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Homeland Spoilers Carrie Quinn

How will a lost love affect Bones? Do we spy sparks between Homeland‘s Carrie and Quinn? Who’s the latest royal to visit Once Upon a Time? Who’s at the heart of a Haven mystery? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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I’m desperate for some new Bones scoop. Got anything for us about episodes past the premiere? Titles, maybe? –Claudia
You want titles, I’ve got titles! Among the new season’s first batch of episodes, you will find “The Corpse at the Convention” and “The Lost Love in a Foreign Land.” There — titles.

With less than a week to the Season 5 premiere, feel like sharing any Haven scoop? Anything on Jennifer’s fate? Dave’s fate? –Michelle
Jennifer’s fate is the hot topic as the season premiere plays out – different people need to find her for very different reasons. Things don’t look very good for Dave, either – though there’s a final scene with him that will make you go hmmm. Now, I present you with a game: See if you can ID who says quips of these premiere quotes:
A) “ That lighthouse just can’t catch a break.”
B) “You try operating a supernatural doorway to another dimension using a vampire novel and a positive attitude!”
C) “The handsome ones don’t have to be very smart, do they?”
D) “Be careful, she took down Dwight.” / “And I will never let him hear the end of it.”
E) “I’ll always love you, Parker.”

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Dying for a Homeland scoop, particularly one involving my favorite duo, Carrie and Quinn. Will sparks fly this season? –Jo
Having hit the Season 4 premiere screening on Thursday night, I can avow that, yes, sparks of a kind are flying between the two when the show returns – primarily because they find themselves on opposite sides of a budding conflict. As Claire Danes explained it to me at the event, “Quinn is eager to get out of the [espionage] business and is recognizing behavior in Carrie that he himself has had in the past as an assassin, and he’s concerned for her. So he trying to jar her into ‘consciousness,’ but she’s reluctant to engage.”

Longtime reader, first-time writer. Do you have any Blacklist scoop? –Steph
Get ready to meet Red’s little friend! Literally. Episode 5 of the NBC hit’s second season will introduce us to Glen, a “diminutive” DMV wonk who has a long history with Spader’s character. Also being cast for that episode is the recurring role of Zoe, a “worn but pretty” woman who holds no less than the key to Red’s past.

On The Vampire Diaries this season, will we be meeting the leader of Luke and Liv’s coven? –Tom
We’ll learn a lot more about the Wonder Twins in Season 6, but before we meet their mysterious leader, we’ll first discover what said coven is all about. “It’s linked heavily into the deeper mythology of the show this season,” executive producer Caroline Dries says. “Once we start understanding why the heck we’re at Whitmore and what their coven is all about, we’ll really understand their plight in life and how it affects our characters.”

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Is there anything you can tell us about Hook’s arc for this season of Once Upon a Time that we haven’t heard yet? Anything on his childhood/parents? –Ana
Series cocreator Adam Horowitz would only say that when it comes to the good (?) pirate, “There is more delving into his past to come” – though the burning question of whom he traded the Jolly Roger to, in the name of finding Emma, won’t be revealed until “somewhere down the road.”

Do you have any Once Upon a Time scoop that has nothing to do with any of the ‘ships? –Sara
Always! For Episode 7, the ABC series is casting the one-off role of a pompous prince who beneath his veneer of confidence-slash-arrogance is not much more than a coward ill-equipped to handle conflict.

The wait for more Sleepy Hollow is killing me! Tide me over with some scoop? –Meaghan
As if Ichabbie ‘shippers needed more headaches to worry about, casting is underway right now for the recurring role of David, a charismatic hunk who “has seen a lot in his lifetime” – and is poised to be a romantic interest for Ms. Mills when he surfaces about two-thirds of the way into Season 2.

Got anything juicy on CW’s The Flash? –Andy B.
Looks like Central City will get hit with a Blackout in Episode 7, when Farooq, an electricity-wielding metahuman, seeks vengeance against Dr. Wells. Flash to the rescue? Mayyyybe not, seeing as Barry will be suffering a “powers” outage just when this new baddie arrives.

