Post Mortems

Devious Maids Post Mortem: EP Talks Zoila's Twist, the Big Return and More

Devious Maids Season Finale

Lifetime’s Devious Maids ended its sophomore season with a wedding — and a bang! — Sunday night, and TVLine went to executive producer Sabrina Wind for some much-needed answers.

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Below, Wind discusses Zoila’s baby daddy, Nick’s future (or lack thereof) on the show, the real shooting victim and so much more.

TVLINE | So… Marisol and Nick supposedly went to the police, but we didn’t see actually see them go.
No, we didn’t see it. There’s a little piece that got cut where Marisol says, “Come on, we’re going,” but we had no intention of watching him turn himself in on the finale.

TVLINE | Will a hypothetical third season see Nick going through the prison system, or will he just be gone entirely?
I can’t make any promises. With some characters, you can say, “Absolutely, that person is gone.” Like Tony, for example, we have no intention of bringing back. But if we can find a way to bring back Nicholas and keep Mark Deklin on our show, we will do so. The audience really responded, as far as we can tell, to Nicholas and Mark. So if there’s a way to keep him, we’ll try and figure it out; on the other hand, he is a murderer.

Devious Maids Season FinaleTVLINE | That murder was the biggest obstacle in the Powells’ relationship. Might we see them happier moving forward?
While you’re absolutely right, I don’t think we’re going to solve their problem and watch them suddenly become the Cleavers. They are who they are. [Their son’s death] was a terrible thing that happened and exacerbated who they are, but these people aren’t going to change. We’re hoping that, moving forward, instead of being devious towards each other, they’ll both turn it on other people.

TVLINE | Quick question about Tony: Was that a random a mugging that looked like Adrian planned it, or did he actually plan it?
Adrian did set it up. The guy who mugged Tony was the detective. Remember the private eye Adrian hires to look into Tony? Our intention was for it to look like a random mugging, but Adrian was behind it 100 percent. He hears Tony say he’s going to the bank in an earlier scene when he’s talking to Evelyn. … And Tony’s not dead, he was just attacked.

Zoila PregnantTVLINE | Another twist that really surprised me was Zoila’s pregnancy. I’m imagining a “Who’s the daddy?” type situation.
Yes, and I have to say that while I’m not always a big fan of the “I’m pregnant” storyline, I’m a huge fan of the “I don’t know who the baby’s father is” storyline. For reasons I can’t explain, that’ll always get me. And Judy [Reyes] is loving this storyline, both for Zoila and for herself. She’s getting some problems that an ingenue would normally would get.

TVLINE | Have you decided who the father is?
Nope! [Laughs] I will say that our audience is really loving Javier, so I will be biased that way, and we’ll all be happier if she ends up with him. He seems so kind and sweet and charming and wonderful — but that might not make the best storyline. So we’ll decide when we can figure out what the good storyline is.

TVLINE | Oh, and [Rosie’s husband] Ernesto is alive! I didn’t see that coming.
Well, that’s good. Bringing him back wasn’t always our intention, at least not last season, but it’s going to be very interesting to find out why he’s not dead. It has to do with playing dead for everyone’s safety, for the same reasons Rosie fled the country.

TVLINE | I’m not up on my polygamy laws, but does that mean Rosie’s marriage to Spence is invalid?
Oh, God, we haven’t even gotten there yet because Rosie fully believes that he’s dead. I suppose you are correct, but to say the least, we haven’t gotten there yet. I will be bringing it up [with the writers].

TVLINE | The only cliffhanger I was expecting was that there’d be some sort of shooting, but it didn’t happen as I predicted. Do you know who got shot?
We’ve heard scenarios [from the writers] in which literally everyone is shot — except Rosie, because that wouldn’t work well with the Ernesto set-up. The cast keeps joking that Pablo gets shot because he wasn’t originally supposed to be in that scene. There was originally an extra scene written between Zoila and Pablo, and even though the scene was dropped, Pablo was still there. … But in all truth, we’ve gone through almost every series regular and guest stars, and there are a lot of cool stories to be told.

Devious Maids fans, who do you think got shot? Who’s Zoila’s baby daddy? And are you hoping for more Nick in Season 3? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the finale below.

