Castle's Nathan Fillion Asks: 'How Much Longer Can We Make People Wait for a Wedding?'

Nathan Fillion laughs in the general direction of your suggestion that he was concerned about Rick Castle’s fate, as soon as he got wind of the Season 6 finale.

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“I wasn’t really worried,” the star of ABC’s Castle told Michael Ausiello during his visit to TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con video suite. With the season-ending car crash feeding into a new piece of series mythology, “I think it’s going to be fun.”

Having brought Rick and Kate together, the show reached a point of, “What now?” he notes. “We need a new reason to come back and face a new season,” he says, and with the Sept. 29 premiere already on the books, “So far, so good.”

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Turning to the Castle faithful’s latest recurring mantra — with one marriage ceremony up in flames, when will “Caskett” say ‘I do’?!” — Fillion says he himself wonders, “How much longer can we make people wait for a wedding?”

Also in this video Q&A: Fillion ponders for how many more years Castle might run (might it match Bones‘ longevity?), reflects on the recent Firefly reunion he took part in and reveals the handful of TV shows he’d love to guest-star on next.

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  1. Anon says:

    Thanks. Can’t wait to see the video! I’m with Nathan on this and hope we don’t have to wait too much longer for the wedding! He sounds pretty upbeat about the SL so I’m looking forward to this premiere and season!

  2. Andrea says:

    Thanks for this! He seems very positive about the upcoming storyline!

  3. M3rc Nate says:

    Very good interview. Loving that Nathan is asking the write questions (how long do you have the fans wait for the Wedding? aka dont draw it out a full season), and admitting he was wrong about people not being interested when they get together.

    From there i would say, its time to make “Castle” about CASTLE again! Time to re-watch the first 2 seasons and then go into the writers room and give Nathan meaty stuff to do, he doesnt need to be the supporting boyfriend to Beckett’s “Beckett” show, he doesnt need to always be the butt of the joke, and the jokester that no one really takes seriously…its time to give him the reigns back…Beckett has solved her mothers murder and all that stuff, i want “Castle” back.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Kinda true: “We’re looking to open up some really interesting aspects of storytelling for the Castle character, who hasn’t been as deeply explored as Beckett over the past six years — and we’re really excited by that opportunity.”

        That sounds good, i dont buy everything showrunners/writers/actors/actresses sell in these interviews (TVLine, EW, etc) just cause we have seen them be wrong before or be hype. Its all in the writing and the execution. Im not specifically saying i need huge Castle story lines that are front and center (though i will happily take them), i liked the Beckett’s mother conspiracy story line, and i dont mind at all that it made her the lead. What I have taken issue with for a few seasons now is Nathan getting nothing to do besides make a joke here and there. He used to be the one doing HIS thing, coming up with brilliant ideas cause of his novel research, he used to have contacts from his research he’d use to help solve cases, he used to take risks, be a rogue, etc. Now hes just a BF and the butt of the jokes on the show. Most of the time you expect to hear “Ohhh Castle! *womp womp*” sound effect after he does or says something stupid that Kate/Ryan/Esposito/Gates roll their eyes at or chuckle at.

    • GhostWolf says:

      I would love to have Castle finally be focused on too. The whole thing with Beckett’s mother / Senator is finally other with. Let’s dig into Castle’s past and focus more on him since we know very little after all these years about him yet there is always something new about Beckett’s past that is dreamed up time and again – enough of that.

    • SBell says:

      I’ve enjoyed delving into Beckett’s past and I hope unearthing Castle’s past doesn’t mean they’re going to neglect her character.

      • Just one thing says:

        I’ve never thought the two were mutually exclusive, and it’s unfortunate that some viewers have been given the impression that that’s so because of the show’s creative choices.

      • just me says:

        me too love her character and what to see more of his but hopefully not hurt hers.

