True Blood Recap: The Vampire Diary

True Blood Recap

Has Sookie found herself embroiled in (yet) another love triangle? A peek into a fellow fangbanger’s diary on Sunday’s True Blood triggered old feelings for one Mr. Compton — and that wolf-man she’s shacking up with seemed none too pleased.

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But first thing’s first…

DREAM LOVERS | Eric Northman and Jason Stackhouse made love on Sunday night. It may have only been one of Jason’s dreams, but there was kissing and there were strings and the whole thing was truly elegant. It came completely out of left field, yet it felt like fans have been waiting for these four minutes of unadulterated eye candy since Season 1. (“Dear fans: Thanks for sticking with us through that Smoke Monster nonsense a few years back. Sincerely, True Blood“). No, True Blood, thank you!

‘I AM HIS’ | Following that unforgettable moment, Sookie and the gang took a road trip to St. Elise, where they witnessed the true carnage of the Hep-V vamps. Everyone had either been killed or kidnapped, and the government turned a blind eye to the small town’s plights — so, naturally, Sookie went to the house of the dead girl she found last week and read her diary. The girl’s story mirrored Sookie and Bill’s romance so eerily that it triggered delightful Season 1 memories which Alcide desperately attempted to squash. Could Sookie be returning to her Compton roots? The fact that she snuck out to Bill’s house while Alcide was in the shower certainly isn’t helping her case.

REAPER MADNESS | Over at Fangtasia, Arlene hatched a hair-brained scheme to save herself, Holly and the ever-relevant Nicole from the Hep-V vampires. The craziest part: It actually worked! (Though not the way Arlene intended, necessarily.) Recognizing the vamps’ designated “reaper” as an old acquaintance from Bon Temps, Arlene convinced poor, confused Ms. Harris — a nod to author Charlaine Harris, perhaps? — to help them escape using what little time she has left. She eventually agreed, but when she went in for a pre-rescue feeding around Arlene’s lady parts, she melted all over the screaming restauranteur. (Does Arlene have some sort of antidote coursing through her lower half? Can we get an actual doctor to weigh in on this please?)

CROSS TO BEAR | Lettie Mae took a swan dive off the deep end of the crazy pool this week, purposely burning her hands on the stove in order to get a taste of the good stuff from Willa. No scenery was left un-chewed as Lettie erupted into one of her classic fits, complete with a twisted appearance by Tara — whom Lettie Mae claimed needed her and Lafayette’s help to enter heaven — chillin’ on a cross, cavorting with snakes. She mumbled some crazy nonsense, which made about as much sense as anything else has this season, while her lunatic mother stood there screaming about wanting answers.

PEASANTS REVOLT | After outing Sam as a dog, Vince rallied the madcap hillbillies of Bon Temps to take matters into their own hands and arm themselves at the police station. Nothing could stop the mob of monkey brains from declaring martial law; not even a magical blast from Adilyn, which probably wasn’t great for her whole closeted fairy shtick. (Speaking of Adilyn, let’s reflect on how Maxine had the best throwaway line of the night when she finally addressed how quickly Andy’s daughter has grown.)

BITTERSWEET REUNION | Lastly, Pam’s hunt for Eric brought her to France, where she finally met her maker — and he’s definitely seen better days. Sure, he looked just as smolder-y and wonderful as we remember him… except he’s fallen prey to the dreaded Hep-V virus. Surely, they’ve got to come up with a way to save him over the next eight episodes; we can’t lose him again.

Did you enjoy Jason and Eric’s moment of tenderness? Do you think Sookie will go back to Bill? And how worried are you about infected Eric? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Kristie says:

    I am VERY worried about Eric having Hep V. I hope they find a cure. I was no expecting that. I loved the dream lover scene!!!

  2. Samantha says:

    Nooo!! How can they do this to Eric? Still reeling from Tara.

  3. Carmen says:

    Sookie and bill has to be one the most hated tv romances I’ve ever seen. Seems weird that the show would wanna go back to that

  4. Luz says:

    It’s pretty obvious Sookie will end up with Bill, I’m ok with that, I prefer Eric, but anything is better than Alcide.
    LOL at the openning scene.

  5. KT says:

    Okay so everything I’ve been reading says there is an exciting arc for Sookie and Eric….will she heal him??

  6. Jane Doe says:

    I think this will end up being the worst final season for a series ever… I love True Blood, but I the first two episodes have been bad.