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  1. Diane says:

    Gotta say was that impressed with the finale. Thought it was kind of rushed and some of the performances were off. Obviously, who ever gets shot would give Lucci her kidney.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I am wanting Javier to be Zoila’s baby daddy, bc she deserves to be happy. I believe there will be several victims and Valentina will be one of them. I am really hoping season 3 will come real soon I cannot wait.

    • Rook says:

      Yeah Ty shot at them a couple of times, so it would seem likely that more than one person would be shot. But I think only one person will die, with some others being severely injured. I could see Spence being shot he was in the front and I don’t think anyone would care if Pablo died.

      • Yes, these are good predictions. I was surprised to see Pablo at the wedding, so there must be a reason he was there (i.e. to be shot). I think Carmen is safe. There is no way they can kill off Marisol or any of the maids, but some may just be injured.

      • Bratzesha says:

        If Pablo died then it would only make sense that the story would end up he being the dad which we don’t want so he should be serious injured so he have to go away for better care

    • Bratzesha says:

      I honestly think Valentina shouldn’t be one of the victims, as in he was driving while shooting and people started moving so he wouldn’t have been direct. I say this because there is already a witness to who the shooter is but the fact that he didn’t catch her he continued shooting but some how missed her therefore he would still be angry etc…

  3. Nicole says:

    I just hope that none of the maids or Miguel or Spence got shot. It would crush my soul if Rosie got shot because there was the drop of flowers at the end and they were all bloody! Total cliffhanger I don’t know if I liked it!

    • Vida says:

      but her dress was still standing upright so she didn’t fall, only have flowers did. :)

    • Lauren says:

      Yeah I would think that someone near Rosie got shot and the blood ended up on the flowers and she dropped them in shock. If it was her who got shot you’d think she would have fallen WITH the flowers. God that scene was chilling given all the shootings in the US.

      • Erica says:

        I think it was Spence.

        • Angela says:

          I don’t think it’s Spence unless he’s just wounded. With Spence dead the Ernesto storyline just got a lot less interesting! Makes sense the its at least Pablo so she gets the kidney. No show wants to kill off Erica Cane lol Would really get crazy if it’s Miguel she was carrying flowers pretty low. Hard to guess nowadays tv shows have been jumping off the ledge in the last year. Plenty of shocking exits!!

        • ANA DELIA RIVERA says:


    • If they are bringing back Rosie’s first husband, they might kill off the second. Plus, they’ve done so little with Grant Show this year…I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted out.

  4. Nena says:

    I like Nick and I honestly feel sorry for, I know he messed up badly but I feel like people should try to understand where he’s coming from and how guilty he feels with all that blood on his hands. If he goes to prision I hope its not for that long, also I really hate uou guys for not showing who got shot ~_~ thats like the only reason I watched this episode. And I thought that Pablo was gonna get shot.

  5. andria says:

    No Nick, keep Marisol free to investigate more deviousness. Javier needs to be the baby daddy keeping Pablo free to be devious ly stupid trying to get Zoila back after he changes his mind and shares a kidney. And let Spence be shot so he can recuperate while Ernesto and Rosie say their goodbyes and Ernesto really does get killed. Yup, i like it lol. But now its a spoiler abd can’t be used darnit.

    • rose says:

      It would be interesting if Marisol reveals her self as an under cover detective of either the FBI or customs due to her constant involvement with revealing the deviousness.

  6. andria says:

    By the way, loved the finale. It was riveting to say the least.

  7. fernando933 says:

    Come on Lifetime gives us a season 3, I see so many story lines, Zolia don’t know who the daddy is and if Pablo dies then it’s worst because the daddy isn’t in the picture. Rosie trying to get used to life without being a maid and then Ernesto, carman finally getting her music career but dealing with the guy she slept with wife, Valentina maybe in New York becoming a fashion design, I just don’t see where marisol story is going maybe her son can come back engage with someone.

    • Irene says:

      Didn’t Zoila have the compatability test done BEFORE she slept with Pablo. Javier has got to be the daddy! Carmen’s situation will be awkward moving forward, and I think Pablo got shot and will give up the kidney (he doesn’t necessarily have to die, but maybe he will just have a change of heart). Can’t wait for a Season 3!

      • Jennifer says:

        I was thinking the same thing with the test

      • Joy Ojong says:

        Just like I thought cause she had the test before she and Pablo got together. can’t wait to see handsome Javier

      • lisa says:

        No she slept with Pablo and the next day said she was going to get tested so the baby should not be his but you know how writers are

      • Tyshara says:

        I just said the same thing lol They have to know that people will start putting that together.

