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Sons of Anarchy Cast Previews Jax's 'Vengeance,' Gemma's Betrayal and an 'Exciting Romance' in Final Season

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers

FX’s Sons of Anarchy rides into its final 13-episode season this September, and while creator Kurt Sutter is confident in his planned ending, he admitted Monday that the journey is still uncertain.

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“I’m a week and a half behind on Episode 7,” Sutter joked — or perhaps not — during the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills. “I came in with how I wanted this season to end, which will be the end of the series, and we’re heading in that direction. But things change with different story ideas; it’s always been heading in the same direction, but the way I’m getting there continuously changes.”

Season 7 picks up 10 days after Tara’s brutal murder — at the hands, and carving fork, of Gemma — and Hunnam said Jax is in an appropriately “schizophrenic state.”

“He’s obviously very sad and vulnerable and kind of broken, but there’s a huge amount of vengeance and anger in his heart,” Hunnam said. “The way all of that is processing, at least in the very beginning, is [starting] to have a numbing effect. He knows what he wants to do, and that’s where all of his energy is going to go, but he can’t get away from the fact that the love of his life has been taken from him.”

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Before the panel, reporters were treated to a sneak-peek scene from the season premiere, in which Jax tells Gemma how much he loves her; the dramatic irony between them is thick and palpable.

Ratings Sons of Anarchy Season 6“She’s somewhat duplicitous,” Katey Sagal admitted, before correcting herself. “It’s not even somewhat. What’s coming out of her mouth and what’s going on in her head are two different things. She’s made adjustments to the situation based on her basic instinct, which is to survive and keep her family together. She is still all about that.”

As Jax remains unaware of his mother’s betrayal, Hunnam said his relationship with Gemma is “similar, if not better than ever” in Season 7.

“This final betrayal [has] completely demolished any potential of him trusting anyone outside of his immediate circle,” Hunnam explained. “In all of the scenes, I’ve been trying to instill a little of that sense. Unless you’re my mom, my children or one of the Sons, you’d better watch out.”

That said, Season 7 isn’t all gloom and doom. There’s a “very exciting romance” on the horizon, at least according to Hunnam, who excitedly announced, “Tig’s getting some this year!”

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Once Upon a Time Marilyn MansonAs for the additions of Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love to Season 7, Sutter said both actors are part of the “outside-of-the-box” casting he likes to do every year. (See Stephen King and David Hasselhoff.)

“Manson I became friends with through some music buddies, and he’s a huge fan of the show,” Sutter said. “That was him basically wearing me down, and we found a great role for him. Courtney I don’t know that well. I got to meet her a couple times — I was a huge Nirvana fan — and I know she’d experessed interest on wanting to work on the show. Then we had this role of a school teacher, and I thought, ‘Who better than Courtney Love?'”

(Who better, indeed?)

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Following yet another major Emmys snub — neither the show nor any of its stars nabbed nominations this year — the panel was asked for its honest reaction.

Though Sutter declined to make a big speech (“I’ve diatribed on that many times,” he noted), the same can’t be said for leading-man Hunnam.

“It doesn’t matter at all,” he said of the show’s lack of Emmy nominations. “There’s this perception as though we’re kind of upset about this. I can only speak for myself … I really don’t give a s—t. I make this for the people who watch the show. … If people don’t appreciate it, you can’t win ‘em all.”

Sons fans, what are you hoping to see in the final season? And how do you feel about the show’s latest Emmy snub(s)? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Bwhit says:

    I am really excited to hear Charlie speak about Jax’s journey. I kind of figured Gemma would go in to protection mode and pretend she had nothing to do with Tara’s demise. This will make the interaction between her and Jax very interesting to watch play out. If he is bringing her closer because of what happened and than finds out, that will be one heck of an explosion! On a side note, I have a hard time picturing Tig in any type of romantic situation!

  2. Lo says:

    This will either be pure genius or a train wreck….

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    Tig and Venus Van Dam!!!

  4. M3rc Nate says:

    Im not sure what to hope for in the finale with Tara dead. Dont get me wrong Tara…she went off the deep end, and I never really LOVED her with Jax…but i dont know what to hope for. I mean if i hope for a “happy ending” like Jax gets out alive and finds a legit job somewhere…isnt that now considered a safe aka lame ending? If he ends up dead isnt that called a expected ending? If its left up to our imagination isnt that called a cheap ending? So i have no idea what to expect or what to hope for.

