Teen Wolf Recap: Going Viral

Teen Wolf Recap Scott

Stress, dizziness and even occasional vomiting are all natural side effects of taking the PSATs. (Trust me, I’ve been there.) But a deadly, airborne virus? That’s a nightmare only Teen Wolf could cook up.

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Monday’s episode found Scott, Malia and Kira stricken with a nasty poison, courtesy of yet another Benefactor assassin. The trio was quarantined in the Hale vault — because everything always leads back to damn vault — but isolating them from the rest of the school didn’t exactly solve their problems. In fact, I’m pretty sure it made them worse.

Teen Wolf Recap StilesThe virus-wielding assassin turned out to be a faux PSAT proctor with a penchant for pointing his gun at poor, unsuspecting kids — specifically kids whose names rhyme with “Smiles.” But the evil proctor proved to be no match for Papa McCall, who blew a hole right in the dude’s forehead. Blood everywhere. It was awesome.

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But things became considerably less awesome when Stiles was finally reunited with Malia, as she’d learned a little something in their time apart — like the fact that she’s a freaking Hale! The episode ended with Malia walking away, hurt and betrayed, as Stiles remained alone on the ground, totally helpless to the situation that could very well end their relationship for good.

WHAT’S THE TEA? | Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the gang to discover a miracle cure in the form of a rare tea ingredient; and wouldn’t you know it, the “rare” ingredient was right there in the Hale’s vault! It had been a gift from Satomi — who’s not only alive, but also a total badass — to Talia, who used to drink it when Derek was merely a pup. (Side note: Is anyone else curious why we’re delving so deeply into Derek’s past this season? It feels like they’re bringing his story full-circle to prepare for, or at least make us think they’re preparing for, his untimely-yet-still-sexy death.) At least we got some cute Derek/Braeden moments this week, though I’m still looking forward to the sexy/naked moments we saw in the midseason trailer.

Teen Wolf Recap LydiaARE YOU THERE, MEREDITH? IT’S ME, LYDIA | While everybody was busy dying at Beacon Hills High, Lydia was attempting to have a heart-to-heart chat with the late, great Meredith. “I’m sorry,” Lydia said to the record player or to thin air or to whatever. “I wish I could have helped you.” Not much else came of the one-sided conversation, though Lydia did creepily match a photo she found among Meredith’s belongings to the corner of the room she was standing in. (At the risk of sounding like I don’t follow this show, does anybody know what that was all about?)

“OH, BOBBY” | Last, but certainly not least, is it possible that Coach Bobby Finstock is more than the one-dimensional zing-bot we’ve taken him for during the past four seasons of Teen Wolf? Lydia’s mom seemed awfully worried about him at the top of the hour, fearing that he’d fallen off the wagon after remaining sober for 15 years. (Um… Do these two have a history we know nothing about? Color me curious; I must know more!)

OK, Teen Wolf fans, let’s talk: Is this really the end of Stiles and Malia? What was up with Meredith’s creepy photo? And could Lydia’s mom have a history with the coach? Watch our video interview with the cast below, then drop a comment with your newest theories.

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  1. bar says:

    That hospital is now more dangerous than Seattle Grace, and that is no easy feet! I also very much appreciated the suggested hashtag #BAMFMamaMcCall.

    I also didn’t understand Lydia matching the wall to the drawing, but I learned a long time ago to not try to understand the way of the banshee.

    • Andy Swift says:

      Forget banshees. I learned a long time ago to not try to understand this SHOW.

      • J.B. says:

        I agree Andy. Make sure you mention that to Jeff Davis and the cast next time you interview them. Apparently they don’t know their show is swirling the drain.

      • Its one of the few shows that doesn’t find it necessary to explain every tiny little detail or action. If something really matters we will get reminders. Its also a show that doesn’t need to be understood to be watched and enjoyed. I mean we can’t understand werewolves anyway.

    • Gerald says:

      The room she was standing in was in her family cottage. The question is when was Meredith in her cottage? and for what purpose? Her mom might know. Maybe she is a half sister to Lydia. Maybe Lydia’s mom knows more that she has let on. (I mean she does have a werewolf son back in Mystic Falls.) This could get interesting.

    • Girl says:

      Lydia compared the wall to the picture because it was the same room that Meredith was standing in the picture

  2. Kate T says:

    No more Stalia!!! YES!!!!!!

    • Ray says:

      Yeah, now here’s hoping he has to go crawling back to the girl who completely ignored him through most of their lives and has clearly demonstrated no interest in him in that way beyond friendship. We should totally show how if you just wait LONG enough, someone who isn’t interested in you romantically will suddenly change. That’s a healthy relationship.

      Personally, I prefer happy Stiles, but nice to know his being unhappy makes you so joyful. Let’s throw a party over Stiles being sad.