    • Michelle Smith says:

      YES! Her Mother is horrible through and through. She might have done it in an accident but for her to berate Sookie is unforgivable. Added to all of the other unforgivable things that has been this woman’s life, she should meet the final death and it should be as awful as possible!

    • I agree. Looks like everyone will end up sick/dying/dead. Fun times! Sookie ends up with Sam in the books so I figured they’d kill off his baby momma to make way for the final romance. Thought Jason and Eric was pandering of the worst sort. Didn’t Jason have an earlier dream about Warlow in the shower? Big hetero hound-dog Jason secretly wants a man? Whatever. Not excited so far. Had enough of Hettie Mae freaking out years ago. Please let Willa drain her soon.

  7. katedfw says:

    FYI, it was St. Alice not Elise.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Yes, St. Alice.. Kinda hard to miss .. Since they showed the town sign, don’t ya think?

    • kath says:

      I came to the comments just to write that! If you’re going to recap, at least make sure you’re recapping correctly ;).

  8. Ian says:

    Yeah, I’m laughing, because I don’t think people loved that opening scene as much as we’re supposed to. I’m a gay guy too, and I’m just like, ‘that was eye-candy to whom, exactly?’ Lol. Come and talk to me when Eric is b****-deep in some beautiful twink and really kissing him and not doing any of that weird stage kissing they do on this show.
    Tara was gorgeous in that vision, but where is any of this going? It was yet another episode that made me kept checking the time hoping it would end already. I didn’t care about the angry mob or Andy and them searching around all episode.
    And there will be a cure by the end of the season. They’re not going to kill Eric.

    • This is the last season ever…Eric can die at the end of it.So yes they can kill him at the end.

      • Ian says:

        Not even at the end of the series will they actually do it. People will bitch about it forever. They’ll want to imagine his life beyond the ending of the series, and won’t be happy if he doesn’t get some kind of happily ever after or at least the possibility of one.

  9. Audra says:

    So bummed about Eric being sick! Who knows though how he’s going to end up. Being that this is the last season I think ANY thing could happen. Which makes it pretty suspenseful. The shock and awe effect with Tara being killed off. It’s just proves any thing and everything goes. (I.e. Random Eric and Jason sex scene)

  10. Nunez says:

    No worries. Sookie will save Eric with her fairy blood. Both she and madeline will donate blood that will be made into an antidote for all the hep v vamps.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Too bad your predictions can’t get the girl’s name right. It’s Adilyn (Braelyn, Charlaine, Danica) ABCD for short.
      I hope they find a cure and that Eric infected himself for that purpose.. Otherwise he could have just stepped into the sun like Godric.

    • MTE. Fairy blood is probably the cure.

  11. jUNIE says:

    Sookie and Bill are soul mates. They belong together,always have and always will. How do you like them apples??

    • DarkDefender says:

      A lot of us don’t like those apples.. I fact we prefer Sookie and Eric.. But when the new showrunnersaid the final season (and the show) was about an epic love story that would come full circle .. It seemed clear they meant Sookie and Bill.. Because of the pilot.
      I’m okay with that.. Anything but her ending up with Sam.

    • Wtactualf says:

      It seems so odd though. Clearly they are pushing Bill/Sookie endgame, but that diary seemed to make Sookie realize just how bad Bill actually is. I didn’t get it.

    • Season 1 was a beautiful time for Bill and Sookie. If they can get these two back to that, I’m all aboard.

      • B "travoncia" Smith says:

        I totally agree with you. In the beginning I didn’t like Eric because of the way he was determined to get Sookie from Bill, but over the past seasons, I’ve begun to warm to him. I still don’t like him with her because Eric is too worldly, more exotic and has a more demanding personality for Sookie’s small town personna. Bill seemed to fit right in that category. I for one am still stymied as to the total dislike of the thought of Bill and Sookie together that the majority of viewers have. Whatever the initial reasons were for her to drop him have all been resolved and if she is beginning to look his way again I am all for it.

      • Yep. It was beautiful the way Bill manipulated Sookie.

    • Apparently you like your apples with a side of abuse.

      • You seem to forget Eric did too. Like inviting Lorena to Dallas so Bill couldn’t get to Sookie, tricking Sookie into drinking his blood, using her to fulfill his own plans. I don’t see either Bill or Eric as “keepers” for Sookie.

    • Judy Tolle says:

      Am I the only one that doesnt want Eric to get stuck with Sookie? He deserves better!

