'True Blood' Finale Week

True Blood Finale Poll: Once and for All, Does Sookie Belong With Bill or Eric?

Life is full of difficult choices: Soup or salad? Paper or plastic? Ice water or donation? But with only four days until True Blood‘s series finale, TVLine is asking you to make the hardest choice of all: Bill Compton or Eric Northman?

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Though Sunday’s finale appears to be all about Bill, it’s entirely possible Sookie could end up with Eric — or no one at all — by the end of the hour. (Before you disagree, just remember: She suddenly got back together with Alcide at the end of the Season 6 finale. Alcide!)

True Blood Series FinaleTHE CASE FOR BILL | Sookie and Bill have faced their fair share of ups and downs — I’d qualify him turning into a bloody, naked vampire god and trying to kill her as a “down” moment — but he was also her first love. And despite being a blood-guzzling member of the undead community, he’s also a total Southern gentleman, the kind of guy you could bring home to mom. Or dad. Or… grandma? (Wow, the Stackhouse herd really has thinned out, hasn’t it?) And you kind of have to forgive Bill for lying to Sookie about his initial intentions. After all, did we not forgive Freddie Prinze Jr. at the end of She’s All That? I think we can all agree that Bill and Sookie’s love story is essentially just the vampire version of that movie.

True Blood Series FinaleTHE CASE FOR ERIC | Eric may have spent his 1,000+ pre-Sookie years as a murderous whoremonger — and to be fair, he still indulges occasionally — but meeting Sookie changed him. “I care about very few people in this world,” he told her last week. “A small handful of vampires and you.” The show hasn’t devoted too much attention to the Sookie-Eric dynamic in recent seasons, but every time he’s shown up at her doorstep over the past few weeks, her face has lit up. In fact, Eric has always been there to comfort Sookie whenever Bill broke her heart — like when he willingly drank Lillith’s blood and died, or when he refused to drink Sarah’s, effectively signing his own death warrant. Eric may never again return to his cuddly Season 4 form, but at least what you see is what you get. Honest to a fault, he might just be the Viking vampire of Sookie Stackhouse’s dreams.

Now that you’ve seen your options, it’s time to make Sophie’s Sookie’s choice:

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  1. Stella says:

    Sookie brings death so she can have Bill and leave Eric alone (or better being awesome with Pam)

  2. Manu says:

    Sookie and Bill can both just jump off a cliff. does anyone like them anymore besides those insane writers? i ended up just skipping their scenes and i have a feeling the finale will be as horrible as HIMYM

  3. Annoyed says:

    Neither. Can she just sacrifice herself for the greater good of Bon Temps? She’s the worst TV show heroine ever. It’s only been days since Alcide died, and she’s already slept with Bill again and is making googly eyes at Eric. Good grief.

    • Tom says:

      This. Would be the best ending ever if she died.

    • anom says:

      Completely agree. The writing is just nails on a chalkboard at this point. For awhile I thought it was Paquin’s acting that I didn’t like (still don’t), but Sookie is just really a poorly written/unbelievable character and has been from the beginning.

      • Totally on board with all of you. I have a friend who enthusiastically ships Sookie and Eric and I’m all like, why, why bother, why does it matter? The whole anguish over choosing a boyfriend being your driving story factor is Twilight territory. What makes it even worse is how stupid and annoying Sookie has been. The way the season started a couple years ago with Eric declaring, “F*** Sookie!” was my favorite thing to ever happen on the show. So, if two people need to be together, let it be Bill and Eric. They were a good team and they didn’t nearly explore that dynamic as much as they should have.

      • icemanus says:

        The only thing that kept some folks coming back was Paquin’s salacious nudity or to see who she was going to spread ’em for next. She is such a whore and she can’t act her way out of a paper bag. I have no idea what happened to that little girl in The Piano.

        While we are on the subject of the writers, I do believe that Charlene Harris’s books are a damn site better than what these writers put out. The first season they pretty much followed the story line in the first book, but after that, not so much. If you haven’t done so, give yourself a treat and read the books (11 I think), they are so much better.

      • margifish says:

        The sad thing is Sookie is a much, MUCH better written character in the books >__> TV Sookie is…blah. And ‘Beel’ isn’t blown up to be all that and a bag of chips in the books, she dumps him and he rightly fades into the background, and Eric is her huge love interest for most of the books….before the stupid ending ~_~; TV Bill “As long as I’m on this earth she’ll never love another man”. REALLY Bill? Ego much?

