased to be exciting. If Idol wants to keep pushing Lambert on us, so be it. I’d like to know why the great singer has never done a solo tour in the US…or hasn’t in years…so great and knowledgeable is he.

    American Idol is a dying breed and anyone associated with it the same. JLo’s last song was the most ridiculous piece of trash on the airwaves and a woman her age looks cheap dressing the way she has.

    As for Harry and Keith…I guess they’re getting a lot of money. So be it.

    • queenrosered1 says:

      OMG Tootsie! You are such a TROLL! Did you even READ the HEADLINE of this article? And everything you just wrote is anti-Idol anyway so where are you going with any of this and why are you even bothering to comment? Adam AND the rest of the judges have careers doing what they like to do and earning darn good money doing it. That, by any SANE measure, IS SUCCESS. You must be lonely in your Mom’s basement….

    • Chase says:

      It’s so interesting how commenters who claim to never watch Idol or hate Adam Lambert always manage to find every article about him to spew their crap.
      JLo is a star no matter what anyone thinks about her “last song” she has a long career to back that up.
      & FYI Tootsie; Adam was the only idol to ever have a world tour immediately following their idol run & he just finished a sold out tour fronting for the legendary band Queen. I’m sure they didn’t pick just anybody to do that. Their catalog is nearly impossible to sing, Adam is the only one around who could handle it & do it justice.
      Harry is right, they should know musical terms if they want a career in music.

    • Carie says:

      Gokey…Is that you ??

    • LM says:

      Passionate fans are an integral part of making it in the music industry these days. Every pop artist has an army of devoted fans who engage with the media. Sites like this wouldn’t exist with such fans. Adam Lambert’s fans are the reason he has a viable career. What you deem as “Glamloonie” behavior is testament to his business savvy. The one thing the show ever got right was teaching contestants the importance of cultivating a strong fan base.

    • Sinc says:

      Tootsie, me thinks you protest too much–“I don’t watch the show anymore–it has ceased to be exiting–American Idol is a dying breed, etc, etc.” yet here you are reading the article and commenting. Go figure

    • Kathy says:

      Wow, such a sour puss you are. I’m excited that Idol is going to be on again. And Keith, what a sweetheart. He could have just flew in and out of Australia for the funeral, but no he chose to stay by his grieving wife’s side and comfort her. And Adam Lambert, another sweetheart graciously stepping in to help Idol while Keith is out. It will be exciting to see him again. Looking forward to this season. :)

    • Jennifer says:

      You know Tootsies, if you were as passionate about your idol as we are with Adam Lambert, maybe they too would have a viable career. We are very passionate about Adam and will always be. You just can’t find that whole package now a days.

      It’s very hard for these idols to make it. I really feel for them but they just need to keep working at it. Maybe success will come one day. Look at Lady Gaga, she said it took her six long years. And Maroon 5 took them five long years. Just because they won Idol does not make them an instant success. It takes many years of hard work.

      But please, don’t be bashing Adam Lambert because he has a passionate and loving fan base that supports him in everything he does. Get on Twitter and/or FB and keep spreading the word for your idol, and maybe, just maybe ….

    • slynnc says:

      ARe you always so optimistic and positive?

    • Kentuckian says:

      Adam Lambert did do a (sold out 113 shows) solo tour in the US and overseas from June-December in 2010. It was called the Glam Nation Tour. It was fabulous. As were the 35 sold out shows he did with Queen this past summer. I have never heard nor seen anyone like him. Best male singer I ever heard. Love his sophistication and camp.

    • Jill Moy says:

      You are right about ADAM, ADAM, ADAM….He is average at best and you are entitled to your opinion without being called a troll! The show stanl last year and a reincarnated ELVIS couldn’t
      save this tripe of a show!

  15. Ron says:

    Great article,I agree with JLo for once, she looks hot too, plus Lambert is a good choice for judge, I remember him on idol that year and there hasn’t been anyone as talented and exciting since, the guy knows what he’s talking about.

