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The Originals Season 2: EPs Talk Klaus' Crisis, Haylijah's 'Friction' and More

The Originals Season 2

With exactly 11 weeks until the second season premiere of The Originals, TVLine caught up with executive producers Julie Plec and Michael Narducci for the scoop on what the Big Easy has in store for our (anti)heroes.

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In addition to being the title of the premiere, the EPs told us “Rebirth” will be a running theme of the CW drama’s sophomore season. Part of that will come from Klaus and Elijah confronting their parents — and, spoiler alert, Narducci told us “it’s not going to be a huge amount of time” before they figure out Mikael and Esther are back with a vengeance.

Ready, set, spoil!

HAYLIJAH | Unfortunately, it sounds like Hayley and Elijah’s relationship will be taking a step back in Season 2. “[Hayley] and Klaus are the only two hybrids in existence now, so Elijah will inevitably wonder, ‘Is there a connection between my brother and Hayley that I could never surpass?'” Narducci explained. “There’s going to be some interesting friction. Ultimately, Elijah is going to have to decide, ‘Do I want to help this girl?'”

KLAUS: THE EARLY YEARS | Season 2, Narducci explained, is “all about confronting the sins of the past. We’re very much defined by our parents, but as we become adults, we begin to choose our own paths. … Klaus is very much a product of his abusive father, and very much a product of his mother.” In going deeper into Klaus’ moral origins, we’ll see “flashbacks to when he was a child,” as well as “right before he became a vampire.” All of this will “examine what his relationship was with his mother, and the sense of betrayal that he felt when she came back from the dead and judged him as an abomination.”

davina-season-2A WITCH’S CONFLICT | Davina’s agenda, Narducci explained, is going to unfold in an interesting way this fall: “She has Mikael under her control, and she wants Klaus to suffer — but she also loves Josh and Marcel, and she knows they’re connected to Klaus. She’s going to have to be smart about what she ultimately decides to do with Mikael.” As for which of Klaus and Elijah’s brothers Esther brought back with her, the EPs are remaining tight-lipped for now.

WHAT’S IN A NAME? | The explanation behind the season premiere’s title, “Rebirth,” is two-fold, according to Plec. Not only is it indicative of the episode’s theme — the loss of Klaus’ baby, the start of his new life, etc. — but it also has a special meaning for the show, itself. “Every title we use, we try to make it a song title from New Orleans or an artist from New Orleans,” Plec said. “Rebirth is one of the best brass bands in New Orleans, and they were in our pilot. We’ve been waiting to use that title for 22 episodes.”

The Originals second season premieres Oct. 6 at 8/7c on The CW.

Originals fans, what are you hoping to see in Season 2? Drop a comment with your thoughts on Plec and Narducci’s latest teases below.

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  1. vice says:

    Hope for the best

    • Lili says:


  2. Daniel says:

    really? a Klayley-Hayleijah triangle? Did Julie lost her mind? Not here for this, sorry

    • Ashley says:

      Joseph Morgan said he hopes Klaus and Hayley will have a brother/sister relationship. Doubt he would say that if he thought they were planning a triangle. Plus, that’s not at all what Julie said here. They said Elijah will “wonder” about their connection b/c of the hybrid thing. It’s still about Elijah. And Phoebe has also shot down romantic Klayley too. Haylijah is just going to be slow burn.

  3. lo' says:

    So we are just going to pretend like Rebekah doesn’t exist anymore? I was really into this show but it just doesn’t feel like much of one without her.

  4. Veepster says:

    Why i’m i not surprised love triangle between brothers and a brunette mary sue is the only thing julie plec knows SO much stuff to look forward NOT!

    • Ashley says:

      There’s not going to be a love triangle. It’s about Elijah’s insecurity. They have not teased anything close to a love triangle, and the cast is not putting that out there either. JoMo said he hopes Klaus and Hayley eventually have a brother/sister relationship.

  5. Klayley is coming!!! ^_^

    • Dmav says:

      Oh God I hope not. We already have been subjected to that ad nausum with TVD. I can only hope the tween fanatics don’t take over this show like they have on Plec’s other show.

      • Natalie says:

        What is your problem? Every post by a person who’s excited about Klaus and Hayly and you need to troll when they’re doing nothing wrong.

        • Dmav says:

          Because that same scenario kills the show. Shippers start screeching and tweeting about their favorite pairings and Plec starts writing for the ship that is the loudest and we get the mess we have on the Vampire Diaries. You can’t write your way out of a triangle that involves two brothers fighting over a girl. Myself and many others watch this show because of the relationship dynamic between the family and because they didn’t have a triangle. When viewers start shipping they ruin the show.

          • Cas says:

            I’ll agree a little about shippers. But really I don’t even know why people like Klaus and Hayley. Normally you can at least see why people ship certain couples. Klaus and Hayley have never really even liked each other. On a different/same note TVD was from day 1 suppose to be about the love triangle. So while yes at times it was rough, it was always going to be there. The very first description I read about the show was about Elena being torn between two brothers. So really people should expect it. However, it’s starting to fade which is nice.

          • sophia says:

            Wasn’t it already a triangle the second Elijah fell for Hayley. This was kind of inevitable.