    • Joan says:

      I love the earlier seasons but I never saw it as the “Castle” show. The earlier seasons of the show especially 1-3 showed Castle and Beckett always together, even when they were not together. That’s the reason I fell in love with the show. The reason I have not liked at all season 5 and 6 (except for some episodes) is because the writers are separating them for some odd reason. It seems now that they are trying to solve their own thing on their own instead of doing it together. I want to see both of them fighting crime and solving murders like they used to. Yes, we see Beckett or Castle helping each other out here and there but it’s not enough, especially since we don’t get to see more of their private lives. I’m so over their breakfast scenes being interrupted by a call! I feel like they’re not involved with each other like they should. I don’t care who’s story lines the writers want to focus on, I just want to see Castle and Beckett going through things together. i watch the show for both of them so I don’t want either of them to be neglected. Also, most of the cases have now become boring and you can easily spot the murderer.

      • Lori Jan says:

        100% agree with you!

      • just me says:

        i don’t see it that way! i see the character growing. i would like to see them together more thought you do have points there. can’t wait to see what they come up with hope it’s good or they will have ruin a great show and they might already have!

        • Patrick says:

          Part of this goes back to Fillion’s beef and hold (sick) out earlier this (last?) year. He was always with Beckett. Except when he was at home. He was always on the show. He was working far more hours than the rest of the cast. One of the reasons they are showing them together less is so that Fillion doesn’t have to be in 95% of the scenes.

          That said, I would love for Castle to become more capable than he has been in recent years. And if that is at the cost of St. Beckett, fine. She has morphed into this near omnipotent force of nature. Presenting her as a perfect cop who makes very rare missteps isn’t fun for me as a viewer. I like it when each one is flawed, and Beckett is never more likeable than when she is a little wrong footed or exasperated with her own inability to magically solve the case.

          Rick, Espo, and Kevin have become superfluous at times. It is like that episode of ST TNG where Data plays Holmes on the Holodeck and immediately solves the cases because he knows ever Holmes case by heart. Super Beckett has no weaknesses, so there can be no struggle, and with no struggle there is no reason to watch.

          • I agree with you on the real-life reasons for why we see less of Castle. However, it seems to have shifted so that in many episodes, Beckett is conversely in 95% of the episode. Which, naturally, would suggest that Katic – whose call time was already the earliest – now works the long hours.
            As for Beckett’s weaknesses, while I’m glad they showed her bad-assery in those two episodes (can’t remember the names), I never got the impression she was flawless or invincible. The primary focus of the episodes, yes.
            And if people’s rubs are compounded by Beckett continuing to get a ton of focus this last season, fine. But it helps to look at the real-life logistics surrounding that reason.
            I’m all for balance, and I’m especially all for the title character/actor pulling his weight and carrying the story. We shall see how it goes…

      • Hez says:

        Great point … I hope whatever is planned brings them even closer and we get to see them work together … The relationship between Castle and Beckett and how they work … Together… Finish each others thoughts … Save each others lives … This is what sets this show apart … The chemistry of true love.. Hope that’s where we’re headed keep that direction … Love episodes like … Love & Die in LA … Just one example too many favorites to name

    • Lynn says:

      funny how a lot of you guys want “the old Castle” as you call him back!. This story is a progression, just as life goes on so do the characters! Castle hasn’t changed, he has matured! Is more serious and thoughtful. good grief why some people want him to be a conceited, self centered jerk like he was six years ago is beyond me! As for the Beckett character,she has matured also and is not the same as when the story started and this is how it should be. When the series ends I hope to be able to watch the show from start to finish and see a great story from when they met until…….who knows. But this fixation about pitting one character (Castle or Beckett) against the other because you are a fan of Fillion or Katic is rubbish. It is a complete story of two people meeting, falling in love and maturing and growing together. Not some juvenile “I like him better then her ” nonesence.

      • fibber says:

        that’s a good point. it does seem that people don’t like the “grown-ups” here. i for one loved them better now. and hope to continues to see them.

    • Joda Solomon says:

      I feel the same way, give us the old whippersnapper/quipper/charmthepantsoffus Castle back.

  4. Tran says:

    I was disappointed how Season Six ended.

  5. LK says:

    I’ve had enough of the Beckett show too (no offense to SK). They have to even it out and put the focus back on Castle. And whoever NF’s trainer is deserves an award – the guy looks amazing.

  6. John NYC says:

    Fun interview. Terrific guy.

    A fan since at least Buffy. Grateful he keeps doing it.

    • kitcat lover.....all kit cats says:

      loved him then and even more now. love the guy…..hopefully he will stick around for many years to come!

