True Blood Recap: The Waiting Game

True Blood Recap 706

“Waiting sucks” took on a whole new meaning during Sunday’s True Blood, as Sookie was forced to sweat out the results of her Hep-V blood test. Is she responsible for inadvertently sentencing Bill to death?

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Sadly, the answer is yes; after the midnight assault on Fangtasia, when those H-Vamps exploded all over Sookie, she contracted the Hep-V virus and passed it along to Bill during their feedings. Even though it was obvious her test results would come back positive, it was heartbreaking watching Sookie wait for the news, and even more heartbreaking watching her wrestle with the guilt of finally knowing.

Bill also suffered a wait this week, as he took a number at his lawyer’s office in order to make some last-minute changes to his will. You couldn’t help but feel his pain, especially as his Hep-V began to spread right before his very eyes. And by the time he time he finally saw his lawyer, he was so frustrated by her inability to help, he staked her. Boom, dead. (By the way, can you believe they made the Bill Compton take a number? This would never have happened back when he was “Billith.”)

True Blood Recap 706But just when things seemed their bleakest, the fans — and a certain Viking vamp — were finally given some good news: There’s a cure!

FIX YOU | After a troublesome — and entirely too long — imprisonment by the Yakuza, Eric and Pam were finally released to help them track down Sarah Newlin; and they all got more than they bargained for when her sister Amber answered her door, completely cured of Hep-V. It turns out Sarah has the antidote coursing through her veins, which means she can help save Eric and Bill (and the rest of the world’s infected population, I suppose). But the question is: Will that be enough to keep Eric from slaughtering her? Probably not.

(Also, how great was Amber’s line to Sarah: “You can’t just dye your hair and blow a guru and absolve yourself of all the horrific s—t you have done in your life.” The truth hurts sometimes.)

YA DIG? | In an attempt to prove that Lettie Mae’s visions of Tara were merely drug-induced hallucinations, Lafayette agreed to join her on one last V trip — and oh, what a trip it was. They both ended up seeing Tara, who hopped down off her cross and led them to her childhood home, where she started digging like a crazy person. Reverend Buzzkill busted in and broke up the fun before LaLa and Crazy Pants discovered why Tara was tearing up the ground, but they’re determined to find out. ( James was also waiting for Lafayette when he came home, which was sweet, albeit a case of breaking and entering.)

TROUBLE IN PARADISE | Nicole and Sam’s relationship has never been a traditional one, but now it’s looking like they might not even have a future together. Following last week’s sudden outburst — cliff-notes version: “Everyone in this damn town is crazy!” — Nicole told Sam she wants to leave Bon Temps behind so their family can have a brighter future. But will he agree to leave with her? Time will tell…

VIOLENT VIOLET | In case you weren’t already concerned about Violet’s fragile mental state last week, this Sunday’s episode confirmed it: Jason’s vampire lover is insane, and she’s not OK with the prospect of losing Jason to his ex. Even after she seduced him in skanky lingerie, he still took Jessica’s call and went to her side, forcing Violet to do the only logical thing: bug out and smash all the furniture in Jason’s bedroom. (Wait, did I say logical? Scratch that.)

THE KIDS ARE NOT ALL RIGHT | Less than 24 hours — in show time, at least — after Andy proposed to Holly, the engaged couple had its first major blowout when Andy caught Wade and Adilyn doing it in their house. (Apparently not everyone in Bon Temps is allowed to have sex anytime, anywhere.) Not only did Andy’s reaction irk his bride-to-be, but both of their kids ended up running off to Fort Bellefleur.

So, what did you think of this week’s episode? Were you surprised to learn there’s a cure, assuming you didn’t already watch the Comic-Con trailer? Drop a comment with your thoughts on tonight’s hour below. (Only four more left!)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. JJM says:

    How can someone without a blood type even contract a bloodborne virus?

    • RReg says:

      Preach. I really don’t understand the concept of vampirism to be honest. I find the whole thing dumb.

      • Tee says:

        Same here. If you are DEAD, how can you get it on with anyone, especially in a vampire-human relationship? I understand the human’s emotional investment, but I don’t understand the vampire’s. If you’re dead, you can’t feel, right? On that note, how can you even love? If all of you is completely dead–your nerves, brain, etc.–I don’t get it.

