Teen Wolf Recap: Fresh Meat

Teen Wolf Scott Stiles

The mysterious “Mute” reared his mouthless head on Monday’s Teen Wolf, introducing yet another word for fans to add to their Season 4 vocabulary: Wendigo!

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We’ve seen this toothy jerk pop up on other shows — Wendigos have had memorable stints on Supernatural and Charmed, for example — but like with most things, the beastie was given a very special Teen Wolf twist. (And by “very special,” I obviously mean very sexy). The creature was born from an unsuspecting shirtless bro named Sean, the only member of his family to survive a grizzly assault by the Benefactor.

Sadly, Sean’s time in Beacon Hills was short-lived, as the Mute offed him during his battle with Scott — looks like Sean and his family were all on the Dead Pool — a scuffle that forced Scott to bite Liam, a freshman lacrosse player at Beacon Hills High. (And that, children, is where betas come from).

Teen Wolf LiamTEEN WOLF: THE NEW CLASS | OK, let’s talk more about Liam. He’s one of the two new lacrosse players we met this week, along with fellow freshman Garrett; and while neither began the hour as supernatural creatures, they both appear to possess super-human lax skills — along with an uncanny ability to annoy Scott and Stiles. (And I loved Stiles’ assertion that Liam must be some sort of werecheetah. “Is that a thing?”) At least someone managed to surprise Coach this week, even if that someone ended up being Kira.

SKIRA TIME | Speaking of Kira, the eternally awkward fox got some good news (for a change) this week, as she and Scott finally DTR’d. (Well, not in so many words, but that kiss spoke volumes.) Her cute interactions with Scott were actually a nice change of pace from the episode’s darker moments, but here’s my question: Where is Kira going to live when her parents inevitably move away from Beacon Hills? Come to think of it, with Isaac gone — was anyone else surprised that he was actually mentioned this week? — there’s a room available at Chez McCall!

teen-wolf-malia-lydiaSTUDY BUDDIES | Malia Tate may be struggling to survive math class, but if she was graded on her kissing — and on this show, I feel like that could become a thing — she’d find herself on the honor roll in no time. Say what you will about the suddenness of “Stalia,” but the couple’s little studying sesh was nothing short of adorable. Also, how great was Stiles’ explanation why math is essential? (“Knowing how much to tip at restaurants.”) As someone who’s been in the “real world” for a few years now, I can confirm: that’s all you need math for. Don’t listen to Lydia.

LYDIA | In addition to her math skills, this week’s episode also explore Lydia’s banshee powers a little bit — but more importantly, am I the only one who got major sexy time vibes from Lydia and Deputy Parrish? Maybe it’s just because Lydia has chemistry with everyone, but their talk of her “reputation” got me all hot and bothered. Still, I’m trusting executive producer Jeff Davis, who told TVLine that Lydia’s love life is being put on the back burner this season.

teen-wolf-derek-peterBOOTY HUNTER | Despite the Hales’ major money problems, Peter and Derek hired Braeden to help track down Kate. Of course, Derek appears to be getting a little more than he paid for, unless there was another reason Braeden was seen putting her clothes back on in Derek’s loft. (Update: Braeden was apparently just slipping back into her normal clothes, but I’m not ruling out a future for those two.) That said, I’m definitely worried about Braeden; few women have slept with Derek and lived to tell the tale. (Also, still no word on why Derek’s eyes are gold.)

OK, let’s talk: What did you think of this week’s Teen Wolf? Any initial thoughts on Liam and Garrett? Drop a comment with your review of the episode below.

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  1. cici says:

    No to Scira!!!!!! My heart will forever be with Scallison.

  2. aa says:

    According to Wolf Watch, the mouth-less man is called The Mute. We still haven’t met The Benefactor.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I was surprised to hear them say that, too. Thank God for Wolf Watch.

    • MixMi says:

      So, we have The Mute who seems to kill creatures who kill humans – I assume. On the other hand, we have The Benefactor who seems to want to kill everyone who is supernatural.

  3. Steven says:

    Love that you mentioned Charmed. it was the first thing i thought of when they said he was a Wendigo. As much as I want to like Scott and Kira it just feels forced. I’m ok with him moving on just not with her.

  4. Adam Lenhardt says:

    Given the body room built into the house, and the fact that Sean’s entire family was killed by the Mute, I think it’s a fair guess to assume that Sean’s entire family were Wendigos and he was born that way. Normally they don’t need to go on a public eating spree, since they have a supply in the back room, but Sean was out of options.

  5. M says:

    I don’t believe Derek and Braeden are an item. I think she was just changing out of her US Marshall outfit, BUT the fact that she did happen to be changing in the scene with Derek there made me think they WILL become an item.

