True Blood Recap: Party Down

True Blood Sookie

Eric’s Hep-V may have progressed to Stage 2, but after Sunday’s True Blood, at least we know he won’t be dying alone.

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The episode’s final moments revealed that Bill Compton — sweet, Confederate, flower-bearing Bill Compton — has also contracted the virus, and he seems just as shocked as anyone. (Hasn’t he been on a strict Sookie diet all season? Could she have it, too?)

This revelation is especially heartbreaking because, prior to Bill’s gruesome discovery, viewers were treated to some quality Bill-Sookie moments — like, Season 1-level emotional moments. When Sookie thanked Bill for “seeing me the way I can’t see myself sometimes,” and those classic Bill-Sookie strings started playing, you couldn’t help but feel nostalgic for the good ol’ days.

Now, let’s see what the rest of our friends were up to this week…

True Blood EircPARTY CRASHERS | Eric and Pam’s hunt for Sarah Newlin brought them to a swanky “Republic–t” fundraiser in Dallas, where they hoped to pump Sarah’s parents for their daughter’s whereabouts — but they got a lot more than they bargained for when both Sarah and the Yakuza decided to crash the party. In the chaos of the onslaught, Sarah managed to escape, but not before watching Eric annihilate a member of the Yakuza by literally ripping off his jaw. (Sorry, Governor Burrell, but your best-death-yet just got totally upstaged.)

BUSTED! | When a girlfriend has to remind her boyfriend that she “just found you f—ing a man in our car,” it’s never a great sign for the relationship. I’m talking, of course, about Jessica and James, the latter of whom finally gave into his feelings for Lafayette, then did him dirty in the back of his and Jessica’s truck during Sookie’s party. Even though we knew this was coming, am I the only one who felt gross about the way it ultimately unfolded? I would have been OK with a single confusing kiss, rather than a full-blown porking session; I guess we’re not wasting any time in the final season.

REBOUND REUNION | As much as I’m opposed to the way things went down between James and Lafayette — I would have preferred a classier venue than the backseat of a trick — I’m totally not opposed to this week’s Jessica-Jason development. After accepting that her boyfriend deserves to be happy without her, Jessica dropped trou and hopped aboard the Stackhouse Express for one last ride. Unfortunately, Queen Crazy Pants (aka Violet) overheard the exes reuniting from the other side of the door, and the look in her eye had me terrified. (Run, Jessica! You in danger, girl!)

True Blood AndyWEDDING BELLS | Just as Lauren Bowles teased to TVLine last week, Andy hunkered down on one knee and asked Holly to his bride this week. Despite the questionable timing — did Sookie really need all that happiness rubbed in her face just hours after losing Alcide? — it’s nice to see someone on this show actually getting a happy ending. I was starting to think those didn’t exist anymore. (It was also nice of Jason to give Adilyn and Wade a heads up: “I don’t know if you two are f—ing, but if you are, you’d better cut it out.”)

A few more observations…

* Sadly, Ginger’s decades-long dream of sleeping with Eric will probably never come to fruition. That said, I laughed loudly at their (potentially) final exchange: “I’m diseased.” / “So the f—k am I!”

* Did anyone else think Lettie Mae was going to accidentally stab someone we actually care about? And, you know, not a vampire?

* Well, it took seven seasons, but someone finally told the people of Bon Temps how truly insane they are. (Thanks, Nicole.)

Truebies, it’s time to sound off on this week’s episode: Are you thrilled about the Jason-Jessica reunion? Do you think Bill is really going to die? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Carmen says:

    What did we do to get these Bill flashbacks inflicted upon us?

    • Drago Harley says:

      I, too, am so sick of the Bill flashbacks. We’ve seen enough of the dusty old Civil War era. So tired of it. Much prefer Eric’s flashbacks in the 80s and 90s. I am sure that Sookie will have to choose who to save in the end, either Bill or Eric…and I think she will choose neither and let them both die. Have the show end with all vampires dying off and the world going back to the way it was before the show started and they came out of the coffin.

      • LaBete says:

        LOL “dusty old Civil War era.” What bugged me the most was how for some reason wet, verdant Louisiana suddenly turned into the dusty Old West during the flashbacks! They aren’t even trying at this point!

      • baboo says:

        but, as you can see on the true blood cover when sookie was crying blood, i think she got turned into a vampire.

    • Andy Swift says:

      Please note I didn’t even mention them lol

      • EJ386 says:

        For which we are grateful, however those who not only read the recaps but still actually watch the show were inflicted this torture. Not by you but we still had to suffer through them.

        • Vyper says:

          I suppose it wasn’t as torturous for me. I see why the writers are doing it. They’re trying to prove to the audience that the “old Bill Compton” is back and feels the same way, thinks the same things and in the same way as before he became Billith. All of his memories, morals and pain have returned to him. It’s all leading up to the love story ending they were aiming for.