  7. Kourt says:

    Such a good interview! I am glad that we heard from Nathan first about the new season

  8. Boiler says:

    Great interview! Was great to see he excited about Season 7 and, hopefully, beyond

  9. Colleen says:

    Great interview! He seems positive about S7, which is great!

  10. Kelly says:

    Love the Monty Python reference you snuck in there at the beginning to tie in with his comment about his only accent!

  11. Kris says:

    On a shallow note, hope we get to see his scruff/stubble in some eps next season!

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  13. Moshai says:

    I wonder if I could ever read the comment section of tvline without the same 5 posters coming in and talking about how awful the show is because it focuses too much on Beckett. And without going into the ridiculous amount of revisionist history that previous statement has, I’ll just say that I hope season seven is awesome and focuses on Castle and Beckett going through whatever obstacles are thrown their way together.

    • S. says:

      Amen. Castle has a few Debbie Downers that love to come cause drama. In a way, making the show so much about Beckett still made it about Castle. The reason so much focus was on Beckett was that that’s what drew Castle to stick around in the first place. She was his anchor and the cause for his motivation beyond the case to case ‘oooh cool murder’ angle. He didn’t really need to spend that much time observing anybody and from his attitude early in the show it wasn’t really about the victims before. He finally grew more in the latter and in the former he was fascinated by her and wanted to help her work through everything that her mother’s murder did to her. It was partly for her sake and partly for his because he loved her, so it was still about Castle to an extent even when it was about Kate. Now that they’re moving forward with Beckett having resolved the most significant thing in her adult life, Castle’s gonna get to have more of a focus. Everything about focusing on Beckett had to happen for Castle to get to be who he is now. I don’t have a single problem with that.

      • kitcat lover.....all kit cats says:

        very well said there.

      • Patrick says:

        This is a straw man argument. When people complain about the show being too focused on Beckett, we aren’t talking about her story line or her screen time. What bothers us is that Beckett has been turned into an infallible super cop, while Castle has been turned into a bumbling Keystone Cop. In early seasons he was a good shot, worldly, and had a lot to offer. Now he is just an Oaf whose only purpose is to further the glory of Beckett, mostly by being the foil that underlines how awesome she is.

  14. LL624 says:

    “Nathan Fillion laughs in the general direction of your suggestion that he was concerned about Rick Castle’s fate” Who suggested he was concerned about this? We all know Castle’s not going to die. He’s the title character. This was a nice little interview, even though he kind of evaded the question of how long he thinks the show will last.

    • Just one thing says:

      Yes. That was a nice, PC and polite interview, even if he was overly cautious with some of his responses. I can’t see any faults in it, though.
      I don’t see how anyone could’ve truly been concerned about Fillion’s status on the show.

    • carbono says:

      I was just watching Nathan & Alan Tudyk’s San Diego Comic Con appearance from yesterday & Tudyk mentioned this is the last year of Castle & NF did not correct him or say anything to dismiss his comment. I have thought all along from past interviews & comments I’ve seen that NF would only do 7 seasons & be done. It sure sounds to me like I was right.

      • LL624 says:

        That has nothing to do with Castle dying in the season 6 finale. And I keep hearing about this. I want to find this video. Many fans have thought that about Nathan for a long time anyway. 1) Because of his obsession with all things Firefly and nonchalance over Castle and 2) because he’s said he would like the show to go out on a high note.

        • fibber says:

          i would love to see the interview! I’m a Castle fan who wants to know all I can……
          either way I want a great S7! We can worry about the ending at a later date. Let’s (or me at least) enjoy the esp I get to see.

          • ok says:

            You can find the video carbono was talking about on you tube. Search Nerd Machine and click on A Conversation with Nathan Fillion. There are several but I think it is the most recent one uploaded. Skip to 10:00 mark for the question and around the 10:30 mark, Alan says that there is only one season of Castle left.

  15. lame says:

    This is why I’d love to see the Richard Castle of seasons 1,2 & 3 when he was fearless, daring and would give deep thorough scenarios, and not those foolish things he now spits out. He was a large than life character who would drive Beckett nuts, he’s much smaller now, almost in the shadows.
    As for “the wedding”, well that’s one thing Marlowe did that he said he’d never do; Jerk the fans around. And I do agree with Ausuello, a wedding in the Hamptons is out of the question. My suggestion would be to use Vibianas, the one time cathedral in downtown L.A that has an enclosed courtyard makeing it worthy of a socially prominent person, and don’t do it on the cheap, like Ryan’s. Marlowe owes the fans that much.

