Pretty Little Liars Recap: Who Do You Think You Are?

Pretty Little Liars Recap

Ready for the most awkward “Who Wore It Better” ever? On Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars, Alison sported the same dress to her mother’s funeral that her mother wore to Ali’s funeral back when everyone thought she was dead. Yikes.

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But that was merely the first double-take of the evening, as Hanna was later mistaken for Ali at the funeral home, prompting her to reflect on how much she changed since Ali first went missing. “I never knew who the hell I was,” Hanna told Emily, following a vaguely homoerotic flashback of Hanna holding hands with Mona at school. (Are we going to talk about that, or…?)

And another thing: Who was Mona talking to at the hair salon while Hanna was getting a makeover? That couldn’t have been Alison, right?

Thank God Caleb is coming back in a few weeks, because he’s about the only thing that makes sense in Hanna’s life right now — assuming he doesn’t try to tell her what happened in Ravenswood, of course. (Actual ghosts!)

pll-new-girlEMILY’S NEW STALKER FRIEND | Speaking of identity issues, can we talk about the new girl on the Rosewood High swim team? She either wants Emily, or wants to be Emily, but I don’t trust her either way. If someone wouldn’t shut up about how not tall I was, I’d probably invite them into the pool for a Paige Special. (That’s a full-blown drowning for those of you not familiar with the rules of high school swimming.) That said, the following scene between Paige and Emily was absolutely heartbreaking. “You deserve the best of everything,” Emily told her teary-eyed ex, to which she replied, “That’s what I had.” Confession: I was once strongly against a Paily reunion, but I’m starting to think there might be hope for those two yet.

MY FATHER, THE KILLER | After a little detective work, Hanna and Emily figured out that Jason was nowhere near his house when Mrs. DiLaurentis was murdered. So who did kill her? If you ask Jason, which Spencer did this week, all fingers now point to — wait for it — Mr. Hastings! “Get out while you still can,” Jason warned her. “And remember, he can’t be trusted.” Papa Hastings certainly didn’t help his case by creepily picking up Alison in the middle of the night, nor did he seem very convincing when Spencer confronted him about Mrs. D’s unsent e-mail. Good thing he had Melissa there to stop Spencer from asking any more questions. (Seriously, can Melissa just go away or get a job? She needs something to do with all that free time.)

pll-aria-ezraPARTNERS IN CRIME | Now, for the (mostly) good news: Ezra finally returned to Rosewood this week, complete with a scruffy new look. Both Ali and Aria paid him a visit at his apartment, but only one of them came to deliver a confession. Still, what did Ezra mean when he said he’d “help” Aria? Is he going to make sure no one finds out she’s the one who killed Shana? And could becoming her partner in crime lead to a full-blown rekindling of their once-epic romance?

PLL fans, do you think Spencer’s dad killed Alison’s mom? Are you hoping for a Paige-Emily reunion? And are you worried that “changing” might not be the best idea for Hanna right now? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

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