        • Well it is fictitious….not real lol. So I guess they can do anything they want.

        • RReg says:

          I don’t see how a stake through the heart can kill you if you are already dead. It’s not as if the heart is being used for anything. The whole concept is just stupid.

          • In some vamp stories and shows the stake through the heart doesnt kill then….some it paralizes….that was done in the origionals and that other vamp show where he was a private detective…..and really widnt work in 30 days of night. Most have to burn or loose head.

        • Ginger says:

          If you’re dead, you can’t walk or talk or anything else, either. Vampires have their basis in folklore as monsters. Anne Rice set the precedent for the more modern vampire in the 70s but it can be argued that “Carmilla”, a predecessor to Stoker’s “Dracula”, also exhibited feelings of love and attachment, although the story, written in the point of view of her human lover, ended with the testimony of an investigator and seemed to put the title character back into the “monster” category. Because of the change in narration, and the assumption that both the title character and narrator of the story were killed by the story’s end, I prefer to deduct that the narrator was turned and both she and Carmilla lived happily forever after, though.

    • They would have a blood type from when they were human….just now as a vamp they dont make or produce any new blood cells….thats why cure wont grow in vamp. They still have blood in there body just doesnt circulate…no beating heart.

  2. Anna says:

    Just want to say I LOVE TRUE BLOOD. I wish Alcide was still on the show he is such a HANDSOME man. Thank good for screen savers I can see Joe Manganiello every day.

  3. Wtactualf says:

    Homocidal a$$hole Bill is back, so much for that redemption arc…

  4. Truefan says:

    If the writers could just get rid of the unnecessary storylines they love , which are also so boring. Lettie Mae and Lafayette, Sam and what’s her name (one of the most annoying characters created.) Even Andy, Holly, and the kids.
    Also, Holly had a change of character that was totally unlike the reasonable, stable ,sweet Holly that was built up through the seasons. What’s with this petulant , immature, Holly? It didn’t ring true.
    I liked the scenes with Pam and Eric and thought Gus ,Jr. Was fun. Also liked the scenes with Bill and Jessica when she overheard Bill’s condition. (Deborah Woll is such a good actress.)
    The scenes with Sookie and Jason were touching. This is the first time in a long time I felt sympathy and empathy for Sookie.
    The rest of it is just the same old, disappointing nothing.

    • RReg says:

      I agree with you that the writers should get rid of unnecessary story lines. I want to add annoying and boring characters as well. Here’s my list

      Sookie has got to go. That accent annoys me no end
      Jason has got to go. Too dumb to live
      Sarah Newlins has got to go.
      All those fairy kids have got to go. I was happy when Jessica sucked them dry except for one. It is time someone sucked the last one dry.
      Andy has got to go
      Those wolves have got to go – they add nothing
      Jessica and her teenage angst has got to do.

      • Fran says:

        Wierd, I actually like a lot of those storylines. I like Andy. He’s actually grown over the seasons and his relationship with Holly is sweet. Its nice to have some kind of normal relationship on this show. Lafayette deserves happiness. Jason is dumb but sweet and Jessica is good for him. I will agree that Sookie is annoying but she’s the main character and was never going to go.

        That being said though- does it really matter anymore? There’s only 4 episodes left and the writers are obviously set on the ending. Nothing’s going to change now.

        • Your right, its over, everything has already been filmed. Doesnt matter what direction we want it to…its already gone. What bothers me is the way they are doing the cure…the antidote cant be drunk and then becomes a cure in Sarah’s blood. She would of had to have it injected to build up the antibodies needed in a cure. Maybe thats why I heard Dr. Ludwig is comming back….to transform her gastric contents into a cure.

        • Sauva says:

          ITA agree with all of your post. Andy and Holly are so sweet, IMO it’s understandable Holly would be on edge after her recent ordeal. I’d like it if Lettie Mae can be redeemed – it would mean Tara didn’t die totally in vain. I don’t know if it will happen but tying all of the story lines together with a happy ending would make for a satisfying conclusion.

      • Paul says:

        You do realize you just killed off the entire show, right? I don’t think Bill, Eric, and Pam can carry True Blood for the last four episodes.

