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Teen Wolf's Ryan Kelley on Parrish's Mystery, Future With Lydia in Season 5

Monday’s Teen Wolf finale may have closed the book on Season 4, but for one fan-favorite character, a new chapter is just beginning.

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“There are some big things coming up for Parrish next season,” actor Ryan Kelley tells TVLine. I’m excited about that.”

The Season 4 finale gave us our first taste of what’s to come during a conversation between Lydia and Parrish, in which she promised to help him figure out what he is once and for all. Below, Kelley dissects tonight’s major turning point for Parrish, and what the future might hold for him and Lydia.

TVLINE | OK, be honest: Do you know what Parrish is?
What’s crazy about Teen Wolf is that Jeff and the writers keep us in the dark for the most part. I did have the opportunity to find out what Parrish is, though. I had a sit-down with [creator] Jeff [Davis], and he asked me if I wanted to know, and I said, “Of course! Please, please, please.” I could tell he was super hesitant, so I was like, “Wait, do you want to tell me? Or are you just doing this because you feel bad for me?” He said, “I don’t really want to tell you, but I will if you want me to.” So I decided to wait. I had the opportunity, but I was too big of a baby. I could see he was struggling with it in his mind, so I said, “I’ll just let Jeff do Jeff. He can work his magic.”

Teen Wolf ParrishTVLINE | I’m sorry, what? I didn’t know a human being could be capable of such restraint.
[Laughs] For many, many, many weeks, I tried to trick Jeff into telling me what Parrish is. I kept saying, “If I know, I can play the character differently,” but I think that’s actually why he doesn’t tell us things ahead of time. He did mess with me a lot, though; he’d smile and look like he was getting ready to say something, then walk away, or pretend to answer a phone call. He messed with me all season.

TVLINE | You must have a theory, at least. Any guesses?
With Jeff, anything is possible. I was almost 99 percent sure I was a hunter in Season 3, so things can definitely change. One of the big theories people seem to be latching onto is that he’s a phoenix, just because of the ashes and the fire. I will tell you I don’t personally think he’s a phoenix, but I could be wrong. I don’t think it’s that simple, it just can’t be.

TVLINE | We don’t know, and you don’t know, but is it possible that Parrish knows?
I don’t know that, but in my opinion, I truly believe he doesn’t. I also hope he’s not evil; I’m just going to throw that out there. And if he’s not evil, there’d be no reason for him to pretend not to know what he is. He’s been asking a lot of questions lately.

teen-wolf-lydia-parrishTVLINE | Parrish and Lydia definitely have a connection. Might that turn romantic in Season 5?
In the realm of Teen Wolf, anything is possible. And there’s definitely chemistry there; we’ve had some pretty cool scenes together. Whether it ends up being romantic, or just a friendship where he’s intrigued by her, we’re not quite sure yet.

TVLINE | I mean, crazier things have happened; this is Teen Wolf.
That’s actually a running joke on set. Whenever someone’s like, “I don’t understand why my character would do this,” or, “This feels awkward,” the director — or whoever — will be like, “Guys, this is a show about werewolves. Just do it.”

Teen Wolf fans, what do you think Parrish is? And are you hoping for a romance with Lydia? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the finale, as well as your best Season 5 theories, below.

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  1. Ian says:

    Another straight white character. Yay!

    Naww, I’m just kidding (and a little bitter). I really like Ryan, he’s beautiful and charismatic and a fine actor from what I know of him in other tv and film projects, so I’m looking forward to some answers about Parrish next season and what his story is.
    Not really intrigued about another romance with Lydia, but there you go. This is Teen Wolf.

  2. Mary Kate says:

    I really hope they are just friends and not romantic. Does anyone else find this potential relationship inappropriate? Who cares that she’s almost 18, he’s a member of law enforcement and she’s in high school! Let’s not pull a Pretty Little Liars here Teen Wolf

    • Ian says:

      Yeah, I think I remember him saying he was 24 years old too.
      So there’s the inappropriateness factor too, but I don’t really see that stopping them. Half the show is made up of sexual and romantic drama for the main cast, and so Lydia lacks for other options.
      Expect Lydia to have her 18th birthday next year, and for Stiles and Malia to be as strong as ever.

