Fall TV Preview

New Arrow Promo Teases Bad-Ass Thea, Tough Laurel and, Yeah, That Kiss

A new, all-too-brief promo for Arrow Season 3 has been making rounds (courtesy of our friends in the Great White North), and it offers a li’l something for nearly everyone.

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In a flurry of snippets, Oliver reminds us that there is more to learn about his past, there’s a taste of what Thea has been up to under Daddy Dearest’s tutelage, we see Laurel rough up a tough…. All of which feeds into what showrunner Marc Guggenheim says is this season’s theme: identity.

“Who are you? Are you your mask? Are you your job? Are you your relationships?” he posed during our Fall Preview Q&A. “What’s cool about it is it’s not just a theme that relates to Oliver, as our past themes have. Every member of our ensemble is dealing with this question.”

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And, yes, the promo also previews what has been all the talk of the interwebs since a lo-fi version of the video circulated — Oliver pulls a certain blonde computer whiz in for a kiss. (But why do we have the feeling said buss will get busted up, by work, “Superman” or whatevs…?)

Arrow Season 3 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 8/7c.

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  1. enri says:

    Wowza! Is it October yet?!

  2. Claire says:

    Yeah, that kiss — blazed a red hot trail through twitter! It was a stop-the-presses moment.
    You mentioned Thea and Malcom being featured as well, and this is the other story that definitely has my attention. Thea getting into the action at last is one I’ve been waiting on (besides Felicity and Oliver getting some action of course ;) ).
    Sara makes a welcome return as Black Canary as well, but one notable absence is DIGGLE! Where is Diggle? He is 1/3 of the best Team on TV and his presence in missed. What’s the scoop?

  3. Trish says:

    I’m so happy to see little Thea getting to show us what’s she’s got. It’s long overdue, I still contend Thea should have been welcomed in the lair and on Team Arrow, not Roy. That kiss!!!! Yass! This is what chemistry looks like folks. I’m so damn ready for this slowburn Oliver & Felicity romance! It’s been such a well crafted story for these two that has slowly stolen the hearts of fans since they first met in 1×3. We all expect something to happen that steals this perfection away and delays the inevitable. I can’t wait. Season 3 sounds like my perfect season. I’m only disappointed that John Diggle is not in this promo. Original Team Arrow is my reason for watching and I better see Digg doing more than changing diapers this season.

    • Claire says:

      True words! Their story is extremely well-crafted and I look forward to watching this steady progression of their relationship. Bring on S3 with the Bamford choreographed action, great stories, excellent villains and quality Team Arrow character development.

    • Lizzie says:

      I’m liking that most Olicity fans know that we are going to get a slow burn. A long tortious season but it will all be worth it. Yes and twitter, tumblr almost blew up from that small promo. But yes no diggle makes me sad. On the other hand Thea being all badass in for.

    • GildedRose says:

      Yeah last season lacked a few things and more Diggle and more Oliver/Felicity/Diggle working as a that core trio Team Arrow was on my list. Hopefully they’ll give us more of that along with Oliver/Felicity and more Felicity character development.

      • aunni says:

        david ramsy is a man of few words, so when he said in an interview that the core trio is very much responsible for arrow’s success, i also agree with him

        • kath says:

          Let’s hope he’s right, and there will be more core Team Arrow and less Lance Family Drama. The original Team Arrow of Oliver/Diggle/Felicity really is the best part of the show.

  4. MMPTomms says:

    Wow, did not expect a kiss this soon! These two have more chemistry in a 2 second clip than most TV couples have in their entire series’ run. Are they in a maternity ward? Does this mean the Digglet is coming in the first episode?

    Very happy to see Sara still kicking ass, and thrilled that Malcolm is training Thea. I can’t wait for their scenes together. But why is Laurel beating up a fella that’s already in a hospital bed with a cast on his arm? Talk about kicking a man when he’s already down.

    • Jess says:

      And there goes the Laurel hate…sigh.

      • wonderwall says:

        It’s not hate, more like an observation. And it’s a valid question. I’m hoping that she’s beating him up because lives are at stake. I truly hope the writers Do Laurel justice this season!

      • MMPTomms says:

        No hate here, that requires too much effort. Just good ol’ plain mocking!

      • Sara says:

        That wasn’t hate. They were just wondering why she was hurting someone. How is that hate? You’re the one always calling out the hate. You’re making something out of nothing and this isn’t the first time either. I’ve seen your name before.

      • Linda P says:

        I’m so tired of you people who jump to conclusions re “Laurel hate”. We can’t make any logical comments or observations about KC/Laurel idiocy w/o “Laurel lovers” jumping down our throats. Ha, ha, there I made a generalization in contrast to yours, calling you a “Laurel lover”. Oh, well, love is blind.