      • maria says:

        omg me me me me me me me me Eric so deserves better.

        • LaBete says:

          Me, three! Even though I wanted Sookie and Eric together at first, even in the books when they were together, it was just boring–with Sookie always bitching at Eric about something. Eric deserves a hot, worldly mate in the TV show–like he probably got off-page in the books. I’m fine with Sookie and Bill ending up together in the show, since that’s been broadcast since the beginning of the series, and they both seem like they are happy small-town folk at heart.

    • maria says:

      I hope they do end up together because after season 4 I realised Eric is WAY to good for Sookie, she needs to go back to Bill already.

    • Holly says:

      She will end up with Sam…..sorry peeps

  12. david says:

    Is Jessica infected? I wasnt sure what was going on with bites on her arm

  13. Debbie B. says:

    I’m crushed about Eric having Hep V….they have to find a cure! And the dream sex scene would’ve have been smokin’ if it had been Alcide, rather than Jason, with Eric. Oh well, a girl can dream…..

  14. Jenn Kaine says:

    Awesome episode. And it took me a minute to realise that the head vamp at Fangtasia was Eugene Byrd. (Dr Eldon Clark on Bones). Won’t look at Clark the same way again.

    • Rook says:

      I knew I recognized the head vamp from somewhere, now that all i’m gonna think about when looking at him too.

  15. Wtactualf says:

    The writers phoned it in big time!

    I felt so beat over the head by the allegories

    Racism, sexism, gun rights, AIDS.

    It was just way too much.

    I can’t even talk about what they did to Eric

    I’m far too angry.

  16. B says:

    I don’t know if it was more boring or just terrible.

  17. Kristen says:

    I thought the episode was great. I am worried about Eric because he is one of the best characters on the show but I don’t think they would kill him off cause everyone likes him. My only comment to everyone that complains about the show is that if you don’t like it, don’t watch it but it is a great show

  18. pamela says:

    if sookie ends up with bill i will have been disappointed with the ending of the books AND the tv show as well. i would take it better if she ends up with Lafayette than Bill!

  19. chloe says:

    This show is a complete disappointment this season. I’m just watching it because I’ve already invested so much time in it that I want to see it through to the end. Ugh, they can’t even figure out how to make a pointless sex scene with Jason and Eric hot…or, better yet, funny?

  20. I’m only waiting for that exciting Sookie and Eric arc I was watching, I hate that they’re trying to shove Bill and Sookie down our throats. If they wanted to go back to the original stuff, the original stuff was Bill/Sookie/Eric.

  21. Amanda says:

    Pizza forensics and naked Eric is why I enjoyed the show. But Arlene and Holly made me laugh, so I’m sticking it out for more episodes hoping it picks up the pace a little. Oh and Lettie Mae is my new “smoke monster.” Sookie and Alcide are snoozeville, right? They used to have some chemistry. What happened?

    • Tusk says:

      In a show of questionable almost ‘hammy’ acting, Alcide has got to be the stiffest board in the wood shed. Anger, passion, lust… it all comes off the same. The guy is not an actor. Face it he’s only there for eye candy not his acting.

      I guess you could almost say that about Eric, but there’s a dry sardonic irony to his delivery, that makes it enjoyable. He and Pam’s interactions are fun because they drip with a sarcastic affection

    • maria says:

      im really excited for the next episode though, when he goes to bills door. That will be something for the books.

  22. jaybird says:

    Jessica didn’t heal because she hasn’t fed for days. I’m agreeable with Bill and Sookie ending up together, I think that’s what drew a lot of people in from the start, the love story. Eric is toast I do believe, I don’t like it but…

  23. KIEKIE says:

    ok first of all WTF, sookie and eric are seriously the best couple, but not the couple true blood intended since first season one was all about sookie and bill, of course sookie will be back with bill, but there is still the love triangle she had with eric, so hopefully sookie will have some sort of cure which will draw sookie and eric back together, i mean why hook sookie up with alcide….. and the whole fangtasia seen with all of sookies friends… they surely will survive within the next episode or two…. i am really disappointed in the plot of the final season is all this new mystery as in where are we, when will bon temps be completely hit….. bad call on final season, just two episodes down the drain, its not the same show that keeps me wanting more… although eric and jess with the virus, i just want to keep watching again and again because it puts me in shock

    • maria says:

      jess doesn’t have the virus? the bite marks were still there cause she hadn’t fed so she cant heal…

  24. AnnieM says:

    What I don’t understand is the dates in the girl’s diary – 2011…HUH?