      • Xendra says:

        Ummmm….this show is a fictional fantasy show. With supernatural creatures and a completely “magical” mythology. There are couples who are/have been human and werewolf…and THE AGE DIFFERENCE IS CREEPY??? What about the Vampire Diaries? The vampires have intimate relations with humans all the time, but because they LOOK 18 and not 180 it’s ok?
        I think you need to reevaluate your expectations for this genre. It’s not supposed to mesh with reality!!

    • I strongly disagree. Age is just a number. If she is 18 and consenting….he most likely will have reservations, but guys, the heart wants what the heart wants.

      • Bridget says:

        YES . I agree my parents are ten years apart yet the difference is barely there. Age is just a number and anyways Marrish would be awesome ! #MARRISH

    • Linda says:

      I completely agree. A member of law enforcement can’t be dating a high school student. Also remember that Stilisnki is still under investigation they just postponed the impeachment proceedings. I don’t see Parrish putting Stilinski’s job at risk by causing this type of scandal.

    • I hate blockers but i could also agree with lydia and parrish.I would also like to tell all if you thinks so that this is a lie it wasn’t.

  3. CJ says:


  4. Marta says:

    I’m not really sure what Parrish is but there’s alot of interesting theories of what he might be. What ever he ends up being I just hope he doesn’t become evil. Absolutely, lydia and parrish would make a interesting couple. Who cares about the age difference. Lydia is very mature and smart for her age. Parrish and Lydia have this connection with each other and you can see that. They are going to become closer because lydia knows how parrish is feeling right now. Not knowing who or what you are can be confusing. She is going to be there to help him. And let’s face it, it’s about time lydia has a boyfriend who is a nice guy and who would not break her heart. She needs a mature boyfriend, one who doesn’t leaves her behind, one who understands her, and one that is one of the good guys. And I think Parrish might be the one.

    • Raina Ahmed says:

      Nicely said. Lydia as a character has evolved so much since S1. She’s more mature and definitely has chemistry with Parrish. Also she’s been there where she had to struggle to find out what she is and there’s your common ground.
      She definitely needs a mature boyfriend and Parrish fits the bill :)

    • nupur says:

      so truly said marta!!

    • Barbie says:

      I totally agree

    • jaderoseheartfilia says:

      I never cared of anything ever like that.It would just become trashy!trashy! hoping you all have for their romances bitch.I really hated it gives me the worst migrane . Romance,friendship,AGE-GAP.WHATEVERS!!!!!!!!.Let me tell you that Holland wasn’t 18 years old!.She was 27.

  5. phuong says:

    I have loved Ryan since his days on smallville and was pleasently surprised to see him on teen wolf I cannot wait to see what they have in store for him GO RYAN!

  6. valepp says:

    At Comic Con Jeff Davis said that we haven’t seen the last of Danny… I thought that he was going to be in the final episode!

  7. ShayLove says:

    Im hoping Parrish is something different nd unique. I was kinda searching mythological creatures that can survive fire, and even though it sound weird (but hey a were-jaguar sound wierd too) i kinda think he’s a mythical salamander. Also I love Lydia nd Parrish together nd if he is 24 (going by that other comment) & shes 17 or 18 its not that bad when you really think how old Derek might be.

  8. I’m looking forward to learning more about Parrish though I do hope that he and Lydia develop a nice friendship out her helping him learn more about himself. While I agree that there is a chemistry there I don’t personally want it to escalate beyond friendship.

  9. Erin2 says:

    He is a Jinn!!!

    • Maya says:

      That’s what I was thinking too. But I thought the Phoenix theory was a good one as well. My first thought though when he was set on fire in his car was “fire can not kill a dragon”

  10. alder brooks says:

    I think parrish is kitsune like kira. There eyes are the same color . electricty can’t hurt kira like fire cant hurt parrish. There are different types of kitsune. Parrish and kira came to the show the same time.