      All that said, I don’t see how this is necessarily ‘no more Stiles/Malia’. If you think problems like this mean a relationship is over, I sure hope you’re not actually rooting for Stiles/Lydia, because she’s treated him a heck of a lot worse.

      • fernando933 says:

        No now he can go back to Derek haha

      • Cideric Rhyes says:

        Stiles and Lydia have had moment of showing mutual interest. They have Mich stronger foundation then Malia and Stiles. Malia honestly should not be in a relationship right now. She is crazy and just found she is in the Hale family. Let her deal with that not Stiles, whom no matter what will always put Lydia on a pedestal because he still cares for her.

        • Random Commentor says:

          I read an article that this fight leads to Stiles and Malia breaking up. Could be gossip, I don’t really care about Malia. I’m so done with people justifying a relationship as imperfect for one reason or another. Yes, two “straight” people can be “gay” in the end. Yes, an unhealthy and unreciprocated crush that proves loyalty and genuine love can cause someone to acquire those same feelings. Yes, a person separated eight years from society can return and find love, I think. I know some people care about “messages” being delivered, but a TV show is supposed to provide entertainment not deep messages. It’s great to have them and be realistic for us to relate to the characters, but not required.

          1. The two straight men becoming gay was explored to an extent in Brokeback Mountain
          2. Unrequited love is in almost every tv show and movies like the beginning of The Princess Bride.
          3. I’ll have to look for one of eight years separated from society.

  3. V says:

    Derek better not die!! I love Tyler Hoechlin too much!!

  4. Csbd says:

    Did anyone else think Malia’s reaction to seeing her “real” name was a bit odd? I totally get that she would be pissed they hadn’t told her that her last name is Hale, but wouldn’t you think she would have A LOT of questions that would supersede a silent treatment. Like perhaps, WHO her father was? There were once many Hales before the fire, so there is absolutely no reason she would just assume her father is Peter.

    I would think her curiosity would outweigh her anger.

    • Anne says:

      She doesn’t know how much Stiles and Scott know – they could just know she’s a Hale and nothing else. She probably wants to throw her questions at Derek rather than Stiles

    • michelle says:

      I think she needed to process that they were keeping something from her. Stiles should have told her, but it seemed like he was afraid to lose her to peter. We will see next week what she does. She does not know how she is hale just that she is one.

    • Demondroid8 says:

      I think she figured it out herself that scott & stiles didn’t told her coz peter hale was her father..i know this would happen..

  5. Robert says:

    I am also curious about the photo Lydia found. I thought the photo of Meredith looked like she was in Lydia’s bedroom at one time, which would some how connect to what the producers been saying all season about Lydia finding out about her family history. Personally I feel they woukd have been better off making Lydia a witch or Wiccan as a Banshee, she really seems useless and the writers do not give me the greatest faith they know what to do with the Banshee mythology.

    • Kait says:

      Agreed! The promo last week made it almost seem Lydia’s mom was receiving banshee “phone calls” but it turned out to not be in the episode. I took Lydia bringing up the cabin as her grandmothers as her being a banshee? Like damn Ms. Martin, help a girl out.

  6. Kait says:

    So does FBI Agent Papa McCall know about the supernatural aspect of the town and his son being a werewolf? He told Scott about the mushroom/tea thing on the shelf in the vault for a cure unless I’m mis-remembering. I know his drawings of the Oni (I’m forgetting terminology, I may be wrong) being up in the Sheriff’s station were joked about. And he somehow knew of the two mini-assassins being called “The Orphans.” Regardless, he seems shady whether he knows or not.

    • Tai says:

      He told Scott about the mushrooms because Melissa sent him a text. I don’t think he knows about the supernatural part quite yet. I think he got the message from his ex and related that message. Maybe he does know but until he says otherwise, I’m just assuming he got the text from Melissa and just didn’t bathe to ask any questions about what any of that meant for once.

      • Kait says:

        I think I got what you were saying. This is Teen Wolf, we’re not supposed to question too many coincidences unless they’re actually brought up by the characters.

  7. Ian says:

    This season has been taglined as the one where Lydia comes into her powers and destiny as a banshee, but she’s really still just as clueless about it as she always has been, and the season’s more than halfway over. Killing off Meredith didn’t make too much sense to me. I thought she’d teach Lydia stuff or that they’d figure out more about what they are together. But as it stands now, how’s Lydia ever going to learn everything about banshees?
    But about this episode, I thought it was good. I stayed interested throughout, and that’s really all I can ask. Malia will get over it when Stiles gets the chance to explain his reasons for not telling her.
    And about Lydia’s mom and Coach, my theory is that they must have just grown up in Beacon Hills and gone to school together and been friends, so that’s how she knows him so well.