    • Kelly o says:

      I’m Wondering too about the flash backs bill has. It makes us believe this must be a way life flashes before our eyes? Like when a human dies, supposivly the same happens? They better not kill off bill, nor Eric. That would be aganist the books, wouldn’t it?

  2. LonePalm11 says:

    Can Bill please die the true death already?!

    • Amanda says:

      I hope not. At least let Pam live!!!!

    • Emma says:

      No he can’t, because he is the lead of the show. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

      • Sara says:

        Thank you!!! These Eric fanatics are a hateful bunch. I am team Bill but I don’t want Eric to die. That is just mean.

        • Pokka says:

          I can watch a show and still majorly dislike a main character. Not everyone is going to like the same people… and that is okay. They are also allowed to voice their displeasure with said characters. -_-; I like Bill when he is interacting with Jessica, but deeply loathe him when he is around Sookie because I personally feel the characters regress when they are around each other.

          • Vyper says:

            I agree. I watch nurse Jackie but absolutely hate Jackie lol so I get it! And I do agree they regress, perhaps it’s the acting or maybe because they’re married with children and have been for seasons now. But just as the creators of the show mentioned, “at the end of the day we wanted it to come full circle as a love story.” So it’s obviously their intention for the characters to regress with one another. But now with Bill having a rapid strain of Hep V….I don’t really see a love story ending concluding between those two.

      • Tai says:

        That’s just ridiculous. So people can’t watch the show if they don’t like Bill? Forget the rest of the cast because they’re only there to make Bill look good, huh? I get that there are people out there that like Bill (clearly I’m not one of them) but you have to understand that there are other people on this show that are just as deserving of viewership as Bill. I personally still watch for Jason, Jessica, Layfayette, Pam and Eric. I lost interest in Bill seasons ago. Does that mean I should stop watching too?

        • Vyper says:

          I totally agree!! Hate away! Lol I can’t stand Sookie…never could! She’s the classic cliché dumb, mostly bitchy, needy, selfish and arrogant female to me. I like Bill only because of the twists and turns and evolution of his character throughout the series. My favorites are Pam, Eric, Lafayette and now, Sarah Newland’s Sister Amber. But I also think Jason and even Jessica (although I find her very annoying at times) are brilliant actors. Actually, I think the whole cast has amazing talent! ….and yessss….even horrid Violet lol although I cannot WAIT for her to finally die lol

      • WTActualF says:

        Lol. I love this show , but hate Bill. I too hope he does the true death.

      • Kelly o says:


    • eve says:

      No. I don’t think Bill or Eric should meet their true death. Both of them have played their rolls in Sookie life they sould be able to hook up or move on. (Look at season 4.) Sookie was gone for a year Eric & Bill was force to move on. Why do they have to die?

    • Dogday says:

      I hope not. It was Bill and his memories about being human that sold the show in part, thanks to the first season.. His memories are shown the most, but all or most of the vampires go back and remember their human days, and when they were turned many times during the run of the show. Bill’s memories are inherently sad as they show a loving family man who has been away for years and right as he has the chance to be back at home with his family, he is attacked and made a vampire and never makes it home again. There is something very sad when he tells Lorena that he does not wish to sully the family reunion, and the very loving reunion between him and his wife.

  3. kira says:

    Eric and Sookie need to be endgame

    • Crystal @MamaMinx says:


      • shinealite says:

        Sam and Sookie are endgame.

        • Ash says:

          In the books. Probably not the show; it’s strayed way too far from the original source material.

        • Ruby says:

          Not on the show they’re not. They’ve written way too far from that for it to ever happen in any logical way with the time they have left.

        • Olivia says:

          Isn’t that how the book ended? Didn’t it cause a huge upset with readers. I can’t imagine they’d do the same in the show, knowing how mad people were. I feel like it will most likely be Bill, but they could throw a curveball & she could end up with Eric. Sookie & Sam just don’t make sense with the way the series has been going.

          • Drago Harley says:

            The readers who threw a fit — and I mean a HUGE HISSY FIT that lasted for weeks — were all fans of Eric. They all wanted Sookie to end up with Eric. But in the books, since maybe Book Four, Charlaine Harris (the author) telegraphed it would be a Sookie and Sam ending. In almost all the short stories that Harris wrote, it was Sam and Sookie off on a vacation together or doing some little side trip together. It was so obvious she was going to end up with Sam. But the Eric fans, they were so irrational and immature. They went nuts and even made death threats against Harris. It got so nuts that Anne Rice, of all people, had to step in and tell the fans to calm down and stop being so nuts.

          • jesschwahl says:

            I was surprised to hear that so many people were so shocked at the book ending. It seemed fairly obvious that Sookie was going in a non-vampire direction. She seemed exhausted and sick of all the drama they caused (who wouldn’t be?) so it wasn’t a surprise she ended up with a more normal guy. And Sam was pretty much the only option.