  16. Dana says:

    After Season 8 I quit watching. I mean, who could ever top Adam Lambert? He is, by far, the best vocalist of his generation, and if anyone deserves to be a judge, it is Adam Lambert. Too bad it is just a temporary gig. But, he has always been thankful and appreciative what American Idol did for him, and if he has time, he is always willing to help out.

    • Rockie says:

      Wow really! All this nonsense about American Idol? What the heck did I just come into? Don’t like or watch it. Im must not be paying attention to what Im doing to buzy paying attention to stupid commercials. C-Ya! Have fun!!!

  17. Leona says:

    Not matter what your opinion is of these artists, they have successful careers. These judges know music and what it takes to be successful. Focus, if you please, on that part of the story here. Forget who you like or don’t like. Listen to their advise on how to make a person become a superstar like Jennifer Lopez, Adam Lambert & Harry Connick Jr.

  18. TrP says:

    Michael – how did you keep from laughing in JLo’s face when she played dumb about all of her close up time? “Did they?” she asked, laughing.

    Really, Jennifer. REALLY???

  19. Jo says:

    Every time Adam gets another great gig the jealous fans of other artists from idol come out in droves. When is this going to end? Why can’t they get over the fact that Adam was the real winner from season 8, not that guy who no one remembers now. Do you see idol bringing that guy back to mentor or judge or anything else? Where is he anyway?

    • Mary says:

      Doing a SOLO tour of his own if you really want to know. I think it is great Adam was able to do this and he was available. It probably will never end because unfortunately we have posters from both sides unable to move past a six year old stupid reality show. Both are doing what they enjoy and making a living and it is really unfortunate that some
      people live to be nasty and negative. I for one appreciate American Idol for introducing me to some great talent whom I still follow. I guess I am one of the few that can enjoy all the artist for what they do. Maybe some day there is hope some of you can too or at least keep your opinions to yourself. Like mom always said if you have nothing nice to say keep quiet.

      • Mia says:

        Like you, I really don’t understand why some people feel the need to tear other artists down in order to promote their own choice. Personally, I am a huge Adam Lambert fan and I have travelled long distances, even out of my country, to attend four of his concerts, including two this past summer with Queen. That being said, I also enjoy many other artists, some of which can’t hold a candle to Adam’s vocal ability but there is something about them or their voice or what they have to say that I appreciate and enjoy.

        Musical taste is a very subjective thing and everybody is entitled to like what they like. Vocal ability, however, isn’t subjective. It is a measurable and verifiable skill and by these standards Adam Lambert’s voice is incredible. Personal preference doesn’t change that fact. Add good looks, personal charm, great stage presence plus dogged determination and one can appreciate that he is working hard to build a solid career for himself. I admire that in him and also in other artists who are out there trying to do the same thing in a very tough business.

        Instead of trying to tear down artists that don’t appeal to them, it is very important for fans to spend their time and energy supporting artists they do enjoy. It’s obvious that Adam Lambert has a huge fanbase who do invest time and energy into supporting him. I just wish some of them would stop perpetuating old grievances. It doesn’t do Adam or the rest of his fans any favors.

        • funbunn40 says:

          I agree, Mia. I also have traveled the US seeing Adam perform several times and was fortunate see 2 Queen/ Adam concerts that were the best I’ve ever seen. Queen & Adam fans alike were stunned by his talent and touched by his humility and respect for Freddie and Queen. They respected him not mimicing Freddie, but bringingi his own flavor to Queen’s legacy. The insulting remarks refiect on the poster’s character and not on the artist .I respect the differences in musical tastes also, but to say that an artist that has proven otherwise “sucks” or can’t sing is just being insulting and ignorant. I celebrate the differences of many artists and they all have dreams and aspirations. Adam is one of the few that genuinely likes to help others succeed and he even helped his fellow contestants on Idol when they asked, He knows what he’s talking about and Ill be watching him light up the screen!

      • Jill Moy says:

        MISS MARY

        You not have to be positive about everyone when making comments. I think, think, THINKS HE’S GOD Adam stinks. He isn’t that good!

