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Once Upon a Time's Colin O'Donoghue Worries Hook's Clothes Won't Come Off

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Captain Swan

Once Upon a Time‘s Captain Hook is due for a makeover during Season 4, presumably keeping the guyliner while shedding some leather.

With the ABC series’ premiere still six weeks away — but on the occasion of the Season 3 Blu-ray and DVD sets hitting stores — TVLine spoke with Colin O’Donoghue about Hook’s adventures to date, what the bad boy buccaneer sees in good Miss Swan and more.

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TVLINE | Watching the Season 3 Blu-ray set’s blooper reel, it appears that steering a galleon does not come naturally to you.
[Laughs] It came to me naturally, but I’d been steering it for a few hours at that stage – I wasn’t sure what direction I was supposed to be going!

TVLINE | Were you the star of any other outtakes that didn’t make the cut?
I’m sure there are probably a few choice words [Laughs] that didn’t make it on….

TVLINE | Looking back on Season 3, did you prefer one arc to another, for any reason?
Not really. I was excited when we started last season exploring the Neverland world, and I think we did it justice — it was fun to take someone like Pan and turn him into this creepy, malevolent figure. And the way that Wicked Witch was treated in the second half was brilliant. It was very clever how they put “two seasons” in one.

TVLINE | And you and Jen Morrison had that fun “Back to the Future” episode to close Season 3.
Yeah, that was fun. Jen and I had such a blast in all of those scenes.

Watch Hook and Emma’s season-ending embrace, then read on for more:

TVLINE | Hook, as we’ve seen in flashbacks, was seldom a one-woman man. Why do you think Emma draws him in so?
I think that as Jennifer has said, he definitely sees a side of himself in her. They’re quite similar people, although they’ve gone on different paths…. They both have had heartbreak and disappointment….. She sort of captured his heart, and you never really know who you can fall in love with until it’s there – so I think that took Hook by surprise, that he could feel like that again after the death of Milah.

TVLINE | But should we worry that now that he’s back in our realm, and he and Emma are on the same page romantically, he might get too domesticated?
He definitely won’t be, because the two of them are very, very complicated people. [Laughs] At the end of the day, Hook is essentially a pirate trying to live in a quasi-modern world, trying to figure out how he can make that work, and how he can try to make a relationship work. I’m interested to see how that will develop.

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TVLINE | On top of everything else, Emma will be feeling guilt about the Regina/Robin Hood/Marian thing. What counsel does Hook offer Emma? Does he try to maker her feel better, or is there some “I told you so”?
We pick up from where we left off at the end of last season, and Hook really wants this relationship to work out, so he’ll try and make that happen.

TVLINE | And where do things stand with the Hook/Charming “bromance”? Is Emma’s father at all wary of her choice in boyfriend?
They definitely get on a lot better than when they first met, but it’d be hard to trust a pirate, based off all the legends and such. It’s up to Hook to gain and hold onto that trust.

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TVLINE | You showed me on set just how remarkably heavy Hook’s leather coat is. Was “lightening up” his wardrobe something you ever approached [series creators] Adam and Eddy about?
I’ve mentioned it, and it’s going to happen this season – people will get to see Hook in more modern clothes. So I’m intrigued to see how Hook will feel in them, how he’ll fit in…. I guess he’s been wearing the same clothes for 300-something years, so I just hope he can get them off, that they haven’t actually become a part of him.

TVLINE | Will he be having any amusing brushes with modern technology?
Storbyrooke is obviously very different from the 18th-century high seas, so he has to sort of come to terms with it all. Yeah, there are going to be some fun little moments with that.

TVLINE | Maybe he will get his own iPhone?
[Laughs] Yeah, maybe. Or maybe we’ll see him playing some pirate “app.”

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  1. Mary says:

    No. They didn’t do the Neverland arc justice or the Wizard of Oz arc either.

    I can see what Hook sees in Emma, I just don’t see what anyone sees in Hook beyond Colin’s looks. Hook’s character is a lot like a whole lot of other creepy characters that have been on TV and in movies. Makes him boring.