  8. aligmich says:

    Wow that was a heart pumping episode! When the proctor was counting down I kept thinking ‘they can’t kill of stiles, they won’t kill off stiles don’t kill off stiles’
    Also does anybody else think that mama mcall should just become a doctor already? I mean she’s pretty badass
    If, for whatever reason, Liam’s dad does end up being the benefactor then mama mcall taking over his job would be pretty awesome!
    Also I hope that wasn’t foreshadowing when stiles told all the consequences of Maria finding out that she’s peters daughter! Cause we don’t need a betrayal! Plus it was already kind of done with Alison x Grandpa Argent

  9. Anna says:

    I really don’t know why I keep watching this show. There’s just so much wrong with it and so much stuff that bothers me but I seem to be unable to quit. This was a filler episode; why do a filler now? What about Kate and Peter from last episode? Okay, so Malia knows she’s a Hale now, but other than that what did this episode do for the story? Nothing. I get it, there are maaany people trying to kill everyone. What about Derek’s powers? Didn’t Scott have a beta who nearly died last episdoe? What even was the purpose of this episode? Showing that they sill are in school and need to take SATs? Nobody cared about school last year… Whyyyy is this show so bad yet so addictive? I wish I knew how to quit you, show.

    • Nick says:

      What did this episode do for the story? We finally saw Satomi and learnt that she was good friends to the Hales, back then. Now she’s clearly on Scott’s side against the Benefactor and the assassins.
      In no season every single one of the episode saw big steps ahead in the main plot, just because it’d be over in 6-8 episodes then. And honestly I find it relaxing every once in a while to have just a fun, thrilling, episode without a lot of new mythology or new questions raised.

  10. Jacob says:

    Just to be “that guy” and point out: the virus wasn’t airborne, it was in the fingerprint ink (I don’t remember having to get fingerprinted for the PSAT, but yeah, I also didn’t have werewolves in my school). The antidote, however, was airborne (once the jar broke).

  11. dociarose says:

    Don’t like so many new characters diluting our chance to spend time with the principals BUT some new characters are awesome – Satomi – WOW, kick-ass old lady – love her. Jordan Parrish is growing on me BUT I’m remembering that Jennifer was sweet and nice before she because the Darach so I’m watching Jordan with caution. Wondering if he will be a new type supernatural we haven’t dealt with yet. Stiles braver than brave with a pistol to his head – he’s the man! Finally, Papa McCall did something good, saving our Stiles!

  12. Jr says:

    I feel like this was a waist of an episode? I dont know I mean all that was really revealed was that Malia is a Hale. Scott and his pack have so much problems so why waist a whole episode just to reveal that? Last episode ended with Peter and Kate and their little scheme, i think thats a bigger issue. And also dereks powers ? Is it just me or does it seem like they kind of over look that? He seemed fine in this weeks episode. Its been a couple episodes since they’ve builded up on that. I dont know about you guys but this episode seemed like a waisted episode and now we have to wait another week lol

  13. MAS says:

    I didn’t think it was a filler episode. I thought it pointed to the possibility that Peter is the benefactor – else why isn’t he on the list? He wants power, maybe this is his way of taking out the competition.

    I liked it and am looking forward to next week.

  14. dmt2004 says:

    Why were they all going crazy over the PSAT? They do realize it’s a (should be) optional test, that doesn’t mean anything?

  15. May says:

    I think Teen Wolf is a great show actually, they leave you all these questions but, you still get to find the answer yourself, Remember Lydia also said she didn’t have much experience with her own powers, some things are better when you uncover them yourself…….And you guys that say you’re tired y do you keep on Watching TW it’s cause it’s suspenseful just hold on and you’ll understand, as for Stalia, they’re teenagers afterall they’ll come back together…I Love Teen Wolf

  16. Demondroid8 says:

    As usually good episode..missed liam..can’t believe there will no more stalia term..

  17. OA says:

    the Lydia thing… shouldn’t being a Banshee be somewhat genetic? And wasn’t that her grandma’s cottage/lakehouse, therefore maybe Meredith is related to Lydia in some way if she’s been to the lakehouse/cottage before? Especially since Lydia was running towards the school even before she found out about the virus, probably looking for her mom? They’re putting real effort in this season to remind us Lydia has a parent .
    And Lydia’s mom about Coach being sober for 15 years… all I can think is that 15 years is just the right age for a long lost kid to show up. God, can’t believe I wrote that – too much soapy television this summer. But I think she repeated “15 years” three times and I’m trying to find logic in this madness.
    Also, who the h is Malia’s guardian? Where is she living… how is she walking around with clothing. Who’s parents are not broke right now?

  18. Jazmine says: