True Blood Recap: As I Get Laid Dying

True Blood Season 7

A main goal of True Blood‘s final season has been to return the series to its roots, and with only four hours left until the grand finale, Sunday’s episode provided the biggest throwback yet — especially for long-suffering fans of Beell and Sookeh.

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Proving that she really didn’t care about Alcide — at least not nearly as much as she claimed — Sookie rushed to Chez Compton, clad in naught but a short nightgown, and ended the episode with a good old-fashioned hump sesh by the fireplace. It was a reunion we all knew was inevitable, and I definitely enjoyed the delicious Season 1 undertones, but I honestly didn’t expect Sookie and Bill to go all in (tee hee!) so quickly. Considering her ex-boyfriend’s body is barely even cold yet, I think a kiss would have been enough to whet the appetites of thirsty Bill-Sookie shippers.

(“But at least we got a few more flashbacks to Bill’s youth,” said absolutely no one.)

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The return of Sookie’s fairie grandfather Niall was also unexpected — we’re all trying to forget Season 6, am I right? — but I suppose it was a necessary part of Sookie’s journey. She needed to hear that nothing could be done to save Bill, for it was his allegedly imminent death that inspired all the humping. (And what would True Blood be without all the humping?)

NU BLOOD | Of course, the most unfortunate aspect of Bill’s condition, at least from a viewer’s perspective, is that the existence of a cure kind of kills all the suspense. Following Eric’s interrogation of Amber, which ended abruptly when he decided to stake her, his new “cowboy” “friend” — which needs double air quotes, because neither are really true — turned to more effective methods of tracking down Sarah Newlin (aka “Numi”). It’s all part of his brilliant plan to mass-produce Nu Blood, a Hep-V antidote made by synthesizing Numi’s miracle blood. Naturally, he intends to make Eric the spokesperson (possibly because he saw how well it worked for Calvin Klein).

True Blood Season 7CASE OF THE EXES | Speaking of Numi, the former Mrs. Newlin had herself a full-on mental breakdown this week, which reunited her with the most important men in her life — including gay ex-husband Steve and headless ex-lover Governor Burrell. It also gave Jason an excuse to recreate his iconic football look from Season 2. (I call it “iconic” because it’s one of the first results when you Google “Ryan Kwanten,” which I have done. Many, many times.) It wasn’t all fun and games, though, as the men of Numi’s past were merely appearing to warn her about her impending death… but that’s really her problem, not ours.

CRAZY SEXY GHOUL | I’d love to sit Violet down and ask about her end-game plan, because I have no idea what her crazy ass is really up to. Temporarily forgetting her vendetta against Jason and Jessica, Violet spent the episode teaching Adilyn and Wade how to do weird sex stuff — “When I was your age, I used to f—k my brother, too,” she reassured them, as she unveiled a bevy of nipple clamps and dildos — before eventually lashing out against the young lovers. (Here’s my question: If Violet wanted to lure Jessica into a trap, why didn’t she just attack Adilyn last week? Am I missing something, or is Violet just that cracked out?)

True Blood Season 7DANCES WITH VAMPIRES | On a happier note, Arlene finally got her freak on with Keith this week, even if it was just in a dream. (Side note: Riley Smith told TVLine that the pool-table sex scene took 16 hours to film, a real rough day at the office.) But when Keith finally appeared at Bellefleur’s in real life, Arlene pushed him away, telling him that she’s Hep-V positive. “Let’s just dance,” he replied, so they did, and it was nice. (Question, though: Does Arlene actually have Hep-V, or did she just say that because she didn’t want to have sex with Keith? For being a total nut job, Arlene’s got a surprisingly steady poker face, so I couldn’t tell.)

THREE’S COMPANY | Hoyt’s return to Bon Temps was also a highlight of this week’s episode — and not just because it gave viewers yet another look at Jason in his skivvies. It was really nice to see Hoyt back in town, and back with his best friend, even if he still has no idea who Jason really is. Hoyt’s girlfriend seemed suspiciously into Jason, though; do we think that’s going to continue next week, or was it just a one-off moment of weirdness?

Truebies, did you enjoy Bill and Sookie’s roll the hay? What do you think Violet is up to? And what’s the deal with Hoyt’s girlfriend? Watch TVLine’s interview with Stephen Moyer below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on this week’s episode.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jason says:

    Bill and Sookie…go the **** away, Ugh.

