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True Blood's Latest Victim Speaks: Why the Shocking Death 'Had to Happen'

Alcide Dead True Blood

Major spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen Sunday’s True Blood, avert your eyes. Everyone else, read on…

It was the shot no one was saw coming — certainly not Alcide, anyway. Sookie’s werewolf boyfriend took a bullet to the forehead on Sunday’s True Blood, adding another name to Season 7’s rapidly growing list of casualties.

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Below, Joe Mangeniello walks TVLine through Alcide’s death, reflects on his character’s best and worst moments, then laments the same-sex hookup that could have been.

TVLINE | How long have you known this was coming?
Honestly, I called it as soon as I read the finale last season. [Laughs] There was no way they could keep him around. Sookie has to settle things with the vampire guys, and you can’t have Sookie break Alcide’s heart because then the audience isn’t going to side with her or identify with her. … On a show like this, where you’re looking for vital characters to kill off, you’ve got to take out Alcide. There’s no one that’s going to be upset that he’s dead, except Sookie — and maybe Sam. Those are the only people he’s interacted with ever. He got separated from the herd.

Alcide Dead True BloodTVLINE | Can you recall the moment the producers told you this was going to happen?
Yes, I had dinner with the showrunner, Brian Buckner. I used to have dinner every season with [former showrunner] Alan Ball, where he’d tell me my character’s arc and what to expect. So Bucky came and brought the three scripts with him. It wasn’t some big, dramatic thing; we just sat down to dinner and he said, “You know we’re killing you, right?” and I said, “Yeah, I figured.”

TVLINE | You basically spent Season 6 in your own little Alcide spin-off, then were finally reunited with the main group this season, only to be quickly killed off. How do you feel about the way that worked out?
It was great to see everybody. It was great to feel like I was a part of a show again, like the character had something to do with the show. That was really nice, getting to work with Anna [Paquin] and Stephen [Moyer] and the rest of the gang. I had been feeling a bit like I was on my own and not very important to the storyline.

TVLINE | Hey, you were always important, even when you were off on your own.
I disagree with you, but I think it’s very nice of you to say that. I don’t think I had anything to do with the show.

TVLINE | Alcide was killed by some random hillbilly person. Is there any part of you that wishes you’d been given a more epic death, one that felt like it had some build-up?
Yeah, I guess there’s a part of me [that feels that way.] I just died naked in the woods, killed by some random hillbilly. Then again, I’m glad one of the vampires didn’t do it, because you don’t want any of them having bragging rights moving forward. It would have been great if I’d gotten to kill 40 people on the way to my death; that’s how I would have wanted to go. But I understand we were pressed for time.

True Blood RecapTVLINE | Sookie was given the option of bringing Alcide back as a vampire, or at least trying to, but she said no. What are your thoughts on that decision?
Alcide would probably shoot himself in the head if he came back as a vampire. Vampires and werewolves hate each other, so for him to lose his werewolf powers and come back as a vampire … I think she did the right thing.

TVLINE | Even though death is ubiquitous on this show, each one has an effect. How do you see Alcide’s death changing Sookie and re-shaping the direction of the season?
In terms of the plot, I’m sure she’ll feel guilty about it, because it was her running off that led to him chasing after her. Story wise, it had to happen. You have to settle the A and B plots of the show before you finish it. You can’t not finish the story between her and Bill; you can’t not have her settle the score with Eric. It’s vital to the show to go down that road. And with this show, you want to shock people and show them that anyone could go at any moment.

TVLINE | As we’ve already seen with Tara this season, dead doesn’t always mean gone. Is there a chance we’ll see Alcide again, maybe in a dream or a flashback?
[Laughs] Well, I had to go out and promote my documentary La Bare, then go shoot a movie called Tumble Down with Jason Sudeikis. If you’ve been following my tweets and know where I’ve been, you can probably guess the answer to that.

TVLINE | Will we, perhaps, see you again on another show? Is that something you’re looking to do?
Well, I’m about to film a new movie in August that I’m really excited about, I just shot that movie with Jason Sudeikis that’ll hit the festival circuit at some point this year and I’ve got Magic Mike 2 in the fall. I missed my opportunity on several movies while I was on the show, which were brought my way because of the show. But they were straight offers that I couldn’t do because I couldn’t get three overlapping days off from shooting. And then I had to go to the theater and watch someone else play it. … So right now, the focus is on film, but that’s not to say that if the right thing came up with the right people, I wouldn’t want to be a part of it.