        • Lou says:

          Here, here! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve simply questioned Laurel’s motivations only to be called a Laurel hater. I’m really not. I just don’t understand her. I’m sick of being told otherwise.

        • Temperance says:

          The problem is: if Ollie had done that, no one would have questioned it. Just sayin’.

          • Nessie says:

            So true!

          • Briggs says:

            Ollie would have been hooded up for it, though. The reason for the hurt being put on him would need to be compelling to keep him from pressing charges for assault, seeing as Laurel is not wearing a mask at this time.

          • ANNA says:

            no one would question if Oliver did that because he is THE ARROW. He’s the super hero. Laurel is still a long way away from that.

    • Jack says:

      Going by spoilers, Arrow put him there, and Laurel’s getting the answers they need from him.

  5. Jp says:

    Bring on October 8! Can’t wait for trio + olicity

  6. kiki says:

    Badass Laurel!!!!!! I’m Herr for it :) Can’t wait for her to become Black Canary.

  7. Jane says:

    where’s diggle? I want my arrow trinity!! yes we called oliver, felicity and diggle “arrow trinity”. people come and go in team arrow but the trinity always stick together

    • GildedRose says:

      LOL I like that: Arrow Trinity!

    • Zathe says:

      If there is a “trinity” then why are you asking were the third person is.

      • wonderwall says:

        Digg is there, he’s just in the background. It’s not like he’s missing. what Jane was trying to say is she wants Digg to have more screentime and the fact that the arrow trio really make an amazing team. Even David Ramsay thinks so as he thinks the trio is the core of the show and is what makes it work.

  8. Joey Padron says:

    Good promo video for season 3! Can’t wait for the season premiere in October!

  9. That was a great promo! Oliver and Felicity – I’m so ready for this. And I’m very excited for Thea’s journey this season. Cannot wait for October 8!

  10. Shelley says:

    Can’t wait! But, where’s Diggle? Love seeing Thea badass. Love seeing Laurel with emotions and physicality. And, that kiss. Come on October.

  11. wonderwall says:

    I’m pretty sure the kiss won’t happen, any kiss that takes that long usually gets interrupted before it gets started (classic TV trope, unfortunately!). Regardless, I’m fine with waiting. I honestly can’t wait for Thea and Malcolm to begin training! There’s always been something missing with Thea and I’m glad she’s finally getting something to do and is more central to the plot.
    IDK if I would count Laurel being badass yet considering she’s only ‘beating up’ a guy with a broken arm in a hospital (which is illegal even if she’s DA or ADA so I hope it’s worth it). However, I decided to be open to any Laurel development this season.

    • Shelley says:

      I agree about the kiss being interrupted and not completed. Pure TV trope. But, love watching their emotional and passionate slow burn. Where they are does look like a hospital nursery. Hmmm! Where’s Diggle? And, Thea needed this change, because she had something building inside of her going to erupt. She’s very passionate. Thea and her dad will make a force to deal with.
      Laurel up to now, has been like cardboard, passionless. I’m glad Laurel, now, gets to have emotions and have physicality to her character. Her beating up a bad guy in a cast and hospital bed does not make one badass. But, let’s wait and see what happens. She is making progress.

      • wonderwall says:

        I think it’s premature to say that Laurel’s making progress. BUT I’m glad that she’s done crying every 2 seconds! I count that as a win lol

        And I really miss Diggle. I really hope he isn’t sidelined this season as he was last season.

        • Nicki says:

          OMG did you make me laugh with that crying comment. I thought it was just me who thought that. I do think or hope Laurel makes some positive progress this season and can’t wait for the slow burn of Olicity. Come on October.

    • Lysh says:

      I’ve seen some people say it looks like Oliver and Felicity are talking to each other, and it does look like someone is down the hall from them, so maybe they’re trying to secretly tell each other something like a warning. IDK if I could handle another fake-out and as much as I ship it, I kind of want it to be disrupted.
      I’m all for Laurel development, too! Especially with Wildcat training her.

      • wonderwall says:

        I doubt they’re just whispering to each other, that’s kind of ridiculous because I’ve never seen anyone whisper into someone’s mouth instead of their ear. But yeah, I’m all for the fakeout because I feel like they’re moving way too fast. They went from 0 to 60 in the finale, went back down to 0 then 60 again lol. I know that it’s been 8 months since the finale, but I do hope we get to see the progress of their relationship so the others who’ve only see them as friends can get acclimated to their relationship.

        • ANNA says:

          Agree, I hope it’s another fake out because I feel like it’s happening too fast! Felicity is not a flavor of the week.

      • Sara says:

        They look like they’re saying each other’s names.

  12. GildedRose says:

    Okay. Oliver and Felicity? Seriously freaking sexy together. Dang! I was not ready for that one when I saw this promo. LOL. I love them together and I think that little snippet of them together highlights why. You see Oliver with Felicity and I don’t know, something happens to his character. There’s something hopeful about the future with her in it with him. It’s sweet and romantic and I’m rooting for them.