    • Joey says:

      Too bad poor Colin has to toe the company line.

      Pity since I like him as an actor, but Hook is just an awful character.

    • mikayla says:

      Oh it’s you again. He can’t be boring if you can’t stop talking about him and commenting hateful comments about him in EVERY SINGLE article right? You talk about him more than us fans do, I see “Mary” “Mary Terrell” “marysocontrary1” everywhere – twitter, tumblr, facebook, comments section of everything – it’s always you and it’s kinda pathetic, to be honest.

      Can you give it up, if you at least talked smart about the show and wasn’t just hateful, people would take you seriously. We actually want to talk about how awesome this interview was and how exciting things are for Hook next season. And come on, Hook is the LEAST boring character in OUAT. You know who’s boring? I mean, who —WAS— boring? …..YEAH… *drops mic*

      • Len1 says:

        These two are at it again, Mary and Joey and god knows who else lol

      • Vanessa says:

        LOL, they can’t even come up with a decent alias that won’t give them away, hahaha. Some people really have sore butts. My question is, if they hate this so much, why don’t they stop watching the show and just live happily?? I mean, it’s pretty obvious by now that as Hook stated, he’s in it for the long haul and emma’s all for that, so… Pfff.

      • Mikaylah says:


        I’m not trying to hate on anyone’s opinion, except I am here to tell you, you are right: Colin O’Donoghue does have beautiful looks. I added the beautiful part, if you couldn’t tell.

        I’m also to tell you, that in my opinion, you’re wrong. Colin O’Donoghue is an AMAZING actor and Hook is an AMAZING character. I don’t just like him for his looks, I like him because Hook is authentic and funny and genuine and annoying and inappropriate and in love with Emma Swan. I love Hook, and Killian, – one in the same – because he was a villain who was bent on revenge and now he is bent on love and determined to try his best to learn his way around this modern world (we will see as in the interview). He have up his ship for Emma, and a pirate’s ship is worth a lot to the pirate.

        Hook changed though, he wasn’t just a pirate by the end of Season 3. He was someone who loved and loved back, and was willing to love for love, and he wasn’t soppy because that’s not how he is, but that’s how I saw him. I saw him accepting and enjoying Emma’s family: Henry, David, Mary-Margaret (and we see in pictures on set them with baby Neal).

        If you really have a true problem with Hook then stop watching the show, because Hook is in it for the prize and that prize is Emma, but not just Emma – her family too, and their Storybrooke family. I hope I’ve convinced people who’ve read this that Captain Killian “Hook” Jones is most definently not boring. He may have his moments, but everyone does. And people can not like someone, and people have the right to voice their opinion. If you don’t like him that much though, please don’t let that ruin the entire show for you.

        By the way, Mikayla, I like your name.

        I love you all, Oncers. And I love the cast: recurring and main.

    • Ben says:

      Creepy? Are we watching the same Hook?

      • JR1 says:

        Dont worry about it Ben, some people are purposely being ignorant.
        Hook is beyond so much more and he just needed to get out of his darkness and due to love and hope – he did (coz thats the whole point of the show), he is back on the hero’s journey and that is indeed good form!!!! :)

        • Len1 says:

          I have to say i agree with that. We look at the episode Good Form, the man was a lieutenant on a journey he thought was going to bring goodwill but it turned out to be a devious plan by the king. But as Killian said – A hero’s journey… he was on that and then as we saw he moved away from that path, and became a pirate, a rebel to the king who caused his brother’s death and then as we saw he became Hook again due to loss of love and lets not forget got his hand cut off. But now as Colin says realizing he could find love again and feel again UNTIL I MET YOU scene summed it up, LOVE brought him back and who wouldnt want that, and Emma Swan is worth coming back to and changing your life for! And more so when he chose to join Team Charmings, he was back on that hero’s journey (and taking responsiblity and showing in actions he is willing to fight with them) so yeah that is indeed GOOD FORM ;)

      • K says:

        I dunno, I’m unfortunately watching the one who brags about his “tactic” being getting women drunk so they’ll sleep with him.