      • Caroline says:

        The dissision is really NOT that hard the show is a little wile ago strartet in tlc and that meens more fans and everybody Thinks there shut be a season 3 and there are soo mucht fings happening and peaple want to now a lot more so make that season!!

        Btw sorry for my english I am duchts

  8. babygate says:

    I for one was very impressed with the finale. I think it may have worked better as a two-parter, but still, it had all the elements that make for a great and entertaining hour. I love that the Powells can finally move on from the blame game and know the truth. They are my favorite couple. I’m not too crazy about Nicholas or this version of Madison so I’m not too invested in their story. Zoila needs to stay with Javier. Pablo is a dirtbag that can go bye bye. Will Valentina make it to NY? Will Spence survive and will we meet Ernesto? Who will save Genevieve? And what will happen with Carmen now that she has slept with the husband of the person that can make her dreams come true? There has to be a season 3. Please!!!

    • Devious Boy says:

      I can’t see them writing out the maids including Valentina – she brings in the younger viewers with Remi. So, are we assuming that they would save Genevieve? Genevieve is the oldest character and maybe the viewers that count for the advertisers might not want such an old character? (But she is a hoot, really and the actress who plays her is wonderful.)

    • Ashley says:

      I can’t see them killing off a Maid since they are the stars. But what about Genevieve? On all the boards they assume someone will give her a kidney but they could kill her off. She is a supporting character. She is the oldest actor and the world seems to like them young (though admittedly the actress looks younger than the Powells – Evelyn is so hard to read her age). I hear she is almost 70 – it sounds like she had Remi when she was about 40. I hope they don’t; she is such a hoot – she needs a man though.

      • TinLV says:

        Susan Lucci is 67, but she doesn’t look or act it. And she is hilarious in this show. I started watching the show because of her and now its one of my favorites. I sure hope they renew it for next season. Would be a real shame if that cliffhanger goes to waste. I kind of hope Pablo is the one who bites the dust.. Zoila deserves better.

    • Nessie says:

      Her name is Marisol lol (I’m spanish, it’s a common name) I totally agree with Zoila staying with Javier, she deserves him, and frankly, Pablo is so selfish for changing his mind about giving Genevieve his kidney, and I seriously think he dies and that way they can give it to her. Also, I’m hoping Spence survives so we can have double-husband drama ;-) Also, the shooter is a complete phsycho, he gives me the chills.

  9. Sheri says:

    I hope that the baby is Javier. Unless Zoila is over 2 months pregnant it can’t be Pablo’s. I love her with Javier.

    I think that spence is shot. That would make it easier to bring Ernesto back and also Rosie would have citizenship

    I love the show. I love the Powell’s and I love Rosie!!!

  10. Kamaye says:

    I actually didn’t know this was the season finale and I was so confused when there weren’t any previews for the next episode! Then I was angry because I’d have to wait a whole freakin year to find out who got shot. As long as the maids are still alive, I don’t care who gets killed off the show. I would love for Javier to be the baby daddy. I’m not a fan of Pablo. I WANT NICK IN THE NEXT SEASON!!! Please bring him back somehow !

  11. Ramiro E. says:


  12. Ramiro E. says:

    Also cannot wait for season 3

  13. Nicole says:

    as far as I’m concerned Pablo or marisol could be the ones shot. Both of their stories are over. What else could possibly happen to marisol? Pablo is just I’m the way. Either one & I’m good

  14. Iryna says:


  15. Vida says:

    I can’t believe I can not watch this next week :(when does season 3 begins? I cannot wait!!!! hurry!!:)

  16. Matias says:

    I feel like either Zoila got shot and she would lose the baby! Or Zoilas husband, therefore giving his kidney to Genevieve! Great finale! I really hope it gets renewed for a third season!

    • JON says:

      I thought Pablo too, for the kidney. Honestly though, I didn’t even notice Pablo in the scene.

      I’m guessing more than one will be shot. But maybe just one will die?

      • Melissa says:

        I think Carmen is going to get shot in the scene and the guy she gave her music cd to is going to make her famous! But she can’t die because she witness the shooter.

    • Irene says:

      I don’t think Zoila and baby got shot. They did that last season with the family Marisol was pretending to be a maid for.

