24 Recap: The More Things Cheng.... (Plus: Are You Ready for the End?)

There was much 11th-hour drama as Fox’s 24: Live Another Day entered its, um, 11th hour. Who died, and who will live another… hour?

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Barely escaping their shootout with the Russians Mark helped sic on ’em, Jack and Kate follow the override device’s tracker, only to realize that it had been discovered, the place cleared out. But as she was being whisked away by her captor, Chloe had used a dead gal’s cell phone as a recorder — and Jack is all too familiar with the male voice he hears when Kate plays it back. All together now: Chennnnnnng!

Meanwhile, Heller & Co. learn of the fraudulent fire order sent to the U.S. Navy, to sink a Chinese destroyer aircraft carrier. That has Heller in hot water with the Chinese, and the only way he can escape an all-out war is by producing both the presumed dead Cheng and the infamous override device.

Jack then shows up at Heller’s to make Mark piddle himself (I must assume) by jabbing a gun at the chief of staff’s temple. See, Jack has gleaned that the only way the Russians could have found him is with the comm link code that Mark, among a previous few people, had access to. POTUS is ready to process his son-in-law to be hanged, but Jack saves Mark’s bacon by finding a use for him, to infiltrate Anatol Stolnavich’s residence in the name of getting the 411 on Cheng, his co-conspirator.

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Wearing a camera hidden inside a flag pin, Mark (quite conspicuously, the goof) manages to talk his way into Stolnavich’s place, get eyes on the security system (so that poor, sweaty Gavin can jam the system back at the CIA) and afford Jack a view of the goon detail. Then, while Mark fake-negotiates a defection to Russia, Jack and Kate storm the place, taking out the guards (if I had a gun, I’d totally want a silencer nozzle, FYI). Alas, in the skirmish Anatol got a big ol’ shard of glass stuck in his neck, and once he yanks it out, he bleeds out in a jiffy — after nyah-nyah-nyahhhing Jack a bit.

And then there’s Audrey. Sigh. Wanting to do her part to help Dad avoid a war with China, she reaches out to the daughter of some honcho in the politburo, but that meet-up goes sideways fast, when shots ring out, felling Audrey’s pal and the Secret Service dudes. Audrey’s phone then rings — it’s Cheng, the man who tortured her all those years ago, sending her into a catatonic state. Sit back down on the bench, he says, and you just might live.

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Elsewhere in the hour:

* Heller fumbled his meds all over the place, eliciting some concerned looks from the military types he had just been arguing with about not threatening China with nukes. Now that they know Chinese missiles to be airborne, destination unknown, will one of the colonels override POTUS’ wishes?

* Audrey and Jack had an emotionally loaded phone conversation. Tough to stay on Team Renee these days, but I’m fighting the good fight!

* After Cheng found the tracker on the override device and mobilized his goons via van, Chloe grabbed a pipe (or something) and began bashing the baddies good, ultimately leaping from the vehicle and tumbling (and tumbling, and tumbling, and tumbling) down the wooded hill. Cheng leaves her behind.

What did you think of 24: LAD‘s next-to-last episode? Are you ready to say (a final?) goodbye to Jack, Chloe, Kate et al? And we really are gonna get some “12 Hours Later…/Jack and Audrey on a beach sipping mai tais” epilogue, aren’t we?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tran says:

    Really hope Jack Bauer is going to survive to the end even if his daughter Kim makes a re-appearance in the “series” finale. Looks like Chloe O’Brian will find someone to take care of her now that Morris and her son Prescott are goners (she tells Jack in episode three), they better get rid of Cheng Zhi in the finale and what does Kate Morgan do next? If 24 ends, I’ll be very happy but if Fox is planning to do another season of 24 depending on whether or not is going to be its last, who knows and let’s hope that they’re not thinking about giving a spin-off featuring Kate Morgan aka Yvonne Strahovski a go.