    • Beth says:

      Mary always leaving your negative comments about Hook and Captain Swan everywhere you can. You must live a pretty lonely life to be this full of hate for a fictional character and show. If you don’t like the direction of the show tune out and move on. CS and Hook aren’t going anywhere. It’s a popular couple and Hook is a very popular character. You’re just going to have to accept it

      • Len1 says:

        Its always been the build up since the beanstalk episode, and finally to get them to this point. They are IT!
        Hook always comes back to her and so much more as we saw so far.

        • Joey says:

          You’re right, I can’t believe I forgot when he saved her from that jail after he left her there to die. Oh wait, no, that never happened. He just left her there to die.

          • amina says:

            Emma left him on the beanstalk so he left her in that jail ! Sounds logic to me …. And at that time they didn’t trust each other , they had just met , Hook wanted his revenge… They were ennemies . I don’t understand why you’re putting so much hate on Hook , I thin he’s a cool character and Colin is great actor

          • LSolanki84 says:

            Guess what – get over it. Hook and Emma both did wrong to each other and dont dwell on it. But at that time they were enemies. Atleast until leaving him on the beanstalk. .. and he did it to her but the thing to take away from here was that he wouldnt have left her on the beanstalk at all unlike Neal who left her stranded – thats tje point. Seriously I dont get the notion of u coming back and writing this lol. But its not surprising. And also guess what they have developed and alot more has happened since then.

          • Joey says:

            @LSolankl84: Hook outright said in that episode he would betray Emma in a heartbeat if it meant he could get his revenge on Rumpel, so yeah, he would’ve left her if it had benefited him. And guess what, Hook hasn’t been developed at all. At the start of season three, his personality changed, and like the characters on the show, we’re supposed to fall in line and believe it. Well, I’m sorry, I don’t. If it had happened in a believable way, I’d be the first person on board with it, but it was written extremely sloppily, and until Hook actually earns or at least works towards the hero status he’s been given, I’ll call the show out on it. Sorry that it hurts your poor feelings to know someone disagrees with your opinion.

      • Larry says:

        Just better to ignore it. The point of making a hate comment is to cause people to talk about it on either a positive or negative light. Don’t even bother. You can’t convince a person with opposite views. A person who hates the show should probably not annoy everyone else for fun, but there is no point to argue both ways.

      • Sarah says:

        A very astute and well stated observation, Beth. What world is it which someone lives in, that they deceive themselves into believing there’s satisfaction to be found in mocking and degrading others…fictional, or not.

    • abz says:

      When I saw it was a Hook-centric article, I was wondering how long it would take for this Mary person to come and spread her bitterness and what do you know, she’s the first comment. LOL!!

    • TopHat says:

      Oh, Mary, Mary quite contrary. Your hatred knows no bounds. For a character you hate so much, you sure rush to read all articles relating to him. Always “first” to comment on Hook. He’s soooo creepy, you keep following his story line. ABC thanks you for your viewing and commenting service. Keeps the thread active!

    • Joanna says:

      Tell that to my mom she thinks hook is cute

  2. mikayla says:

    YAY! What a great interview! I LOVE HOOK SO MUCH AND I LOVE HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH EMMA! I’m so glad he’s keeping the pirate. I don’t want that side of him gone. Can’t wait to see how they make it work. Very excited to see his new clothes and Snow/Chamrming/Henry’s reactions to Emma/ Hook!

  3. Brenda says:

    Very excited to see season 4! Hook is a wonderful character, and Colin does a great job with the role. Thanks so much for the great interview! :)

  4. Len1 says:

    Thanks for the interview. I think Colin is fantastic as Hook, you see Colin off-screen that man is just adorable and bashful in a way but here he takes this character Hook and blows it away with his acting, Kudos to see his eyebrows as well, they do stuff lol.
    I have always rooted for Emma / Hook ever since the beanstalk, well liked it and then kinda thought this has to be a set up here, and im glad i have read them and their build up right, and i cant wait to see how they navigate a relationship because with them its always been internal issues and overcoming them. Emma still has a long way to go and we all know Hook understands her and loves her, and will wait for her. But he also will struggle with change, settling in a new land, new clothes, new kind of identity (change effects us all – all human beings in real life too)
    I think Charming and Hook are similar ppl, they ppl who fight and protect, and i think Hook always sees his big brother Liam in him, the kind of man Charming is and is brother was, which i think we saw in Good Form.