  17. Melinda says:

    Oh you have to have a season 3 I freaking love this show it’s so good but I think get rid of nick he’s a loser I hope the maids didn’t get shot oh I hate that it didn’t show who got shot keep this show coming!!!!! Hope fully it won’t be a long wait

  18. Nic says:

    I must say much of what I saw on the finale tonight wasn’t a surprise. I knew from piecing things together that Nick was the one who killed Barrett. On the other hand, Zoila being pregnant caught me off guard. I pay very close attention to the show. There is no way that Pablo can be the child’s father because Zoila went and got tested to see if she could be a donor before she slept with Pablo. Pablo wasn’t in the picture. When doctor Kimble called her on the phone, she even said he had already told her she wasn’t a match and she was wondering the reason for his call. I’m very excited for Season 3, I just can’t wait!!!

    • Finks says:

      Not true, Zoila came home and apologized for being late due to testing for the kidney match. She had called Pablo over to talk (presumably about how sleeping together was a mistake,) when he admits that he let himself in. She tried to let him down after finding out about Paris, but Pablo then said that whole spiel about how he wanted to work things out and knew she had fun the other night because, “I was there. I heard you. The neighbors heard you.”

      (Rewind back to the beginning of the episode:) The only interaction Zoila had with Pablo before sleeping with him was
      1) when he came to Javier’s house to get her,
      2)when they went to get Valentina from the PD,
      3)when they chastised Valentina and Pablo confessed to stealing a car,
      4)when Zoila makes arroz con pollo and thanks him for being brave enough to admit his prison time to Valentina,
      5)and then when they kiss.

      For such a huge plot twist, I’m pretty sure the producers and writers would make sure to have the main events leading up to the reveal fall in chronological order. I know what you mean about following the show closely. I shamelessly rewind and fast forward my DVR to catch every. single. detail.

      • Tabby Cat says:

        Yea, so they slept the night before. It’s impossible to be pregnant that quick. It takes at least 24 hours to know something…and i’m being generous by even saying that. It better not be Pablo’s. It will be quite a shame if that’s his baby. PLEASE DON’T LET IT BE PABLO’S BABY!!!!

        • Rose says:

          I assume Pablo and Zoila had been sleeping together for years- resulting in no baby. I think that Javier’s sperm was needed. Come to think of it- maybe Valentina’s not Pablo’s kid either.

          • Nessie says:

            OMG THAT’S AN INTERESTING THEORY I kinda suspected Henri was her father when he appeared in season 1 but they didn’t mention it

  19. CD WMS says:

    Rosie’s little boy.

  20. Jordan says:

    I was really hoping the cliffhanger was going to be the arrival of Eva Longoria and Ricardo Chavira as the Solises from Desperate Housewives bridging that show’s season finale with them moving to California after their kids are grown. The shooting was ehh, Nick’s mystery was obvious from the beginning but Rosie’s husband was the shocker. I just hope season 3 happens and is an improvement. This season was ok, but I know Marc Cherry can do better!

    • Hannah says:

      those characters belong to ABC, I don’t think they can use them.

      • Samaria says:

        They could probably use them if they wanted to. Marc Cherry is the creator of both Devious Maids and Desperate Housewives. Even so, it wouldn’t fit in with the plot. Maybe they could make like a cameo walking into a store or something, but I’m sure that would waste Eva and Ricardo’s time.

  21. CD WMS says:


  22. Gaby says:

    Spence and Pablo got shot, Javier is the daddy, I just want to see nick go to jail.
    I don’t think Spence died, especially since Ernesto is alive that’ll add drama for Rosie next season. Pablo got shot and died, leaving Genevieve the kidney she needs to live. I have a hunch a lady got shot, but I’m not sure who. Javier is baby daddy bc, well he has to be.

  23. Pat says:

    Oh you MUST have another season! I love this show!

  24. Ann Parris says:

    Excellent finale. My guess is that Spenser was shot. When will season three begin? My family and I love this show!

  25. d.sadler says:

    I really love devious maids I live to watch It I have seen ever episode and I was very upset it ended the way it did. I think rosie was shot Pablo is the baby’s dad and Nick should go to jail. Also did anybody even care about the little boys death how come no one was investigating? Did they just give up on finding the killer or was the case closed? What’s going on with Jaunviarre sorry if the spelling isn’t right but,….. I know it sounds like I’m going on and on but I have to see more please please please can there be a season three? I need it. Thank you.