      • Jewels says:

        She’s not the best character in the books either…lol

    • She truly is. She is the stupid Horror Movie Girl taken to extreme and ridiculous levels. If I have to slap my head and say “Oh good gods, Sookie” one more time, I’m going to go off the deep end.

    • rawley says:

      I like this plan! Yes yes yes! She never deserved Alcide.

  4. Dave says:

    It’s so obvious that she has to end up with eric, he never betrayed her and has always been faithful to himself and to the people he loves…bill got crazy so many times…the chemistru between the two of them is wonderful and when they have a love scene it looks so perfect…if she wont end up with eric i hope she will choose herself again and leave bon temps for good for a fresh start…this thing about “loving the first love” is so unreal and stupid…

  5. James says:

    She needs to end up alone! Why the need for her to have a man?

  6. Hmm says:

    There should be a non-team-Sookie “neither” option, as she deserves to end up alone. Maybe Bill and Eric can ride off into the sunset together and say “forget this chick who toyed with us for too many seasons.” BROS.

  7. Ashley says:

    If you are really “Team Sookie” you should NOT be Team Bill. Bill is a selfish, self-involved, manipulative, melodramatic narcissist. He takes away Sookie’s choice & draws out his death, making sure Sookie remains entwined with him, drawing her into his pit of death. He could simply leave her and move to another country after taking the cure, or be like Godric and die without a show or expecting you loved ones to be dragged down with you. Nothing he’s doing is for Sookie, it’s for himself. His words say one thing, his actions say another. He wants her Sookie tied to him until the very end. And he has to drag Eric into it and try and make sure to keep Eric away from Sookie by giving him b.s. about them being “darkness” when that is a load of crap. There are plenty of vampire/human relationships that are healthy, and Eric truly and selflessly loves Sookie, even talking to Bill for her despite his feelings. Bill is the darkness and anyone who cares about Sookie shouldn’t support him with her.

    • Dave says:

      You are soooooooo right

    • Pam says:

      Okay Eric Fangbanger…

    • Kendra says:

      Thank you! I don’t care if you love or hate Sookie, Bill was a manipulative bastared. Before season one episode one was finished I didn’t like him. I kept getting the vibe he didn’t like Sookie and was putting on a show like he was fine with her when she was around. I tried to give him a chance, I chalked it all up to the actor’s acting, but it just seemed like Bill hated Sookie and was hiding it. I even got the feeling like he was purposely trying to make her like him while secretely finding her annoying. Now, he didn’t have to like her, but it was shady the way he acted around her. Of course, by season three it’s all cleared up, but I spent all of season one and two going “What’s up with this guy? Does he really care about her? Why would he pretend to like someone he doesn’t? Is it all in my head?” And then after the reveal in season three, I couldn’t wrap my head around how her love for him could be real. I could see his love for her by then, but she didn’t really “know him.” She fell in love with the guy he pretended to be to win her trust and use her. Not his actual personality (which seemed just as sneaky and manipulative as all the vampires Sookie expressed to hate, if not more so) but his disguise. I would have been fine with them if Sookie had gotten to know him and then decided if she loved him or not. As they stand, Bill is abusive and manipulative. He may really love her, but he’s toxic to her.
      As for Sookie, I hope she finds a balance between her head and her heart. If that leads her to being alone, then so be it, to Eric, so be it, to Sam, so be it. But I see no way she should honestly choose Bill. Not if she took five minutes to really think about it.

  8. sal says:

    Sookie belongs with Eric, but Buckner will either keep her with Beel to kiss up to Paquin and Moyer (they have a production deal with HBO) or have her randomly end up with Sam after they kill off Nicole in childbirth to kiss up to Harris (who has a cameo as a “director” with Skarsgard and Bauer van Straten in the series finale).

  9. Tina says:

    Here’s my spin on the final episode:

    The Yakuzi show up at Sookie’s house and *shockhorrornotrealy* end up killing Sookie. Bill then has no need to be all honourable and self sacrifising, and saves himself by drinking from the fountain that is Sarah Newlin. The pair bond over their Messia complexes and an unlikely love story unfolds. They end up happily ever after someplace far far away.

    Eric forgets about Sookie as fast as she forgot about Alcide. He and Pam demolish the Yakuzi (with the help of Ginger, who is ace with a gun btw) and workes New Blood like the pros they are. We get a spin off with the two of them aka everyones favourite characters and the horror that is TB final season is soon nothing but a distant memory.

