Pretty Little Liars Recap: Fire and Pain

Pretty Little Liars Episode 100

The 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars took the show’s “explosive” reputation to new heights on Tuesday, dropping a barrage of game-changing bombs — including one actual bomb.

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The episode initially focused on Alison’s long-awaited return to the hallowed halls of Rosewood High, but it didn’t take long for Mona to blow the lid off Ali’s new, nice-girl routine; all it took was a secret video of Ali slapping her and admitting how she really feels about the “losers” at school. Pretty standard mean-girl propaganda.

Of course, Ali’s attack quickly became old news when the Rosewood Police Department announced the real identity of the girl whose body was found in Ali’s yard. Her name is Bethany Young, a 17-year-old patient at Radley who apparently escaped the night Ali disappeared. (Will this officially rule out the Alison-twin theory?)

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Then came the big, literal boom. Not only is “A” officially back in the girls’ lives, but he/she/it/they made his/her/their return known by blowing up Toby’s house. We’re not sure if anyone was inside, but as Caleb pointed out, “‘A’ never shoots to miss.”

Now, let’s back up a bit and discuss what each of the girls went through this week:

KEEGAN ALLEN, TROIAN BELLISARIOSPENCER | Mariska Hargitay — I mean, Mrs. Hastings — dropped the first bomb of the episode: She’s leaving Spencer’s father, and she wants Spencer to move away with her! Like the rest of us, she’s pretty convinced Spencer’s dad killed Mrs. D in an attempt to get her off his daughter’s case. Thankfully, Spencer has Toby’s plaid-covered shoulder to cry on (not to mention that surprisingly roomy front seat).

ARIA | News of Shana’s death spread pretty quickly this week, so Aria drowned her sorrows in the only two things any girl needs to cope with tragedy: key-lime pie and Ezra Fitz. “I don’t ever want you to say you’re sorry again,” he told her, before throwing her onto the counter and making sweet, statutory love to her. It’s official, humans: Ezria is back on.

HANNA | Tyler Blackburn wasn’t kidding when he told TVLine that “things might not happen exactly the way the audience wants” between Caleb and Hanna. Their reunion at the café was super awkward, and he wouldn’t even return her calls later that night. Travis tried to cheer her up, but let’s be real — there’s a Caleb-shaped hole in that girl’s heart, and unless Travis is secretly a shapeshifter, he’ll never be able to fill it.

SASHA PIETERSE, SHAY MITCHELLEMILY | Sydney — who I’m still convinced uses Emily’s yearbook photos as her bedroom wallpaper — invited Emily to a Frozen sing-along, but first, Emily had to deal with her own Ice Queen. “I always made you think your feelings for me were totally one-sided,” Alison told her. “That wasn’t true. Those kisses weren’t just for practice.” That would have been enough to appease any long-suffering Emison fan, but no, Pretty Little Liars took it to the next level by giving us a full-on Alison/Emily make-out sesh. (Best. Sleepover. Ever.) Of course, Emily probably isn’t eager to jump back into bed with her after seeing Mona’s little video. … Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

Additional RevelAtions:
* Jenna was living in New York when Shana attacked the girls.
* Jenna is also apparently close with Sydney. (Did they blow up Toby’s house together?)
* Lucas has a girlfriend, and they might be doin’ it.

OK, let’s hash this out: Who burned down Toby’s house? Which couple were you most excited to see reunite? And do you really think Mr. Hastings killed Mrs. D? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. mike says:

    Does that mean Alison might be bisexual?

    • Andy Swift says:

      If we have to slap a label on her, I’d say she’s bisexual for now. We know she’s been involved with both guys and girls.

    • Melina Tomel says:

      I think Melissa killed Miss Young thinking it was Ali and Idk why Mrs. D covered for her seems very odd.

      • Kayla says:

        I totally agree with you I was thinking that I mean the way he looked at her like she did it and of course he wants to protect her like mrs.d might be protecting Melissa but why would she protect Melissa ummmm this show is amazing excellent theory

      • Crosby says:

        OMG I seriously NEVER thought of that but that is an excellent point. Thank you!!

