Under the Dome Recap: Zenith Hour

Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 7

Under the Dome fans, are your heads still spinning?

Even though the CBS drama has kept us guessing for most of the series’ run, Monday’s episode introduced an entirely new batch of questions. So, to summarize, here are the five biggest takeaways from our latest visit to Chester’s Mill:

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After he and Julia inform the four teenagers of Sam’s death, Barbie realizes the only way to prove that Sam killed Angie is to recover his body from the tunnel’s abyss (easy!) and reveal the scratches that Angie left on his chest. Ever the adventurist, Barbie revisits the tunnel with Julia and Rebecca, and begins rapelling into the darkness — but before too long, his anchor comes loose, and knowing that Julia can’t possibly hoist him up, Barbie cuts the tether and falls alllllllll the way down into the void (prompting Julia to let out a rather impressive Drew Barrymore-in-E.T. scream).

When Barbie comes to, he finds himself in his hometown of Zenith, and he’s not the only one there. Sam Verdreaux is also walking the streets of Zenith, straight to a psychiatric clinic where he finds sister Pauline alive, well and teaching an art therapy class. Sam fibs and tells Pauline he “fell” off the cliff in Chester’s Mill (rather than flinging himself off it), and Pauline apologizes for not telling Sam that she planned to fake her death nine years ago. All in all, these two seem to be getting along remarkably well for not seeing each other in nine years — and they’re very quick to forgive each other for keeping huge, life-altering secrets.

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While it might come as a relief to Barbie and Sam to be out of Chester’s Mill, spiraling down that wormhole apparently has its consequences. The evidence? Our old friend Lyle, also in Zenith, who has done nothing but sit in a wheelchair, stare blankly at the obelisk in the center of town and say “Melanie” over and over again since he arrived. And it seems the side effects of, y’know, traveling through a portal are beginning to show in Sam, too, who begins to have uncontrollable jitters in his arm.

After a close call with a few angry Zenith associates (who are none too pleased about Barbie disappearing for three, again just three, weeks), Barbie pays a visit to his estranged father, who happens to be the owner of a lucrative energy company. Barbie begs Dad to pull a few strings and get him back inside the dome so he can deliver a message to Julia. (Side note: What strings would Mr. Barbara be pulling, exactly? Is penetrating the dome really that easy?) Barbie’s dad reluctantly agrees (in the name of love!), and the two set off through Zenith to start putting the plan in motion.

Confession time, TVLine readers: I rewound the final seconds of this week’s episode at least three times, and I cannot seem to make out the (seemingly important) object buried deep in the woods of Zenith. I think I see a few bricks? A handprint? Your intel is greatly appreciated in the comments. (Update: Ah, it seems the mystery object is a red door, exactly like the one Pauline has painted in her studio. Thanks for the detective work! Proof positive that I need to invest in a hi-def TV.)

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When Julia tells Joe and Norrie about the abyss through which Barbie fell, Joe shares a cool piece of info: He’s president of the high school’s robotics club! In order to see down into the void, Joe fashions a pretty awesome drone, which sends pictures to a monitor at the top of the cliff. And although the signal goes out for a few seconds, the group does see a brief, flickering image of Zenith and the significant obelisk. Later, Junior and Melanie bring The Egg down into the tunnel, and once again, an explosion of pink stars forms Zenith’s skyline in the air.

Big Jim, as he is wont to do, seems to appear everywhere he’s not wanted throughout the episode. But his creepiest cameo, without a doubt, is a sudden appearance in Rebecca’s home, where he tenders a stern warning about keeping secrets from him. (And in case you’re wondering, “Does Big Jim still think the dome ‘chose’ him?” the answer is a resounding yes.)

Which of the episode’s takeaways intrigued you most? Are you happy to see some of the action taking place outside the dome? And did you not get a slight chuckle out of this observation from Joe: “There was never a tunnel down there. And now… there is.” Sound off in the comments!

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  1. JC says:

    The red door at the end matched the painting of a red door in Juniors moms studio.

  2. Davey Elmer says:

    The thing we saw at the end of the episode was a red door, which, as someone else already mentioned, matches the painting of a red door that we saw in Pauline’s studio.

    Incidentally, mysterious doors are a significant part of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, and Under the Dome is the second television adaptation of one of his novel to feature them as a plot device or motif (the other being SyFy’s Haven).

  3. theschnauzers says:

    I believe the object in the ground is the same red door that is in the painting along the wall in Pauline’s art studio in the psych hospital.

  4. laurelnev says:

    Okay…it’s getting a lot better now. Tonight managed to develop BOTH character and mythology. Methinks it may be FINALLY finding its way now.

  5. Trenton says:

    That Red Door is the way back to Chester’s Mill. Still wondering about Barbie’s connection to Melanie. Big Jim does creepy so well…him and Walter White would have been in such a buddy cop movie.

  6. Alichat says:

    I don’t believe Barbie was asking his father to get him back INSIDE the dome. He was just asking his father to get him back TO the dome. His father was talking about the military blockades around the dome and how they’d get through that. I think Barbie just wants to make sure Julia sees that he is alive.

  7. Ruth says:

    I just it want it renewed for next summer!

