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Witches of East End Post Mortem: EP Explains Ingrid's Sex Monster and More

Witches of East End Spoilers

If you watched Sunday’s Witches of East End season premiere, you probably have a lot of questions — mostly about Ingrid’s little walk in the woods. Don’t worry, TVLine has answers.

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Before we get into executive producer Maggie Friedman‘s explanations, a quick recap: Joanna’s long-lost son Frederick arrived in East End, and cured her of her Argentium poison; Ingrid used her powers to snag a new job; Freya discovered Dash’s powers, as well as his fury; Wendy made not-so-nice with a stranger known simply as “Herb Boy”; and Killian found himself a new lady friend far from home.

Now, let’s get some answers.

TVLINE | I’m going to start with the question I’m sure is on every viewer’s mind right now: What was that last scene? Was Ingrid dreaming?
[Laughs] Um, no. She’s sleepwalking, and she’s kind of in a trance. It’s a creature who she’s having these encounters with, but she doesn’t remember them. We’ll learn more as the season goes on about who this creature is, why they’re there and what their connection is with Ingrid. It’s pretty sexy, I think. It’s pretty fun. … And God bless Rachel Boston, she was so game to do that. It was pretty weird.

Witches of East End Season 2TVLINE | Is it safe to assume that was the other thing that came out of the portal?
It is safe to assume, yes. That creature is not from around here.

TVLINE | What should we be calling this mysterious sex monster?
“Mandragora” is what it’s called. There is a real thing called a Mandragora, which comes from “Mandrake root,” but we sort of invented our own version that has all these special abilities. He’s the mythical beast from Asgard.

TVLINE | Ingrid seemed offended when everyone told her she’s safe and reliable. Will she rebel against that this season?
Definitely. Everything she experienced last season — learning she’s the Key, then dealing with Mike — helped her realized that everything she thought she knew, about the world and about who she is, might be wrong. She’s going to be coming into her own, owning who she is and not apologizing for it. And she’ll be taking some risks in a very cool way.

TVLINE | This show has taught me not to trust anyone I meet in a library. What’s up with “Herb Boy”?
Oh yes, “Herb Boy” [actual character name: Ignacio] has an arc on the show. He’s going to be a part of the season and give Wendy a run for her money.

Witches of East End Season 2TVLINE | Speaking of new guys, on a scale from one to 10, how much should we trust Frederick?
Well, I’m not going to say. [Laughs] If you listen to Wendy, she’d say one; but if you listen to Joanna, she’d put him at about a 9.5. That’s the fun we’re having with his character, taking the audience’s expectations and flipping them numerous times. We’ll keep people guessing about what it is that Frederick wants, and whether he means them good or harm. He and Freya are twins, so they have things they can only do with each other — special spells — so they have a really cool bond.

TVLINE | Now let’s talk about Bianca Lawson, who has been on every show I’ve ever loved. 
She was the last person she read for that role, and I was just like, ‘Holy s—t.’ She’s so good, and she’s very beautiful, but she also has so much depth. I think she’s fabulous.

TVLINE | What can we expect from Eva moving forward?
We set up in Episode 1 with the tarot reading that there’s an owl protecting Killian, then at the end, we learn that it’s Eva. So the question becomes: Is she protecting him in order to protect him, or is she keeping people away because she’s a predator?

Witches of East End Season 2TVLINE | I also love a good stalker mystery. Will Dash’s e-mail storyline be stretched out for the whole season?
It’s a mystery that spans multiple episodes, and it reverberates in the season. Dash is finding himself in some deep s—t, knowing that someone saw and recorded what he did to Killian. There are going to be severe repercussions. He’s in a pickle, and he’s got to figure out how to get out of it. Dash’s journey this year is going to be figuring out who he is and what he can do, and he finds a surprising mentor.

Your thoughts on the Witches of East End season premiere? Grade it below, then drop a comment with your take on the episode, including Ingrid’s sexy Avatar friend.

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  1. Kris says:

    Is nobody in town wondering what happened to Penelope? She disappeared (into a furnace!) and nobody in town seems to have cared. Not even her son, Dash…

    • Deion says:

      LOL, yes. Bo one is worried at all that Dash’s mother disappeared the night of his failed wedding.

    • tp says:

      RIGHT?!! I thought that same thing.

    • John says:

      Keep in mind someone wiped everyone’s mind, so it could be that no one questions where Penelope went, as for Dash, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t care at the moment, given his mental state

      • tp says:

        Only the memories from after the portal was opened. They remember everything before. Somebody has to be wondering where she is right…right?! On the other hand the only other person beside Dash who would care is half way around the world gambling and getting laid.

    • Trixie says:

      Thank you! Wondering the same thing!! I thought it was really strange she wasn’t brought up by Dash at all, but the strangest thing was ending on the sex monster thing. Ugh!!

    • rikki says:

      I was wondering that too! Not so much people “in town” but Dash sure as hell should have noticed especially w him now having powers. I read somewhere that her sons knew she had a supernatural background so I would think Dash would really want to talk to her! Now that he he knows his MRI is identical to Ingrid’s is she his surpring mentor?

  2. tp says:

    I enjoyed the premiere except for no one asking about Penelope. At first I thought Killian had amnesia but he just thinks there’s nothing left for him to go back to. Of course I have questions…the first one is what’s up with the doctor being name Ingrid Beauchamp? No one ever noticed there’s another woman with the same name in that small town? Season is just starting so I guess I’ll have to wait patiently.

    • Christian says:

      The doctor wasn’t named Ingrid. She was talking about Ingrid as a patient.

      • rikki says:

        Yea w the identical MRI. But Ingrid did tell the Dr doing the interview she had a PhD making her a Dr. Then confessed during the interview that she only had her masters

    • Bekah says:

      The doctor isn’t named Ingrid Beauchamp, the doctor(whose name we don’t know)was saying that the MRI that matched Dash’s MRI was from Ingrid Beauchamp from when she was 10 and got a concussion when she fell off a jungle gym basically foreshadowing that he is going to figure out they are all witches along with him and maybe Ingrid will end up helping him deal with everything

      • tp says:

        OHHHHHHH!!! That’s what I get for playing Cookie Jam while watching. Now I have to watch it without distraction. Thanks guys!

  3. analog says:

    I hope they don’t make Frederick a villain. I want him to stick around.

  4. Ian says:

    I love this show. I just love it. Ahh, so good. And Bianca Lawson! That clinches it!

    And I didn’t think they’d ever get as hot a guy as Daniel Di Tomasso on this show, but Christian is so gorgeous.
    But onto the mysteries, lol. The only thing I’m really finding myself thinking is that Frederick is probably a bit of both, friend and foe. They’re not going to totally villify him since he’s a part of their family, but I’d say he’s made his way through the portal to use them all for his own ends, Freya especially. He must need this twin magic that was mentioned for something.
    I’m so looking forward to this season. Just what I needed after watching True Blood and how terrible its gotten.

    • Yeah, I record both shows. They are on at the same time so I’ll watch one later. This week I watched True Blood later. This show is SO much better.

      I am betting Frederick turns out to be good, at least eventually.

      And Dash is so much more interesting this season.

  5. Madd says:

    This season premiere was like the season 1 premiere. It was very interesting and set up some good potential stories. However, the stories told as the season progressed weren’t all that interesting. It became too much of a soap opera and the plots didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Last season after the first two episodes which were very interesting the interest of the show for me waned as more plot holes started to form. Also the episodes after the first two were not as exciting or had much action. The season finale looked interesting but the editing team seems to have a great skill of making the episodes feel more action packed and interesting than they are. Hopefully that won’t be the case this season.

    I got interested after hearing about the second season and seeing the previews. After watching the premiere there are a lot of great changes. Cinematography has gotten better. They seem to be trying new angles/shots. Lighting makes the show look more haunting. I actually think the dramatic moments and acting wise it has improved. Unlike before it doesn’t feel so much as if I’m watching a soap opera where the people don’t feel genuine in how they act. The story for the most part is captivating. The humor also balances much better since the story so far hasn’t gotten soap opera like where everything feels laughable. I appreciate the humor between dramatic scenes.

    With the positive comes the negative. Although the show has improved a lot since last season in many ways there are still a lot of the same issues. The plot holes. Last season when certain things happened it just made no sense. When certain people died no one cared. Dash’s friend from the hospital and he never noticed she died? It’s similar to the first episode when the girl died and no one mentioned it. The missing poison spider that just disappeared from the lab that no one noticed. No one noticing constantly Joanna having a double walking around town. I mean I thought this was a small town or something. How easily Penelope died stood out. There are more plot holes from last season I wish never happened because it took away from the show. The way sometimes the characters acted also didn’t feel realistic. This season first thing no one noticed Penelope died, not even her son, Dash who is still in east end? Doesn’t anyone know Penelope? It was odd how quickly and easily Joanna was saved from the poison by her son. All the built up potential for nothing. The explanation wasn’t that believable. Ingrid’s insistence on how she’s different feels a bit forced even though I can understand her ideas of trying to be different. But the worst part about the episode happens in the last few minutes. Ingrid with that sex monster thing? That just ruins the otherwise decent episode for me. I hope the story behind it is more than just some sort of sex fantasy. Right now it just looks like a bad sex scene.

    The episode was much more interesting than watching the finale of last season. Though it did have plot holes just like the premiere of last season. I would say this season seems to be better overall. The best scene was between both generations of sisters. They had chemistry in both Joanna’s heart to heart with Wendy and Freya talking to Ingrid about using spells. The most awkward scene was watching Ingrid have sex with the monster. i was hoping for some sort of horror/scary scene to end off the episode but instead I was uncomfortable and horrified for another reason.

    • Jacob Guidroz says:

      What are you a critic? ? This episode was absolutely amazing. Season one was absolutely amazing. If you do not like how it doesn’t match your expectations then dont watch it.

      • shalimarfox says:

        Whoa, wait, so according to you, you’re only allowed to watch a show if you love it irrevocably without ever criticizing it? I really like WoEE too, but some things bug me still, like it’s really cheesy sometimes. You can have a differentiated opinion on a show and still like it.

      • rikki says:

        Right! Lol that was very indepth critique and I wonder what “Madd” actually thinks is a good show! Madd is right about the town people not noticing a few things but I’m sure we’ll loop back and these things will come up later.

    • Lia says:

      Madd Ignore Jacob guidroz you’re quite entitled to critique the show and I found reading your opinion interesting (hence why I’m reading the comment section). I agree with the general consensus that it’s odd no one notices the deaths, especially Penelope’s, and how easy she was to kill, it was built up too much suggesting she was powerful and then as soon as she was identified she was dead. They should’ve had a longer stretch of knowing, a few failed attempts at killing her and then something big to kill her. However, I disagree that the acting is bad there’s been a few times that I’ve noticed Wendy and Joanna acting and thought “bloody hell that is how you’d be in that situation” just simple expressions or emotions that are often missed or over acted but I can’t extend that to the other cast yet, I think some times the scripts don’t help with cheesy acting, Penelope evil laughing etc. and finally with Ingrid’s sex scene with the mandragora seems to disgust everyone but I was more curious, yes it was weird but a vampire and a werewolf aren’t human either yet people love that, it’s just another mythical creature which as a witch you’re bound to come across. I like how Ingrid’s cult leader/ghost/mandragora make Freya’s love twist look tame :p in curious to see if the creature is just feeding off her power, if it’s evil or can be trusted and how Ingrid will react when finding out.

  6. Jacob Guidroz says:

    I so love Witches of East End. I watched the whole season one in one night. (From midnight to morning). I was so upset that that was the only season on netflix so I decided to google of their was another season soon to be released. And guess what? To my astonishment, season two’s premiere came out a day later! I was so happy and must I say, that was an amazing season starter. I cant wait till next sunday!

  7. Pat says:

    A very good start to the season. At first I thought I was under the memory loss spell because I could not remember some of the things that happened in the season finale but some of it started to come back to me. Dash, to me seems like he is going to be turning evil this season. I am not sure I would want him as my doctor. Another thing that bothered me about him was when Freya approached him to apologize and he tells her to just stay away from him. Well how about you, Dash stay away from the bar where she works which just so happens to be her space! I am not sure if Frederick is good or bad so I will have to wait and see. I give this a thumbs up episode and looking forward to next week.

  8. Lauren says:

    I’m so excited that Freya and Frederick are twins! Freya and Ingrid have always been super close and I can see this new reveal driving a wedge between the two girls. It sounds like Freya and Fred* are going to grow closer. I can already see Fred beating up Dash and maybe Killian because of his want/need to protect Freya. I have a feeling that Freya is going to feel the most hurt and angry with their mother that they have a brother, especially because he’s her twin. That’s a connection that Freya can’t ignore.

    The scenes in the season promos are so quick and no matter how many times I play, pause, play, pause, it’s hard to gouge everything that’s happening. In reference to one of the answers above, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Ingrid who is going to help Dash control his powers. Everyone focuses their powers in different ways. It seems like Dash’s comes from his anger and she’s the most calm and neutral one I can think of.

    On a completely different note, I really hope Freya and Killian find each other before the season finale. I’d be really bummed if their story lines didn’t cross till the end. I need more #Frillian :(

  9. James says:

    Looks like someone was watching Ninjas vs Aliens when they were brainstorming ideas for the season.

  10. Katchoo says:

    I must have seen a different premier than every one else commenting. I was very disappointed with the premier. I agree with MADD the way the characters acted didn’t feel realistic. Are they writing the scenes for people who are brain dead/simple minded/moronic? I am sure my comment offends Jacob Guldroz (no I am not a critic!).

    I mean how corny can you get…I think I will stand on a bar stool and dance, oh my I fell, enter an EMT and by the way she gets the job she doesn’t qualify for…like I didn’t see that coming. Also, I know I just left you at the alter but I think I will come in your work place, have a shot and then say “stay out of my life”. Oh and I need to get better, so why don’t I lie in bed NAKED, have my ex sit on me, take his belt off seductively and apply leeches to me so blood can drench my bed. But the best (I mean worst) was lets look at tarot cards with candles everywhere in the break-room at my workplace and enter my boss/coworker who says you might want to help your dancing sister, totally oblivious to the surroundings. I could go on and on.

    I thought season 2 might have improved over season 1 but evidently not. Very cheesy!!! I will not continue watching…very dissatisfied.

    • balanda says:

      Yeah, it’s cheesy… you’ve got to love the sledgehammer level of subtlety in order to like this show, and somehow, I do love it. I was rather cynical when I started watching, as I usually don’t like cheese… but it wowed me over.

  11. RayChill says:

    I loved Season two’s opening!!! So action packed, sexy, and intriguing. I think the monster that came through the portal and is loving up Ingrid is none other than her past lover who built FairHaven!!!!!!!

  12. rikki says:

    I fell inlove w this show from day 1! Season 2 is looking super hott! I have so many questions that I just can’t wait to see the answers to and how the story line is going to unfold for this upcoming season!

  13. balanda says:

    Freya and Frederick are twins? Ahahah well I know which Asgardian god Frederick is linked to now.

  14. Cathy says:

    So far so good. I got pretty tired of all the commercial’s.

  15. mohammad says:

    THIS episode was SO MAGICAL. I loved every part of it. I think it deserve A+ & 10/10. :)) Such an amazing show.

  16. Darienne says:


  17. Television says:

    After watching the start of this season, I’m out. Was great last season, but they have gone too far with things; candles in break room, monster scene at the end, the bed leeches scene, etc. It has gone from interesting and fresh to romance novel with screwed up people.

  18. stacey says:

    I loved the show but hope that the father comes back from the dead i like him. This episode already has me waiting for next Sundays show.

  19. Ivy Czernicki says:

    I really love your show! It is evenly balanced with humor and love and drama! I do think that freya’s dad died a little early then expected! But it is still very intriguing and I feel like there will be like a secret love fling with dash and ingrid! It kinda only seems right since her very old self was in love with his great grand father!
    I’m wondering if Johanna will forgive fredrick for what happened tithe love of her life!
    God there is just some much I love this tv show I understand the characters and how they feel! I wish there were more episodes in a season!!! Can’t wait to see how Sunday plays out!! :)

    Job well done actors and scene writers! You have me hooked! :-D