      • Meredith says:

        Agreed. And I think the reason the show has given us for the cover up (Mr. Hasting’s telling Mr. D’Laurentis about the affair) has potential.

  2. Anybody else think Sydney might be connected to Radley and/or Bethany? That may be how she knows Jenna and Mona.

  3. ... says:

    If they go there with Emily/Alison, any respect I had for the former is gone. Alison is a horrible, manipulative sociopath and it’s a testament to Emily’s low self-esteem that she lets herself fall prey to her games. I also hate the fact that they’re pandering to a loud minority of shippers rather than simply writing the show. Television shouldn’t be expensive fan fiction.

    • Andy Swift says:

      It’s true that Alison is a monster, but she has a longer history with her than with Paige or Maya. It’s not the healthiest pairing, but it’s also not surprising.

      • Liz says:

        Yes, but it’s not exactly a good history. A relationship built on lies means nothing, and the Emily we’ve seen develop over the past seasons should know that by now.

        • D says:

          What would absurd is if emily hadnt kissed her after allison told her she liked her and found her the hardest one to leave.

          Plus emily has always had a weakness for ally.

          Think about it. If your first love died then you found out they never really died. And they tell you they liked you all along. Liar or not. Your gonna be curious at least if you could have something with that person. Sometimes logic doesn’t really come into matters of the heart. Although she is being wiser with ally this time.

    • cici says:

      Loud minority? You sound bitter. The writers and even reporters have commented on Emison’s popularity.

      • Liz says:

        If the writers put a couple together for popularity and it doesn’t make sense with the character development it’s just stupid. The idea that Emily would trust Alison in that way is ABSURD.

  4. cici says:

    The writers are smart. Have two of their most popular ships Ezria and Emison have hot scenes back to back to blow up twitter.

    My timeline was all Ahhhhhhhhh yeeeeees MY BABIES!!!! Haha

  5. Kevin says:

    Wasn’t Caleb souposet to tell us what happend in ravenswood???

  6. JJM says:

    Pretty boring for a 100th ep.

  7. Dan says:

    I love the song at the end of the episode. “Don’t Deserve You” by Plumb

    • Lambsilencer says:

      Yes, Plumb is a great band. Another song of theirs, “Cut” is also quite popular amongst fans of “The Vampire Diaries”, as it was used when Elena and Stefan had sex for the first time back in season one.

  8. Ky says:

    What was the name of the song played when the girls entered school together with Allison?

  9. Liz says:

    “before throwing her onto the counter and making sweet, statutory love to her. It’s official, humans: Ezria is back on.” OMG I love you, best PLL recaps EVER!

  10. Lexie says:

    I thought the episode could have been a little better for being its 100th but it was a good episode regardless.
    I really like that they played “every breath you take” during the Ezra/Aria and Emoly/Ali scenes because I think both of those relationships are very creepy and manipulative (for Aria and Emily) and I may be in the minority but I do not like either of the pairings
    I also think Toby’s hair needs a makeover. Not working for him :)

    • Yes, using the “stalker song” for both Ezria and Emison was GOLD.

      • Lambsilencer says:

        The use of music in this episode was particularly good. Lots of haunting tunes that really enhanced the scenes they were used for. It looks like for the 100th episode, they spent a bit more money on that, since there were more actual songs in this episode than on a normal rate.

    • Me says:

      Keegan Allen (who plays Toby) was growing out his hair to cut later and donate to a good cause, so there was a legit reason behind that hair style…just saying

  11. Lucas might have a girl friend (as in “Hey, girl friend!” with two snaps a twist and a kiss), but he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

  12. Caitlin says:

    I ship Amily or Emlison

  13. amandabbryce says:

    Did anyone else catch that look between Alison and Caleb?! What’s that all about, did I miss something?

    • B says:

      I saw it too, and I can’t wait for them to explore it. Up until this point, Caleb has seemingly been the only person NOT connected to Allison. Now it looks like there’s more to that story.