    • Katie says:

      I agree. I’m honestly not opposed to Derek/Braeden but that’s probably because I love Derek and I wish him happiness with ANYONE who doesn’t A) become evil or B) immediately die.

  6. M says:

    I liked the highlighter thing with Styles and Malia. She chose the highlighter colors and their meanings based on his cork-board thread colors and their meanings. It was cute.

    • Natty says:

      I don’t think she chose them because of his, I think it was a coincidence. They are just that much alike.

  7. Kait says:

    I swear none of my comments ever show up

    • Kait says:

      of course that one does, but when I try and post something more it doesn’t show up… am I banned from opinions? Seriously.

      • Kait says:

        “And that, children, is where betas come from” I read in Uncle Peter’s weird disney villain voice he gets sometimes

        • michelle says:

          What is the reason for biting liam. He could not just throw him over the wall?

          • Kait says:

            I took it that it was his last resort way of catching him with his strong jaw–I’m guessing here that werewolves’ jaws are strong and it’s not just a ‘they grow fangs’ thing–using it almost as an extra appendage that was free since Liam was about to plunge to his death and because Scott was losing his grip, I’m assuming instincts just took over.

          • Natty says:

            I thought he knew he was going to fall and he would have died so instead he bit him cause if he fell he would have eventually healed and then the mute killed Sean and he was able to save Liam you could see it on his face he was like oh f$!k what did I just do

  8. Csbd says:

    Obviously, Sean was already a wendigo along with his family, not sure where the idea came that he got turned into one by “the mute”. That doesn’t really go with the room full of refrigerated bodies.

    I also don’t think that Braeden and Derek have hooked up yet. She was just changing out of her Marshall uniform. Definitely foreshadowed that they will though.

  9. Ian says:

    Yeah, it instantly clicked for me that Sean was from a family of Wendigos and that was what was going on. And the Mute may have seemed like a bad guy, and he IS creepy as hell, but I’m not too sure now is he is in fact an enemy of the group, or if he’s even without any morality. We’ll see.

    And I’m not minding Stalia either now, but Kalia would have become an obsession, lol.

    I guess I’m ok with Scira too, but it’s more that I just don’t care about them, really. I do find them about as forced as Allison and Isaac were, unfortunately. Because those relationships were/are treated like all they are is what their purpose was: to have been alternate love interests for Scott and Allison, instead of just having been developed as well as Scallison was.

    And lastly, lol, no Andy, there wasn’t really any chemistry going on between Lydia and Parrish, take the ship goggles off. But I do notice that Parrish gives off an intense ‘friendly’ vibe whenever he’s one-on-one-ing. Like, with Young Derek last episode when he was cuffed to the bench, and in this episode with Lydia a bit. It makes it hard to get a read on his sexuality, actually.
    I would love him to be gay.

    • Csbd says:

      Parrish comes off so genuine and likable, that I am starting to think that he might turn out to be evil.

    • Kait says:

      I understood The Mute doing the shhh sign as showing that he wasn’t after Scott at this point and that he was under the Benefactors employ at this point.
      I saw the chemistry between Lydia and the Deputy, but that may just have been a “stronger, person of the law that’s a man with a weapon protecting a person that happens to be a woman” vibe, but I definitely saw it and took that he also kind of was aware of the supernatural aspect of the town, whether it was from that shoot out at the cop station or before as was alluded to when he said he was pulled to Beacon Hills

  10. Nom says:

    OMG!! This episode was awesome! I love how there was a nice balance between the horror and the humour. This episode could have easily been the kind of stuff nightmares are made of. Big ups to the writers and producers.
    Lydia’s love life can’t take a back seat! I always find them quite entertaining.
    I am all for Skira! Such an adorable pair. Malia and Stiles; that’s always a nice pair! All in all 10/10 for this episode :)!

  11. Rook says:

    You said both Liam and Garrett seem to posses super human skills. Did I miss something, I thought they only suspected Liam of being supernatural???

  12. JB says:

    Could Parrish be the Benefactor, trying to purge Beacon Hills of dangerous creatures? If he first appeared after the end of the first half of season three and was helpless against the Nogitsune in 3B, he may just now be able to tackle these supernatural menaces. He may have taken Peter’s money to fund his activities.

    Just a theory, but he definitely knows something is up. There are some holes in my theory, but they may be explained in some way I haven’t foreseen.

    • James says:

      I do think there is something up with Deputy Parrish, but maybe its just my wishful thinking that he will get a bigger role than “What’s happening now Sheriff?” someday. Although that’s an important role for sneaking in some exposition now and then.

      I hope they do something with Lydia this season. She is a little annoying to me in that they’ve always implied she is important to the group, but she mainly just hangs around being superior.

