Teen Wolf Recap: To Catch a Predator

Teen Wolf Recap

Scott and his pack set a trap for the Benefactor on Monday’s Teen Wolf, but unfortunately, they forgot the first rule of villain-catching: If you’re going to fake your own death, you’d better tell your mom first!

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Mama McCall suffered an epic, albeit totally appropriate, breakdown before eventually learning that Scott was merely in a Kira-induced coma (which really shouldn’t have been that much of a relief.) Fortunately, there was one upside to Scott’s coma: He got to have a series of freaky dreams, which — thanks to Stiles’ brief stint as the Nogitsune — has basically become a staple of this wacky little show.

Teen Wolf ScottHis dreams always started the same way, with Li’l Liam throwing something to him; only the item of choice kept getting progressively more twisted, until Scott was literally bashing Liam’s chest open with a tomahawk! Cue the blood, cue the screaming, cue my darkest nightmares being realized.

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And just when things seemed their bleakest, Kate “Impeccable Timing” Argent decided to crash the party with her Berserkers, and she managed to ruin things even more. She eventually retreated back to her precious Peter, but not before putting Kira’s mom in the hospital. And what was with Kate and Peter’s “I’m not the Benefactor” speeches? You know who would totally say something like that? THE BENEFACTOR.

But I digress…

teen-wolf-derek-shirtlessHUMAN NATURE | Potentially controversial statement alert: I’m starting to think Braeden and Derek might be Teen Wolf‘s hottest pairing yet. The way she dressed his wounds, while undressing him with her eyes, was pure sex. This feels like a truly healthy relationship that’s built to last — which means Braeden will be six feet under by the end of the season, as is the fate of all of Derek’s ladies. (Say hi to Jennifer for me, Brae!)

FAMILY MATTERS | Meanwhile, Malia did a little snooping into her past, following the whole “Malia Hale” deadpool revelation. After a brief stand-off with Papa Peter — she figured out pretty quickly that he could kill her with a single glance — the estranged father-daughter duo got down to business: Who is Malia’s real mom?! All Peter knows is that she goes by the name “Desert Wolf,” which actually seemed to resonate with Malia. (And, hey, three cheers for Stiles getting to be the big spoon for once. It didn’t last long, but it still happened.)

A GIFT FROM GRANDMA | Speaking of super-weird family drama, Lydia’s mom gave her the ashes of her grandmother to scatter on her 18th birthday (party!!!), but both ladies were in for a wicked surprise. Not only was Nana Martin’s urn filled with mountain ash, but she also left her granddaughter a note before she “died” — and it’s code! Does this mean Lydia’s grandmother is alive? And is she the Benefactor? (No, seriously, I’m curious. Just when I think this show is starting to make sense, along comes Lydia’s not-dead banshee grandma or whatever.)

Teen Wolf fans, do you think Lydia’s family is connected to the Benefactor? Are you hungry for what Derek and Braeden are serving up? And how do you predict this season will end? Watch our interview with the cast, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Uh, Mama McCall was in on the ruse. She was just ”putting on a show.”

  2. J says:

    Lovin this season of Teen Wolf.

  3. exs113030 says:

    I really like this season so far. But one thing I’m not liking is the isolation of Lydia from the others. One of the best things about Lydia is her interaction with the group…I would really like to see the others rally behind her in her pursuit to know more about her powers or have them at least acknowledge it…

    • AudreyCatburn says:

      The thing I’ve learned… is if Lydia is involved things tend to get solved 100% faster.. you can’t have the group making dumb decisions if Lydia is there to be like “LISTEN HERE YOU MORONS… and ALSO MATH IS REALLY IMPORTANT FFS STILES”

    • This is my biggest issue with this season as well. Lydia wasn’t on screen until well into this episode and even then she wasn’t with the group.

  4. Luli says:

    This episode made me miss Alison… Scott and Kira’s scenes just don’t get me the same way, I couldn’t care less about them.

    • Nick says:

      That’s true, the chemistry Allison and Scott had is totally lacking in Scott and Kira’s relationship… they seem more like brother and sister, or at best an extremely platonic love relationship of a 90 years old couple.

  5. Savagezeppo says:

    The coyote serves no purpose whatsoever other than as het STEREK. Note the lack of Dylan O’brien and Davis paranoia to keep him away from Tyler Hoechlin, or God forbid someone might mention STEREK. Derek is bviously going to leave/die and the shows done.

  6. Mark says:

    I think Lydia’s grandmother is helping the benefactor to confirm the deaths, it wouldn’t make sense for her to be the benefactor with Lydia on the list. Also, It explains when Meredith said “he doesn’t want me to” when Lydia asked why should wouldn’t give the third code, Meredith was communicating with the benefactor through Grandma Martin. Because as we’ve seen, Lydia has ‘called’ Meredith more than once. It would make total sense if Granny Martin gave her a message.

