True Blood @ Comic-Con: EP Hints at Bill-Sookie Reunion in Series Finale

The best of Bon Temps assembled Saturday for True Blood‘s (last-ever!) panel at San Diego Comic-Con to reflect on the past seven years — and, of course, to tease the HBO drama’s final five episodes.

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First thing’s first: Will Bill and Sookie get back together before the Aug. 24 series finale?

“They might,” teased executive producer Brian Buckner. “They’re in each other’s spheres, for sure. At the end of the day, it’s a television show, right? This show worked because of the chemistry they shared. … I certainly felt, going into [the final season], that we had to come back to Bill and Sookie.”

And in case you’re wondering why there have been so many flashbacks this season — besides the fact that it’s the final season — Buckner said it’s all about helping the characters find themselves again.

“With Bill, we got a character who we turned into a vampire god, and he wasn’t that nice,” Buckner explained. “The thinking there was, as Bill tries to find his way back to himself, let’s give him a little help by flashing back to his human life.”

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As for that True Blood musical we’ve been hearing about, Stephen Moyer confirmed he would not be playing Bill, should it actually come to fruition.

“Nathan Barr, who does all the wonderful music on our show, came to me about two years ago with this idea [for a musical],” he explained. “I went to his house and basically laid down a couple of tracks, playing Bill, and we recorded the songs for him to give to Charlaine [Harris] and Alan [Ball] and see if it would be something they’d be interested in doing. They signed off on it, but that was the only thing I was ever going to do for it.”

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More scoop from the panel:

* The James-Lafayette relationship is “not done evolving,” Buckner confirmed. There is so much more to come.

* We “haven’t seen [Tara’s] last day,” Buckner added, hinting that her story is about to take a crazy turn.

* On the topic of Sam’s future with Nicole, Sam Trammell said, “We’ll see how committed I am to her and how committed she is to staying.”

* It sounds like Arlene will also be getting her freak on with new vampire Keith. “I don’t think you introduce a hot vampire on True Blood without doing something with them,” Carrie Preston said. “This season, I feel like I really arrived on True Blood because I got a vampire exploding in my crotch … and maybe there’s some stuff coming up between Arlene and Keith that I’ve never had to do on camera before.”

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  1. sal says:

    Where were Alexander Skarsgard and Ryan Kwanten?

    Oh, and Mr. Trammell? Please quit playing coy. We already know Pregnant Nicole is just a placeholder and Sookie will settle for Seal Sex Sam at the last second. Again. Thank you. :)

  2. chaouad says:

    i don’t know how but i think tara is coming back.

  3. Ian says:

    This season sounds as all over the place and sensationalist as the last few. No way to end the series. They’re just counting on a Bill-Sookie endgame as the thing that makes for a good conclusive feeling, but it’s going to take an appropriate writing effort for all of these characters to accomplish that, which is something I’m not expecting.
    The only thing I’m at all pleased about is that this isn’t the end of Tara, which is kinda crazy. If she’s dead, what else is there? I’m not really interested in Lettie Mae’s insanity, and fans aren’t going to be happy about a tease of Tara possibly, I don’t know, maybe hopefully coming back from the dead, only for that not to be what’s happening. She deserved a happy ending, but it seems beyond the show’s ability to give her in any real satisfying way. Why would Tara of all people be able to come back?
    And I don’t care about James and Lafayette. They shouldn’t have killed Jesus. And Nicole obviously leaves Sam, which is fine, because they aren’t soulmates either. But then what’s his happy ending? Maybe he ends up dead too.

  4. EJ386 says:

    To me his remarks reads as ‘we need the flashbacks so people remember the character as we created it in the first season and they can forget about all the uncharacteristic weirdness of the later seasons and we can go back to our intended ending.’
    They should get over it, a person changes as he lives to this kind of stuff. Remembering who you used to be can put things in perspective, but doesn’t change you back…
    Nothing against Stephan and Anna I’m sure they are lovely together in real life, but their characters are done together [or at least should be].