  5. I’m so excited for this new season!!! Mostly to see Captain Swan again

  6. JR1 says:

    Thanks Matt as always.
    I wonder if Matt has seen Hook’s new clothes? ;)
    Colin is adorable, bloody brilliant as Hook! Finally we have Emma/Hook get to this point to navigate a relationship. These two fit each other but their life experiences, loss of love, lack of love, heartbreak, are such that makes it complicated and their walls esp Emma’s which is one of the reasons they see so much in each other and their connection.
    I so look forward to seeing just how much Hook takes in this modern world, he is intelligent and fast learner but i want to see some comic moments with the new world and gadgets and so on, cant miss those moments, and how exactly he will try and date Emma in the sense FIRST DATE wise lol.
    I look forward to Charming & Hook bromance, i do wonder if Charming will bring up the campfire chat again because that was such a good scene of realising just how much this man loves Emma, and would do anything for her.
    I would also like to see Henry & Hook scenes, both dudes are ones that believed in Emma and brought her home.

  7. NariaH says:

    Thank you for this great interview! Have you seen Hook’s modern clothes? Any clue? I’m so excited for that. I’m not worried about Hook and Emma because based on what I saw I’m convinced Hook won’t let anything get in the way of them. I think season 4 will be about Emma coming to terms with her feelings for him and him never giving up. I’m excited although I thought we’d at least see some moments of bliss between them at least for one episode before the angsty part comes again! I am also hoping for more Hook and Henry and Hook and Charming scenes as well as Hook vs The Modern World. I just hope they don’t drag Emma being guilty. She saved a life. Regina and Robin can work it out on their own. Regina is a changed person I hope she stops blaming Emma. Anyway Hook’s my favorite character and I love that they’re keeping the bad boy and I love how much he loves Emma. I know the road to redemption is not a smooth one and it’s good that OUAT recognizes that. Thank you again for this interview! I’m really looking forward to season 4 now!

  8. Vanessa says:

    The whole CS arc is a marvel!! I can’t see this not happening any more, how this won’t turn into this EPIC romantic story. The whole point of OUAT is basically the tale of Emma swan and how she goes from the lost girl to a life-saving hero princess… and she has her beau now by her side. I can’t wait to see Hook’s transition into modern times in his efforts to continue pleasing his lady Swan. I will DIE of joy if I see some epic ad fun Captain Charming interaction as well :)

    • Lily says:

      Emma and Hook have the potential to outdo her parents, in the epic romance department.

      • Len1 says:

        Snowing are epic! when you think they cant get more epic – they get epic, like the surprise of them sharing at heart in season 3, they are unique.
        But i always felt when Emma’s romance love story comes it will have to be up one scale to her parents (but Snowing are unique which i like) but i think overall the good thing is its different in development but with same kind of elements. Like we know Snowing and Emma & Hook somewhat have parallels with each other and i love the fact that Emma has some parallels from her parent’s love story and their journey [start out on the troll bridge/beanstalk… have that adventure, bond, punch the guys on their heads lol and took ages to accept their feelings etc)
        What i love is how Snow wanted to see Emma in her first ball/ballgown and how Charming wished to have teached her dancing – and then in the season 3 finale… Emma got to do this with Hook, have the things that her parents wanted for her, its no coincidence.

  9. Vari says:

    Thanks Matt. Love Colin, love Hook, love Hook and Emma :)
    Intrigued about his new clothes… what they will be and colour wise.
    I want Hook to obtain a boat just because thats what he loves – sailing, near water and its a great thing for him to have because however much not having the jolly roger aka his home is huge, I think we all know he doesnt regret trading it to find Emma and bring her home. He missed more.
    Imagine Hook getting a iPhone and busy texting everyone lol esp Emma

  10. Kktjones says:

    Love this interview and Colin’s insights into Hook! Can’t wait for the new season of OUAT to see how Frozen will be incorporated and how our favorites will fare. Rooting for Hook and Emma to get their happy ever after!