          • Ashley says:

            People are jumping to love triangle because Elijah will feel insecure, but there’s not going to be one, contrary to popular belief. The fanbase between Haylijah and Klayley is a lot more evenly split. TVD is completely different, it’s very premise WAS a love triangle, c’mon. It was always heading down a certain path. I think it’s fans creating love triangle rumors. Meanwhile, the cast is shooting Klayley down while saying they are team Haylijah. JoMo wants a sibling Klaus and Hayley relationship.

      • Tala says:

        Ms Plec I really love your work in both shows.I was waiting for Klaus and Hayley relation happen but find a nice girl for Elijah who can suit him, because I think he deserves it

  6. sublime says:

    Elijah – “she’s pregnant with my brothers baby, no problem” she now a hybrid , hmmm maybe not such a good idea , Elijah may just have a fetish

  7. Y says:

    A love triangle ?!? Thanks bt NO thanks guess I won’t b watching!

    • sublime says:

      its cw mandate, all there shows

      • Ginger Lee says:

        Just because almost all their shows like to throw in a love triangle doesnt mean its a mandate. It just means they love to hire lazy and uncreative writers. Also there’s a way to write a love triangle that comes together naturally and isnt annoying. No one seems to have discovered it at the CW though. Supernatural doesnt have love triangles.

        • Dmav says:

          I have never seen a triangle that has been done right. By there very definition a triangle is messy and inevitably the person in the middle starts becomes the bad guy: Bella, Elena, Andi – Rookie Blue., Etc. no one comes out okay in a love triangle

        • Tala says:

          I think they have to make it a square for you to like it.Do you think there is another way for series to continue.

  8. Guest says:

    A triangle between Haylijah and Klayley? Really? REALLY?!?!?!? I love the Mikaelsons but I’m pretty sure there’s been a show about two brothers duking it out over an unimaginably dull special snowflake for about five years now. I gave TO a shot and stuck it out through the entire first season, but I’m not here for Princess Hayley and another whole year of baby drama. It’s sad to say but I think it was a huge mistake to give the Originals their own spinoff, I mean the actual Mikaelson family got more attention on TVD than they do on TO, it’s kind of crazy.

    • Doppelganger Originals says:

      Amen! They were amazing on TVD. They were actually scary and amazing vampires. Remember when we loved them because they are dark and twisted and compelling. Now they are just shadows of themselves. Ruined for Special Mary Sue Hayley

      • sublime says:

        Hayley rocks, sorry hater

        • I like Hayley…but not with Elijah or Klause. She’s more interesting with her pack. She and Elijah have little chemistry.

          • Dominique says:

            I liked the storyline of her being “royalty” and her betrothed with Jackson. He’s hot and devoted to Hayley. Klsus hates her had almost killed her so many times. And Elijah is so torn in between helping his brother his love for Celeste and his “honor” that it is too late for him to care for Hayley. She’s very independent they should continue on that path of her independence especially becoming a hybrid.

        • hola says:

          Hayley is the main reason for originals failure. stupid phoebe tonkin bitch.

          • Dmac says:

            Umm, wow you may not like her character but to call the actress that you don’t personally an ugly name is out of line.

      • Guest says:

        I know, they were absolutely INCREDIBLE on TVD and regardless of what’s happened on TO they’ll always be some of my favorite TV characters ever. There was so much potential that they only scratched the surface of on TVD, and unfortunately it seems like the show has gotten sidetracked by this bizarre need to make Hayley the irreplaceable central figure of the show even though she’s probably the worst lead character on TV. I don’t get the TVD/TO team’s obsession with creating these absurd snowflake characters but it’s extremely unappealing, and even more unappealing when characters that were truly wonderful are suddenly reduced to props for these Mary Sues. God, to think that Elijah’s entire purpose as a character now is to orbit Hayley just makes me crazy.

        • Doppelganger Originals says:

          Elijah is a joke. Now if they turn Klaus into Mary Sue Hayley lovah then I will weep. The only good thing was all last season he still despised her.. But anything to keep Hayley on the show .. even if it means ruining actual good characters to serve her existence (hence her being a hybrid and “connected” to Klaus). It’s really sad. So glad Gotham is on opposite this show so I can ignore it all next season ..

          • tp says:

            I don’t recall Klaus despising Hayley. And if there’s anyone that the writers are doing anything to keep on the show it’s Camille not Hayley.

      • Tala says:

        She’s sorry that she is carrying klouse’s child.

    • sublime says:

      a love triangle is not the premise of the show, it may play a minor role until Elijah finally realizes he deserves better, going by last season the romance is not the focus

      • Guest says:

        Well to me it seemed like romance was a pretty heavy focus of the show last season, especially towards the end. But even if the triangle isn’t the focus of the show (although the Haylijah drama is the first topic the article covers so that implies it’s going to be a pretty major part of the show) it’s still a low rent ripoff of TVD that’s very OOC for Elijah and Klaus.

        • sublime says:

          we will see most of these blog reporters ask these ship questions more often than plot stuff, maybe they get more hits, but pisses off half the fandom

        • Val says:

          To keep Mary Sue Hayley on the show they have to amp up the love triangle because it’s the only way to keep her “important” and the female lead.. Claire was smart to leave this mess last year

          • Guest says:

            I know, it makes me really sad but I think you’re right about Claire being the smart one. If only Hayley could have been the one to be written off instead of Rebekah (especially since Hayley leaving to take care of her child, the one family member she has after her obsessive search for her own family, after we got the entire season long sob story of poor orphan Hayley who’s life was ruined because her parents DID THE EXACT SAME THING SHE’S DOING WITH HER BABY, makes a lot more sense than Rebekah the emotionally unstable serial murderer taking her). *sigh*

          • sublime says:

            don’t be an idiot, no Mary Sue on show, so many reasons why she is important, show is not a mess

    • Sara says:

      I agree with his so much.