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I was hoping you could give some scoop on how Jax is handling the loss of Tara going into Season 7 of Sons of Anarchy. He better be mourning and seeking revenge! –Brittany
It’s about 25 percent mourning, 75 percent revenge-seeking – though, as you can imagine, Gemma might gently “nudge” him into seeking his pound of flesh from alllllll the wrong people. Ugh.

I am probably the biggest Linseride (Erin Lindsay/Kelly Severide) fan in the world. Can you please tell me something good and positive about them and their relationship for the next seasons of Chicago Fire/Chicago P.D.? –Roby
The good news: The twosome are perfectly suited to each other, says exec producer Matt Olmstead. “With Lindsay, [Severide] feels like he’s met his equal,” he explains. “It’s great because there’s no agenda. ‘I’m not getting beat up for showing up late. I’m not getting beat up because I’m gone 24 hours. Someone understands me.’ And in that mutually allowed freedom, they’re both able to blossom in this relationship. It definitely informs his approach to Lindsay after the collapse.” The bad news: Perhaps there is such a thing as too much freedom.

Do you have anything on how things are with Mary and Francis when Reign comes back? –Bree
Mary and Francis will face immeasurable new conflicts — and understandably so — now that Lola has given birth to her and Francis’ lovechild, but the real couple struggling at French Court in Season 2 will be Bash and Kenna. “There are going to be new players who come in over the course of the season,” executive producer Laurie McCarthy teases. “One of them might have a history with Bash that’s going to unnerve Kenna.”

Since The Glades was cancelled (and no one I know that watched the show can figure why), will it ever come out who shot Jim on his wedding day? –Peggy
Having already asked Matt Passmore for his take, I more recently asked Kiele Sanchez if she knew who gunned down her TV groom. “I actually like to spread the rumor that [Callie’s] son shot Jim. But no, I have no idea who did it,” said the actress, who is now the female lead on DirecTV’s Kingdom (premiering Oct. 8). Beyond that, Sanchez had no “optimistic news” to offer regarding any follow-up. As for her own Season 5 wish list, she hoped to see Manus’ and Carlos’ home lives explored, as well as see what married life is like for Callie, Jim and “a kid going through the awful teenage years.”

Could I have the Inside Line on Brooklyn Nine-Nine? –Rachel
As previously reported, The Closer‘s Kyra Sedgwick will have a short arc as Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch, Captain Holt’s longtime nemesis. But what’s at the root of the top cops’ ongoing feud? Turns out it has something to do with… Derek Jeter?

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email InsideLine@tvline.com! (With reporting by Andy Swift, Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Len84 says:

    Hook is a good man, being a pirate isnt anything bad esp knowing his backstory and his skills etc. He always had goodness in him. And he is one of my favourite characters on the show.
    I love to learn about Hook’s intro to being a pirate because i do not think it was easy for him to slip into being one, from a lieutenant to a pirate isnt easy
    I think he is traded the ship to Blackbeard – he is the only one i can think of. And i do love that he sacrificed his home/ship to find Emma to bring her home.

  2. Mary says:

    More of Hook’s back story? Yawn. They need more for Emma, Charming, and Belle not him.

    • Brigid says:

      I’ll yawn your Belle who in my opinion is the worst character and actress by far.

      • Britt says:

        I agree she is really boring. She does the same things all the time and there really is much to her character and not a lot to go into either.

        • matte says:

          The “does the same things all the time” can basically apply to most of the characters in the show, especially the regulars. At least Hook, Belle, and Emma will have thier chance to be fleshed out more this season.

          • Len84 says:

            Seems like we are getting a centric on Belle. As for Emma who is my fave since season 1, i will be happy to more episodes on her and her story because she is the actual focal point of this show. And i love Hook and i loved the Good Form episode.

          • Jess says:

            @Len84 I think Regina is the focal point of the show. Emma was just there to break the curse. Idk why they haven’t killed her off because she’s pretty useless now. I think they wrote her relationship with Hook to make her more interesting but she’s so boring! Her romance with Neal made her interesting and then the writers screwed that up too.

    • Jesse says:

      Is Regina even getting a backstory episode this season? I keep hearing about everyone but her.