          • KR says:

            There is a scene in the prior season where Sookie suggests to Sam that she and him become a couple and he rejects her discussing Nicole and their baby. That was the writers’ “shout out” to the fans who read the books who were mad at Sam and Sookie being together in the end. It was their way of hinting that that won’t happen.

          • Gina says:

            The Vamps will die of Hep-V and something will happen to Nicole after she has the baby. I don’t think Sam and Sookie will be together at the end (since they both will have lost people they cared for pretty recently), but I think it will be hinted that they will go in that direction off screen.

        • B says:

          It’s still a possibility I guess. I mean, they did have Nicole make it clear she was tiring of the insanity in that town last night. Maybe she hightails it out of there, or just gets killed. Neither of those would upset me, seeing as how I barely even remember where she came from in the first place. She’s just…there.

    • waterbug says:

      give the sookie and eric a rest…

      • AnnieM says:

        OMG, yes. It’s not going to happen. I agree it should have happened in the books, but the show is clearly not going in that direction, so please stop waiting for it.

        • alistaircrane says:

          Agreed. There are 5 episodes left. Sookie and Eric have only had one scene together. Meanwhile, Sookie and Bill have interacted quite a bit. They are slowly building to a Sookie/Bill reunion, which is A-OK in my book. I love them together! I can’t stand Eric as a character, but I love his dynamic with Pam. Their story this season really works for me.

          • eve says:

            Bill suffered because he hid the truth about how he was working for queen. He knew that if he truly loved her he had to let her go. Eric told Bill that he could tell that Sookie still loved him and that he hope they find away back to each other. I believe that she fell in love with Bill the minute he walked into Merllotts. Before he gave her his blood. When Bill came into the restaurant Tara said that Sookie was acting
            bride walking down the aisle.

          • eve says:

            Remember, Sookie left Alcide that night and went straight to Bill. She told Bill that she loved Alcide, but not as much as he loved her.

          • I love Bill and sookie also just like you do . N also I can not stand Eric I never really did . I love Bill’s flash backs teambillnsookieeee

      • WTActualF says:

        Why? Sookie and Eric have so much chemistry and they are just fantastic together.

  4. DT says:

    I for one am absolutely thrilled about Jason and Jessica!! They were the only saving grace for me a couple of seasons ago, and I can only hope their reunion lasts through the finale – their chemistry is magic!

  5. Crystal @MamaMinx says:

    Well now we know they will have to find a cure by the finale…

    • Amanda says:

      Agreed. They won’t allow Bill AND Eric to die. IMHO.

      • Jj says:

        Ah but Eric is already stage 2. They can have him die, and have the cure found just in time to save Bill, and he and Sookie can have their happily ever after… my eyes are rolling as I type this.

        • NCSouthernBelle says:

          But in the preview of the next one Bill looks much worse than Eric. I’m holding out hope that Eric and Sookie will end up together but the longing looks Bill was giving Sookie makes me think either he’s going to end up with her or he’s going to die. Sad that we are already halfway through the season.

          • Pokka says:

            I think he is going to die. I think the flashbacks we had particularly were foreshadowing to whats coming. He’ll do the heroic sacrifice and get reunited with his dead wife. (I found it very odd that if they were building towards bill and sookeh being endgame that he referred to Caroline as his one and only true love)

          • D Bishop says:

            Eric and Sookie? Like oil and water. She should be with Bill; both “old souls” and made for each other. BTW, we’re not halfway through the season. There are 10 episodes in season 7 and we just saw #9! Noooooo, say it aint so!

        • alistaircrane says:

          Not sure why your eyes are rolling. Sookie and Bill belong together. Eric belongs with Pam.

  6. Wtactualf says:

    The amount of Civil War flashbacks were nearly unbearable.

  7. Belladonna took says:

    I for one, am hoping that all these Bill flashbacks mean that he will meet the true death and be reunited with his family. Put himself out of his own (and our) misery. At least we got Eric in a Texan outfit, still looking hot. How many times are they going to tease us with eric dying?

    • Amanda says:

      Maybe that’s why they keep having all these seemingly pointless flashbacks. Otherwise why do we keep traveling back in time to the Civil War?

      • Jillian says:

        I was thinking that maybe the flashbacks are to prove that Sookie isn’t Bill’s true love.

        • DarkDefender says:

          Good point, Jillian. I also thought Pam telling Bill he could never have Sookie was foreshadowing. If they cure Eric, I could see that end game. The love he has for her is in his eyes (props to Alex for playing that so well). I’m not sure where they are going.. But in Bon Temps time.. (Including the couple time jumps) we’ve only gone short of a couple years at best.. I doubt (as suggested above) that all Vamps would be eradicated. Aside from those Bill flashbacks.. I have really enjoyed this season.

          • Carmel says:

            True, I hope that happens. And of course, agreed with the Eric part. I just never felt nostalgic or feel anything when bill has a scene with Sookie. It’s so… Normal? But the Eric/Sookie scenes always get me :D though I highly doubt they will be endgame in the show DDD: I think bill (at the end) will turn human (cuz it ain’t normal hep-v, it’s dae blood right?) and end up with Sookie.