  2. TVOnline says:

    This season is a bore. worst than last season. All they do is either sit around talking or stand around talking. I’m hanging in out of curiosity for the ending but I do more fwd’d thru episodes than anything.

    • L says:

      I agree… I’m bored by this season so far… hope they have some action before the season ends.

    • Alrisha says:

      Sadly this show got 2 good season and then went down the hill constantly. This season had been the worst. And throwing Sookie into Bill’s arms is not helping. I got nothing again Bill/Sookie per se, but the writers made a good job destroying Bill, making him an abuser, a cruel man, almost a psychopath at the time, that is weird that Sookie just forget everything because he is dying and go straight to him. But, again, at this point I really not care for any of them.

      • pyxee says:

        I dunno, this show went off the rails so long ago that it’s pretty much only worth watching for bat-stackko things they come up with. Right now I am just watching because come on…. It has cowboy Yakuza driving around with ancient vampires in easter egg colored import cars. Really just stop hoping for the glory days to return and enjoy the madness.

      • eilowynfic says:

        Sookie running to Bill was a foregone conclusion when you realize Stephenand Anna have a deal with HBO that probably influenced storylines. I’m-universe it’s actually kinda gross, but Sookie has never been the sharpest tool in the shed.

  3. S says:

    Beel n Sookeh were gross but other than that it was a good episode.

  4. Mark says:

    I feel that the writers are attempting to tie up all storylines with a neat little bow and forgetting to give us the classic True Blood show we have come to love (and hate at times). Right now, I am definitely watching out of loyalty and losing interest real fast, but am waiting for something spectacular to happen; however, I am not holding my breath for a surprise. Come on, True Blood! Do something surprising, PLEASE!!

  5. alistaircrane says:

    YES!!!! This Bookie fan screamed at the top of his lungs with excitement when they kissed, and then again when they made love! And I loved how their love theme underscored those scenes. True Blood is shaping up to end perfectly!

    • Amanda says:

      But I’m thinking that getting them together in this episode means he’s probably going to die in one of the next two (a la Alcide). If this was the final scene maybe, but I’m thinking he slept with Sookie and is therefore not long for this world.

  6. Arlene is Hep-V positive because the teacher vamp bit her.

    Bill and Sookie are incredibly boring. Always were, always will be. She’d be much better off if she wound up alone at the end of the show, happy with and accepting of herself and the direction of her life. Running back to your abuser (literally, in her case) just makes me nauseous.

    • pyxee says:

      Her abuser? Are you talking about the vampire Keith? He has absolutely no history with Arlene aside from donating his blood to save her during the rescue at Fangtasia. And I found that line where she told him she was hep-v positive was hilarious, like it was possible he didn’t already know considering he saved her after the whole pack drained her.

  7. says:

    Pretty much a waste of what little time we’ve got left. Disappointing for sure but now I am hoping for a Mr. Gus, Pam, Eric spin off show!

  8. pamela says:

    I’m seriously hoping Bill and Sookie got together a few episodes before the finale so there is time for them to end it .

  9. Dave says:

    Arlene probably is Hep-V positive – her kids old teacher turned vamp, who had the disease, fed on her when they were prisoners in the basement

    I’ve always been a fan of the show, but I’m glad it’s ending. It has strayed so far from the source material that, aside from a few characters names, there is no similarity between them anymore

  10. mistermcgee says:

    I’ve been a fan if this season, but this was really The One Where Nothing Happened.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Bill and Sookie got back together. That’s all that needs to happen. For a final season, the most important thing is to provide all of the characters with a happy ending, and that’s what’s happening.

  11. JJM says:

    Even if Hep-V has an antidote for the active strain, does it have a cure for those that are merely carriers? Because if not, wouldn’t the strain keep popping up and infecting vamps all over again?

    • pyxee says:

      I think the logic is something like this: if we could cure aids by drinking a pepsi then does it really matter if you keep getting re-infected? Just drink another pepsi and you are all good, and the people at pepsi get richer and richer. With a system like that no way they are going to try to find an actually cure for the carriers.

  12. alistaircrane says:

    I hate to brag, but…..the Bill/Sookie fans are winning!!!!! :-D The show is going to end with OUR couple together, not yours!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! In your face, haters!!!

    • AudreyCatburn says:

      If your couple gets together a few episodes for the finale and one of the members of the couple consistently gets flashbacks that add character building instead of moving the story forward? I’m painting a big ole target on Mr. Compton’s head. But at least he got laid before hand.

