Teen Wolf Recap: Beta and Switch

Teen Wolf Scott

Teen Wolf isn’t messing around anymore. In addition to claiming the life of a fan-favorite character, Monday’s episode also revealed a not-so-bright future for a key member of Scott’s pack (with emphasis on the word key.)

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Lydia and Stiles’ attempt to uncover the third cipher key brought them back to Eichen House, where a frazzled Meredith — though, let’s be real, she’s kind of always frazzled — refused to help them, under strict orders from the Benefactor. After a little trial and error (mostly error), the former flames deduced that the third key could be the name of a future victim, and they were none too pleased to discover that “Derek” unlocked the final third of the dead pool.

Teen Wolf DerekEven more heartbreaking, Lydia called Deputy Parrish to warn him that Meredith’s name is also on the list, but she was too late; Meredith hanged herself at Eichen House. She and her glorious fro will be missed.

Now let’s see what else went down in Beacon Hills this week, shall we?

A GRIM DISCOVERY | Speaking of Derek, he and Malia — who should really sit down and address the fact that they’re cousins at some point — teamed up to track a few more yet-uncrossed names on the dead pool, but alas, they were also too late. Like, a pile of poisoned bodies too late. Derek was clearly devastated by the loss of an entire pack, and the hurt in his eyes/eyebrows reached through the screen and hit me like a knife. (Poor Derek has the worst luck. He’s like the Jennifer Aniston of Beacon Hills.)

Teen Wolf LiamWOLF-NAPPED | Determined to free his partner in crime, Garrett kidnapped Liam — emphasis on the kid part, as this is your weekly reminder that Liam is literally a high-school freshman — and offered to trade him for Violet like a damn Pokemon card. It seemed like a fool-proof plan, until Kate and her Berserker buddies intervened in the exchange and sliced Garrett right through the chest. (Can’t say I’m sorry to see that twisted Zak Morris wannabe get exactly what was coming to him. Bye, bra!)

BYE-LET | Scott and Chris’ subsequent search for Liam — who was busy crawling out from under the Nemeton like that little girl from The Ring — also brought them face-to-scary-face with Kate. After a brief brush with her Berserkers (try saying that 10 times fast), they discovered Violet’s mangled corpse, so at least we don’t have to worry about her anymore. And thanks to Scott’s super-adorable connection with his young Beta, he was able to save Liam from the magical tree stump and they all lived happily ever after. (Again, except for Garrett and Violet.)

Teen Wolf KateAN UNLIKELY PAIR | Just when you thought the episode was done throwing twists at us, the final scene found Peter confronting Kate in her surprisingly dingy sewer lair. (Seriously, I expected something classier from her. At least the Ninja Turtles managed to make their sewer hideout look presentable.) Anyway, P-Dog offered to help Kate gain control over her jaguar urges in exchange for his money — and his power. I feel like Peter is setting himself up for disaster by teaming with Kate, but I guess he’s willing to do literally anything to stay relevant in this story.

Teen Wolf fans, are you as bummed about Meredith’s death as I am? And do we think the pack will find a way to save Derek? Watch TVLine’s interview with the cast below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on this week’s episode.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. LaT says:

    Two points, Andy. First, great, fun interview with the cast at Comic Con. It was one of favorites of any media outlet to be honest because you had some fun with them, but also got some good intel (like Davis explaining The Benefactor storyline would actually be wrapped up by the end of the season’s 2nd act, opening the 3rd act up for a new and different threat).

    Second, Derek wasn’t looking sad over Braeden. He was sad over the decimation of an entire pack of werewolves, which probably struck a little too close to home for him given his history. He realized Braeden was injured after taking a moment to mourn Satomi’s pack.

    • Andy Swift says:

      Thanks! The interview was fun, albeit totally chaotic.

      And you’re right, I think Derek was mostly sad about the loss of the pack. He’s an emotional guy.

    • Nick says:

      But was it really Satomi’s pack? And why would Braeden be dying among them?
      I was under the impression that all those human rests were the killers that Kate killed “4 weeks before” at the start of the episode.
      I mean, it looked like a lot of corpses. How large could a pack be?

  2. Kait says:

    I didn’t think that was the Nemeton that Liam was tree frog climbing out of, I think it was just randomly in the middle of the woods. Also, that fall would have seriously hurt him he probably should have smashed off the bottom falling from that height into 5 feet of water, just sayin but hey it’s tv.
    Really enjoy that you have to remind viewers he’s of actual high school age.

    • Andy Swift says:

      You’re right, it was just a well that LOOKED like our favorite magic stump. I adjusted that sentence. :P

      (And yeah, he’d probably be dead IRL. But as you said, this is Teen Wolf.)