    Too far fetched?

  10. Jose says:

    TBH I see her ending up alone or with Bill…. Or they’ll throw an out of nowhere ending that will please no one (looking at you HIMYM) …. But since Alan Ball loves Bill and even the source material is against Sookie ending up with a Vamp im saying no one

  11. NP says:

    Um, neither. She belongs with Sam like in the books…

    • Ilovesmesomeeric says:

      And Sam can abandon his child, just like he was abandoned.

      And Sookie can be all like,”Let’s take it slow”, and then they bone right away. Like in the books.

      • Cas says:

        OMG I hope this isn’t really how it happened. I was always going to read the books but ever since I found out that Sookie ends up with Sam I have no desire too. Strange because at first I wanted Sookie with Sam instead of Bill, but then Eric came along and ever since I’ve always thought they belonged together.

  12. Lololol Bill as if, he is nothing but a drama queen. As for Sam zzzzzzzzzz/condensending, almost as bad as in the books, of which the last two were garbage, stupid author sunk her own series, snort. Eric would be the man/vamp she should end up with, had she two braincells to rub together. As in the books Sookie has been written as an idiotic/bigoted piece of white trash. She should either die for being such a waste to the fans or end up alone, wearing a sign warning men away from her moronic tendencies.

  13. Ginger says:

    My heart will always say Eric even though the writer seem to disagree. It would have been a dream ending, but I don’t think it’s meant to be :( Very disappointing when Eric was the big fans choice.

  14. Eliza says:

    I’ve never been into Sookie & Bill. Not for a hot second. So, it wouldn’t bring me any satisfaction for them to end up together.
    I did love the idea of Sookie & Eric and thoroughly enjoyed when they were together. But, now, Idk about them being ultimate endgame. It has been ruined by the ‘true love Bill’ nonsense.
    I will say if I were Sookie Stackhouse it wouldn’t be a hard choice at all – The hot 6’4″ Viking wins all day, every day :)

  15. pandora403 says:

    Biggest laugh of all. Sookie winds up with Sam at the end of the book series.

  16. christine says:

    She doesnt deserve Eric

  17. Anwenn says:

    I think on True Blood it’s been geared so Bill and Sookie belong together and in the books, Sookie and Eric belonged together until Charlaine Harris lost focus and the series abruptly ended with Sookie and Sam together which didn’t seem to make anyone happy.

    I think Eric is getting the popular vote on True Blood because fans like Eric more – I know I do but I don’t want to see him with Sookie or anybody at the moment.

    • Christi says:

      Once the show became a big hit, Harris changed her entire style of writing and the books were never the same. The ending of the last book came completely out if the blue and did not fit at all.

  18. S says:

    I loved Eric and Sookie but at this point I can’t even take a poll like this serious and also does she even deserve our sexy viking? No. The writers blew it. She’ll end up with Beel. They destroyed TB. It is sad what it has become. Eric and Pam have been the best thing about the ending…

  19. Tata says:

    Honestly, Sookie should just drive some nice place. Like the nearest cliff. And take douche Bill with her.

  20. Daisy says:

    Vicariously I want her with Eric but logically she should choose neither. But yeah, Eric for sure.

  21. After having read all of Charlaine’s books, and such a horrible ending with Sam/Sookie together……I will feel completely betrayed by the show’s writers if they do not give an Eric/Sookie ending. They know the reason that fans were outraged was because 3/4 of the book series were all about Sookie and Eric’s relationship. Bill never stood a second chance with Sookie after he betrayed her. So a second betrayal to the fans will not go over well. After watching the preview of, “Thank You”, however, it doesn’t seem like we are going to get the ending we want. Everything is leading up to Bill being her true love, and either she dies with him, he heals and turns her, or she mourns his death and takes Eric as second fiddle. It would have been nice to see Sookie and Eric’s relationship come back to life over a season vs. the last show, if that is where they go this week. Again, highly unlikely. Of course, this opinion won’t go over well with Bill fans, but I know many Eric fans out there who will agree.

  22. My theory all season….Bill dies, Eric has to leave for whatever reason….Sookie doesn’t want to be with anyone because she doesn’t want to cause anyone pain any longer, and that’s the end. I said it at the beginning of the season, and I’m sticking to it. It’s looking more like Eric will have unfinished business with the Yakuza to take care of, which is why he’ll leave.

  23. sunny says:

    I’d qualify him turning into a bloody, naked vampire god and trying to kill her as a “down” moment — but he was also her first love.