    • John NYC says:

      To do it right they really need to do it in New York City actual, not some fake. heck Covert Affairs travels farther afield …..

      Tent Bryant Park, the Central Park Ice Rink, somewhere else iconic (A Staten Island Ferry?), maybe The Met….

    • LL624 says:

      He’s never been a larger than life character with deep, thorough scenarios. It’s always been foolish things he spits out. That’s the comedy.

  16. Alex says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t want a focus on Castle or Beckett ? I just want to see them solving crimes together, I don’t want weird mythologies coming out of nowhere just so they has something to say about Castle.

  17. bebel says:

    Loved what he said about not wanting to be on his favourite shows to keep them “sacred”. I’m sure he wasn’t completely truthful and won’t really decline a part on GoT or something else lol. Just nice to see such “real fan” approach from an actor, not some rehearsed answers. Shows that he cares and gave it some thought.

  18. Pat says:

    I would have loved to had seen Nathan and Stana doing an interview together, just as Emily and David had done for “Bones”. I am so tired of reading rumors about how he and Stana do not get along. I really liked it when he met his father for the first time, under terrible circumstances being the kidnapping of Alexis, but it put him in some serious action scenes when he was going to rescue her. He has done some other action scenes with Kate and I think they need to do more of this for his character plus a background storyline to know how he became Castle and I am hoping for more of his father surfacing in the near future.

    • Just one thing says:

      Well, David and Emily were able to do a joint interview because they were both at SDCC, thanks to Fox.
      For what’s likely a number of reasons, ABC and the studio don’t take a break early in Castle’s season’s anymore to promote SDCC (though they’d fill the house, no doubt). Fillion goes every year, but the others stayed and worked this time.
      I’m all for more action and mystery-solving from Castle, but I think delving into his past more would be great. It just needs to feel organic. If they’re *SPOILER* not revisiting any of our know baddies and are moving toward something totally new and “unsettling,” most things are going to feel like they’re coming out of left-field.
      The only thing that wouldn’t feel completely manufactured to me, is if they revisit Castle’s exposure to the toxin last season. His recovery was wrapped up in the show’s usual speedy and casual way, but what if his exposure to the toxin and rapid recovery got the attention of some nefarious organization, and he somehow knew and was unable to tell anyone? That’d be interesting.

  19. Jim says:

    So far so good is not a ringing endorsement. Put together with Stana’s Greek interviews I’d say they are both concerned.

  20. patty says:

    No wedding…… You’ll end up boring like Bones!! Your a great actor Nathan, and should be reconized. I love your faceial expressions….

    • just me says:

      sorry but i thought bones went down after they got married, although “Castle.” is nothing like “bones” at all! ( sorry to all “Bones” lovers out there)

  21. BonesFan says:

    Fillion talking about Castle :O now that’s a first.. won’t bore myself by reading/watching any of his interviews..
    Best words to describe Nathan Fillion = An over-hyped actor pinning for his dead show of more than a decade..

  22. BonesFan says:

    Fillion talking about Castle :O now that’s a first.. won’t bore myself by reading/watching any of his interviews..
    Best words to describe Nathan Fillion = An over-hyped actor pinning for his dead show of more than a decade..

    • Shay DeShade says:

      Overhyped….LOL coming from someone whose user name talks about one of the worst shows ever to hit the air….

      • BetiSA says:

        I don’t know if Bones is the worst show ever but it has a poor audience and it has been beaten by Castle last 3 PCA awards in a row. It is not what I think, these are FACTS.

    • Maria says:

      First of all, the word is spelled “pining.” The word “pinning” rhymes with “winning.” (A double consonant usually means a short-vowel sound.) Second of all, he is not over-hyped. If anything, he’s underrated. He can go from bad-a** leadership as Captain Mal to sweet awkwardness as the doctor in Waitress to creeped-out widower in White Noise 2 and he covers these and all roles with ease. Third of all…of course he’s talking about Castle. That’s what Michael was interviewing him about. That’s…ummm…usually how these things work.