  3. Jr1 says:

    Thanks Matt.
    I love Hook. And i love his arc so far. I personally wanted to see more of him after his brother’s death.
    Pompous prince – i just thought of Hans from Frozen, but i don’t think it is him!?
    So looking forward to The Blacklist

  4. Ana says:

    Thank you so much for answering my question, Matt!! Delving more into Hook’s past sounds very very good. And I’m happy that who he traded the Jolly Roger to will be revealed down the line as well. Though for now I’m thrilled to find out more about his family/childhood this season :) Very thrilled.
    I saw what you did there with the good (? ) pirate :) I think that Adam and Eddy took such pains in S3 to establish Killian as a man of honor with a good heart/heart capable of the most unrelenting love. His redemption arc was brilliantly written…do you think there is a surprise there for us in S4 that might put those things into question?
    Thanks again!

    • meresger says:

      Brilliantly written? I’m not sure you know what the meaning of “brilliant” is. Hook’s redemption was giving up a ship, which he only talked about, and how is it redemption to give up something/be something just to want to score with someone? He never did one thing good for Emma without prefacing it with wanting to be with her and how she was going to have to choose him. That’s not only romantic in sleazy romance novels, I’m sorry. If you think that’s good writing, then you don’t know good writing.I could care less about Hook’s past, present, or future. As someone else said, he has about as much depth of character as a Tiger Beat cover model. His only purpose is to be Emma’s sex toy… which is about the only reason Belle is around for Rumple and Robin was there for Regina. The writers on this show might as well be doing a soap opera for all they seem to know or care about good relationship writing. They took something good in the first season and completely trashed it to make it trashy, and Hook exemplifies all that has gone wrong with OUAT. So does the ‘spoilers that have nothing to do with ships’ question and the lame response. If all ‘good’ spoilers for this show are about ships, then that clearly means they have no actual plot and are focusing entirely on who is shagging whom. Bad form.

  5. John NYC says:

    So for B99, the captain has involvement with The Captain? Could be fun, Holt was the character surprise of last season for me.

  6. ls1 says:

    Thx Matt. Im intrigued as always about The Blacklist. And I love OUAT
    I don’t know who the prince could be but sounds funny in a way lol
    Matt – Hook is a good guy, a bad boy dashing pirate ;)
    I do like Hook and his journey so far, darkness to love and hope (loss of love was also the very thing that led to darkness)
    I can only think of Blackbeard to who has the Jolly Roger now? I liked Charles Mesure as him

  7. Sarah says:

    Matt, do you know the episode #s that go with the titles for Bones?

  8. Wonder Romane says:

    People can say he had two centrics last year, we still don’t know much about his past, considering the second wasn’t much and post first curse. But for season 4A having Charming and Belle’s past not “ship related” is good for now. I hope they will delve into his past in season 4B and in Robin’s too. I support ships in general but I want to see them out of it.

    • Len84 says:

      I think we can make assumptions on his past based on dialogues and how life has been for him esp around Neverland after Milah’s death (and also even life with Milah), all had was revenge, until he met Emma… and took his revenge on Rumple but even that didnt leave him fulfilled how he thought it might, as he said revenge is an end not a beginning. Him letting go his revenge was his beginning hence his season 3 arc… so far. So basically i think we can imagine and make assumption how life was around these time periods. I’m interested in his childhood, who are his parents, when his dad abandoned him, what happened after he announced he was going to be pirate – how did that process take place because i dont find it was easy for him to go from a good upstanding man to being a pirate and being ruthless just like that, he had to learn and learn to control his emotions, learn to build his guard up to achieve what he set out to do and still in grieving process. Did he take everything from the corrupt king and the kingdom he served under etc, his history with Blackbeard is another thing…. all these things i’m interested in, yeah i know we wont get to see them all but its nice to think about this… along his present life now, settling in Storybrooke, having a so called family in The Charmings, being with Emma and adjusting to modern world.
      I also feel like he could of been to Arendelle once upon a time? why not… he had a ship he could go to any land he wanted.

  9. Jenny says:

    Yay! More Hook’s backstory! I’m so excited for season 4.

  10. Yasmin says:

    Yay thanks for the Homeland spoilers. Hopefully we’ll get more in the coming weeks!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yep, I spoke to several HOMELAND people last night…. (but, alas, I almost never get sent HOMELAND questions).

      • Annie says:

        As long as Brody’s well and truly for-realzies dead, I’m good.