    Yeah because Bill being her first love cancels out him trying to kill her. /extreme sarcasm

  24. sunny says:

    Eric may have spent his 1,000+ pre-Sookie years as a murderous whoremonger

    Umm..what does that make Bill, the ACTUAL HUMAN TRAFFICKER in this story? TV line, you’ve got some serious issues.

  25. Lauren says:

    Well I’m a huge Eric fan. And scenes between Sookie and Eric have always gotten me. But they’ve pretty much ruined Sookie the last 2 seasons. So bc I love Eric so much I am really hoping that he doesn’t end up with her. I’d love for him and Pam to get a happily ever after.

  26. javadude54 says:

    Sookie belongs with someone who isn’t dead.

  27. Eric7740 says:

    BIll is the one you go home to everyday and occasionally have good sex with! Eric is the one you keep on speed-dial and always have great, hot sex with him anytime you can!!! Plan and simple, BIll would be faithful and true, Eric would try for a bit, but eventually stray.

    • WTActualF says:

      Bill and faithful don’t belong together in the same sentence. He already cheated on her with Lorena, plus all the lies, attempted rape etc.

      Yeah, Bill is the worst.

  28. frog212 says:

    My prediction is Sookie is dying so that Bill turns her into a vampire. Then they stay alive/undead together.

    The way Eric was describing how he was just drawn to her b/c of her blood made me think that Eric wasn’t in love with her but her blood.

    • Lindilu says:

      Eric didn’t say he was drawn to Sookie for her blood. What show are you watching? It was Bill who said he (they because he had to lump Eric into it) were drawn to her because she was fae. He said that during the conversation when he also said he lied, threatened, and almost raped her. Yeah, Bill’s a keeper. Also, James and Kevin seem to have no problem avoiding Sookie, so Bill is really just talking about himself and projecting. Bill is the one drawn to her for her blood and her faeness.

      • LW says:

        And the ‘almost raped’ nonsense was pathetic Buckner retcon.
        Does that fool not remember that we actually HAVE paid attention?
        That graveyard scene WAS rape, Moyer acknowledged it in an earlier interview.
        In fact, considering the blood roofie he got into Sookie via the redneck beating, every sexual act with Bill was rape.
        No free will thanks to his blood = no consent = rape.

        • Kendra says:

          That’s something that bothered me too. I think I would have gotten majorly ticked off the moment I realized what vampire blood did if my supposedly loving boyfriend gave me a heaping dose of the stuff the day after we met. Sure, he was saving her life, but he didn’t warn her *then.* He didn’t tell her at that moment that vamp blood would make her sexuallly attracted to him until it was out of her system. He took advantage of her. I would have been yelling and calling the relationship to a halt the moment I found out. At the very least she needed to insist she needed time to get her head on straight to figure out how she really felt about Bill before continueing in a relationship with him.

  29. I have never seen a creative team being so ignorant as much as this TB creative team. We love Eric for Sookie not just because he’s 1000 times hotter than Bill but because the naration! Sookie always changed into her worst self everytime she’s with Bill, stupid, condescending, and weak. While being with Eric apparently made her more stronger, smarter, and fun to watch. If the writers and Mrs. and Mr. Paquin think most fans are so thrilled about this BS true love, they’re absolutely having a delusion.

  30. CBWBDK1 says:

    I hope she dies.

  31. Jared says:

    Ive been a True Blood fan since the beginning but this final season is leaving a lot to be desired. At this point I dont care who Sookie ends up with.

  32. Alicia says:

    I think no. Bill has raped, deceived, manipulated, drugged and hurt Sookie in every way possible. Eric on the other hand has treated Sookie like she deserves; a queen.
    And anyway, at this point in the show I don’t care who Sookie ends up with, I just want Bill dead and Sookie happy.

  33. rebelina11 says:

    Sookie is going to use up all her light on Bill, which will take away his “darkness” (read: vampirism), it will extinguish her fairy light, they’ll become human together. The end.
    Not that I like it.

    • Madame Pâte à Glacer says:

      I believe you are onto something rebellinall. It would take serious guts for the writers to bring the fan favorites Eric and Sookie together. If it does go the way that you suggested the writers will be patting themselves on their spineless backs thinking they were clever and original by appeasing all the shows producers. But it will be just as gutless as Charlaine Harris’ ending to her books. The disease that spread in the minds of the HIMYM writers will probably claim the TB writers. I really hope I’m wrong about all of this.