      • Amanda says:

        Seriously! Sex plus flashbacks probably means death is coming for Compton.

        • AudreyCatburn says:

          I also wonder since Compton got his Hep-V from a royal blooded fairy if the cure they develop (cause they will lets be real) would even work on him considering he has a completely different strain of the virus… but I think I’m probably putting more thoughts into how this disease works then they did.

          • RicFule says:

            Okay. So I was sleeping last night, yes? And in my dream, I realized how Bill could be saved.

            You heard what Niall told Sookie, correct? The line, “Life is a miracle.” So, during the pity-sex session, Sookie ends up getting pregnant. Then, due to fae gestation, the baby is born in a day or so. {WOULD Sookie’s gestation be faster than normal? Is fae gestation actually any faster?}

            Anyway, back to the topic at hand. The quarter fae-half vampire hybrid would be born as a Hep-V carrier, of course. It could then be given the antidote from Sarah. And once the virus is eliminate in him/her, Bill could share the baby’s blood. And since the baby has partial fairy blood, it would spread through Bill as fast as the Hep-V he contracted from Sookie.

            Nah. This isn’t Twilight. Vampires can’t have children. I DID say I dreamed this, you know.

      • Izzie says:

        I feel like the lyrics of the credits were far too ominous and foreshadowing considering closing scene of the episode; “this may be the last time” was clearly referring to Bill’s imminent demise.

    • TVOnline says:

      that’s nice. It just doesnt have to be so darn boring at doing that. they were together in previous seasons that were exciting. this show has sucked the last two seasons…badly and this last season is just awful.

    • Wtactualf says:

      What a sad competition then. Lol.

    • eilowynfic says:

      Just because your ship is “winning” does not necessarily mean it’s a Good Thing or The Best Direction For The Show. This season has been a wasteland of badness, and I don’t expect it to miraculously improve over the last four episodes. Like I said above, Anna and Stephen have a production deal with HBO. They probably didn’t hold the show writers hostage demanding a Bill/Sookie ending, but the writers decided to do it as a gesture to the people who could be hiring them in the future. That’s not good storytelling, that’s Hollywood.

  13. mistermcgee says:

    I’ve been a fan of this season, but besides the Bill/Sookie sex, this really was the One Where Nothing Happened.

  14. Lou says:

    Bill and Sookie were beautiful! The entire episode was building to Sookie putting on that white dress and running to Bill. With only 3 more eps, I can only hope that my fave characters/couple can manage to eke out a happy ending somehow.

  15. Lindilu says:

    Sookie is so guilt-ridden that she’s going to guilt – &^$# Bill until he dies. Do the writers even know how bad this makes Sookie look? Not only is guilt pushing her back into her abuser’s bed, but Alcide just died –died because of her plan — died trying to save her. I’m not a fan of Alcide, but the writers are making the heroine of this story very unlikable and unsympathetic.

    • Hmm says:

      I haven’t liked Sookie since season 4. Don’t even start me on how pissed I am about her handling of Alcide’s death. I get this show has 10 episodes to cram as much garbage in as they can, but based on last night I will never believe she EVER cared for Alcide. She can cry all the crocodile tears in the world. She’s an insult to his memory, to his father, to everything.

      • pyxee says:

        Honestly I think it makes a lot of sense. I know I am giving this show far too much credit, but I kind of look at it like this. She just lost Alcide and blames herself, and now feels like she is slowly murdering Bill too. So in true Sookie fashion she goes running desperately trying to make up for it.

  16. Claire says:

    No surprise that fans who hate Bill and Sookie together are just not going to be happy about tonight’s show. As a fan of theirs, i love seeing them back together. also, love the new vampire Keith with Arlene. The show has been on a good roll lately.

    • TVOnline says:

      Bill n sookie been together in previous seasons and those seasons were exciting. This season is terrible as was last. Be together but get something happening besides people sitting and talking.

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  18. triviasack says:

    …as your wife gets with another girl!
    great interview on a cool guy in a fun show.. thanks TVLine.