TVLINE | Looking back at your time on True Blood, is there anyone you didn’t get to work with that you would have liked to?
Over the years, I think I worked with pretty much everybody. I was sad that the opportunity to have a substantial storyline between Alcide and Emma, the little wolf, wasn’t explored. Alcide was adamant that he didn’t want to have children because he didn’t want to pass on that gene. But the fact that he orphaned that little girl by killing her father, I think there was a missed opportunity there to really explore something. Him trying to work through that karma by awkwardly showing this little girl how to be a werewolf, I thought, would have been a wonderful storyline. true-blood-alcide-jdI was also sad that Robert Patrick [who played Alcide’s father] and I never got into any kind of depth with our storyline, showing why the two of them didn’t get along. [The producers] had something planned for us, but unfortunately, it was one of the casualties of the showrunner switch of Season 6. My storyline was completely … I mean, there was no storyline. It was just gone. All of a sudden, I was just beating up a bunch of girls. It was weird. I was like, “Come on, man, Rocky is going to be up Adrian now?” I don’t know what was going on there. There was this really textured, interesting relationship in those last scenes with Robert Patrick that were killed. We even shot some of them, but they were junked in order to make this “Alcide is an a—hole” storyline. It was odd. Comic-Con was weird that year, too. The fans were confused, and I was confused, too. I didn’t know why that was happening either, but obviously there was a situation going on higher up the ladder that we all had to bare with.

TVLINE | After last week’s scene with Eric and Jason, we realized that Alcide has never found himself in a same-sex situation. In your mind, who would have been the most likely candidate for that?
I have never actually imagined that. I thought that when they had Alcide drink the V at the end of Season 5 to beat up J.D. — which was really confusing after he was so adamant about not drinking blood — that it was going to be Eric Northman’s blood, and we’d have some sort of scene, but they never went there. If they wanted to do that with Alcide, they definitely missed their shot.

Truebies, do you agree that Alcide’s death was necessary? Drop your thoughts on the loss of Sookie’s furry boyfriend below.

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  1. Wtactualf says:

    Wow. He sounds incredibly bitter.

    • Dmav says:

      He has every reason to be, he was basically a bit player under the new show runner. He completly decimated his character

      • Wtactualf says:

        I agree. He has a point about the way the wolf storyline was handled. I think Hudis had different ideas, both for the wolves and for Sookie/Bill/Eric. He was fired and Joe wasn’t happy about that.

        He still sounds Whitney though.

      • LaLucci says:

        But the same can be pretty much said for all of the characters. After season one…the show had a huge critical drop with nonsensical storylines, too many characters and poorly fleshed out characters. If it weren’t for True Blood, he would probably be tending bar somewhere…he’s nice to look at but not much of an actor.

        • Jane Carlton says:

          Apparently you’ve never seen Magic Mike.

        • arien says:

          He was great in HIMYM. He is great at comedy. What to Expect When You’re Expecting was a good movie and his part was hilarious. The man can act. He was great as Flash although unrecognizable lol.

          • Jeffrey Hicks says:

            I am very disappointed tht the casting director or who ever, had him killed off one of my favorite characters. .it’s very disappointing. Complete shock to so many fans of the show, tara as well,I personally thought this was a huge mistake they both were some of the best actors on the series. .so this really sucks…not planning on continuing watching the series as well as my national group club. .huge mistake..alot of us are very upset with this season fr sure..

        • Jerry says:

          He was promised some amazing story lines after Season 3 that’s why he stuck around but when he saw that was a bunch of lies he started seeking work elsewhere. I can understand why he’s upset cause he really thought they were going to do something with his character. But now after Magic Mike 2 his career will take off I hope to seE him in the new upcoming justice League or other superhero movies. He’s a great actor!!

    • TV Gord says:

      I echo your wow, but it’s in reaction to your wow. I didn’t get any bitterness out of it at all. It all seem fairly matter-of-fact to me.

      • TV Gord says:

        seemed. Sorry.

      • Aleksa says:

        It sounded more pragmatic to me. He knows how this works.

        • canadian ninja says:

          Yeah, he sounded pretty blunt but fair. His storyline last season WAS a dud off on its own.

          Even while he’s mentioning opportunities he’s missed while doing the show he also points out that those opportunities were because of the show – which is a show biz fact that everyone deals with.

          Plus the guy isn’t a big smiley cheer-bag so some people want to interpret that like he’s a bitter grump.

    • Ruby says:

      He does sound angry, but his complaints were a lot of the same things fans complained about, so it’s not like he’s lying. Also, I find his honesty refreshing considering everything actors say in interviews is always so rehearsed and sanitized.