    • Crosby says:

      Ohhhhh Yessssss!!! Mom caught it and made me rewind and watch. She was going cray

    • Melanie says:

      Well, even if he’s never met her, he doesn’t like her. He knows how she treated Hanna, and we all know how he feels about Hanna, so no surprise in him staring at her like he’s suspicious of her. But it’s a soap, would be possible they met.
      I’m sad A is actually back. I liked the last episode without him/her/it/them

  14. Goodwolfe21 says:

    I don’t get all the dissing of the Emison moments, or the possibility of more…not just because there are fans who want it, but because these are teens, and under a lot more than the normal amount of stress. You really expect them to always act logically or in their own best interests? I mean even older adults make poor choices and decisions when it comes to matters of the heart. Even If Emily realizes deep down that Alison is not good for her, she may not be able to resist, as she’s never completely gotten her out of her mind or thoughts. Even through her other relationships. The writers may not pursue this any further, but it wouldn’t be altogether out of character for Emily to continue to show a certain vulnerability where her feelings for Alison are concerned.

    • Liz says:

      That’s true but most teens/ young adults don’t go through half of the loss or self discovery Emily has. Did you notice every time Alison tried to manipulate Emily (before she went to the sing along with Paige) and it didn’t work she pouted and looked confused? I wouldn’t be surprised if Alison is just playing Emily again.

  15. Olivia says:

    *walks in, with the hope that PLL fixed its ish*

    So if I understand correctly Emison is now a thing, pedoteacher is still alive and pedoing, meaning that Aria and Emily still have no self esteem whatsoever, and the formerly healthiest rs is not even back on track to compensate that mess a little. And going by the pics Toby is having a bad case of chordoverstreetis.

    Sooo… when do they plan to make it interesting for people above 16 again? Never? Oh. Nevermind then.

    *walks out quietly*

  16. Linda says:

    FYI, it wasn’t the counter, it was the stove.

  17. Stacia E says:

    So so so glad Caleb is back!! ! Please stay Out of Ravenswood. So A is back and so is Jena….2nd favorite scene was Mona getting slapped so over due Loved the 100th episode…..the scene of all five walking down the hall was epic !

  18. Stacia E says:

    Loved this 100th episode ! Sooooo so so happy Caleb is back ! ! Please stay Out of Ravenswood ! 2nd favorite scene is when Mona got slapped ! So overdue ! All 5 girls walking the halls together was epic ! A is back and so is Jena….Mona had to call for back up…….

  19. JohnnyBoy says:

    Couple things…

    – Is Mona just a big diversion/ploy to occupy the girls? Is she still an ‘A’ teamer?

    – I’m starting to think that Melissa knocked off Mrs. D and this Bethany Young. Is it possible that in fact Bethany is Ali’s twin? If Mrs. D was on the Radley board, it would be pretty easy to skew ‘Bethany’s’ files. Remember Mrs. D’s phone call and insistence Ali didn’t leave the night Ali was killed, sounded pretty escaped paitentish.

    – How are Sydney and Jenna involved in all of this? If Jenna was living with Shana, surely she knew Shana was an A Teamer. Are these three up to no good, other than getting Ali to leave?

    – Is Melissa the Black Widow? Remember that Mr. H thought Spencer killed the girl in Ali’s grave…….”Spencer didn’t kill THAT GIRL…..” (Melissa to Mr. H at police station in “A is for Answers.”
    Furthermore, what did she say to him, and did either of them kill Mrs. D?

    – Mona and Melissa are in cahoots, just FYI (Escape from New York)

    – Who is the Big A. King confirmed she loved the Black Widow, but her favorite character was ‘Big A,’ so they’re not the same.

    – Did Melissa or CeCe kill ‘Bethany’? Remember that they were talking outside (saw by Jason) the night that Ali disappeared and that they both know who killed ‘Bethany.’

    – Is Wren involved?

    That’s my two cents, feel free to reply and toss ideas around!