  19. Arya says:

    I’ll be that person that shamelessly gives my opinion and says I do not mind if Bill frickin Compton doesn’t get the cure in time and dies. Sookie apparently won’t end up with Eric, but I personally would feel content with that if Bill dies. Yep, I’m that person. That love scene was just uncomfortable… looks like episode 4 will be the best this season, in every aspect really

  20. Amanda says:

    The writing for some characters seems uneven to me this season. First Sookie is crying and depressed that Alcide died and putting on his jacket. Next night she’s running to sleep with Bill. Huh? Then Violet lures Adilyn. Um why? To torture Jessica? She could do that without Adilyn. It’s unnecessary and lame. Also I don’t like Violet so screen time spent on her is wasted time for me. And what the hell is happening with Tara? This is like the smoke monster debacle all over again. Shake the show can’t go out on a better note. As usual Eric and Pam together are highlights.

    • RicFule says:

      Well, previews show both Baby Vamp and Baby Fae chained up. Maybe Violet lured Adilyn on purpose. I’m sure she knows that Jess is “protecting” her. She knows about the sex session Jason and Jess had. And then, she probably heard Jess’s voice on the phone call when she {Jess} wanted Sookie to show up. So, Jason left her {Violet} AGAIN for Jess.

      Violet could be like, “Yeah. I’ve got your protectee here. Now, you’ll feel what it’s like to lose someone.”

      In closing, Violet needs to meet the true death. At Jason’s hands. As she’s about to give Jess the true death. And both baby vamp and baby fae need to survive. {Not that I can see how Adilyn could survive my scenario.}

      • Cowgirl Ginger says:

        Obviously, psycho Violet wants revenge. A 500 y/o vampire should have more control of herself (don’t you think?). Logistically, Jess and Adilyn chained together unshielded from sunrise would be the end of Baby Vamp Jessica however, the real torture will be the close contact of that oh- so-tempting Fae Blood! Violet will meet the true death. Of that I have no doubt…

    • Sandra says:

      This would have been much better done if Violet waited on Hoyt and unglammered him. This way, she hurts as many as possible while still “teaching” Jason and Jessica about Violet’s “possessions.” Violet should now but run out of town on a rail as the uses to say

      • RicFule says:

        Ooo. Yeah. That would have worked.

        Violet restores Hoyt’s memories.

        “Hi. I’m Violet. I’m the vampire who killed your mother.”

        “But Jason said that he “got” the vampire who killed her.”

        “Oh, he did. I was dating him. So he “got” me all night long. And you want to know the REAL kicker?”


        “I killed your mother to protect Jessica. If I hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t even BE in this situation. You would still be in Alaska, Jason never would have slept with Jessica again, and Jessica would be DEAD!”

        • vallikat says:

          Only problem with that scenario is that she didn’t kill Maxine to protect Jessica. Jessica ended up getting shot with what were obviously not wooden bullets. She killed Maxine to protect Jason.

          • RicFule says:

            Idaknow. Maxine said “Stackhouse and Red are mine.” But she never had a chance to even LOOK at Jason after she shot Jess. Maxine was still looking at Jess as she was lying on the ground when Violet vamp-sped and ripped out her heart.

            So, it’s a bit ambiguous as to who she was protecting. A. Jason, to prevent a gunshot to him, which would likely kill him, B. Jess, because you can always use one more fighter when going up against a powerful enemy, or C. HERSELF, because if you shoot ONE vampire, what’s to stop you from shooting another one?

            And who actually said the bullets weren’t wooden? You never see the bullet and Jess was shot in the arm, not the heart. And even if the bullets WERE normal and not wooden, Violet wouldn’t know what type they were, so she could think they might be vamp-killers.

  21. Carolyn says:

    I’m finding the Bill back story boring as heck. I have to imagine something in that back story may lead to his life being saved……… either that or we get the proverbial ending where he joins his family after he dies. All this talk of forgiveness…….. has to be referring to Bill’s self-guilt over leaving his family behind after he became a vampire. Maybe the disease is advancing so quickly because due to his guilt he feels he deserves to die. Perhaps grandpa N’s talk of forgiveness is what Sookie has to get Bill to do for himself. We shall see. I have to add my voice to the ones who are saying this season has been disappointing so far. I’m not invested one way or the other re: Bill and Sookie being true love and all that. Wish I was, but I”m not really inspired by it all. I’d rather see Eric become freaking god at the end .. and with Pam, damn it. She’s always been about Eric and there for Eric. Now there’s real love in that show if you ask me. Andy crying really got to me. That actor said more with his eyes than some of the others with their bodies and voices combined. Well done.

