Pretty Little Liars Recap: Scarry Stories

Pretty Little Liars Recap

Who killed Mrs. D? Are Aria and Ezra back on? And why isn’t Andrew on every single episode? Though these questions remain, one thing is crystal clear after Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars: Parents are not to be trusted.

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BURIED SECRETS | With Toby temporarily out of the picture, Spencer needed another pair of man hands to help with her gardening; enter Andrew, the hot nerd we first met during the most epic game of “strip studying” back when Spencer was riding the crazy train. (See the photo to the right in case you need your memories jogged.) Anyway, Spencer’s gentle gardner stumbled across a container of rat poison, which was suspicious because — as Spencer astutely pointed out — the Hastings have never had a rat problem! pll-andrewTo make matters worse, Spence discovered pills containing losartan in her dad’s medicine cabinet, which is the exact substance the coroner attributed to Mrs. D’s death! So is it just a coincidence that Mrs. Hastings was suddenly in desperate need of a spa getaway, or was it all part of Mr. Hasting’s plan to keep her quiet?

GOOD GRIEF | Still racked with guilt over killing Shana, Aria punished herself even further by obsessively re-watching Shana’s funeral online. Honestly, I’m not sure what was creeper: Aria thinking she saw Shana rise out of the coffin, or just the fact that her funeral was online in the first place? I know society is becoming more vain by the day, but do people seriously upload funeral videos now? That’s super dark. Fortunately, Aria’s stress sesh led her straight to Ezra’s apartment for a game of gin and a much-needed speech about accepting things we can’t change. Aria didn’t end up staying the night, but the look on her face when Ezra handed his ex her favorite blanket said it all: These two are definitely headed back to the bone zone.

Pretty Little Liars RecapFRIENDLY WARNING | Speaking of ex games, Emily spent quite a bit of time with Paige this week; first during a lunch outing with Sydney, who I still think is secretly crazy, then again during a private meeting in Emily’s backyard. Paige tried to warn Emily not to align herself with Alison when she goes back to school — in the creepiest way possible, mind you — but Emily ended up more confused than anything else. She even went as far as to suggest Alison starts over in a new town, but Ali was hearing none of it. She’ll return to the halls of Rosewood High if it kills her… and let’s face it, it just might!

PULLING HER LEG | When Ali wasn’t busy standing her ground in Rosewood, she was concocting more stories about what really happened to her while she was “kidnapped.” When a doctor asked about a scar on her leg, she said it happened while she was blindfolded; but when Hanna confronted her about the scar after the exam, Ali said she wishes she’d been blindfolded when it happened. (Seriously, though, what did happen?!)

A NEW (OLD) LOOK | As for Hanna, she returned to her roots with a little five-finger discount at the Rosewood Mall. Is this a sign of more bad things to come? Caleb is coming back next week, and following executive producer Marlene King’s promise that one of the girls will spiral “with her boyfriend,” I can’t help but worry about the trouble Haleb will land itself in very soon.

Are you ready to declare Spencer’s parents guilty? Any theories about how Alison got that scar? And would you be willing to sign my petition to make Andrew a permanent PLL fixture? Drop a comment with your thoughts on tonight’s episode below.

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  1. I would definitely NOT sign a petition to keep Andrew on the show cause he’s irrelevant and his scenes are a waste of time that could be spent on some good mystery.
    I think Veronica Hastings is guilty of Jessica DiLaurentis’ murder, not Peter. That’s not to say Peter’s a good person in all this though.
    As for Alison’s scar, it’s either from when Aria stabbed someone with a screwdriver on the Halloween Ghost Train, or from whoever gave her that bloody lip in that one flashback with Veronica Hastings a season or 2 ago.

    • Andy Swift says:

      :-O THE TRAIN! Well played.

    • BrittBrat says:

      I agree about Andrew. I forgot who he was for awhile.
      Didn’t think about the screwdriver thing. This show has soooo many questions, no answers, then I can’t remember because they bring it up 2 seasons later!!!! Irks my nerves.

    • Eliza says:

      Mona told the girls it was Wilden and Melissa who did it, when they were working together.
      So I guess its not from the A train, but the one who abused her at home seems like a good guess. She came to Spencers house scared multiple times

    • smashlynn says:

      It’s not from the ghost train, unfortunately. I had the same thought as you, until I rewatched the episode. The person Aria stabs is definitely a guy, and the mark on Jason’s hip in a further episode proves that it was him, (it is more consistent with the screw-driver, Ali’s looks like a cut). But it sounds like whoever was being demanded to push Aria off the train – Jason, we’re lead to believe – didn’t want to, as he kept saying “no”. So, there’s that.

  2. ashley says:

    Did any of the liars stab an “A” in the leg at one point on the series? Trying to theorize Ali’s scar….

  3. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on THB Files and commented:
    Gotta say that it was intense. Can’t wait for the 100th episode of PLL.

  4. Why Paige back together again with Emily you are A?

  5. Sam says:

    Why was Spencer/Troian wearing that awful wig?

    • Andy Swift says:

      She was wearing a wig? I didn’t notice.

      • smashlynn says:

        Everyone on tumblr keeps saying this, she wasn’t wearing a wig, she just put a different kind of product in her hair or something. It was not a wig! It looked basically the same as it always does.

        • Hannah says:

          It was definitely a wig. It wasn’t as long or as thick as her regular hair. You could also see the glue along her hairline holding it in place if you looked carefully in certain scenes. I can’t figure out why she would be wearing one though. She hasn’t dyed or cut her hair in real life. Hmmm…

    • shelly says:

      So weird. I wondered the same thing. It was obviously a wig.

  6. Cas says:

    How would Haleb spiral? I figured that Hanna would pick Travis because most people want her to pick Caleb, so of course the writers would do the opposite. I’m still confused about last weeks episode when they showed Mona transforming Hanna into the new Ali. In prior seasons I swore they showed Hanna helping Mona transform after Ali disappeared which is why Mona was besties with Hanna because Hanna took her under her wing. Spencer’s dad is creepy btw. I do like that they are trying to shake it up this season and add new mysteries. But also when Alison texted emily she almost signed -A but then she wrote out her name, that makes no sense because wouldn’t emily have her number? I don’t sign all my texts with my name, I doubt anyone does that.

    • Shezwan says:

      …and later when ali texts spencer – she didnt sign her name at all it was in spencers phone…haha

      • Britnie says:

        She was about to hit send after she wrote -A like it was out of habit! Also I havnt seen anyone mention this but its so strange how they kept closing up on Ali’s eyes in the episode and she had the strangest ring around the blue.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Scarry stories? I didn’t read this article but unless you were talking about stories about scars, I think you meant SCARY. Perhaps someone needs to take a minute to proofread.

  8. Ana says:

    Spencer’s wig drove me insane. It was so distracting.

  9. An says:

    Scarry? Good spelling.