      The show lost half their viewers in the span of one season. Some people stopped watching after mid-season and others left when Claire left and it became apparent that the show would never be about The Originals.

  9. yamshams says:

    If there’s a love triangle coming, then I am out. I had a lot of hope for the Finn/Esther thing, but I do not want to watch these two brothers fighting over Hayley. Nope, nope, nope.

  10. Raven says:

    A love triangle between two brothers. How shocking.

    Lord save us from Season 2. I’ll be tuning into Gotham, as I doubt a ridiculous baby plot will be shoved down my throat there.

  11. Doppelganger Originals says:

    LOL to these spoilers. I love all last year Joseph and Daniel were like ‘this is an adult show and not like TVD – there will not be a love triangle between two brothers.’ So for a potential Klayley “romance” once again the writers will ruin Klaus and conveniently forget about their past on TVD and how Klaus hates her .. and she was the one who led the hybrid rebellion against him. Hayley Marshall is the ultimate Mary Sue.

    … so Marcel will once again be set dressing. He’s the only interesting character on this horrible show.

    • pebbles says:

      Why does the article first thing Haylijah! Why not ask about Davina and Mikael with the stake in the attic, or Esther and Finn what they will be up to. How Klaus will handle the empowered werewolves in the quarter. Marcel and Klaus being friends again and working together so Marcel can come home. Hayley can help them fight. Elijah and Klaus will work together with Marcel’s help to bring Hope and maybe Rebekah home again.

  12. Giulia says:

    Oh God, if they go with the love triangle, it’s gonna be the end of this show. PLEASE DON’T. KLAUS AND HAYLEY ARE AWFUL TOGETHER.

    • Guest says:

      Seriously though. It would be really OOC for either of them to be attracted to each other, not to mention the lack of chemistry and difference in acting ability between JM and PT immediately takes me out of every scene they share.

    • Ashley says:

      WHY is everyone assuming there will be a love triangle???? NOWHERE does it say that. It mentions Haylijah taking a step back because of the hybrid thing and everything else going on but it doesn’t say anything about Klayley. There can be a connection without it being romantic. I do not see it going down that road nor does the cast, if you watch their interviews. I do not think they will go there with Klayley.

  13. Yes!! Finally some Klaus/Hayley!!! About time! Thank you Lord! I’ve been waiting for sooooo long. Yes, it is time for Klayley. Haters step aside. Ya’ll can’t rain on my shine.

  14. YaY!!!! Some Klayley!!! Haylijah is finally ending!!! YAY!! No offense to Haylijah shippers!

    Klayley is coming. Klayley is coming!!! Klayley is coming!!! Klayley is coming!!! klayley is coming!!! Klayley is coming!!!!!


    • Dmav says:

      Stop… This show isn’t for shippers, you can’t be allowed to ruin two shows on the same network. TVD is quite enough thank you very much.

  15. Hannah says:

    I don’t like this love triangle between brothers! wasn’t TO promoted to be totally different from TVD’s premise? Joseph Morgan even said having two brothers going for the same girl would be a cheap knock off of TVD, well congrats your show is offically a cheap knock off and I am offically out!

  16. I’m happy Hayley/Elijah’s relationship is over. That was so damn nasty. How Elijah gonna call himself classy then try and get with and lust after his brother PREGNANT baby mama?

    Put her with Klaus or somebody other than his her child’s uncle.

  17. I am already sick of this show. So I will be very happy when I will hear that the show is canceled, better after this second season.

  18. how many people who said bad things still they’re here commenting right away. I think Hayijah should never happen it was born from nothing. she is pregnant he decided to protect her and then BAM! love what? there is more sense in a klaus and hayley relationship they had history and more chemistry than elijah and hayley. Hayley is not the girl for him. There were only two kiss nothing serious and maybe there won’t be a love triangle maybe Elijah is not that interested anymore. He will let Hayley go to find herself. At least let’s hope so. And Then there is Davina… and Marcel and Cami.. and Josh and Mikael and Esther and Finn and we know we’ll see REbekah with hope again! So before say this is a terrible show I wonder if this is so terrible why are you still there? Like people before the pilot “omg a baby plot! vampire show! it sucks” guess what? it was a fantastic season! And I guess a lot of people realized this show was not for a baby plot. NOT FOR SHIPS! not for Hayley and Elijah or Hayley and Klaus THIS SHOW IS ABOUT FAMILY!!!!! And Joseph Morgan Claire Holt Daniel Gillies and YES also Phoebe Tonkin with all the others did a great job!! Thank you cast crew and cw for this amazing show!!! So tired of people who knows better what to write in front of a pc! Let them do their job.

    • Doppleganger Orignals says:

      …. um, Hayley’s entire existence and storyline last year was about her baby AND Elijah. All Elijah did was fall over himself to save her every five seconds.