    • MixMi says:

      It was just a well… I mean, it obviously looked like a freaking deep well. There were just wooden planks on top to cover it up ( really lousy covered, might I add ).
      And maybe because he is a werewolf? I mean, beside the TV part you mentioned. He is a supernatural who can heal himself.
      Ok, he was poisoned ( how did the poison not spread faster through his body when he was climbing up anyways? Was he not poisoned that much? )… But it did not seem like a problem…As he moved around…
      Yes, mostly TV … And some mistakes on the details, perhaps?

      • Kait says:

        Yeah, I’m assuming just editing issues on the depth for dramatic effect, but who knows. I’m sure there will be a scene next week of Liam getting healed from the poison… him growling like that, probably for the first time was his werewolf-spidey-senses kicking in and telling him to be desperate and awooooo. Him at the top about to fall was probably some of the poison kicking in, too. Besides other issues, I’m assuming a lot of the wolfsbane on the lacrosse stabber was lost in Brett? So maybe less of a dose, idk

    • michelle says:

      I think it because everyone is in their 20s and he is 16! So no go on the shipping

      • Kait says:

        Yes, that was my point, but people that don’t know probably go ahead and assume the tv trope that is “Dawson casting” and every other show pretty much casting 20-some year olds as teens, but because he is a literal teen amongst some characters 10+years older playing the same age… and it could get creepy if people are unaware

  3. Mare says:

    Derek had better not die, dang it!! And I hope he discovers that Malia is family soon. He needs some family, what with crazy Uncle Peter and sister Cora off in the wind.

    • Andy Swift says:

      Same. I’ll be having nightly candlelight vigils for the remainder of Season 4. At least Tyler Hoechlin got to see Adelaide Kane at Comic-Con this weekend. It’s the closest thing we’ll get to a reunion.

    • Nick says:

      Derek will not die. Jeff Davis already has shown that his way is teasing us with a character death, make a few characters look like very likely candidates (e.g. Stiles and Isaac last season) and then shock the audience with an unexpected, sudden death.
      If one of the main cast has to die, I’m afraid it’s Lydia. I’d love it to be Kira, but I doubt they’ll do it again to Scott… and since she was obviously brought in to please the Asian audience, I don’t see them changing their minds after just one season.

      • Kevon says:

        No she was brought in because they were doing the Kitsune storyline and they needed someone Asian for that part!

        • Nick says:

          I could reply that they chose to pick up the Japanese mythology (rather then a Norse one, an African one, Native-American, South-American and so on) exactly to bring an asian girl in the group and therefore appeal the asian audience. We’ll never know which came first. What we know is that the show certainly has now a larger appeal in the asian community in the US and in the Far East, like Korea and Japan – and this can only please MTV… so do you really think “it just happened”?

  4. Kate Sullivan says:

    Why is the howling thing always the last thing to occur to Scott? I might have given it a shot even if he hadn’t gotten to that lesson yet maybe some instinct would kick into Liam. But Liam way to keep your heartrate down so the poison didn’t get to your heart.

  5. I’m really confused about Derek and Braeden. Like, at what point did they fall in love or whatever? Because I feel like I missed an episode or something where they had a conversation that lasted longer than 10 minutes or spent any time together. Don’t get me wrong they look hot together in that trailer, and it’ll be great for Derek to get some love, but sometimes I wish this show would actually show characters developing feelings or a relationship instead of just throwing them in the sack and then having one of them die/be in danger and then the other party is inexplicably broken up about it.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I totally agree, especially when I think back to how much build-up there was for Scott/Allison and even for Stiles/Lydia, despite that 2nd one not really going anywhere. Maybe due to the revolving door of actors/characters, they feel like it’s best to skip to the good stuff?

      • Alia says:

        I guess what they don’t realize is that that’s NOT the good stuff.

        • Ranulf says:

          After Derek’s history of dub-con relationships with murdereous, evil, manipulating girlfriends (except Paige, but she was a plot device), I wanted him to not be shoved into a romatic plot tumor for this supposedly ”good stuff”. If I wanted to watch random sex I could want porn, to be honest.

          • TheDude says:

            Although somewhat murderous(she’s a hired gun) it’s nice to see that Braeden isn’t evil or manipulating, at least.

    • MixMi says:

      Did not fall in love yet…Where did you get that?

    • Lena says:

      Who said Derek and Braeden are in love? Sex is just sex. Attraction doesn’t require love. Also, I notice the same people who don’t like Derek and Braeden didn’t seem to have a problem when Derek jumped quickly into bed with Jennifer. But when Braeden comes on the scene, people suddenly find reasons why they hate the idea of that character with Derek. Let’s not pretend that the writing on this show is spectacular. It’s not. There was hardly no build up when Derek had sex with Jennifer. Not every relationship has to turn into some deep love fest. Some people are just satisfied with something physical without the implications of love.