  22. Alrisha says:

    I’m so happy this show finally end. Sookie must be the must unlikable major character in tv. I’m glad she is not going to end up with Eric, he is too good for her. I only keep watching for Eric and Pam. Arlene had been great this season. Sookie is useless and Bill is boring to dead. If they forgot Bill and Sookie for the next episodes, I’m fine with that. The other stories are way more interesting.

    • Cheeky says:

      She deserves to end up with no one. Book Sookie deserved Eric, this one does not and I totally agree that Eric and Pam are the best parts at this point.

    • eilowynfic says:

      It blows my mind that the writers actually think of Sookie as a positive character and a good protagonist, as they always paint her. As it is, she’s basically a Southern-fried version of Bella, and Bill/Sookie has echoes of the abusive Bella/Edward relationship in Twilight. Oh yeah, I went there.

  23. Val says:

    Arlene does have hep v she was attacked by them all once bitten u develop it

  24. Ameer says:

    Not everyone hated Season 6. It brought back coherence to a show that went wildly out of control in the preceding season.

  25. Truefan says:

    This episode had so many story lines. I felt as if the show were all over the place. Useless plots …Tara’s mom and Lafayette , digging. Who cares, the show is ending! Sookie ‘s grandpa popping up to do nothing. Poor Hoyt, (whom I always liked) having to deal with that bonehead,Jason. Jason may be physically beautiful, but is too dumb to be attractive.
    I liked the scene where Andy breaks down. Chris Bauer is just an exceptional actor.
    Arlene’s scenes, talking to Sam, and interacting with Keith were wonderful. That Keith (Reilly Smith) is a big Wow! I hope he gets a job as a lead in some TV show. The scene where he dances with Arlene was sweet and touching.
    Sookie is finally showing some of the sweetness she had in the first season. However, she has been so obnoxious all these years that I agree with others in saying she is one of the most unlikeable main characters ever and I don’t care what happens to her.
    The characters I would have like to see again would have been Russell and Talbort.
    The creme de la creme of the show are Eric and Pam. Adding Mr. Gus to the mix makes for a fun and interesting group.
    I just hope the writers don’t add any new storylines, the show is Ending!

  26. D Bircan says:

    William Faulkner!! Thank you – Southern, twisted, and oddly compelling. Perfectly appropriate title :-) Thank you for the shout-out to one of the best novelists ever. I may be the only person who gets the wink, but at least SOMEONE noticed ;-)

  27. Cassandra says:

    I really didn’t care for this episode, and it has nothing to do with my aversion to Bill, but everything to do with the amount of time they are wasting on characters that no one cares about. Why are they wasting the little time they have left on this idiotic Violet/Adelynn/Holly’s son story? I couldn’t care less about any of those 3. As much as I loved getting to see Steve again, if they had taken out Sarah’s snap with reality and the stupid revenge plot, maybe they would have had the time to give Lafayette a line or two, or some more great moments between Pam and Eric. Hell, give Bill/Sookie or Bill/Jessica some more screen time. The only parts of the episode I enjoyed were Arlene and Keith and Niall’s wasted words of wisdom.

  28. Ginger says:

    Horrible episode and a waste of precious time with only 3 more to go.

    I cannot believe the way Sookie went running back to Bill. Is she never going to wake up realize he is half the man and 1000 times less the vampire than Eric Northman is? She makes me so frustrated and it looks like now she will never give Eric a chance. Vast improvement needed if the series ending isn’t going to really, really suck!

  29. hello says:

    Anna Camp is hot,Nothing else to add

  30. I’m glad for Bill and Sookie! They belong together!

  31. Jake says:

    God all you people do is whine and b*tch. It’s the last season..shut up and enjoy it.

  32. waterbug says:

    If I were to make a prediction, and by the way, I have no problem with Sookie and Bill coming full circle-, I think Sookie will be the one who dies in the end. I think the writers have her making an enormous sacrifice for not only Bill, but the entire township, and Eric. The only problem I have with this season is how they are weaving new characters in to develop new stories. Let’s just stick with wrapping up the ongoing ones from the first season.

  33. Wtactualf says:

    Sookie was so annoying. Niall shows her human Bill and his family and she’s all “so freakin what? It’s just a baby” ugh. Sookie.

    Then she goes and pity fcks Bill, which was totally disgusting btw. She needs therapy.