        • Gina says:

          then why did you watch Homeland?

          • Annie says:

            Uh … for the story, the fascinating characters, the fast and tightly-written plotting, the excellent scripts, and the superlative acting. I’m sorry – what now? We’re only allowed to watch Homeland for one single character?

          • Annie says:

            Also this: I loved the character of Brody, and I love Damien Lewis (have since “Life”, may it RIP). But he’s dead. (Which was an excellent choice, if a bit late from a storytelling perspective.) If he “comes back” from that, the show has lost its way, and would probably lose me as a viewer. What makes Homeland work for me is the heightened realism and urgency of its story. If it’s revealed that it was all just another mind-eff or some other kind of hideous ret-con job, that’s destroyed and it’s just another cheap “drama.”

          • Julie says:

            I really don’t see how they could bring Brody back. As much as I didn’t want him killed off, he was well and truly dead. I don’t know they could pull off bringing him back. And since they did kill him off, I am looking forward to Carrie and Quinn. Love Quinn.

      • mollytanner says:

        Once the season starts I’ll start sending some questions. In an interview a few days ago, Nazanin Boniadi revealed viewers will see a new Fara as a field agent with Carrie as her mentor. Fara reappears in episode 3. I hope there’s more sneakiness with Dar Adal I like F. Murray.

  11. Nav1 says:

    I say YES to Hook, Emma, Charming and Belle. And a big fat NO to you! *yawn*
    There are peeps out here who like Hook and I do, and I love to see his backstories. Overall i so want to see Emma take centre stage more and more backstory on her and episodes.

    • Nav1 says:

      This was directed at the Mary person *eyeroll*

      • Fran says:

        Um…. She’s allowed to have her opinion too you know…. Hook’s story obviously bores her and so she’s asking for more on Emma, Charming and Belle. Different strokes and all… No need for the “eyeroll” just because its a different opinion than yours.

        • Len84 says:

          I just think its because this Mary person always seems to be in any Hook article just to put him down. Thats why it irks ppl which i can understand. And i for one think she does is purposefully.

  12. Wonder Romane says:

    As for the prince I also think it will be one of the 12 princes. Arrogance must run in the family. But Hans was cast way before and I don’t know on what occasion he’ll appear. People assume episode 3 is Emma centric but the flashbacks, aren’t they about Frozen?

    • Nav1 says:

      But dont you think Frozen/Elsa and Emma have similarities. Hence why Frozen fits so well with Emma? Elsa and Emma parallels?

      • wonder romane says:

        You’re right… I think fbs will be about Frozen with parallels to Emma.. I hope well have Emma in foster system this season. For now she has focus on the present but I’ve yet to see her past even if we know that it was mainly very sad…

  13. Tran says:

    Hope Carrie & Quinn are going to get their freak on. Also, are Virgil & Max coming back this season and what’s going to happen with F. Murray Abraham’s character Dar Adal?

  14. Notacareintheworld says:

    You saw the Homeland premiere? I know you can’t review it but may I ask (in one word) what thought of the new direction for the show?

  15. Drew says:

    I was hoping that we would get some inside info on whether or not Dallas will be renewed. They normally start filming in October, so this renewal is a bit late.

  16. Mel says:

    Thanks for the Homeland and Blacklist scoops. I get the feeling a lot of fans want to see a Carrie/Quinn ship, but I’m fine just having them as friends and co-workers. I liked their dynamic last season, and hope they develop Quinn’s complicated, tortured character more this season.

    • Annie says:

      You know, it’s funny but I’m usually the one who doesn’t want the characters to “get together” – I was even against Caskett, ferpetessake. But Carrie & Quinn? I ‘ship that. I ‘ship that HARD.

  17. Gina says:

    I love Sleepy Hollow but these spoilers are making me just roll my eyes. Will Abbie have any time to fight an apocalypse with her partner if she’s busy dealing with all her romantic interests? Ugh. Not here for that.

    • liz says:

      she’s so badass she can fight a apocalypse *and* flirt with cute boys. She’s a multi-tasker. Though in all seriousness, I’m all in for some romance for the characters but it has to be balanced well. I don’t want the women giving up their missions because of a man.