  11. Anna says:

    Hook in modern clothing?!? SEASON FOUR HURRY UP AND PREMIERE! The chemistry and storyline between Emma and Hook is so refreshing and such a change from the cliche previous relationship with Neal which we were spared! Emma/hook connect on such a great emotional level and Hook has proved to be such a positive force in Emma’s life. So excited for season 4!

  12. LSolanki84 says:

    Fab interview Matt. Very much looking forward to Hook’s arc in S4 and romance of Hook / Emma.
    I got a feeling it will be the internal stuff which is complicated with them and specifically concerning Emma but thats understandable:she’s just now finally letting him in.
    I adore the bit where it says “she captured his heart” <3

    • Ally says:

      Very excited for season 4 and can’t wait to see more of Hook and Emma and how their love story will further develop. I loved this show from the very beginning but Captain Swan has easily become my favorite part of it now. Also Colin has done a wonderful job portraying Captain Hook

  13. Glads says:

    Love Colin! Love Hook! Love HookxEmma! Bring on the new season!

  14. Navin says:

    I think Hook will still have that mischief bad boy in him but he isnt full on pirate but just the right amount ;)
    So intrigued about his new clothes and maybe a new jacket?
    Im all for the passion and push & pull with Hook & Emma. He loves her very much.

  15. Ria says:

    Colin is such a gem, wow. I seriously can’t wait see more of Killian Jones in Season 4!

  16. Ana says:

    Thank you Matt!!! Enjoyed this interview immensely. I’m so curious as well to see how Killian will feel trying to fit into Storybrooke, having decided that home is where Emma is, and fighting for his relationship with Emma.
    I’d love to know how Colin feels about the option of Emma being the one to fight for Killian and their love – at some point. I know lots of fans would love to see that…it would show so much growth on Emma’s part and Killian deserves to be fought for, no doubt.
    Did you ask Colin at all about whether we’ll get any more background on Killian this season? His parents and such?
    Thank you again for this interview!!! Really appreciate you providing us with all this amazing OUT scoop – especially when it’s Captain Hook related :)

  17. Ana says:

    Just one thing I was wondering about Matt: I know Killian lived the pirate life for a very long time but while the show showed him in various taverns and such, it made it VERY clear that Captain Hook – for most of his life – WAS a one-woman man. His love for Milah fueled a centuries long quest for revenge. He loved her so much he thought he’d never love again and after getting his revenge his life’s purpose would be met. That is, until he met Emma.
    So, I don’t agree with this assessment of him being a Casanova when he is shown to be capable of the deepest and most loyal love once he gives his heart away…His pursuit of Emma was so sincere and courageous. No man who doesn’t know how to truly love and commit would have won Emma’s heart. And since it’s also been established that Emma and Killian are kindred spirits, this is an area where those two are very alike as well: once they love they do it fiercely, unconditionally and wholeheartedly.
    Rant over :)

  18. AnnieM says:

    I’m not sure about the apps and texting, but I can imagine some funny scenes of Hook becoming obsessed with ‘selfies’. :-D

  19. Sarah says:

    I would think Hook’s clothes would have to come off, considering they came off just fine in season two, when he was in the hospital. If they could get Hook’s clothes off for a hospital robe, then they can get his clothes off for skinny jeans and a motorcycle jacket!!

  20. Brigid says:

    He really is adorable! What a great actor and character. I can feel everything that Hook feels and the chemistry between he and Emma is palpable. I can’t wait to see how he adapts to this modern world and how their relationship progresses.

  21. JR1 says:

    I adore Hook and Colin. Talented man!
    Im going to look forward to everything concerning Hook.
    Rooting as always for Hook/Emma #CaptainSwan. So looking forward to the next chapter into their romance
    I selfishly want Hook to wear plaid shirts coz Colin rocks in them ;)

  22. Guest says:

    Hook is so adorable…..just love him!!!!

  23. Mikael says:

    He’s so gorgeous.