    • kajar says:

      Actually, though Jack is the Shiznit, I would be more than willing to give a spin-off featuring Kate Morgan a go. She’s kick-ass and really easy on the eyes, and Yvonne’s a damn good actress. To each their own I guess, mate. Eventually, it all boils down to the writing anyway. If the story is good and the characters solid, I’m sold.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I agree 100%. Though it sucks her character is so close to Sarah Walker…it would have been cool to see some range from her (not that she hasnt shown range in say Dexter)…but i’ll be curious to see if they try it…i mean 24 isnt the type of show you can skate by on average ratings…and a female lead show where the lead is taking over for one of the most badass action tv stars ever (Kief), heck even his voice is badass…im not sure if that show would survive all the 24 fans that bail. I also wouldnt be shocked if Yvonne didnt want to do it…i mean odds are if they did it, it would be 24 eps a season..and she just got finished with Chuck fairly recently (5 seasons of TV)…thats a LOT of hours, a LOT of hours of running around, screaming, gun fight scenes, hand to hand fighting scenes, …and she has the potential to still break out BIG time in a hollywood blockbuster…which is way less likely if she takes 24 and is busy shooting it for 4-6 seasons.

      • Moment says:

        I think that would be a bad idea, people are mostly watching for Kiefer, not her. Without him the show would tank further.

  2. Emgee says:

    This “season” of 24 has been as good as it ever was….and is still better than a lot of the new shows being put on the air. And for a show that’s been off the air for four years, that is really saying something. I will be sorry to see this end, but I am very happy that every single minute of this season has been completely thrilling.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Co-signed. Thrilled to have had it back, better than pretty much anything else that has been on this summer.

      • Gary says:

        Ditto. I think the 12 hour thing really worked (although I’ll withhold judgement until next week as to whether they should have just stuck with the half day instead of skipping ahead and covering 24 hours). It was great to have 24 back, but so glad that the season was so strong. Mixed feelings, I’d love to see it back again, but satisfied if it goes out on a strong note (pending a strong finale next week).

      • Gwen says:

        Totally agree!

        • Pat says:

          Best thing on tv this summer indeed, one of the best of the year. After 4 years away that is impressive.

      • jacobg2 says:

        Matt: What are the chances of us seeing another season?

      • Rich Abey says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more. By far the best drama of the summer. Even ‘The Last Ship’, with Michael Bay, naval ships, a global apocalypse, Russians & even Al Queda terrorists hasn’t been this thrilling.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Completely agree, and it makes you think….what show that was a hit and didnt end totally close are they gonna bring back now? Lol…its like the half assed version of “rebooting a series”…they want the built in fan base….well 24 had the ultimate built in fan base cause the series ended 4 years ago, not 15.

  3. EJ says:

    Both President Heller and the Colonel said “nucular” in the same scene. How hard is it to say “nuclear?”

    • Gary says:

      It’s one of the few things that drives me bonkers. At least when it’s real life I can accept it, but no excuse on a TV show.

    • AHC says:

      I could not agree more, it was so distracting to me I had a difficult time focusing on their conversation.

    • Mitkraft says:

      OMG I’m so glad it isn’t just me! I checked and all my usual spots hadn’t started a thread for the show yet. I wanted so bad to start one just to say }%]*}%! It’s (New-Klee-er) not (New-cue-ler). That made me so freaking mad! Just cause we had one retarted president who refused to correct it doesn’t make it ok. They were either purposefully making fun (which ruins a serious scene) or were just so lazy and stupid that they didn’t catch it or care. Don’t they have people who’s job it is to make sure stuff like this doesn’t happen? And all they really did was to make it just a little more OK for idiots to keep saying it that way! ARGH!

    • me says:

      Nucular is a commonly used metathetic form of the word “nuclear”. While it is usually regarded as a mispronunciation, and no dictionaries list this particular pronunciation as correct, several make mention of it because of its increased usage

      your welcome. oh im sorry, you’re* welcome

      • David4 says:

        Comment of the week award goes too…. YOU! Congrads! (Or is that bad too?)

      • beninbox says:

        yeah yeah yeah, language evolves. Witness “I could care less” and “as of yet”. I’ve practically given up on ‘arctic’ which people say without a ‘c’. But really, how do people pronounce the word for the area of the cell that contains the chromosomes? The ‘nuculous’ ?