      • trainwreck says:

        Joe M, two words: Katherine Heigl!

        Hollywood doesn’t appreciate blunt honesty .. oh wait, i forgot, you are a guy – not a blonde bombshell.. it’s all good!

        • Velocity says:

          Katherine Heigl was still part of the show while making her comments. Joe M made them after he was out of the show. And unlike Heigl he didn’t ditch the show in the middle of shooting.

        • lorna says:

          How about not starting rumors? Don’t know the guy, but he came into my friends bar. My friend said he was very nice, ive also only read good things about him. I think he wishes he gotbto do more, butalso has his own schedule and growing popularity, so it worked out. I didn’t find him bitter at all. Guess Sookie will end up with Bill the DB. Eric or Alcide were my preferences.

    • Jay says:

      Because Brian Buckner came on board, screwed a bunch of decent characters over and made the show trash…ier than it already was. Can’t say I blame him. I’m still really bitter about Tara, who barely got a line in once Suckner came on board.

    • Jules says:

      I was thinking the same thing.. You can’t blame him at all! He was a victim of the show runner switch and he got totally hosed over!

    • I think he just sounds over it. Which puts him in the same situation with a lot of viewers. It was a job. It’s over. Moving on.

    • WenRaz says:

      I don’t think he sounds bitter at all. It just seems to me that he’s telling it the way he sees it. No bitterness in my view.

  2. Diane says:

    I loved Alcide, but I wasn’t surprised (just like Joe. M).

  3. ABG-. says:

    Feels like he also hated his character, which is something I can understand, but it sounds very unprofessional.

    Either way, his character had no place on the show after season 4.

    • Aly says:

      Doesn’t sound like he hated his character, but more like… he hated the direction the writers went with Alcide. He felt like they cut a great storyline w/ his dad so he can be a “a-hole” and “beat up girls.” More like… a problem with the writing, than the character.

    • Ruby says:

      Truth is unprofessional?

  4. Tim says:

    At least he had screen time last year. Tara barely made an appearance.

  5. Dan says:

    Things that could have been cut to give Alcide a proper death:

    – The long winded preacher’s history..
    – Sookie’s Six Flags story.
    – Jason’s “I want kids” speech.
    – Watching Sara doing yoga.
    – Anytime Willa opens her mouth to speak.
    – Anything related to making me think Eric cared about yet another new character we didnt need in these last episodes.

    Flirty LaLa and Pam’s big 80’s hair were fantastic but I they couldn’t make up for how the rest of the show sucked. I’m pretty sure I’m just hate watching now.

    • Heisenberg says:

      Yep, I’m like you, Dan: hate watching. If Alcide had to die, they could’ve given him the last ten minutes of the show to do, rather than the last ten seconds.

    • Ruby says:

      The preacher thing..I mean, he’s lovely and all but why are they wasting time on characters who aren’t established characters we actually WANT to see things wrapped up with?

      • Glenn says:

        This is basically the problem the show has had since the early seasons… It decides to “upgrade” flavour/side characters into main characters, and then struggles with what to do with them… See: Terry/Arlene, Andy/Holly etc..

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Amen, preach! preach! lol. What a pile of steaming hot werewolf sh*t this show is lol. Its not even a fun soft core porn show…its like a bad 1am cinemax super natural softcore porn except it has really good actors in it. I swear if this show was cast with people we didnt know, it would get cancelled so fast lol.

    • Jon says:

      Really? It sounds like nothing would have satisfied you, even if they did give a supposed proper death.

    • No Dan, Jason’s speech was awesome because it elicited that awesome response from Violet. Let’s be honest and objective here, the show hasn’t been good since mid season two.

    • nellie says:

      Alcide should be died

    • CountryQueen says:

      I think the point of the Eric/Pam back story is foreshadowing. I think Eric is going to have to choose between Sookie and Pam, and he will choose Sookie. :(

      • Heisenberg says:

        Oh, if it does come to a choice between the two, Eric better choose Pam. I’m tired of Sookie. She’s like the smelly dish sponge you can’t get that old funk out of and therefore have to toss away.

      • Mikael says:

        I’d like for some resolution to the Sookie/Eric story, but it’s clear that Sookie/Bill are the endgame.

    • Willow Sunstar says:

      At this point, I enjoy the books more than I enjoy the show. They’re killing off everyone I remotely like.

    • Sally Moon says:

      I agree Dan – especially with the preacher’s ‘history’, which if you’ve watched the show from the beginning, doesn’t jive with any of the past episodes. He didn’t ‘cure’ Lettie Mae, he was still married and living in Bon Temps when he started fooling around with her. Also, did anyone else catch the totally reversal of Alcide now wanting children and Sookie unsure about it?? It’s like whoever is running this show has never actually watched an episode. Alcide’s quick death might actually be a blessing if they keep running this show into the ground.

    • LaBete says:


  6. dsrbroadway says:

    What’s the point of the SPOILER if it’s in the URL?

    • ABG-. says:

      I have the same issue. I used to bookmark TVline’s articles about shows before I got to watch the episodes but 90% of the time I’d get spoiled because of the URL.

      • CJ says:

        Seriously, they do it all the time! I’ve left comments about it but they probably don’t read them. I need to learn not to click on the article until after I’ve watched, because even if I wait to read it I’ll get spoiled. Lame.

        • Lambsilencer says:

          It’s most probably because of Google. If people watch the episode, and then look for articles about it, lots of them will most probably search for “Alcide” and “dead” or “death”. And with these keywords in the URL, Google will pinpoint to this article much easier, and put it up higher on the results list.

  7. Jeralyn says:

    I am so upset that they killed off Alcide so early in the last season but as I read the interview with His portrayer I guess I understand why they did it………… Maybe. Joe Manga niello
    will absolutely be missed !!! But I look forward to his future projects!!!

    • Especially “Magic Mike XXL”! I guess I understand too but I am really let down he’s gone just like that. I yelled curses I can’t repeat here so loud that my husband and his friends downstairs heard me when I realized they’d killed him off.

  8. Heisenberg says:

    Also, as a full-blooded hetero gal who loves good-looking men, I’m disappointed we didn’t get to see Alcide in a man-on-man scene with either Jason or Eric. Would’ve been hot, but as Joe said above, producers missed their chance with that one. ;)

    • HerrinSchadenfreude says:

      As a bisexual woman who loves good looking men, I think having a second guy who spent his entire run on the show hetero suddenly turning gay in the last season would simply be twice as lame, pop chic, sensationalist, and obligatory as the one guy who did it last week.

      The producers didn’t miss their chance. They managed to maintain some modicum of competence and originality rather than jumping on some pop bandwagon and making the show another political statement in a Hollywood lousy with them already. If anything they missed their chance in his first season, where they could have made him gay in the first place just like Tara’s cousin.

      • Heisenberg says:

        Jason didn’t “suddenly turn gay”, he had a sip of Eric’s blood, which caused him to have those “dreams”. I’m sure Jason is as hetero as he ever was. All I’m saying is if the True Blood train was going to take a detour through Nonsensical Sucksville by tossing in random speeches about Six Flags and other useless filler rather than give Alcide more than ten seconds of death time, they could’ve gone off a yet another complete tangent and had Alcide have a little “man on man” in his own dream sequence, seeing as it was certainly left open for something like that since he did drink V in the last season to defeat that pack master. It would be more “useless filler”, yes, but it would be filler I could at least enjoy. They could’ve easily just ended the whole show after season 4. I’m only watching now to see who all dies before they shoot the lame True Blood horse and put the poor thing out of its misery. It’s totally unfair of me to think all shows could be as good as or end as well as Breaking Bad. Deuces.

        • Willow Sunstar says:

          I think the Six Flags thing must have been an ad. How much did Six Flags pay HBO for it, I have to wonder?

          • Heisenberg says:

            Oh, I’m sure Six Flags page a nice penny to have Sookie “I’m a bit a whore-bag” Stackhouse endorse them.

  9. Gon says:

    Some things are better left unsaid. Did he need to say that his character is not important on the show? And blame the series for missing some movies opportunity? He is being ungrateful since true blood is contributed for made him famous in the first place

    • Ruby says:

      Why do people have to lie and omit in order to be grateful? There’s a serious problem with that line of thinking.

      • Gon says:

        Did you read my comment? Did I ever say that he should lie? I said that some things are better left unsaid, it means that he should know that some things that he should keep for himself. The fact that he said that TB holding him back to make more movies, when he was the one that signed the contract and get money for it, showed that he is being ungrateful

        • Bob says:

          He also said he appreciated the show bringing him to the light for other future projects…. He never sounded ungrateful, but then again I can read unlike most

    • jag says:

      I think Joe has the same privileges as the people putting comments here. Being angry at some level is for me quite understandable. He was really put on the sideline last season and his death was somehow so abrupt it didn’t have any bearing to the current plot except to tie the knot between Blondie, Angsty and Hottie. And like he said his character has to clear the path for the trio. His answers is so spot on that some people wouldn’t take it because they want actors to be forever grateful to the job they have. I’m just saying that if you think you deserve something there is nothing wrong saying it. And he was professional enough not to rant but rather explain it as matter of fact.

      • Gon says:

        Okay, If it is about the storyline I still can understand that. But when he said that he couldnt do movies because TB holding him back is just sound wrong to me. You choose sign the contract, don’t whine about it. It’s not like they didn’t paid him

        • Em says:

          He’s talking about Man of Steel which he was a favorite for. He was extremely disappointed in losing out on that and for him to miss that so his character could be gutted for the better part of 3 years would be upsetting. He doesn’t sound like he’s whining or bitter, just honest. The new showrunners did a terrible job with his character and then abruptly killed him. There was a noticeable dip in quality and he was a casualty of that. He seemed to enjoy his time early on but being locked into a contract while they destroy your character has to be disappointing. They could have killed him years ago and instead dragged it on.

        • Rachie says:

          I felt like he made that statement to explain that he didn’t see himself jumping into another television series, he sees himself focusing on film for a while. He said flat out he was thankful for true blood making those opportunities come his way. If he had said that he had to sit & watch films he was offered without explaining he seen himself focusing on film for a while I would see where you get ungrateful from.

          I like most think he was just being real. A little bummed maybe with missed opportunities with his character in the show & I for sure agree he deserved a better going out. (Same as Tara) These are characters we have spent so much time with, would have chose a little more time with & now we’re stuck with Sara Newlin, Tara’s mom, & jealous self appointed mayor. Lol (i’m not saying I dont agree Alcide needed to die, just a more badass complete ending was deserved)

    • CountryQueen says:

      He made it pretty clear that True Blood is to be credited for the opportunities he got, and that the reason he couldn’t do some things was due to overlapping of shooting. There is absolutely nothing wrong with his honesty. His character really did become unimportant to the show, and that is too bad. The old showrunner seemed to have some good ideas for him, the new one, not so much. I thought it was refreshing to see that he actually feels the way the fans feel about Alcide.

  10. Christine says:

    This show is almost unwatchable, seriously, Joe M. is dead on about the odd story line he got and how he died. At least his was on screen.

  11. Patti says:

    Oh yeah …he had to go!!!!! Sookie couldn’t have been center attraction..and have her busy body self in the middle of everything with alcide around…..

  12. AB says:

    RIP Alcide. You deserved more but got better than others. I knew that when Alcide and Sookie were leaving that town last week that he was a goner. I really did like Alcide for Sookie, but it became very clear that she didn’t love him the same. I’ve always hoped that the show would, with Sookie without a love interest and leaving Bon Temps to start fresh, But I am no longer hopeful for that, because IMO the writers are content on a Sookie and Bill endgame. Eric and Pam’s interactions made the episode for me. I am sick and tired of Lettie Mae and her dramatics. Also I can’t wait until Eric and Pam catch Sarah Newlin, she should have died last season. The show isn’t what it used to be, but I’ve been watching this long and am curious as to how it all ends.

  13. Atlantaguy says:

    Like he said, the nature of the show is such that ‘shock’ is it – and killing off main characters when least expected (compared to other series) is definitely a way to shock folks.

    Now, I like him as an actor and liked his character, and I hope this doesn’t sound rude – but I picked up that bit of bitterness too. Just some. From this interview, he spins possible deep plots like his character was part of a spinoff series…. but it wasn’t. The fact is, he and his character were only a SMALL part of the series as a whole, and the focus has never really been on him very much.

    I think a lot of people would have liked to have seen more of him, but we also have to be honest too – he was probably initially hired as a ‘body actor’ (one who looks damn good naked), and then they discovered he could actually act after-the-fact. Even now most people react to him based on his looks first. I think that kind of thing carries over as to how ‘deep’ your storyline is going to go in a series when they are writing something and it makes it to camera. He’s not alone… people like Ryan Reynolds are also body actors who get hired mainly due to their bodies. Matthew McConaughey was another, but over time, slowly, showed he was a very good actor too, and pulled himself out of that stereotype. People like Reynolds and Mangeniello are still finding a way out of that I think.

  14. Linda T says:

    This is a really disappointing end to the series. I agree with Dan. They are adding filler that is totally unnecessary and short changing main characters by rushing their deaths. After spending so much time last season on Terry’s death, they are truly doing the fans and the characters a disservice in how they are handling this season. If it wasn’t the last season, I would stop watching and move on to re-watching Game of Thrones or Vikings! Watching re-runs is better than watching this season so far!

    • Kellie says:

      Unfortunately, yes, this is the last moment I am wasting on this show. I didn’t like the way the books ended. I had hoped for better from Alan Ball, but then he moved on and left this in the hands of someone who doesn’t care. Sookie has become just like Scarlett O’Hara and frankly, dear, I don’t give a damn…

    • Jon says:

      So everything is filler? I’m curious what your ideal final season would be? What wouldn’t be filler? I’m not defending the show, I just want to hear what your superior ideas would be.

      • Aprilcot says:

        The stuff with Willa, the reverend…Tara’s MOM. Did we really need that long set up to the reintroduction of Sarah Newlin or the big speech from Sookie about Six Flags? I could care less about any of that stuff. Cut that and give Alcide a proper send off. I want the characters that made me love True Blood in the first place: Jason, Jessica, Eric, Pam, Lafeyette…heck, even Arlene and Andy.

  15. He should be bitter. This show ran off the rails creatively years ago and they ruined his character. His death was underdeveloped and underwhelming. At least his departure wasn’t quite as lame as Tara’s.

  16. Aly says:

    Yikes. Don’t think he was too happy with the direction Alcide went off into.

  17. Ruby says:

    Let’s not forget that they also killed Mrs. Fortenberry, one of the great joys of the show. What a wonderful actress who was always the funniest thing about any scene she was in. RIP, Hoyt’s terrifying mama, you will be sorely missed.

    • Sally Moon says:

      Oh I disagree! That was the BEST murder in this entire season. I literally cheered for Violet and I can’t stand her. Granted Dale Raoul is a very talented actress, but I just loved to hate Mrs. Fortenberry.

  18. Ash says:

    I’m glad that he didn’t pretend to be happy with the way the character was handled in later seasons. He was honest, while also reminding us that True Blood opened a lot of doors for him. I think he has a great career ahead of him, and at this point, I’m glad True Blood is wrapping up. I’d rather see most of those actors in other things now.

  19. SW says:

    I do think his death was necessary, even though I’ve always thought that his character was interesting. I don’t blame Joe for being bitter about where his storyline went (or didn’t go) last season. I hated what they did with him, and thought it was very out-of-character, which Joe brought up here, as well. That storyline made me go from loving Alcide to despising him. It just didn’t make sense for him to act the way that he did. It was nice to see him getting back to the old Alcide in these last three episodes, which makes it worse that he had to die, now.

  20. Rachel Ann says:

    I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE Alcide!!!! I cried when he died. I cant believe it. Yes its the last season but couldn’t he be killed like towards the end not at the beginning :'( I cried when I saw the ending of this episode. :'(

  21. chaouad says:

    so Tara is really dead :( .

  22. Audio says:

    Well I shouldn’t have expected anything professional or gracious from Mr. Ego. I don’t suppose he expects to have HBO in his future.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      If HBO isnt humble enough to realize what a crap fest this show has become, then he shouldnt want to work for them anyways…and mr ego? in what or where has he ever shown ego? At least too much ego that its distasteful? He was honest and the fans have been saying the same as him, why should he keep his mouth shut just cause they paid him? Do you not whine or complain about your job? Tell stories about your ex-boss/ex-employees and how crappy they were?

  23. Be real and authentic says:

    True Blood is True Gay. I mean seriously from now every death of a guy will be a naked death. Seriously it’s like watching gay sexual tendencies are being exploited for no reason. Not trying to gay bash but honestly it seems very gay Hollywood illuminati perverse.

  24. Be real and authentic says:

    True Blood is True Gay. I mean seriously from now on every death of a guy will be a naked death. Seriously it’s like watching gay sexual tendencies being exploited for no reason. Not trying to gay bash but honestly it seems very gay Hollywood illuminati perverse.

  25. Liz says:

    I appreciate his honesty and pragmatism. He echoed our issues with the show, we had the same complaints about the storylines and it’s nice to see that reflected by someone involved. He didn’t along mud or slander, he commented on the business and creative sides of running a show. .
    Plus, I really respect his professionalism. He was displeased with the work, but he stayed, honoured the fans and his contract and didn’t phone it in. He still did the work. Which isn’t the case with every actor, who would quit or phone it in.

    • Audio says:

      He couldn’t legally walk away from his contract. So there was no need to “honor” it. His acting was so stiff I wouldn’t know what it would look like if he did phone it in. Other TB actors have managed to be much more gracious about their character arcs, even if they didn’t get the plots they wanted.