  34. wrstlgirl says:

    I get that they are trying to bring back great characters so they can be a part of the final season but it seems like so much filler. With only a couple eps left I sure hope they stop with this and give us some True Blood before it’s all over. As far as Bill and Sookie go, who didn’t see this coming. Although I pictured them getting back together at the end. Now I’m wondering if Bill may not make it. The writers are taking far to long for Eric and Pam to find “Numi” Also, every time I see those guys pull up in the fancy race cars I can’t help but think of The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift. Best part of last night’s episode was seeing Hoyt!!!

  35. Dave says:

    Kind of annoying that, with only 5 hrs of True Blood left ever, we get treated to an episode of pure filler: Fairy Godfather, Andy & Holly roadtripping to Oklahoma, Adylin & Wade, Eric & Pam asleep, Sam & Arlene drinking … total “meh” episode. Obviously appreciate the return of past characters in the final hours – and shirtless Jason – but c’mon, we’ve stuck with this hot mess of a show for so long – we deserve better than that episode.

  36. Ruby says:

    There are actual Bill & Sookie shippers out there? Where? I’ve never seen one.

    • Junie says:

      There are plenty of us that feel that Sookie and Bill are the OTP. Many of us find it boring to whine and rant, and in genera,l deal with the Eric rabids. I have been a fan since the beginning and will remain “true to the end”. Have a nice day Ruby!

  37. Kathy says:

    I’m predicting the announcement of a spin off called NuBlood with Eric, Pam, and Mr. Gus (and those cars). They keep Sarah Newlin in a glass box at the corporate headquarters where she is the highlight of the NuBlood tour. :)

  38. Sherrie says:

    Loved it! I’ve been waiting since Season 2 for this reunion!

  39. MountainMom says:

    Everyone is whining that Sookie hasn’t mourned Alcide. Where in this entire series has anyone had time to mourn any death??…..LOL. Real life respectful behaviour on a tv series? Come on……. You all would be bored to DEATH!!…..LOL

    • vallikat says:

      Yeah. She also lost her best friend and hasn’t mourned her either. If we had several episodes of Sookie mourning her losses people would say it was dragging down the show and taking up too much prescious time. They can’t win.

  40. Lisa says:

    I became a fan I watched all 6 seasons in like 2 wks I am so addicted I wish it would never end Im very sad I want get my true blood fix after season7:( but good luck to the whole cast I’ll miss ya!!!!!!

  41. Brigid says:

    I don’t know, I’ve enjoyed this season! So far, so good. I’ve watched this show from day one, did I miss something? When did Bill abuse Sookie?

    • I’ll list them again. I still don’t understand how people can not see him abusing us when it has been pointed out for the last several years.

      1. he planned the ratray beating.
      2. he raped her and nearly killed her by draining her blood.
      3. he called her an abomination and told her she was dead to him and basically admitted that the whole thing was a lie.
      4. the only reasons he came to Bon Temps was to procure Sookie for the queen and like it was stated “we are what we were when we are made” so that means that Bill was basically a pimp for the queen. He also tried to murder Pam and Eric to keep Sookie from finding out so obviously that speaks volumes.
      5. He tried to kill her, her friends and her family.
      6. he tried to get her to marry and be turned by Warlow.
      7. He lied to her constantly.

      Then there is the facts of everything else that he has done to everyone else over the course of the show that makes Bill out to be the true villain of True Blood, Bill Comptom is not a good man and I think you all need to stop confusing fiction and real life because Bill and Sookie are NOT Anna and Stphen no matter how much you want them to be. Bill and Sookie is an extremely abusive and unhealthy relationship.

  42. Sook&Eric says:

    Kind of an out there thought but what if Eric does end up turning Sookie? Pretty sure Eric bites Sara/ noomie in next episode so he is healed. If Bills hep-v is advancing so rapidly it would take sookies super blood to heal him just as quickly, of course that would mean that after she was made vampire she would have to drain Sara Newlin. But wouldn’t it be cool if that were the case, to synthesize Sookie’s vampire/fae blood? That could be her sacrifice. I dunno just spouting wild crazy ideas.

  43. Wendy says:

    Maybe they’ll start a “NUBLOOLD”? I can’t believe it’s ending! It seems like there were SO many other places they could have taken the characters and show. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  44. gina says:

    Arlene is Hep V positive because she was fed on by all the Hep V vamps when she almost died.