    • MichelleR. says:

      The events in the show have taken place over a very short period of time. Sookie met Bill in 2008, and so I’m guessing their modern day is 2011. Maybe the very end will have the on our timeline.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Also, each season (until the 1 year time jump at the beginning of season 4) has only spanned 2-3 weeks in Bon Temps time.. Which also means her relationship with Bill was only a few weeks and with Eric a few days.
      Her and Alcide are going on 7 months bc of the current time jump from the end of last season…
      Which could explain why they act more like an old married couple and not all hot and heavy, though their sex scene last week seemed way more natural than anything between Sookie and Bill or Sookie and Eric.

  25. MW says:

    I will be beyond furious if they kill off Eric. I am someone who has watched this show since it started and had really enjoyed most is it and found it be very entertaining if occasionally nonsensical. However killing Eric would really just not be ok. I hope this is just something to throw us off and will not end up happening. If there is a riot, I may have to join with my pitchfork and shovel (or whatever it is one carries to am impromptu angry riot.
    I don’t get it. It seems like (I know, I know not all) a lot of people were emotionally invested in Sookie and Eric being endgame. Any chance in hell this could happen? (Assuming Eric is somehow healed)

  26. Truefan says:

    I think they were going for laughs with the Jason /Eric love scene. What a waste. Would have loved to see Eric with some gorgeous female. (Not Sookie.) I don’t care whom she ends up with as long as it isn’t Eric. The bit with Tara’s mom is another boring side trip. I am more interested in how Arlene and Holly get out of their predicament.

  27. alyssa says:

    I hope eric returns to his normal heath and comes back to sookie and or bill and sookie fall for eachother again what happened to alcide being glamored by eric to not like sookie?

  28. Psychogala75 says:

    I refuse to believe Tara is truly dead. I think-regardless of what the writers..write-that she faked her death to get away from all the hurt and her momma finally let her go.

  29. dalunt says:

    Every gay man in America clicked “don’t delete” on their DVR after that opening scene.

  30. Carmen says:

    The only thing that worries me that Eric might actually die is that skarsgard finished filming a month ago. Hopefully they pretaped with him

  31. Taylor says:

    Eric has got to live!!! True blood without Eric, that’s like True Blood without Sookie. If Eric does happen to meet the true death, I’m sure there will be a major scene where he meets up with Godrick, and Nora. Is Sookie pregnant with Warlow’s baby/thing? If so maybe the blood of that child can cure the hep-v. After all True Blood just wouldn’t be the same without hunky Eric Northmn!

    • Well…if eric dies on the last episode on this last season of this series that is ending. It wont be the same. You know why…because the series will be over. The dude can die at the end of the show go out in his own way instead of the virus.

  32. Kait says:

    Eric has been my absolute FAVORITE since season one. He is such an intense character and the show would really be dull without him. I hope they fix this Hep V mess!

  33. M3rc Nate says:

    I cant help but laugh so hard when watching this series when characters blame Sookie like they did in the premier…cause im sorry, she is to blame for like…everything lol. The show is trying to make me be empathetic and feel bad for her and be on her side…but im with the towns foke…b*tch get outta this town and take all the vampires/demons/werewolves/fairies etc with you. Your nativity and need for a hot man to bang you/save you/sweep you off your feet killed like 100 people in your town that you love so much, and probably thousands and thousands in the rest of the world through the ripple effect of her actions (or lack there of).

    • AnnieM says:

      But, see, this is what I don’t agree with, whether you like Sookie or can’t stand her. Most of this stuff would have happened regardless of her. Bill is from Bon Temps – he still would have come to town. Sam has always been a shifter, and the werewolves have always been werewolves. And the whole fairy thing – Sookie & Jason were both children of a parent born of an affair; not their fault they were born part fae. And to blame the whole Hep-V thing on Sookie just doesn’t make sense. Anyone who can explain to me how it is, please do, ’cause I’ll be happy to listen.

  34. kori says:

    I still think letty mae killed tara. And im still waiting for a alcide and eric sandwich. ?.

  35. bigred says:

    I am pissed off! All the writers on True Blood need to be fired!

    • Lol you sir are an idiot. They need to be fired? They are already done with their job forever! The series is already over as far as writing is concerned. You really dont think about things you write do you?