      • Angela says:

        Agreed. And I’m not at all bugged about this being some “threat” to the Ichabod/Abbie thing, because I’m not expecting those two to get together anytime soon, anyway, if ever. Ichabod’s kind of still married, and I want to see how his reunion with Katrina pans out, and I’m all for Abbie getting a little romance of her own in her life…whenever she manages to find the time to do so, that is :p. Like you said, keep the romance and the action well balanced and I won’t complain.

    • zeplady says:

      The new guy will probably just be an evil demon in disguise; enter Ichabod to save the day!

  18. Tricia says:

    Ooooo that Haven scoop makes me feel all tingly inside.

    So excited for its return.

  19. mrspeel2 says:

    I’ve noticed fairly recently in this, and other articles here, the right half of the page is cut off. It’s difficult reading anything when half the words are missing. Can you please check it to see if your formatting is off?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Please, elaborate — what device/browser are you using to view this site?

      • mrspeel2 says:

        I’m using Chrome. I just checked to see what it’s like with IE and that seems to be perfect, so it’s not your fault after all Matt. I apologize and thank you for your time.

      • TinLV says:

        I am using IE and having the same issue.. its like there is a page-long box running down the page about 3/4 of the way over; its a slightly darker white than the rest of the page and its cutting off the ends of sentences in the forum. Its been doing it for a couple of days now..

  20. prada says:

    i think that the new prince could be the one from “The Princess and The Frog” (Prince Naveen).

  21. Fran says:

    Aw, I keep hoping for an answer to my Justified question but I guess there’s just nothing to tell yet. Thanks for the Sleepy Hollow and Haven scoop though!

  22. Glen says:

    Season 5 of Haven, honestly long do we have to suffer through Mara? Audrey and Nathan going through the ringer, and what about James?

    • Thilia says:

      From what I have heard, she is the main entity for the first few episodes, then Audrey and her struggle for control of the body.

  23. Laura C says:

    So where’s the scoop on Bones? I don’t see any beyond titles, but nothing on “lost love.”

  24. Fran says:

    Out of curiosity- what do people gain from knowing the episode titles beforehand? I’m not being snarky at ALL, I’m genuinely asking. I barely pay attention to what the episode is called even when its actually airing, so I’m just curious to hear the other side of it :)

    • CountryQueen says:

      Great question. I only started paying attention to titles when on the Supernatural blog people kept referring to the past epis by their titles. Now I pay attention. My fave – and I never noticed before this year – are the titles from The Friends epis. They are all “The One With…” LOL

      • Fran says:

        Yeah, I guess its just easier to refer to the episodes title when referring to a past episode. And its funny you mention Friends because I stand corrected- I actually do remember a lot of those! They were fun :)

  25. liz says:

    I adore Reign, but I’m still really disappointed the showrunners have decided to never go near the Mary/Francis/Bash drama again. I’m not biased one way or another for the shipping, I just really like the intrigue and drama that triangle brought.

    • Lynn says:

      I’m so glad that the triangle is over! Bash & Mary didn’t have any chemistry & she clearly still loved Francis. I did like Bash when he briefly was with Rowan and with Kenna in the early stages when his feisty side comes out.

  26. Moment says:

    I would love for TVLine to find out what’s happening with Continuum. Nothing has filtered out for months, not even the creator has any idea what’s happening, everyone is in the dark lol. Shaw Media/Showcase are playing their cards extremely close to their chest not telling a word to anyone.

  27. Roby says:

    Thank you for your answer to my Linseride question… didn’t like the bad news though… I’ll stay positive and support my favorite pair anyway :)

  28. Lynn says:

    Thanks for the scoop on Reign. That baby isn’t really a “lovechild” though just the result of a one night stand. Francis & Lola were never in love.

  29. albertj15 says:


    • Moment says:

      I can answer this, it simply was a show that was unlucky enough to be on a network obsessed with reality TV. I felt sorry for LDP more than anything, he’s a good actor and after Stargate Universe he deserved a long lasting role.

  30. JC1 says:

    I’m confused. So there’s a chance Jennifer’s still alive on Haven? I thought Eric Balfour already confirmed that Emma Lahana wasn’t returning (sadly). Did I dream that?