      • yes true but it was not a big deal , and Hayley also had her family to look for. we do not spend 22 episodes watching her being pregnant and stuff like that. Yes we saw how the family reacted to this pregnancy specially Klaus but there was so much more don’t you think? the most epic episode for me were 1.14 1.15 1.16 guess what? Hayley wasn’t a big part of them. And I love her! still Originals is about Mikaelson including Hope who is a Mikaelson and Hayley is part of the family. I think people are overreacting. she is a part of it not all of it! And Yes Elijah had this issue to save her, and I hated it to be honest… but Hayley as she said in latest episodes was capable of taking care of herself. The only one who was capable of bringing her back home was Klaus because of Mikael. And that made sense to me. Not Elijah and his feelings.

        • Giulia says:

          Hayley is NOT a part of the family to me, tbh. That’s why all the importance the show is giving her annoys the hell out of me.

        • Guest says:

          Except Hayley isn’t a part of their family. She’s not a Mikaelson, and I honestly think it’s a little offensive to imply that carrying someone else’s child (especially someone who was very abusive to you) for 9 months makes you part of a family that has existed for 1000 years. Women are more than just wombs, and the way they’ve treated Hayley in TO has been pretty horrible in my book. Hayley always SAID she could take care of herself and yet she always seemed to actually BE the damsel in distress. It’s fine for anyone to like her as a character, but personally I find her to be way too misogynistic and generally unappealing to like, and she’s the biggest reason I’m considering not watching TO next season.

          • well you have your good reasons at least you have points more than ugly, hate her, or stuff like that =) I think when Klaus told her “I would actually like you to be here.” she may not feel Mikaelson as family not yet but I believe Klaus wants her in Hope’s life. His child. A Mikaelson. So I think she is a part of the family. Maybe I’m wrong it’s just my point ;) she and Klaus now have a unique lovely baby girl who belongs to them. It’s a strong connection and they had difficult childhoods so… I think If they could have a chance they want a family for Hope like they never had. But this is more than a family drama not a supernatural show so I think we/I give too much credit to this :P

    • I know. Haylijah is just nasty and doesn’t make a lick of sense. Can Elijah get a storyline that doesn’t revolve around Hayley? I mean damn bruh get out that girls ass.

      • that’s maybe the only point I didn’t love I think a character like Elijah lost so much because all he did for an entire season was to “follow” Hayley, protect Hayley, love Hayley, without even knowing her so much. In my mind if Elijah met her when she wasn’t pregnant with his brother childs he would never ever fall in love with her. I still don’t unerstand why they had to force this. To be it doesn’t make sense. Even in the end… Elijah is so different than Hayley he is capable of love but a pure deep true one… like Katerina or Celeste! It was all too fast and… again… what did he see in her? and let’s not talk about how he wanted to be always the better knight with Hayley pretending that Klaus never cared for her and the baby. Nop. That’s where I didn’t understand te writers. But it happens =)

  19. A says:

    The spoilers only give a tease of what’s to come. For all we know, there might not be any love triangle and these obstacles only help Haylijah’s relationship grow stronger. I think everyone is jumping the gun. I’ve learned from other shows that sometimes spoilers have a way of turning out differently than we think so I say give season 2 a shot before complaining about the love triangle that might not even happen. That said, I for one hope the writers don’t go through with Klaley. It was made clear in season 1 that Klaus never cared for Hayley as much as Elijah did (he was after all willing to sacrifice Hayley to save the baby in ep 20 before Elijah stopped him) and Daniel and Phoebe have great chemistry together. It also annoys me that people complain that Elijah’s only storyline is Hayley. Apparently everyone missed when he stepped up and took charge of NO and the dagger/return storyline. Season 1 was fantastic imo and I’m ready for whatever they’re planning on giving us in season 2. Here’s to hoping we have lots of Elijah storylines and Haylijah to look forward to! :)

    • Guest says:

      You actually make a good point because this only said that Elijah would feel insecure about Hayley being a hybrid, not that Klaus and Hayley would bond or even interact all that much. I think going for a triangle between two brothers would be a fatal mistake for the show, but what the writers said didn’t necessarily mean they were going for a triangle. I do think that Elijah’s story line was wayyy too focused on Hayley (the daggering story line wasn’t much of a story line for him and how could it be when he was literally in a magic vamp coma, and running NOLA wasn’t much of a story line either, it was a few scenes of him taking charge but not much of an actual story) and I really think he needs to have another main focus aside from romance though.

      • A says:

        Glad someone sees my point about the spoilers. Sometimes in other fandoms I’ve been in everyone completly overanalyized the spoilers and they turned out completly different than what we thought which is why I think the Haylijah spoilers may not necessarily mean Klayley will happen. You are right about Elijah’s other storylines. I loved the Haylijah build up through the season but I do also hope the writers find a way of balancing that while giving Elijah other storylines outside of the relationship as well (I don’t want the relationship completly dropped though!). I definitly think it’s possible to do that. Let’s just hope they do because Elijah is my favorite character on the show and Daniel is such a good actor. He deserves it.

  20. jerrired says:

    Didn’t they basicaly confirm the brother was Finn last season? As much as I love Kol, it wouldn’t make sense if it was him. Finn is a known “mama’s boy.” He was even willing to die to please her. So I don’t think that’s some big mystery…but I’m still hoping Kol comes back. He might add a new dynamic with the Rebekah size hole the show has right now. However TVD saves Damon and Bonnie, I hope the same rules applies to Kol.

    • cece says:

      I thought I read where JP almost said it was Finn. But, yes, I would like to see more of Kol. Hopefully, in the flesh or at least alot of flashbacks.