      • Gon says:

        Yes, it is called doing your job. I don’t understand with people praised for his “professionalism” when it is literally what everyone do in the business. You’ll get sued if you just walked away from contract.

        I agree with storyline tho. It went downhill this season

      • interwebs says:

        This would be a fine argument if his character even had ”plots”. All his character had was loose ends and random personality switches. I didn’t see him telling HBO to go ”F” themselves or stomp his feet like a child. He voiced his opinion, gave credit where it was due, and all without verbally licking the shows balls. So tired of the world thinking they need to suck everythings teet, he has a voice, and he has the right to use it. Stop promoting doormats.

        • ks2id2tx says:

          Interwebs… get my vote for best comment of the year! I completely agree with you & couldn’t have said it better!

  26. Truefan says:

    I never cared for Alcide or his character,so I didn’t care if he died.

  27. Brandon Rowe says:

    I like his no BS attitude in this interview. He’s not sugar coating anything, but he’s not going off the rails either. He realizes how much this show screwed up the last few years and isn’t condoning or condemning it. Decent episode, but the whole scene with Willa and the preacher was superfluous.

  28. BLINK says:

    I can’t believe alcide is dead!! He should have at least had an epic death, or somewhat more significant. Yeah, I wish he would’ve been turned, just so he’d be alive. However, it would kinda ruin things, cus he is meant to portray a strong wolf, and not a vampire… It’s just so unfortunate, but I do wish for Sookie and Bill to reconciliate.

  29. ivy says:

    he doesnt sound happy
    but i cant blame him
    true blood gave him nothing to do for 2 years but made him be there cos of their iron clad contract
    he was a popular boy and prob got loads of offers he had to turn down just cos of True blood and he is prob pissed at them
    alcide started good but after almost a whole 2 years of nothing he should have been cut ages ago to let the actor explore new roles

  30. Elisha A. says:

    I think it was ridiculous. They could’ve killed off anyone else but the writers chose the hottest most decent character on the show. Heck they left Jason who in my opinion they make out to be a super hero. He never even gets a scratch. I may not watch the show after last night.

  31. hipster says:

    Refreshing and honest interview about the actual state of the show. Kudos.

  32. TraciTV says:

    I’m only watching to see who dies next. the storyline this season is as bad as the storyline last season. just plain boring. sad because this was used to being one of my favorite shows

  33. christine says:

    This show is unwatchable. A pale shadow of its former self. I didnt care for Alcide and was glad to see him go.

  34. Margaery says:

    Alcide is a much bigger a-hole in the books. And he disappears for large chunks of time from the story, so for me the show had MORE of Alcide than I was expecting and he was a nicer guy.
    Could have been worse.

  35. RyanC says:

    Oh thank god. Absolutely no offense to the actor intended, but I just hated the character. Every scene was so dull.

  36. Captain Happypants says:

    I am so glad I got rid of HBO last fall, I was regretting not getting to see True Blood and Game of Thrones this season. It seems from the recaps that this last season sucks so bad that I would be mad about paying to see it. Alcide was my favorite character and I have hated the storyline that he was handed especially last year, I loved his work with Sookie.

  37. lori trubie says:

    Im going to miss alcide!! I agree that if he lived on that i would have hated sookie breaking his heart anymore.. :(

  38. Djaye5 says:

    I was shocked at how shabbily his death was handled. It just felt so manufactured to clear the way for a possible ‘Sookie and Bill’ reunion since now Bill has a ‘clean slate’. Honestly, while I was watching the show last night I just felt like the writers of the show have given up. If the first 3 episodes are any indication, we’re in for one crap season. I’m gonna ride it out until the end, but I’m not happy about it. Alcide was a much more vital character in the books and at least he served a purpose. On the show it seems his only reason for being there was to provide a very nice banquet of beefcake…not that there’s anything wrong with that :) I really hope they pull it together. Also, please stop de-fanging Eric’s character. This guy is a Viking – a force to be reckoned with…now,… It’s too much to bear.

  39. nellie says:

    No I do not agree, I believe in the end they should have ended up together. There where other ways that they could have planed it out so that he would not die so she could figure bill and eric I’m over bill and Eric it’s old news and he was new and I liked it and wait for them to be together. I think they made a mistake killing him off because I don’t even want to watch it. She what going to go back to bill or eric boring and old. Plus alcide is better for her then them. Big mistake he has become an actor you can’t kill

  40. sandra says:

    Ok we did see his character getting killed off just by being paired up with Anna’s last year, and YES Joe was not the only one who got a clue. It’s just like in any job, if your not given the chance to do a proper performance the final product will be subpar and anti clamatic. With the way the show is going I don’t know if I want to finish watching this last season. Not a bitter sounding man, just a realistic one.