    I know Arrow leans dark (what’s a super hero without some dark personal angst?) but at this point in time… isn’t the whole man-pain / destined to be alone, brooding, and suffering thing getting stale and eye roll worthy? It would kind of be refreshing to see Arrow do something different and actually embrace the idea of a romance and love and challenge the existing theory that superheroes can’t be happy or have a “real family” without it ending in the woman being fridged to further that man-pain. Everybody’s always complaining about tropes and formulas on tv and yet this one gets swallowed without question because, well, it’s superheroes and men so therefore… Not saying Arrow need to rush there with Oliver and Felicity. We haven’t even started the third season, but still. Eventually.

    I’m okay if the kiss gets interrupted in that moment. It just builds excitement and expectation for it at a later date, like all good couples get. But sooner or later Arrow writers will have to pay off the teases and actually follow through.

    Anyway, the rest of the promo looks great. I’m curious about the Thea/Malcolm storyline this year. I’m even looking forward to Oliver’s flashbacks, more Diggle, seeing what happened to Quentin, and definitely looking forward to the trio of Oliver/Felicity/Diggle as Team Arrow. Season 3 can’t get here fast enough.

    • Sarah says:

      Omg I couldn’t agree more. The man-pain and suffering is wearing super thin now. I can deal with it for another season and Oliver pushing Felicity away so she’s safe but he seriously better man up by the end of season 3, start of season 4. It’s obvious they’re in love with each other so dragging it out too long would just be too frustrating and boring.

      • GildedRose says:

        I think Oliver will always struggle with the dangers & realities of his life, but I’d love to see Oliver and Felicity have to deal with that together. Life is dangerous. Anything could happen to Felicity just walking into a convenience store or bank or, heck, crossing the street. NOT being with her doesn’t mean she’s safe and that’s what I want to see them realize, and I’d like to see them both fight to be together, not keep pushing away like so many other shows do. I mean, look at Iron Man. They made it work. People love Tonny & Pepper. It can be done.

  13. zac says:

    Just finished watching season 2 yesterday. I really just saw Felicity as a friend for Oliver. I don’t like that they’ll become an item. I think it’s just me. How weird.

    • wonderwall says:

      I kind of understand what you mean… After season 1 I couldn’t see these two happening at all, but season 2 changed that for me. Hopefully season 3 for you will be what season 2 was for me. And I don’t think it’s just you! I’ve seen a lot of people who only see them as friends.

    • Hmmm says:

      I don’t think it is just you. I just think that fans of the pairing are quite a bit more vocal than everyone else. I hope that the writers do not change what they had planned for the story simply based on the fact that fans of the pairing are so vocal. I see them as friends as well and am not looking forward to seeing that changed, especially if it is only being done to appease very vocal fans.

      • Briggs says:

        If writers changed their plans simply because the fanbase wants it, then Dean and Castiel would be a thing. So would Regina and Emma (who are technically related). They’re going with what works. It’s fine if you don’t agree with it, but don’t blame people who, in reality, don’t have a lot of say in the matter. Speaking from experience, I’ve had plans for a story to go a certain way, only for it to go in a completely new direction when I sit down to write it. It’s not an uncommon among writers.
        Many people have had relationships grow from friendship *in real life*. It’s actually quite common. And it’s a storyline that works. Hey, I’m not a fan of Laurel as BC, but I’m willing to give it a shot. I look forward to being pleasantly surprised.

        • Zathe says:

          Why are you assuming all the writers are the same. Obviously they are others that are actually professionals in theory, practice and spirit.

          • Briggs says:

            I never said they were the same writers, just that they weren’t listening to fans, so what makes you think the ones for Arrow are? They certainly aren’t listening to calls to write Laurel off the show or get rid of Roy, are they?

        • zac says:

          Ryan Murphy and co. begs to disagree. It’s like what the fans wanted, they get resulting to really bad episodes and plotlines.

          I think Felicity is too “good” for Oliver. I dont see them jiving as a couple romantically.

          • Briggs says:

            This conversation is based on the idea that all writers follow what the fans want, or vise versa. The recent True Blood series finale is a good example of fans being upset because the writers *didn’t* give them what they wanted, so really, it can go either way in terms of the show being bad based on whether they went along with the fans or not. All around, the finale in question got a big, fat F from viewers.
            All that being said, we’re talking about the past. I’m not prepared to call it until I see it, in this case. The writers have done some great build up, so it’ll be great to see how they play this out for the next season or two. And that goes for all the storylines, not just Oliver/Felicity. The Malcolm/Thea arc has tremendous promise, too. And is bound to affect our hero just as much, if not more than his love life would. In affect, he’s lost another family member.