    What would be awesome is if it ended with Jax in charge of the Club, and then in 15-25 years this show comes back (2035 for example) and everyone that can (especially Charlie) comes back, and they pick up with the same amount of time having taken place since the finale. (So its a time jump equal to amount of time that has passed since the finale)
    So Jax is 15-25 years older and still President of the club, but obviously a lot would be different (think of the advancements in society/technology/Government/Police/Crime etc in 15-25 years), and his son(s) would be 15-25 years older, maybe in the Club, maybe they are the lead(s) of the show like Jax is the lead now (So Charlies character would be like the Clay of the series). I think that would be insanely brilliant, a first of its kind, and awesome.

    • Taylor says:

      This is exactly what I’m hoping happens, and you took the words right out of my mouth! I don’t know if I can wait 15-25 years but it would be perfect.

      • J.W. says:

        Nero will kill Juice and Nero will end up with the kids with Adriana(Wendy)
        Jax and Jemma will kill eachother simultaneously.

      • Mama-Mayhem66 says:

        It was noted that Able was just like his dad – could see it in his eyes and with that hammer! LOL – just as crazy as his daddy! Could Kurt be Thinking along these same lines??? I wouldnt wait that long though (15-25 yrs) anything can happen to these beloved actors of ours – I say after the series is over, Kurt should wait a year or two then take is back to the beginnings of SAMCRO (run it for a few seasons) then wait another year or two to take us into the future of this MC (if there’s one left) or if Jax, Gemma or any of the main characters survive this final season – we hope so! With makeup FX you could easily do this 10 yrs from now (making them look older) to reflect 25 yrs. gone by!!!

  5. Gland1 says:

    The idea of watching Jax spend the season mourning Tara while Gemma plays the devoted mother sounds exhausting to me.

    • stephanie says:

      i feel the exact same way. I dont know if I’m down to watch an entire season of Gemma’s lies (we all know Sutter will drag out the big reveal until the last possible second).

      • TrulaJean says:

        I feel the same way! Hopefully Sutter will have Gemma revealed sooner than the last episode to surprise us. We can dream at least!

    • Dawn says:

      Me too. I can’t stand the thought of yet another season of Gemma playing Jax and making him look like a chump

    • TraciTV says:

      U really think that sons won’t give us much more than that. This final season if staying to true to what sons n the shield have done will be epic n brutal

    • Agreed. Gemma must die. Waiting for it will make things worse, not better. Given the last season, Sutter has a big challenge trying to make the story line viable again. He has already given new meaning to “jump the shark”. I stopped watching Sopranos until Tony’s mother died, because she was so utterly repulsive. I see Gemma the same way, so I may not watch SOA again until she dies.

    • Donna says:

      Kurt..please face the facts that have been coming since season 2. Gemma needs to die ! Stop dragging on just because she is your wife. Enough already.

      • Shelley says:

        What, exactly, has he been ‘dragging on ‘ since season 2 with regards to Gemma? You don’t have to like the character but she’s hardly been ‘dragging on’ since season 2. She was and obviously still will be a HUGE part of the show. And to imply Gemma is only around because Kurt is married to Katey in real life? Where have you been hiding? MANY fans HATE Gemma after what she did to Tara last season. He certainly hasn’t made Gemma into a hero. She’s hated by many!
        If anyone was ‘dragged on’ in this show, it was Tara. She did nothing but whine and pout for 5 seasons until she finally decided she was leaving Charming. Except she was all talk and NO action. She threatened to leave over and over again but never did. Blah blah blah. And then in season 6 she had the nerve to want to punish Jax? He told her to leave a billion times and take the kids but she NEVER left. She faked a pregnancy/miscarriage, guilted Wendy into doing drugs again and tried to frame Gemma for killing her pretend baby. Thank God Gemma stuck a fork in Tara…she is DONE!

        • joanna grace says:

          I think I love you lol

        • Carlee says:

          Ha! Totally agree. I love Gemma’s character. But Tara has driven me crazy since the beginning!