    • beninbox says:

      I can’t help thinking Joel Surnow is behind this. GW Bush said ‘nucular’ and it drove Democrats crazy. I think he’s tweaking the Dems. I don’t have any evidence but seriously, scriptwriters and actors know how to pronounce things, and if they don’t, the director does.

      • NJMark says:

        It cuts across party lines. I remember Walter Mondale saying “nucular” as well. Drives me crazy no matter who says it.

  4. “Are you ready to say (a final?) goodbye to Jack, Chloe, Kate et al?” Nah. I want another season. More than one more.

  5. oldmanarda says:

    Aircraft Carrier not Destroyer by the way.

  6. John O'Connell says:

    Great season – if short. Still cant believe Jack threw the El Harazi’s out the window ! Literally the only show on TV that I clear my not too busy schedule to watch. What happened to the idea of a “24” movie ?

  7. bj says:

    I definitely want another season. This one has kept me on the edge of my seat in every episode.

    I hope Jack survives. I’m about at my tolerance end with Chloe though and her snarly face and Hallowe’en eyes. She really is a ray of dark matter.

    And I love your review. Thanks.

  8. Kris says:

    Another incredible episode! Can’t wait for the finale!!

  9. DT says:

    Not looking good for Audrey based on those scenes for next week’s finale. This season has been such a treat and reminded me in such a big way how great the show is capable of being. Next week is going to be really bittersweet. I hope the show comes back in this format next year. I said this last week, I really wish people would have stuck with the show after the premiere, or those 2 million viewers they lost decided to watch on their DVRs at the very least!!!!

    • uhoh says:

      The Jack tears, Heller collapsing (after getting the bad news?), and that flag covered American flag…yeah, not looking good =\ Don’t want Jack, Audrey, or Kate to die!!!

      • uhoh says:

        flag covered coffin***

      • C says:

        Would there be a flag-covered coffin for a President’s daughter? I think President Heller himself dies. Jack would have tears for that, too. I agree with the people you don’t want to die, adding in Chloe. In fact, if one of them is going to die in the last episode, I’d want to know ahead of time because I know I’d cry and disgrace myself in front of my husband and daughter.

  10. Mayra says:

    “Tough to stay on Team Renee these days, but I’m fighting the good fight!”
    hahaha. love you, Matt.
    I was team Renee also, but she’s dad, man. nothing we can do about it.
    Audrey’s a good girl.

  11. Murph says:

    I didn’t realize how much I missed Jack….
    I’m not ready to say goodbye.

  12. Jenna says:

    Team Audrey, here. Boy, their scenes have been emotional.
    24 is far and away the best show on right now. So glad it returned. I’m not ready to say goodbye, but I’m anxious for the outcome. I think Strahovski most definitely needs her own action show. I like her much better in this role (and Chuck) than her role on Dexter.

    • JennyS says:

      Agreed about Yvonne. She definitely deserves a leading role in a series. I think it’s clear now that Dexter was a bad role for her. Love interest roles don’t seem to be a good fit for her at all. She’s much better at playing the strong, complex characters than the simple love interest.

    • C says:

      I really disliked Audrey before, but she’s won me over this season. I’m on her team now.

  13. sarahliz1624 says:

    Would have much preferred to see Tony as opposed to Cheng.

  14. Julie says:

    Team Renee, Matt? I’m disappointed! Team Audrey all the way. I didn’t dislike Renee but it was a little too forced! I was always loyal to Audrey and Jack as S5 was when I started watching before going to back to catch up on the first 4.

  15. lar says:

    This has been a fantastic, on-the-edge-of-your-seat season of 24. I have loved all of the twists and turns, and the chemistry between the various players has been excellent. I really don’t want it to end. Ditto to the comments that it has been one of the best things on TV this summer.

  16. TraciTV says:

    As a 24 lifer n imo the best tv show ever, this 12hr season feels rushed over the past 2 weeks. Condensing alot into a few episodes. Im used to 24 just getting rolling into the 2nd part of the day. Good to have it back though. #1 dvr slot.

  17. Disco Dave says:

    24 has been very sharp. Consolidated episodes kept the story on point.