            Honestly, I don’t care if Eric ends up with Sookie anymore, as long as he lives I’m happy <3

  8. David says:

    I was so happy to hear Lafayette unleash that speech on Jessica about how he has agency, and a heart, too. It almost seemed like it was written for the audience. To compare his and James’ scene (dimly lit, clothed, from a distance, for a few seconds) to Jason and Jessica’s (the opposite of all those things), hopefully the show will avoid some hypocrisy by giving us some sweeter, more romantic sex scenes between the former pair.

    It’s also really great to see an authentically bisexual male character on tv. They’re in short supply.

    • sarahjay55 says:

      Big yes to all of this… Lafayette’s speech was one of my favourite things about this week’s episode (along with Eric in that hat) and one of my hopes for the end of the show is for Lala to find happiness again (though I’m still grieving for Jesus)

      • Titom says:

        It was actually quite the opposite for me. Lafayette was one of my favourite characters up until this season, but ever since that episode, I hate his guts. Not because he banged James. But because he banged James and actually dares to give Jessica some attitude about how he deserves happiness too RIGHT AFTERWARDS. Seriously?! If I ever have sex with someone who is in a relationship, I will tell that person’s partner that I deserve happiness too. In that scene, I was actually hoping for Jessica to attack Lafayette, I won’t lie.

  9. sal says:

    Sookie will conveniently forget that Eric is dying too. She’ll be aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall about saving her beloved boring rapist Saint Beel (as will the rest of the cast). Glad I’m sitting this one out. Thanks for the recap (confirming I made the right call).

    • Tina says:

      Even more tiresome than the flashbacks are the crazy Eric fans that constantly refer to Bill as a rapist to try to somehow justify their compulsion for Eric Northman. Trying to compare book Bill with show Bill when we all know very well show Bill is no rapist. I find a lot of Eric fans bordering on creepy with their obsession with Eric.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Even more tiresome is in these crazy, totally made up worlds with magic and mystical creatures and dragons and vampires and all that…there is murder and slaughtering and baby killing and eating of people and drinking their blood and snapping their necks and ripping them open leaving their guts on the ground and more…but its rape that is the ultimate offense to these PC “rape culture” viewers…lol…twins banging each other, murdering people, having innocents murdered, shoving kids from 4 story tall windows…but its the potential rape scene that has me “FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!” lol…now what? Bill has killed how many people? Straight up murder? He is dead, a vampire, drinks blood to survive, but he raped someone and thats his ultimate sin that you hold against him? Id laugh if it wasnt so depressingly sad.

      • waterbug says:

        I totally agree Tina. This Eric obsession is excessive. And its been beaten to death here. We get it. Geez!

        • WTActualF says:

          The Bill whitewashing is just nauseating.

          And Bill is completely disgusting. He has done so many horrific things, the only way for him to be redeemed is to die.

      • Melissa says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more! Bill never raped her. Yes he lied they both hurt each other but at the end of the day look at everything he did to save her! Don’t know why anyone thinks Sookie will end up with Eric that’s not going to happen. Hate to spoil you’re wishes Eric fans but the shows creator already said they are going to get Sookie and Bill back together during an interview. Guess most of y’all missed that. They still love each other geez give them a break and stop hating on Bill…lol

      • Melissa says:

        Exactly! Bill never raped her and he risked his life several times for her. Sorry but the shows creator already let it slip that they will have Bill and Sookie back together 😊

    • Melissa says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more! Bill never raped her. Yes he lied they both hurt each other but at the end of the day look at everything he did to save her! Don’t know why anyone thinks Sookie will end up with Eric that’s not going to happen. Hate to spoil you’re wishes Eric fans but the shows creator already said they are going to get Sookie and Bill back together during an interview. Guess most of y’all missed that. They still love each other geez give them a break and stop hating on Bill…lol

  10. Olivia says:

    I definitely felt like they cheapened James & Lafayette’s moment. I wish it could have been more romantic—hopefully we’ll see more in the rest if the season. I absolutely agree that Lafayette’s speech addressed something I’ve felt for his character for a long time.
    If Bill has the virus, that definitely means a cute is coming. Maybe Sarah makes an exchange for her life by telling Eric about a cure.
    I also thought Bill was feeding only from Sookie. Does that mean she’s a carrier & if so, when was she bit? Can vampires get it from other Hep-B vampires? But why would Bill bite another vampire?
    Best line of the night, from Pam, as usual, “I’m a Republic@#t!”

    • Amanda says:

      Maybe when Sookie was standing between the Hep V vamps who died in the woods and she was covered in their blood she became a carrier. She wasn’t clean when she emerged from the creek with violet she was too concerned with Alcide. Bill fed on her after that so maybe she killed him. Just a guess though.

      • AnnieM says:

        Plus, she had that big honkin open wound she’d cut into her arm not long before.