      For being a Mute with no mouth, that guy sure does talk a lot.

      Part of me wishes this show was on HBO or somewhere where they could really let loose.

      • Joe E Dangerously says:

        Parrish will get something to do. He’s been so interesting so far and has so much potential that it would just be bad writing not to pay that off. It’s a Chekhov’s Gun situation at this point. Parrish is compelling, he’s competent, and he’s already given us a few hints. “I felt drawn to Beacon Hills.” “I like to keep an open mind.” When a character gives hints like that it’s called foreshadowing. Foreshadowing is a common literary tool that plants seeds in the mind of the reader/viewer/listener. It sort of signals events that will happen in the future. For example, let’s take the Chekhov’s Gun principle I mentioned earlier. It essentially means if you show a gun in act one that gun will go off in act three. That’s not literal but you get the idea. Show a guy walking down the sidewalk, show a banana peel, and guess what happens next. If they don’t pay it off that’s called a narrative dead end. Or in TV parlance a dropped plot thread. That’s bad writing. It’s unsatisfying and it raises further questions that throw everything else into doubt. So not paying off a plot thread like that undermines the rest of the series. They have to pay it off somehow. At this point it would be incompetent storytelling if they didn’t. So they will. We just have to wait for it to develop naturally. I’m guessing we’ll see Parrish get one or two steps closer to the truth and then it will be revealed to him. I hope it happens this season and in fact I’m expecting it. He’d be a good resource against The Benefactor, Kate, Slender Man, and the Cubone twins. If it’s not this season it will be the next, I suspect. Teen Wolf likes to drag mysteries out but not endlessly.

    • Natty says:

      I’m curious to see where it goes with Parish he was at the sheriffs office when it was attacked and bullets wouldn’t kill them and then they just vanished I figured he would have been what the hell just happened ? Instead nothing, they didn’t even mention it or maybe they did and I just over looked it

  13. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on THB Files and commented:
    There will never be another Scallison because Scott and Allison was best couple of the television history. I’m saying no to Scira.

  14. Charlie says:

    Hey Andy, just wondering what you meant by the mouthless mute struck again?

  15. fernando933 says:

    So where’s Danny????

    • klynn1075 says:

      I said the same thing to my son last night when we were watching. Where is Danny?!?!

      • Natty says:

        Yeah I wanna know too, I love Danny and all along he knew, he knew about the werewolfs .. I think he watched Jackson’s video when he turned into the canama (spelling??) I really wanna see where that story line goes. They can’t just drop it on sys that he knows and not show us where it leads … And another thing, Greenberg is gone I heard coach say. They have never showed us his face and one more thing I’m dying to know what Stiles real name is when his dad was talking to coach they let on that it was a messed up one .. Tell us stiles’ given name

    • Erin says:

      I’m pretty sure that was him in the goal during practice, but since he had no lines, it’s hard to tell. I’m waiting for them to acknowledge him in any way.

  16. Alucard says:

    Braeden was putting her clothes back on because she was changing out of her disguise as secretary general that she used to get the reports about Seans familys murder I highly doubt anything is going on between Derek and Braeden

  17. Laura says:

    Malia is just a no from me, just like Braeden but I actually find Scott and Kira really cute.

  18. Gradly says:

    Does Mason Dye play the 2 characters as Sean (Wendigo) and the new Lacrosse player (Garreth). He looks the same actor

  19. porshe austin says:

    I honestly hope dereck and braeden hook up they will make a cute couple and plus dereck need some black in his life

  20. jake copeland says:

    Jeff Davis almost ruined TEEN WOLF last season! The whole story line needed a longer setup.
    which it didn’t have. It needed longer character development. as well. And Styles as the bad guy. Come on! Let’s just say In addition to a crap season and Colton Haynes thinking his poo doesn’t stink by leaving the show. I almost walked away from what had been a promising new series!. I know Colton gets his knee’s dirty! You can tell that by his XY Magazine spread. But whomever is advising his career choices almost sunk his career! Oh yeah I have to mention this because I still have not gotten over what a joke it is. .Rather he is.
    Channing Tatum the no talent closet case stripper whose benefactors have placed him in almost bomb after bomb with a few that made some money, Albeit due to his co-stars and not him. Must be pretty powerful or no studio would risk the money on him after so many crap performances! I want to throw something at the TV if he happens to appear on it. PS: I hope Jenna takes him for every community property penny she gets. Hang on a bit longer Jenna TIf they keep wanting to pay Mr. No Talent you will be in for a huge pay day! I am sure he must be talented on that casting couch or he wouldn’t be employed so much!!!

  21. aunt_deen says:

    Did you miss the not-venison locker? The whole family was Wendigo.

  22. Samitos says:

    When I heard wendigo this episode, the first thing that popped into my mind was Grimm. They had an episode on wendigos too.