          • wonderwall says:

            I don’t think it’s good to compare apples to oranges. Ryan Murphy and Co just stopped caring about the show after the third season (which is when I stopped watching the show). The writing started to suck and after Cory Monteith died, the show became a trainwreck because the original plan they had couldn’t pan out. this is actually an excellent example to why shows shouldn’t stick to plans (another example is HIMYM), circumstances change. And if you think this crappy show is what ‘fans’ wanted, then you’re quite wrong. RM and co didn’t pander to fans, they just did whatever the hell they wanted.
            Other than that, I too think that sometimes Felicity is too good for Oliver, I hope Oliver redeems himself in the third season.

  14. Sarah says:

    That kiss looks SO HOT. I can’t wait to see it in full. Olicity FTW! Also really excited about Thea’s arc and her relationship with Malcolm too. Annoyed there was nothing about Diggle though. I want some Team Arrow awesomeness!

  15. sally says:

    Oliver & Felicity kiss <333333

  16. Sarah says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE KISS!!!!!!!! OLICITY ARE K I S S I N G! I REALLY love Oliver and Felicity together. Can’t wait to see much more of them together this season and more seasons to come (AKA Forever)

  17. anya says:

    If that teaser “almost kiss” made an entire fandom have a heart attack, I don’t know what would happen if they finally moved on to more “sexy times”. We are all going to die. Stephen and Emily just oozes chemistry with each other. They could be standing in different corners of a room in a scene, far from each other, yet still have a palpable connection to each other. Their chemistry is magic.

    • aunni says:

      haha… im frm asia, when that near kiss clip first came on internet i was on lunch break. and yes i scared my boss for life(she was sitting beside me)…!!!

    • Amy says:

      That two second clip was seriously hot and gave me butterflies which is ridiculous because I’m a 30 year old woman lol! Their chemistry is amazing and palpable, I agree.

      • Meg says:

        no worries. so am I…they are the only couple on tv I so-call ship. I just hope they don’t rush their development to make way for Laurel and Oliver.

  18. aunni says:

    where is diggle….??? n dt near kiss, ummm im feeling hot….later guys

  19. Cindy says:

    Olicity Kiss!!!!! YESSS!!!! I need it to be October now! Right now!

  20. Kerri says:

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  21. Teena says:

    So excited for season 3! Can’t wait for Thea story with Malcom, Felicity’s backstory and of course Olicity.

  22. Heidi Moreno says:

    That promo looks very good with Thea in Samurai mode! And Olicity action! The one thing missing is Diggle. I hope the writers realize Team Arrow is the heart and soul of the show and don’t sideline Diggle or Felicity like they did in the second part of S2. It seemed they had a plan but forgot about it along the way (ep15-19/20) just to get back to it with Oliver saying “It started with the 3 of us, it’s time we get back to that” to Laurel. Arrow is a good show, but with Team Arrow it becomes a great show.
    Anyways, I’m pretty excited about F/O getting closer, and even though I’m pretty sure they won’t really get together until next season, I’m excited about the new dynamic it will bring to the team once their feelings are acknowledged. They might not be a couple right away but they won’t be able to act as if nothing happened and I can’t wait for the tension in the lair!! October can’t come soon enough!

  23. Amber says:

    Where’s Diggle? I need my Team Arrow. Huge YES to Thea/Malcom can’t wait for that storyline. I’m pretty sure the OLICITY is going to be the death of me. I think the kiss happens – we already had a fake out and we know that they will put the brakes on the romance after the date, I think this is to give us a taste. I’m all for the slow burn for them – I want them to continue to grow as individuals and as partners this season. They are my Epic Romance of Arrow so when they get together I want them to stay together, I’m thinking Season 4 to the End. Happy to see Sara and really hoping she brings Nyssa with her. I really enjoyed Team Arrow/Nyssa team up and I want more the relationship between Sara/Nyssa. The only thing I’m not excited about is Laurel. I did not like the way she was introduced to the team last year or how she worked with them last year (it seemed to require some dumbing down of all the characters). That being said, I’m more hopeful I will enjoy her character this year because of a couple things: the seemed to have let go of O/L completely (yea for both characters) and she will be in the know but helping the team from the DAs office (I consider that an ally of Team Arrow, but not a member – I don’t think thats been earned at this point). If they could just confirm to me that we won’t be losing Sara to further Laurel’s development; Sara is my Canary/BC and it would be even harder then it already is for me accept Laurel in that place if I have to give up one of my favorites.

  24. Ella says:

    Honestly, I see now chemistry whatsoever between Oliver and Felicity. Not jumping on the bandwagon, they’re totally forced and uncomfortable.