  8. keen says:

    This show bites! There’s literally nothing to get excited about especially when half the cast is boring and annoying. I’ll just read the recaps from here on out.

    • Not a fan says:

      Me too. The recaps and blogs seem to tell me all I need or want to know about the show. Really wanted it to be better than it is.

    • dman6015 says:

      And I thought that you’d gotten it through your skull
      What’s figurative and what’s literal
      Oh but, just now, you said
      You literally couldn’t get out of bed
      That really makes me want to literally
      Smack a crowbar upside your stupid head

      Word Crimes, Weird Al, 2014

  9. anonymous says:

    I’m very interested in the fact that Barbie’s Dad’s company is called Aktaion Energies. Aktaion (or Actaeon) in Greek Mythology is documented as symbolizing ‘human sacrifice in attempt to please a God’ or ‘spiritual transformation and/or enlightenment’. This might not have anything to do with the show but it couldn’t be a coincidence, right?

  10. A.Rae says:

    Is that picture supposed to be underground? Look at the clean floor! Nice production values…

  11. JJM says:

    Am I the only one who finds Melanie more annoying than Rebecca and Big Jim combined? I feel like killing off Angie and replacing her with this faux fourth hand is idiotic.

  12. Morisot says:

    Shake the snow-globe already!

  13. Keith says:

    When Barbie was hanging off the cliff and Julia was holding on,all I could think of was Juliet hanging on and Sawyer trying to save her on Lost .Then Brett Cullen(Goodwin on Lost ) shows up later

  14. Liza says:

    The billboard in Zenith said something like “Dome Day 17”. Really??? All of this has happened in 17 days!! Julia mourning her husband and falling in love with Barbie in 17 days!!!! The numerous disasters that have occurred. Ridiculous!

  15. bonniew88 says:

    When Joe and Dorrie were talking on the couch, I was fascinated by Dorrie’s hair. In one shot, it looks to be behind her ear, the next hanging straight down, the next behind her ear, the next straight down. Did I see it wrong?

  16. mary says:

    I’m wondering who Barbie’s mom might be. They really didn’t focus in on the picture he looked at. Something tells me this is the connection between him & Melanie.

  17. Maryann says:

    Barbie didn’t tell his dad he had to get inside the dome. He said he had to get back TO the dome. I expect he wants people from inside to see him outside so they will know what it means to fall off the cliff. And he could hold up a sign explaining further.

  18. Pat says:

    I just finished watching this, on my DVR. Big Jim is really creepy and crazy. I feel like I am watching a segment of ” LOST “. When Barbie ended up on the playground stunned and bloody (His neck) no one seemed to notice and when he he started walking through town, again the people behind him did not notice anything about him. Are these people real?? I will really be creeped out if a polar bear shows up! I just hope that if this is not getting a renewal that they give us the ending and not leave us hanging.

  19. jenferner8 says:

    Once again, everyone on this show except for Joe, is completely bat-s**t crazy. Jim, who has always reminded me of the governor on Walking Dead is the worst of the lot. Rebecca has gotten less annoying but I still would be ok with her dying. How did Julia not pick up on Barbie mentioning something about energy or static, as he was going down the rocks? I forget exactly what it was he said but it seemed like it might be important. I’m also curious as to whose hand print was on the door. Thankfully this episode moved something forward I just wish it hadn’t taken so damn long, hopefully it gets better.

  20. Tori says:

    Pauline can see the future and she painted the same red door that was shown at the end of the show so… maybe it has something to do with a way back into the dome?

  21. Jimmy says:

    I’m actually really enjoying this season. By this time last season, I was completely confused and so lost, but now we’re starting to get some answers, and not only has there been solid character and plot development in the last couple episodes, things are actually starting to tie together instead of being a mixed bag of loose ends like season 1 was.

  22. John Pettigrew says:

    Wasn’t there also a doomsday countdown billboard too though?

  23. cherry says:

    I am getting bored. It seems they are running out of story lines. This story with Barbie seems to on at least a couple more weeks. Really!!! Get him back to the dome & back to Julia. Won’t watch too much of it until they do.

  24. Patricia says:

    I’m not sure about the red door…Pauline did paint red door but no hand print…Looks just like the hand print left on locker in the school left by Angie. Does anyone have any imput on that? Barbie did say get me back to dome…not back inside dome. If they could get inside. Why haven’t they already got everyone out. I personally like having to figure things out don’t like it all laid out for you that’s boring. That’s why I liked Lost

  25. cherry says:

    Barbie-s life is not safe in Zenith. In the next week or two he is supposed to get apprehended by some mysterious men, which is dad is probably behind. I think his dad is going to betray him, so he needs to get back inside the dome & also to help everyone there. I’m curious about his connection to Melanie. Some stories go by so fast & others drag, that’s why it gets boring.

  26. Cheri Armstrong says:

    Thank you so much for the recaps! I’ve moved recently and it was tough keeping up on current events Under The Dome. I realize much of the story requires major suspension of disbelief but I’m so hooked! Thanks again for your efforts.

  27. Naama says:

    The red door is the way back into the dome, i think.

  28. Maybe it’s a way back into the dome.