  36. The writers of the last 3 episodes remind me of the people who give 2 week notices at my job: They no longer care to try to do a good job, they figure they are quitting soon anyway so what is the point of putting any real creativity or hard work out there. Replacing what was once a captivating plot line with shock value and wasted scenes that lead to nowhere is sad to watch, I think I’ll watch the news from now on…..

  37. Sookie is hands down the most stupidest character in TV history!!!! And the TB writers must have a bet with Charlaine Harris as to who can hurt/torture Eric Northman, and by extension his fans, the most. This show had such potential. It’s just sad how lame it’s become.

    • Angela says:

      I agree with your assessment about Sookie’s smarts. She has always been reckless, but she has just become fool-hardy. She has the most desirable blood to vampires, yet she kisses Alcide, sends him off to de-stink-i-fy in the shower, and then walks (WALKS!) over to Bill’s house at nighttime. Didn’t she just spend the better part of the episode fretting that the infected vampires “will be back” to finish what they started? Yeesh, what a moron.

      • AnnieM says:

        I know! LOL! I said the same thing to my husband, but then he made a good point – is she still able to do the fairy light-blast? If so, maybe that’s why. ::shrug::

  38. Tahoe Mike says:

    Everybody keeps rooting for Sookie/Bill, Sookie/Eric. I am rooting for Sookie to end up with Jessica! That is the scene I want to see! Oh, and are we in for a Adelin/Jessica sex dream now, I hope?? Can you tell, this show is all about Jessica, Jessica, Jessica to me?

  39. Tahoe Mike says:

    Did anybody else follow the link they flashed at the end of the show? That was hilarious, Jess has a blog! I don’t know if this is new or old, but it was the first I’ve seen it, and I loved it.

  40. kath says:

    While I’m all for having a shirtless Eric and/or Jason- it wasn’t THAT great of a hookup. It felt kind of pointless…six months later Jason finally gets a sex dream about Eric? Nearly every other sex dream on the show we’ve seen (vamp blood-related) happened within a day or so. Glad Pam and Eric are reunited. I could spend the next 8 episodes just watching them and getting more of their backstories. I’m sticking with the show til the end because I’ve already invested 6 years. Also, it seems unnecessary, when there are already plenty of characters, to add more that we don’t know and seem to just be token, cardboard cut-outs (“angry black woman”, “anti-vamp/gun-loving politician”, etc..). And can they just kill off Lettie Mae already? They got rid of Tara 2 seasons too late- she actually became a good character once she was turned. If this was the end game, she should’ve stayed dead after Debbie Pelt killed her.

    • Tararules says:

      I love Tara, obvi. I have a feeling Lettie Mae either killed her or Tara convinced Lettie Mae that she was dead and left Bon Temps.

    • KiiKiiFacee says:

      Honestly, the point of the sex dream Jason had was to show that Eric was still alive. When Jason walked in Eric said “So, you found me.” It also was to give a hint of where he was because it showed what his surroundings were, and it looked an awful lot like the place where Pam found Eric but with a bed. That’s one thing I’ve definitely noticed that no one even paid attention to. [i honestly thought that it was pretty hilarious and it even made me blush alittle.] Also, I happen to think that the direction they’re taking the show is great. It’s action packed and it’s clearly drawing in viewers and stiring up controversy… Which is kindof what trueblood has always done. Tara is dead dead dead and ofcourse I was upset, but it was bound to happen. They always want people to mourn the loss of a character thus the reason why they killed her off, they knew that there would be a lot of fans that got really into the character now that she wasn’t being a victim so after she meets the true death EVERYONE is going to talk about it.

      • Bill says:

        I really hope that Jason finally acts on one of his same-sex dreams. His dream last week was really hot!!! He’s had a few of these dreams, so now it’s time for him to hook-up with a hot guy. Also, I really don’t think Tara is dead. Over the years from watching the show, as soon as a cast member is killed-off, that person’s name is no longer shown as part of the opening credits of the cast members….and her name is still being shown on-screen (as it was last night). Let’s see if they take off Alcide’s name next Sunday and if it is still on next Sunday, that just kill’s my theory about their names at the beginning of the show. Finally, when the show is over, I will really miss Lafayette. He is one of the best character’s on the show!!!

  41. Bill Bertini says:

    Hated it! Luckily the show was taped and we fast forwarded the scene. Tired of gay themes being depicted so much especially so graphically and without any real need for the plot of the show.