      • jerrired says:

        Yeah she basically confirmed it’s Finn but I guess they can change their mind. I think TVLine confirmed a few months ago that Kol will at least be back for a few flashbacks.

  21. About time!! Been waiting for Klayley all season. No offense to the shippers but I hate Haylijah so much. They ruined the 1st season for me. I can’t take them anymore. It’s just no.
    I need Klayley. They have better chemistry and have more of an actual build up in my opinion. I’m so ready for Haylijah to be over. I want Klayley. If not Klayley then put Hayley with Jackson. But no never Haylijah! NEVER HAYLIJAH.

    • Dmav says:

      Sigh…just stop. We are not going to start a war about who she belongs with and I am tired of people combining names, it is idiotic and pointless. This isn’t about two brothers fighting over one girl. Joseph Morgan has said numerous times he does not want to play that role and if you don’t think what he wants isn’t important than guess again. Leave your shipping to fan fiction.

      • Natalie says:

        She’s not starting a war. She just likes Klayley and hates Haylijah. She has a right to say that.

        • Dmav says:

          Got it Natalie and thank you for sticking up for these poor helpless Klaus and Haley fans I am sure they could not except a differing opinion. My lord I am not calling them names or making them cry I am simply disagreeing with them. Time to move on.

  22. Pauli says:

    How will Klaus remember the past if when they go to Nola the characters lose their memories? First announce that there will be Steroline in TVD and now announce that there will be a love triangle in The Originals? Good luck with the ratings. I think now T.O. will be transferred to Wednesdays 05:00 pm and TVD for Monday…

  23. kLAUSYMIK says:

    God!Nobody cares about Hayley and her boring sob storyline.Just kill hayley and bring back Rebekah.We wanted a show about Originals not a show about Ugly Hayley and her demon baby Nope Mikaelson

    • sublime says:

      plenty like her, stay mad hater calling baby ugly? the actress that plays Rebekah chose to leave the show

    • Dmac says:

      You shouldn’t speak for everyone, personally I didn’t mind the character of Hayley and the baby storyline ended up being very compelling and the end was heartbreaking both Phoebe, Daniel and Joseph brought thier A games to the finale. As for Claire Holt she asked to leave and will be back on a limited basis her decision. She has nothing but good things to say about the show but she needed more personal time than her schedule as Rebecca allowed. They (the producers) are even keeping her parking space for her. She posted the picture on twitter “Auntie Rebecca parks here” it was a sweet gesture that proves their is no hard feelings. Juding by your comments I am not sure you are even old enought to be watching this show, you sure in the heck not old enough or mature enough to understand the why her story arch is important to the show.

  24. Carmen says:

    I personally like Klaus and Hayley better together. I never got into Hayley and Elijah’s sudden love for the other. Wasn’t he in love with Katherine not 2 seconds ago? Klaus and Hayley would be better together. I don’t want a love triangle though. Maybe Elijah will wake up and realize his feelings for Hayley were just misplaced and that there’s really nothing there.

    • Giulia says:

      Wasn’t Klaus in love with Caroline 2 seconds ago too, though? Even promised to be her last. Hayley is not suited for either Elijah nor Klaus, they both already had their epic loves. They need to put less focus on her as a LI because she just doesn’t work.

      • it doesn’t work for you. All these ships war made no sense anymore. People must remember we are not the one who chose which pair will be endgame. And even if the one in Originals won’t be the one i love I will respect their choice. They write, they work. We watch. We love we keep watching. We don’t. Well thank god there are a lot of tv show. We don’t have any power to decide anything so if for them Hayley suits to Elijah or Klaus well… there is nothing you can do about it.

        • Giulia says:

          I know there isn’t, I know it’s not up to me. I was simply saying that if Hayley can’t be with Elijah because he loved Katherine then she can’t be with Klaus either because he loves Caroline. That’s all.

          • cece says:

            Caroline doesn’t want Klaus, she sent him away.

          • kristine says:

            Yes I totally agree. I think that’s the toughest challenge for the writers. Because of Elijah and Klaus’ backstories, it’s not that easy to become enthusiastic about any current love interests especially since the development just wasn’t there. I was never that into Elijah and Katherine, but I can see why fans who were would have a hard time seeing him inexplicably attached to Hayley. As for Klaus, I think that is probably even tougher considering he was so focused on Caroline throughout his time on TVD and they had so much chemistry. There is always potential though if the storyline unfolds the right way. As of now though, I am completely apathetic about all the “ships” on “TO.” I never cared for “Klayley”, but at least they weren’t as dull as “Klamille.” I actually thought that was the most boring pairing of all. I almost think it would be better if they avoided “ships” all togeher and just focused on the original family.

  25. cece says:

    Now the whole family is back! Claire will return soon, Nate in flashbacks at least, hopefully more, and all the new family members, Son-Marcel, daughter-Hope, should make for some great family drama. Hayley needs to accept being hybrid, they need to stick together.

  26. Lana says:

    This is proof that The Originals is a comedy. Hayley and Klaus? Seriously? Are you innocent or just dumb?

  27. cece says:

    It’s great how fans of the show can just read past the haters that feel they have to read and comment on every article!