  23. Scira says:

    first off love scira, and stalia secondly mute is comin for scott and the others next week you only get killed at the right time and it wasnt scotts but come to think how liam will be dragged in and who tf did peter kill and um mute isnt the benefactor the benefactor is the person paying him to kill hope to see lots more scira and stalia love lydia and deputy but it might be lil weird thought tht white eye thing was a kitsune O.O anywayy really funny episode especially with lacrosse, kira might be playing next week cnnnnntttttttt wait !!!

    • raych says:

      thank you!!! thot i was the only one who laughed soooo hard my sides hurt……….give me coach anyday he is js insane. and stiles “malia and talking…” he was in physical pain kkkkkkkkkk am still laughing this episode was just soo many laughs but the end was sad but heyy mooorreeee mooorrreee mooooreee teen wolf and stalia is soo cute im usaully anti-shipping couples but i like these two together e way stiles has taken on the role of protector towards malia and her ‘badmanners’ its to die for ….thank you teen wolf am having fun with you this season again

  24. Michelle says:

    Am I the only one that likes Stalia and Scira? Scott and Allison were awesome but she’s DEAD! (Or is she??) And Parrish and Lydia ;) A little weird but they’re the same age in real life *thumbs up*

  25. Eric says:

    Ok, if anyone remembers the part where “the mute” put that tube to his neck and drinks the blood through the tube. Also the fact that his mouth is shut with skin so he can’t bite anyone with those horrible teeth. I have a feeling that he also is a wendingo. interesting

    • Ann says:

      I was thinking The Mute was probably a Wendigo too!!! Except he’s a Wendigo who doesn’t want to harm anyone, so he takes sustenance through his neck. I’m still wondering about the code that was “uploading ” into his neck along with the blood though.

  26. Sarah says:

    Can I point out that everything you need to know about the difference between Tyler Posey and Dylan O’brien is in the scene where they watch the new kid score goals during lacrosse tryouts. Tyler Posey’s face hovers between polite interest and confusion, Dylan O’brien makes about 7 different facial expressions each funnier than the next. Ok, so I’m just a little obsessed with Dylan O’brien…but how can you not be.

  27. Ella says:

    The Stiles/Malia scene was the cutest thing ever. They’ve quickly become my favourite couple on the show, I adore them.

  28. Mike says:

    is Liam a Windigo too? Sheriff told Scott mother that Sean had a younger brother which survived, so wtf?

    • Tia Combs says:

      No the sheriff told mama mccall that Sean was the youngest brother and the only one in the family that survived

  29. d0ll94 says:

    Reblogged this on d0ll94's Blog and commented:
    Im such a big fan of teen wolf, since season 1 and the characters have grown as actors. So lookimg forward for the next espisode!! Team Stiles

  30. dereks eyes are yellow because when he went back in time it gave paige another chance to live from the bite …therefore derek wouldnt have killed an innocent person scott is going to kill peter in the very end of the show to become normal

  31. drew says:

    I like the idea of Lydia having a more maturer guy in her life. But if they have a relationship, it starts to get serious maybe around the last couple of episodes? I would like to see Lydia without a boyfriend for a while. A couple of episodes maybe. I also found chemistry between the two. It would be nice to see them have more scenes!

  32. thasiyana says:

    Allison :'((( scott nooooo!!!!
    Liam oh well

  33. Krysylyn86 says:

    Draeden makes me cringe, I saw no chemistry between Braeden and Derek it seemed forced and off, I did see it between Peter and Braeden though. I think Derek should hold off on the romance/hook-up until after he finds Kate, that should be his main focus, also it would be a conflict of interest if gets with the person he’s paid to find Kate, because let’s be real if someone had the money and wanted Derek dead she’d do it, remember ‘if the money was good enough’, it’s kind of hard to change yourself just because the sex is good.

  34. amanda says:

    is scot still going be a true?

  35. Natty says:

    Stiles Stilinski .. We all know he got Stiles cause of his last name. At parent teacher coach asked about his name, and his dad said it was his mothers fathers name, and coach was like let’s stick with Stiles lol I’m dying to know what his name is, isn’t anyone else at least a little curious? Come on give us Stiles’ name! I’m trying to think what it could be, it’s something ridiculous I know that for sure

  36. Nick says:

    I don’t get the Mute and the Benefactor?? The kid in the house at the beginning is the same kid in hospital?? I am lost. How do we know where he came from..I miss something?

  37. Ashley says:

    Well liam can be the super hot sexy werewolf but rili i dont stil understand why he was traumitized because he fought a beserker(i dont think anyone knows)wat i think about garett,he wasnt the huntin type but they named him perfectly THE ORPHAN