    • krishnanunni says:

      that is right

    • Lauren says:

      There are several theories that I went through and kitsune was one of them; along with warlock (half demon/ half human), phoenix, salamander, witch (different from a warlock) an elemental, dragon of the fire variety, Jinn, a firebird (different from a phoenix(look it up)) a Kapre, Fire ‘Giant’, a fire serpent, or a skinwalker(though that doesn’t really have anything to do with fire). I am still debating on what he is… Hopefully Jeff will announce it during the beginning of next season.

    • dernova says:

      If Parrish was a kitsune, Scott would have seen his aura it with his wolf vision, and Derek too. Derek said that some kitsunes can hide their aura, but how would he do if he didn’t know that he’s a supernatural creature? I think that Parrish is something like a phoenix or a salamandra or a dragon (but I’m not sure). Or maybe he’s a mithycal creature.

  11. Amanda says:

    Still sticking with phoenix.

  12. Ray says:

    Lydia/Parrish is so weird and random, still waiting for stydia.

    • Lydia says:

      Thankyou!! Someone gets it!
      I don’t like Lydia and Parrish together, I would rather them to be friends, we’ve been waiting for Stydia since season 1!!! It’s gotta happen!!!!

      • Mary Kate says:

        Right here with you!

        • Stiles :P says:

          honestly stydia is the most developed and best relationship on the show they need to put them together at last.

          • morgane says:

            (i’m french, sorry for my horrible english.)

            Yes, i don’t know why but since Stalia and Marrish, people start to forget Stydia. Ahem, i will ship Stydia until the very end. They are meat to be. But i seriously hope for Marrish and a jalous Stiles. And then, Stydia. Because Stydia is freakin endgame.

    • Mackenzie says:

      I will ship Stydia for as long as I live and I hope Jeff David will eventually make it happen in the show.

  13. Shaun says:

    I’ll go with Ifrit.

  14. Guest says:

    The moment Parrish survived being set on fire I thought dragon or jinn! I’m with Kelley; phoinex is too straightforward and simple to be it. I don’t get why people are so against Parrish and Lydia. I know he’s in law enforcement but he’s 24 (apparently) and if she’s 18 I see no problem with 6 year difference heck my parents are 12 years apart. I do hope they wait until she’s out of high school like she graduates early or something. Parrish is defiantly a favorite!

  15. Heidi says:

    I do think Parrish might be a phoenix, but maybe there’s a twist on it. There usually is in TV shows. So perhaps he’ll be a phoenix-type thing, but something a little different. And yes!!!! I really hope Lydia and Parrish become a thing!!!! I’ve been shipping it ever since their first scene together, and to be honest at first I hated the thought of Stiles and Malia together, but now they seem happy and they care about each other, and I think Stiles has moved on from Lydia. Like of course they’re still good friends, but nothing more. And I think Parrish and Lydia’s relationship develops and they get more scenes.

  16. vick sam says:

    i wanna knw..wat will happen to kate

  17. Fredeerrick says:

    I think Parrish is a FIRE KITSUNE!!! Cos of the eyes and cos fire didn’t hurt him.

  18. Jack says:

    Had this theory for a while now,Just couldn’t find a place to share it: Parish is a Pheonix… Or an Ifrit…

    • Erin2 says:

      Ifrit is just a one of the five classifications of a Jinn!!! I have from the start said he is some type of Jinn… probably a Marid!

  19. In order to save the pack from Kate, Scott and Stiles return to La Iglesia.

  20. Todd says:

    Is anyone afraid of a Wolfman anymore? They seem like pets now.

  21. Allison says:

    That remark he had from that director when he asked questions: “It’s a show about werewolves, just go with it.” It explains soooo many things. Basically, since it’s a fantasy show, nothing matters. That explains all the plot holes, everything that is left unexplained, the fact that they can’t be bothered to answer a simple question like how old Derek is for instance. They should have gotten a “fantasy show 101” course because plots and details matter; it’s why Star Trek was the success that it was. Maybe MTV should stick with reality shows in the future because they sure don’t seem to be able to learn.