    • Briggs says:

      What bandwagon? This is one of maybe two comments of it’s type I’ve seen in this thread. Which means that there’s a different clip you have to have watched, because the rest of us who are commmenting saw the chemistry loud and clear. I get that not everyone wants to see them together, but when there’s such a great disparity between those that do and don’t see the chemistry, the problem is obviously not with the pairing itself.

      • Hmmm says:

        The felicity and Oliver bandwagon.

        • wonderwall says:

          Eh, there are many bandwagons in the fandom. There’s the Lauriver one, Sara becoming BC one, Laurel becoming BC one etc. Not everyone will be on the same bandwagon, and that’s cool. And honestly, no one is forcing anyone to be on any bandwagon. Just sayin’

          • aunni says:

            where is libby when u need her? oh they only appears to provoke olicity shippers bt when o/l fan like hmm,dude appears, libby become blind.

          • Briggs says:

            I think LIbby has undergone enough abuse. I wouldn’t be surprised if she left after getting harrassed for merely saying she liked Laurel and *not* bashing anyone else’s faves in the same breath. I’d be the one sending her off to the spa for a week after all that. If that’s how we treat new members to the fandom, I’m not surprised it’s the same people posting over and over again.

          • wonderwall says:

            Since when did we not allow people to have their own opinions? It’s just extremely sad to see this happen on both sides of the fandom. I can’t even go into IMDB without being called delusional… I honestly think the people who do the ‘hating’ and ‘bashing’ are just tweens who think they hold all the power because they have a keyboard and the internet… Poor Libby :/

  25. Federica says:

    This is going to be the best season of the best-show-ever….wow! I’m excited about literally everything: Thea’s arc story , the new banter that Oliver will have whit Laurel ( i love her, just not whit Oliver ) ,Felicity’s backstory will be shown ( finally ), Diggle being a dad and Roy will bring so much sass to the TEAM ARROW that I’m already giggling, and last but not least …. Olicity slow burn, it’s gonna be awesome…Omg….BRING IT ON! IS IT OCTOBER YET????

  26. That kiss (almost kiss?) is so sweet and hot and everything I expect from Oliver and Felicity. I’m so excited for Season 3 to see their relationship deepen even more. I really love the way the writers have developed this romance. So natural, with that amazing explosive chemistry just bubbling beneath the surface.

    Thea’s journey is intriguing me as well. Love Barrowman; I know he’ll rock as Malcolm. Can’t wait to see his faceoff with Oliver.

    This promo would have been even better if it included a glimpse of John Diggle. I’m really interested in seeing what the show does with HIVE, ARGUS, Digglet and Lyla. I really hope the original Team Arrow stays front and center this season. They’re the show’s strength, IMO.

  27. A says:

    Oh my goodness. Just when I thought I could not be any more excited about a TV couple… Arrow struck gold when they brought Felicity on to guest star in season 1. I can’t wait for season 3!

  28. Briggs says:

    I admit, the kiss has me excited. :) It would be nice to watch Oliver chase after Felicity for a change, and after the kiss gets interrupted (as it surely will) that might be what happens. Women come to Oliver much too easily; make him work for it. :) That being said, seeing Oliver initiate *something* is good, too…
    I was wondering if that was Thea, it was brief enough I couldn’t tell. Can’t wait to see what’s up, there. Especially since there’s an ep that has a ‘scene two years in the making’ between Oliver and Malcolm early in the season. I want to see Oliver’s reaction to Alive!Malcolm.
    Laurel getting something to do is a good change. If she gets top billing next to Oliver, she needs something substantial to do. Though I would have loved some footage with her and Wildcat. They must be saving that.
    Speaking of saving footage, I’m sure the absence of Daddy Diggle means that it’s going to be good. Personally, I’m glad the poor actress playing Lyla might not have to simulate a nine-month pregnancy (if Oliver and Felicity are indeed in a hospital). I’m sure the ‘bump’ doesn’t weight too much, but if we go straight to baby, then all she has to do is simulate tiredness and maybe labor.

  29. Jay says:

    This show is consistently the most fun and entertaining thing on TV. My wife has now started buying comic books, I have jumped on the Olicity ship, and this is our favorite thing to watch together. Can’t wait to see more Barrowman and the increased badassery of Thea and Laurel. Season 3 looks like it’s going to be great.

  30. Belle says:

    I must admit I was afraid going beyond friendship btwn Felicity and Oliver might feel awkward (kinda like how I felt about Oliver and Sara) but seeing that kiss (or almost kiss)? Wow. No worries here. Very excited to see them develop that relationship further. It was a slow build in S2 from “good friends” to “I’d kill to protect you” to “I trust you to bring down Slade.” So, I like that they will make clear Oliver’s feelings.