  41. Sandy Shapiro says:

    It looks like the show is ending in the same lame manner as the book. Charlaine Harris pretty much gave up on the book series in the last few installments. The story lines were lame, and the person Sookie ended up with came out of no where. Alcide’s character in the books had more heft and was better developed. I’m not saying that film adaptations should follow books, but I do object when a character in a book is taken so far out of context that their presence seems forced: Such was the case with Alcide.

  42. CountryQueen says:

    Poor Alcide. He did deserve so much better. Best part of that scene was Sookie realized, and telling us, it was Alcide that had been shot with the use of her telepathy. She couldn’t see, as Violet was washing her off, but she felt it. Though, really, she wouldn’t get any of that blood in the huge cut she made in her arm?

    We got confirm that Tara met the True Death from Pam. And, after thinking about it, I’m glad we didn’t see it. I don’t want to watch my fave characters die in a “pop” of bloody gore! I don’t want to see that happen to Pam or Jessica (no way would they do that to Eric or Bill). Shoot, I don’t even want to see that happen to Jess/Lala’s boyfriend!

    So, I think the point of the Eric/Pam backstory is that Eric will have to choose between Sookie and Pam and he’ll choose Sookie!

    I hope Lala makes it to the end! That would be great considering he is the first casualty in book 1! Gotta love his line to James about “being a professional” when it comes to the drugs. Long live Lala!

  43. Zoe says:

    He’s hot, too easy on the eyes, and too much of a good influence on Sookie, to have been killed off. I don’t care anymore about Sookie and Bill. Been there, done that ; their relationship is already resolved, imo. I’m online now, looking for hints that Alcide really isn’t dead.
    I guess he is.

    Btw, Joe M. seems fine with it. Realstic – not bitter.

  44. KatGea says:

    Alcide didn’t die in the books and it just seemed to be a completely pointless part of this last season. Whomever thought killing off main characters, that were not killed in the books, was a good idea is so out of touch of what the viewers want to see. I’m sure Charlaine Harris isn’t jumping for joy that the show just killed off one of the best characters in her story and is leading up to killing off another great character, Eric. I’m so disappointed in this last season. :(

    • Dev says:

      They killed off Andrea and Sophia in the Walking Dead, when Andrea is the second main character in the comic. And they’ve left Carol and Tyreese alive in the show, while they died during the prison part of the story in the comic. Its called taking “creative liberties” and they do it all of the time when it comes to comic books that are turned into films or shows, or books that are turned into films or shows. I mean Invasion of the Body Snatchers, a total classic, it has an optimistic ending but every film based on the novel has had a bleak ending.

      Just the way things work in Hollynuts.

      Personally, I’m glad they killed off Alcide, now if only they’d do the same to Eric. I enjoyed the first season of the show but it got silly when Eric, Alcide, Bill, and every other powerful supernatural character wanted her like she was Kate Upton or something. I mean she’s kind of creepy looking, so why are all these guys interested in her? Is it supposed to be because of her gypsy blood?

  45. andy needs a proofreader, badly.

  46. Last episode was a totally train wreck, and boring!! The writing is a mess since season 4, but this season is literally all over the place!! Alcide’s death felt cheap and totally unnecessary. Not to mention tara’s death in the premiere. I love True Bood, but i’m not liking this last season so far. I think in this interview we could totally see that Joe was sad about how the writers totally messed up Alcide’s arc in the show, and i totally understand him. Alcide barely had any decent arcs in the show, and now his death was made for pure shock value and nothing more. Poor Joe, and poor Alcide.

  47. Tammy says:

    Sounds to me like the actors should of had more input for the story lines then maybe we would not be in the final season. There are so many different things that could have been done to keep this interesting but the story writers killed it. I for one appreciate his honesty and I do not detect any bitterness. He is a good actor and I look forward to seeing him on other shows/movies.

  48. Smigglesby says:

    GREAT interview. It’s so cool when an actor doesn’t just spew bullsh!t

  49. No. says:

    The frick is wrong with you people? I haven’t caught up yet and while checking something else on google, your article title told me plenty to spoil it. Get your act together, I’m sick of stuff like this happening with shows.

  50. chadcronin says:

    He didn’t even get any decent nudity this season. I feel like most last seasons they aren’t pushing too many envelops. Killing people I like isn’t exciting to me when it’s people I watch the show for.