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What Happens Next, Supernatural: Will Dean Embrace His Inner Demon?

Supernatural Season 10 Demon Dean

TVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes

Dark days appear to be ahead on Supernatural.

As the CW series closed out Season 9, Dean was looking at the end of his days on Earth as a human.

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Emotionally battered and physically bruised, the elder Winchester once again died in his brother Sam’s arms. Dean, though, is not one to stay on the other side for too long, and before the hour ended, his eyes flew open — completely dark! — as Crowley urged him to “see what I see, feel what I feel.” Now, the man who once hunted demons appears to be facing a “new kind of life,” as the very thing he regularly killed. Could he possibly handle it in a way that’s not self-destructive?

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But that was not the only cliffhanger served up by the finale: Up in Heaven, Castiel defeated Metatron, but he still has to contend with the problem of his dwindling stolen grace. Since Misha Collins will be back as a series regular, we can rule out a permanent death via lack of angel juice, so how will Cas manage to survive?

With two imminent issues facing the CW series when it returns for Season 10 on Oct. 7, we invite you rewatch the demonic ending before reviewing our poll options and sharing your predictions for how the cliffhangers will shake out.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tom says:

    As much as I will always love Supernatural, I hope they make this the last season and give it a STRONG ending.

    Although nothing short of both brothers dying or living would do. When one goes, we just get another season.

    • Tricia says:

      Meanwhile, I would gladly watch for another ten seasons.

    • Brian says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with you. I have loved this show for almost ten years. However, I truly think it is not nearly as creatively charged as it once was. The writers should put all of their efforts into working towards an endgame this season… Sadly, since it is one of the higher rated CW shows, it probably won’t be the final season.

      • Patrick Maloney says:

        It’s not as charged because there is no real reason that the brothers are facing the problems past Lucifer

        • Storyfan says:

          It’s not as charged because the writing is poor – they change direction midseason, sometimes in the last half of the season, they don’t use the mythology they have, and they are often afraid to go where the story needs to go. The first five seasons were planned out, now it seems to be week to weak.

          • Robbie says:

            Eric kripke had the first 5 seasons planned because that’s all he wanted but it was going so strong they kept going even though kripke left the writers booth. That explains the drastic storyline difference that you can almost feel although I feel season 9 was closer to that same environment as the first 5 seasons were.

    • cozyscorner2011 says:

      I don’t care if Sam and Dean dies and returns. Becomes demons and angels. Castiel loosing his grace. I love this show and would watch heaps more seasons.
      This is just how it is and the main thing is they good and make you want to watch more and more.

      • Patrick Maloney says:

        But they are constantly sacrificing what made the show more than just good

      • enuff said says:

        Some of us need more than just OMG! Dean and Sam are so hot

      • Imacu says:

        I agree with you cozyscorner2011. If I knew what they know, I would bring my brother back whenever I could, is it? I just, I watch that things are closing, angels, demons, but sometimes too slowly and the relationship with them, well, we all know how are the brothers. There are cases to resolve, love, heartbreak, betrayal, sacrifice, this is supernatural… and I will watch more and more too, always, whatever be the duration. :-)

        • cozyscorner2011 says:

          Very true Imacu … Just love the show. And I would probably bring my dad back. Just to mend a few things.

    • silver says:

      I’m with you Tom. 10 seasons is more than enough, especially since the last 4 have been nothing more than rinse and repeat.

      • Patrick Maloney says:

        And what’s worse is that there has been no real reason that the Winchesters need to be the ones who deal with the problem each season. Or at least not as much of a reason as the first five season.

    • Jordan says:

      Season 11 and 12 have been conformed!

    • dana adams says:

      It can’t end yet here’s to another 10 seasons !

    • deb says:

      yes i agree should be the last but best season to go out on top.

    • J says:


    • Calle Nguyen says:

      This will be their final season. It has been great to last this long.

    • Clairrisa says:

      Winchester’s 4ever! :)

  2. Mare says:

    I vote for Dean to embrace his powers in the fight for good and not for evil! (And Sam doesn’t have to restart the trials to cure demon. That was just a trial, the demon curing thing was a seperate thing. Plus, Sam can’t cure Dean of the p ark and that’s what is effecting and changing Dean!)

  3. Jerry says:

    Are one of the options up there actually correct? Or are they just wild guesses?

    Because let’s be honest – what’s going to happen is Dean will pretend everything is fine and hide the Demon issues for half the season and then Sam will find out and there will be another brother fight.

  4. None of the above! None of those scenarios deals with the Mark of Cain issue, which has to be solved first, before anybody can work on Dean becoming human again.