    • just me says:

      so, seems to me that he cared about the shows just as much as his fans did! i don’t know the guy but who really cares. He to me, does what he wants and does it well. as for bones….i wouldn’t call it the worst by any means, but it doesn’t compare not even close to “Castle” (sorry to all “bones” fans out here-we all like our respected show here)

  23. Darryl says:

    I Castle dies as a series, how about a spin off. Castle & Becket, (New York’s “A” list detective agency).

  24. bookworm says:

    ‘Bones got into it’s tenth season!’

    yeeaah..but Bones got bad. around the seventh.

    Castle needs to go out on a high note.

    • just me says:

      true to that! i never watched it after what 6 i think it was… really boring for me. I do catch one here and there on tnt. if Castle is to end now, at least make it right with the fans.

  25. James D says:

    Thanks Aus it’s always nice to see you interview Nathan. I’m looking forward to this new direction in the show i think it’s time to really explore the character of Castle, we know little about him when you think about it which is strange after so many seasons. I was one of the few i think that enjoyed the finale last year even the ending so I’m not to concerned about them getting married, I’m sure Amann and co will find a cool way of doing it.

    I don’t mean this to be offensive to anyone, but I always chuckle a little bit when people get in a fit about Nathan only being signed on for seven seasons and his desire to leave the show. it always seems a little ridiculous to me, if they pay him he’s going to show up no matter the work load as he said this is the longest he’s been employed why would he do anything to jeopardize that, with that said I’m still hoping Joss can find a role for him in Marvel besides a cameo.

    • the crime interviewer says:

      true, i can’t wait till they do explore “castle” more, but we do know a lot-I being an interviewer (job hazard) have picked out way to much of say subtexting on :Castle character over the years, it will be fun to see what other things we can learn about our hero-yes i call him that. or should I say super-mutant hero!

      anyway hope to have a great year……an what month are they back? for me too long……………the wait has been long enough.

    • You’re right. If they pony up the money, most actors are going to stick around beyond seven seasons, whether they’re loving it or not. (See also: Patrick Dempsey and the lead males on nearly every long-running CBS drama.)
      Two things, though:
      1. I don’t think it has been solely about the money for Fillion, who seems content that the show’s hard-working crew is still employed.
      2. And I really don’t think ABC is (currently) willing to pay top dollar to keep Fillion – or Katic – beyond their contract. Paul Lee & Co. seem content to pay for their various other shows and their casts of thousands, though. That much is clear to me.
      Happy to be proven wrong, of course, but ABC hasn’t demonstrated a value for Castle that one would reasonably expect for the successful, second-longest running series on a struggling network.

  26. Rose says:

    Take as long as you want to – I won’t be watching. I don’t let people or TV shows jerk me around for their own entertainment. I’m done. I’m over it. You blew it with this viewer, and I bet I’m not the only one.

    • just me says:

      by…..the one thing i have to say to you! my other thing is try to find another show that compares to “Castle” i mean in all ways. if you find one let me know.

  27. mary hughes says:

    Don’t ever take castle off the air if the Simpsons can last this long so can castle I watch the reruns every day just to get my fill… I’m ADDICTED!!!

  28. Enough with the waiting. They can be married and still have a good show….surely writers can come up with other storylines that Caskett can work together “outside of the bedroom.” Let them get married and do the show.

  29. mary hughes says:

    Kate and rick are AMAZING together awesome chemistry. I’ve gotten all my friends addicted to castle. We all join together in my room to watch all the reruns on TNT. It’ll be a sad day in TV history if it is ever canceled

  30. Linda says:

    I hope it goes on forever, it is the best show on TV and I love all the characters. I will be devastated when it goes off/

  31. donna says:

    Thanks for this cant wait to see what happens in season castle never miss it.

  32. mary hughes says:

    For all those who love bones and are castle haters… What’s wrong with you both shows rock! Like my mom always said”if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!!!”

  33. Nikki says:

    Really looking forward to S7 of Castle now that I know its going to be focusing on Castle more. After 6 seasons, it about time we really get to know our titular character. The Beckett’s mother storyline dragged on too long, to the sacrifice somewhat of the Castle character. We are lucky to have an actor the quality of Fillion. They need give him more to do.