    • Leo says:

      Agreed. I don’t even remember at what episode Braeden appears, got her name and knew Derek. And now it’s like Twu Wuv all over.
      And since when Mer is a fan favorite? She doesn’t appear that much but I like her. I hope her death pushes Lydia to actually learn how to be a kickass banshee!
      Aww Garrett died! Such perfect face and hair.
      So who’s still running for The Benefactor title? I still think it’s Parrish. Parrish let Mer help them with the second key so they found him on the Dead Pool and let their guard down. Then he’s in the room when Mer refused to help them with the third key because she’s scared of The Benefactor? Coincidence?

    • Nick says:

      They did not fall in love. But they’ve known each other for a while, and they had sex (at least once). Can’t Derek just be sad? It’s not like he burst into tears…

  6. valeriel40 says:

    P-Dog! I love that nickname! LOL!

  7. Ian says:

    Really intense episode tonight. One of the two best so far his season I think.

    My heart just BROKE at Meredith’s death. The world went silent for a moment. Jeff’s on MY death list for that one.

    And I bet Derek will be clinically die at some point, but will only be dead for a short time, so technically Lydia’s prediction will be true. Or he’s fated to die, but Scott, being the true alpha of miracles, will howl at the sky and not even fate can deny his special cupcake-itude, so Derek will live.

    And I want to marry Ryan Kelley. Oh, and this show has stopped making Hoechlin shave his chest (DID THEY THINK WE WOULDN’T NOTICE?!?11?!!?) and now they had better never make him do it again.
    That is all.

  8. Chrisjozo says:

    I’ll miss Meredith. I felt said that she finally found people who believe her voices and it’s too late. Maybe if she had friends like Lydia does she wouldn’t have ended up in a mental hospital.

    Also I really think she was murdered and it was made to look like suicide. She was on the dead pool list for 1 million I believe.

    • Kait says:

      Did we ever find out what happened to her family? I’m blanking on this, I know they said they were dead I can’t remember if there was an explanation?

  9. I am not the slightest bit sympathetic about the death of Garrett and Violet. Although, I would have much rather prefer Scott whooping their butts and have them suffer in prison. Oh well, Kate got to em first. Early wolf gets the assassin. Is it me or did Liam climbing out of the well remind you of Bruce Wayne climbing out of the hole in Dark Knight Rising? lol. Glad to see Lydia and Stiles back working together. There’s nothing wrong with Malia and Derek getting more acquainted. Lets not even get started on what Peter and Kate got going on. All in all, great recap

  10. Ranulf says:

    Wow I am actually surprised Jeff actually killed one of his white all american pretty boys, I was thinking he was going to make a redemtion arc for Garret. However I feel like he just killed Garret so Meredith’s random and unnecesary death could pass with less controversy. Because seriously, this episode just demostrates that Jeff cant write non-romantic interest female characters, and those he cant randomly pair up get killed. Meredith was funny, heartwarming and awesome in her limited screentime and I hate that/how she died.

    Also, this chapter again reaffirmates my belief that both Stiles and Malia are 10000% better not as a couple. Most of the time is a forced relationship with random ”cute” scenes that make no sense. Stiles was nicer and less OoC (which happens alot in Stalia scenes) and Malia was actually not a terrible Mary Sue with endearing ”flaws”. Well at least Jeff seemly moved from trying to emulate Stora/Sterica/Sterek parallels/interactions with Stalia.

    • James says:

      Well, we can’t call him the creator of Criminal Minds for nothing. He certainly knows how to kill fictional people through so many ways.

    • Nick says:

      Meredith’s death is all but random and unnecessary. It’s pretty clear that the Benefactor got to her, either in her mind inducing her to suicide, or the suicide was staged. She was the girl who knew too much, once again being a banshee is dangerous.

      Your opinion about Jeff Davis and his handling of female characters is ridiculous. How about Scott’s mom? The fact that Meredith died has nothing to do with the fact that she was nobody’s love interest… which is quite obvious considering she’s in a mental health hospital.

      I think Malia’s character is always awesome, either with or without Stiles. Matching her and Stiles give a different type of interactions than matching Stiles with Lydia. Both are fun.

  11. Kevon says:

    Im calling it now… Scott is going to kill Peter

    • rarefied says:

      Can he though? If he does, he’s no longer a werewolf, and I can’t see Scott leaving his pack in the lurch like that.

      • aligmich says:

        Oooh! But that might be a massive storyline! Like maybe he’s the only one who can stop Peter and he has to choose! It would make for a super Interesting story!
        I’m thinking something that has immortality or something similar as a power because of all the comments that he’s soo young etc. So maybe a vampire, angel? Maybe just a plain immortal!

      • michelle says:

        He is not an alpha anymore. So i don’t think it applies

      • Luli says:

        Why would he no longer be a werewolf???? Please explain.