        • Thank you, Shelley!! I totally agree! was so sick and tired of the never ending is she going to finally frakin leave!! I’ve never wanted a character on a show to either die or leave so bad in my entire life!! LOL! And now everyone yammering on and on that she was doing it for her kids and she was protecting her kids……pulease! Tara was nothing more than an attention whore!! If it wasn’t all about her and her never-ending angst then she couldn’t stand it! It all had to be her way or no way with her and Jax and her and the Club and her and Gemma, etc..etc…etc…. Thank You Gemma for STICKING A FORK IN HER!!!

          • Bravo! This isn’t a Soap-Opera FFS! The Tara whiners should stick with GH or As the World effing Turns! Thought these female SOA fans were more hard-ass!

        • Seau Jaded says:

          Liked Tara, but she took a turn for the worse this last season. I liked her because Gemma saw her as her biggest threat to taking her title as HBIC. I do love to hate Gemma but its time she meets her doom with all that family first s@%t……she really means Gemma first.

        • Very well said!! Gemma is hated but without her on the show I don’t think it would be as interesting…Besides she is the leading woman in the club~~she is Momma!!

        • Baby j says:

          Amen. I agree with you completely. Brilliant.

        • J.W. says:

          Agree she is the main part of the show along with Jax. Crazy but that’s the story!

        • christina says:

          might wanna rewatch season 6, cause nowhere did jax tell her she can leave with the kids. She wanted to leave so that the kids would have a better and safer life outside the club, but she wanted Jax right along with her. He finally decided that was for the best and left too, but then clay messed that all up trying to have her killed. That’s when things started going down hill, because then she was nolonger able to do her job and had nowhere to go. After Jax going back to the club, Tara then knew what she had to do, and that was leave with or without him. That’s why she faked her pregnancy to get Gemma off her back with the kids….so she could leave and not have to worry about Gemma stopping her. That’s when Jax found out and understood what she did was wrong, but he understood she was only trying to offer the kids a better life in another town, since Tara was getting back on her feet and was offered a job. That’s why Jax was going to prison for her, he was taking the fall for her and those kids. I seriously think your getting Donna mixed up with Tara…she was the one that whined and pouted with Opie not being up her butt all the time. And Tara surely didn’t whine and pout for 5 seasons, maybe a few episodes. Lol.

          • christina says:

            Well he did tell her she could leave in the last episode, when he was going to jail, but im talking about before in all other episodes. He never said she could leave with the kids.

        • christina says:

          Yea, well it’s all about how much you love your kids. The only thing i can say is she knew the consequences of the club, she knew what she was getting into, but Jax made her feel guilty by saying he had slept with 100’s of women, but he never saw their faces except for one…meaning Tara. She then couldn’t leave and stayed with him.While Gemma has lied, and done so many things to keep her grandkids their, in dangerous situations. but Tara tried doing the right thing to put those kids in a better sitiuation…and she had more of a right to do whatever she saw fit, afterall, they were her kids. Anyone that can say Tara was in the wrong, obviously either doesn’t have kids or wouldn’t go out of their way to do whats best for their own kids. She knew what she had to do after the shop got blown to shreds, moments after they got out with the kids. A minute sooner, and all would’ve been dead.

        • Mama-Mayhem66 says:

          You took the words out of my mouth exactly! I for one don’t hate Gemma (just hate what happened bc Thomas lost a mother). I didn’t like Tara’s character but didn’t wish her dead either…

    • Lissa says:

      I think it will only take a few episodes for him to find out the truth. If it drags out too long I think fans will be disappointed, Gemma deserves whatever she gets!

      • Tammy says:

        I agree Lissa!! Jax needs to know ASAP, then set a plan in motion to axe Gemma. Not only did she kill Tara, but now Unser (I fear) is gonna get killed by Juice, which just isn’t right.Jax kill Gemma, then get on with him getting his life together with the rest of the Son’s, and his sons.

  6. Michael vosney says:

    It’s sad to see them not win anything, but if this show was about Jesus or another Dawson’s creek it would win. This show is about a real culture out there and acting is top of the line. S.O.A!!!!!

  7. Amber Keefer says:

    More of jax more fighting and soa should have gotten a emmy for every single season this show is the best show of all shows in years the people doing the Emmy’s r stupid and don’t know what there doing they need to get there heads out of there .ss

  8. Helena Hanbasket says:

    The emmy snubs only prove that they’re bought, and not distributed based on who really deserves them. F~¢k the emmys.

