Fargo Renewed for Season 2 Prequel — New Details on Time Period, Returning Characters

Fargo Season 2

Grab your mittens and button down your ear flaps: FX on Monday announced that it has ordered a second season of its Emmy-nominated series Fargo.

Per the cabler, the new 10-episode chapter (to launch in Fall 2015 at the earliest) will feature all-new characters (played by all-new actors), a new period of time and a new true crime story.

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“We could not be more proud of Fargo,” said FX CEO John Landgraf in a statement. “[Season 1] was nothing short of breathtaking and we look forward to the next installment.”

The series’ 10-episode first season, which recently netted 18 Emmy nominations, was inspired by the Coen Brothers’ 1996 film of the same name, followed the fallout caused by murders in the Minnesota city of Bemidji.

Earlier this month, star Allison Tolman told TVLine that “there’s discussion” that Season 2 would have a whole new cast, but that she hoped her detective alter ego — a role that earned her a Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie nod — might show up again in the future.

“Saying goodbye to that” would be hard, she added.

Landgraf feels Tolman’s pain. “It’s kind of heartbreaking from my standpoint, given how much I loved the actors,” the exec said of the the necessary cast turnover. “Fargo demands, I think, a [certain] level of realism, no matter how unhinged and funny it is at times. I don’t think we felt we could reintroduce those actors as new characters. We had to create a new situation.”

Highlights from the Fargo panel with executive producers Noah Hawley and Warren Littlefield:

* Season 2 — which is influenced by the Cohen brothers’ Fargo, Miller’s Crossing and The Man Who Wasn’t There — is “going to be the story of Sioux Falls,” Hawley revealed. “It will take place in 1979.” As such, a younger version of Keith Carradine’s character Lou Solverson, aka Molly’s dad, will be introduced. It was established on the show that in 1979, he worked on a Sioux Falls task force with oneday Duluth police lieutenant Ben Schmidt, who will also “factor in there somewhere” in Season 2. The Lou that viewers meet in 1979 is a 33-year-old man recently returned from Vietnam who “thought he’d left the war behind and here it is, it’s domestic [now].”

* Molly’s mother will be introduced and fans may learn what happened to her, Hawley teased. Could Allison Tolman possibly play her alter ego’s own mother? “I haven’t considered it,” Hawley admitted. “It seems a little gimmicky to me and like cheating. It’s something that’s certainly worth thinking about.” (Molly is four-years-old in 1979, FYI.)

* Some of the action will also take place in Laverne, Minnesota, and, of course, Fargo. “Minnesota [and] North Dakota, that region is a character in the show,” Hawley said. “That’s part of the personality. Believe me, we would do Fargo, Honolulu, if we could get away with it. But we can’t.”

* Season 2 will shoot from January to May. (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. David4 says:

    FX is the only network that seems to understand that miniseries are good! Heroes, Last Resort and many others could have really benefited from one season story lines.

  2. Great but must have Molly and Gus.

    • Kim says:

      I completely agree! They were wonderful and adorable!

      • Kathy says:

        I can see an “all new” storyline but why necessary to use “all new” actors? American Horror Story uses a lot of the existing actors in their “new seasons” and they play different roles, which does not interfere with getting “into” the actor’s new character. Aside from that it is great to hear that there is going to be a Season 2….just wish it was not so far from now!

        • Lauren says:

          It’s a bit different for them because AHS takes place in different times and places and has the supernatural element that makes it a bit easier to believe. It’s harder to accept that in Fargo there are multiple police officers that all look exactly alike just a town over or that a killer in one season is a sheriff in another season when they all take place in the same time and place. Even if there was some sort of time jump back or forward it would still be a lot more difficult to explain.

        • Luanne says:

          Not every show has Jessica Lange. She is why I came and why I stay.

        • David4 says:

          Each season of AHS takes place in it’s own “universe”, so it works. On Fargo it would only work if they made the actor look a lot different because it’s still the same universe.

        • Sable says:

          I kind of agree with this. I remember Timothy Hutton’s “Nero Wolfe” series with its repertory company of actors. A few of them played the same role in each story, (Maury Chakin, Bill Smitrovich, Saul Rubinek, Conrad Dunn) for example, but many of them did completely different characters )Kari Matchett, Nicki Guadini James Tolkan). It worked beautifully.

  3. Great news ! But where are the “details” about the all new cast, etc ? The article simply mentions that there will be a new cast; you have no details at all about season two. Kind of a misleading headline.

  4. Fargo was one of the best dramas on tv. Too bad the networks(ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox) could not have been the one to have a hit on their hands. Looking forward to the new season.

  5. JohnQ says:

    where exactly the “details” are?

  6. Tom McC says:

    No Allison Tolman? Not interested.

    • Nate says:

      And yet you have no details about it yet

    • Simon Jester says:

      Was Allison Tolman the reason you tuned in to season 1? Or did you start watching and, as a result, discover how great she is? Because if the latter, why not trust the creative team to cast *other* unknown actors who might turn out to be equally great?

  7. Kathy Ann Holbrook says:

    I can’t imagine any possible reason why I would watch Season 2 without Billy Bob Thornton in it…

  8. Zach says:

    I know everyone’s mad about none of the cast returning, but what if the second season turns out to be even better?