    It’s been a very pleasant surprise for this viewer, who’s caught every episode.

    In real time. ;-)

  18. Troy says:

    Since getting hooked back in 2002 after watching the FX 24hr marathon (about killed me) I’ve had a bromance with Jack Bauer..I’ve never regretted it!

  19. Pam says:

    Sorry, I was back on Team Audrey after the first scene between them in the embassy, early in the season. Last night’s split screen phone call was steaming hot and magnified the constant emotional pain of Jack. Sutherland’s facial creases seemed to deepen as we watched. The other fine scene, the gurgling death of the Russian. Gruesome but perfect. Meanwhile, can he save both Chloe and Audrey as he further destroys himself. http://tvruckus.com/2014/07/08/will-jack-bauer-save-both-audrey-and-chloe-on-24-live-another-day-finale/

  20. Phantom says:

    This is one of the BEST SHOWS OF THE SUMMER……”24″ has always been good, but this season is the best ever. Wish they could continue on for another season…..all the characters are good and each episode leaves you on edge waiting for the next week. Not too many other shows can do that. HOPE WE CAN GET ANOTHER YEAR……

  21. agent 86 says:

    When Jack confronted Bodreau in front of Heller , I couldn’t help but think of frat boy Greg Mamillard from Animal House who was destined for a White House staff job. Ut it looks like Jack is giving him a chance to avoid Greggie’s ultimate fate. Mark will go out a hero and widow Audrey will never know that her dead hubby was anything less than a hero.

  22. Jude says:

    Most amused when Kate called Mark – Martin Boudreau!!

  23. Rich Abey says:

    Just one word: Awesome!
    While we had a fair share of breath-taking episodes this season, none have been as thrilling or as chilling as yesterdays’. It took my mind back to my reactions to the exhilarating but horrible stuff that happened back in Season 5 (like the nerve gas wreaking havok at CTU), such was the quality of the episode. It was more of a throwback to the good ol’ times whereas the rest of the season had a more fresher & grittier aura.
    All in all, mighty excited for the finale. It’s gonna rock our hearts for sure!

  24. Luis says:

    I never watched “24” before this season, and now I’d like to go back and watch the previous seasons. This has probably been the best dramatic series on television this spring/summer, compelling writing with grounded, realistic portrayals by the cast. If Keifer isn’t interested in returning, I’d love to see a spinoff featuring Yvonne Strahovski’s Kate. That would probably mean no Chloe, and “24” wouldn’t be quite the same without Potato Face.

  25. spartan says:

    Awwww, I miss Renee, too! Am irritated every week that while she is gone, annoying Audrey lingers on, (Not sure why I like Kim Raver in everything else she’s done, but can’t stand her on “24.”) Hey, a co-worker saw Kiefer on w/ Fallon last night and said he thought there was a strong hint that they’re gonna kill off Jack Bauer next week. But is there time to tie up loose ends AND allow for an epic JB death scene?

  26. jenferner8 says:

    Please raise Renee back from the dead!! NOW! I have never liked Audrey, she’s boring and bland and has absolutely ZERO chemistry with Jack, in fact it’s worse then ever. Honestly, that phone call was painful, the only reason I didn’t fast-forward was because I actually thought there’d be some useful information exchanged during that scene, silly me, will I ever learn? Tate, William and Keifer together have more chemistry. What the hell is it with this woman? Even Yvonne has completely rocked this season. I’m assuming Jack survives regardless of whether there’s ever another season of 24, and I hope like hell there is. Chloe and Jack each deserve to be happy for more then 5 minutes, or until the clock starts ticking again.

  27. BetsyBoo says:

    i’m now thinking that either Jack or Audrey will be whisked back to China, with the other person disembarking from a plane 12 hours later in pursuit.

  28. Kathi says:

    Did I hear them say nucular?

  29. Paul says:

    It cant end this way….. Its has to move forward…. i’m a 24 freak, my daughter things i’m nuts…. I love this show.. I’m 60 years old and I don’t have much more to enjoy except my retirement …..lol

    • jonko says:

      I’m 59 and right behind you. Nothing else to do next year apart from watch more 24. Please please please bring it back!!