  34. Serena says:

    I think he will have suffered a concussion, lost his memory and then they have to start all over again. Well, it’s not as bad as the dream storyline!

  35. Sharon O'Connor says:

    My favorite show is Castle! Love how it is action-mysterious-funny-romantic Love all the main actress & actors & guests. I watched all the shows plus lots of reruns. Please make the series go on for a long time. Castle actors you can do it your great!♡

  36. BCBunny says:

    I just hope he doesn’t have amnesia.

  37. Michael says:

    Hopefully a shorter wait than for a Firefly season 2.

  38. Beverly says:

    Castle is my favorite show of ALL time. It can run for another 10 years at least.

  39. Becky says:

    If they don’t get married in the season premier, I won’t be watching it anymore. The finale was ridiculous. Not even believable. I’ve been a fan from day one for this show, but that just ruined it for me.

    • caskett fan for ever. says:

      i wouldn’t count on that , but from what i read-can’t remember where is that the season 7.1 and 7.2 are connected. not saying a two parter but close. just give it a few esp then decide. i am. I’m like you though if no wedding soon i’m gone to other things, sorry Castle, but i still love you!

      • S. says:

        Since we know there’s going to be a wedding and we’ve all been here since day 1 for the stories, if you bail now you’re just punishing yourself for something that wasn’t the point in the first place. We didn’t start watching the pilot going ‘if they don’t get married within 6 years I am out!’ It’ll happen when the story is right. The point is the two of them solving crimes and being in love. If you have to have a wedding right this second, fan fiction won’t let you down. I want it done properly. If the finale was such a disappointment, you wouldn’t have wanted the wedding to be in there anyway. You’d want it to take place in an episode so good you could watch over and over again wouldn’t you? That doesn’t mean an hour of wedding. There’s gonna be other plot stuff happening. Maybe this time it’ll be more to your liking. Frankly the finale was setting up important to Rick’s story/character. After so much Beckett development, maybe it wouldn’t be bad to have a little Rick development pre-wedding. It took Kate 6 years to get to this point but her trauma was more entrenched. His is a situation they can face together. Kate might want to get married asap and they’ll face it as a team.

        • fibber says:

          i have not been there since day one I started in season 5 so i have no idea if a wedding is going to happen or not. i want one yes it dosen’t even have to be a whole esp one. anyway the character did grow and who knows how impotant it will be to rick’s story, it might have noting to do with him at all.

  40. true "Casskett" fan forever! says:

    Kinda sad that the actor is the one to ask the right question about the fans.
    my question is…… why have Beckett/Sk in two wedding dresses-yes i said two, if not have a wedding? is three times the charm? (you can laugh if you want to-that’s how i meant it) I’m not saying that she doesn’t look great in them cause (i hope no offence is taken here) she looks sexy in them! well, than again she’s sexy in anything or nothing! (smiles).
    I know that there are plenty of stories left to tell, am i glade (i want to hear them too) but who is going to watch/listen to them if you have no fans? or if the show (hope not for many years) gets canceled then what? you leave the best fans with a bad taste in there mouths and the actors/actresses (not that they would) suffer. (sorry for that but true). I know a lot of fans who blame the actors/actresses this season for not giving their “all” but they can only do as good as the writing of the material. I just hope that season 7 can be great, cause i hate to see one of the best shows “go up in flames” (yes another pun) because they thought it was say-“cute” to mess with the fans! And yes that is what they did! (well, to me they did)
    Castle is still to me one of the best shows out there, got me through some thuff times, I knew that I could count on “Castle” and the books to help me thought. (thanks). This is one, not to many of them out there, that I never know what is going to happen. It keeps me entertain till the end.

    can’t wait till the new season, and with some of the say “spoilers” it seems to be a great season, just hope that it’s not just all hype. I have learned not to by into all of it.

    thanks to all for the updates. and spoilers.

  41. LOVE Castle. They make a great couple. Can’t wait for next series. Am re-watching last series.

  42. who-dat on my show says:

    thanks! can’t wait for more, hints to the next season. hope it’s a good one!