    • Lou says:

      I was the same. I’ve always thought they had amazing chemistry but I did wonder if it would translate. I worried that it would be awkward. I have no more worries now! That brief clip was full of sexual chemistry. I feel stupid for even worrying! Now I can’t wait to see how things develop. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

  31. Wish there was more Laurel in the trailer. She seems poised for such a compelling personal journey this season and has been one of the most layered and dynamic characters on the show. Katie Cassidy really rocked it last year with her powerful portrayal of a character who is drowning but ultimately fighting her way to the surface; her acting was top notch.

    Hopefully as this show proceeds this season and the subsequent ones we’ll get to see all of the characters change and grow in ways that lead them in new directions and expand their, and viewers’, notions of what is right and possible for these characters. I want this show, its relationships, and its characters to be protean: Relationships can be tested and in flux. Laurel can become Black Canary. And the Arrow team can continue to expand from the team of one it started as to a team of many (with the likes of Laurel and Roy) all finding their home together as heroes with unique gifts to contribute to the benefit of each other as friends and to the public as protectors.

    Most of all, though, I wish that the ARROW fandom would learn from the history of SMALLVILLE and its fandom. All too often I see the same animosities and camps develop, and the same mistaken assumptions being made at too early a stage in the show’s development. Be patient. Be kind.

    • Lou says:

      I think they’re saving the Laurel stuff for the show so it’s a surprise, like the inevitable training with Wildcat.

    • Carla Krae says:

      +1. I’ve seen too many shipper wars on shows gone by. So over it.

    • Boston2AZ says:

      ” Katie Cassidy really rocked it last year with her powerful portrayal of a character who is drowning but ultimately fighting her way to the surface; her acting was top notch.” Wow. We were certainly watching different feeds of Arrow. Wish I had been seeing yours because she was pretty awful in mine.

      • kiki says:

        Roll eyes. When u are able to cry on screen every second, and I mean real tears not scrunching up your face like certain actors on this show do then come back to men Katie was amazing last season.

        • wonderwall says:

          Okay I think we should all cool down here. Nothing Boston2AZ said wasn’t wrong. it was his/her interpretation of season 2 and he was simply stating his opinion. No need to throw shade for someone looking at things differently. Come on now…

          • So nice of you to only back up Boston2AZ for an opinion that “wasn’t wrong. it was his/her interpretation of season 2,” as you describe it, but not mine. Except my opinion wasn’t wrong either; yet Boston2AZ felt it necessary to rationalize my opinion as only capable of existing if I had been watching a different show (translate: I was seeing something that objectively did not exist). Anyway, I’ll restate that Katie Cassidy is a good actress who did well with the meaty material she was given, and yes, that’s my opinion based on watching the same show as everybody else here. Sorry if I refuse to conform to the Laurel/Cassidy hate that is so trendy among the vile ARROW fandom.

            You know, I didn’t even state in my original post any dislike of any other characters/actresses or relationships on the show. If this is the kind of reaction praise for an actress/character gets, then I’m not sure I want to be a part of this fandom. I’m quite new to it, really, having only caught up on the show this summer, and I thought it would be fun to see what the fandom was like. Boy, was I in for an unpleasant surprise. The actors are so wonderful and friendly with each other and fans, but fans are brutal to each other and the actors. It’s a toxic community that should be ashamed of itself.

          • wonderwall says:

            I apologize for offending you or anyone. Maybe I read Boston’s post a little differently because I didn’t see any hate or condescending tone there. Maybe you did? IDK But I did get that sense in Kiki’s post. As much as I don’t think Boston was in the wrong, I don’t think you’re wrong either. I’m happy that you liked Laurel and saw something others didn’t. I’m just not a fan of throwing shade at PEOPLE and their OPINIONS.
            Fandoms (especially ones in CW) tend to be quite wild with bad seeds on either side. Again, I apologize for offending you, but I won’t apologize for defending someone who has a right to say how they feel (as long as it’s in a non-vitriolic way). Arrow is the first fandom I’ve ever been in, and while in the beginning it’s quite a shock to the system, you get used to it.
            And to be honest, I don’t really care if you like KC. Good for you that you do though! I’m more indifferent towards her but I guess we’re all allowed to have different opinions on things.

    • Briggs says:

      Everyone should be as even-handed as you, Libby. The show does a good job of showing how everything is connected without letting one aspect overshadow the others. They spend just as much time on interpersonal relationships as they do on the action segments. Each character has (or will have) their own plot. I look forward to Felicity backstory just as much as Wildcat for Laurel or Thea and Merlyn. Because at the end of the day, it all fits together in one big puzzle.
      I think the fandom could stand to act more like the show. But I recognize that others perceive the show differently.

      • Trish says:

        Frankly, I think that whole speech was nothing more than grand standing. No one barely mentioned her in this comment section or if they did, it wasn’t anything nasty or mean. Maybe that was the whole point, people were raving about positive things they were looking forward to and there wasn’t enough about Laurel. Insert one of her fans with a woe is me plea that kills the positive vibe that was going. That is getting so old. So what if people don’t like her or want to talk about her. Ignore it.