  5. Deion says:

    Dean, the constant martyr, is going to attempt to off himself before embracing the demon. But it will be a struggle.I won’t be surprised if he loses himself in it for a while.

    • Dean is not a constant martyr. If anybody is it’s Sam, Dean has always had a darker side, he tortured in Hell, and enjoyed it, and will probably wholeheartedly embrace that darker side. I think, (and kind of hope), Sam will end up somehow killing Dean.

      • Sam tortured in hell and enjoyed it

        • Brandon Pearce says:

          No Sam was TORTURED in hell by Lucifer and Michael(because in season six his soul is still in hell, still being tortured). Then once he gets his soul back Death has to put a wall up, so Sam’s soul won’t remember the trauma and die. You can look it up. Nice try though.

  6. Michael says:

    I’m really hoping against some sort of split-personality type storyline with Dean. I’d like to see Dean working with Crowley as his First Knight of Hell, using Dean’s abilities to kill off anyone what sided with Abbadon. Castiel and Sam can work together to try to save Dean while Castiel steals the grace of evil angels to keep himself recharged.

  7. Judy says:

    They need to just return the mark to Cain and all is good. As far as Cas goes, surely they can find something on the Angel Tablet to restore his grace.

  8. Drew says:

    Dean goes off to do the demon thing while Cad returns powerless and joins Sam in the hunt for Dean. They eventually figure out how to save Dean, and in doing so accidentally finish the trials, closing the gates of Hell… Maybe.

    I forget how many seasons Carver mapped out. Did this arc just go through season 10? If so, maybe they really will close the gates of hell, and demons will go back to being rare, like in season 1.

    I really really really hope that we are done with the angels/Heaven stuff. The arc finished strongly and we don’t need more. Just let Cas come back powerless (or with ever fading power) and don’t re-up his angel membership for the billionth time. Then they can wrap up the demon stories this year. Then if/when season 11 comes around, they can start a new arc from more of a season 1 position.

  9. enuff said says:

    I want God to come down and slap the crap out of everyone (except Garth) and just wipe the slate clean.

  10. Can’t wait for season 9 to come out have preordered and now have to wait until Sept. SCREAM,GROWL, @#$&+%&+)-‘ SHOOT !!!!!!?

  11. not sure if just another random question or survey by the writers how the fans want next season gonna be. so i’ll just hold my answer to myself

  12. lynn says:

    Dean can’t be evil ever

  13. Haya says:

    I want Dean to be able to save himself – with the help from Sam and Cas, sure, but I want Dean being the one, who will be able overcome his new nature.

    What I don’t want, is for this whole new demonic storyline to be solved very quickly, and possibly Sam or Cas putting their lives in danger. That have happened to many times. I don’t want another season of “what’s wrong with Sam/Cas and how we’re gonna save him”…

  14. silver says:

    Please, no more Sam dying, again. No more Cas dying, again. I’d like to see Dean face what he has become and find a way to save himself without having Sam or Cas or anyone sacrifice themselves for him. We’ve gone through this carousel too many times. It’s time for something new and fresh, something that involves Dean for once.

  15. Dean Moghrabi says:

    You know Sammy can still cure Dean without putting his own life in jeopardy !! The last trial won’t kill him, unless he says the words required to complete that trial!!!

    • Sharon says:

      Also the trial itself was meant to end with Sam sacrificing himself. The ritual to cure a demon is a different thing altogether!

  16. marcos daniel garcia ortega says:

    Hola soy de mexico y es la mejor serie de telvision q he visto espero ya la 10 temporada

  17. CHH says:

    I started watching this show in reruns and I love it. I could watch this show forever. Love Jensen, Jared & Misha and I miss Jim (Bobby).

  18. Dan says:

    Voted to “Dean takes to life as a demon after Crowley becomes his mentor, causing a rift between the brothers.”. NOT because it’s what I want, but because it’s Carver (idiotic) moto. He’ll take the lazy way to cause the brothers to be at odds because he and his “writers” don’t know to create other kind of drama. Just like previous seasons, it’ll be a waste of great potential.

    Didn’t vote about the angels because I don’t really care about them.

  19. JennieErin says:

    I sincerely hope these are hypotheticals. I want DemonDean or DeeDee to be temporary. I want someone (hopefully Sam) to find a way to change him back WITHOUT sacrificing himself (enough of that already), sometime in the first half of the season and I want Sam and Dean working together on the same page (or as close to it as these two get to that). And please don’t let this be the last season!!!!!! Believe it or not I do love this show even if I don’t always like the direction.

  20. froggy says:

    This is totally off subject, but if all of heaven fell after metatrons spell, can we expect a brief but greatly pleasant return of Bobby? And forgive me, but if u find the show boring and repetitive, why continue watching? I personally live for seeing the Winchester boys every week, and would happily continue watching for another 10 season’s.