        • eve says:

          Yeah, I remember she did cut her arm that night? Sookie is my girl but, boy that was dumb!! I wonder if Bill take out Violet for Jessica?

      • twilight123 says:

        No, that timeline sounds about right! Thanks for the clarification, Amanda.

        • Chris D says:

          Sookie just keeps being the reason every one she loves dies, literally. From grannies to Tara and now Bill. Its just nauseating. Obviously sookie is the culprit, makes sence why his is crazy fast acting, fae vs vampire feud and all. Maybe that true blood scientist Bill kidnapped last season can help. I doubt the fake Christian now Buddhist chick will be of any use.

          • eve says:

            Remember when Tara go shot in the head, Lafayette told Sookie, you always survive, she may leave a trail of bodies behind her, some how she always make it. Tara told Bil
            no matter what there’s is always some fool willing to put their life on the line to save her.

  11. Amanda says:

    Loved Jason & Jessica together again. I always thought they had wonderful chemistry. Would love it if they ended up together. But Hoyt is coming back, so…. I hate Violet so hopefully she meets the true death soon. She bugs. Why is Jackson eavesdropping? Is he going to find out how Alcide died and come after Sookie? If so, I say LAME. As for Lafayette I love him and hope he finds someone more interesting than James. But whatever, if he’s happy, I’m happy. Enough with the Bill flashbacks!!!!!!!! Seriously, enough. I loved where Eric had Sarah by the throat. She needs to die a gruesome awful death. Something heinously epic. The fact that Bill is infected is fantastic – can’t wait to see where this goes since I think a cure must be in the works. Will there be one vial of cure and Sookie must choose who to save? Why are Eric and Pam in chains in preview? This season has some high points. (And obviously low ones read: Lettie Mae and James and now dead angry mob).

    • Olivia says:

      I love the one vial left idea!

    • JT says:

      I think Jackson was just eavesdropping so he could overhear Arlene’s comment about Terry’s jacket and leave Alcide’s jacket for Sookie. I hope that’s it and not anything more to it. There are still too many characters and storylines to wrap up.

      • AnnieM says:

        I think you’re right, seeing as how his jacket was laid out on Sookie’s bed. Hadn’t he said something about having packed up Alcide’s things and Sookie could “come down and go through them later”, something like that?

    • haven says:

      I don’t think it was done on purpose more like he over heard them I think he’s the one who layer out the jacket for her

  12. bjohns says:

    Screw Nicole, hey you came to the area looking for them, now you see that it’s real and you can really die now you don’t like them. She forgot that her baby daddy is one them crazy town folks. I say party on you survived. I would be passing the tequila too. She just mad she had to drink Capri Sun. LOL

    • Amanda says:

      This is so true. She totally sought them out so if she doesn’t like them she has only herself to blame. Personally I kind of resent the character because Sam moved on so quickly after Luna died. Not Nicole’s fault exactly but still.

    • Keisha says:

      Lol!!! Too funny! Capri Sun…I was thinking the same thing! I wanted to tell her to sit her a$$ down. Those people have been through a lot and if they wanted to party instead of wallowing in sorrow, then so be it!

    • AnnieM says:

      I was thinking pregnancy hormones…

    • Rina says:

      I think that was the point. Nicole and Lettie Mae were the only sober humans at that party, so they saw things as they really were instead of thru tequila glasses.

  13. I do not want Bill to die because he true love is Sookie

    • chimere says:

      People will lose all respect for me when I admit that although I hate the direction the True Blood series has gone in–especially compared the the much better story lines of the novels–one of my main reasons for continuing to watch is that I think Stephen Moyer (Bill) is hot.

  14. Marsha says:

    Getting worried this is going to turn out to be a dream of Skokie’s
    Especially with Bill being infected. I hope not but a rather odd casting call for the husband of the actress in her 30’s makes me wonder

  15. James says:

    It would be nice if Sookie ended up alone. Why does she have to be with someone? Maybe she grows tired of being around the supernatural world and goes away…

    • grant says:

      great point. why does sookie have to end up with anybody? that’s buying into the myth that a woman needs a man to complete her. sookie is a strong, independent woman in her own right. with everything she’s endured, why can’t the series end without her being with anybody … just taking stock of her life and the endless possibilities the future holds?

  16. grant says:

    brooding bill? how do you ever go back to your first love, sookie? whatever broke you up would still break you up if you weren’t meant to be. sookie has bailed on or been bailed on all the vamps she’s ever been close to. NO WAY she should end up with a vamp. with all she’s been through, she’s matured and hopefully learned that fantasy relationships don’t last!