  26. Jonny says:

    I think that Spenc is likely either going to be dead or maybe he’ll ironically end up in a coma like his character from the soap opera that he got killed off of. Pablo will likely be the father of Zoila’s baby and was possibly killed, leaving his kidney free to give to Genevieve and Javier to raise his daughter/son. As for the maids, unless one of the actresses decides to leave the show before filming of season 3 begins, all of the maids are likely to be perfectly fine or have minor injuries (they’re major characters and it’s too soon to get rid of one).

  27. Mary says:

    It better not be Javier that got shot!! He’s so cute and charming plus he has the cutest dimples!! Spence gets shot and Rosie goes back to her husband. Pablo also gets shot and Genvieve gets her kidney. Valentina’s role is kinda boring. Maybe she got shot too.

  28. Trinity says:

    I think that Carmen gets shot
    Because she says ” one day everybody
    Will no my name .”Also I think it was
    Rosie because she had the flowers
    and then it was dropped with blood
    All over it but the main person I think
    Gets shot is Spence Bc it will be a

  29. Krys says:

    I think carmen gets shot but she’s ok & she missed her meeting & the injury almost messed up her career but somehow helped it in a way. Zoilas baby daddy is Javier because of the way the story went it would only make since to make him the baby daddy. nick should DEFINATELY be more in the season you should make him make a deal with the police to get the Powell’s to confess to something it set someone up to get him free

  30. Tish says:

    I think Pablo should be shot and has to have the plug pulled and because Zoila is still legally his wife she makes the decision to donate his kidney and pull the plug, then regardless of which one is the father I’m sure Javier is so great even if biologically he was not the father he would be fine! Now we can not forget Carmen saw the kid before he pulled down the mask she knows who the shooter is and I’m really hoping to see a story next season with her and Giles I just love him on all the shows he works on! And I’m thinking some how there is going to be a way that Nick is going to get off with a lighter sentence not sure how the writers are gonna work it out but I feel they will. I think Rosie isn’t going to have to worry about $$$ because either this is going to open a lot of doors for Spence with his acting or Spence was shot and killed and had life insurance taken out because of there fight over $$$ so either way I believe Rosie is going to be living well now!

    • Foxy B says:

      Hmmm having Zoila pull the plug on Pablo might be interesting — Because this can potentially drive Valentina away from Zoila, this time much more serious. Zoila herself can also be in a very deep depression from this, she basically needed to choose between Pablo and Genevieve, and she chose the latter. Ironically, because she was the one pulling the plug on Pablo, she could not allow herself to be with Javier — she pulled the plug as Pablo’s wife, she determined his life, a good righteous person like her wouldn’t be able to kill off an old love conveniently with her own hands and soon run off to a new love. So really she didn’t just choose between Pablo and Genevieve, she chose between Pablo + Javier and Genevieve.

  31. Irene says:

    I think Rosie’s little boy gets shot along with a fore other people

  32. paula sigue says:

    I love love love the show! Please have a season 3! It’s my favorite show!

  33. paula sigue says:

    It’s my favorite show! Must have a season 3!!!

  34. Betty says:

    Zoila’s baby should be Javier’s. Nick should not be put in jail becuse it was an accident. Rosie & Spence should stay togeter. If the writers add too much stress to the series, the audience would lose interest.

    • BrittBrat says:

      It may have been an accident, but he committed a hit & run. In real life, he would be in jail!!! Plus I don’t really care for Nick blah! I also hope Javier sticks around. He’s fine ;)

    • Tabby Cat says:

      That’s true…my husband won’t watch the show with me anymore because her says it’s too much going on and it gives him a headache…lol i LOVE it though…i do think i’m going to have a headache as well until season 3 starts…when the drama comes back, my headache goes away! Men and women are so different hahaha

  35. Erica says:

    I think Pablo should be the one shot so Lucci her kidney plus Pablo is a liar. Javier should be the dad Zoila had been with him the longest after Pablo left her it would only make sense. Plus Javier is a Stud! :)

  36. tia says:

    I love this show!!! I hope Pablo is not the father, Carmen gets shot but not killed and the shooter turns himself in to police out of his love for carmen then gets kicked off show (he is weird) Rosie and Spence stay married but major drama with her supposedly dead husband. The Powell’s are better then ever but become very devious with everyone they encounter and thrive on the drama. Remi and valatina get married and his mother gets a kidney (because she is great)

  37. mandy says:

    im pretty sure zolia got shot beacause of the whole prengnecey

  38. Amber says:

    When does the next season come back on TV.?