  20. GGK says:

    I’m glad to see Adam Lambert on the judging panel of the show that discovered him, even if it’s only a temporary gig. Idol knows what they are doing. Lambert has a combination of traits that make him very attractive for the show (and in general).

  21. JEF says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzz all this Adam Lambert crap! There are fans and there are crazies! The crazies post everywhere they can.

    • Emma says:

      IKR. His fans are insane and they actually turn me off him because of their brutality towards Kris Allen. You’d think after so many years, they’d be able to let it go, but no.

      • Meri says:

        I remember when Idol’s facebook page was just wishing Kris was happy birthday, and congratulating him on the birth of his child. Even then, Adam’s fans posted a bunch on nasty comments. Totally ridiculous.

  22. Geordie says:

    Give Adam a job for chrissakes. His recording career tanked and Queen will drop dead any day now.

  23. JLM says:

    Seriously Adam Lambert has one of the best voices in the business, but he also has made a great career for himself. Fronting Queen to rave reviews, a Grammy nomination, both albums debuting in the top 5 etc. etc.

  24. Ann Allen says:

    I hope this year JLo doesn’t show who her favorite is. That was just right pitiful what she did to Jessica. We could see who she wanted to win. She is suppose to be neutral and judge.

    • Meri says:

      This is what irritates me about her. She can dress how she wants. They can focus on her all they want. But she SHOULDN’T be obvious about her favourite. That’s why she’s not a good judge. She was just brutal to Jessica – the girl who SHOULD have gone against Caleb. I’ve watched for the last 3 seasons and noticed she did this both times – last year with Jena, season 11 with Josh Ledet and then Jessica Sanchez. It looked like she was going to have a tantrum when Philip and Caleb won. A judge’s favouritism NEVER helps the contestant. People get sick of it and vote for the other guy as a result. That’s why Jackie Evancho lost AGT as well.

  25. Jase says:

    Do we even need Keith to return? Adam can fill in for him permanently as far as I’m concerned.

  26. Mac says:

    I love the three permanent judges AI has now but if they were to add a 4th Lambert would be an excellent choice.

  27. Jill Moy says:

    Adam is so overrated…nothing special! Last season, the judges were terrible. Harry made a complete mockery of the show with his stupid antics. However, JLO improved and part of the time, being “the voice of reason.” Those other idiots said no to Jessica Bassette and JLO wanted her in, which was the right call. This went on all season long.

    The worst singer ever on any talent show was BRISTON MARONEY, yet these moronic judges put him through to top ten boys….REAL COMEDY! What does this say about these judges? Terrible!

    AND- the talent was horribe and they were the goofiest looking TOP TEN EVER! They should all be in a circus or comedy act at CIRCUS CIRCUS, in Las Vegas!

    The show had bad ratings and should have been cancelled. Oh, I forgt, Briston, who I mentioned earlier sounded worse than a castrated dog in pain! What a show last year!

    • Jill Moy says:

      Sorry typo on HORRIBLE on my last comments! Check out drunk hound dog sounding Briston Maroney. He sang a Rolling
      Stones song that was sheer comedy classic stuff. Top 15 boys….??????The judges should have been fired right then!

    • Idolwatcher says:

      Briston did not make it to the top ten. He, along with four other guys was forced to sit through a two hour LIVE premiere in a fish tank and wait to see IF he would get called to sing. The stunt was just stupid and unforgivable. Talented or not, Briston should have had a chance to sing after making it to the top 15 guys. The producers may have tried to add a nail biting exciting moment with the stunt– but instead the show came off mean spirited. And the judges looked like idiots for the ten they picked to sing. Worst season Live premiere EVER!