    • Kip Ladd says:

      1. I think the Mona stuff is trying to show that Mona doesn’t need to hide behind the A mask to get what she wants. She is fine with taking down Ali as Mona.
      2. The creators have said that they are not doing the twin route. Atleast not for Alison. but they might have changed their mind. They have said alot of things that have been false.
      3. This might sound stupid but I don’t think Shana ever admitted to being on the A team. I think Shana was just in it for her own revenge. If she was on the A team then she would have had one of the other A teams with her and watching her back.
      4.I want to say Melissa killed the girl in the grave but in this show whenever they are making something look completely obvious it is usually something else.
      5.Wren has to be involved somehow but I hate how the show will bring these important characters back for only like two episodes and then they completely dissapear for a season.

      • Crosby says:

        1. Does anyone remember the episode when Ezra got shot? The person that fired the gun was a man no doubt because his physique was masculine.
        2. But I do agree with you! Because I vaguely remember Shana saying that she wasn’t with Mona or something but I do think if she was on the A Team she would have had back up. No way would she have gone alone. But seriously I don’t think that she would have fired the gun
        3. Fair point well made. If something seems obvious in this show, it’s the complete opposite. But then again, Melissa is being VERY sketch mode.
        4. I do believe Wren is involved but I bet that is going to be the complete opposite of what we think it is. That’s the way it alwayssss is on this show

      • Me says:

        They mentioned possibly doing the twin theory for another character…my money’s on either Ezra or Aria…

  20. Seriously?! says:

    I know it’s minor but its the small things that bother me most. Are we supposed to believe that Spenser Hastings would really have wire hangers in her closet? My parents are blue-collar and we don’t have a wire hanger anywhere in our house. As pretentious as the Hastings are I don’t believe it.

    • Cyndi says:

      I thought that was interesting as well. Then I remembered that a local dry cleaner returns our items on wire hangers, so maybe all those clothes came from a cleaners?

    • BrittBrat says:

      I thought about that too. I was like where are the wooden hangers?

      • Me says:

        I find t funny that you guys notice such small details… you are the ones who are going to figure out who A is first bc of this attention to detail…

  21. Courtney says:

    I think that A is Jason. It all makes sense because Jason was the one who hit ally with the rock.

  22. Evan says:

    I think “A” is both Jason and Melissa!

  23. Chiremae says:

    Age of consent in the state of Pen. is 16 and Ezra is no longer teaching so in the words of Ian Harding ‘it’s fair game and NOT illegal.’ Love the last scene when Toby’s house goes boom, I finding myself liking Travis but let’s face it he is like what Jake was to Aria, matter of time before Hannah broke his sweet little heart. Notice no one talks about Spoby, it’s because they are BORING!! PLL100 Best episode ever!

  24. pina says:

    sydney took emily to the frozen perfomance at school to distract her, lucas invited hanna to the party to distract her and jenna went over to arias house to distract her…. so that MONA could hound down ali hmmm the army begins

    • Me says:

      I noticed the fact that Sydney had plans with Emily at the same time as Lucas had plans with Hanna, but I sort of shrugged it off… this is interesting :)

    • Melissa says:

      I noticed that too. I think when Ali was telling the girls what happened with Mona, she mentioned that Mona purposely made sure they were all busy so Mona could get to her.

  25. pina says:

    also thoughts on bethany??? Alis face when she found out it was bethany who was burried alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. justme says:

    Did anyone else find Paige’s reaction to Shana’s death a little caviler? I mean they were romantically involved at one point, and supposedly still friends, right?

  27. Summer says:

    Sydney and Jenna, with their glasses on, look suspiciously alike. Are they sisters, somehow?

  28. Kayla says:

    I am about to go crazy because my sister said that Toby might I’d died because he went to go check if anyone was in there and then another went off and in the promo for the next episode he wasn’t in it and the thought of him dying for real this time is heart breaking I hope they don’t kill him off I love him

  29. teddy says:

    i luv dat Aria n Ezra r bak together!

  30. nino says:

    im excited to see caleb and hanna again but i love travis though
    im excited to see hanna and caleb back again but i love travis though

  31. nino says:

    I love to see Caleb and Hanna back but I love Travis though.