  39. TinLV says:

    Oh, they better renew this show !! So many cliffhangers; I love it. And I will be so mad if the network drops the ball.

  40. Jennipher says:

    I want Javier to be the baby father bc Zola is so happy with him and I don’t want Pablo to be father that will be the only making her unhappy i think Rosie got shot bc there was blood on the flowers I will like to see more nick bc I want to know what will happen to him in season 3 and I can’t wait for season 3 it’s going to be amazing.

  41. Mike says:

    Pablo dies and his kidney will save Genevieve. He is essentially useless and (I hope) everyone is tired of “torn between 2 lovers”

  42. Cindy says:

    SUPER finale! Had me and granddaughter screaming for more! We want to see Javier be Zoila’s baby daddy! Guessing Pablo might be the shooting vic, or one of them… meaning Lucci gets her kidney! Can go either way on Nick staying in the show. CAN’T WAIT for next season!!!!

  43. Griselda Duran says:

    I think maybe several got shot except Rosie and Carmen cause she was more out of the crowd. I want Javier to be Zoilas baby’s father. Very impressed final.

  44. julie says:

    Rosie and Spence are my favorite couple! I would be crushed if either of them got shot. The finale overall, left me in shock! it was a good way to end the season, can’t wait for the next!! :)

  45. Alice Rivera says:

    I hope Pablo got shot , I hope Javier is Zola baby daddy and yes keep nick

  46. We’ll I think spence got shot because Rosie’s flowers had blood on it and spence was right next to her and I really hope they make one more so I can see what happens and I’m really mad that the tv didn’t show me who got shot

  47. Rebecca says:

    Love the show!
    Who was shot – no one because Ty can’t aim. However if it has to be someone make it Pablo. Zola can grieve a little and move on.
    Baby daddy – Javier, but if the scenario works above make Pablo the baby daddy.
    Bring Nick back too so Marisol can end up loving him again.

  48. brooke says:

    This is the only show that I have gotten addicted to in a few years. I am hoping for a season 3. I do not want anyone to be killed off, unless it is Pablo only to give his kidney. Nick should be in the next season if possible. Valentina goes to New York and falls for Marisols son, finds out that Remy is Floras’ actual killer.. I love Javier so hopefully he is the father but if Pablo is killed off he should think it is his before he goes. I have millions of thoughts about a season 3. !!!!!

  49. liliana says:

    Wanted Zoila to be with javier and look like spence got shot and carmen will be the witness who able to identified the shooter.

  50. Foxy B says:

    Happily ever after is boring. There won’t be a “problem” to resolve around. Hence I think Zoila is pregnant with Javier’s child but Javier is shot hence Zoila ends back with Pablo (in which case, both will need to work out their inner demons, struggling to find happiness in a not-so-ideal situation is entertaining, and reflect much of everyday life). Or Pablo is shot, Zoila is pregnant with Pablo’s child, but this risk running into a typical “raising the child” problem.

    I feel that Nick hasn’t been given enough time, we need to see him redeem himself. He’s been dropping hints of his good nature in this season but those hints need to manifest into something more. How to love each other when there is a crime between them, that would be a great story, seeing how Marisol deals with her two sides: the side that values justice above all, and the side that loves unconditionally. And seeing how Nick manages his guilt alongside his dignity.

    • Mel says:

      Wow. That was an intense finale! And so much seems up for interpretation. I think it seems like the show is aiming to make Kabier the baby daddy so that looks taken care of in the plot. I would say that Rosie’s son, Pablo and Zoila get shot. Rosie’s son ends up in acoma, which leads to her husband coming out of hiding and looking for them in LA. Afterall, if he was in hiding to protect his family, what would lead to him jeopardizing his goal? His sick son of course. Also, the Powell’s seem to be on a new tidbit where they will now be working together. It would he interesting if they become invested in Rosie’s little boy since he was hurt as a result of adults, and in essence, taken of his innocence. He will die and give his kidney away and Zoila will loose her baby. I can’t imagine a baby on the show being taken care of my Genvieve and Zoila. I think they need to do more with Valentina as she seems very underdeveloped.