    • Joe says:

      You do realize that Alan Ball, the creator of this show, has spoken about how the vampirisim on this show is a metaphor for homosexuality in society, right?

      • dantechick says:

        I don’t think you can miss it, but I think more of us are actually getting tired of soft core sex scenes of all varieties on HBO (Game of Throne included). We are in the post porn age, if we wanted to see something graphic we’d look online. It’s just not sexy. Hey, I’m no prude, but graphic does not necessarily equal sexy and stimulating. Most of us want a good plot, which True Blood seems to have less and less lately. Alan Ball ( and Ms. Harris in the books) really hits you over the head sometimes with the metaphors. I think this show jumped the shark a long time ago, but like everybody else, I’m sticking around until the end hoping they’ll come up with something good.

  42. Salina says:

    I’m pretty sure they’re going to kill off Eric because it’s the least expected thing we expect- unfortunately. Also, I’m starting to think Sookie doesn’t deserve Eric anymore, so I don’t really care who she ends up with, as long as Eric is happy and alive.

  43. Tracytv says:

    This show was awful last season. This season seems to be only slightly better so far. Saving grace is some characters will be killed off… Hopefully.

  44. Ben says:

    Maxine’s one-liner was the best part of the episode. Genuinely hilarious. Overall, I’m not impressed with the first two episodes of the final season.

    • hbojunkie1 says:

      Okay well.. I’m just going to throw my two cents out there. I feel as though True Blood is setting in motion a huge plot twist of sorts. I don’t believe Tara is truly dead – every show in the history of TV always gives it’s viewers a proper send off to a major character. They don’t cut away from the scene – that causes speculation. They typically show the death to give fans and the character closure. I mean, hello, Eric didn’t die on that mountain. They will always give major characters closure.

      As far as Sookie and Alcide, that won’t last. I think that is just a filler, if you will, as they propel the plot. The way they are setting up the final season DOES make you feel as though the whole “full circle” thing means they are going back to Bill/Sookie. But with this weird Tara/Lettie Mae story line, I feel like something drastic is going to happen. Such as… not only a cure for Hep-V but a cure for Vampirism. Call me crazy but I could see it happening. Andy tells Jason a man is nothing without family… you can tell Jason really mulls this over. Perhaps with a cure for vampism, he and Violet will be able to have a family — as well as Sookie and Bill? Sookie and Eric? I don’t know…

      As far as the weird 2011 timeline goes.. I also think they will do a flash-forward to present day 2014 with our characters. Some remaining vampires by choice and others turning mortal for their loved ones.

      Sorry for the novel… commence the “you’re an idiot” remarks.

  45. Leslie says:

    This season is so ridiculous… towns people taking over the police station? Come on! Lettie Mae’s drug addiction? zzzz. It seems they have too many characters on this show and no idea what to do with them. thank God it’s the last season.

  46. ionatrailer says:

    Ever since the first season, we’ve secretly wanted Sookie and Vampire Bill to get back together. There’s no chemistry between Sookie and Alcide. Or Sookie and Sam. The ending of the book series was terrible, and I hope the writers know that Sook and Bill need to find happiness in whatever is left of Bon Temps.

  47. venia says:

    Yes I hope bill and sookie do get back together. I miss their romance on the show, they should be together. I was not a big eric fan , I like him , and don’t want him to meet the truth dealth but I am getting worried, I don’t want him to go out like that. I never like tara mom and getting tired of her. last but not least yes I did enjoy eric and jason tender moment. I love Jason jumped on Eric back sexy. However I want to give a speical shout out to another show on Sunday night that had a better gay scene and this was not a dream. I personal felt the kissing scene in the 3rd episode of Hault and catch fire that Lee pace placed on another guy was more shocking, but that’s just me just saying.

  48. mike says:

    I hope they all die!

  49. Nate says:

    What was that on Jessica’s arm? Why wasn’t she healing

  50. waterbug says:

    I am glad to see the writers go back to the original cast members from the first season instead of trying to weave in newbies. I think they are wasting time on characters such as the fairy daughter and any newbies from the last season.. Fairy daughter is uninteresting and its like watching a paper cutout doll. I wish Jessica would have eaten them all! Stick with the original cast from the first season while working in more secondary characters like Lettie Mae and Hoyts mother. Bring back Hoyt for god’s sake!

    • AnnieM says:

      I would like to see Hoyt and Jessica get back together. James has Lafayette now, who also deserves some happiness.