  5. JJM says:

    A comment on the Hep-V or Sarah Newlin would have been nice…

  6. alistaircrane says:

    I am a huge Bookie fan, so this is music to my ears!!!!

  7. Ian says:

    Oh dear, well I just watched this final trailer, lol.

    And oh, so I guess probably Lafayette uses his medium powers to bring Tara back for that family reunion scene in the trailer?

  8. kitkat says:

    Im a fan of stories that come full circle, it makes the most sense. Brian Buckner is correct to end this show the way it started, back home with Bill and Sookie and their electric chemistry, while surrounded by friends and family. Its what got things rolling and put True Blood on the map. The only question on everyones mind is will Bill and Sookie conclude their story with a happily ever after.
    I find its what most normal viewers want including me.

  9. WTActualF says:

    Yawn. Bill/Sookie doesn’t even make sense at this point, but whatevs.

  10. Rachel says:

    Bill and Sookie’s chemistry is not what kept me watching the show, it was Pam and Eric. I never liked Bill and Sookie, even in season one, and I likes it even less when I found out how he manipulated her from the beginning and she still loved him.

  11. Gemma says:

    I cannot believe they are going for a Bill/Sookie ending. That is so awful. Bill is the worst character, and will be even more unbearable if he turns human as people are speculating.

    I have been waiting for Sookie and Eric to get together, that would have been perfect. So sad that a once great show is ending in this lame way. It was never Bill and Sookie’s chemistry that drew me in, it was Eric, and Eric’s pursuit of Sookie. This is going to be so awful I’m not sure I will even watch!

  12. Truefan says:

    Bill/Sookie is better than Sookie/Sam. They weren’t why I watched the show . Eric and Pam were the ones who kept me watching. I always liked Andy and hope he has a happy ending. Lafayette and Jesus were sweet. Lafayette and James are gross .the storyline with them last week…Yuck!

  13. A says:

    I know I can’t complain about it but I just have to vent it somewhere! I know this show doesn’t follow the books (unfortunately) but you have I think 12 books in that entire series? Bill and sookie? Yeah together for ummm..2 of all of those stories! She’s with Eric for the majority of them! And no I’m not a sookie/Eric shipper unhappy by this ill always be a sookie/Quinn girl myself (book readers will know)

    If they do end up sticking bill and sookie together I will be so disappointed and disgusted! (Again book comparing sorry!) Bills betrayal involving the queen was so down played on the tv show! This was her first love, her first anything and finding out he was seducing her for the queen (even if he couldn’t go through with it) utterly destroys her. Oh well though told myself I’d stick it out through the end and I intend to do so :) sorry about the venting but bill is a POS and I needed to say it :D

    • Bree says:

      I completely agree. I never liked the character of Bill in the show or the books. Eric, Alcide, and Quinn were more dynamic characters. Quinn never really got a chance once Sookie learned more about shifters and their loyalty to each other. And in the books Sookie spent at least 5 books with Eric. The show on the other hand never even gave Sookie and Eric a chance to be together, only when he had amnesia. So disappointing as he tried since the beginning to win her over and never really got the girl even for a lil while. And then the Alcide relationship almost completely took place off screen. Obviously this show has been the Sookie and BIll show from the creators point of view but I believe sometimes you have to change your directions from season 1 as the show develops. I think with everything that has happened it just doesnt make sense to go back to Bill and Sookie, even if the actors are married. It kind of makes the last crazy, weird seasons completely pointless. Sorry guess I had to rant a little as well.

  14. Hannah says:

    Bill’s hepV, which he got from Sookie, mixed with her fairy blood will turn him into a human again. Arlene will be turned. Tara is in limbo, she’s not coming back to life.

  15. Sandra Grayson says:

    I would like to at least see a happy ending to most of the main people. Like all those that started out and hung on for so long. I’ve been with this show from the beginning. I am gonna miss it. I will be looking for the familiar faces in other show! Good luck guys!

  16. ulook4me says:

    I know this is the last season but it seems as if they’re jamming to many story plots into one episode. It reminds me how I use to speed read to me little brother because I was late for my date.