  32. Malley says:

    Im Glad To See Caleb and Hannah Reuinte Because I Just love them together so much . I cried my eyes out when he left.

  33. Jenny says:

    Loved the episode ezria had no reason to stay off since she now knows the truth sbout the book and all
    Emily and alison were bound to happen this relationship has to be explored now that em is not the old innocent girl she used to be she is experienced and can handle ali ,
    What i cnt get is why ali is not telling the girl what really happened when she disappeared specially emily
    Caleb seems so suspicious and weird
    Tobys hair ! Ughhh

    • Liz says:

      Ali isn’t telling them the truth because she is still manipulating them. That’s also why she didn’t tell them she slapped Mona.

      • D says:

        Perhaps but if you look at alisons face after she saw the cut on mona she looked like she regretted it or was unhappy with the result.

        She must still have a secret that she cant tell anyone, if she has changed. If not, then your right shes still a manipulator.

  34. katie says:

    I don’t think there is any way they are NOT going the twin route. Did no one see the Ali look alike standing with Mona the other week??How that got passed over in the comment section that week in favor of shipping completely floored me. Or Mrs. D being on the phone discussing the escaped girl saying, “We’re very worried.” Or the fact that Mrs. D willingly covered up the identity of her daughter’s ‘killer.’
    As far as i can tell, the main reason people don’t think they’d give Ali a twin is that TPTB said that. And though I have never actually seen this quote that people keep talking about, I gotta say, I don’t think it matters. At all. Back when Mona was A, King was saying the same stuff, insisting they weren’t going the way of the books. For that matter, remember when Toby was revealed as part of the A Team, and TVLine interviewed her afterwards? They immediately asked if Toby was working undercover, and King was all, “No, no, you’ll see that Toby has his own reasons for hating the girls.” And when that story played out EXACTLY like that, she told TVLine that she “has a job to do,” justifying her lie. It could be that King’s thinking is that since lying is the theme of the show, and is in the title, that it’s acceptable to bend the truth if it suits her purpose. (A thought process I understand because I mean if she was asked, like some people say, about the Ali-twin thing, what was she going to say? “Why yes, Ali has a murderous, psychotic twin sister”? And give away the end? I doubt it)
    The fact is that the twin thing is what the PLL series is about. It’s the major theme of the 11+ books, hinted at in the very first book. Would Sara Shephard actually agree to let them change the instigater? Would they take that rich, cleverly laid out source material and change it so drastically? Maybe, but I doubt it.

  35. Crosby says:

    Yes, I believe Mr. Hastings killed Mrs. D. I was seriously happy to see Spoby😻. But the thing is, why would Jenna (and possibly Sydney and Mona, but mainly Jenna) blow up her own house? I mean yes, it’s a possibility that she did it, but who would blow up they’re own house? Ya know what I mean?

  36. Makala says:

    Mr.hastings most likely did not kik mrs.d. This show has a way of making people look guilty. Does Toby and Ezra ring a bell? We all thought Ezra was A when he was just some crazy journalist.

  37. Evan says:

    I think it would bold and refreshing if the person who blew up Toby’s house and is about to start torturing the girls turns out to be none other than Aria in the midst of psychotic break over killing Shana!!!

  38. Camila says:

    For ALL of the people that are criticising the whole Emison thing. I think Emison is perfect. I think Emily is making Alison work for it now, and Alison is surprised of how much Emily has changed. It’s perfect because now Emily has control, not Ali. And it’s obvious that Alison loves her. In an interview with the PLL cast Sasha Pieterse said that in this Season Ali is trying to right her wrongs and we’ll get to see more of her emotional side. If kissing Emily isn’t an emotional thing I don’t know what is. I think Alison is lying because she’s being forced to, not because she wants to. If I had to run away from some strange people so that they won’t kill you I wouldn’t be telling everyone what happens in my life. I bet that in this season there’s going to be a whole lot more of Emison, because it’s what many viewers want, and because it fits in with the story perfectly. If Alison didn’t love her, she wouldn’t have saved her twice. It’s going to be amazing to see how this new Alison will try to prove to Emily that she loves her.