  28. Lia Solime says:

    Klaroline fans are gonna be so mad. Me, I’m happy. I’ve been wanting Klaus and Hayley to get closer all season. The article doesn’t state that Hayley and Klaus will be romantic next season. Just that Elijah is going to see their connection. I presume he’ll feel a bit a threatened. But I think he’ll fight for her. Although inevitable I don’t see Hayley and Elijah lasting. Just the way they were built up was so badly done. I think she will be with Klaus in the end after her and Elijah break up. They’ve developed their reltionship believably, and I like how they didn’t automantically make them fall for the other. Their building trust first, and naturally Klaus has grown to care for and respect her and she him. This is how a relationship should be done. Not automatically falling in love. That’s so cheesy.

  29. Jamie says:

    If so many people really liked Hayley the series wouldn’t be with such low ratings. I thought the writers had learned with the failure of the ratings of the first session,but now I realize that they intend to continue making the same mistakes. Adios The Originals…

    • sublime says:

      you are a pathetic hater, you can’t blame ratings on one character or any one thing

      • Jamie says:

        It’s not hate….It´s (low) ratings.
        If you don’t admit it, you need therapy….
        sing the mantra:

        Klaroline= good ratings
        Klaroline= good ratings
        Klaroline= good ratings
        Klaroline= good ratings

        • yamshams says:

          Not necessarily. I’m not a shipper, so I can see all sides, and I don’t think Klaroline is necessarily the answer for this show’s issues with appeal to the general audience. As a Caroline fan, would I like her to move to TO and have a decent story? Sure. But Caroline (and her ships) can’t fix the writing problems that the show has. They need to stop being predictable in their writing, we need to be given significant development for these characters so that we can actually LIKE them, and the show has to stop being so hard-hitting with the exposition. Then we can talk Caroline or Klaroline or whatever.

  30. AnnieM says:

    Well…..I’m looking forward to the flashbacks. Those are always interesting.

  31. Kin says:

    The truth is that only Klaroline can save The Originals. While the writers turn a blind eye to it, the ratings fall precipitously….

    • seriously?? Klaroline? Of course. Caroline what could she possibily do in NO?Tell me. And stop with this ratings thing we did great! with such big tv show on other channels. Caroline was a constant reminder of what Klaus couldn’t have she always made him feel lesser. Klaus needs somebody who accept him for who he is in every “version.” not Caroline who judged him, and even enjoy her time after killing him. No thanks. And let’s make this clear: The Originals doesn’t need to be saved.

      • Giulia says:

        Mmh. They created a magical unicorn loophole baby to get Hayley on the show, I’m sure they could think something up for Caroline.

        But I agree, no need to save TO. It’s too late for that.

      • Kin says:

        ohhhh poor girl…
        I think you should go back to watch fairy tales. There, all are perfect and the frogs become Princes….And Yes. T.O the ratings are so low that the show was moved to Monday and everyone knows that for a TV show that means the limbo.
        Klarolove for you :)

        • sublime says:

          Originals is tied for the 3rd highest ratings on the CW network, stop making up bad ratings

          • veepster says:

            TO started very well there is no denying that and thats why the show averaged 0.9 BUT after episode 1,14 they started falling and never recovered i mean the final episode only got 0.8 and L+7 only got 1.2 (at the most cause it didnt add more than 50% to the ratings so it could have been 1.1) and thats almost the same ratings a live+same day episode got in the beginning. Highest rated episode was 1.11 (crossover bait) with 1.1 and 2.51m viewers, lowest rated was 1.21 with 0.6 and 1.44million viewers (so you can say that it lost million viewers if you look at it that way although thats perhaps not entirly fair). THOSE are facts so it started well but ended horribly and its job now is to get the viewers who left back and i´m very doubtful they can do that, but this is CW and 0,3 gets you renewed so….

          • Kin says:

            All the arguments of Klayley fans are dropped when we talk about the ratings. hahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha
            Face the facts: you don’t have a petition, you have no trending on twitter, you are the smallest part of the fandom. Lower part = low ratings :)

        • pebbles says:

          The show was moved to Mondays to be a lead in for a new series. CW is confident enough in it’s loyal viewers.

      • lizz says:

        I agree with you that the originals doesn’t need to be saved. But Caroline didn’t made him feel lesser, caroline told him the truth about the person he was, Caroline gave klaus his first moments of his humanity back, that is the reason why the klaroline fans are such a diehard fanbase, because it is caroline who made klaus a better person by telling him exactly how he was at that moment. And that’s why every klaroline gets so sick of all those woman who they want him to be with, because no haley no cami wil EVER be so important for klaus as caroline was, she is the first person that he loved after so many years of hate. And it is so sad that julie plec and the writers don’t give them a chance because only caroline and baby hope can redeem klaus. And the fans don’t want caroline in NO they want her to crossover for one or two episodes a season, just to show that they still love eachother and give eachother advice, and then in the end they can be together, they don’t want klaus in a relationship who wants that? who wants to see klaus just like damon being a puppy walking around a woman every single episode? No thanks, just let them be single, have some fun with other girls and guys and let them end together in the end. seems good to me.

        • kristine says:

          Yes, that would have been great- just to see Caroline and Klaus interact in NO for a couple of episodes. I would definitely watch that! I actually don’t really need for them to be in a relationship. It might even be better for them not to. I just miss their chemistry and banter, and wish we could have that again even for only an episode or 2.

    • sublime says:

      did you mean to say RUIN?

    • Dmac says:

      Funny, that seems to be the answer for both TVD and TO. Caroline and Klaus are not now nor will ever be again, Julie Plec has already confirmed this, their ship has sailed time to move on. They barely had any scenes together and yet they are the ones that will save this show. Sorry, this show doesn’t need saving, their ratings are great for a CW show and their playbacks are through the roof so time to move on and let that ship sail.