    • Aligmich says:

      Yeah and I also think that if the benefactor was the banshee he wouldn’t want visual confirmation as he would trust his senses, but considering it’s from a second source he wants to be absolutely sure!
      Plus if she is the benefactor that’s kind of sloppy as instead of making it a character we all know and are trying to figure out it’s like they went ‘you’re all wrong! It’s a new character you’ve never heard of before!’
      Oo and just thought maybe he was a banshee but lost his powers a la Derek and therefore needed Lydia’s grandmas powers as a substitute. And he’s using Derek as a guinea pig to figure out how to get his powers back

    • Instadude says:

      Lydia’s grandma could be the benefactor she probably has Danny in her hands and is using his knowledge of technology to make everything happen

      • Nick says:

        And that’s why Danny the big hacker delivers tapes from the 90s and messages via MS-DOS?
        And Lydia’s grandmother wants to kill her own granddaughter too?

  7. Kait says:

    So Peter was happy that Scott’s still alive because of his True Alpha powers, and not because he figured out the Banshee thing, right? Also, how is Lydia about to turn 18 junior year when PSAT’s are generally given before Thanksgiving? Unless it’s a mistake, since Allison would have been that age in that year because of moving around.

    • Kait says:

      Most public school students are 16-17 junior year besides discrepancies between young transfers from catholic/private schools–>public. I’m assuming a mistake but it’s gonna but me

    • Nick says:

      Didn’t they say “you’re turning 18 in a few weeks”? So maybe Lydia’s birthday is in january and the PSAT was right before thanksgiving… with a week or two between the two episodes.

      • Kait says:

        Maybe, or maybe just a mistake. Most of my friends and I were 16 turning 17 junior year, with only a select few turning 18 right at the beginning of the year. Not important to the story it just bugged me lol

        • Nick says:

          Actually, we know that Lydia’s birthday is in march, because of the worm-moon reference by Peter in season 2, when she resurrects Peter on the same night of her birthday party.

    • Luli says:

      Lydia took the PSAT’s on freshman year

    • Erin2 says:

      Yes Peter was happy Scott is still because he believes since Scott is a “True Alpha” when he kills him he will become even more powerful than before! Tonight’s episode also basically confirmed that Scott is going to have to kill to end all the madness!

      • Kait says:

        I agree! Especially when he was talking about getting new teeth. I’m assuming that wasn’t for the weird dream-state and was for real since he said he noticed it in the vault.

  8. keen says:

    Derek & Braeden’s scenes were Super Hawt, but too frakin short, wanted too see more love scenes. People who like those two, own the screen in every scene, Boo-Yah!

  9. James says:

    And it’s becoming more more likely we won’t be seeing Lydia’s dad onscreen again unless they recast the actor. Jeff Rose, who plays Mr. Martin, is based in Atlanta and based on what I’ve read, he only works in the East Coast.

    That makes me hate the fact that Teen Wold relocated from Atlanta even more. :(

  10. vanessa says:

    I loved this episode.Not really sure about Braeden and Derek I think it could work.We all know she is gonna die.And about the bebefactor ,Greenberg could be the benefactor.I can already see him sneezing people to death lol.And yes I am capable of forgiving Peter,I love him too much not to.I also very excited to find out alot more about Danny.

  11. JR1234 says:

    I was a little confused. Lydia asked her mother if she knew anything about Meredith but instead of answering the question she starts going on about Grandma Martin’s ashes. I’m starting to think her mother knows more than she’s letting on.

    I’m really interested in hearing the Rafael/Scott Father/Son talk that starts “Dad, I’m a werewolf”. I hope they show that.

    • Nick says:

      Yeah I agree, I also thought it was off that Lydia’s mom managed to avoid the question. She just explained how Lydia’s grandma and Meredith may have met, but it’s not explained why she was at Lydia’s grandmother home when the photo was taken.

    • Josef says:

      I didn’t think it was odd, Lydia s mother believed the grandma to be kind of wacked out just like Meredith. So when Lydia showed her the picture of Meredith it made her mother think of her wacked out grandma. I still believe her mom is oblivious to everything.

  12. Anna says:

    I just hope Derek’ll get a real storyline soon. Maybe I’d care more about his romances if I didn’t know how his previous flings ended… But like this? Couldn’t care less about him and Braeden. He needs to have some other purposde thant eye candy! Idk, I just feel like the story is not moving fast enough and this frustrates me.

    • josef9056 says:

      I kind of agree, Lately it has been taking me a long time to finish each episode I dont watch them in one sitting because nothing happens and i get bored of it. I feel like they should get to the point lol or allow more action to happen in each episode because they seem a bit dry.

  13. michelle says:

    Did you notice the gwatch for the timer.