  9. RD says:

    If they can do it once,they can do it again. Some people are so short-sighted and possessive when it comes to TV shows. Give the creative team a chance for god’s sake!

    • johnhelvete says:

      Certain viewers want the same characters doing similar things for 7 seasons on a TV show. Personally I prefer the writers being allowed to take the story where they want to take it and not being restricted by keeping certain characters or in this case all of the characters.

  10. kirads09 says:

    Well, I was hoping against hope they would find a way to resurrect Billy Bob’s Malvo. Especially since in some circles it was theorized he could be the Devil incarnate.
    He just was so magnificent in the role.

    It will be so interesting to see where they go with this. Wonder if the new stories will center upon someone else finding the money Stavros put back and the consequences (good and bad) it brings into their lives??? Just a random thought.

    While I will miss the original characters, I am for this idea and the mini series format Will keep it fresh and exciting.

  11. Luke says:

    We need Allison back…

  12. J says:

    I haven’t watched Fargo but was curious as to why it needs a new cast for S2 instead of using the current one?

  13. Dan Gibson says:

    With the film firmly in my Top 10 all-time, I was extremely skeptical about the TV miniseries…. yet by the 5 minute mark of that first episode (with Billy Bob Thornton at the wheel, in that vast snowy wasteland that I recalled — and a man in the trunk), I said to myself .. “UH OH”, and never looked back. In the capable hands of Mr. Hawley, this was ten weeks of riveting drama, with some hysterically funny bits dropped in from time to time — sorry, I’ve not yet bought into the “Black Comedy” description. I think there is much that could be built around Molly, her Dad at the Diner, and Gus … but if it’s not to be, I’ll just say to the Second installment … Bring It … Surprise Me. (translation: CAN’T WAIT)

  14. Where's Fargo? says:

    How can I watch or stream season 1?

  15. Joey Padron says:

    Glad show got renewed for season 2. Can’t wait to see which actors they’ll get for next season.

  16. Richele says:

    All new cast is stupid, we want to see the same cast and develop their characters more, it will not be smart to bring on all new cast when the first cast were successful, we want to see them again!!!!!!!!!

  17. Richele says:

    No Joshua Close, not interested!!

  18. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Oh sh*t!……Can’t wait to see what the story is about but I also agree w/ some comments about bringing back Molly and Gus, I think they’re great but damn I would like to see Billy Bob Thorton again he really KILLED that Malvo character!

  19. CK says:

    I’m torn. I agree with the all-new characters, but I feel like they should have pulled an AHS and used some of the same actors in new parts. The first season was great and while I think the second will be just as good, the entire cast that they assembled felt like they caught lightning in a bottle. I can’t wait to see who is going to star in season 2 though.

  20. cindy says:

    guess we’ll give it a try. We stopped watching it because we lost interest in both characters & story

  21. JohnHasADHD says:

    Am I the only one thinking that ‘cast the same actors in different roles’ comment was a shot at American Horror Story?

  22. pamela says:

    i feel bad about none of the great cast returning, but the storyline they are going with makes the most sense. plus i wouldn’t want to see anything happen to the characters that made it out of season 1 alive.

  23. Zach says:

    Sioux Falls, huh? Definitely the right move! I was hoping this would happen. Any suggestions on who to play Young Lou?

    • Dan Gibson says:

      RE the “comments” of KR … JAMES, I’m with you … just what was THAT gibberish all about ? Some sort of “code”, perhaps ??

  24. Ron says:

    I love that FX, between AHS and Fargo, is bringing back the anthology series. Prior to AHS, there were (and still are) people from my generation (early 20s) that didn’t know what an anthology series was. These shows may not quite be anthology in the way, say, The Twilight Zone was an anthology series, but they’re definitely closer than anything in recent years.

  25. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on THB Files and commented:
    Thank God for Fargo!!

  26. July Lark says:

    Well, congrats to Fargo but tell me again which broadcast nets gives their renewals over a year to write/produce 10 eps. A level playing field might be nice.

  27. Cynthia says:

    FYI to the producers: Sioux Falls is in South Dakota, not North Dakota or Minn.

    • chrissytron says:

      I think they were referencing still including MN and NoDak in the season, despite taking place in Souix Falls.

  28. Good article. I will be facing a few of theѕе issuees as well..

  29. Britta Unfiltered says:

    WOOH!!!!!!! I’m already so excited to watch it! I’m so glad they’re really going to do the Sioux Falls story. I had heard rumors before they might.

  30. MelindaB says:

    Just FYI, it’s spelled “Luverne”.

  31. todd says:

    Jennifer Lawrence will be lead actress … :) just watch

  32. Neva says:

    I am SO excited that Zahn McClarnon will appear in 8 of the 10 episodes this season. Personally, Zahn will be the reason I will watch the show. He begins his fourth season on Longmire as Mathias, Reservation Police Chief , which can be seen on Netflix. Two shows with Zahn McClarnon, I’m Loving It !!!!

  33. REERA says:

    Molly and Gus, Molly Dad, Keith Carradine are the best