  32. cece says:

    Supernatural.99 arrow.91originals.90 the100.60 reign.58 etc Originals ratings are just fine!

    • dana says:

      Uhm, what are these ratings you’re posting? TO went as low as 0.6 this year

    • Giulia says:

      TO lost over 1 million viewers, aka half of their audience, in just one season. It’s not good, and it’s just gonna get worse next year.

      • cece says:

        Did you read that on tumbler? Check your facts

        • Giulia says:

          just look for ‘The Originals hits season low’ on Google and you’ll see for yourself

        • Giulia says:

          Whatever you wanna believe, although I think you mean 0.9 not 9.0 check your facts right at least

        • dana says:

          No, actually you should check YOUR facts. TO highest rating was 1.1. and 2,2 mil viewers for the crossover episode and the one before Klaus went to Mystic falls, and during spring, they’ve hit 0.6 and 1,5 million viewers for 3 epis, including the one before the finale. That was some major loss, wouldn’t you say?

          • sublime says:

            half of that loss is normal spring loss, other half is loss of interest, cw has bigger problems than a couple TO episodes with mediocre ratings

      • sublime says:

        @Giulia no it did not liar, only lost about half million on average, fall average maybe 2.2 and winter/spring 1.8 average about 1/2mill loss

        you don’t use season high and season low, will they are abnormal numbers

    • Becca says:

      The Originals with good ratings?????Only in your imagination…. hahahahahaha

  33. Nicole says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t care about Hayley and her problems, I just don’t. They’ve retconned Hayley so many times and at this point I’m annoyed. I wanted a show about The Original family not Hayley. And if they do a love triangle with Klaus, Hayley and Elijah it’s just going to reek of TVD. I might get hate for this comment, but I don’t care. I had such high hopes for this show and it just turned out to be about Hayley and her problems. Not watching TO this fall.

  34. Liza says:

    What about rebekah?, what about klaroline? what about a crossover? what about kol? and wth again a love triangle? come on it isn’t tvd, just let haley and elijah be together or let them have some trouble with the wolf jackson, but not klaus… most fans still are hoping for some kind of romance between him and caroline why don’t they just give it a try! it worked on other shows! they owe it to all those fans. Man these spoilers didn’t get me excited at all.

  35. Becca says:

    After these news, I think next season only the ratings of Jane The Virgin will increase.
    It’s really sad they transform good characters, like Klaus and Elijah into creatures with no memory, no motivation, no goal, no history. Bye Bye The Originals

  36. Ally Oop says:

    The show had a really good finale. I wonder what the ratings will be like for it on Mondays.

  37. Elle says:

    If Hayley is sooooo upset about that baby she should’ve left along with it, but noooooo Rebekah got stuck with the baby. I miss Rebekah, get rid of Hayley and bring back Rebekah please.And man…they messed up Klaus’ character so bad. I mean everytime you turn around he’s crying. I can’t with this show.

    • sublime says:

      quit watching, we all don’t get what we want, Claire left the show as a regular, deal with it

    • cece says:

      Klaus was always an emotional mess!

    • Dmac says:

      Rebecca didn’t get stuck with the baby, she has always wanted a child and a home with a white picket fence and Klaus knew that so that is why he entrusted their child with her. Rbecca will protect her like she is her own. Klause and Hayley made the decision to give Hope to Rebecca because everyon wants her dead and it wasn’t safe for her in NO or anywhere else because they would find her. They gave her up to give her a safe life. Apparently the whole basis of this show “doing anyting for family” is beyond your comprehension so yes this show probably isn’t for you. Perhaps you should find one that you can understand and that doesn’t confuse you so much.

      • TO fan says:

        wouldnt doing anything for your family for Hayley (whos an orphan because her parents died deciding to stay and find for the power of Nola) mean she should abandon her selfish wish to be ruling werewolf princess of Nola and do what is best for the baby. As in fake her own death along with the childs, (was pretty easy, having had her throat slit) being the loving unselfish mother the baby deserves by not staying in a warzone running the risk of dieing like her parents and raising the child far away from any fight even if that means somewhere secluded on the plains of Mongolia or whatever.. (or whereever Rebekah takes the child). Sure they most likely wont be royalty then, Hayley wont get to rule a city or pack but shed be together with her baby and the baby would be raised by her loving mother… Isnt that more important than living and ruling in Nola? FFS if she cant give up her dream of ruling Nola (still dont know what is sdo special about Nola, her pack can also just pack its bags and move) it doesnt have to be permanent. Let Klaus and Elijah fight the war, if they loose the baby still has her mother, if they win she can move back with the baby.

        Honestly I will never get this… Not against Hayley being on the show and think her loosing the baby is a way better plot and possible charcter development than watching her raise a child on the show but at least have the balls to kill off the baby. Because as a mother what happened now does not make sense at all. You should do everything to be with your newborn and to stay save, even if it is living anonymously with different names and any connection to your previous life.

  38. tim says:

    I don’t like hayley she seems to be like a cheap S4 Elena kock-off

  39. Laura says:

    I don’t understand all these people who already hate the show commenting on it. Like if you don’t like the show don’t watch and move on. No one’s forcing you to watch it.
    Personally I don’t want a love triangle, but I do like Hayley with Klaus. I feel they have better chemistry and I liked their few scenes. I always though Elijah and Cami would be a better match. She’s more his age range and from what I see from their characters they would be more in tune and most probably the only healthy relationship on the show.