  5. Nat says:

    Adilyn + Jess > Adilyn + Wade

  6. Salina says:

    I actually liked this episode. As always Eric and Pam :) And I just wanna say the “cure” was brilliantly executed. I’m actually starting to like ‘Numi’ in my own way… despite her ridiculous stupidity (other than completely drinking all of the ‘you-know-what’.) Despite what people still say about how ‘bad’ season 7 is, I still love True Blood, and boy, am I enjoying Season 7 (since episode 4, previous episodes were just… bleh.)

    • I love the show too and the character’s…and I think Sarah is so funny….but the cure is not brilliant the way they did it…should of researched it more. I knew Sarah would have the cure when she came back…but should of been more realistic.

  7. bjohns says:

    Guess Nicole don’t realize fully that she has a half shifter in her belly. What is she gonna do without Sam to help. Also, wasn’t it last season that she was running for crazy with that stupid group looking to help those different. Going home might not be the best idea cause when her baby change to a puppy, they will freak out. LOL
    I love Eric and Pam’s scene, guess it was short since they spent so much time for them last week but they steal the show every week.

  8. TraciTV says:

    This used to be one of my favorite shows. Last season was awful. This season has just come to a complete stop. Just talking n sitting, no action filled adventures like it used to be. I really thought it would go out with a bang and not a whimper.

    • AMWL says:

      No Offense, But If It Sucks So Bad……..Than Shut It Off. I Love True Blood Even W/It’s Ups & Downs. This Season Has Been Great So Far.
      There Is No Perfect Writing On ANY Program. I Think Brian Buckner Did A Great Job At Season 6. He Eliminated A Lot Of Useless Crap.
      I Love True Blood & Will Miss The Show When It’s Finished!

  9. Slowest episode of the season, and I’m pretty happy about that. After the 4 or 5 hectic episodes we’ve just had the change of pace is awesome. Its clear the show wants everything tied up neatly, which is quite a novelty for television.

  10. lo' says:

    Is there anyone who isn’t just hate watching True Blood anymore?

  11. waterbug says:

    Loved last night’s episode, but since we are on a roll with who needs to go, here’s my list and why…

    First and foremost – Sam’s pregnant girlfriend, will be glad when mum and dad show to whisk her out of the last season.

    2nd – all fairy kids and remnants. Somebody please zap the last one, ’cause that storyline has dried up like her siblings.

    3rd – Preacher husband for Lettie…I did want Lettie to go too, but she is not so crazy anymore and she was originally in the first season with Tara. I think I want to see what’s going on with the folk across the track. Remember this is a southern town. Bye reverend preacher.

    4th – Andy and Holly drama–just not interesting and we do not have enough episodes left to invest the emotional energy.

    5th – Finally Jason’s crazy ex. – Please splat her. I would rather see Hoyt back in and splat her because we don’t need two villians–we have Newman and her cure.

    If we get ride of these characters, I think the final season maybe a winner…

  12. KK says:

    A lot going on in this 6th episode. Bill and Jessica are the epitome of the loving little family. And finally we get more of a Bill caring Sookie again. Her scenes with Jason and Jessica said it all, her love for Bill is the real deal like we always knew but had to wait 4 seasons to see again.
    OK, I get it, she had to spend some sex time with an old vamp when he was a child (but isnt he always? A spoiled petulant child that is) and a wolf to finally see the light which really shouldnt be so hard for a light bearing fae, right?

    SAVE Bill so he and Sookie can live happily ever after living in Bontemps. That shouldnt be too much to ask after all these years.

    Pam is the fun snarky voice of reason for the act but never think cus thats too damn hard Eric. How he survived all those years before her is a real head scratcher. Im surprised she put up with his cr@p for the past 100 years. She and Ginger need to both dump his azz, but no no, I hope he survives too so he and his soul mate Pam can go off together with no sex, slave Ginger still in tow. Peru is nice this time of year I hear.

    Daddy Andys going face some serious trouble ahead. He needs deputy Jason to help him take out that h*llwitch Violet and save the tweens.

    Someone please translate for Tara so we Lettie mae can go back to her church and Lafayete go back to James.

    Sam? He made his bed by getting Nicole pregnant. Pretty effn stupid being that it was like 1 day after Luna died.

    Lets keep this party rolling, 4 more to go.