        • Kevon says:

          He would no longer be a werewolf because it’s been discussed on the show that if you kill the “Alpha” that turned you… you will become human again!! But since Scott is the “Alpha” and Peter is now a beta none of that applies!

  12. Data1001 says:

    Nice job putting the spoiler in the page description and URL, where it’s easily seen before even reading the article. Glad it wasn’t a character I really cared about.

  13. Meredith’s death was a true loss for the show. She was an interesting character and I felt like she had much more story to tell. I am quite saddened by this turn of events.

  14. caro_brasil says:

    guys…I really reallly love Parrish, i don´t want this….but he can be the benefactor….=/ I can´t live without Ryan Kelley but…he could kill Meredith…Jeff please….make Peter the benefactor…I need good cops and sweet Ryan Kelley

  15. aligmich says:

    Umm where was Kira? I mean I understood the story explanation but did she really need a whole ep to deal with the fact her mum is on the list? Also I would have liked to see that conversation

    • michelle says:

      I think it would be explained the whole episode occured in one day

    • Nick says:

      Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense. I guess Arden Cho was busy filming something else that week. Can she just become a big star and do something else and get written off? i still can’t digest her character.

  16. dancmh says:

    While I’ve always had a huge love for this show, I almost hope Derek does die so I can call it quits. Watching Davis find new ways to screw over the character is beyond old now. It feels like they’re grooming the uninteresting, baby wolf for bigger things and I have zero interest in it. Plus watching Scott listening to his mother crying and begging the electric company to turn back on the power while he’s literally sitting on a bag of cash made me want to punch the tv.

    • Nick says:

      I think he’ll use the cash to help him mom or find another way… but he can’t just go to his mom and say “hey look i got bunch of money” and expect her not to ask questions… he’d have to explain the entire dead pool business.
      And after all that money is not rightfully his, since it’s been stolen to Peter Hale.

  17. MixMi says:

    (spoilers ahead ) Reaction to episode 6:
    ¤ Garrett : ” yeah , that’s right … You’re not so big ” *dies*
    Me: ” famous last words…of stupidity ”

    ¤ Violet dies – That was expected. Look, they are more stupid than smart.

    ¤ Meredith…Damn, what a pity. She was a nice character.

    ¤ Howling? Why did none of them think of that sooner ?! Seriously…Scott has to start acting like a werewolf again, not just a teen…

    • Nick says:

      The point was that Liam realized he could howl, even if Scott hasn’t taught him yet.
      Scott howling would not resolve in much… since maybe Liam can’t even distinguish his howling from any other. And yet, he’d have to understand he’s supposed to howl back.

  18. hasnain says:

    this amazed me so much just impressive writing

  19. michelle says:

    I am said about Meradith death. I wonder if it was the orderly. They were pretty good this week about missing characters and mentioned kira was missing this week because of her mom is on the list. It is interesting about the old werewolve pack. Mama mccall i think she needs some back child support? She works it seems 24/7. What does scott’s dad do anyway. I think the rocky road for malia and stiles is that she finds out about peter. I just realized i think the only people that know about it are lydia peter scott and stiles. Derek found braeden at the end. Derek better not die. :( Looks like coach is a goner.

  20. Lizo says:

    Ooo so they killed off another female character?!? Ug.

  21. Romeo says:

    This is my take of the rest of season 4 Derek might die, Peter kills Scott’s father, and Scott kills Peter to become a “True Alpha” (Scott becomes the Alpha he’s meant to be a real killer) Stiles may become Scott’s newest beta,
    I would like to see Jackson return to fight the benefactor and as for the benefactor might reveal himself as either Deaton, Gerard Argent, or the coach but at the end of season 4 may be a shocker but I jus hope that Scott pack (Stiles, Kira, Lydia, Derek, Malia & Liam) makes it out alive!

    • Nick says:

      I think you’re so totally off. The only prediction that may come true is Peter killing Scott’s dad, since it seems that the writers are still undecided about what to do with his character.

  22. Renota Johns says:

    Derek bet not die,or lose his powers,what is Jeff Davis thinking. He going to lose his older audience. Who watch for Derek. I know the show is called Teen Wolf,but older people like it too.

  23. aunt_deen says:

    Lydia and Stiles are “former flames?” In Stiles’ dreams, maybe.

  24. JB says:

    Do we know if the Benefactor is someone who has already been introduced to the show?

  25. Rico says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Peter isnt on any of the lists???

    • Nick says:

      Very well said, I think that’s extremely meaningful. But people is too busy being mad that Meredith (a secondary, not so important, character was written off), or why Derek was sad for Braeden.

  26. Renota Johns says:

    What is the matter with the writer’. They have tried to kill Derek a bunch of times,he can’t catch a break.
    But that snake Peter keeps getting what he wants,this is unfair.And the itch Kate seems more powerful,as a werejaguar. And all the rest of the good pack is weak,and not prepared for anything.