  17. Angela Sheaffer says:

    I think Eric will die. He is a warrior. He has lived 1000 years, experienced Godrick’s death and the death of Nora, who died of Hep-V. He will choose an honorable death, a true death. Bill, being in the early stages of Hep-V will seek treatment and will probably be told that with treatment he will be able to live a normal life with maybe 30 to 40 years left. This will make him more human (which is why they’ve had the Civil War flashbacks), and now he will have a similar life-span as Sookie does. This will equalized and enhance their relationship in the end. I also think just as Bill has contracted a disease that makes him more human (he will experience death) Sookie will somehow have to use her fairy powers to kill a vampire in order to save someone, and will make the decision to throw her light away. Losing her powers, she, too, will become more human. Bill will still love her deeply – even more so after that.

    • Chris D says:

      Sadly no. If you notice in next week’s preview bills condition is advancing too rapidly because his strain is supercharged with sookies sun powered vamp hating DNA.

      • eve says:

        I wonder if Sookie got affected the night Alcide got shot.RRemember Alcide asked her did any of the blood get in her mouth or eyes? Maybe it did and she did noticed it.

  18. Arya says:

    Bill’s infected..ha! That’s gold. But really though, is it bad I wasn’t upset about that? Not like with Eric.. and goodness, those Bill flashbacks, enough of that please

  19. Truefan says:

    Sookie’s grief over Alcide doesn’t ring true. The writers didn’t spend enough time developing their relationship. The Lafayette / James encounter was done in a gross way. No wonder the first James dropped out of the role. I did like that more time was spent on the core characters. Yes, I think everyone’s going to die. This is their last season so I figure the writers are going over the top.

    • Jessica says:

      Yeah, but with the time jump they were together for awhile, longer than her other relationships I think. And she’s still known him for most of the time period of the show…so even if he was just a good friend she would still be pretty upset.

      • DarkDefender says:

        True. Sookie only dated Bill a couple of weeks and Eric a few days.. Alcide was over 6 months.. I reckon she would be quite upset. Not to mention that party was less than a day after Alcide and his magnificent Abs died.

        • eve says:

          They dated longer then a few weeks. He ask her to marry him and she said, yes! Her bother Jason told her,think without your magic you woulda never met Bill, “I know that you and Bill had your ups and downs but you guys where truly in love. Jessica said to Bill,” you and Sookie not like everyone else. Bill Compton would walk through fire just to be there for her!

  20. Sook1 says:

    Perhaps sookie is the key to saving bill and hot eric, with fairy powers hmmmmm

  21. Kris says:

    I love both Bill and Eric. I’m hoping they won’t kill off either one. I think Sookie will save the day probably with her fairy blood. Despite it looking bad for both guys, I think she will end up with Bill. There’s too much hinting towards a Bill/Sookie reunion. I wonder though since Bill has HepV now does that mean Sookie is a carrier because they shared blood? or maybe not because she’s a fairy?

  22. Air says:

    Here is a thought to chew…perhaps Sarah has information about the development of the H-V virus.She WAS in on all that so she may have access to a cure.May be thats why the Japanese guys are after her.I hope thats the case and then they stick the cure in the True Blood.whhheeee that would be awesome..
    Till next week *winks*

  23. Liz says:

    I hope Sookie will be able to save Bill (and Eric!). I really want them to be together. What the crazy Eric fans don’t get is that the show is about their love story (I don’t know how many times the writers & show runners have to say it for that small vocal & immature group to get it!).
    So I hope they will end up together, though I don’t think she will be with a vampire at the end… Sookie will probably be alone.

  24. Thestartrekker101 says:

    I liked the bill flashbacks 030

  25. jj says:

    Nobody saw kit from game of thrones

  26. jj says:

    Nobody saw kit from game of thrones at the party dancing when violet and jaspn came in? Amazing episode!

  27. TraciTV says:

    I literally fell asleep watching this episode. Boring. This season is worst than last, which was awful.

    • Chris D says:

      Too true, they’re just trying to make there be zero chance of anything tb related once the season ends. 70 30 chance Sam will eventually get taken down soon too.

    • what would you have done to improve it?

      • TVOnline says:

        It’s no one’s job here to write the shows but there’s too much talking and not much action as it used to be. The storylines suck the past two seasons. The yakuza? really? Last season should have been the end. Same thing happens with shows that stick around too long. think back to how good this show used to be. I’m watching just to see how it ends but right now its tough to stay interested.

  28. dancmh says:

    So James and LaFayette lacked class but Jessica and Jason on his sister’s bed during a wake was ok? That’s one hell of a double standard.

    • Hnightshade says:

      I’m also gonna point out something I haven’t seen anyone else mention here. There’s a direct parallel in the scene with lafayette and james cheating. Back when Jessica was still actively with hoyt. Jason and Jessica got it on in the back of his truck. At night none the less obviously. It’s basically the same scene but it’s jessica’s vehicle not jason’s. And it’s James not jessica cheating. Oh yeah and it’s anal sex not vaginal. I’m straight personally. Did I enjoy the scene sexually myself with those two no. Have I enjoyed the sex scenes with guy and girl couples yes. I’m straight. Did I enjoy the scene though not sexually but artistically. Hell yes. It did feel a little rushed. But I think that was because of the subject matter and viewership more than anything else. They could have developed the relationship a touch more. But hey it was perfectly acceptable. If they show Jessica jumping in the sack with Jason as fast as she did. Or many of her other mistakes she made. Yes it’s perfectly acceptable and reasonable. It’s not my choice of viewing pleasure. But if I can sit through an hour of homosexual sex scenes where some of the scenes are fairly racey. For example bill and sookie screwing like horny teenagers after she just blew Debbie Pelts brains out. With a dead body down stairs. I can tolerate a little broke back mountain action for the sake of the story line.