    • sublime says:

      its that way with every Julie Plec show, they take joy in hating

    • Monalisa says:

      Please …There is more chemistry between Klaus and Stefan than between Klaus and Hayley.

    • cece says:

      They are immortal, plenty of time for relationships. I want to see a family working together, staying together, loving each other.

    • rial882013 says:

      For me, it isn’t so much that I hate the show. I LOVE TO when it focuses on the premise that we were promised: The Original family out to rule a city and the supernatural politics. The reason why so many of us go to comment and criticize the show when it does things that we most definitely DIDN’T sign up for is BECAUSE we love the premise and the Originals and we don’t want stupid things like love-triangles (ESPECIALLY sibling triangles) to ruin an otherwise great show. Likewise, the reason a lot of people spew hate on Hayley is because, again, we were promised the Original family and supernatural politics, we do not tune in for a flat Mary Sue who doesn’t have consistent characterization to take precious screen time away from the actual premise of the show.

      It’s like in Smallville people wanted Lana Lang dead because, while her special snowflake syndrome might be accepted in a show whose premise is “girl is torn between boy A and boy B,” she was a waste of space in that show because people were tuning in to see teen Superman fight meta-humans and Luthor. This is the same thing.

  40. bauerg says:

    Originals is awesome, can’t wait for next season, hope mondays don’t hurt ratings too much

  41. Escarlata says:

    Haylijah forced relationship is the most I’ve ever seen in a shows.

    Klayley, Please,They have chemistry, are hybrids, They had a miraculous child, both want a family, nobody looks that are perfect for each other?

    • guest says:

      Klaus and Hayley aren’t forced? Seriously? A one night stand ends with nature’s little loopholes AKA Twilight. This isn’t the show that we were promised. I wanted a show about The Originals not Hayley. Nobody cares about Hayley. The actress is terrible. What a waste!

      • Valerie Mendez says:

        Hey Phobe Tonkin is great actress, I don’t want Elijah to mess around with her ever not Season 2 or Season 3 you get whete I’m going with this.

        Ligthen up , It’s ok.

  42. Tamilin says:

    When I thought that the plot of The Originals could not get any worse, the writers add a love triangle. Hellooooo! Wake Up! We’re not in 2009! Triangles don’t work anymore!

  43. Nik says:

    I stopped watching The Vampire Diaries, because of the love triangle. Now I will stop watching The Originals too. This theme is tiresome, boring. Honestly I don’t want to waste time watching fights between fHaylijah fans and Klayley fans.

  44. Raja says:

    Klaus and Hayley is the worst couple in the history of television. It makes no sense. The CW wants to teach us that a man and a woman should stay together because they had sex one night, drunk and without a condom and generated a child? It seems a thing of the last century when girls were forced to marry, just because they were pregnant.

    • Team Klayley! says:

      can you see the future? they are not a couple, they may happen at some point, you may be reading in to things too much, but certainly not the worst couple

  45. Renata says:

    I don’t understand. First the baby was important, now she is disposable. Klaus was in love with Caroline and now does not mention her name…. Elijah loved Katherine, but didn’t see her on her deathbed. How do you want adult persons (or intelligent young people) Watch this? I tried, but … seriously, now like Elena says : I can’t! I Can’t!

  46. Spencer says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha I’m smiling, because this cannot be true. Make a love triangle in The Originals is a big stupidity. Many people don’t watch more TVD because the triangle is terrible for the dynamics of the show. We want mythology, history and no two vampires crying in the corners because of a girl. There are so many good characters in Mystic Falls that could do a crossover, bring new things to the plot. Please be more creative.

  47. Scheila says:

    I would leave a long comment, but I prefer to leave here this poem and say to the writers and producers :
    think about what you are doing with The Originals, because Klaroline fans are the only way that you can change all that.
    Peace to the world!

    Klaroline Poem

    “She is an angel,
    While I am one of the devils.
    Her love is a halo of light,
    Mine is the heaviest of anvils.

    She is strong,
    And I am so weak.
    She is the light of which,
    I am desperate for a peek.

    She is so undeserving,
    Of a love from me.
    I can never be the man,
    She looks at me and sees.

    Someday I’ll tell her,
    Someday I’ll let her go.
    But I know I’m too selfish,
    To ever do so. “

  48. Nina Evelyn says:

    I don’t care about these spoilers because I have not lost my faith. I know that one day Caroline will arrive in Nola and The Originals will have the plot, the public and the ratings that the show deserves, Klaroline fans are devoted, faithful and the best. Everyone knows it.

    • Team Klayley! says:

      you want the Klaroline Diaries, sounds like something not worth watching

    • Tala says:

      think about producer.How will Plec bring Caroline back.I mean I like her to be on show but she is busy with Tyler and Stefan.How will Caroline get out of that crowed.There is just one way that some of vamp casts die and the remaining will come to THE ORIGINALS.

  49. Jen says:

    They’ll explore Klaus’ past? Well Caroline Forbes is apart of his past so I expect them to explore that, Klaroline for the win!

  50. Foshi says:

    I love Hayley and Elijah as a potential couple because I love their interactions but I’m not here for two brothers and a pretty girl love triangle 2.0