Devious Maids' Rebecca Wisocky: 'Old Demons' Return in Season Finale

Devious Maids Season Finale

“Haunting” and “earth-shifting” are just a few of the words star Rebecca Wisocky uses to describe Sunday’s Devious Maids finale (Lifetime, 10/9c), which is sure to make last season’s Flora reveal look like child’s play.

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Below, Wisocky gives TVLine the scoop on the game-changing finale — which just might include wedding bells for one of Beverly Hills’ fan-favorite couples.

TVLINE | This season has been, for the most part, pretty fun for Evelyn. Have you enjoyed that levity?
Oh, I like it all. I like all 50 shades of Evelyn. [Laughs] There’s more like 50 million shades of Evelyn. But it’s been fun to play up her vulnerable side; those contradictions are what makes her interesting and plausible and not just a raging bitch. It’s dangerous for someone like her to show her vulnerability, and I loved that in her moment of weakness, Adrian chose to be selflessly kind. He didn’t seem to be getting rewarded by it — at least not by Evelyn.

Devious Maids Season FinaleTVLINE | The Tony-goodbye scene was heartbreaking, but that tango made up for it.
It was a nice callback to the pilot episode when Evelyn and Adrian were dancing at their big party while Flora was being murdered rather violently. They had us take a couple of partner dance classes after we shot the pilot, and we said, “If this show gets picked up, let’s learn how to do this in case they ever ask us to actually not fake it one time.”

TVLINE | Is the finale going to explain what happened to Tony? I took it to be a random mugging that will look like Adrian set it up.
I think that might be left hanging in the air for a while. There are a lot of things up in the air, and a lot of things come to a head in the finale. That’s not the conversation the Powells will be having, at least not in that episode, but there some big conversations that do happen.

TVLINE | Might that conversation give the feuding couple a sense of closure?
I don’t know if they’ll ever get closure, given the history they have. But everything you love and hate about the Powells, you’ll get a taste of all of it in that one episode. The thing that’s been haunting them the most, they’ll stare it straight down in the finale. Old demons rear their heads, and things you might have thought were resolved come to the surface again.

TVLINE | They seem to be making progress as a couple, though. Will that continue in the finale?
There is big, fundamental progression; there’s earth-shifting progression in the Powell house. How that changes who they are to one another will be a question moving forward.

Devious Maids Season FinaleTVLINE | Outside of the Powells’ drama, what else can we expect from the episode?
Well, there are all sort of star-crossed lovers on this show. Zoila certainly has a big choice in front of her [between Javier and Pablo], and she’ll make that rather definitively; Marisol is in a big pickle, and you’ll find out exactly what it is she knows about Nick; and Gilles Marini is guest-starring, which is a pretty big deal. There’s also a proposal! Rosie and Spence seem to be heading down the aisle, but how that happens and whether or not it ends well remains to be seen. I love them as a couple.

TVLINE | Speaking of couples, I’ve loved seeing Evelyn and Marisol interact this season now that they’re (sort of) on the same social level.
I hope we get more of that! I love Ana Ortiz so much, and I love Marisol and Evelyn together. They’re unlikely compadres and I love their dynamic very much. And don’t forget that they bonded — albeit in an awkward way — over the fact that they have, or had, a son.

TVLINE | Any word on a Season 3?
No, we have no idea, but we’ll hopefully know within the next month or so. That’s not in any way confirmed, but we’re delighted that the fans seem to want that to happen.

TVLINE | Should the show be renewed for another season, who would you like to spend more time with? The stories didn’t feel quite as connected this year as they have.
The thing is, we really are one big, happy family. For being so large and so diverse — and for having so many strong, interesting women — we all get along surprisingly well. I loved working with Edy [Ganem] this year, and I loved working with Dania [Ramirez] last year. But I have yet to work with Roselyn [Sanchez], and I love Roz so much. I think Carmen and Evelyn would get into a lot of trouble together. I don’t know if Zoila and Evelyn could be in the same room, they’re such opposite animals, so that would be fun to play. … And I’m dying to work with Susan Lucci more, who I love and adore. I have a fantasy that we’ll get into a big, soap-style fight in the fountain. Wouldn’t that be fun?

OK, let’s play the guessing game: What’s Nick’s big secret? Who will Zoila choose? Drop a comment with your finale thoughts below.