The Teen Wolf Cast Howls at Coyote Sex Specifics, Previews New Romance and Evolving Creature Effects

Have they, or haven’t they…?

The matter of whether Teen Wolf‘s Stiles and Malia ever completely succumbed to their animal urges was a hot (and hysterical) topic when the MTV series’ cast made camp in TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con video suite.

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Jawing with TVLine’s Andy Swift, series boss Jeff Davis settled that issue, leaving poor Shelley Hennig — with her leading man Dylan O’Brien off running Comic-Con mazes and such — to delve into the particulars as (probably!) pertains to werecoyote sex.

From there, Davis and Hennig, with Tyler Posey, Tyler Hochlin, JR Bourne, Dylan Sprayberry and Holland Roden, fielded questions about the new lady in 0-for-2 Derek’s life, another possibly big death, the growing Scott/Liam bromance, The Benefactor, “blue” wolves and how Lydia is Daphne (or Scully) to Stiles’ Shaggy (or Mulder).

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But first, the gang kicks things off with a “group howl.” So press play, now.

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