  28. Idolwatcher says:

    This article was about way more than Adam Lambert being a judge, but that is the subject that dominates the comments. This, I believe is what’s wrong with this show and The Voice. It should not be about the JUDGES. Idol worked in the beginning because it was about the contestants: The good, the bad, the ugly. And magically, a couple times, a superstar was found. Sure, Simon was fun to watch being the mean music industry bully– Paula was fun to watch crash and burn– and Randy? Well, see? The judges didn’t really count so much. If Idol does not return to that formula, I think the show is done. BTW– it was not a lack of talent or performers that hurt the show last season. It was the poor casting choices made by the Producers. They picked gimmicks over talent. What a shame.

  29. Absurdist says:

    Oh, Harry, I adore you. Stand up for musicians, boo!

  30. Imogen says:

    It’s amazing how much emotion Adam can provoke in people. The amount of comments in his defence just confirm how beautiful he is, not just as a singer, but as a human being. He can not be improved in any single way. <3

  31. Ash adams says:

    I have followed Bo Bice, Chris Daughtry and Adam lambert since I saw them on idol… I could not tell you the ” winners” except for Carrie underwood … So excited Adam is willing to help out Idol

  32. Bill says:

    The people that should do the judging are teachers and professors from places like Julliard or colleges. And let’s not forget the fact that there is a lot of jealousy that takes place not to mention underhanded BS.

  33. lucretia a b says:

    I’m excited the 24th season is here! I love the judges Jen, Harry, and Keith. My sincere condolences and prayers to Nicole, Keith and families.
    I’m thrilled that Adam Lambert is guest judge tonight. I am a huge fan of his and expect his criticisms will be productive and worthy.

  34. Great to see Adam as the Judge…… still remember the seasons when he was one of the awesome contestant…..

  35. BARBARA says:

    one word american idol BORING and get rid of JLO

  36. smasher says:

    I think am is terrible this year, everyone is great, that was unbelivable come on. People singing out of tune, no clue what there doing. An jjen saying that was great . Wjhat this american make you feel good competion.
    Worst year ever.

  37. Will Caleb Johnson make a guest appearance on this year’s Idol?

  38. GB says:

    Idol’s been going down hill ever since Simon left. The current season has the worst overall talent so far. The show seems more about Jennifer Lopez and screen time for her rather than actually finding and encouraging talented singer/songwriters. Lopez is an attractive woman with below average singing ability and tastes and whose only talent is having professionals make her look good so she can bare a bunch of skin on stage. Apparently the “talent” of being born with good looks and having them improved by doctors qualifies you to be a “star performer” and judge other people’s talent. How about getting a truly talented and accomplished female singer with less ego? There are still some around (aside from Mariah Carey, who is very talented but was a horrible judge). Harry started out good but must have been “slapped down” by Lopez for “being mean”. He still has a few moments of real honesty but. it’s definitely been watered down. It’s VERY boring and pathetic hearing the same PC comments for practically every performance (the worst year was the Nicki/Mariah soap opera). They need judges that have enough courage to be honest and sometimes blatantly so. The show used to be about singing TALENT and THAT is why it has produced successful artists, with some staying power, in the past but, more recently not so much. You need at least one producer/exec (like Simon) and someone who has many years of recording/performing experience. A student of the business (like Randy) rather than a created “star”. You ever notice that the biggest star athletes never make good coaches?

  39. Krystal says:

    I hop nick wins keep vot for him I ma give him 20

  40. Susan Sapp says:

    In my opinion, Jennifer Lopez has fallen as low as she can go. Get her off this show. You’ve already lost my attention because of her and it says a lot about the show. I’m usually right about these things and tweet to 36,000 daily when I have something good to tweet about.

    • Bec Web says:

      You are right! JLo is an attention wh**re, she NEVER shuts up! Always interrupts Harry or Keith! And nothing that’s worth saying, she’s a dumb ass!

  41. David says:

    Harry connick Jr has to go he sucks as a judge I can’t believe that he has stayed on the show as long as he has. Please do not bring him back he is the worst judge ever

  42. Marie McBride says:


  43. Linda says:

    Really did not liked Harry’s comments, always so negative. Disappointed about his comments and the way he called out the contestant because the constant was comcerned about the last two contestants. Time to send Harry home.😞