      • eve says:

        to the way things went down between James and Lafayette —I knew it was going to happen but I thought it would have been some kinda cool special scene. It was like bang, bang, bang!! This is the final season it seems as if they just threw that in. I like Lafayette character personality alot better in the first few season. He seemed like strong, smooth smart gay guy, who did what he
        had to in order to survive. Now he seems to flashy over the top. Like he said just for his straight white friends entertainment. Good for you La.La.

      • Cass says:

        I was confused by Jason’s ‘your Mom’s dead’ phone call to Hoyt and he didn’t know who was calling him? Did someone glamor him before he left, though he understood a vampire killed his mom? Thought Jason and Hoyt were best-friends growing up (football etc) and when Jason and Jessica got together in the back of the truck when she and Hoyt were together, that is what ended his friendship w/Jason?

        • NCSouthernBelle says:

          Right, but then Hoyt had Jessica erase all his memories of their relationship and his friendship with Jason.

    • eve says:

      To me it’s all good that James & Lafayette had hooked up but, I just feel that they deserved better than a quickly caught in action scene. Jessica wasn’t really in love with James, she was just waiting for something to happen so she would be able to turn to her true love Jason. The only problem is she might have to take down a 300 year old Violet. She better call Sookie for some back-up!

  29. Rich L. says:

    I always fast forward the flashback scenes on my DVR. But other than those, I too am enjoying Season 7. Yeah, Season 7 – it’s a bit crazy (so far) and the comments from fans are really flying back and forth from both the good and the bad. Jason and Jessica? Yeah, I am a fan and am glad they hooked up although if I were Jessica, I would be very worried about retaliation from Violet. My guess is Jason will intercede and kill Violet in the end in order to save Jessica.
    If Bill is infected, he got it from SOOKIE. No bones about it! The question is will he tell her? And if Sookie is infected, does that mean Jason is too? How did she get it? Osmosis?

  30. season 6 depressed me, but I loved it… Season 7 is depressing, and making me not care about any of them and I love them all in Bon Temps….

    The season should have been better… it just seems that it was written in a pathetic quick way and just because it is the last season, doesn’t mean that killing of an entire crew means the end…Why does death have to be the fate of a season ending? It’s like nobody changed, but the sheriff. Everyone else is just as pathetic in their lives as season 1

    one of the main characters in Sookie’s life since childhood is dead, TARA is not missed by anyone but her crazy momma… Sookie and her precious fairy Vagina !!!!
    Tara’s Ghost needs to come back and bitch slap Bon Temps ( booohooo ) :(

  31. Emily says:

    I like bill but I love Eric even more I hope sookie chooses to save him if it comes to that.

  32. KAK says:

    After watching the previews with Bills accelerated Hep V infection I wonder if he will go through all the stages but survive, and his super- immune blood will be used to make Tru-blood for infected vamps to cure them. Remember the scientist who was trying to synthesize his blood? I think he survived. Hmmmm

    • DarkDefender says:

      Not so sure.. Bill said he was basically drained of all Lilith’s blood and Warlows. He’s just plain old Bill Compton, now. But Sookie probably became a carrier when she got hit with the exploding vamp in the woods. Her Fae blood likely accelerates the virus.

  33. No says:

    So according to this reviewer, it’s totally awesome when two straight characters cheat and have sex with each other, but it’s “gross” for gay characters to do the same? Hmm.

    • jamrich2 says:

      My thoughts exactly. I understand it’s his opinion, but it sure sounds homophobic to me. I am not saying the reviewer IS homophobic but the choice of words seems suspicious. Wonder if Ausiello approved the review.

      • Pokka says:

        I honestly wish that James and Lafayette had their tryst treated with more respect than it was. I want them together… but that was not how I would have liked it to happen. :(

        • Fran says:

          I agree and I think that’s exactly what the reviewer meant. I thought it was quite clear what he was saying. They made it seem cheap instead of something that could have been really beautiful to see.

  34. JR says:

    I’m curious if you would have felt “gross” if it had been James “porking” a women in the car. Just wondering.

  35. aemac says:

    Love Bill, love his flashbacks! True Blood needs to end the way it began … Bill and Sookie together. None of the seasons have compared to the magic of the first.

  36. Bill Fan says:

    Bill took some of Sookie’s blood, so is she infected too?

    • DarkDefender says:

      Sookie is likely infected because of the exploding Hep-V vamp from the woods. She hasn’t had Bills blood since before that. So she is already infected.