  34. LaBete says:

    Personally, I have never understood why Sookie never saw that Eric truly loved her, but I have had to accept the writers’ need to have Sookie and Bill together. I think there will be some twist where Bill ends up living on (probably to save Sookie from the Yakuza) and Eric and Pam fly off to own the world via New Blood. At least we have been treated this season to multiple lingering shots of Eric standing in the moonlight in his “Michael Angelo’s David” pose and his black leather and his glistening eyes….

  35. Fran says:

    Honestly I have no idea why any Eric fan would want him with Sookie. She has become unbearable and he would always be her second choice. She doesn’t deserve him. I get that she becomes more likable when she’s with him but that’s just not enough for me. She can end up with Bill or by herself.

    • Kendra says:

      To play devil’s advocate, it could be they want Eric to have what he wants. Doesn’t matter if he deserves her or not, if he wants to be with her, and you’re an Eric fan, shouldn’t you want him to have what he wants and not what you want for him? Again, I was playing devil’s advocate in order to show how one could argue either side. :) Personally, I just don’t want Sookie with Bill, don’t really care beyond that.

  36. mlearegood says:

    To me Sookie is her best self when she’s around Eric. With Bill she’s always confused or hurt.

  37. Why can’t Sookie just die?

  38. meresger says:

    Eric seems the lesser of two evils, but Sookie really should dump both of them and stop with the cliche codependent relationships.

    This is off topic, sorry! But lately whenever I click on a poll or comments here, I am redirected to a “Congratulations! You have been selected to participate in an anonymous survey for (insert page title)”. Does this mean TVLIne has been hacked? If not, it’s annoying.

  39. Lindilu says:

    “Murderous whoremonger” — really? Isn’t that Bill? I recall Eric stopping him from murdering the gals in Pam’s brothel. I recall Bill wallowing in the blood of the many victims he and Lorena lured, robbed, and killed. Why is Bill Compton painted in such a good light? Why is the worst thing you can say about Bill is the Billith stuff?

    On a positive note, I do like that you acknowledge that Sookie does, indeed, light up when she sees Eric and that Eric is always there to comfort her.

  40. Brendan says:

    It’s funny how so many people want her to be with Eric on the show while she is with Bill in real life.

  41. Truefan says:

    Please don’t let obnoxious Sookie end up with Eric. He deserves better than her. Let Sookie end up alone or dead. I am glad the show is ending. Those lame writers turned a show I loved into a huge mess.

  42. Maja says:

    It’s no brainer really…Eric all the way…Bill even said it himslef..it’s her llight that’s pulling him in not Sookie as a person…so it’s what she is not who she is…he is so ‘high’ on himslef thinking that she cannot move without him..and yet we have seen before that she certainly can..she is a strong woman..don’t write her of like that Bill..on the other hand Eric is what you just said..what you see is what you get..and oh boy I see a big beautiful Viking with a great heart. It is clear that it won’t happen..what a wasted opportunity by the this show.

  43. yinloveyang says:

    Anyone who cares about Sookie shouldn’t support her being with either Bill or Eric. :)) Do you, guys still think their relationship would work out? Or are you so blind by Eric’s looks and his charming behaviour that you would believe they’d have a happily ever after? Come on!!

  44. chris says:

    Eric….swedish, blond hair blue eyed. He always loved sookie for sookie. Never sold her out and always had her protected by alcide. He knows what she is, but does not let her secret get revealed to the wrong people. He could have used her for his advantage and let others do the same, but never did. There is definitely something there because pam is always saying something about sookie when eric and sookie meet or it involves sookie in some way. I hope eric turns sookie a vampire in the end. MAybe she can be a female warlow and deserves to be happy since it keeps getting taken away.

  45. LW says:

    There simply is NO case for creepy Compton, the blood rapist and abuser.
    What a repulsive idea. IF Sookie is to find real and lasting love it can only be with the one man and vampire who has truly put her needs before his own. That man is the Viking, Eric Northman.

  46. Arty says:

    My hopeful ending. Sookie walks down her home outside steps and looks up at the glorious rising sun…stretching. Looks into the camera, pops down her baby vampire fangs, and disappears in a blur a super speed towards the rising morning sun.

  47. Traci Rosa says:

    I used to want Bill, always have, but I’ve become resigned to the fact that BIll misses his human life and family and just wants to die. SO, now I’m cheering for Eric.

  48. Vinny says:

    hope she just dies before getting to pick either one.