  31. DonnaSue says:

    Any information on Longmier. Have they found a channel to pick them up? Hate A&E leaving us hanging. One of the best shows on TV.

  32. luvprue1 says:

    I want to know if you are going to start doing spoilers for the Strain?

  33. Une de Mai says:

    Seriously, Dries? More mythology nobody gives a crap about? Did you learn nothing from the cure/doppelgänger/Quetsiyah/brain-frying/Augustine/ripper-virus/more-brain-frying/traveller/anchor/Other-Other-Side/I’m-sure-I’m-still-forgetting-something bulls–t from last season? Rewatch season one and two, sweetie, because you have a lot to learn from how gracefully Kevin Williamson handled things.

  34. Ceylan says:

    so is the new prince gonna be Kuzco or Naveen?

  35. Yay, Haven! With a double episode order for season 5, I’m hoping that 5 is the last and the writer’s tie the major storylines up. (Who “killed” the Colorado Kid, for one….)

    • Lindsay says:

      Lucy killed him. She thought she could stay if she killed Sarah’s son, but since he wasn’t technically Lucy’s son, she didn’t love him, so it didn’t work. After she realized that, she took him to the barn with her so he could still be alive there (and never able to leave). Now that Nathan caused the barn to implode, James is dead for good, and his story is complete.

  36. DanielleZ says:

    Thanks for the Homeland scoop. Can’t wait for the Season 4 premiere!

  37. retsim says:

    I am looking forward to Blacklist and the Flash but How in hell did Brooklyn nine nine get another season baffles me The humour is so childish and Andy Samberg hogs nearly all the scenes. In the UK it,s not doing well.

    • herman1959 says:

      RE: Brooklyn 99 – US humor doesn’t always transfer well to the UK (and vice versa), but dramas seem not to have as much of a problem. I love the show, although I wasn’t expecting to. It can get silly, but the characters are so quirky I find it funny.

  38. Sheila says:

    I think The Glades was cancelled because no one talked about it. I never saw any mention of the show here or any other tv websites. Was really shocked that so many people were up in arms after the cancellation because I thought I was the only one who watched!

  39. michu1918 says:

    About OUaT, that prince could be the one, who controlled previous Dark One and was too coward to use his Dark One against ogres.

  40. Kay says:

    Yeah..for Belle getting some attention.It’s long overdue. Happy this season so far has not been all about Hook. I’m not a fan of his, and feel he’s less interesting now that he’s become a “good” guy. Love the other character redemptions, they feel more real and honest, and their path to darkness and back more fleshed out. SO I’m excited about S4 being about the rest of the characters.

  41. jaelyn96 says:

    Like the Severide/Lindsay spoiler of. Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. Hope it puts an end to them for good. can’t stand Severide and this forced no chemistry romance.

  42. Letti says:

    Ouat casting sounds interesting. I’m not sure about Hook, I kind of lost my interest in him last season. Maybe It’s just that I prefered Neal…Anyway I’m happy for the Belle-centric episode, she deserves it.
    Also thanks for the Reign scoop. :)

  43. Jessica says:

    I too was an avid watcher of The Glades. We (4 women) and myself would get together a day or 2 after the episode and we would procrastinate as to what or why that would happen. We were all devastated that the show was cancelled. It was much better than the new program that Matt is in.

  44. Kaitlyn says:

    Once Upon a Time….Totally talking about Prince Naveen! LOL

  45. Finally something about Haven, I wish they gave the show a Little more attention. Very curious about the new season, and e) is Probably Nathan ;)

  46. Ella says:

    I don’t like Carrie and Quinn together, I prefer him with Fara :(

  47. eviloverlore says:

    Dwight – A) “ That lighthouse just can’t catch a break.”
    Jennifer – B) “You try operating a supernatural doorway to another dimension using a vampire novel and a positive attitude!”
    Mara – C) “The handsome ones don’t have to be very smart, do they?”
    Duke – D) “Be careful, she took down Dwight.” / “And I will never let him hear the end of it.”
    Nathan – E) “I’ll always love you, Parker.”

    Am I right, am I right??

  48. OldFan says:

    Bones, I’m thinking why bother after the “Sharknado” season Finale. I hope they can come back from it, but it’s a big jump in my opinion.