    • Renee says:

      If you followed as closely as I have and taken note of all the little things they say, in the first season, I can quote Stiles saying that Derek is only a few years older than him and Scott. Some things are left out strategically to keep people wondering. But other things that they leave out in one episode are some way or another explained (even if it’s just a little bit) in the next one or two after that episode. It’s not so much that the creators leave things out and don’t explain it, it’s that people don’t pay the attention to the little things that get muttered around

  22. Hanna says:

    I would really like to see some romance especially on Lydia’s side, though not necessarily with Parrish. (Alright, I’ll admit to shipping them…) I think all this talk of keeping it realistic — with the age difference — is a bit unrealistic as it is a werewolf show. I do think Parrish would be good for her as Lydia acts like she could be twentysomething anyway, but if Marrisg doesn’t end up happenung then I do hope Lydia’ll have the chance to have a romantic relationship.

    (still tho…marrish <3)

  23. Sarah says:

    Lydia/Parrish romance an actual possibility?? Sooo, one of the reasons people said they had a problem with a Derek/Stiles relationship was the mysterious age difference (we don’t even know how old Derek is) but it’s totally fine for Lydia/Parrish when we know for a fact she’s under 18 and he’s 24 *and* in law enforcement? Riiiight, that’s not completely creepy and inappropriate or anything. And suuuure, the problem with the main characters hooking up is still age, not the fact that it’s two men. This show is the most homophobic pile of stinking queer baiting that I have seen in a long long while. And all in a supposed magical land where homophobia doesn’t exist! Annnd written by a gay man. Seriously, very impressed. Congratulations!

  24. METATRON1000 says:

    He is a Fire fox gitsunae !!

  25. Been says:

    All I’ve ever wanted was Lydia and stiles to be together, it’s obvious they still have feelings for each other and it’s the second most popular ship in the fandom after sterek. Parrish us a cutie lived him on smallville too but I think if prefer marrish platonic

  26. Forcy says:

    At first I was utterly convinced Parish’s supernatural background was best explained with this theory: lostmemoria. tumblr. com/post/97100770932/what-is-parrish

    Now though? I think the writer of that article is giving too much intelligent thought to it. I don’t think the writers of Teen Wolf are nearly as bright as that author. I think his theory about why it wouldn’t be a Phoenix makes perfect since, but I can still see it being a Phoenix just because people know Phoenix and they don’t know that creature he kept going on about. But it made soooo much sense.

  27. Name says:

    I personally don’t want something to happen between perrish and lydia because everyone is waiting for stydia to happen. It has to happrn eventually, why can’t it just happen now.

  28. Sara says:

    I’m sorry, but Holland said that after season 4, she would be interested to see what the fans thought of who Lydia should be with. Hello! Most of us are still waiting for Stiles and Lydia. It’s been building from Season 1! How long do we have to wait?? I know the show’s not about romance, but season 4, there was definitley a lot of it. So, if this show does go for another two seasons or so, can we please see Stiles and Lydia end up together. Jeff go back and watch seasons 1-3! It’s all there. You wrote it!

    As for Malia. She’s actually my favourite character. I love Shelley Hennig, she’s such a good actress! But for some reason, Stiles and Malia feel like two very similar people, they’re both lively, and energetic, and even though Stiles has helped her into fitting in as a human, I just think she needs to be by herself for a bit and rely on how she’s feeling, like her nature, rather than how people tell her to feel. So pissed she’s related to Derek. They would have made such a funny combo! As he’s all dark and in control and she’s like no filter.

  29. diablo says:

    Part of me thinks he’s a type of kitsune but then I think that would be too easy and its more likely to be something we haven’t had before rather then something we sort of know about and have two of on the show although we know of 13 types of kitsune exist and have the names for 5 of them. I don’t know what it could be at the moment but I know its going to be awesome and something nobody would expect so I cant wait till Season 5!!!

  30. Lewis says:

    Think parish is a fire kitsunes or something because he could be immune to fire and his eyes glow a similar colour to kiras

  31. Lewis says:

    I think parish is a fire kitsunes because he could be immune to fire and maybe he didn’t come back to life

  32. Lucy says:

    Lydia and Parrish would make a decent pairing, but Stydia is so much better. Can’t Isaac come back and just hit it off with Malia?