  21. Tran says:

    Still not so sure if the upcoming 10th season of Supernatural is going to be its last (fingers crossed).

  22. grys03 says:

    Prefer an arc where Dean gets really p*ssed & chases Crowley around a bit, gathering followers as he goes, finally challenging Crowley for the throe of hell. Crowley meanwhile aligns himself with Sam to stop Dean…Irrespective, Dean would make an awesome king of hell…

    • Hey this option seems really interesting. Dean as King of Hell and Crowley ganging up with Sam and Castiel. Wish writers would think like this. Always a SN fan and looking forward to 10 more seasons….

    • Ally says:

      I like this version much more than the sacrifice of Sam or Dean. Dean really is a strong knight of hell. And he is quite able to go against Crowley and take his place on the throne.
      Or Dean starts to kill all demons. And then Crowley would have to go to Sam. To use Sam try to return ot Dean his humanity.. Because Dean daemon – a real threat to Crowley and hell.

  23. sydney says:

    No, as we learned in season 9, human blood can cure a demon. And of coarse Sam is going to try and cute him. Also, crowly was addicted to human blood so they may just become blood junkies.

  24. Tracy says:

    Love Supernatural and still think it is one of the best shows on TV! Hope it runs even longer than MASH!

  25. Chad R. says:

    Here’s how I see next season going.

    Dean hides the fact that he is indeed a demon until Cas shows up. Everything is “fine” for a few episodes but the brothers have a falling out. Dean and crowley are best buds for awhile and Dean does some truly awful stuff for a few episodes. As that’s going on Sam and Cas are thinking of a way to “save” Dean. They kidnap him and Sam “cures” him. Dean feels bad. The bro make up and Dean decides he wants to close the gates of hell forever and kill Crowley. Series finale, Dean does just that and is given admittance to heaven by the real God. Not only that but Dean is greeted by his his parents and friends he and Sam have lost along the way. Sam goes on to live somewhat of a normal life. He has a family but still hunts and saves people.

  26. Whatever they do I just hope they don’t short change us with Demon Dean, and even after they cure him (or he cures himself) I hope they don’t just forget it ever happened..ie a repeat of season 8 and the Purgatory storyline that never really was. I would love to see Dean deal with his new powers, I’d like to see emotional conflict there, and also him dealing with Sam and Cas on one side and Crowley on the other. I would love to see the return of Cain, and not just when Dean goes after him to kill him as promised. As for actual predictions, since I see the MOC as a physical representation of the brothers codependent relationship which has slowly destroyed Dean, the effects of the blade representing his inner demons that spread through him, consumed him – turning him into a demon itself – then I think the cure and end of Demon Dean will be linked to the end of their co-dependency, and Dean re-emerging a new man with a sense of self worth and value beyond what he can do for his family. Dean realising how much he is worth as a person in his own right, as an individual, and choosing to save himself, for himself.

  27. julie says:

    supernatural is the show that knows how to keep going even if you think it will end soon

  28. LibKat says:

    Would so love to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan return to the show as the meat suit for God. After all his boys were the archangels. And that would be more fun than most of the stuff JDM is doing these days.

  29. peter says:

    supernatural has its twist and turns so with this new demon dean character seems rather more like what happened to sam, being half demon and all, so since dean is still a demon in hes on fresh, how about we just say, make him half demon, besides, we do know how Sammy was cure of hes demon side, thirdly i would very much to see Lucifer released from prison, just imagine the rage and vengeance he would come with, Micheal too. otherwise i don’t want the series to end just yet.

  30. Rosa says:

    Dang these comments suck face at least half of them anyway if they keep to script and Dean’s personality he will never embrace being a demon he and Sam would mos def be trying to find a way to change him back with Cass help a course because he’s grown to love them. They may not be as good as when they first started action wise but they are a great show none the least don’t hate.

  31. Virginia Choate says:

    I think it was Castiel’s grace to begin with if he can take it back. That wouldn’t be stealing.

  32. irene humphreys says:

    i do want DEan to leave!!!!!! yes i agree 10 more seasons!!!!!

  33. santunoosantunoo says:

    I love supernatural please come season 10

  34. As long as the story lines remain intricate,and interesting it should continue.



  36. Kaelyn says:

    I just want to mention the fact that killing Dean cannot happen-Cain already proved that killing yourself doesn’t do anything. There is no way that Angel grace can make Dean a human again, and I know that Dean won’t allow Sam to cure him-if that even works on Dean. Remember, he’s not just a regular demon. He is like the new Cain, so who knows whether or not curing him will even work? I think that Lucifer is going to come back, and they might even remember Adam for once. Mark Pellegrino is in Vancouver right now, so I think that it is extremely likely for Satan to rise once again, or at least make an appearance.