  13. Junie says:

    Thought last night’s episode was touching and at the same time, exciting. Season 7 has been awesome .( Buckner has done a fine job tying up the loose ends) I am gutted that this is the final season of TrueBlood. Will miss all the characters – especially Sookie and Bill

  14. Celeste says:

    Why can’t Bill leave his estate to Jessica? When Eric thought Russell was coming for him, he had a lawyer come to Fangtasia to sign the paperwork for his estate to go to Pam. He specifically said “to my progeny Pamela Swynford De Beaufort”.

  15. crystal says:

    The lawyer didn’t get staked, she was human. Bill just stuck a letter opener in her throat so she bled to death.

  16. Bobby says:

    I really liked last night’s episode. Love the twist about the cure for Hep V and as always love Pam and Eric. I honestly am digging the entire thing this year but that’s because I suspend disbelief and just let the freaking show do what it’s gonna do instead of complaining about what “coulda, shoulda, woulda” been better had the writers only consulted each and everyone one of us.

    Hopefully Eric and Bill get the cure quickly and Violet meets a really bad end.

  17. GeeGee says:

    I was disappointed in last night’s episode. A little too slow and boring. And I was beyond done when they made Sarah Newlin the cure for Hep-v. Just felt like they had run out of original ideas with that one. I would rather see what happens with Lala and James. I really loved his relationship with Jesus in Seasons 3-5 and hated they killed him off. Would have been nice if they allowed Alcide’s gorgeousness to stick around longer. Always loved Eric and Pam but not into this yakuza crap. I need it to make sense to me so hopefully in the next few epi’s it will. I agree the Sam storyline is weak although I do like Andy and Holly. Jason’s crazy ex — not sure what’s up with that and her taking the fairy girl and her boyfriend. And whatever happened to Hoyt?? I thought they would have shown him in town for his mom’s funeral or something…just will be interesting to see where it goes after this week…but so far, I’m disappointed with the writing…

  18. Lia says:

    Btw, James is Lafayette’s designated vampire, so it wouldn’t be a case of breaking and entering.

  19. Rayne says:

    Good riddance Bill but feel free TB to save Eric…

  20. rebecca says:

    did no one else think sarah newlin’s sister looked human rather than just cured? the governor said to Willa last season that one day he could make her human again maybe thats the cure?

  21. Pam Roush says:

    One small correction, Sookie slashed her arm to draw the hep-v vamps when her and Bill were in the woods, before the assault on fangtasia. Sookie fed Bill just before they went to Fangtasia to kill the Hep v vamps. That is when he got it.

    My guess for the end game, Nicole dies or is killed and Sookie ends up with Sam to help raise the baby. Not what I want to see, but, I just have this feeling they are going to end it like the books. (which I did not read).

    Violet has to go, I think she took Adylin to draw Jess out since Jess is her protector. And Sarah Newlin must be kept alive and drained daily until everyone is healed. That is her punishment. Then Eric can put his hand around her throat and rip her blonde bobble head off.

    • I agree with everything u said pam….except drinking the antidote would not make the cure…but I am stuck on that lol…. I do like how u end it with sookie and sam.

  22. AMW says:

    If It Sucks So Bad……..Than Shut It Off. I Love True Blood Even W/It’s Ups & Downs. This Season Has Been Great So Far.
    There Is No Perfect Writing On ANY Program. I Think Brian Buckner Did A Great Job At Season 6. He Eliminated A Lot Of Useless Crap.
    I Love True Blood & Will Miss The Show When It’s Finished!

  23. Trueb says:

    Episode was a nice change of pace… But HEY RECAP: nothing about crazy pants violet kidnapping the teens at the end??

  24. eve says:

    Jason Stackhouse is one of my favorites.
    Jason’s girlfriend told Sookie “I wouldn’t be so quick to judge, I think you might be surprised at what he’s capable of.”
    At first Jason describes himself as the worse brother in the world. Now, he does whatever it takes to rescue and protect Sookie, Jessica and town. He told Andy that they were chosen to protect the town.
    Jason’s famous quotes:
    When you love somebody you
    gotta love it all or it ain’t love:
    Everything happens for a reason:
    After that last rescue, are the town’s people being to how some respect for Jason and Sookie?
    Sometimes you need to destroy
    something to save it:
    The things he have said in the past are now being to make sense.
    “To destroy something in order to save it?” I wonder does that destroying the the in order to save it? Since vampires are already dead they may have to destroy Bill in order to save him.