    • TraciTV says:

      Emmys r done by submitting one episode only. Many of our favorite characters build up their mystique amongst many episodes or seasons. Seems like those voting are not fans of TV shows.

    • James Jones says:

      Charlie should have been nominated for that season finale last year alone! Again though, who cares. I loved his response on making the shpw for those of us who love it!

  9. marcie anness says:

    I love the soa show they deserve a hundred Emmy’s in my book but I stick with my Charlie comment!! Soa for life!! Great show great actors

  10. One of the best shows on tv.love the cast, story very entertaining. Forget awards, they dont need them for us to watch.Always love the sleepers.Thanks for the entertainment.

  11. Barbara Figalan says:

    I’m very shocked that SOA has not won anything for this show. I’m a very big fan and don’t miss anything about the show. I’m a follower on Facebook and know people who work on the show. Great story lines and all of you are awesome actors. Kurt , your amazing in what you do. You couldn’t have picked a better cast. I’m truly going to miss this show and everyone in it. Charlie is my favorite. I have him on my screen saver on my phone and SOA theme song as my ringer. My friends laugh at me but I don’t care. You have a lot of fans out there, so keep up the great work.

  12. Love the show… Superb Cast. Sorry to see it ending with Season 7. Netflix reruns only do so much….. going to miss it! I think you should make a spin off Mr. Sutter of course starring Charlie….

  13. Heather says:

    All I can say is i am looking forward to it. The show never disappoints. There is no predicting anything and that is what is genius about it. Sad to see it go, but know it’s time. Looking forward to a great finale.

  14. Jennifer says:

    I I can’t wait for Son’s new season! I am so greatful it’s viewers get this final season! I wish it could go on for several more years, because it’s my favorite show on television! I’m ivested in the story, characters, and have my family, hooked on it! It’s so well done in many aspects! I really appreciate all the creative, and interesting work.the S.O.A. team puts into this show!! Although the entire cast and show’s creator deserve emmys,the show is so good, that speaks on it’s own and that’s really something!

  15. Z says:

    For Gemma to die! Should have won all the Emmy awards! Awesome show!!!! Not to mention the Best!!

  16. Linda J. Potter says:

    It took me some time before I started watching Sons, but once I started I could not get enough. This show is amazing. The writing and acting as good as it gets. I think it is awful that this show is not recognized by the Emmys.

  17. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Charlie said it best ‘I really don’t give a Sh*t’ about the emmy snub. Anyhow Tig and Venus hooking up?…..oh god Tig u twisted little FREAK! LOL. Can not wait to see the official trailer for S7, everytime I see the teaser on FX i’m craving for the show to come back on! The suspense and wait is killing me. LOVE SAMCRO!

  18. Perry Levine says:

    I’ve always wanted to see Michael Chiklis recreate his role as Vic Mackey in season 7. It would be an interesting way for Sutter to come full circle with both shows.

    • Amy says:

      That would be absolutely EPIC … although it could make things complicated for Walton Goggins!

    • Matt says:

      I’ve always thought they woulda done this considering Vic ended up working for ICE a the end of the shield, and with niners and biz lat connections. At least I thought it woulda been really cool

  19. I am so nervous for last season. I’ve been so involved in these peoples lives and I love each character because they all contribute something human. They don’t wanna be killers circumstances just make it a necessary evil. I’m afraid jax will die and I’m sad about that but my prediction is juice will kill himself and be successful at this attempt and with that will die with gemmas secret and she’ll never tell it. I also think tiggs and Venus will be together. So….do we think alike Kurt? Lol

  20. Richard Giordano says:

    I have all the faith and confidence in the world for Kurt Sutter. From the very first episode “pilot” all the way through to “A Mothers Work” has been a fun, sad, hilarious, serious, emotional, brilliant, satisfying, dark, epic ride. Though of course I do not want S.O.A to become history, after being attached to it for so long! Unfortunately it has to end. Then again it will never be history..because I will always go back and continue to watch. Sons Of Anarchy is a show that will never get boring or old to me. I love the all the twists,turns and curve balls that Kurt Sutter has thrown throughout the show. I know the sons are gonna shine bright in this final season. I know I will be very” satisfied,” with whatever ending Kurt Sutter closes the show with. I don’t want to guess what happens..because I do not know! I don’t want to know! Until the day the final ride begins. “Kurt Sutter” Thank You!…for creating this “Amazing” “Fantastic” series of” Sons Of Anarchy”

  21. J355i says:

    I want to see a slow, painful and tortured death for Gemma and her little cohort!