  33. Lea says:

    They should be together!! I agree that the age is just a number. My parents are 6 years apart too. So please let they be together!! MARRISH FOREVER!!

  34. Alex Anunna says:

    Hoping he’s an Ifrit, or maybe following the Central American vibe he’s the bastard son of Tezcatlipoka. Still, hoping for an Ifrit, they haven’t really touched Persian Lore yet. Though maybe he’s related to the Simurgh.

  35. ilse says:

    I think Parrish could be Isaacs older brother, because they both served in the army, and both are 23 and they look alike., and maybe, he is a different kind of Kitsuné

    • Linda says:

      Wouldn’t Isaac have recognized him though? My thought since before season 4 began was that he was a type of Kitsune. Then as the season progressed my theory was a fire kitusne. My friend said that would be too obvious though.

  36. Linda says:

    Jordan and Lydia being in a romantic relationship would REALLY mess up the show because it makes zero sense. Deputy Parrish is that, a deputy, he can’t be dating a high school student. Even if Lydia is 18 she is still in high school. Having a deputy dating a hs student would put Sheriff Stilinski under even more scrutiny in his abilities to handle his department. I don’t see Jordan ever putting Stilinski’s job in jeopardy.

    • do not be much more very cray!cray!?! you were abusing someone even if you think that was OKAY somehow you were jealous?.What’s you’re gonna do!huh,Linda!?!,SEIZE ON ME!!!!never,again!!NEVER!!!.I would say they were perfect know that “heart & rights breaker person”!!.K now nothing,but to destroy?!!!!.Ahh!so you were saying that Deputy Parrish will just destroy the sheriff department if he’ll love Lydia??or you were mean’t to say that it’s forbidden to love?????TOO BAD

  37. I totally think something will happen, romantically, between Parrish and Lydia. I also think he could maybe be a Phoenix, because Phoenix’s rise from ashes and when he was set on fire he was sort of reborn.

  38. Rosalia says:

    on my opinion I will accept that they can start a relationship. even Lydia said she is through with teen boys and parish isn’t dating anyone .lastly that look they gave each other during their conversation has to have something behind it

  39. Lex says:

    I’m geusing Parrish could be a Fox..

  40. Tony says:

    am looking forward to seeing and knowing what parrish is this next season…i hope there is really gonna be a romantic connection between parrish and lydia!..

  41. Tony says:

    is kate argent dead?

  42. dexdy says:

    lets just say dat parrish is a fire kitsune nd didnt get burnt by the fire

  43. yinloveyang says:

    I know only one thing. Lydia and Jordan Parrish can happen and I still love Stiles and Lydia the most. A close friendship or great team I’ll always see more between Stiles and Lydia. They probably shouldn’t pick Dylan and Holland together if they wanted just a friendship :)))

  44. kalvincry says:

    Don’t forgot the ghost rider annonced by the parent’s kira

  45. angiewhuh says:

    I know that Stydia shippers (and others) are going to hate me for this, but I freaking love Parrish and Lydia together! (Marrish) Ever since Lydia said that she was done with teenage boys, we started to see so many scenes with Lydia and Parrish. Nothing was forced or rushed, yet their chemistry was really strong. They make a good team and they trust each other. I love how their relationship has grown a lot from season 4 to now as we wait to see what happens in season 5b. I’m excited to see what’s in store for their relationship as it’s obvious that they both like each other. Lydia turned 18 in the 4th season btw if anyone is worried about that, and she could’ve graduated last year but decided not to. In 5a there were so many moments between them and now Jeff Davis has said that there is an even deeper connection between Lydia and Parrish that they aren’t aware of. Apparently, their supernatural sides are drawn to each other and attached. I find that so cute. I also feel like they balance each other out and Lydia could use a strong mature Man in her life to be her lover. So I’m team Marrish

  46. lily says:

    Jordan and Lydia are so meant to be. Teen wolf is unpredictable, but with this they don’t have to make any far jumps. Parish and Lydia are obviously friendly and romantic. And that’s why they should be a couple. Banshee and hellhound! Marish is the best couple in Teen wolf, perfect amount of everything in there.

  47. pets fish says:

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