  39. Rach says:

    That wasn’t a counter that Ezria made “sweet, statutory love” on… it was a stove. A freakin’ stove.

  40. leo says:

    Whose house they were before the explosion???????

  41. leo says:

    Whose house they were before the explosion?????

  42. Ana Brown says:

    Can shut down the whole Alison twin thing right now. they did dna didnt they on the body to find out if it was alison. If it was her twin the DNA would have been either a complete match if identical twins or a maternal dna match if not identical. If it was a twin of Jason’s then it would have to be a maternal match to Mrs D unless Jason was adopted. Yay science

  43. Leila J says:

    When I first started watching PLL, it was because it seemed interesting and entertaining and it was, but then I soon realized that it created more questions than it answered and that just when I thought one mystery was solved, ten more developed. Geesh. Anyway, it is nice to see the formula is still the same. I admit that the “A-less” episodes were not piquing my interest at all so I was more than thrilled to see the return of A. I don’t care about the reunion of the couples. The bomb going off was nice!!! Did not anticipate that at all! I loved the cars! Freaking beautiful! Aria is a hot mess right now. I liked it better when we were led to believe Ezra was “A”. Ian Harding is such a good actor. He can pull off innocent and creepy with no sweat off his brow. Spencer and Toby – Sigh. What is up with Spencer’s family? Goodness. Addams family, anyone? Mysterious and cooky just doesn’t cut it! Mona, oh Mona. I love her so! I still don’t know Ali’s deal. I am sticking to my original opinion and that is that she is a horrible, terrible, no good person. Then again, if she wasn’t who would care to watch the show? The show was/is/is/was centered around her and her cohorts/unwitting accomplices/suspected murderers/actual murderers/friends/lovers etc, etc. All I know is that PLL is an addictive show, a guilty pleasure and I keep tuning in so they must be doing something right!!

  44. leeraa says:

    im glad Caleb is back! And that moment when Caleb held Hannas hand! that showed some spark! i hope to see more of them in the next episode!! and that explosion in tobys house was unexpected!! And emison <3

  45. Senia says:

    Loved the 100th episode! Can’t wait until next week!

  46. Chelsea Ayala says:

    What does Caleb have against alison? Am I the only one who caught that death stare between them?

    • Liz says:

      probably the whole drove his (ex) girlfriend into having an eating disorder, caused a lot of issues for the girls by selfishly faking her own death. All of the countless times she manipulated the liars before she disappeared. He sees her for what she is, a selfish manipulator.

  47. That was the best episode in PLL history! All the Alison/Emily scenes were AMAZING, and the final scene with all the four main ships: Emison, Ezria, Spoby, Haleb, was great! Claps and Claps, great job pll writers!

  48. Sydney says:

    Ali is not really Ali. Ali’s twin was the original “Bethany” at Radley. She hated Ali and her friends. She killed Ali the night she escaped from Radley and that’s why Mrs. D tried to protect her. She took Ali’s identity to get to her friends and ruin their lives after getting revenge on her sister. The real Ali is the one in the grave. Just a theory

  49. JohnnyBoy says:

    So the actor that plays Jenna said that someone has a twin… my bet is on CeCe. Think about it, she was wearing the same clothes Ali was on the night she went missing AND she was having a conversation with Melissa.Maybe the true CeCe was killed and ‘Bethany’ is out for revenge. Remember that it seems as though Melissa knows who killed ‘Bethany’ after sharing that secret with her dad. Also, Mrs. D was helping Bethany/CeCe (gave clothes) and when being questioned, ‘CeCe’ said she knew who killed ‘that girl’ and it was the person still trying to hurt her friend. WHY DOES SHE NOT TELL ALI!! Furthermore, how did ‘CeCe’ know exactly where Ali would be on that specific night, I don’t buy it. She could be manipulating the cops, but I still find it strange.

  50. Lee says:

    EMILY AND ALLISON OMG it took me back to the first season and it was so beautiful. i think a couple tears came out and i never cry.