  45. Ginger says:

    Bill should have died the true death as “Billith”. There never would have been a Sookie/Bill reunion. It’s true, Alcide’s memory has been cheapened! The upheavals the show and we, the fans, have suffered since the departure of Alan Ball have been trying. Were I writing/producing True Blood, I think I would have continued the Warlow/Sookie relationship to the end. He started as a nice enough, repentant fellow whom Sookie was obviously drawn to. It would have been just about a perfect end for both characters at series conclusion. If Sookie were not to be Eric’s (truly a favorite and my personal choice) then Warlow could have been Sookie’s happily-ever-after. It would have worked if he’d been introduced last season.
    The cliffhanger of Eric’s probable demise left me swearing I was “done” with True Blood. Yet here I am, suffering along with the rest of the faithful through this last season! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still happy to see my favorite characters trudging onward but this is a terrible place to be in the series with just 3 episodes left! Andy and Holly are on track for a happy ending (hopefully the kids are rescued from Violet in time). Although human/vamp relationships are doomed to fail by time itself, Arlene deserves to find some happiness in her tragic filled life be it with a vamp or not. Sam can have a happy ending raising shapeshifters with Nicole. May Lafayette find ecstasy with James. Jessica and Jason should hook up again as they can’t seem to stay away from each other. Sarah Newlin’s blood is used to wipe out the vamp illness (I think she may kill herself first). Sookie, Bill, Eric and Pam, what does the future hold for them? ***Possible Spoiler Alert*** Sookie ends up with Sam in the books, right?

  46. Day says:

    The thing I never understood (and still don’t), is how a human gets Hep-V. Obviously, Sookie got it by contact with infected blood when she had an open cut. But there was a flight attendant earlier in the season that Eric maybe infected just by biting her?

    • AnnieM says:

      I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. It appears that for the True Blood vampires, all of their bodily fluids are blood – think of the bloody tears. Anyway, biting is bound to produce saliva, which for them is probably blood as well, which would infect the human being bitten through the wound.

      Does that make sense, everyone?

  47. eve says:

    Arlene needs to install a condom machine in her restaurant.

  48. Vanessa says:

    And what was up with a milli second of Lafayette and Lettie Mae just digging? Why even bother showing the scene when I’m not even sure if it actually happened or if it was just a figment of my imagination…sheesh…

  49. CanIhave4beers says:

    Arlene does have hep v – she fed a hep v vampire when they were trapped at fangtasia – the teacher that was going to help them.

  50. eve says:

    Lilith & Warlow History * Bill & Sookie Destiny-
    Lilith was responsible for the continued existence of the vampire race. She was told by God that Warlow would save vampire race. While she laid sleeping in the cave Warlow went nuts and kills everyone in his tribe except for Sookie’s grandfather(Nile). That’s why Nile told Sookie that he didn’t like Bill for her. Now if we roll back the season 3: Bill had to give Sookie a blood transfusion because he drained her in the back Alcide van. To me that’s when she really started to change.(she killed Debbie Pelt) She hooked up to Eric, but she was still faithful to Bill. She tried to kill Bilith, because though she lost Bill. It was no way she going to marry Warlow She tried her best to have a normal life and love Alcide. Now the question is how or why did. Bill get sick? Lilith told Bill there was a tyrant (Sarah Newlin) is rising and that it is the beginning and the end . She told him that he’ll know what to do. She said Bill was chosen to complete her work.

    • Cowgirl Ginger says:

      What a memory you have, Eve! Playing the devil’s advocate here… Everyone assumes it was Sookie who gave Bill the hep-v (ok… for the sake of the story line, she did). Why could he not have gotten exposure when he fed the vamps his fae, sun safe blood at the compound? And wasn’t THAT what Lilith had in mind for Bill to do? After all, she’s not appeared since with her cryptic messages..
      And… I am sick to death of the Sookie/Bill thing! I want to bite all of Bill’s fans on the neck! These flashbacks are nothing but an attempt to put Bill in our good graces. I could care less! As Eve reminded us, Bill attacked Sookie after she and Alcide rescued his sorry ass (I’d forgotten that one!). Billith treated Sookie like dogsh*t, basically told her she meant exactly zero to him. AND… Are we all conveniently forgetting Bill was recruited by the queen of La to get close to Sookie (to find out what she was)? That Bill had deceitfully allowed himself to be “mugged” to fed on Sookie to heal. Also, he allowed Sookie to be injured so he could fed her HIS blood to better monitor her… But, I still thought Warlow was HOT… LOL
      Hell, Bill and Sookie deserve each other!