  37. NCSouthernBelle says:

    After the last couple of episodes, this one bored me to tears. I hope they pick the pace back up for the rest of the season.

    On another note though, how funny was watching Bill try to dance in the corner? Best part of the show for me.

  38. Car says:

    I only want Eric to survive. That’s it. Oh, and I hate how people are saying “crazy-obsessive Eric fans” blah blah Bill belongs with Sookie blah blah cuz the shows about them. Has it occurred to u that there are independent “Eric” fans out there that aren’t “Eric/Sookie” fans? Really? Calm yo tits guys, Eric is a marvelous character, a favorite of mine too, it don’t mean u can call names and point fingers. I’m stepping out of the Eric/Sookie zone

    • Tess Park says:

      OMG EXACTLY! We see eye to eye sister. I absolutely HATE all those Bill/Sookie fan girls (see what I did there?) calling all Eric fans “crazy” y “obsessive” just cuz they want Bill and Sookie to be endgame. I LOVE Eric, but Eric/Sookie is not rlly a “thing” in my world. Like you, I just want Eric to survive. I’m not hating or anything, just saying. I tell u, I like Bill in this season – a lot. But honestly, u guys are making me hate him more and more by dissing other characters.

  39. Eddy Luke says:

    Hey any 1 know how 2 get true blood fangs

  40. Denise Rambo says:

    After last night’s episode, I’m thinking the series might actually end the way the books did. (And I TOTALLY thought that Lettie Mae stabbed Sam in the confusion after she stabbed Willa.)

  41. eve says:

    Okay, Sookie’s grandmother said “everything happens for a reason and that well be revived to her.” After all the things they been through only to survive to die numb and insignificant deaths. Yes, I feel that Sookie and Bill deserves to find each other again. Bill helped open up and understand her magical life. Then Sookie was the key in helping Bill in finding his humanity. She also help Eric learn how to have emotional feelings for
    humans. His emotions for humans was lost after the
    Yakonomo Corp. his true human love Sylvie. She
    inspired Sam to let people into his life. I just don’t get Alcid. They all found something that needed to revival or lost in their lives. For protecting, saving and falling in love with Sookie Stackhouse Bill and Eric will be rewarded a meaningless true death. Oh yeah, now she walk Sam the dog into the sunset. This sucks! Why not let Bill and Eric move on with their lives too? The did it before why not now?

  42. llacombe63 says:

    I hated the Lafayette and James doing the dirty. I love Lafayette and want him to be happy, but damn that was too much. I didn’t like him going off on Jessica either. She didn’t deserve the poor me I deserve love too. It was her boyfriend who he wants. Even if James prefers men I don’t like they way they dropped all that on us with the sex scene. Now Jessica and Jason I am glad and wanted them together. I don’t know what the hell they are doing with the nasty Violet and all her “he’s mine” crap. She better not kill off Jason and Jessica. I feel we are getting robbed as it is with killing off Tara, Alcide, the impending death of Eric and now Bill?? Too much someone needs to live happily ever after.

  43. Gemma says:

    Please get Eric back to Bon Temps so he and Sookie can have scenes together again. Last week’s episode was so good – why can’t they just give us the Eric and Sookie we want in every episode? It makes no sense!

  44. here’s a thought: let’s let Sookie and Sookie be endgame. why on EARTH does she have to end up “with” somebody? how ’bout she ends the series deciding to find out more about Sookie?

    • eve says:

      If you pay attention each episode has a clue. In season 4 episode 12 after call on the spirits to help save Bill & Eric from the witch Marnie: Sookie’s grandmother said,” not to give her heart to the person she was with, the love she was feeling was only temporary. She also told her being lonely is nothing to be afraid of we are all alone at death.

  45. Cathleen says:

    that Alcide dies*****

  46. eve says:

    If you pay attention each episode has a clue. In season 4 after calling on the spirits to help save Bill & Eric from the witch Marnie: Sookie’s grandmother said,” not to give her heart to the person she was with, the love she was feeling was temporary. She also told her that’s nothing wrong with being lonely because, we’re all alone when we are death.

  47. Christibelle says:

    Am I the only one who was surprised to see that Lafayatte was the top?

  48. D. says:

    Terrible, terrible writing, I couldn’t care less about Bill’s flashbacks. This season, in general, lucks in pathos in my opinion. And dear god, Sookie, you’re best friend just died and you only think about Alcide, whom you only met recently? (yes she loved him and all, but Tara had been her best friend since… for ever).

  49. Sarah says:

    I think all the bickering and fighting over who is better for sookie is crazy! Just keep true blood on the air! There is so much to explore! I say all this happened over a sookie induced coma! She wakes up and the world is ok.. Alcide is alive, Tara is alive, Eric and Pam are fine! That is a great way to end the season!

  50. eve says:

    I didnt read the books but watching this show Tara and Sam would have made a better couple. Their personality and back ground links together.