  22. Maryann says:

    I will not be watching this season as it airs. If Gemma gets what she deserves — in a big way– and if the series has a satisfying ending, I will go back and watch after the fact. This will be the second season I have skipped because of train-wreck developments. I was waiting last season to make sure Tara didn’t die — and we all know how that turned out. If the two seasons together look like they are worth it when it is all over, I will go back and watch tem.

  23. Valerie says:

    Awesome show! Awesome actors! Awesome writers! The Emmys must be made up of a bunch of stuffed shirts. This show and its actors definitely deserve awards and to not even get one single nomination is beyond belief. This show has me experiencing so much anticipation each and every episode and season. I applaud each and every person connected to SOA for their hard work and giving us fans the want and desire to watch what will happen each week. SOA is definitely a winner to me!!! The Emmy awards never get it right anyway!!!


  25. Jacqueline Giombetti says:

    The fact the Emmys snubbed you just goes to show how politics plays everywhere. Thank You for Sons of Anarchy. It is one of the best. Please let your genius possibly tinker with the vampire genre, such as Laura K. Hamilton’s ( Anita Blake series). Someone will eventually bring it to the screen, why not YOU!

    • Noel Spaso says:

      Best vampire series (Buffy) has already been done and also never got the industry recognition it deserved. As for this season? If something happens to Jax before he finds out his mother’s betrayal, I’m going to be SO pissed.

  26. sally says:

    Please don’t let this be the last season! !!!!!!!! We all LOVE the sons!

  27. jenn says:

    I hope Jax destroys Gemma!!

  28. SoA ASAP says:

    Emmy’s? What’s that(jk)? I follow SAMCRO. I doubt the big wigs could handle Charming rolling up their red carpet lol. The fans have spoken and forever we will be SoA. If I had any pull, I’d change the awards name to Charlie’s. Because Hunnam has set the bar high…real high. Not some pu$$y name like emmy. Looking forward to Sept. 9th

  29. na says:

    I cannot wait to see Gemma get exactly what she deserves from Jax!!! and I am very upset with Juice, I can see wanting to help Gemma, but with this!!! Beware Jax will getcha….

  30. valeribarnes says:

    I hope to see justice in season 7. The problem is, I can’t figure out myself what justice would look like. I’m angry about the lack of Emmy nods. It makes no sense. SOA is one of television’s finest, albeit different, series and it’s a shame that the powers that be do not recognize its brilliance.

  31. Brian says:

    Come on! Only a dumb ass couldn’t figure out Gemma did it! A fork too personal! The actors will save the show! Not the writing! Too bad I do like the show!

  32. I was completely unaware of the Emmy “snub”; shows how much I care. None of Sutton’s casting gimmickry will matter for squat unless he gets the story right. None of the guilty should go unpunished. That basically means only the children survive, but I’m okay with that. I do doubt that, in the end, Sutton will be able to justify doing in thirteen episodes what can and should be done in one: everyone dies. Or put ’em all under their own dome! Stephen King would approve.

    • Nancy says:

      I agree. Everyone needs to pay. Including Jax. I want Tig to gets his because he was the reason Opie died. And Jax has pay off his karmic debt in that, too.

  33. Yes, it would be weird, but Tig and Venus makes sense. Tig has odd proclivities anyway and was enamored with Venus when she first showed up to blackmail that city council dude. And all his bros said, was really dude? and he just shrugged. Interesting that those badasses are more tolerant than the general public… Tig and Venus sittin’ in a tree… count on it…

  34. Kathy says:

    What I am hoping to see happen in this season is for network to sign on for more seasons.

  35. I don’t care about Emmy’s I love the show and absolutely hate that this is the last season. Hunnum is the sexiest most wonderful actor I’ve ever seen and it’s gonna suck not being able to watch him do his thing anymore. Don’t get me wrong I love the whole show but he is my favorite.

  36. Ida Clare War says:

    Gemma has always jumped to conclusions and acted out of assumptions and not actual facts. Jax is gonna be even more broken when he finds out what his mother did. Its going to be a long time coming and very sad at the same time.