  43. who's been sleeping in my bed? says:

    watched it. thanks but it didn’t really tell me anything. as a fan we knew that he wouldn’t die, if he did the show would to. and for him to stop and yes i caught that, he was thinking alittle to much……my thing is better not wait to long or he’s right fans will be bored and leave the show for good. i can’t wait to see what happens though!

  44. the crime interviewer says:

    watched the interview, thanks guys, it was fun but didn’t really help any of my fears for the next season of “Castle,” sorry. my confidence is still kinda low. I’m not saying that the interview was a waste but i think there’s a lot more out there. I’m not saying that NF is a lair by any means (one i don’t know him and two i never call anyone a lair-hider of truth maybe but never lair) but i don’t think he’s telling all truths either, I know there’s stuff he can’t say to us just yet but there’s something odd about this interview-like something off. (no offense to either guy in the interview-you guys did great!) It seems to me NF was dancing around some of the questions, giving half answers i guess you call it. his body langue was a big give away along with other things-watch the interview and see if you can pick up on any others.-just for fun……..i saw more than one!
    any way there are some hints as well (subtexting if you want to call it that) that he did drop though, if you were paying attention. for instance, words like “1st” “day to day” got me thinking anyway….um….
    (i do—— smile at that…… pun intended there)

    and they way he answer a question with a question…..

    Gotta love “Castle” and the gang!

    WARNING: not all of this is indication that this is true or not, I do interviews for a living-not in tv or movies-like this one but i seen enough to pick up on little things……. sorry to spoil anything!

    • S. says:

      You mean liar*? He’s dancing around things of course. That’s for spoiler purposes. He can’t just tell us so obviously it’s gonna make him or any actor look shifty. There’s no point in saying ‘they get married really soon.’ He can’t risk giving up too much or it’ll open up what the mythology is. I doubt very seriously that they’ll have the equivalent of a 2 year engagement. You know as soon as Beckett gets him back in one piece she’s gonna be all ‘screw it, let’s get married right now before anything else goes wrong.’ I’m sure it’ll be romantic however they do it. It’s Castle and Beckett we’re talking about so we’ll all probably tear up a little. I just hope she still gets to wear her mom’s dress.

      • fibber says:

        i think that was the whole idea of what the crime interviewer said was that they couldn’t tell all just yet! as for her wearing the dress, not unless they do it within say 1st two esp. I can’t see her taking it off and then reputting it back on……her wearing it was creepy enough for me. anyway i’m with you a “let’s get it over with wedding” is in order! she even mention that in one esp-an say enlope kinda, and that she didn’t want to do it with all the people, along with waiting till sep/oct so there is hope for them yet! can’t wait……hurry up sep get here already! gotta love them and the actors.

  45. Beth says:

    Here’s an idea…let’s have one happily married couple on tv. Seriously. If you are old enough, think back to MacMillan & Wife or Hart to Hart. Those shows were not as substantial as Castle in lots of ways….but instead of the dramatic to and fro, let Kate and Rick get married for goodness sake! Then allow all of us the pleasure of watching the two of them work out the dynamics of being partners at work and at home.

  46. Lori Anderson says:

    From what Andrew Marlow said in his interview, I know Castle isn’t dead. The interview with Nathan was good.

  47. Weddings are overrated.

  48. Teresa Goben says:

    Castle is my all time favorite show I can’t wait until it comes back on.I cry every seasons end.I think it will only get better when they are married it will bring up more drama and I think they should have a child that would be great

  49. Teri Shannon says:

    Nathan finally seems like a Caskett shipper! Loved his question about the wedding. We all want a wedding and soon. Now an interview with Stana would also be welcome or perhaps one of the two of them together.

  50. Teri Shannon says:

    Nothing could stop me from watching Castle..absolutely nothing. It has encompassed my heart and is the best show I have ever watched. I love the entire cast, especially Stana. I have never seen an actress pour out her heart to her character as much as Stana does to Beckett. I don’t think any other show compares to Castle in its acting or writing. Not all storylines are going to please everyone, but let’s all ban together to give Season 7 a chance to prove it’s worth.

    • RReg says:

      Good gracious me. Are you serious? You really should take a step back. It is just make believe – and not a good one at that. It’s just a tv show… SMH