        • Briggs says:

          *rolls eyes* And this comment is supposed to help? Honestly, I saw absolutely nothing wrong in her post, and she said nothing nasty about any other char, even adding in that we should be nicer *as a fandom*. She wasn’t singling anyone out, instead making a point to mention how nasty the Smallville fandom had been. The biggest offenders are those that ‘champion’ one or other of two love interests, and it needs to stop. Maybe, instead of shoving the olive branch back in her face, accept it gracefully?

          • Trish says:

            Or she can maybe just post about the show and stop bashing the fans and pointing her righteous finger of indignation toward real people over a fictional character. I don’t know, just a thought. Again, somehow I knew this thread couldn’t make it for long without the usual, “Leave Britney, er, Laurel alone” posts when NO ONE really said anything.

          • Briggs says:

            She just posted agan, minutes before your last post to me. Seeing as this is not my fight, I’m stepping out. You want to continue this argument? Respond to her. She’s got something to say that you should read.

        • Nothing about my comment was “woe is me.” I didn’t complain about Laurel having less than other characters. I just said I wished she had more in the trailer, but that’s because I like her and wanted to have more teased for me. It wasn’t because I disliked what I saw in the rest of the trailer or wanted anyone or anything else get less attention in exchange. But, hey, keep on doing that reactionary nastiness that made me hate this fandom from the start. It’s so hard for so many of you to step out of battle mode to consider just for a second that someone might actually just like Laurel and not in comparison or to the detriment of anyone or anything else on the show. You’re so entrenched that you have the gall to suggest that my one comment killed the positive vibe in this comment section? Please. Grow up. Lighten up.

          I said what I said about the SMALLVILLE fandom because of what I’ve seen elsewhere in the online ARROW fandom. The behavior you just exhibited? Classic behavior of the types of fans who used to hate on the female characters on SMALLVILLE. I was a member of the SMALLVILLE fandom, and I’m telling you from experience that this type of fandom behavior ends up spoiling things for everyone.

    • Amber says:

      In terms of not showing more Laurel, I think its because they are trying to generate the most buzz possible for the premiere. Love her or Hate her, Laurel is a very divisive character for the Arrow fandom. She isn’t going to lead the promotion, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be given her own arc. The show is going into the third season, that isn’t to early for characters to be established, in fact the leads should be the ones we understand the most. Katie Cassidy had some fantastic moments last seasons, but a character needs more than a good actor to work. The writers have to create a foundation for the character and they haven’t accomplished it for me. Maybe they will and this is Laurel’s season to come into her own, but I only accept change when I understand it and that is what the writers have to do this season. The have to give me a reason to want to see Laurel with Team Arrow and the Black Canary. I also want to comment on your worry over Arrow become Smallville; I hate wars in the fandom and must often I see them when others take things personally. Instead of a discussion it becomes an attack. People are allowed to love the characters and relationships that they want too and people are allowed to dislike the characters and relationships they want too. It doesn’t make their opinion any less valid or them any less of a fan. So yes, Be Kind.

      • Amber, while I appreciate your effort, I wasn’t looking for an explanation or a justification for Laurel’s minimal role in the trailer. My complaint wasn’t a judgment or censure of the powers that be for designing their trailer based on some faulty rationale that assumes Laurel isn’t worthy. I don’t believe that. My comment was only meant to convey that I like Laurel and thus wanted to see more. I agree with you, though, that Laurel’s still a work in progress. That’s why I like her, though. She keeps me in suspense in a variety of areas of her character from her career, to her friendships, to her familial relationships, to her romantic relationships, to her iconic destiny. She’s also in a unique position on the show as one of the few characters who’s in a more traditional or ordinary civilian capacity, which is likely to change, but at the moment allows her to fill a really special niche that only her father, Detective Lance, has filled. So, she excites me because she’s so full of potential, and my experience as a SMALLVILLE fan has given me wisdom about being patient and hopeful when it comes to watching a character achieve his or her potential over time despite rough starts and obstacles. I’d much rather be positive and open-minded, because it just makes the whole experience as a viewer and as a fan more enjoyable. Anyway, thanks again for your kindness and understanding. It was refreshing.

  32. Marlene says:

    Gaaah I can’t wait till Olicity shakes up my screen with their sheer Olicitiness!

  33. hatorl says:

    bARROWman!!!! Yes! I can’t wait to see what is going on between Thea and daddy Merlyn!

  34. Cindy says:

    Was surprised and happy to see the olicity kiss. I know it won’t really end well though, but I love seeing these 2 together.Can’t wait for October.