  37. I think your poll options are way off the map. Demons have been established as essentially ghosts with their humanity scoured away in hell. While Dean has technically undergone that process, he was saved before it was too late, thus it plays no role in this situation. So long as they remove the mark of Kane, and properly resurrect deans body so that his demonic presence isn’t the only thing keeping it alive, it’s likely that he would simply revert to being human again.

    As for Castiel, Metatron hinted at “an unlimited supply of batteries,” suggesting that some knowledge locked within the angel tablet could restore him, or at the very least keep him going. Now that the link is severed and Metatron is locked up, there’s no reason they couldn’t put the tablet back together. By “flipping the prophet switch” back on, they can continue to decipher the tablet just as Kevin was before once they find the next prophet or resurrect him.

  38. Rena says:

    I’ll watch for as song as the show is on, hopefully another 5 years.

  39. Nanci says:

    I absolutely love “Supernatural” and have watched it from it’s beginnings. I hope it lasts for quite a few more seasons. As for Dean being a demon…bring it on..it’s good to have a change of pace and seeing alot more of Crowely is not a bad thing either…looks like it will be another great year! :-)

  40. Madhukar says:

    SUPERNATURAL is awesome
    no nope not just awesome
    its legen wait for it dary…………………. legendary………….

  41. Madhukar says:

    i dont know wat they should do i just want to see more dean more sam and more castiel and yes crowly of course……..
    i just love this show.

  42. SnazzyO says:

    I’m hoping for some Dean/Crowley mash up for a few episodes.

    I don’t think any of the Cas options are good. I think someone will force feed him some grace.

  43. swimmingstud says:

    Id be ok with Dean curing himself, cas becoming human, and dean, sam,cas, and maybe even crowley all hunt together. I agree they need to go another way…..angel/demon fight is getting old. Any chance of anything involving bobby again?

  44. swimmingstud says:

    Oh by the way I want more trickster/gabriel

  45. paul jefferson says:

    whats going to happen is sam will have to try to kill him for some reason so he will drink 10 gallons of demon blood to try to kill dean and they will kill eachother and cas will steal a bunch of grace and bring them both back. or god will bring them both back

  46. Mary says:

    What needs to be done is that they have find a way to neutralize the Mark of Cain. Dean won’t give it up like Cain did to him. Then after it’s neutralized, Sam can cure Dean. But none of this will help mend the rift between the two of them because alot of their problems caused by Dean’s attitude.
    While Sam has lately tried to do live life without Dean (Purgatory), Dean gets pissed about it. At the end of Season 7, when they put Bobby to rest again, Bobby said that when their time comes they should just go. Sam has tried to abide by that and been treated like a jackass for it.
    In Season 2, Dean told someone who brought their dead best friend back to life that the dead should stay dead. And what does he do at the end of the season? He sells his soul to bring Sam back, and in the final fight against the yellow-eyed demon, the demon says the same thing to Dean about Sam. Then Dean doubts Sam and has Bobby doubting Sam also without telling Bobby why he thinks there’s something wrong. When he killed Jake after finding out he had actually died, I think Sam just shutdown because he realize what Dean had done. He may have gone through at least the next couple seasons with PTSD that no one realized he had. In Season 9 when Sam had dinner with Amelia and her father, her father said that he looked like someone who had seen some crap and could never forget it or something like that. I don’t know if that has to do with PTSD, but it sounds plausible to me.
    So, while Sam has tried to change how he handles things, Dean keeps doing things the same way and when something goes wrong he feels bad, but he keeps repeating the same habits over and over again.

  47. Deb Smith says:

    I think Dean will hide his demonness from Sam causing a rift between the 2, It seems like there is always something that is keeping them separated. And Sam will somehow find a way to help Dean (again) once he finally learns the truth and end the Season with Deans humanity restored.

  48. Brittney G says:

    But Oct 7th is on a Tuesday? Not a Thursday like normal

  49. wildgirl99 says:

    I don’t understand why dean became a demon in the first place (granted I haven’t seen much of season 9 yet) I think the writers are just trying to make the show as interesting as it was the first five seasons and its just not happening. Don’t get me wrong, I freaking live this show, but enough is enough. Sam and Dean’s battle needs to come to an end before the show just starts going downhill.

  50. LISTEN LOVE THIS SHOW but i want Dean to be cured, more great music, get rid of this angels and demon theme. Would rather see them fight some more demi gods. Boys lets have some fun like the Fairies, The Clowns, oh mygod that awful painting!!! Keep up the great work everyone. This fan really appreciates it.