  37. thoma trimble says:

    I wanna see a little of Abel and Thomas’ future like after they turn like 18 or so and see what how feel about their parents lifestyle and what they chose for their lifestyle meaning did they follow in daddy’s footsteps or did they stay outta the glory of being an SON?

  38. kelly Pickard says:

    I more than love the show its the best, hits home but I would like Gemma to get what she deserves and Jaxs finds out the truth about her

  39. dawn says:

    i feel they all need a nomination , its a wonderful show and i’m sad that its the last of the season….it should of went to a tenth season at least…but i am excited and can not wait to see the last of it ,,,,YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!

  40. Donna says:

    I want Jax and the boys to br sitting at the table in the end !!

  41. Debby Murr says:

    I would like for Jax to disown Gemma. Jax should move away with the kids somewhere that Gemma can’t find them. Also, her boyfriend should move away too. Wouldn’t that be great if she was left all alone after 7 years of doing everything she can to keep the family together.

  42. Love love love SOA, and them Emmy peeps are stupid, but who cares about them snobs shows awesome, I want more seasons, or maybe a sons movie ;)

  43. Renee Buford says:

    Can’t stand that this is the final season!!! Love the entire cast and it’s an AWESOME show!!!!

  44. susan beam says:

    I can’t understand why S O A has been snubed by the award shows. I guess they just don’t the best show on tv. Kirt Sutter is a genious. With a talent like his he could keep SOA going for a long time and it would never be boring.

  45. Mz Kez says:

    It took my partner forever to get me to watch S.O.A but now I cant get enough of it S.O.A.Anon!!.
    id love to see how Jax reacts to his mother’s betrayal. After all that is lost, what is left? Kill his own Mother over the love of his life? Sends shivers…
    As for Tig, hope he gets some ass! This guy is awesome and needs to be taken care of….!! Lol:D
    Emmys!? Screw the Emmys, this isnt Friends or Dawsons Creek. This is genius and perfection of a real culture, id watch this on re run forever..!

    S.O.A why do you have to end!! Lol.
    Oh….. 2 things to be excited about in Sept… the birth of my daughter and S.O.A Season 7!! Haha!!

  46. Amber says:

    I think Kurt should make a movie of how it all started!! Call it the first 9 .. That would be epic!! Love the show!!

  47. I would love it if the show Continues. I had hope that Jax finds a new love interest and she is a female biker with a club of her own, and the two of them get together and raises his kids. I also hope that Jenna goes to prison for awhile, but when she gets out she has to prove her self to Jax and marrys her boyfound. A mother and son has a bond that no one can break. I would like to see the club go to a bike rallylike Strugis or to a tattoo cconvention too. There is sooo many different directions the show can take. JUST DON’T END THE SHOW !!!!!!!!!! Best biker show ever

  48. I love the show and hope like hell that it never ends ! The show can go in alot of different directions so there is no reason to end something that alot of people want and desire.
    It is the BEST biker show that l have seen in my life, and almost real like.
    I love the actors and actresses. It is entertaining as well. I would love to see the club at a bike rally like Strugis or even at a tattoo and bike convention. Perhapes Jax will find a new love intrest and his mother will try to redeem her self and become a loving Mom and grandma again. I love this show and will be sad as hell when it does end. Thank God for reruns, and l want to get the rest of the episodes on DVD. THIS SHOW should of gotten a Emmy or a award of some kind along with Charlie and the rest of the characters on the show.

  49. Charlie Hutchinson says:

    I am hoping to see what juice has coming to him and if you are putting rockers in the show, throw some other good ones ( Corey Taylor, Rob Zombie, etc.). As for Gemma, she will finally have pushed jax as far as she could over the limit as clay has done. She will finally get what’s coming to her for what her and clay did to Tara and John Teller.

  50. amy says:

    I am waiting like all others for sons return. I’m really looking forward to jax finding out his mother murdered the love of his life. Wonder what he’s going to do to her?

    • kathy0038mackin says:

      It will take til the last couple of shows, but ……. Jax makes Bobby Prez, kills Gemma, loads his bike up on a truck, grabs his kids and rides off into the sunset, with a small tear in his eye, but he does not look back to see all the other Sons watching him leave in a sign of their respect for him because he has taken all the heat upon himself and leaves SAMCRO absolutely clean.