  35. Trish says:

    Did I forget to mention that I need lots and lots of that fantastic trio or Arrow trinity that made me adore this show? My Holy Trinity of Oliver/Diggle/Felicity? Because this is a must! Visitors are welcome, but these three are precious commodities. I’m hoping season 3 is so well balanced that I can find a way to love all characters on Arrow. Because if they can’t win me over this season, there’s little chance for it to happen down the line. 38 days folks! 38 days! Bring it!

  36. Maria says:

    they don’t actually kiss in the promo…so my money is that they actually don’t kiss

  37. Carla Krae says:

    I’m not a fan of the Olicity stuff happening now and I’ll tell you why – Oliver was in love with Sara, like, yesterday. Had asked her to move into a place with him. Moving in to dating another girl only a couple months later is rebound. REBOUND. In the past, we already know he went from Laurel to Shado to Sara, and who knows who else since he assumed Sara was dead before he got back to town. And we know how many girls there have been in the present on the show.
    So really, Oliver has to learn how to be a fully-functioning adult alone before he can ever be a good boyfriend, and he’s too old at this point to not start figuring that out. He’s only going to keep breaking hearts going on like this…..including his own.

    • Amber says:

      I agree, Oliver needs to grow up first. He took a massive step backwards with Sara (and I love Sara but I didn’t love O/S), though I don’t believe he was ‘in love’ with Sara. I think his relationship was about comfort and it was low-risk (and for Lance Drama Ugh). Which is why I’m glad that they are putting the brakes on Felicity and Oliver after the premiere, to allow for that. One of my favorite interviews from Comic Con was Stephen Amell saying that Felicity would be the only woman in Oliver’s life this season (and I’m hoping beyond), that introducing other love interests would undermine what Oliver feels for Felicity. That is going to show huge growth for Oliver this season and I’m excited and relieved they are taking that approach. Side note: I wouldn’t call Felicity a rebound, the premiere takes place 6/8 months after the season finale.

  38. keyshawn says:

    Well, I for one like Felicity as a character and I am dumbfounded by some of the writing for Oliver. I don’t consider it a “love story” when you sleep with every woman in town and flaunt it in front of me knowing I have feelings for you, and the woman then waits around like a faithful puppy for her chance to be noticed.! I personally want Felicity with anyone BUT Oliver. I see more chemistry with Felicity and Diggle than I do Oliver, but that’s just me. I just hope the show focuses on the enemies, fighting and friendships and less on the romance..

    • wonderwall says:

      to each their own! I sort of agree with you. They weren’t written as though it was a ‘love story’. They were written as friends until the finale. I mean, I’ve seen this stuff happen in real life all the time, one minute you’re friends then bam! The next minute you’re crushing on that person really hard. I like to think that when Oliver said “I love you” to Felicity was the moment he realized he had real feelings for her that have been developing ever since they met (although he was probably oblivious to it all). It’s the type of love that probably snuck up on him and it’s not an uncommon thing! I just hope that they develop their relationship will in season 3.

      I personally saw Felicity/Diggle have more of a bromance (best bromance currently on the show imo). But like I said, to each their own :)

      And I agree, I hope the show remains focused on the villains and the fighting more than petty romantic drama that leads to nowhere.

  39. rachelle says:

    OMG. TV gods, please bless us with Olicity!!

  40. Foshi says:

    Whoa, kissy times a commin!!! Can’t wait! That kiss looks hot and I love how Felicity brings balance humour and lightness to an otherwise darkly toned show. I NEED my team Arrow trinity back on my screen ASAP.

  41. jj says:

    I maybe in the minority. I have no interest in Oliver with Felicity.

  42. Jared says:

    Arrow S3 cant come soon enough! October seems so far away.

  43. Sparky says:

    Kinda wished they hadn’t shown their kiss in this promo in case I build it up too much and it doesn’t live up to it. Hopefully I’m wrong. Also really looking forward to Thea’s arc. Under John Barrowmans tutelage it’s got to be good!!! Why isn’t it Oct 8 yet!!!!!

  44. Anna says:

    I wish they hadn’t spoiled the kiss, coz I would have LOVED to be surprised…but I am so excited for the show to explore Olicity and Thea. I wish there was some Diggle footage too…and some Diggle spoilers!

  45. Ashley says:

    Very, very excited for Season 3! I’m intrigued by the new direction for Thea’s character and for Ra’s Al Ghul, and of course I love Oliver & Felicity together! Can’t wait to see things develop between them.

  46. Hodan says:

    Loved it! I can’t wait for this and more Olicity goodness. Seriously though, who is going to play Ra’s Al Ghul?

  47. ANNA says:

    i wish they hadn’t of released the kiss. i would have liked to had been genuinely surprised.

  48. indigovine says:

    Olicity chemisty is out-of-this-world! The promo Olicity Kiss looks amazing! Can’t wait! Super excited about Hong Kong flashbacks too!

  49. jayjahara43 says:

    they will be showing felicitys past can’t wait